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tv   Documentary  RT  May 3, 2020 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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my. god you're back asking. who are birth. she said that's. clear definitely walking into a word all in a we no longer know what we're walking into i had said on march 19th. which is unique to steve ritchie. who shows possible sense of. they corona virus outbreak has changed the world no one can say for sure when it might end for now news bulletins look more like dispatches from the front lines some countries have run out of coffins and others
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to digging mass graves doctors and nurses alicia rose of the day so we approach some to ask how they're coping with the outbreak and what to expect. just monolithic a very. very. many yes they didn't use me as early as tuesday they think they're going to see it that i was in that state you. know like you know but i wish that yes it is the fashion that. the only thing i love the. ideal it might. sound eventually school or works and it's one of the 1st countries in europe to be affected by the outbreak called the nineteen's patient 0 was diagnosed here in late february after just a month the number of cases had soared to 57 percent and more than $4000.00 had died it later turned out that the virus. it had spread to the italian province of
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long birdie much earlier and each carrier passed it on to at keast 3 others newspapers reported an unprecedented increase and the number of new one e a patient. when you beat one it's going to been especially if. you're looking. for. a stash it because people stop by in the us legal. and you. and you will look which and it was only just you know you had seen you in your shoes. yet this it was only a few weeks ago that irina saw her 1st coronavirus patient she had no protective clothing and has worn a mask at home adverse since because she fears in fact in her own family someone is literally the way a militia he who shoots i mean yeah yeah but the law might be shot to come you're
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going to die yeah but when i would consider me an enemy at 3. yes that's right yes the other was not a well that just that you know when you see a little bit about that you just say to me you know what i don't accept it if you look at it that it's done so already you know you talk to your buddies then you put it in you but when you mash of course you. get a look at me i'm going to stay and you will who should be guy goes lynch somebody with a theatre if you want to. go if you wish the idea was new might also get a. new nice name for the rights yeah. that's right yes even. the most mushing you must use new people well ok thank you very much. that all of you said yes but no especially up. north and it's nice hospitals are so overwhelmed to the authorities have had to set up more balck lennix to curb the. outbreak 14 provinces placed under quarantine and
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it was almost impossible to move in or out of those areas and $16000000.00 people had to endure a near total lockdown. for the wealthy person to really grow up. without a corporate program having a. person for a profitable growth and if you have across the room in which if you truly have a computer soon to be into this kind of justice john mattick you know what you don't know is out impostor that dr cynic might even enjoy not that i could be too but it was nice to be interested i thought even when i looked down was introduced in russia the situation was still relatively calm a south isolation resume was imposed to mitigate the outbreak but not everyone was keen to stay at home and visit. just to show. them to their granny was in the show her magic victoria shoot of a could see how things might develop and published her own personal appeal kind of
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you know just how much it'll cost me. is it also much it'll have national but if you just sit in your borders sean but into such there is a lawyer but we also do sheets and it's the wall of the sheets and it's the gold said to put them up so you succeeded with offsets summit but it's an issue that i don't want to. play into that i. hope you hope which an adult with an important. sense but i'm hoping that you actually look at that that's only going to be upset because it only said what you meant they would see. it wasn't going to be much then you could but if i was. able to ask or if you could only do you want to do me a post or 2 i am a a look at it and we don't want you to go but it. will be because of what we can put it when you fuck even the most watched just out of. possible sense of the.
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it is video was seen more than $12000000.00 times on social networks but not after one believed her a stubborn few still seem to think that corona virus is not particulary scary and that it's all a conspiracy of sorts but many were grateful for the warning now in her spare time to do it everyplace to her messages yes there's going to situation essentially that i mean it what comes to be should we all believe in that will at least take it but then use that to deal with recession good times you go i mean. it's laid out but if i'm to get aboard it and usually don't rebuy it sit down with this quarterly review . and with what you will. but it appears that's the work we're creating involved in the show so it's the books there's the middle because then you. got the nice nights of also all. that chased syria that have boats around it and i will start with the situation but i see it and what it does acknowledge that was all ways the city got nobody at the
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. start shit in the summertime and it's hard disk study. which not least continue so i guess. it should be in your plans emails before it's you know and witness your sense filming began russia has seen us. 19 infections with more than 20000 new cases ambulances have to queue outside moscow's hospitals to do most of their sorghum are you know sort of them are the source and personal supreme being who he was birthed from egypt with normal zocor and if you're here as christmas your vision wonderful so if you don't simply because some of you scream or some sort of which remember mrs cooper summer was just a few which i'm sure nobody knew disproofs we reason your stories there were a sort is going on. in the us the situation is described as catastrophic 600000 cases and 30000 feet tallit to ease the. york has been hit the
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hardest with a 200000 people in fact it's more than anywhere in you were about trying out. my have given. that if you don't you could the roof sky is a gastroenterologist she was infected at the very sorry to the outbreak after treating patients without the benefit of protection back then no one knew just how rapidly called it 19 was spreading it has also mutated since then with new symptoms and peering so the interesting part about cold it is that it presents in multiple ways yes we know that fever and cough is a big presentation however in many people it can present was diarrhea was the dominant pain was vomiting was just feeling very weak and so i had thinking back i had tremendous amount of patients with these complaints i got rather a lot i got rather i would say moderate version of the virus and the reason i'm saying like you because doctors who do procedures like ear nose and allergist
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gastroenterologist actually get a very happy get a very bad course of illness because of don't ira look at the get you must let me do procedures it actually comes from the person long straight at us so i have you know stream real life. so what would happen to me is that suddenly i am lost a sense of smell out we know it's loud and clear yet loss of smell suddenly all slightly right now but at that time listen to my husband's work he's a physician also it may seem strange but many doctors now admit that at 1st they didn't believe the chrono virus would hit europe and the u.s. as hard as it has they also thought the whole story was being blown out of proportion and that there was no need to panic you know but it just it's most scientists. don't know what. it's going to slide across london or do. well you just. choose ollie tell you know
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what. he said you know he didn't. even you thank you keep me in my house. even if i had some of. you. in new york city hospital has been set up in the famous central park. after running out of space and morgue hospitals have resorted to storing the data in refrigerated trucks like the. first place she must study. with. equal chance to test it's not. just a moment. she set out to send. us live from washington if you should have spoken or you used to being here
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definitely walking into words all right you know we no longer know what we're walking into i can't breath i feel a sense of responsibility because i had nightmares where nothing was to be clean thing i cried when i had to book a year after being it's very emotional physical it's completely draining and. has taken over our life i have patients coming to crying and screaming people just die upstairs on a regular basis every hour of this your code school party the rest i just can't really describe every day is just worse than the last i'm finishing now because i'm going to come back tonight because we're desperately short. and and things are very difficult i'm we all really struggling to just do what we can. tell you people love . and i one i want you to see me like this because i want people to realise. how
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serious it is and i want you to tell me if you know anyone that's going now and they don't need to see groups of people going away to say something to them i want you to say you need to stay doors and you need to stop splurging air and people need to talk can't you near.
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there's 2 kinds of leadership crisis leadership and non crisis leadership in the. in not crisis leadership when things are stable and there's peace and prosperity in the past produce the future and you just ask makes the trains run on time a mentally healthy person is a better leader but in crisis periods when you need creativity and risk taking and a different way of saving those mentally healthy meters as you're not as good as he's found us. all. you can be both with yeah you want.
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i don't want to be used well that you need an excuse to run you up so i don't want to buy these passports on such. a consistent in that city so i show them my dad asked us not just so much and so 'd if you change there's a shop stashed by next models last year can you mine mine who generous so. that i was in the castro or the starbucks at much and. you know it and soon you meet. them. it's something special for alexander is an intensive care unit physician in new york many now describe pens job as working on the front line stalls question i should like when shows cannot show iceman leader the others are. on us to show. i should work and months ago. he said
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socially still shooting their guns 3 suitable for day chest meaning if i'm cutting to. the media just in turkey or killing them i'm going to do and i believe he should just leave me free money do. so it's just the person who shut you out if something that were was just money to me she was not doing well donations from wish us how many were great as the unexposed very used to the idea that a sense of course about spreading it out. i'm longing british sense specially that 'd i feed to somebody so should the. alexander convince the hospital's chief physician to task the medical staff for khurana virus because everyone is a potential carrier might in fact we're both patients and colleagues soon fell ill and tested positive for khurana virus. in mind a bit meanwhile across the mine and i discuss our.
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social standing with its own british. english sessions. that would be prostituted just think what a spinny i wish them british scientists. the loving what are you special and he's already back at work and the i.c.u. where the chefs are 12 hours long after a day people especially the doctor were going to show us where she's an idiot so that's the single death that arresting the police got to stop till she plays ship. might cut it up and you're by live. and you might jump to the. questions that actually. might help show us might fail in a double take you may end an essential if we're going to sites of this coalition nations natchez i think the missiles can work. if i ask them to watch their step up from the top to bottom it's just i mean. you especially since.
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you write. congress worked in a hospital that suffered a shortage of masks and personal protective equipment in some cases medical staff had to wear garbage bags for protection he's holding shared as a text message amos in the hospital and an icy ale i asked him if he was on the ventilator yes i asked yes there's anything i can do you. can help when it's hot you really don't know how mom and dad don't worry. i love you and he said go to sleep brother. he died on march 24. he was very caring and observant knew something was wrong when you hear when he
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would ask you would you. make it right i. did when he left doing he was going to take care of his patients whether he was given a master or when there he was given a gallon and. he was going to say or take care of we love you i love you and i thank you with all my heart my whole. the whole stand before 2 you die. 2 there those people long. for. whom. neither you know was for kyle's because you know their colleague a coworker on the i felt i mean she'll do something and i feel her hearing down we can take. you know if i'm going to families it should have been a decision
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a whole gets a massive bill does it that's and to me everybody in health care if we are such a we just are we deserve the right protections to be in that environment that is completely exposed to a little bit i. wish it were you she would want to see me just give her a sheet metal with that but you won't get them where you could beat you with your specific bits that it was used to be edible to look at and you might see the people who are actually going to be a bit unusual but yanukovych is the average little digital you but you will post in your threads you might. make a choice he actually had another man oh yes he does even if some of us 1st look look look good look at the coke addict that i've looked at the baby looks like shit certainly she. sure to show protective gear masks and medical equipment has driven health care workers in some countries to go on strike what may be the magnitude of the outbreak could never before seen and there was simply no time to
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prepare their nurses are dying because they can't get the proper p.p.d. doctors and nurses don't only fear getting infected but also infecting their patients and egypt. we. need to get. peace and. we actually did not intend to try to stop the work because you know i would. i completely agree our our the doctors group forests out there yes are not not and theory accidentally graft meet whoever example might my friend then. he can wear a mask but most likely he was in reading infected or if he was there from a carrier it interstate you are a healthcare provider an alibi or. you are. elation and then you don't have either we gave you a surgical mask and the special on
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a suitable mask on any go back to work in our learns me and my husband going to go back to work and try to order one thing you're asking me to make something from there so i knew you know something that you know where when you were on the side of the emergency room it's on earth and the center. thousands of volunteers have come forward to how the medical staff they work in hospitals deliver food or don't need medical equipment while others to fundraise for masks and people eat stuff so we need to. use the beds to go you know that's more. pollution probably because the dangers are just sort of something interesting at just to stop shooting so she has 2 more missions that she tells us it. to somebody the the.
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there is. no disposal well she's got to go to shift gears. just to actually ship i use my it's not woman who got out of a business near looking at them so they are probably great you want to be able to slightest that but they didn't mask you watching the national bank it's all but if you asked why don't you buy your love but to buy a new thought bubble when you go she also has a lot of double slit in europe but they must yet it was when you label well little doubt that religion was. people know the risk to medical staff and all over the world show sinks and moral support police firefighters and members of the public stand in front of hospitals and implant you know you never have schools that wasn't . just adjusting their thank you neal it's just ensured that for some you go fishing they're not something you are used to should. be so. i wish my dad.
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said i don't know. ok i said it was to meet him the most good at coming into shine you could i suppose it was who's the start of you don't just that it must be the horse and i wouldn't want one of them. so i have a special moment going to say that the party of one the one he is to promote us will do it with just as though out of this well that you believe me it was deeper good but also made of the truth was the more chance of promotion should have shut him up a machine uses them so they knew what to do with and since you know him she would get an idea and i'd gotten the steps again that she had said just and so she reached consensus to me here in the store here but their suggestions charge consents to some special rights just lots of these parts of the. ranch and so i need to release them because the honest guys are going to feel like he's about to institute that new experience he spoke with them preached going to places ago it's the but it's quite war there now isn't it but we've sort of become much of the city but what i want to play out now now it's a groom they go home with my story that should go on me i guess to be
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a lot of all this when they get it i didn't leave a letter that i got about who you were bill's latest i only. want to shipping it is a great use just unhappy when you see it knowing it when you have me you know union up like teeth. it would look like. and then you may go to the unknown you see nobody you know of with them for humanity anything that's going to come of the beating of an idealist you don't know that will be a sneak miasma but i didn't because i mean yes i didn't mean to be made it was just year we had that we had exertional that love it and we move. we see even past that walk in my mask oh and on all the big points i'm based and i standing on its person even without sometimes. at once you know maybe 20 to 21 days after. the moment where i am so i could still be very infectious to others
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and most likely i am so that's why i call my warehouse i or 2 guards we didn't pass them i suspect probably haven't we don't know how we probably may never find out i think you know thinking that. we me coming back some more mile and normal life still maybe a mask still maybe but there's some still maybe a lot of work from home we don't know when it. so you know it's. over. a law or you could buy a ship take you seriously. and then only when you come on. new day. you actually. do you. or you are to show. that yes.
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at the beginning with. me on projects i want. to go to some. extent. this is about. medical expertise have no way of knowing when the pandemic might end and no one can say how hard it will hit but they do all agree that the virus can be fatal and no one is safe anyone could get it and become dangerously ill. but i would have the day after we spoke to even though she was diagnosed with karana virus. yes i was a literalist you always listen to encourage you to sit. down when.
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you do start to take care was it i. was yes or that it better to just get there on the scene with this woman and. the world is driven by shaped by one person but there is.
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no dares thinks. we dare to ask. time after time called parisian to repeat the same mantra sustainability very important. transitions to sustainable prize board sustainability stay number may not be more equitable and sustainable world. they claim their production is completely harmless. it. companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done far away and this is something i'll just as he want any minute i'm. used to me doing the name and einstein theme that may be best understood so when.
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thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military the decision little sheltered lives every song came to a complete. the day that i was afraid to be instructed is you know told to shut up or they'd kill me and i see how it destroyed my life any screamed at me and he made me come in and you graham my arm and he raped me with his birthing if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliate. and it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military rape is a very very traumatizing thing tat happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting rape is more likely to get the victim punished don't be offended by hand and almost 10 year career or chose very invested in and i gave that up to report a sex offender who was not even put to justice or put on the road a story this is simply an issue of power and violence male sexual predators for the
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large part of target whoever is there to prey upon whether that's a man or 1. 190 . 4 by the way. but i live in is this is me go can we go with the old girl chose to go to. they told me that i was highly contagious i kind of went it's a panic mode. and i can choose.


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