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no day or thinks. we dare to ask. as we have said from the very beginning russia gate is a hoax and a prop there is no ample evidence to prove this and one explains trumps flip flop on the iran nuclear deal. body. spoke.
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to tell me i conceived the ultimate. the orangutang this. the don't fins. the oceans. the rain forest and even humankind. only have to do is buy a sustainable and fair products. the but that's a lie. the book as the back at.
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the back and the be more and more people around to melt are taking to the streets to protest the way corporations make products and behave in the market pick and i've never been to any of these protests of the book. since my childhood i've been striving for harmony. i had a happy childhood. i learned to be a good pawing to be polite to avoid arguments and to trace well. it but lately i've taken an interest in what an average consumer like
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myself can do to stop the destruction of nature by corporations do i really just have to to write to me. that's why i decided to make this film. together with cartoon heart. mr holmes. and seriousness this is martin and i think the template. was meant as a consequence has been hurting on the show sustainability for years if you bring in something. to munch on you know. it's a good thing. she's the top experts in kareen washington this means that she recognizes when corporations are spreading disinformation to create a cream image for themselves on t.v. she lives harsh criticism that the company's. made 5 years ago
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when we both took part in a panel discussion on t.v. on the occasion of my brain is film mystic planet. i live and spoke to 60. year. lifted off to see if you live. in the said this is from think also in the midst of an even worse because this wouldn't. systems on this as. a few minutes the amount. of iraq. china starts in my hometown vienna has one of the highest quality social life in the know. there are hardly any social protests going on. most violent demonstrations just makes it a popular place to do business. today it's hosting an industrial system to be
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a team ain't it using a good cop bad cop routine we want to get their main street is lying to us. good enough but this is about sustainability it's about our environment and how we treat planet affects us in ways that sometimes we don't even think off. mr mock but. you know i had the great fortune this year our being at the white house where pope francis was there and in line things are this minute on it this. isn't just the ending intimate is. listening to this is it was never the same seats as this is and. it's not unique to the right. so that
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this collective home that we all call. our planet. will be able to survive. for the generations that follow us thank you. thank. us the name on my. mother's the phones goes to for your mother he's assuming this is added things as. though it is and saying. it's only 9 and i had just. bought one odds and obstacles and then these things and i got it and i'm 66. it's time to go and obstacles. that things other than x. and app stores have. been times when i've been that. guy with the stupid ones and i'm going to think i'm on dollars that somehow does have mine doesn't it sometimes
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. there's going to. be my. stuff and i'm a good chunk of the outlines like the ones you see of results. this is business meeting women to build a business. minister and begin the. things you would do with a list is a list. of even i am worth. what i was never the most. always did this one as it was she does this all clyde's it. wasn't as long. as he'd done all the his indivisible. more it's. hard because he does a. sequence of. a huge puzzle.
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on. them survive on. this script it is. one must stick to. your instinct they need nothing the. animal means when you know enough. good is good is nothing out minuses nothing against disease. is not a good it is. for profit. corporations are for profit companies makes amazing profits is down highest priority. can take 64th or even required to make as much profit as possible. responsibility for sustainability is passed on to
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us to consume less. complex. i consider myself an average consumer and our prefer our products with a sustainability label but i often catch myself just scraping by the end of convenience or lack of time. on some things the main causes of. this. system is that. we did. this thing. is done it's done. with us this.
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is the time. i am really. owned by merck. that woman. it isn't a. seclusive. 900 and deposits matter. and so much of the us it is time for someone. else isn't going to. be its economy isn't my job isn't with this called it's. time to conserve we're going to says this company asked think this is an integral thing and the minister. has in mind. as an act. on my system obstacle in little time i don't in something like this and that's going on. in this name is ahmed said don't miss hampton is this apartment muslim
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this is being sent to his tax home. because i. was nuts not for this burner. they are just. as good and his pile is on in a minute thing. is does not have extra. enough. of this so this is as interesting. to take in the. trees in different countries so i buy cheap. every passenger in that she's given the option to make important terry contribution. to. the stylings of greenhouse gases. first flight.
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heidi murkoff does not just my. 2 sons moment in front of your son your son time you're in school anselmi behind this exciting stuff is closing on top and goes again fighting in high end of the street. to mystify send. my mom on. the long run to decide i'm a slob small's isn't fun sometimes mention in band no big whoop the whole class against don't isn't good enough on sod fine i want to stick to an involved guns out how is this ng in stuntman and with gluten and want and. must is nice also having. it's against. evolution has reached record levels for
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a 3rd day in singapore with the city state blanketed in heavy smoke caused by illegal forest spies in nearby indonesia by zooming it is going to actually see the fought and they've already blamed 8 come put it has been clearing forest to make way for the bald pate.
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you can't be both with you yet you. get. one else chose seemed wrong when old rules just don't hold. any old belief yet to shape out this day it comes to educate and in games from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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this is a well. designed. mess and the one where. the sun mix was a some kind of. this is a kind of one time sometimes she this is the most discussed top doesn't give back. soon does not want to all of. its own some up to the. room but there's a sense as a category as a hobby. for me to hear. i actually. as i heard. the fight against. those 3 set runs yeah so the big fear promo industry will not be very happy about. all the deuce you're going to doesn't look at. his head and. look let's be honest.
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all i give you here 2 pills. you taking were mine take the other one there's palm oil in it. in your little moment all muscle i mean radio you say oh little bit of clothing same and they said you had the decimal. of some nuns got up. to get a young one of the money to put up was not going to biofuel lordly so be good. to belittle one of them when it does all. the minds of god some of us are gods old i'm not an advocate of the got but the mahdi militia so palm oil is used for stuff no one really needs these die on it was designed understood. by those latest and just give to. all of. this is kind of fun kind of that analyst enough that i'm not
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allowed to stab just one fact. once economists asked him how does and which was the scene i did them advice that i should have a meeting like this 100 a good team and you know it's like couldn't have been to the slam kaufman and i'm. just. going to go. the would be gov bonnie's would do more of it was obvious but on the other hand i always hear that it's. everything is sustainable and the industry is green. attention's. nothing up with us in the ones i read.
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just in the world. someone. young lucky to make a lot on how the top of the army must suck up. to the skin and muscle. and what's happened to them around table unsustainable palm oil the last muscular weeks i wanted to hide to get these as feeders and i had to get a line to send on that. i have myself. on the wrong time unsustainable. debt from david asman to going to dwell on is on tap and nursing a number was and is billed i gotta get it dust was a windy at all thought. getting into that other one was a local one so i'm glad arms are bigoted other than i was evil and awesome as i was at the not 2 sides and i must group these are along with the one bucked up. so it.
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only bucked up last. year with so many rain forest fires we want to hear what the industry has to say so we are flying to the i pod frenzy by. this conference is attended by the biggest. in the hall of ceremonies there are many of indonesia's top body titian's decision also. price is many of them. are plantations. in region in the regions got a highly about wasn't too good to be my duty to buy your most active duty was is how we didn't want to be a. $20000000.00 business more money so big huge money in result
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was hard to get in my name is and. was anything done to stop medical leave him. but i mean a 1000000 minus impossible given a monumental minute monument in the belly that might give a. damn about the economy and yes here are my damn. that's no more get to know from what he would others the you know what you're going to do that you didn't understand. is the perspective of the people making me thank. the nominee feel immediately. and i counsel now when it was dismissed it isn't a nice. person saying my reason is exactly as i was the clinton doesn't. seem to see. things then i hang. your
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organization is financed by the government is that right not to know you're completely fine is quite innocent and ok. i'm ok this is very what we do in european power lines when we want to do is to. especially in europe to explain why we use power more and of course i there's a lot of information in the in the media about the negative images balm on companies who are certified to pour into the round table sustainment by. these companies are committed and they do not. own one terry and there are a lot of studies very n.g.o.s found out about a lot of companies that are still members have confessions and all the regions where the fire was breaking out so i don't think this is a coincidence it's no excuse i think is very good it is either going into the ins
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nor is i think this is not it is it is. it's a real effect it's it is still in need to side to side it is not an issue we're going to only the ball more in you see is stimulated by the fire was not always fighting because of any new because of all the degraded land as well because of all the cutouts rules and all the very drive plantations because palm oil is sucking water it's drying out the land just in the middle of the is not the 6th great deal you know it's a continuous. process continues improvement as is all of your own business i mean there is no proof yet for sustainable. nobody could is that number yet explain what is going through in the 10 years explain how it was ok that makes me get. in the artist in the whole. world wide n.g.o.s and industry sit together
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to decide what to do. this are going to give me just to explain to them no more no . i want to understand those wal-mart is palm or produce with with respect to nature that's where any number is no slash and burn no no no but now that is the stance of the people as i wouldn't be able to employ you that you provide them with housing. is and there's also a. procedure is also that the people who work in the day should also have a diesel. the income fund let's be honest the r.'s now exist since 2004 it's more than 10 years and then almost 10 years the destruction was going on and going on i'm happy that you're here now and features illnesses then we'll. all know one or more more in your products in your. this is.
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such a vague definitions because of green washing. everything sounds nice nothing is in for some interest always large amounts of chemicals i used this product is. so i didn't have a sunny day the nation to be a little you know you have put a little visit to use this product again it's the 1st in. this is. everything is green this is a this is more green or i like it is it is it is still a little blue. in this one this problem is this green is a lot of this is. because of. sin if i already. know what happened with in what ways it green is it up and. that means it is different with the organic one meaning this is
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a list. a list opposite. to all burning operations of each other with screens slogans turned out armies of p.r. c. is our marketing agency is perfect. industry is trying to destroy the from a child. i can cope stand one of 2. more produces even this dumb things so fly and try to challenge. this conference m.l. of knowledge is no fun or is this thing in billings him. and i look around here and i'm going and the nice kid says no the birds i know. i got the impression this is more like a men's yard then a company can you explain sustainability to us means it's a balance our. economy. people and in our mind
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because we can only create. you know our money. cross part of the. it's not least that's the ominous is it an invalid as. it is in the past there was another discussion going on because of burning rain forests isn't marking. connected to. rain forest burning in our memory to remember. how can you be sure there were because you have on my kindle. or maybe you tell me harmony and in fact it's you have a poker phrase how do i find out the fear of cheating i know well in order to sign up. you have to do this field you have to go the surface of the planet is in you have to move to the villages. and that's the only way you're going to do we go
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there do you have your mom's jamey. and. then i can tell in chummy with family. she wants to show us some land that was in tact train forest only a few days ago before a palm oil company eagerly burned it down. joining me now. on the all excitement i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm sure. i'll see you there. as we have said from the very beginning russia gate is a hoax and a fraud there is no evidence to prove in what explains trans flip flop on the iran
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nuclear deal. the world is driven by shaped by one person with those words. the dares thinks. we dare to ask. thousands of american men and women choose to serve in the country's military and the decision lives every song came to a complete. the day and i was right to be instructed you know told to shut up but
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they'd kill me and i see how it destroyed my life and he screamed at me and he made me come in and you graham my arm and he write me with his birth thinking if you take into account that women don't report because of the extreme retaliation it's probably somewhere near about half a 1000000 women have now been sexually assaulted in the us military rape is a very very traumatizing tat happen but i've never seen trauma like i've seen women who are veterans who have suffered military sexual trauma reporting rape is more likely to get the victim punished don't be offended by hand and almost 10 year career. which i was very invested in and i gave that up to report a sex offender who was not even going to justice or put on the registry this is simply an issue our in violence male sexual predators for the large part of target whoever is there whether that's men or women.
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international and the u.s. doubles down it's a tux on china with the secretary of state claiming the coronavirus leaked from. despite its own intelligence agency's assessments plus. self isolation frustration swells in the united states but the get to that some protest is a using nazi slogans to make their point. british doctors leaders accuse the government of failing to protect health workers claiming that merely hoff to supply their own protective equipment or a law on donations. and seize a significant rise in new cases to visit to a try.


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