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tv   In Question  RT  May 23, 2020 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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hello there i'm a military man you're watching in question broadcasting from r t america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here tonight's top stories jeffrey epstein is victims are now speaking out in a new netflix documentary this as the woman accused of orchestrating his under-age sex crimes is asking a judge to delay her case against one of those victims and it's official president trump has deemed houses of worship and central pushing for churches mosques and temples to reopen despite pushback from state governors. plus new data out of new york city shows social distancing enforcement by officers seems alexis and even why
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it's a full report next hour right it's time to boost your immune so i can. netflix has a new documentary coming out about jeffrey epstein and his victims this as the lawyer for delay in maxwell has asked a federal judge to move a lawsuit against her by one of epstein's victims to new mexico raising new questions if maxwell may be hiding out at epstein's ranch correspondent john harvey has the story. you know there have been a lot of questions and theories about where in the world grain maxwell may be hiding out the 58 year old maxwell jeffrey epstein's former girlfriend is accused of running epstein sex trafficking ring and recruiting dozens of young women who claim they were sexually abused by epstein and some of his rich and powerful
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friends there have been possible sightings of her in london massachusetts and los angeles but nothing concrete now maxwell's attorney is asking a federal judge to move a civil case brought by one of edge teens accusers against her from new york district court to new mexico where the alleged abuse happened nearly 25 years ago maxwell is moving to get the case dismissed arguing it's past the statute of limitations but the fact that she once the case moved to new mexico raises another theory of perhaps she may be laying low on epstein secluded zorro ranch nestled in between the mountains outside of santa fe and albuquerque having worked as a reporter in santa fe for several years i know the area well it's a perfect location for someone who wants to stay out of sight one place maxwell likely isn't right now is epstein's notorious little st james island or as it was known by locals pedophile island it's where many of epstein's victims say they were abuse arts he was the last news crew to visit the island before epstein's death
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last august in fact we were there just 2 weeks before epstein's lifeless body was found in his jail cell at the metropolitan correctional center in new york city you may remember me swimming up to one of the island's pristine beaches which is legal to do in the u.s. virgin islands and then later being chased off the island by its caretaker when i tried to talk to him abstains death was ruled a suicide by hanging but there have been many theories about his demise and as those theories continue so do the lawsuits by abstains victims against his estate the disgraced financier geoffrey epstein. will now netflix is releasing a new documentary about epstein and. victim's title geoffrey epstein filthy rich based on the james patterson book there are no survivors that every use to give out i want just we hear from epstein's victims in the documentary and the sordid and horrendous stories of the abuse of power and sexual depravity including another
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allegation that epstein's one time friend prince andrew the duke of york groped a woman on the island the documentary will probably become a top 10 on the netflix viewer list and it will certainly be a must see for anyone who's been following the case for r t john hardy. and we're continuing to track the latest coronavirus numbers for you worldwide cases now topping 5100000 but about 335000 reported deaths still leading the way the u.s. with about 1500000 cases and 95000 recorded deaths meantime california the 1st state to initiate very strict stay at home orders is getting some welcome news from president trump today he declared all houses of worship essential and called on state governors to allow them to reopen but whether or not governor spa low through what that request is in question r.t. is natasha sweet tells us church leaders are vowing to reopen their doors while
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most churches throughout california have been hosting worship services online some 1200 pound stores are standing up to governor gavin newsom signing a document pledging to open their doors in time for paid across. these doors. our churches at least 1000 church leaders and members have signed a declaration of the sensuality the document states they will open their doors on may 31st the day of pentecost even if they don't have state approval i'm. going to do some of the doors. what is needed in our community. the rise of the new pandemic of emotional spiritual the dire need we have the answer according to the attorney representing many of the leaders up to 3000 churches across california could hold in person services on the 31st airing dr ben
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the head of the justice department civil rights division question you some suspicion of keeping churches close while allowing restaurants offices and shopping malls all to reopen under face to dry banned sign a statement from attorney general william barr that religious institutions must not be singled out for special burdens many california pastors saying they're united in declaring houses of worship as essential you can sign with the $1003.00 other pastors who have already signed the declaration of same shelley saying we're going to open our services we're going to hold church beginning of the day of pentecost may 31st jim domon founder of church united which is helping to organize the campaign said he was inspired by ilan musts decision to reopen its fremont manufacturing plant earlier than allowed under county orders you almost you're listening to i can't afford a tesla so i can afford to support you know what i can't afford to do is stand with you and the government's going to rescue colorists me because i'm going to help the
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poor money help anybody you need today president donald trump made it official labeling churches as essential some governors have deemed the liquor stores and abortion clinics is essential but have left out churches and other houses of worship now right. so i'm greg to this injustice and calling houses of worship essential according to johns hopkins university california has close 286000 chronic virus cases and some 3400 deaths no word yet on how many people are expected to be and attendance of these in person services come next sunday and the 3000 churches saying this letter was not asking for permission but merely declaring their religious freedoms reporting in los angeles and sweets. and now to hard hit new york city where officials there are struggling to enforce social distancing measures new data shows about 90 percent of arrests related to the pandemic are people of color and many police encounters are turning violent parties
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trying to chavez has the report. today new york city mayor bill de blasio facing backlash over the way the n.y.p.d. enforces social distancing rules. and this comes after several alarming video surfaced on social media in recent weeks showing violent encounters with police and alleged social distancing by leaders specifically in black and brown communities. this video capturing the moment an officer waves a taser and repeatedly strikes a bystander during a social distancing sting the. police watchdogs accusing officers of using social distancing during the pandemic as an excuse to harass people of color along the lines of stop and frisk others taking it a step further criticizing what they call police officers double standards going after minorities during this pandemic but allowing crowds of mainly white parco wares to gather in large groups oh no no no no craig fly the founder of foundation
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for red dress told r.t. the cops attitude toward seeing whites in central park were massless and crowded together are greeted with a smile and hand in masks but blacks and latinos who are alleged violators are greeted with balled up fists to the face a firm foot up the butt and tight handcuffs violence prevention groups across new york city now stepping in the groups which are mostly young black and hispanic men the same demographic that has either been given summonses or arrested for offenses related to the coronavirus pandemic are known as credible messengers rather than rely solely on police to encourage others to follow social distancing rules the mayor announcing today that he has also enlisting some help so we will work with 18 you're violence organizations across 21 neighborhoods of the city and the trust that they have built in communities the important standing they have the reach they have to educate people about the coronavirus to help people do social distancing to
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make sure folks have face coverings that are using them now the n.y.p.d. tells me that between my. the department has made 120. breast many of which response to complaints and those of us 90 percent of them were either black or hispanic reporting from home tradition. brazil could soon become the country with the 2nd highest cases health officials say the number of new cases spiked dramatically on wednesday right now brazil has about 310000 confirmed cases and 20000 deaths that's compared to the number 2 country russia with 326000 confirmed cases but only 3000 deaths experts believe brazil's numbers may be much higher mainly due to lack of testing. and the anti-malaria drug president trump admitted to taking is now linked to a higher rate of death among coronavirus patients
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a new landsat study of $96000.00 hospitalized coronavirus patients on 6 continents found that hydroxy couric when was linked to an increased risk of dying by over 35 percent and doubled the risk of heart arrhythmia medical experts say no one should be taking this outside of a clinical trial. and san francisco is joining other major us cities in authorizing homeless tent encampments in response to the coronavirus pandemic right now about 80 tents are spaced out on a wide street near san francisco's city hall the mayor acknowledged she didn't want to approve the tents but said that having unregulated tent tents mushroom on the sidewalks were neither safe nor fair. and amid the pandemic asian american business owners are facing increased discrimination we're going to talk about that with our next session guest and in sports regina hampshire a heartwarming story of a set of twins looking to knock philadelphia's most famous movie star off his
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pedestal and to keep up with all the latest news and for anything you might have missed download our brand new free app. call portable t.v. you can catch their point was that it will be back into. tough and finding them on the full entire system account huevos successes because they could so smooth see it on. closing this way down to dog so hard not to think of the mother decide to look at the work and that i want and i don't need to start then if. this is the only thing that we do is music because everybody fights in his room waiting. on. the floor lookin for the feet all found is worthless
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woody allen grabbing hold of the ability to put the cold on the roof but i see it is this is the fans that is a constant. cool. join me every socially a little excitement sure and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you there. are nielsen the internationally known ratings and consumer data company has just put out its annual report on asian american consumers amid this coded 1000 pandemic
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and the numbers are staggering although asians in america only account for about 5.6 percent of the u.s. population asians have a commanding buying power of a whopping $1.00 trillion dollars and that number is expected to continue to rise in the coming years despite this noteworthy contribution to the u.s. economy because of this pandemic asian american business owners and regular civilians in america have experienced a spike in coded related discrimination and in many cases even physical violence so joining us to discuss the vice president of nielsen's strategic community alliance rico carpenter rico good to see you again since your last appearance on the show last year we have seen the asian community really grow in terms of visibility the korean film parasite took home best picture at the oscars in january andrew yang really made a big splash in politics really raising the prospect that and asian american man
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could become president of the united states can you speak to the growth spurt of the asian community over this past year. yes thanks for having me today you're absolutely right as asked and asked groaning and racial group in this country me or. bring. barriers and represent pollution and also who is ingomar and feels that we have and in the past you mentioned politics. but also there is no more it asian americans in congress than ever we read about warner's i look california swearing in its 1st it's an american sheriff you have georgia that swore in their 1st indigent american court judge so really we are really capturing the headlines you know in terms of media talked about so many more asian american led content on streaming popcorns news in b.t.s.
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breaking breaking records there so it's really an exciting time in our report this year we also talk about engine americans not just as consumers really as influencers you know in this world of straining or as it's happening in media age and americans are really using our social media voice to push for more. representation and really in the gaining industry that's where we're going to end this story we see a lot of ties age in america yeah kind of firstly i mean i hate to switch this over to some bad news but enter coronavirus how has the pandemic impacted the asian community here in the u.s. has it hurt asian business owners has it impacted spending i mean surely it has raised the levels of fear within the community especially a community i read in your in your letter on the nielsen website that you know
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asians are one in 5 health care workers. yeah no we are you know i think we are impacted so much from a small business perspective like all other small business owners asian american small business are 42 percent of them are in the industry use of. e-tail or hell or accommodation and service so we're seeing you know huge impact there that isn't it you know we have to also remember that these are businesses that were already impacted back in january and i'm generally when this endemic and it was sort of touted as the chinese virus and chinatowns across the country we're already seeing declines so when shelter in place took place it was just it really devastated and impacted the businesses so much more and really you know lastly like here of all these great help that government is providing small business
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owners but for asian americans a lot of them english is their 2nd language and so you know you can only imagine the hurdle and the challenge for the small business owners that have to you know put in there are there are application through and so we have seen our asian american community organization really stepping up the image in american chambers of commerce that has really helped the community the small business owner siri to you know from posting webinars instructional webinars to really offering in language assistance but it's really i mean you know in our fear our fear continues for when we do reopen it you know we've been sort of all its distance. but now it's we start rio there is that fear of you know what it was like when. when we are back together and we'll will our children be people eat will there and threaten you just
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. not businesses right exactly where will there be continued fear of asian appearing people to you know carry the virus or what have you and that the stigma that's attached and lastly speaking of that you yourself had personally had an incident with kobe and discrimination are you willing to share that with us what happened to you. yes sure you know i live in new york city and i was walking my dog it was the 1st time that i actually put a mask on and this was mid march not everybody was putting the mask on there was still this controversy about facial masks and i put the mask on i go and went out to walk my dog like i always do and i was approached and harassed by a really angry person that i've never i have not seen before and he was you know cursing you know telling me to go back to china so i immediately gave my dog and
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ran into the garage to garage near my house but you know as a new yorker i've gone through everything and it was the 1st time that i had this real sense of fear. and you know i was so out of control and happening in my neighbor which made it even more more disturbing and hurtful and unfortunately you know mine is a mind story isn't unique and we've been hearing so much more of that is you know worse and even kids being victims so it's really yeah i mean i can't even imagine what you tell your child if they've been bullied or spat on simply for being asian in the time of coronavirus but i mean here we are we've got to share the stories and dispel all this myth and the hatred and that's why we're here we're talking about it so especially during the month of may because as we know it is asian pacific heritage month so we appreciate your time and your expertise and the report
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that you put out annually i always look forward to it and i love speaking with you thank you so much for coming on and having the courage marico carpenter to share with us your personal experience i'm very sorry that happened to you but we will speak again thank you thank you so much with. and a devastating tragedy in karachi pakistan this morning after a passenger plane crashed in a crowded neighborhood killing approximately 100 people however 3 people miraculously survived authorities suspect the plane's engine failed during landing at the city's international airport. and in surprising turn of events jamal khashoggi is family members have called for the forgiveness of his killers one of cudjoe g.'s sons sala made the call through a tweet asking for the accused facing execution in saudi arabia to be pardoned last year 5 men were sentenced to death for the murder of the slain washington post
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columnist 3 others were given 24 years in prison for their roles in his death. and in canada while wave jailed executive man one joe could soon be set free on wednesday the british columbia supreme court will take up the question of double criminality ultimately deciding whether her actions were crimes in both canada and the u.s. at the time of her arrest if the judge rules man's actions were not a crime in canada she will be allowed to go back to china. already a ham is over the sports h.q. would you know we love a feature story on a feel good friday this one features some boxers from the keystone state which is pennsylvania fun fact because it was the middle of the original 13 colonies and the seat of government fun fact here friday am speaking of pennsylvania city philadelphia is home to one of the most famous boxers in rocky balboa art museum has a statue of him and you can actually run up the steps now that if at all see
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a twins are gearing up to make their own future in the boxing ring let's introduce ourselves 11 year old twins seaven and danielle grandy better known as the grandy twins the 2 of advice and since they were 2 years old under coach and former amateur boxer danny grandees also happens to actually be their dad the duo picked up boxing like the. extra water and that passion group is where they got older both boys do focus on schoolwork 1st but after all the work is done they get training with dad agreed to and practice 3 days a week for 3 hours including work on the bag sparring sit ups and agility work father danny says he'll let the boys decide if they want to make a lifelong career out of boxing when they're older but for now they're both getting plenty of national attention for their skills. the logie giants found themselves on the receiving end of a terrible slump and hoped their most recent game against a key one heroes would change their luck bottom of the 1st giants have runners on corners here's the trajectory cam tries a pick off move to 1st but the pro gets away allowing sunniest up to score 1st run
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of the game giant lead one to nothing throw over the bag and actually hits the guy 1st 2 major injuries though top of the 3rd heroes catcher parked on one of the r.b.i. triple that people left field and that'll score heroes left fielder kim your mean both teams all level at why the bottom of the inning giants are safe and leave their hole with the to run thing a left field rose to 2nd tell their giants tie it all up at 330 the game and 8 r.b.'s easily actually he won though not given up top of the 5th a beautiful solo home run by park don't want center field and the visitors will take a $53.00 lead bomb a sitting giant center fielder mynd young hall with a double to left that are filled out of action for 2 runs but in still throwing error allowed for one more giant $7.00 to $5.00 and bottom of the 8th we go with a former major leaguer former detroit tigers infielder dixon machado with the r.b.i. double the center field and she home is hostile ing from 3rd home he will actually
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score though giants of the 97 lead as for a hole through 9 the team breaks their 4 game losing streak. former new england patriots and now to the buccaneers correct tom brady has quite the legacy in the national football league. now that legacy is being made into a feature documentary that will cover each of his major career achievements titled the man in the arena tom brady the 9 episode series a look at brady's career from the quarterback perspective it will cover his 6 and all titles and 3 super bowl defeats and is a rare opportunity for personal revelations from the normally private quarterback the 42 year old left new england after $22.00 seasons with the squad and has won more super bowls and anyone else in league brees documentary will be produced of course by e.s.p.n. his own production company and the company religion of sports the piece will include his own reflections as well as voices and outlooks related to his career it's sure to be a controversial piece however as brady remains a polarizing subject among n.f.l.
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fans and manila i know that we have talked about this off camera about tom brady who would be the subject of that next documentary for us been after the last dance while i put a pole on my instagram or jean-marie sports and i asked would you lather see a documentary on tom brady or tiger woods and since there are decided on brady though my viewers do not agree if the results were unanimous lee in favor of tiger woods i'm going about in my due respect to to tiger's on you and tiger to know i want to see a documentary about tom brady because he's not as universally loved we can all get behind tiger woods a story like i mean tom brady when you say self reflection does that mean he's going to be staring at the mirror like he really does just like a cell phone video and just more of like a video been hi how much i'm not i'm ready to just say i'll in a bikini well you know interestingly enough the last it didn't quite go into m.j. is whole love life so we may not see any of her at all we'll have to wait and see why be ok with that too. all right thank you for that regina and that's going to do it for us right now but before we go make sure you check out our brand new app it
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aha no t.v. no crowd. no shots. actually helps because. well it's true i know the 1st stone. point your thirst for action. time after time say we're going on the ground 24 hours after the u.k. government appeared to take inspiration from the leader of the worst coronavirus
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affected country in the world donald trump and put out to tender contracts worth tens of millions of pounds for hydroxy couric when despite no evidence that it stops you being in fact it coming up on the show with the world health organization recording its highest ever daily increase in new coronavirus cases is it time to call time on arguable world bank i.m.f. health care destruction we talked to twitter director and former top world bank official doctrine goes we are live and with public health care the gold standard against grown a virus which u.k. magazine has supported everything from medical privatization to nature nation backed death squads as it promotes illegal regime change in venezuela we investigate inarguably blood drenched media institution headquartered in london and read by the rich and the aspirational goals of all coming up in today's going on the ground at 1st as the world health organization recorded the largest daily increase in cases since the coronavirus pandemic began scientists in big pharma.


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