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very graphic on the level of oxycodone. but i think it is this is the found that is a constant thank you. live from the world headquarters of the r.t. america in our nation's capital this is the new week rick sanchez. and hello again everybody i'm rick sanchez to those of you who are watching us from all over the world on regular t.v. or on the portable t.v. app we're so glad you're there. well here we go for several days now we have been following the protests out of hong kong but now very similar images to those that the world has been seeing out of hong kong are occurring right here in the united states what began with
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a needy in the neck and the death of an unarmed handcuffed suspect at the hands of police in minneapolis has now turned into a national protest movement in different u.s. cities demonstrators are taking to the streets and in some cases these protests have turned violent we begin in minneapolis police where and 7 straight hours have been clashing for more than 2 days now with opportunistic looters taking advantage of the situation late last night memphis angry residents there took to the streets to demand justice and to ask for investigations not just in george floyd's case but for many in their own city civil rights activists say memphis has a spree of police incidents that remain unresolved and in los angeles angry demonstrators took to bypasses in some cases attacking police vehicles as they
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approached leaving several people injured. if there is a kernel of hope or at least a difference in how past cases of police abuse have been handled compared to this case it's the time. this of the reaction in years past in cases like baltimore and ferguson and miami and los angeles police officers would have called for and been granted long exhaustive time consuming investigations while the officers were put on leave with pay or demoted to a desk job in this case the f.b.i. was called immediately and the officers were fired from their jobs within hours of the incident still both the anger. and the fires smolder so we're going to be bringing you details of what. is happening in those cases with
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analysis and we're also going to drill down right here on the news the rick sanchez where we believe it's time to do news again. here are the questions we think you'll be asking tomorrow after watching your newscast tonight can america handle racial disturbances and a pandemic all at once what does minnesota's former governor think about the events taking place in his home state is the earth's magnetic field actually tilting and what's that mean for you. we're going to take you to all of that but really begin tonight with discord throughout america the death of george floyd is causing citizens to outwardly question authority and all of this is happening at a time when america is coming to grips with the worst health an economic crisis perhaps in our nation's history it is to say the very least
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a very unfortunate very untimely combination of events so we have 2 reports and we have a bevy of guests we begin with r t correspondent michelle greenstein reporting on the situation in minneapolis where this incident began. wednesday the 2nd street day of protests against police violence in minneapolis minnesota people gather and hold signs reading justice for george and prosecute the police. protests were sparked by the death of george clooney who was heard crying out i can't grieve until you lost consciousness and being held down with a needle in his neck by a minneapolis police say this man was murdered by police. and that only. the fart in which they are they should be cruelly prosecuted were not all are not the only problem they follow though if i could have done something so i can protect my
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throat other. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets from the rooftops. as the canisters explode and tear gas clouds filled the intersections demonstrators try and document the clashes with their phones. autozone target and dollar tree all came under assault by both protesters seeking vengeance and eventually looters.
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the demonstrations carried on into the night with protesters conducting sit ins on city streets with impromptu chance like this one. thursday morning the destruction of the night before looms in the air part of the auto zone store is still burning and so is the target building. as the afternoon sets in crowds start to cumulate again. as for the 4 officers involved in floyd's down. they have been fired the protesters say they will continue disrupting business as usual until the officers are charged with murder for the news of the rick sanchez michel greenstein r.t.
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. and it's not just minneapolis another american city feeling the brunt of the death of george floyd at the hands of police in memphis tennessee where hundreds of protesters there shut down streets in order to demonstrate against their own police department which they say has been interesting residents for years. to. 000. 0. 000000000000000. 0000 that scene is from. the knowledge to this let me take you to los angeles in los angeles residents took to the highways underpasses blocking traffic taking on police cruisers and holding vigils and very loud demonstrations to angrily protest the death of george floyd who died thousands of miles away here now with more on that story from los angeles
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correspondent natasha sweet. tensions are mounting between police and those calling for justice in george floyd's debt several 100 protesters blocked traffic on the one freeway near downtown los angeles wednesday shocking images reveal to california highway patrol vehicles were attacked protesters are surrounding one vehicle smashing in the windows one protester climbs onto the car's hood taking a hard fall as the officer drives off here you can see the man is covered in blood as he lays on the ground and conscious he is treated and taken to the hospital by an ambulance a 2nd police vehicle seen also has its windows smashed in by protesters activists who gathered near city hall marching through the streets just before getting onto the one freeway blocking the flow of cars officials say traffic on the expressway was much lighter than normal as a result of california state home orders for. the crown of virus pandemic just before 630 the crowd moved off the freeway back onto the streets of downtown into the evening some protesters were seen and burning an american flag upside down
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carrying the remains toward a row of officers the los angeles protests came just hours after l.a. police chief michael moore issued a statement condemning the video of floyd's death as incredibly disturbing reporting for the news of her sanchez natasha suites r.t. all right this is an important discussion that we're about to bring you that has to do with much of what is being discussed right now in america and dining room tables and kitchen tables all over our country joining us now is ed martin he is the author of the conservative case for trump and robert patillo who is a radio show host and a civil rights attorney thank you gentlemen for joining us. maybe we should start with this can we stipulate among the 3 of us that what we saw on video happened to george floyd seems like an abuse of power by a police officer yes sir do you agree. yes sir yeah peter i think i totally agree i think all and i think all men and women of every color stripe age location should
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agree with that what we saw was a man suffering and then he died and i mean this is a devastating moment and so i think it thank you for starting with that rick that's not acceptable behavior it makes me sick to see it and i don't think he should anybody republican conservative liberal democrat let's let's agree on that i agree ok good then maybe we should talk about the other issue and maybe that that's as important as well and that is the fact that unlike cases that i've covered as a reporter many times baltimore ferguson miami l.a. i go way back i've never seen a police chief act as fast as this police chief acted in both a involving the f.b.i. right away and firing the officers within hours of the incident can we stipulate that that was probably a good thing and i think. i think i want you to. yes. because what it will do. i think the reason that we have is that we have right now
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because we have seen a complicity in the prosecutorial apartment and not arresting these individuals and charging them from the get go if you or i or me also. we go to jail they figure out everything else later these men are still walking the streets not arrested is that reason for these. people so robert i think what i'm hearing you say to be fair is yes this is the fastest that any municipality has ever acted in punishing 4 police officers but they didn't go far enough because we didn't lonely want them fired we wanted them prosecuted on the spot that's what i'm hearing you say correct. like any other citizen who calls it the. homicide of the other individual you go through the criminal justice system you do not allow somebody to. go home point well made well defended i'm going to let you speak take it away. well listen i you know if you mentioned rick ferguson i was chair of the missouri republican party when ferguson the great tragedy happened that young boy who died it was
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a tragedy every death we should stop and say how did this happen but in that case the officer was vilified and that and the situation was much more complicated i agree the images we saw of what that officer did on the neck of that young man and he died is horrendous after that i do sink we have are having protests about concerns and injustice we need to be careful to conflate them with this situation i do say did we ask our officers to be on the front line i don't think it excuses any behavior but i don't know the whole story and i guess i think they should have been suspended immediately and then get to the bottom is what it did she may have found that out quick enough but the riots and the burning of buildings and endangering other lives based on concerns this issue of the members of the police force or fire people of color this was not a white on black this was a bad cop situation if that's the facts look at robert let me let me bring you back into this discussion i think this is an important discussion would you make america everybody who's watching us and by the way we have viewers right now all over the
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world millions of people are going to hear the sound of your voice would you help the world and the rest of us understand what it is that gut level frustration that you feel as an african-american that is being unjust help us understand that help us understand put it to me put us in the shoes of these people we see on the streets protesting who are just curious. what we have witnessed in the we see one of these situations or man who was murdered by his own government. every time there is a video there are. cases there are months when i would go to law schools getting off a bus coming home from the library and so on the hood of a police car i had in chicago been leaving court as an attorney and the. police officers after leaving court also includes officers so below frustration you're saying it's this is emblematic what people are going through i want to do
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a whole reform or criminal justice system so all this was was a spark this was the catalyst to get people out that say it's not about this it's about everything that's happened to me in my house in my life and everything that i've seen before i think that's what i'm hearing you say good arguments on both sides look at robert great conversation i hope more americans have conversations like the one that we just shared my thanks to both of you. this is the news a great chance has lots going on. and we're going to try and get you through it and we'll try and make sense of all of it for you right here whether you're watching us on cable regular t.v. or on the portable television up if you don't have it get it so you can take us with you wherever you go we're not like the other guys and we'll be right back. wall street busy creating your money 5 days
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know it doesn't really matter where you've been but batterers is where you're going right we'll see you church generations look back at the establishment media as the lead in the water pipes that drove the romans mad do you find yourself watching t.v. to turn your brain off to relax i want you to watch t.v. to turn your brain on i'm rick sanchez. it's time. to do news again.
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welcome back i'm rick sanchez just moments ago the u.s. attorney the federal prosecutor for the state of minnesota along with several f.b.i. and some local prosecutors as well came out and made a joint announcement there in minneapolis they did not announce charges against the all star or the officers who appeared to be responsible for the death of george ford but they did say this. we understand this it parody of the situation and it breaks my heart to see what is going on in our streets in minneapolis and in st paul and in some of our suburbs and i am pleading i am pleading with the individuals. she remained. to let us conduct this investigation. that's not what the protesters want to hear and we're going to get into that in just a minute here's what's going on overnight there were more protests there are protests going on right now the protests throughout the evening taken place in
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memphis and los angeles particularly violent demonstrations in minneapolis at times they looked like riotous situation i'm not trying to characterize all of it as a riot because it wasn't but there were moments episodic moments when buildings were burned looting took place just you know calling it what it is that's what we saw that's what happened joining us now is a former governor of minnesota jesse ventura who also hosts the world according to jesse i know this has to be particularly painful for you you like. where minnesotans i went to school there i still feel like the state is part of me even more so for you you were the governor of that state you grew up in minnesota this is got to be this got to be painful for you governor. well rikard even goes beyond that where you see the rioting take place on lake street in many haha that's my old neighborhood that's where i grew up while i grew up right there in south
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minneapolis i grew up 2 blocks off a lake street which is the major street that everyone sees burning and the buildings down today show us this was very personal to me because it's a neighborhood i grew up in stan the frustration that's being felt with so many african-americans and others by the way. what i've seen in pictures is there are just as many non african-americans as there are african-americans in these protests who are furious of what they saw on tape with that police officer and they were at least one of those officers namely the one who had the need of the gentleman's neck prosecuted or at least charged immediately. well again i can answer to that i can tell you this rick as a former governor and as a former mayor because i was mayor of brooklyn park minnesota there's sort of the war situation you can never imagine as an elected official because it puts you in
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a no win situation no matter what you choose to do someone is not going to like it and they're going to be vs vehemently angry at you so at the end of the day i found the best way to do it go in be yourself judge for yourself and at the end of the day if you can look into the mirror and be comfortable with yourself then you've made the right decision now let me carry on with their search for a moment i'm all for protesting i support the 1st amendment more than anybody probably does i've been involved in the stop the draft movement the woman's equal rights movement i've marched in all of those things i've march against the washington football team because of their name whenever they come to minnesota but the figure that you've got to remember is a white person still can't understand what these black people are going through and let me give you a quick example i have a friend who's a ph d. he's the head of the sounds of blackness grammy award winning musical group and he
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explained to me what it's like and he lives in minneapolis he said before he dry he's a black man before he drives his car at night he puts his license here his insurance here puts his car registration here so he doesn't have to reach for anything. i looked at him and said are you kidding me i've been driving in minnesota for 50 years and i have never a valid thought has never even entered my mind to put my license here my car registration here and my insurance very sure that if i'm pulled over by a police officer in the night i won't be seen reaching for something that's what the white people need to understand we don't get it because it's never been part of our lives like it is with these black people let me ask you a question as a former navy seal. these other officers not the one who was using his me
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against the guys back the other ones who were standing around watching as the man was saying he couldn't breathe and as people in the area were telling the police officers he can't breathe are they responsible as well and could you explain to our viewers. as a former navy seal why. well i don't know if a navy seal has anything really to do with it rick there's that difference between right and wrong and when you're in a position of power and you have a badge that gives you the power you need to be especially careful of right and wrong yes one of these police officers should have stepped in no doubt about it but hindsight is 2020 and you'd also face tremendous peer pressure probably you know these are groups of people that you know they face adversity all the time so they're paranoid to begin with and i'll tell you what i believe the real problem is
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untrained officers we in the state of minnesota have no police academy the only academy there is are 1st state troopers which are the the the governor's police force these local police forces all you do is go to college you get a degree in law enforcement and then how do you get on the force i don't know your ride around for 6 months what type of training is actually going on like we need police academies back where police officers go to an academy to learn o.j.t. i'll bring you the navy seal stuff in right here when i became a navy seal the last thing i went to was called seal cabaret where you go 7 weeks in the model and desert and you're taught by veterans who abend vietnam 4 to 5 times who train you at what you're going to get over there now that is what these police officers need they need a job training. before they go out on
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a police force with police academies back now more than ever. former governor of minnesota just aventura obviously dealing with a very difficult situation in his home state thank you governor we appreciate it very correct here has something interesting for you the earth the place that you who inhabit is surrounded by a massive magnetic field generated from all the heavy metals in the core of the planet that you know that it's one of those nerdy but really cool things that we probably don't think about you see the sun which is 1000000 times larger than the planet it spits out solar flares it can even damage satellites but it can't hit us because we're protected by these magnetic fields right one in the south one of the north but now for some reason this magnetic field is weakening why let's find out joining us astrophysicist juan solaire he's joining us from berlin. i understand
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it's tilting right it's moving like something like 2030 miles to one side what is going on to get a great. north magnetic pull up here that has been moving for the last 20 use around a rate of 50 meters if it's moving from one end is near i live in the north of candor that the word savior here and there is a change that we haven't seen for a while what he said to be sweet and i said of european satellites. how to make sure and then normally in many fields in the south atlantic basin only was well known something that we have to protect our satellites against. increasing in size and it's a big crease in the strength of the magnetic field by around our sense so you're saying the earth's magnetic field is getting weaker. and it's correct in a 150 years of measuring something magnetic field memory just running around a 10 percent decrease of the strength of mine. field small do you think it can
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happen either i mean the field is. something that we have seen in the past would you say i mean if you reversal nor me the whole is going to become the south i mean the whole and everything is going to convert magnetically or we're seeing something that is just a mediation from just the regular magnet he or something like that so you can have your greatest well be the heir to something else that is a 2nd possibility let me hit you with the money question here what's it mean to me as a as a as an earthling what what can happen is bad is good what the me. well it's certainly bad. in the communications electric grid all of these sensual services for the mother and i can be affected and i want to make steel basically into many units weakening in parts of the area is going to lead if charged particles that are coming from the sun in the solar wind to begin trading to be aired and that can damage satellites and i think communication grids and also
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electric rates remember going to solar flares i'm sorry reduce the blackouts in the united states in the eighty's so this is something that we have to be aware about but it's a massive thing something like completely earth i don't have a symbolic move. thank you for reminding us that because that may have been one of my next questions solar astrophysicist well always good to talk to the mark i thank you my friend i appreciate the information but certainly it's once again as we began this newscast we told you that there are 3 different cities in the united states right now that seem to be at the boiling point with protesters and in some cases riotous situations we're going to stay on top of that for you we'll bring you the latest as it happens the news rick sanchez you see right here don't forget to elbowed portable t.v. so you can get the latest whatever you want.
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