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tv   The World According to Jesse  RT  April 24, 2020 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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and c.r.u. control sit tight the show starts now. just . what. the. world according to. i am santos for our top story today we turn to the collapsing oil industry this week oil prices plunged as into the negatives for the 1st time in history as demands dries up due to the global coated 19 pandemic on monday the price of crude oil fell to negative $37.63 so anyone expecting a delivery would have actually been paid to accept it rather than paying to buy it to better understand this let's look at the most widely followed oil futures contract in the united states west texas intermediate crude its june contracts fell
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over 40 percent with fewer people driving flying or shipping this combined with an excess in global oil production has greatly contributed to the falling market just we have never seen anything like this and of course it's a consequence of the pandemic which will eventually and still oil production production had already outpaced our need for it so where do you see the oil industry going from here is this a wake up call for it. well you need to let me take you back in time 1st let's go back to the end of the vietnam war when the war ended in vietnam we had plenty of gas we were supporting the war machine war machines require huge amounts of gasoline and oil yet when the vietnam war ended what happened there was an oil shortage how could there possibly be an oil shortage when the war is ended and
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we're using the last we're now using the less well they held it back they created their own shortage because then all of a sudden gas before that was double digit under a dollar a gallon well when that happened in the seventy's pango it went up to about a buck 89 a gallon i don't know where it actually settled on but it went right against the norms we were using the last so therefore there should have been an abundance of gas which wouldn't cause the price to go up but it did because it's all manipulated now what's going to happen here the good part let's look at the positive of what's going on we're driving less and we're seeing the results you especially bridgette out melee i mean look at the air quality out there now it's improved dramatically what will that be the result people will be in better health now we as
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a society need to wake up to this fact that the more fossil fuel we burn the less healthy we are and it destroys the planet so therefore now we're learning how to do things in our lives that don't necessarily require fossil fuel like walking to the park like going down to the riverbank and not using your car all these things we're doing now we're not using far. so fuel a math good because it's cleaning up our planet through the pollution but what's going to happen down the road will we learn from it or will we go back to the old way we were of just burning the gas don't care how much we use don't care what it pollutes all of that stuff so i see positives coming out of this but as far as their pricing goes rest assured brigida when we come through the when this comes through the water 'd and the pandemics over i'll bet your gas prices are going to
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skyrocket then because it's all manipulated it's all maybe they got caught right here but believe me they will make up for it and while we're looking at the positives now that we do have so much oil do you think there's any chance we can rein in all the wars that we fight over oil or say move to that greener energy as they were talking about. well we've got to look at the big picture there too we are a war country now our economy is based on war so it isn't just fighting to get the oil it's also supporting the jobs of the war machine we have to find another war to fight like the war on pollution if we would gear to cleaning up and fighting a war with the same shall we say monetary. in suzi asm that we fight these other wars well if we do that we'll be ok but we're still a war based economy jobs require here that we create weapons to kill people and our
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economy is based on it and it will take decades to get off of there are in other news tesla c.e.o. elon musk recently got in a twitter feud with c.n.n. saying he was surprised that the news outlet still exists after reported that hospitals in california had not received over 1000 ventilators he promised to deliver c.n.n. cited governor gavin newsom's office which stated that the administration is communicating every day with hospitals across the state about their ventilator supply and that they have not heard of any hospital system that has received a ventilator directly from tesla or elon musk musk then tweeted out a series of screen shots from what appears to be a hospital executive and los angeles county health official confirming that they had received and tested ventilators he sent but the mix up has to do with the type of medical equipment must reportedly delivered noninvasive by level positive airway
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pressure units bipap devices are commonly used to help sleep apnea patients breathe and they're not the same as the invasive ventilator is used in intensive care units to deliver oxygen to the lungs as a form of life support still the federal drug administration recommends that health care facilities use by paps whenever possible. to support patients with respiratory insufficiency the f.d.a. even lists the devices in a recent letter to health care providers titled ventilation supply mitigation strategies and that was to address coded 1000 medical device shortages musk says the machines he delivered can be converted into traditional ventilators and in new york for example governor andrew cuomo says hospitals have successfully converted by paps to ventilators so we know it's possible bottom line there's a lot of confusion elon musk is blaming c.n.n. but the governor's office is confused the tesla c.e.o. also wasn't clear about the type of equipment that he delivered but he's trying to
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help people what do you think about this story well i think their story in a way is much ado about nothing in many ways musk is trying to do what he can if he sent a different style ventilator it can still be used eventually for what they want no this to me is who owns the media the oil companies musk is not a popular amongst the fossil fuel industry example brigida if one tesla automobile in the whole country something goes wrong with it it'll be front page news across the papers across the everything tesla artem or bill that's on fire or something to that nature yet if you look at all the gas driven cars that have problems on the day to day basis they don't get front headline publicity when one of them goes wrong when there's
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a big call back that things have to be fixed on gasoline engines and all that so bear in mind. musk is a target and any time they can degrade him or do anything to put him down mainstream media is going to do it because they're in the back pocket of the fossil fuel industry and the fossil fuel industry ilan musk is their main enemy. let's turn to the education sector now after a backlash from public officials the harvard university has agreed to allocate 100 percent of its controversial cares act funding to student financial aid harvard has accepted nearly 9000000 dollars in relief funds from the federal coronavirus stimulus package despite having the largest in down men in the world which was valued at in $21000.00 at over $40000000000.00 the private university has a large financial cushion and it arguably does not need the money f.c.c.
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commissioner brendan card tweeted that sending millions of taxpayer dollars to harvard while small businesses go bankrupt is an embarrassment and a failure even senator ted cruz a harvard graduate told the school to give the money back saying that harvard is rich and people are hurting and a spokesperson from the department of education says secretary betsy de vos is also concerned that sending millions to rich universities is a poor use of taxpayer money but jesse the harvard story just highlights how the stimulus package has played out across the board the rich get aid 1st while everyone else waits around to find out whether they're going to get the loans that they actually need to survive another month. exactly and that's the problem with this who's going to end up with the money with this big stimulus package i've heard stories told now that you're going to see c.e.o.'s get their big umbrella laws when they leave that they'll get paid off 'd that they'll suffer no consequences that's
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what's wrong with this the government didn't see it coming or allegedly didn't see all this coming and now they're behind me 8 ball trying to catch up do you really think there's going to be much accountability on this money it shows you right now there's not if they send the harvard money at harvard's dear to my heart because i'm a harvard fellow i consider myself a harvard man but harvard don't need me. it's exactly what senator cruz said one of the few times i'll agree with him harvard does not need the money how many other places right now are giving money that they actually don't need and how many will be caught and return the money to where it'll go somewhere where it could be used see that's the problem with this whole bailout thing who's going to ultimately get bailed out in the end and i don't think we're going to be happy with the results of big banks have also been accused of favoring wealthier clients over less lucrative
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business owners when considering paycheck protection program loan requests surprise surprise it's no secret that banks are in larger processing fees for bigger loans but now $4.00 of america's largest banks wells fargo j.p. morgan chase u.s. bank and bank of america have been sued for allegedly failing to process forgivable p.p.p. loans on a 1st come 1st serve basis as they're supposed to do just of course banks are trying to profit right now during this crisis we saw before with the last financial crisis but unfortunately this is because so many small businesses to learn that the money had run out and been completely allocated by the time they even got their applications through yet in the tough part about this brigida this is middle class america disappearing because these big banks are not middle class america and when they're getting bailed out obviously middle class america is not and with with fiscal disparity the way it is going right now this country is going to join other
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3rd world nations here many 3rd world nations we are only going to have rich and poor and that's the direction we're going right now and that seems to be the direction of this bailout bailout the rich i guess it's the trickle down economy effect right if we bail out the rich eventually it'll trickle down to the poor i think we ought to try it the other way around. yeah now this week president donald trump and congress reached a $480000000000.00 deal on a new funding package to provide more money to small businesses but with banks playing favorites do you really think it's going to be enough to help the little guys this time around what is congress doing that's a different that's actually going to go to these small business owners the real small business owners. i don't know you know i like i said i don't know who's got their foot on the pebble here who's there to check where the money's going who's there to check how they use it after they get the money is anything like that in
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place i doubt it because we weren't even prepared for this demick that took place oh yeah we're prepared to fight people with missiles and was aircraft carriers halfway around the world were ready for all that but when it comes to a pandemic like this the statistics are showing we were the least prepared to go to this war and that's something people better think about pandemic war global war of pollution and things like that because that's where we're going to die not from these idiotic wars or halfway around the world for oil. it's time for a quick break we'll have more from governor jesse ventura in just a moment. the world will be with you. shouldn't some but i. guess let's
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see i guess. i was on the floor some things in my basket of you know trying praying . like. there's time for us to die worms and i was having children fever i didn't have any sense of so you still smell the wounds from the most you can. go with you. recently she was on the oldest you tube. simon is on the grounds of the research. i hope i didn't. push myself i'll plug it in for me in the face i'm going to. go.
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the pharmaceutical companies have the iraqi solution. based drugs the people who are chronic. believe there. is a working for them in the realm of the. price at the. dependency an addiction to opiates the long use that really isn't scientifically just now study actually suggests that. the long term effects may not just be absence of benefit but actually that they may be causing long to. reach. the wall or be. my guest today is stephen kinzer
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an award winning foreign correspondent and bestselling author here's latest book poisoner in chief examines the cia's search for mind control stephen you know this is an interesting topic and we're going back in time here back to this fifty's and sixty's when we talk about mind control and i'm sure many people will roll their eyes but this isn't the conspiracy the cia's m.k. ultra project is now part of the public record thanks to a 975 congressional investigation when did the program begin and what was its goal why did we have this program. in the late forty's and early fifty's when the cia was in its infancy leaders of that
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agency were seized by a terrible fear that the soviets or the communists had somehow found the key to mind control this was a mistake this was not correct of course but they felt that this was a terrifying threat to the united states and the only way to stop it was for us also to find the key to mind control so they went off on this crazy search and the feeling was that it was so important since the prize of success would be something like global mastery that the deaths of a few people or a few 100 people would mean nothing and the it's and this project wound up sponsoring the most extreme experiments on human beings that have ever been carried out by any clear of us and a piece of it is not known but that piece is pretty horrific now you refer to the leader of the project as the cia's poizner in chief who was he
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and why did you give him that nickname. i think i discovered the most powerful unknown in american of the 20th century. that was sidney gottlieb who until the publication of my book but never been heard of really i feel like my buy a book is the biography of a person who essentially didn't exist he was so invisible but when you see what he did this was a guy who conducted excruciating experiments including many that were fatal victims across europe asia and in the side the united states he had what amounted to a license to kill issued by the us government he was allowed to travel to foreign countries and requisition human subjects from the police or cia or real american military people and experiment them to death if he wanted to using the most bizarre
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combinations of extreme drugs sensory deprivation electro shock and all kinds of other torments so sidney gottlieb was the chief chemist of the cia later on in the late fifty's and early sixty's he's the guy that made the poisons that were supposed to kill fiedel castro and patrice lumumba in the congo but before that he had carried out this brutal and highly secret project which was considered one of the highest priorities of the cia in the 1950 s. that was m.k. ultra the search for a way to blast away a human mind so a new one could be placed instead now what kind of human experiments were involved in this and did they really originate from nazi camps. let me answer the 2nd question 1st about the nazis yes so one of the most shocking
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aspects of m.k. ultra is that the cia at the very beginning and gottlieb himself as a scientist started out their project asking themselves what research is already out there who knows how to torment people who has a lot of data on how to destroy a human mind how to destroy human body how to destroy a human spirit and the 1st answer they came up with was the nazi doctors who had worked in concentration camps plus their japanese counterparts who had carried out even more gruesome and fatal experiments so the cia went to end up hiring doctors who had worked for them nazis the surgeon general of the nazi army came to work for the cia the chief of biological research for the nazis came to work for the cia they were all part of m.k. ultra now when i was researching this book i visited what i think maybe the 1st cia secret prison is in
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a beautiful chalet in germany not far from frankfurt the guy who now owns the building is a young businessman he's converted and it's a nice condos and he took me inside he took me into the basement and he told me this is the place where the cia experimenters carried out parliaments that were designed and 1st used in the nazi concentration camps just down the road from here and then he told me the older people who live around here tell me they all lubell know what happened here and they told me the bodies of people who the cia killed under experimentation and torture were buried in the forests around here in places that are now covered over by shopping malls and apartment blocks so your 2nd question is absolutely correct that the nazi experiments so call these gruesome murderers. torments that they imposed in concentration camps for the basis for the
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cia's m.k. ultra project now as for your other question what were these experiments there were 2 different kinds the kinds you conducted in the united states and the kinds you conducted of brought within the us gottlieb's favorite subjects were prison inmates for obvious reasons they're under the control order and they have really no choice so for example i found one experiment at the federal prison in lexington kentucky where 7 african-american inmates were given triple doses of l.s.d. every day for 77 days without cold water being told what it was and that was an attempt to find out if that could destroy the human mind and the answer of course is yes now abroad the experiments are even more intense because they're the cia was able to use what they called expendables these were people who could be killed and nobody would notice suspected enemy agents who had been arrested or refugees
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who turned up with no visible connections to anyone and these people would be supplied to gottlieb and the m.k. ultra crew to test whatever bizarre torments they were into that week now let me ask you why that the cia believe mind control was possible. this is a great question and i reflect on this in my book or as in her in chief i think there are 2 reasons the immediate reason was a couple of events that happened in the early cold war which the cia misinterpreted what was the trial of cardinal min sente in hungary this was an anticommunist catholic for all that he was arrested by the communist regime held for some months put on a show trial and confess to crimes that he obviously had committed he spoke in a kind of a monotone he looked blazed we now know that he was coerced with just the normal techniques that brutal interrogators have been using since forever but the cia
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didn't believe that they thought that somehow he's mine and been seized and he was speaking words that were fed to him through some kind of special system that we couldn't penetrate the other episode was in korea remember that when american soldiers came home from korea the ones who had been imprisoned by your theory of the prisoners were finally released it turned out that thousands of them had signed statements saying they had. carried out war crimes in korea some said they had dropped germ bombs on korea something the us government firming tonight a few of them criticize capitalism in american life and we immediately presumed that that could be something they thought it must mean that somehow the communists had seized control of their minds so these were the immediate 'd stimuli for the cia project but i ask myself what opened up their mind to the idea that mind control exists and i think it goes further back i think it's cultural think of all
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the movies all the books all the stories about mind control it is a fantastic trope for fiction writers there is sherlock holmes stories there's and you're allan poe's stories and there's movies like dr colic ari and all the way up to the board experiment so many ways that that cause there i mean the jump in here is recta stephen let me jump in a 2nd they also created poisons and we're running out of time here were any of these poisons used them or they were used in an attempt to kill for bell castro absolutely sidney gottlieb was the man who manufactured poison cigars poison hypodermic needle poison fountain pen poison wetsuit for hotel castro it's only castro's intelligence service that prevented him from being effective sidney gottlieb also personally carry poison across the atlantic to the congo to be used
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to kill the prime minister patrice lumumba in 1960 so he really was not only the chief chemist but the chief poison expert he probably knew more about poisons than anybody in the world now stephen the cia and sis the m.k. ultra experiments have been abandoned what your position on this do you think they're still tampering in this or is it completely in the past. writing this book was a real eye opener for me i've written a lot of books and some of the stuff i found is there is surprising but i mean this is the 1st time i've ever been shocked even though i've devoted my entire career to trying to figure out what's going on behind the curtain what's going on that we can't see even even august dropped by this so the experience of writing this book has led me to think it would be completely naive to say that there is nothing like this going on that we don't know about it so i'm sure it's being denied as it was in the 1950 s.
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but with the knowledge i've gained from writing poisoner in chief i'm no longer able to believe the things i previously thought were too bizarre to be real might not actually be happening stephen we're out of time i want to thank you for sharing the fascinating history with us and let me finish with this with you as an american citizen how do you feel about our government being involved in this type of thing. you know way i feel like it's just the more extreme expression of something that we do as a country all the time we are eager to dominate the entire world and as m.k. ultra points out every single individual in the world we are simply not able to live as one country among many other countries so to me m.k. ultra is not something strange that was way off track in a way it was just a more extreme expression of who we are and what we do stephen thank you very much for sharing this with us we appreciate it greatly we'll have you back again at
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another day and we'll talk about this some more thank you very much you're great and thanks a lot thanks for watching send us your comments on facebook and twitter let us know what stories you want to see more of we'll see you next week when we cover more stories ignored by the corporate media then of course always remember when the government lies and they do do that the truth becomes a traitor stay vigilant. the world. in any belief and it was so is that once you got infected and you get a nice one with any mean response and said that. philosophically protects you against me infection on it was fine with this new crime the boss is sad it's
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a very cold case a train ain't many patients get mild disease john develop any antibodies. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters i'm sorry. other daughter is very innocent and terry. really messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police need is a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens of course the . sharp sharp smart society reveals we don't know she'll just brutal. and do this
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unfortunately you truly will still love no children. hello there i'm military and you're watching in question broadcasting from the national headquarters of arts and america you're in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here are today's top stories today marks a dark chapter in history 1500000 armenians were massacred by the ottoman empire in a full report will take a closer look at the fight to define the term genocide. then china's response to the pandemic has resulted in an almost record breaking construction of hospitals and will caught up next we'll take you inside one of those hospitals as the city may see another wave of infections that the shutdown of the.


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