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tv   News  RT  June 1, 2020 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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the study actually suggests that. the long term effects may not just be the absence of benefit but actually very very because a lot. of truck plows into protesters as america rages for another night with more looting more arson and police protest of violence over the death of george floyd coming up his armchairs her thoughts on the nation's reaction. on. nationwide protests see riots police clashes and looting dozens of american cities now impose curfews to try and stem the violence and in other news most of england's primary schools reopened this monday after the coronavirus lockdown but many pupils are expected to stay away nonetheless as teachers parents and council space it's
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still not safe. as you think they were. cool. good morning for russia among the 1st to june 2020 live from artie's world news h.q. moscow is kevin irwin here this hour to take you through the headlines in some more detail than 1st news coming in from america another night of rest across the united states where tens of thousands of protesters have again been venting their anger over the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of police it's now a week since george floyd died as a result of a minneapolis officer kneeling on his neck with the city's a blaze ravaged and looted more than 4000 people have been arrested across the country.
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so let's try to get a handle on where it will start with washington d.c. where an initially peaceful march descended into another night of mayhem multiple fires broke out at the white house earlier sunday demonstrators marched through the city's downtown but as frustration started to build police use crowd control measures. attack of. was. was. blue or this in minneapolis where floyd died at
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some speed then driving his vehicle into protesters officials don't think despite what you see in there that anyone was hit the driver was apparently assaulted then by protesters and was briefly hospitalized he's being charged with assault wrote at the time to be closed to traffic for the march to take place thousands took a knee and held a minute's silence just before the incident unfolded. and this just came to playing its horns i thought people like literally were so close to getting hit by the child and people were jumping in the cab like me finally got the truck to slow down a little bit the kid was just there. oh. well maybe i was looking for that kid to yell. everything that happened and we were just sitting there kneeling. was good it was. so much anger demonstrators in the. you tell us capitol salt lake city turned on a man who aimed
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a weapon and then he pointed a boat with the crowd which then going up on and police arrested the man while the demonstrators flipped his car instead of the light. meantime the officer who knelt to mr floyd's neck was charged with 3rd degree murder manslaughter on friday protesters say 3 other officers who were also at the seeing should be prosecuted to all 4 were fired george floyd talked to us about her loss right now and says people's reaction has been overwhelming. everybody get in shape. and it doesn't matter why but i probably am but you come from you know are you know that was. noble and he has no buy. in you maybe you know i'm just so you know. but the response that we're getting if you love him for. this child it takes it all in because we really like. we
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my next world just uses that floor for joy followed. closely and be convicted. and is murder 3 just planning just trolling murder. you just toying with the family. earth shall i call it what it is. don't marry or. collecting to be anybody. rather. when what he. mama look my heart you can if you want young year old right there. are. at least 40 cities imposed curfews to try and contain the unrest meaning people are prohibited from being outside after 8 pm about 5000 national guard soldiers and
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airmen have been activated in 15 states and in washington d.c. thousands more are on standby to we spoke to several activists and protesters about the unrest. from the days that i've been out the only time and violence erupts or gresham to sean is when the police have come out and shown force was struck and as i was trying to walk away. from the protests they began openly shooting rounds of tear gas rubber bullets into the crowd. and it seemed to be like an open target practice i friends i went out and we were peaceful i held my side and the police just looked at us. they had aimed shot rubber bullets.
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tear gas canister you see other cities like kansas city and park on north dakota where the police are standing with their protesters they understand that police brutality is a thing and then you see in minneapolis and it's like what are you doing why are you fighting this so hard when when the core of it is in your precincts. just utter rage. this morning i went downtown to where the riots had happened last night and there was maybe 500 or so people actually cleaning up. the mess the refuting the chaos. but. recently about 10 minutes ago i just got a notification on my phone the curfew is now in effect again and there are people forming up in downtown seattle again.
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there was violence by the police a culmination in the streets of jacksonville they resulted in the necessary use of tear gas we saw 1st from tear gas. in all types of progression and in a rush and the ones that i wish there were a justifiable violence was coming from the state from the police. i think there's a mixture probably all of it scared enough. they feel that no one cares. this is the only way to lash out at the system. 'd they come from neighborhoods this you know economically deprived they you know it's like you know you got to keep me low you going to. you know basically the system is merely on around us
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so now it's our time to get out it is and just do what we can to you know maybe you know get close to whatever i mean is wrong but i understand the anger. next up the city of atlanta that 2 offices have been fired after using stun guns while making arrests or in the 2nd night of protests 40 camera video showing officers tasering a man and using stream falls on a woman and then forcibly pulling them out of their vehicle 3 other officers involved in the instant have now been reassigned to test you t.'s pending an investigation. as for president trump a blames the violence on the left wing group safer and says it will officially be designated as a terrorist organization but r.t. america host ben swan says that move could well. what a lot of pressure on the president to move against in secret for some time there are a lot of people who believe that it does act as
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a terrorist organization i actually think it's a very poor precedent because what happens is even though there are a lot of conservatives in this country who would say well that's a good thing we need to label this group of that as a terrorism group but as soon as your guy is not in office or more and you get someone from the other side to that office they will then want to turn around and label any protest movement on the other side also a terrorist group the establishment this country is not sure what to make of these protests i think a lot of it has to do with it's impart a black lives matter issue it's in part a response to police violence against unarmed black men because we've seen this over and over but i also believe that or seen this in relation to the lockdown that happened in the united states there are a lot of people who have been frustrated with the financial system they're frustrated with not having jobs not being able to make money there's a lot that's going on that's creating frustration and then to see another blatant example of another black man killed at the hands of police officers and it's not just one officer by the way there are other issues as well so i suspect we won't
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see at least for several days maybe even a week these these protests died out. the bin solidarity rallies for george floyd in other countries too in britain there were scuffles at a major gathering in central london. the thousands turned out to march to the u.s. embassy there was a brief skirmish when police tried to contain the protesters police reportedly arrested several people outside the diplomatic compound. so theories are already being floated about whether the unrest is being stirred by so-called external forces warm up next from sask a tale of that cities across the u.s. have erupted in rage shops of the looted cars and buildings towards or in response to the death of george floyd while in police custody and what those protesting are very clear about why they are on the streets justice equality and to police
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brutality others are convinced is that really is the fuel behind this fire if it is why it's across if it is russia. if it is other foreign actors who try to exploit the ink they should be arrested and prosecuted as well while i didn't see that one coming russians might have a hand in all of this apparently an argument the mayor of minneapolis the site of the crime at the crux of the anger wasted no time in seizing on we are now confronting white supremacists members of organized crime and to state instigators and possibly even foreign actors to destroy and destabilize our city and our region so to clarify russians white supremacist drug cartels really just any foreigners have all been waiting for a policeman in minnesota to allegedly kill an unarmed african-american man so that finally they can put that devious plan to divide the united states of america and
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actually seems like a bit of a log a virtual many excuse to detract from view. institutional racism and excessive violence of the police force and you know you drill what's the conspiracies out there there's no shortage of the pundits to spin it out based on my experience this is right out of the russian playbook as well but we can't allow the extremists the foreign actors to distract from the real problems we have in this country that are long standing centuries old and need to be addressed responsibly by new leadership but there appeared to be some who have not from the russian gate to buckle and decide not to hitch a ride on this particular conspiracy you know out c.n.n. that russia might be behind some of the rioting and. the acts of violence and destruction and i hope. i don't know they are both of our sailors russia's fault are the same also the peaceful folks and say are my community members these are the
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folks that live here and now we're going to where are you demanding change you know people are dying in our streets black men are being killed by police and that protest is real i think any news that's taking away from the real issue here is your sister action that's trying. to take the gas out of our tank to get positive change for the people like these this is my community this is that russia but the conspirators on twitter what better step to cool voice will 2 time that spare us as americans think about recent policing it's important to keep in mind that adversaries like russia will stalk tension and create division among us russia feeds on our chaos this is what you won't see on the news black protesters protecting a white officer who was separated from his unit don't let them divide us we can beat racism together only together divided russia wins so the fury cool seeing through america at the moment is being stood by the kremlin and not by centuries of
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racial tension in which case maybe see 3 maybe segregation maybe n.f.l. pay as needing joining the scene of the national anthem also. russia's story that comes a point when you have to stop pointing fingers and just the ugly truth and america . itself could tell you there was a footnote to this story too c.n.n. has published an apparent response to the criticism saying what every bad actor on social media is personally sent by russian president vladimir putin so there we are . this is a national holiday morning coming up after the break here primary schools in england reopened this monday after being shut down by the health crisis for more than 2 months has been such a long while isn't it the government insists classes and i was safe but parents teachers and education authorities aren't sure sure we go live to a correspondent and a guest coming up very shortly don't go away. is
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the united states hell bent on self-destruction endemic dramatic economic turndown and massive civil unrest all point to point could this have been avoided also targeting hong kong watching looking for species played in. the world is driven by shaped by. the day or thinks. we ask.
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joining me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. again right now england's younger school pupils should be back in their classroom as britain for the reasons the coronavirus restrictions the government insists classes are now safe but it's a big but parents teachers and education authorities are still very wary about the health risks so where are we on this let's go to correspondent outside school suddenly monday morning just not o'clock in the morning now in the in the indications of the sort of how many primary pupils are likely to show up or not. well of course the united kingdom england wales and england in particular has decided to open the doors of schools in the in the country however not everyone
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seems to be going along with that plan here in northwest london this girl's school has decided not to open its doors as have many others i was speaking to a teacher friend of mine who says that his school is spending this week trying to figure out with teachers and other staff the best way forward it would also appear that local authorities as well disagree at least 18 councils including council have decided not vice schools to open today and for that reason the numbers are. that there are a number of unions as well who advise inc teachers and schools not open but also interesting lea and most importantly sage of the scientific advisory group for emergencies which have been acting as the main government's advisors throughout this crisis have also warned against opening schools too quickly fear of
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a 2nd peak we don't really consider that the level of being to be across the country as a whole is too high in the schools. now the prime minister johnson has announced 5 tests that must be passed in order for different areas of the country to reopen once more but as far as some teachers are concerned the decision to reopen classrooms should be left on the risk assessment for that should be left down to the schools themselves. and individuals will have to. risk assessed as to whether it is safe for students for teachers all the staff etc. reopened and even if the assess that you just see for the numbers of children will be. more numerous in models of maybe 6 or 7 depending on the
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size of the classroom etc etc so schools won't be. the rule or mediocre small groups of students if you want to be safe however for those schools who have followed the government's advice to reopen there are some new rules and regulations in place including having no more than 15 children per classroom and encouraging more regular hand washing but also trying to get children to keep to the to meet a social distancing role which is difficult if anybody who is a parent or a teacher will understand but it is for those reasons that some parents and doubtful that these measures will even be effective in the 1st place. my son or my niece or nephew had been they worried they don't know as to what's gotten school that i couldn't safe with not we had had much information to the schools and asked
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to step must us to set aside my concern is it that my salute be coming back with a virus as he goes towards us to cheating and he will be the back sayas to me and my family i live it's valuable family members and eventually will. it cost the adults adults and at a moment's number of peace actually going up stand and we don't have to simply make sense of those that things are in place you know a bill not safe and it's not like we're safe. now for those teachers who perhaps are fearful of their own safety and don't want to return back to school well some teachers who don't want to talk about school the government don't seem to be implementing any type of punishment for them it seems to be a decision that will be left to teachers whether they themselves feel like it's safe to go back to school again that's just a problem in england and wales scotland the northern ireland these issues have all
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been delegated to the local authorities there and they've all decided not to open their school doors just yet in some cases it won't be until august at the earliest and so that's left some questioning why the apparent rush to reopen school gates here in england. you finally can punch we is on the border between scotland and england. streets will be actually reach street. maybe they should be looking to reach. amman and we've decided to st because here in scotland we are not rich having to school does make sense i think. with scotland we also normile in a very mixed picture is an artist really focused. on what's happening in england notice not sure what's happening here in russia people the front line measures are
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also being lifted in a number of regions here in russia although medics are still working flat of course treating the seriously ill in carrying out further tests we asked want to merge and see a doctor in russia's far east to document his experience for us here's what he shared . move good people. but just come to. terms with it. because in the us comes calling it since before surely there will be screwed you know soon too but if you feel really good to sit down with susan most. of the vocal a little few for this shit to disk image of those fools pushing the stick which if it was a given it only to start with the hope it was going to have that. we should give it to michael i'm going to give you. a review of course of course you did already because. mum can go. with you she's like you she was
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just it was or was it was not. possible to go for tomorrow court. if your. peers morphs for even one fell swoop it isn't you from thinking it is all the news for you to let him. sleep ignition. system is just. because you. come to see the fish you mean you should just fulfilling. these small holes shooting associate producer. in the movies no shit bill to keep the tradition shattered now though it's nice to see didn't you go between the sleep issues hearing the tourists who made all those fit with the built in support of the most he can to say to. each one.
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who please remind him to push what we need just a bit there we need multiple these to join you going to sleep. the goal of the u.s. is losing it will be yellow visa he he needs to close the schools leave was you know is she yet when she goes to the new yes school to push. yeah there's so much to keep it together search long hours search a lot to face we salute you guys all the all the people on the front line in the us the way some of the world's top headlines are shaping up this one of the 1st to june as reported from moscow with me kevin i would love to get you cannot be sure to count on our to international to be there throughout all this online though on social media with our coverage on the t.v. side of things from our various studios lanka's around the world as they progress
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is further from a thing so what should have a good monday. thinking of getting a coupon the ones we got in our ships and why is he didn't know it's still trapped in this tiny little wired people near the crate with him he wall just. freaking out into the wall when it's freedom anywhere near it fells and so breeding dogs are caged in in human conditions on puppy farms i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in a cage outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the courtier the rain the snow the thunder nothing they have no protection. for the kids you. know it's ok. across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores most of the puppies
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that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold at stores even giant a good businesses are involved like cargill among santa there has been a shocking amount of the organizing opposition to efforts to increase the standards of care for. dogs bred in commercial rating for so many most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with dogs don't buy dogs on o.t. . we go to work you straight home.
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to new york of no was a clip of you will know you sleep spoke of. the new modes always at the back i was a guy who more was on the late. you know. immediately. they can put us in the wooden at that point build up. a little bush open to capital. city they say yes. yes. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this scary dramatic development the only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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a low and welcome across talk we're all things we consider non peter lavelle is the united states hell bent on self-destruction a pandemic a dramatic economic turndown and now massive civil unrest all point to decline could this have been avoided also targeting hong kong watch each meal liberal force regime playbook in real time. to discuss this and more i'm joined by my guest marcus papadopoulos in london he's
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the editor of politics 1st magazine and in budapest we have george so muley us author of bombs for peace nato's humanitarian war and it was a gentleman crossed up news in effect music in japan you know what and i always appreciate what he was going to george for is there. let's talk about what's going on in the united states because there are there's a lot of elements to address here 1st of all that the mainstream media want to say it's racism racism racism and of course there is racism in the united states and what happened in the george floyd in minneapolis is unforgivable though there are still information we need to learn about. jumping to conclusions too quickly as has been shown to be a very bad idea and we have to get to the point of this civil unrest me what i see this is rioting this is not protesting here and at the end of the day george the biggest victims of this rioting are poor people and people of color at the end of the day go head towards your.


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