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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 4, 2020 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered on peter lavelle rage of disruption fear and despair how has the united states found itself in such a state of turmoil growing income inequality and systemic racism or poison politics take your pick what is the difference between a protest and a riot and is it accurate to say the u.s. is becoming a failed state. they
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discuss this and more i'm joined by my guest r.c. maxwell and being next is the arizona director of the black conservative federation as well as a brand ambassador turning point usa and in mclean virginia we have the brown that he is the founder and national coordinator of the movement for people are actually cross means you can jump in and be what. ok nick let me go 1st oh you're you told one of my producers in preparing for this program that you believe that the united states is is a failed state and the recent events of the last week or so are is is evidence of that explain yourself please go ahead. the reason is that in the response to this crisis pandemic we have had a government that got him. within. the week had marched past the cares act and
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what was that it was a multitrillion dollar bail out wall street and big corporations did not in sacks address the actual problems or before the crisis you had 80 percent of americans they were living paycheck to paycheck less an i phone or dollars in savings for more than apple americans and now you're telling them that they're supposed to live articularly that or it's the americans without any any income so that they cannot afford rent and they can still be evicted in the middle of it and then act while not providing them universal basic income or universal health coverage with a single error medicare for all system because the things that people in other developed countries in the world this is the richest country in the world the united states other people take medicare for all for example single parents as they take that for granted and so now you have the absurdity of
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a country that is on top of that continuing to murder people of color in the streets without cause on video and you expect people to somehow react and have no reaction to that and so you know the definition of a failed state of political science is a government that they also protect its people and doesn't provide basic services now in the united states more than a 3rd of families with children and no longer or food and and more than a 3rd can no longer afford shelter those who are renting you know it in looking at the public discourse over the last few days particularly since the death of mr floyd. the mainstream liberal media and i'm pointing this to r.c. right now is. grabbed onto systemic racism and then and that's part of their mantra any case i suppose could be made for that but the phrase i can't repeat i bet resonates with me. because i think that top of beyond race is actually
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a class issue but the the ruling elites do not like to do frame things in terms of class and i think nick did a very good job of doing that and i'm coming from this from a complete servitude perspective here because watching the elites in washington bail out the richest people in the world i think they were are no chance these people are going to go under here and i'm really disappointed with the g.o.p. i have are not going into the lame dabblers when democrats will need to put their toes didn't believe in helping working class middle bellies is oh it's good policy it is good oh it takes but it's not happening r.c. go ahead well i think that there is no i you know i don't care sure exactly could have done a better job but he got her package that would but she's a wire for right the americans below a lot of americans want to go i think if they got few $1000.00 you probably still see these protests if they had gotten $3500.00 you probably still see these
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protests i think that it's highly academic and a little bit of spin in nature to say that this is now to turned into a class struggle i think in actual quality what you're seeing is you're seeing are radical groups doing a very good job using issues as a cover for their motives and they're just saw their justice and. are seen and heard both can be true with the same time would you agree both could be true at the same time because i think there. is there is a perspective it is an older americans who are you know still in a little bit of economic experts say that it is nearly predicated on a g.o.p. . or bailouts that would appease the american system it is a bit misguided in my accent i think. i got in trouble of the amount that they did yet i still think you'd see protests and i think you'd see protests not necessary.
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only because of our cost structure but because these are sort of the worst errors and mark you know what to wear and i mean what i think. making the claim that this anger is because of what the g.o.p. did or didn't do is really a footnote to hold this year i think they mean when we go back to next year i mean this is the neil liberal model of being judged in and being judged by why a rate of members of society i mean we went from. the apparent murder we haven't had a complete due process year of an unarmed black man in many many outlets now we've gotten to riots all across the country and i think it has left that specific tragedy and it is being people are expressing an enormous amount of anger because the system isn't working for them it has nothing to do with one check or a 2nd check if the system isn't working go ahead nick. i agree the system is not
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working for a ball. and i think that that cannot be overstated when you have so many people in poverty at this moment and you know when you have for example for even those who when there was a there for example there was a freeze on bishops and foreclosures earlier you know early on in the end amec a couple months ago but that freeze was temporary and so that is going to become you for example and you will see thousands tens of thousands of people out of their homes just like you saw in the great recession i mean some of the figures that i brought up earlier about a 3rd of americans with children not being able to order food anymore i mean this is a reality this is why i describe this as a state not being able to provide basic services it goes beyond that and what i want to add to this is the fact that you cannot continually tell. i think
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a people who have lived through centuries of slavery bent a century of jim crow and following that mass incarceration police brutality prison took for a school to prison pipeline and then say that somehow ah after decades of that one peaceful protest has not worked best somehow they are the problem or an expression of desperation that is happening now across the country you set it up very well and i and i understand the argument and its campaign compelling in many respects but let's go back to our see here i'm sorry i will have to disagree this kind of looting and violence is completely unacceptable it is against the rule of law it is it turns into a hobson war of everyone against everyone and and i find that an. acceptable
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and you know watching a nike store being cleared out that has nothing to do with what happened in minneapolis again anyone it makes that claim is wrong ok now i'm agreeing with the nit with nate in the sense that this is a systemic issue and it's being fought for one thing here so would agree with you r.c. on that i want to talk about m.t.v. a little bit later but that's why i asked the question in my introduction because the protests in a right go ahead us well see if i can and i think you know nick i think you and you are perhaps a good service to the democratic national committee righties are talking quite use i think the way that nick is trying to construct reality is exactly what the far left wants you think they want you to think that this is all about racial inequities in our country and they want you to think that this is a had this kind of mindset that america is a current system is a prevailing mice and among most americans well guess what it isn't like americans were serai. or coronavirus was unleashed. however it was.
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from the east so i don't think that america is a failed state when you look at failed states like i don't know places that were stabilized by drugs like ne trifle crap spices like the great horn of africa those are felt states what happened and what happens and chatted and in europe when someone really needs a surgery they come to the united states united state provides much more than what is needed is much more then ever m.r. slow start americans are doing fine what's happening right now is not result in justice in america it is simply the result of as a result of the coronavirus and a desire by a status meant our last hours to create a kind of tension going to america to create a kind of you know kind of an environment where you know. the talking points he talks maybe get a couple a swing voters to you to vote just for me then how do you go to. i don't see 1016
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as an oversight and power as you did back in some you know what role you know over more it's and it'll be business as usual so i get asked so that the meal liberal project that has not is not party specific ok i mean they're all in on that ok and i this big player biker audience i don't think the democratic establishment would really give nick any time of day because i speak as a concert and this is much against the g.o.p. establishment is i am against the d.n.c. because i'm trying to reimagine politics here maybe a progressive i'm a conservative but i think we can do it because the people who are separating us are the ones that want us to keep us separated and don't want to talk about a reasonable politics or a lot's been said here nick go ahead jim. likewise. i actually left the democratic party in 2016 after watching them cheap bernie sanders and after i didn't work on his campaign actually lobbying that the n.c.a. members to try to persuade them of the kinds of things that i was saying that was
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the job i added in that campaign and so if that is it the heel or a project is a bipartisan projects you know you have seen for decades on end working people have not gotten a rise the minimum wage in real value in 1968 and so that is consistent through democratic republican administrations both parties that helped all control of government during this on their bill clinton we worked with democrats across obama with democrats as well and that is basically why i'm working with an organization actually called the movement for people's party who just was out was a major new progressive up those already in the united states and that has nothing to do it with the democrats are taking her to get away from both of them because so much access and able. to see how do you respond because the interesting thing is if it and again in principle. i would agree with nick and everything he said it just
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how he would get there that's when we get into the minutia ok and that's fine i like politics i like debate ok i like to honest people ok now people that constantly love you in the new style because after they do best like i agree i agree i jump in you see i agree with everything you said by i don't think you're on so you're missing the core meat really neo liberalism is a bipartisan project and so is anti strong and the reason anti progress and you know liberalism are similar is because that trump is a populist strong is the national conservative believe it or not trump has a lot more in common with bernie sanders populous voters in utah and you know and and gets maybe centrist democrats so you're right you know who isn't is an art. trump is the actual system that i think. i am an interest from trump on a bipartisan from members of yes hours on end up quite strong kind of nuts like
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trump is able to you can actually read a part of because national brand is something that speaks to both parties it's actually i established and you know a lot of what i mean you know. personally just. playing on our selected that is that i would have hoped that donald trump would have taken the lead in dealing with this crisis but no he let congress do it and i can that really remarkable that he didn't want to take any responsibility for that i tell him i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break you know our discussion that demick and its reaction and writing in america say. a. i don't have faith in this. government official
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a president i don't have faith in the system. i've got it i'm just a broken system designed for people like. different people who are here for different reasons also job loss the whole. most people in philadelphia ballot 2 paychecks away from home. the world is driven by a dream shaped by. the
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day or think. we dare to ask. welcome back to cross talk where all things are considered on peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing whether united states is becoming a failed state. ok nic let me go back to you let's go back to a topic that it was just touched upon in the 1st of the program minutes on t.v. and that's something that really really irritates me here and there is ample evidence now video footage of these a professional troublemakers from all over the country in dating communities and. is causing a ruckus and destruction and whipping up all kinds of. emotions when
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we don't need that right now because i say this to anyone's support and cheap is that what every few do where every human do it you her poor and working people ok and they're very selfish these and heap of people and they are i would say the antithesis of what they claim to be they have a very precious mindset it's my way or the highway how do you respond to that of course there are people attempting to exploit the crisis but to focus on those people is to deny the justice that actually created this systemic problem and it's a beginning whether that's what i would say ok ok but it is so you would condemn though their tactics and their behavior of course and there are those who are exploiting the crisis to do bylane loot you know and that is that that should be condemned it doesn't you know it doesn't necessarily have to do with george soit
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there are people who are using it you know as there always are you know just like me but at the same time if you're going to condemn that you know i mean you have to condemn the conditions that created this in the 1st place and i think we agree there and you also have to condemn those who exploit crises on orders of magnitude far greater than it is like exploiting coronavirus asked the base up or transfer of wealth in american history i mean the reason i keep it really kind of is that it's a special court with me nick is that the the middle class has been looted for 40 years ok they have experienced that here and 2 wrongs don't make a right because r. c. i am very in phatic about this think the number of stories i've been told from people that are in the know there are up ended and many out was a firefighter or i don't know if he was active or retired he was going to start his own. for the community it was supposed to open up
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a monday today but hurt the ground. and i think it was an african-american on top of the class a race shouldn't matter but i mean there's a who or person to pull himself up ok and you think that he and then you have these thugs to go burning to the ground he didn't have insurance he's just out of luck ok this is what you're e.-s. me by this type of behavior because this kind of behavior is unconscionable under us history and counterproductive r.c. it's very counterproductive and you know what nick and it's something that i actually said a few days ago and now i do what not many people do you ask what it is admit that i was wrong is a go i sent. he condemned to hooters before we stop the hooter a prerequisite is arresting george lawrence murder and guess what he was arrested days ago and already has continued under the worst so. in addition to the man store and how he ever went to all of our men. oh there's no room for your trunks to
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get beaten down by a man with a wooden plank i mean we can continue to say before we can get back we should also condone violence i. know a lot of time has come. down and see and recognize that this just isn't happening on the ground the discussion. on top and you're out in america it's being signed shocks hijacked by whites isn't just popping by and secret and in the streets it's also happening at the highest malls when it comes to the span of a narrative and what you see are being spun by the establishment media to make this a class struggle well and that was they want to make it into a race struggle and i don't i don't buy it and i'm america's original sin is racism ok and it'll it's something a project it will have to work on for our entire existence but it's. but i
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insisted i go back to nic here it is much more of a class issue here because there are so many myths and many more people involved in the thing and looking at the reaction to the coronavirus and now the tragic events i have just come to the very same conclusion that the elites know how grab any answers for the problems that they have created you know why because they're just insulated from those problems ok i mean they can or are mainstream media cable you know you can have all of these you know these are talking heads on t.v. talking about how sad and poor and terrible things are they're all earning 68 years they go back to their gated communities i mean it's almost as if they're watching a netflix series you know and just waiting for the next episode you had. it is as it's really. the well the richest americans millionaires has increased by $434000000000.00 during this crisis and so you have a section of society this happened and this also happened the 21st that separates
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off from the rat this is during you know during the gilded age of that's why when there was massive inequality right before the depression and the stock market crashed and black to say that set it was like an american a stock aristocracy and that is what's happening again when you have one family go out and am like that as the wealth of the bottom 43 percent of americans and their consolidator using this crisis to consolidate even more well then you do you have a segment of society that is no longer connected they do not experience it's not only that they do not live the conditions of the majority of americans the mass of working class americans but they no longer even experience them or come into contact with them in their own lives like you mentioned they live in gated communities there are varied around either by the sofa or limousines they go to the you know there are. the glass ah you know massive glass office buildings you know
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in steel skyscrapers and they never have to see or encounter the ramifications of the kinds of all that you know and i'm including members of congress here senators you know the average of which is about a $1000000.00 and well and many of whom enrich themselves in the course of what office. they never have to see earth experience the consequences of the laws that they passed down the brunt of which is borne by working people you know earners see if i was just astonished and go by the fact. when the lockdown started and you know 1st you had the markets crashed and all the. which of course is a subset of all the oxygen the markets and all the markets don't really have much into the average person ok most people are not invested in the market it is they put so much attention into it ok and then with this stimulus or aid packages i mean
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i just find it astounding the concierge treatment that the richest people in the world the richest concerns in the world the treatment they and then we have both parties is 2nd guessing the maybe we have to wait and see that's more the g.o.p. being and then you have the democrats it's not their christmas list a bit is every kind of special interest they want and most of it deals with local allat exposed bast majority of people are sick and tired of it seems to me that the political elite on both sides of the aisle they forgot some really simple things like most people go ahead r.c. look i definitely agree that there is an error and that there is no you know a sense in the air that a lot of americans are stealing a lot of anger or not only one percent but you know people who are rich people who you know seem to have the ability to counsel on their merits the other problem though is that a majority of those kind of. our most they are largely and still courts will be and
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are you know you see on t.v. every day from these mass protests right so i think that we should question on those motives and ask ourselves why are people at the hands of our all the celebrity creating all these principles wired to continue to drive this chaos and number 2 out we need to remember that remember it was doing fine before this lockout if anything this isn't an indictment on america as a failed state this is an indictment on globalist must own exterior and i think this is what trump and you know conservative populism this is what the mess that you're trying to get out of this is what you hear when i talk about you know reinstill and power in the america all of the problems of wealth inequality you talk about what an affluent remember what happened. if we never want to give our new translation status in 1990 but one who isn't are talking about the clinton years they're all anti trump and all and i have this new kind of way to opulence here so you're absolutely right there isn't a critter if there's animosity toward the rich or stock markets and that animosity
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is is actually. getting momentum to the national movement and you see the trunk reach you crito are counting which uses well ok oh i can say is china didn't steal one job from america it was america's elise that sent them overseas ok i mean this is what you just played thing it's just it again it's part of how to divide us this is what you know you can be the left the traditional left and the traditional right they're always looking for ways to bite the majority of people i actually believe the majority of people actually have a lot of common ground and would have 50 percent 51 percent agreement but it's a it's are pathetic political parties that never want is to happen a real debate ok because somebody put something money in your car going to make a telephone call or putting your son on a board on a company in ukraine and you know it the the elites have just separated themselves
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so far from the average person they have no idea how we feel what we're doing it when we need hell they don't seem to have the tools or the brains to react to go ahead. he goes beyond that i don't think that they are necessarily in control of this system to the degree i don't you know this is a system that is built you know capitalism on unlimited growth you know. and of course on a finite planet that has i had resources you know and dishes who are working people and you know working people do not have infinite amounts to give you know there are certain physiological. you know you need a certain amount to be provided for in order to add up to eat more to add shelter in order to outflow that i mean basic needs education health care and those are the levels that are being exceeded now you know and you're seeing mass loss of people
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who used to be considered you know in the middle class in the united states dissolving into the lower class and so this is something that was happening before around the virus it's insinuating now i would disagree with r.c. that trump is a populist that actually in the sense that he actually represents working people i mean for someone for a reality t.v. show billionaire to have a man and brother billionaires is an administration and have of course signed off and gone along with and advocated for the. bailout program that we saw that was. for a small business bailout program you know what we're seeing now is a massive consolidation of orations unlike anything that we've ever seen in the u.s. and it's going to be absorbed it run out of money as r.c. i really wish were an economic populist but he hasn't shown he has all the time you
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know what my guess would be nixon and the great and what would make us for watching us here are p.c. unix not remember. we go to work. straight home. there was a clip of she will be no use to you. but it's always
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a it was. more work. but not so much. they can put us in the mood at the clintons up. in the if they look at what. they are. going to. be. yes. this is boom bust that one business show you can't afford to miss. in washington coming out protest against racial injustice continue across the united states and now around the globe will discuss the demonstration.


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