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tv   The News with Rick Sanchez  RT  April 29, 2020 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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live from the world headquarters of the r t america in our nation's capital this is the new. rick sanchez. and hello again everybody i'm rick sanchez who all of you who are watching us from all over the world either on a regular t.v. or on portable t.v. using the portable t.v. app of course we're so glad that you're there i want to try to tackle today the question that deep down most of us have asked ourselves or our asking ourselves
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what is it about me that makes me unique unique enough to not get sick from this coronavirus what is it about me that might allow me to survive if i did get sick what will allow me to avoid the hospital what will allow me to not be put on a ventilator what is it about me is it my age is it about whether i smoke or not or whether i may be smoked in the past these are important question does it have to do with how long hard your concentration of the virus that i was exposed to when i became infected small exposure minor sickness large exposure major sickness is that how it works. then there's the question of genetics is it possible that because of my particular d.n.a. because of the chemistry that i was born with i will be more apt to beat this thing
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. or less up. will i be among the 25 to 50 percent who gets this disease but never even knew they had the disease. all right i've got a couple of things i want to show you let's talk about age real quick. look at age is a factor not the only factor but it is a consistent determinant so i want to take you through 2 different studies the 1st is from the c.d.c. . look at the shows 31 percent of all cases 45 percent of all hospitalizations 53 percent of all i see you admissions and 80 percent of the deaths associated with covert 19 are older than 6580 percent of the deaths older than 65 by the way i got a cavity out here this data and here's what they're this stuff gets tricky this data it's only been compiled with information from february to march that's not
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a long time of data collection i want to comes to scientific studies right 2nd study let's go to the china study there it is all right this is the china study you may have heard a lot of people have been referring to this breaking down age right 0 to 20 years of age one in 10000 die this is the mortality rate the lethality rate people ages 20 to 296 in 10000 die people ages 30 to 391 in 1000 die people from the age of 42493 in 1000 die now here's where things start to move let me see the next part of this graph now we get into the hundreds right and this is this is important for you to know you look at your own odds right where do i fit in this ages 50 to 591 in 100 die. right 60 to
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694 out of 100 die now let's go 70 to 79 that's that's a dramatic change 70 to 799 in 100 die and then when you get to be over the age of 8013 out of 100 die. see how useful is this well this is useful because numbers generally don't lie but what they don't tell us and this is important what they don't tell us is the complete story why because the story is not nearly complete yet this virus is still only months old and that's not enough to pick apart and examine all the different variables so the best we can do is report to you what all the tendencies and all the findings are so far and that's exactly what we're going to do for you that's exactly what we're going to do right here on the news with rick sanchez where as you know we do this we're dedicated to the idea that it really is. time to do news again.
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here's a list of the questions that you're going to be asking tomorrow why am i lestat to get sick or die from the coronavirus then say maybe my neighbor or somebody else why one of the reasons how is your of your coverage comparing to the united states of america's recovery and what are the contingency plans for america as a major sports. i think this is a border that's what we were just talking about what is it about us maybe you that makes you less apt to get sick or even die from this corona virus or may be more up to get sick and die from the corona virus what is it a lot of stuff so we want to break this down for you joining us now. have been
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working on the numbers and looking at what the science is saying on this which is the most important to break it down the different categories in the 1st category i'd like to begin with is about our immune system the immune system is really important because that's the difference between what may become a mild case and what may become a severe case right the worst cases of kobe 1000 actually trigger an overreaction by the immune system which in some cases can actually have a counterproductive effect right so immune cells can enter the lungs and that can cause the membrane that oxygen through weight. so the immune system is supposed to fight disease not abuse it is the defense it's the army inside of our body the enemy comes in we fight it but you just said that sometimes the immune system overreacts right that's right sometimes the body's defense can be so strong that it's actually counterproductive how their example of this is that the reaction can overshoot and start to target your healthy cells that your body needs that's really something that everybody has
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a different system and it can react to different ways absolute that's number one ok number 2 co-morbidities present health conditions things we already have like i don't know or heart condition all right so these preexisting medical conditions are very significant because the virus is of course important but the host the body that it's in is important to the w.h.o. says that people who have medical conditions like asthma like diabetes like heart disease are way more vulnerable to becoming severely ill and the u.s. hospital data that was actually brought to the c.d.c. showed that 78 percent of all people in intensive care fork over 1000 already had an underlying condition so these underlying conditions make you much more or less much less up to sort. something like this good to know why is it the men get much more certain than women which show very well there's some evidence to suggest that men are dying in higher numbers some are citing evidence that women actually have stronger immune systems so this may be actually go back to the immune system issue but as of right now there is no definitive reason right yet right the science
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doesn't know exactly why some men are being affected at higher due to smoke more men do have more heart conditions men do have more diabetes so i give those that claim to this mechanism with the other answer you just gave us. doesn't depend on the concentration of the exposure that you get for example somebody coughs inside your or your mouth and you breathe it in as opposed to just picking up a couple of particles out of the us so there's really a question here right now right this is the question of doses right so as of right now it's possible that people have been loaded with different doses are getting different health outcomes so this actually makes plain why the china c.d.c. data show that health care workers are getting sicker than you would expect just based on their age right and this is of course very understandable health care workers are exposed to more people but it's also possible that they were exposed to higher concentrations of the virus but we don't know for sure if the dose actually has an effect like that yet age is a very important determinant right it's not the only determined i mean let's face it the older you are the more you have to succumb right you've definitely heard
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that older people are at higher risk right when it comes to cover 90 and one of the more common reason cited for this is because older people tend to have weaker immune systems right so this goes back to the immune system issue and also older people tend to have more underlying conditions again these pre preexisting medical conditions are highly significant if you're older person whatever that number is in your head you have a very young body because you stated. you don't have it it is you're actually like a 4 year old but i mean in general any disease like a chronic smoker is going to be worse off than a professional athlete right here. here's a tricky one genetics is it possible that the d. you know our bodies makes us more or less up to be able to do with this so this is an interesting question that scientists are starting to examine a new study out of kings college of london which has not been peer reviewed yet is actually really interesting they are saying that your net factors explained about 50 percent of the differences between people symptoms of cold in 1000 so of course
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there's a question why are some people asymptomatic why are some people having really strong symptoms blah blah blah they actually did a study on a bunch of different twins and they found that this kind of count for about 50 percent but again this study hasn't been peer reviewed yet but if true it could be very interesting now of race also comes into question we're asked we're talking about disease and genetics right for example code in 1000 is killing black americans at disproportionately high rates right and in chicago 70 percent of the people who died were black despite the fact that 29 percent of chicago's population is black about good social conditions but your social conditions i mean would be and you will you know examples of racism in health systems may exist but this really like you alluded to has more to do with the systemic disparities right blagrove are more likely to die from any disease they're more likely to have worse health economics outcomes anybody living in the inner city is going to be less or more up to succumb than somebody who is living in a bit of difference in america. thank you michelle i think we should stuff the situation in the united states continues to lie behind much of europe and if you
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take a look at the mortality rate worldwide 212000 people have died from the corona virus and in what appears to be a starting goalie disproportionate number again during 12000 people have died all over the world 56000 of those have died here in the united states that's roughly 25 percent of all deaths what gives right nowhere is that more of that in new york where are our correspondent to java's brings us a story. many states are too easy. others like your. even extend the measures in the coming weeks. as new. it continues to come down the curve shows are preparing for what's next governor andrew cuomo asking the president to keep the javits center makeshift hospital open and on standby because he fears a possible 2nd wave of the corona virus this fall i spoke to the president about leaving them in place until we get through the flu season god forbid we need extra
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capacity again the virus still holding a tight grip on new york even as it comes down the curve the state accounting for more than 293000 infections and over 22000 deaths a 2nd wave of antibody testing revealing nearly 15 percent of residents tested positive for cold in 1009. 100. 8 i will extend them in many parts of the state. but in some parts of the state some regions. you could make the case that we would on pause on may 5th while some are ready to get back to business and we have to take that risk because we need to. get. others have mixed feelings i know everyone in new york is so anxious to go back but we have to take things slow as of right now. and. this was the virus
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continues to take an extreme toll on health care workers on the front lines the head of the emergency department at new york presbyterian allen hospital dr lorna breen taking her own life her father saying she tried to do her job and it killed her doctor had a contract at the barras while on the job she returned to work after nearly 2 weeks of recovering her father telling the new york times make sure she is praised a hero because she was reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. and this is the news of rick sanchez are watching our continuing special coverage of the corona virus which. ration and all news coming in from all over the world we're so glad you're there and we'll be right back.
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hey welcome back i'm rick sanchez many of you watching us on portable t.v. app from all over the world and we're so glad that you're there european cities are beginning to turn the corner on the coronavirus moscow says it's close not quite there yet president putin today announced this morning that he was going to be pushing back the reopening to like may 11th germany though we just learned schools are going to be reopening monday what about london here's artie's shadi edwards with the latest. death toll across the united kingdom remains quite high and that's because the numbers are now happening towards the 20000 not just in the last 24 hours alone in the united kingdom has seen a jump of 586 deaths the problem is that that. number does not include any deaths
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outside of the hospital facility that's because the government here in the u.k. uses a slightly different methodology to collate the figures the latest statistics but the statistics watchdog is really quite concerned because they are now seeing in predicting that over the last 2 week period there's actually been an additional full blast and $300.00 deaths one people take up meaning the death could really be around the $25000.00 mark for great britain so i think the u.k. remains to be very much still in its dangers but on government boris johnson the prime minister he himself over a huge chunk of the long period has himself been dealing with tackling 19 and in his absence politically we've seen it evolve nations really going this separate ways today publishing their own guidelines we only have to look at scotland the 1st minister nicolas releasing advice to the scottish nation saying if they leave the homes they must mosques elsewhere in wales within the 1st minister hinting and
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suggesting that wells could even relax the law. much sooner than the rest of the united kingdom but here in the capital in london we know that government's policy has always been led by the medical and science professionals they're the ones that are warning that if we relax the lockdown measures too soon we could see a resurgence in the virus and the leading experts the science experts are saying that to make his distance will need to remain in place indefinitely until a vaccine is made wretchedly available so in terms of what happens next in terms of reducing these measures well the government on that matter has been quite tight lipped instead trying to focus on the successes of still trying to warn the public not to flout those measures across the united kingdom over the last few weeks we've seen some really really sunny weather quite uncharacteristic of the usual rainy day like it is today potentially because we're going to see some quite. bad weather over the next week or so that could encourage the united kingdom to stay within the
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boundaries of that uptown matches and stay out there really at the heart of policy is the concert will we see a 2nd wave of infection i will we see a 2nd plane that's a good question by the way have you ever gazed into the mad skies wondering what's up there let's go even tighter what if you would actually see what's up there up close nasa has actually allowed us to do that by showing us incredible. amazing images of things that no human beings on this earth ever imagine they would be able to see so imagine for example being able to see the birth of a star in a neighboring galaxy. telescope turns 30 today we celebrate it with a tribute to these amazing images that we have seen set down from the heavens here it is a reporter or 2 correspondent john hardy. feast your eyes upon this fellow star
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gazers it's a giant red nebula called n.g.c. 2014 and it's smaller blue neighbor n.g.c. 2020 and both are part of a satellite galaxy of the milky way located 163000 light years away nasa has nicknamed the image the cosmic reef because well it looks like a coral reef nasa scientists released the image to celebrate the hubble telescope launched 30 years ago this month from the kennedy space center in florida it was named in honor of astronomer edwin hubble who back in the 1920 s. discovered galaxies beyond our own with the biggest telescope of his day since its launch the $1200000000.00 hubble telescope has measured the expansion acceleration rate of the universe found that black holes are common among galaxies taken $1400000.00 observations of distant stars galaxies and planets and provided data to strong worldwide used in more than 17000. scientific publications nasa says
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the hubble has become the most prolific space observatory in history and like any delicate piece of machinery astronauts have had to fine tune it making some complicated and certainly unique spacewalks and repairs over the years just take a look at some of the incredible images hubble is captured over the past 3 decades part of nasa 30 years 30 images celebration from the birth and death of stars painting a brilliant tapestry of nebula nick fury to the swirling cosmic collisions of gases and dust creating a celestial celebration of light and heat like a creature rising from the deep a premortal painting proving that we are only just starting to understand and perhaps unlock the mysteries of the universe the birth of stars planets and perhaps of life hubble has also been back iconic images of jupiter and saturn never seen before here's a psychedelic shot of a planetary nebula called n.g.c.
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6751 and the cloud of gas suggested several 1000 years ago from the hot star visible in the center or take a look at these towers in the eagle nebula known as the pillars of creation a mass of molecular hydrogen gas and dust so enjoy star gazers and marvel at the majesty of the milky way as the hubble continues to take us on an intergalactic journey through the cosmos to galaxies far far away for the news with rick sanchez john honey to basic look at some of those pictures and wonder what really does happen up there yeah well that's up there or down here or old i am for a little all sports i should stand chris tacos is here to tell us that it's coming soon all we got to do is be patient and hold but 1st hey you know out of something already that happened where you try to give us hope every day in nicaragua right there was a boxing event that was held and this had fans in attendance at if we can roll some of that so if you see him. they were wearing face masks now the boxers and
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everybody there was they had to their temperatures checked and they all had to wear face masks prior face can i look people are not sitting next to each other no space in between everyone yes the fans you'll see a picture of the fans actually coming here there were at least 3 feet apart and they had to be at least 6 and a half feet from the ring and they were there was only 110th of this the arena was filled so it's an $8000.00 seat arena down there and when i go and they only had about $800.00 spectators but government officials would not release the official numbers of how many people attended that are estimated about 800 people spaced out now everybody was wearing face masks even the ring girl you see was wearing one there but the ref and the fighters were not so they all did have to have their temperatures checked though ahead of time did you just call her the ring girl ring girl yes that ring girl should have the ring woman you are going to get like mail probably but i do want. to be. you know i really would say is. right but you know when you get married you get a ring boy and a girl too they're just kids right of course. well that's fun anything you find out
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there could you just bring it i was being deadly winks i don't care anything that was some good action to you and you know here in america we do not have any sports like that so far in the major you know we think we talk about every day offset the n.f.l. the n.f.l. be the n.b.a. the n.h.l. the 4 major american sports right so they'll start any minute now yeah right that's what they keep saying and then they push it back we've heard the n.b.a. in the last couple days say 1st it was may 1st practice facility and now it's may 8th so next week they're saying they're shooting from 8 so let's look at some of the contingency plans starting with the n.b.a. now they're trying to reopen those facilities but that's only in states that have relaxed stay at home orders now the key word here is reopen and for those of you who don't follow basketball in the united states of america who are watching us from all parts of the world the season had already started right exactly so they stopped it yes they didn't even finish the regular season we were almost we had a few weeks left and they were going to start the playoffs last week was when the playoffs started to try to. so why not just let
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a bunch of guys play in an arena you don't need fans there and they're all healthy and jocular and they're not going to they're not going to get sick whoa we don't know that a lot of the cat out of people and some of the coaches maybe but maybe well that's a thing at these practice facilities facilities only single individual players would be allowed for a time no coaches would be allowed there no other people would be able to get within 12 feet of these players so they'd be able to just do basically shooting drills and lifting and cardio and so i don't get it people are going to be i mean this sounds silly they should just let them play i don't get it it's it might be too big of a risk even without fans there for the players that because we remember the n.b.a. is the 1st major league that kicked off this whole corona right or center in the us when we were to go bare got it and then it was a trickle effect with the whole courts industry so the n.b.a. is being a bunch of pansies ok next it's the other golf it's they should be able to do that golf might be one that's coming up because it's you know you don't have to have anybody but your caddy next to you and without fans but a lot of the players here rory mcilroy a golfer actually said he wouldn't want to golf without the fans there he said on
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that back 9 he wants to have the fans roaring for him you know when he's coming down it gives them energy they were going to say he's a multimillionaire he doesn't need the money what about the other guys on tour they want to work that's sure exactly the superstars don't need it they're comfortable in their mansions they have their home gyms but the little guys do need these paychecks now let's get to the n.h.l. it's a similar plan but they also want to restart their season like the n.b.a. they have a potential centralized host site with 4 arenas so 4 different cities potentially toronto columbus calgary and edmonton but these of course are contingent with the government staying home orders in those cities because you can't have a gathering of more than let's say 10 people or 20 people so that would work in some of the cities but they want to try just in 4 arenas to have all the teams compete in those 4 different cities in a condensed playoff i see so but again if there's no fans who cares what you do it will be like you and i go into more of the park and playing basketball we're here doing this now but then you have a lot of bunch me all the time at. and that's i mean that's true we can't tell
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everybody. in the hallway we have 5 yeah it's camaraderie but there's an issue with the media they have to televise these events right and all the coaches the trainers and then some of the sports these team sports has a lot of players and so i guess you parse that down a little bit you don't need that well anyway ok so what. has a tri state plan out now this is interesting they're trying to do it in 3 different states florida arizona texas 10 teams and states a condensed season because baseball hadn't started yet it was about to be 2100 games starting in late june july 2nd at the latest and then it would go through august september october and it expanded playoff with the world series held in a warm weather a neutral site in november. and then the big 1. 30 seconds no ball college football college and the n.f.l. ok so the n.f.l. now they haven't started september 10th supposed to kick off it might not kick off till october 15th now there'd be no by week's no pro bowl and the super bowl might
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be held on february 28th that was a little crazy because there's at $49.00 people on each team that's $120.00 people at the coach right now you're talking to that one might be i don't see it happening people would know if you don't know you heard it right there right snotty that she said it and got a half sorry isn't a word but i'm going to thank you but. we have a good we do is i'm glad we do this that's our news we're out of time i'm rick sanchez he steve christakis of the city council is time to get. going to get it. don't you know we no longer know what we're walking into
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i can't see march. what she needs to break she little bit back. to shape but also more sensible. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person those. who dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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somebody. let's see i guess. i was on the floor something's in my basket and you know crying praying. it was just a moment. i want to explode we want to tell you there's times where as they got worse i was having chilling fever i didn't have any sense of c. source now i mean most young. girls would you. recently she was under the age old is used to. that last time he was on the grounds of the research. that her didn't. push myself to do for me in the face of going to.
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i wonder who it is what i did is. massive. massive. i'm still working on this one it's called nasir. and it's about a girl that. most people in america we fight a war we can start the fighting rules need s. are. right yes but. this one is stuck with me salaam ness or was she was she from east africa she was caught in a war between. feel. that. we
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have stuff there with. 'd it now it was a steal it was good at.


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