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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 1, 2020 1:30pm-2:00pm EDT

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in real time. to discuss this and more i'm joined by my guest marcus papadopoulos in london he's the editor of politics for us magazine and in budapest we have george so muley he is author of bombs for peace nato's humanitarian war and he was right gentlemen crosscut rules and effect of music in japan you know what and i always appreciate when i was going to george let's talk about what's going on in the united states because there are there's a lot of elements to address here 1st of all that the mainstream media want to say it's racism racism racism and of course there is racism in the united states and what happened in the george floyd in minneapolis is unforgivable though there are still information we need to learn about. jumping to conclusions too quickly as has been shown to be a very bad idea and we have to get to the point of this civil unrest me what i see
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this is rioting this is not protesting here and at the end of the day george the biggest victims of this rioting are poor people and people of color at the end of the day ahead or. you're absolutely right peter. there really is very little excuse for this rioting i mean if we go back to the events of last week. the 4 police officers were fired immediately it was just you know as soon as it was over that they were fighting we did it. every single commentator in the united states condemn this i mean even the most right wing commentators the the pro police crowd the sean hannity rush limbaugh judge jeanine pirro they all condemned so there was no attempt to say oh you know this was you know this is understandable reaction on the part of these now if you contrast that with what happened 3 years ago same city in minneapolis when
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a young australian woman white australian woman who was shot dead by a black police officer the black police officer was apparently threatened by a woman in her night gown and he shot her debt. there were no protests there were no riots though and though condemnations of anyone even knew about this event the police officer was placed on suspension on full pay wasn't played immediately and after some time couple of years went by he was indeed prosecuted and sent to president bush well b.s. now if america really had a problem with systemic white racism then it would be exact reverse what you would have is widespread hysteria about a black officer shooting dead a white woman and i think that as opposed to this is where people were saying well you know these are white white officers of course they felt threatened by and by it didn't have if there is
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a narrative thing they need they use for their own political ends if you know you know marcus i mean i can understand people protesting and being angry about the need was of any citizen in respect and. color here but how does that justify any way shape or form looting and burning down buildings how does that justify the mainstream media not talking about elements of and keep infiltrating all cities that are experiencing social unrest now there's very few people that want to talk about that because you know how do you justify moody particularly when you're looting stores the biggest victims of the poor and the people that are the weakest in society go ahead mark. oh well peter has been a witness to over the last week or so is that a true face of america not the hollywood depiction of america and american society but the reality of american society because on the one hand the well was
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observed consecutive american governments be a democratic are all are public and move in across the rows 100 countries losing their countries destroying the economies of countries and on the other hand we have some cool protesters in american towns and cities losing at shops to sure enough businesses destroying people's livelihoods destroying people's lives that is the true reality of american society not only has he all of hollywood not only aleksey all american mainstream media and british mainstream media that depicts america as almost say heaven on earth and then we have to take into consideration the organization and see for and see for to claim sit self serving a police are cool movements peace is not
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a political movement and this is even less so a socialists communists movements and thief is simply a violent mindless degenerates and craved movements which in my opinion should be classified now as a terrorist organization and you know i have no sooner free will american foreign policy but i do have serious raid with the lives of ordinary americans because i have. and. activists to surely shot lucy in its. taking people who is likely has a way from there i think. the community in america peaceably suffer in their mothers from these atrocious actions all and see far is a very community that. professes disassociating and defended the african
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american community that's a community that is suffering and the motorists you know it george wick it's very much an air of despair and discuss because we see during this pandemic crisis you know and we can all go the way all the way back to 2008 massive transfers of wealth to the wealthy the people already wealthy you know these bailouts are stimulus we want to call them essentially they the rich and powerful had concierge service and working people it's an afterthought ok and oh the horror of it somebody might be getting unemployment when they're making more money than when they were working well that says a lot about the state of the economy doesn't it ok i mean kind of going up a little bit with what marcus had to say this is really kind of a culture of looting ok you have the elites loot the world they have the elites
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that have looted the middle class the working class and now when you ask people and watching mainstream media i mean i'm very very mainstream asking these protesters quarter ago when they're protesting well if george floyd if that's yes or last week's news ok it's riot for riots sake and that would end and that really is kind of the the end people playbook because n.t.p. it is anti political it has to be political is to engage and they do not want to do that they want chaos that they most likely don't face any consequences of me most of them are white after all privileged white people i would say in my opinion here so we're in a very anti political environment go ahead joe. yes absolutely right and when you see these rioters many of them all white i mean these are you know so you know this is not this is a black rage over what happened to a black man these are white people. and essentially is help yourself
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time i mean we've seen those scenes of people breaking into louisville it's only in portland oregon and help yourself to something you know designer handbags so this is indeed looting and you will get what you can see going back to your point about the looting that has taken place for many years looting from the middle cus with this protest transfer of wealth to not even to the one percent of the 0 point one percent so we have the same victims of the looting i mean we have shopkeepers again this footage of a you know a shopkeeper trying to defend himself and it was just basically kicked to death so these are people people who you're barely able to exit you know they go from paycheck to paycheck who are looted by that 0 point one percent and by the anti for crowd and not only that these people who are the victims are the ones who
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are regularly condemned in the media as being racist trump support this or sexist or you know well you know the deplorable hillary clinton so it's a very it's a kind of it's a double whammy of being it literally i mean nothing nice annette perfectly safe because marcus you know you have like and t.v. and then you have the mainstream media and then the ruling elite say they love the you know it's raisins and it's racism you know why because the ruling classes the money classes and people like in t. but they don't want you to talk about what's most important and that's class because class involved every single day a skin color and they never will address that. they always do this is shell game oh it just is systemic racism it's this is the deflection and i and i think this also adds to the general anger and frustration that people have because the politics the
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political realm has been shut down because if you if you if you disagree with the with the mainstream says you know then you're somehow. beyond your you cannot be part of the church as it were here this is this what's going on right now is a is an intentional destruction of politics and a deflection away from go ahead mark. asian politics try as internationalism and cognition as night and see for north american mainstream asia have night of those and i believe later what we are seeing in america is also what we have seen in other countries which comprise the west in meticulous britain because britain and america it's an aid that's true countries which form the nucleus of the west have deteriorated over the last 20 to 30 years what i really hate are is that america and britain are
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intellectually coincidentally culturally and morally. and i. put that down to the effects of kooker capitalism and who also to the loss of lesion because religion is absolutely the is the absolute fundamental hilla of a society all unless a society is for example conus if in a society you have to have a fundamental pillar which keeps the people together with strips harmony but in america and britain that fundamental pillar of christianity has all disappeared and that is why culturally both countries as best as it is a country loses its culture it loses its national identity and then pay who would take actions which state or leave suit themselves and they will have no regard for
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anyone else in society managing the halifax culture and reality television and its own. thing it is it's a civic religion it's been proven to be an adult jet failure look at the streets of america right now civic religion is of failure ok. gentlemen i'm going to jump in here we're going to end with short break you know let your break we'll continue our discussion and some real news. financial survival guide stacey let's learn a salad fill out let's say i'm not sure i get. the fight. thank you for taking. on the story 6 that's right. slavery.
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according to several sources felice in the united states kills from 2 to 4 people every day. i. had his hand. with. one of my being arrested for. their little. establish they develop us against them. along. i 25 as. i had to shoot someone told me. there was a corruption inside of the police but i think. welcome
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back to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news. ok make change gears here. marcus let me go back to you talk about what's going on in hong kong you know considering what's going on in the streets of america right now and what the united states is meddling in that's exactly what it is meddling in hong kong so let me see if i get the logic correct here so there would be the way the united states is treating on how which last time i heard is part of china so i suppose president xi of china should be commenting and sanctioning the united states how it treats its citizens in cities all across america huge civil rights and human rights violations i think we all know that's not going to happen what's
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going on in hong kong and say and and please make clear to our people our viewers here that the united states approach to china is completely beyond and outside of international law go ahead. heaven forbid paid to your shoes and implicitly issues in the american governance of those standards so i would see the last such an argument but in all seriousness states the situation in konkona has reached a new and critical stage because of one year or for violent protests off social disorder in hong kong which has manifested itself in the sounds of police offices beijing is now taped in very decisive action the chinese a legislator has now passed a national security law which who enable they it chinese authorities to
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directly confront extremism in hong kong and suspension is a in hong kong and the protests and let's let's i use the word process in a very loose because what we have saved many a year in hong kong has me who restraints it british and american special services now in response to china passing the national security law the british government has threatened to offer residents citizenship to treat 100000 citizens of hong kong who have a british national overseas hospital now that consensually crudes a a turning point in this issue ration because of the british decision over what britain is saying it will do unless china acts on its national security law which reduced
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the chinese will not print the insurgency you know what the british are saying is a flagrant serious violation of chinese sovereign state so what we can say to. the chinese are certainly not going to consul my is an image of chinese solvency boss of the same time the british and the americans are in this for the long haul yet you know george one of the things that i find so bewildering the focus on homecoming and you know the former are high commissioner of britain commenting on the condition of democracy and civil society and how come now let me see if i remember this when it was a colony of the british and there was no democracy there ever it was a colony you don't have democracy ok so what gives the united states the right and particularly the u.k. to talk about civil society democracy in hong kong i mean that would be as it is if
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in the time the chinese communist party would be commenting on local elections in london i mean they would do it because it be wrong would be meddling but of course it is this exceptional way of looking at the world and stoking up tensions where they're not necessary whatsoever the markets brought up a very point a sedition and independence i mean you do you do that in any western country and you're going to find yourself in a lot of trouble politically if you're taking all in money and go to the national endowment for democracy there are websites and they're completely transparent but they're doing ok i mean this is you know what this is akin to not getting in square it's akin to ukraine in 2014 yes yes that's exactly right it is hilarious now it will these commentators coming on television and saying well china has broken its pledges on hong kong china hasn't broken anything the sign of british going declaration and then china said this is what we've made but britain
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has no real solid ran right a brigade that not in 1997 it is entirely up to china how gong is governed so china hasn't broken any pledges. apple giant because this is sovereign chinese there is the china is entitled to take whatever measures are necessary to bring to an end submission terrorism session is and with the same determination that any european power or all the united states will do if it happened. we saw what happened in spain there and what they did in catalonia i mean latest that we arrested the leaders a book i mean president no one said boo about that i mean so china is entitle to do exactly the same thing and the remarkable thing is that china has actually been extremely tolerant of hong kong they've been maintained at the or tell me it's you know it has all of that but there is
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a limit to what it can put up with and community and i mean the you know it's not going to put up with you know endless violence i was surprised that they put up with it as long as they did so it's understandable that they're now you know essentially saying enough is enough or we're going to impose order on you know marcus if this this cut and this imperial habits are so annoying in particular and probably very frustrating when you're on the receiving end of it here i mean this is an internal affair of china and this lack of respect of that in is very troubling and as i said the national endowment of democracy you can in there keep me clear what they're trying to do they're trying to create internal divisions and chaos and if you over the last year i mean as everyone everyone in the west nightly stupidly and informally cheerily these people they actually have a lot of the violence you see going on in the streets of america right now were happening in hong kong as well and i could point out to all the good liberals that
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have now crocodile tears for hong kong is that you know a lot of the protests and violence were actually against ethnic han chinese i mean there is even in a racist element in this year which is completely overlooked by the mainstream media. the chinese serving 8 seed in late tolerance over the such a social disorder in hong kong finney enough and one of the reasons is because china cares about its reputation on the international stage china does not want to take any action which could undermine the $985.00 agreements signed between shopping and modern fashion which says that hong kong will be returned to china in ny same $97.00 china does not want to be seen as america china wants the same as a country which wastes science agreements if he is to agreement with the americans
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on 3 example when it comes to the iran eucalypt it's very very evident that british imperialism and american imperialism is alive and well it's you piece of london wasn't so good on hong kong and do so change bank as constitutes in the actual ease here while china a was terrifically as yet the achilles heel of the chinese economy. rishon americans don't legally seriously believe. away hong kong from china overall i do believe they are belief is that cool since so much civil war unless so much violence in hong kong. eventually have a very very critical impact on the chinese economy and crew so encourage our
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legions of hong kong which are somewhat restless a bit less so what i am arguing a case is an absence and a london and a half who can cause it so much social disorder in hong kong this could instigate a domino effect in china and i believe that. the islamists secessionists comprise a place isis and our kind of inching sac are you know it's all in their hands with glee at what is happening the mother is in hong kong and liz also not forget isis all in exodus cos so not only of that the americans and turkey and saudi arabia has already sauces priscilla's face in your life all isis classes engine giant and i can say that ice on chinese diplomats who have told me that and it is quite well known in china. you know george the interesting thing is that all of this attention
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on hong kong at the end of the day if it gets negative returns because how can it actually its importance to the chinese economy has been diminishing year after year that china has plenty of financial hubs right now i mean. it well isn't the price of the earth that used to be made by the this color revolution attempted there you know applying in hong kong with mit plenty of willing participants ok again go to the national endowment of democracy site they have their pictures and shaking hands with pale and members of congress this is all transparent but the thing is if it whatever maybe different one country 2 systems it's actually these activists in league with their orange friends that are actually destroying the value of hong kong even more to city quicker pace heads yes yes that's right and i agree with what marcus will say which is that the chinese are concerned with the domino effect
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that this. is a riot. sedation that's taking place in hong kong with a domino effect it will have in the rest of china because that's really what the chinese are most concerned with the disintegration of their country i mean this is something that's. ingrained in the chinese mind they remember the 1900 and what happened how easily china was of. foreign colonial powers they do not want to go back to their so in any thought that you know what's happening in hong kong spread to the rest of china. that's what causes them to be extremely concerned so it's not even the question of hong kong's importance to the chinese economy you're absolutely right on kong isn't that important it was back you know back at the eighty's ninety's certainly isn't the case but the thought that the united states is attempting to destroy china to attempt to break china up that is
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something that's very real there's no question that that is the united states goal and at the same goal is that the united states is doing in iraq and elsewhere but at the heights they did in the russian federation after the collapse of communism not even during comes after the collapse of communism which is to start all sorts of nationalists irredentist movements and of course religious extremists and when it all doesn't work they weave in they leave the place in chaos for the other for others to clean up as all the time we have gentlemen they will have a guest in london and in budapest and i want to take our viewers are watching us here are to see you next time remember. is your a reflection of reality. in
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america. g.d.p. to the climb by 50 percent in the 2nd quarter. the velocity of money is dead. small businesses are dead. and jay powell said chairman says this is fine this is fine this is fun to find. you buggin. we go to work. straight home. thinking of getting a new puppy once we got our shoes no problem why is he didn't know until he was
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trapped in this tiny little wired. we don't use a crate with him he will stir reaching out and she won't let us bring him anywhere near. breeding dogs or caged in the interview lane conditions on puppy i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in cages outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the courtier the rain the snow the funder nothing they have no protection. for you. know it's 2 kids. across the u.s. crude puppy mills are supported by dog shows and stores most of the puppies are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold in stores even joined a group businesses are involved like the mom center there has been a shocking amount of the organized opposition to adverts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial breeding facilities most of that opposition is
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coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with dogs don't buy dogs. hello there i'm a military and you are watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world our top story today america in chaos. waves of protest are raging nationwide as america is suffering a societal and.


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