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tv   Boom Bust  RT  June 4, 2020 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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this is going to be happening in america we call from the streets we got to deal with why is the reason i have to work like this is the reason. this is move us the one business show you can't afford to miss i'm sorry montevideo friend washington coming up a memorial for george floyd is held in minnesota after protests across the globe will have the latest from minneapolis and the russian on the many and holidays the world faces and protests continue in hong kong over continue tensions the feeling china though we may still be a rally for the one thing we have a talk show today so let's go and die for this. a memorial is underway thursday
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for george floyd the unarmed black man killed after an officer kneeled on him for nearly 9 minutes floyd stuff has sparked outrage and demonstrations across the globe actually banks reports from minneapolis to tell us more about the moral and the community in which floyd lived actually please tell us what you're seeing. there sara so i'm here at north central university located in downtown minneapolis where the memorial service for george forward is that we're wrapping up just moments ago a rubber nose in our been delivered to these eulogy and you stated keep going until we change the full system of the news just as now he had everyone stand for about 8 minutes to represent the amount of time that george was and to the ground the civil rights leader he spoke to the president earlier today and he said as a community we still being up from the funeral funeral of african-americans moving through all of my police officers are using i know is unknown to sarah now for those who are unfamiliar. reverend al sharpton he also delivers the eulogies of
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michael brown and eric garner and eric one who died in a similar. way that i do want to mention that eric garner the mother is here at the memorial as well now sharpton called what happened to george would simply murder he said he believes this time as a different point to the fact that people are marching the roof to divert and they are literally risking their lives in the middle of a pandemic for drugs says the reverend reverend sharpton he also added that minnesota attorney general ellison played a major role in bringing criminal charges against the 3 remaining officers and he played a role and that was an officer derrick jovan 3rd degree murder charge to the 2nd degree and i want to speak to the charges for the other 3 and includes aiding and abetting 2nd degree murder which is punishable by up to 30 years he also talked about aiding and abetting 2nd degree manslaughter is punishable by up to 10 years
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ago that judge a leading to this case that bail for each of the 3 officers and $150000.00 benjamin crump the lead attorney for the with families needed that the free officers were simply accomplice to murder he tweeted the family's things quote there's a bittersweet moment we're deeply gratified that the attorney general ellison took decisive action arresting and charging all the officers involved in georgia and upgrading the charge against their children to felony 2nd degree murder hashtags justice for george are also sad this is not a time to celebrate because an arrest is not a conviction and we want justice meanwhile protesters say they will continue to take to the streets and demand justice and care for the most part protect your house and be useful but i just want to turn our attention to what we saw last week where there was a lot of looting and burning of many buildings many buildings your example of including the city's 3rd police precinct now of the. arnelle saying the looting and
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property damage house calls that least $55000000.00 and destruction it is important to note that little people say both the damage was caused by invading iraq and they're going out of town and not with the people here and i'm going to outlive jacob fry the city's mayor will reveal and federal aid to help rebuild until then the community members are pitching and money to help many neighborhoods now according to local reports more than $1000000000.00 have been resolved are to help businesses and apple is community and then the company we go to west broadway this isn't an area called lucian will continue to gather money and they will discuss how that money will be reduced to further helping that coalition to rebuild the community back there. now for more on these protests on the issues sparking them we bring in co-host of watching the hawks tyrrel ventura and ameesha cross thank you for being with me today i'm a show welcome back we've talked about it earlier this week these protests have
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been sweeping the nation since the death of george floyd in late may but what are the underlying issues that are under arrest here what are the inequities in terms of family finance between races here in the united states it's a entire system failure we're talking about housing insecurity and housing instability in addition to the wealth of white families being up to 12 times higher than that of black families a lot of that goes back to where the lining goes back to african-americans being shut out of certain job opportunities in addition to educational inequities so what we're seeing now is a bubbling up our frustrations before african-americans who in this country have been fighting for over 400 years to just be able to play on a level playing field. well tyro this inequity themes to go further than just the monetary assets the wage gap a lot of differences that i mean just mentioned lack of funds is really important here much of the stuff from the fact that public schools in the u.s. are actually funded by property taxes is there
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a way to restructure this if at all it is because look the property tax system in the united states is grossly misrepresented because look at the community doesn't have homeownership and if it doesn't have a lot of wealth to begin with in that community then you're not going to see those property tax returns going back into the local schools and things like that build a new jersey based research and advocacy group from predominately white school districts receive 23000000000 more than predominately non white school districts as recent as 2016 across the board and because they're tied to these disparities you are not going to see and less the state and the feds get involved in really really make good on pouring money instead of just making campaign promises when you see politicians all the time saying oh i believe in education and all this they don't really follow through you know and so when until the state and until the feds actually really commit to funding you know poor schools in areas in poor neighborhoods you're not going to see that change anytime soon you're going to keep continuing to get bad education and neighborhood that right because of that well
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point does that change happen well it well i mean i hope that out of all of this that would be one of things we'd look at beyond just reforming police is also looking at these neighborhoods where a lot of these folks are coming from and you know neighborhoods that are getting burned down and things like that you've got to look and say well as me just said one of the underlying issues beyond just police violence that these people are dealing with and then you can hopefully raise them up how to do that well you have to make people accountable to their promises if they say they're going to you know if they're say they want to reform property tax system they should because property tax system isn't really fair to all of us when you really think about it you know if you if you say if i want to make my home a little bit better your property taxes go up right for low income folks and even minimum even middle income. well that's a big ass to know are going to pay a higher bill every year it certainly is me sure we talked about it earlier this week as well the unemployment numbers but they were just released today one point $8000000.00 more americans filed for jobless claims last week even with the economy
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reopening now there's already a big discrepancy between the black community and the white community and it comes to the unemployment rate however this is all a fact of african-americans even more is will this how this setback really make us you know take a 2nd look at what's really going on and when will we see the are we going to see the wage gap growing in between races i definitely think we're going to see the wage gap growing and i'm not as optimistic i think as time really is here when it comes to there being people who actually understand outside of the people who are affected the most black people have always had really high levels of unemployment or under-employment are typically always in fields that are the fields that pay don't pay you a living wage or people who are the 1st ones to go when there is any type of crisis in the system so i think that you know america has seen this time and time again and they were not concerned because for the majority of america it did not affect them personally what i hope is that these these protest movements continue and that
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there isn't the ignorance of the american public or one that they choose to have where they are not following through on promises to make things better for communities of color particularly the black community because a lot of these offshoots of pain sorrow and poverty have grown so greatly across that community that i think that at this point we're at a we're at a point american history where we cannot ignore it anymore in a point where people cannot just continue to turn a blind up and how can the system then provide more resources for the black community and for other minority groups poor do you think is making sure that we go back to what to real said earlier not making promises that you don't intend to follow through on what we've seen from both political parties is a lot of people will say things just. get them to an elected space but then once they get there they're not following through on those promises we need to make sure that affordable housing exist we need to make sure that people are paid a living wage we need to make sure that there is health care available that is not tied just to your employment because when ends up happening is when we have these
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moments of unemployment or underemployment people end up losing a vital lifeline to take care of themselves and their families and right now we're in the middle of a pandemic what do people do when there is nowhere for them to go when they don't have health insurance to cover them and their family it's exacerbated further tyro we have about a minute left we've discussed the militarization of police when and what will it take to change the us versus them mentality and that's a big question i think one thing that will help is if you start tying police officers actions like right now they're universally covered their health care and all these things are universally called their insurance or utility covered by the state if you start tying police aggression and these actions that we're seeing in police violence to people if you start making them pay their own freight if they get caught doing this that might help at least provide adequate punishment you know going to one but we're not seeing any punishment the only way we were lucky it took 10000 people arrested just to get 4 people arrested you know that's a huge problem in this country especially because the officer already had about 16
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complaints on him prior to the action it's very unfortunate well we'll see if this actually demands or actually causes any change the protests have now spread worldwide so a lot of voices really going out there for george floyd's murder and others that we haven't seen before co-hosts of watching the hawks and we should cross anti-roll in terre thank you for your time today and thank you. from protests here to protest on the other side of the globe to fight social distancing measures still in place because of coven 1000 thousands of people in hong kong gathered to remember the tim and square crackdown 31 years ago today for more on this our team joins there in this anniversary happening right in the middle of a controversial bill. just being passed in hong kong right there and that bill now makes it illegal actually to insult the chinese national anthem in china a move that the majority says is necessary for hong kong citizens to show respect to china now just before the vote did pass here you had some lawmakers protesting
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and some even boycotting the vote arguing the bill is an infringement of freedom of expression and this protest there was one there holding a sign that reads a murderous regime stinks for 10000 years to other lawmakers they were actually ejected from the chamber as you saw there now the vote was held on the 31st anniversary as you mentioned sarah of the tiananmen square protests in 1909 where thousands of students were killed as tanks and troops assaulted the center of beijing to break up a week's student led protests now again many saying this new law will infringe on freedom of speech mainland china says it will do nothing of the sort listen here. a little disturbing news that occurred in the late 1980 trainees government has had it was. great but you know we've achieved over the past 7 decades. we have only demonstrated that the devoted family china has chosen is completely the right which should be one of the china's national interest and as one. of the chinese
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people. know sarah if you are caught disrespecting the chinese national anthem you're actually looking at a almost a $6500.00 u.s. fine and you could face up to 3 years in prison meaning $66500.00 u.s. dollars sorry equal to that of a lot of money many people who have been arrested in the month leading up to this because of other protests here in this bill is coming just a week after another controversial bill passed again on hong kong as what was that 2nd bill so you had china's national legislature formally approved a decision last week of a national security law for hong kong that actually could potentially see mainland china security agents posted up in hong kong now this law came into play after the long running protest movements in the summer of 2019 that led to violent clashes with police there you were there you covered it you saw it throughout the u.k. has a proposal to take in about 3000000 hong kong residents because of this new security law to watch to which china actually threatened retaliation against the u.k.
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if they did go through with that sara welfare and we know about mainland china doesn't observe the anniversary of tiananmen square but vigils in hong kong where there's usually hundreds of vigils they were all canceled right yeah and again we're living at a time during covert 19 in case anybody forgot but that actually didn't stop residents especially students like the one you'll see here from attending lesson here. i think it's the responsibility to keep this. going on. today we don't even know it begins to. no sir this was the 1st time in 30 years that the massive vigil was actually cancelled but it is really odd now with all the protests going on here in the united states 31 years after tiananmen square and in the wake of americans out practicing their own democracy by freedom of assembly the irony of all of this is you know you saw those tanks rolling in a square back in 89 today we're seeing u.s. military trucks rolling through the streets of downtown washington d.c. so some familiar faces some miller familiar voices and places in hong kong fighting
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their own fight against what they're calling you know destruction from china or they want their freedom of speech which they have a knowledge of what this national security bill is going to be a tough one what are you correspondent for in front that thank you for that report . time now for a quick break but stay here because when we return protests in pandemic aren't weighing down on wall street we'll ask our panel if there is another bubble waiting to pop as we go to break the number that the. players. play a little. the spiral downward depending on who you believe in the media the civil unrest in america is the result of systematic racism this explains protest and writing but does it the commanding heights controlling the financial system media and the business world are the ones to admit it it's the economy
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stupid for them to raise all these tests. according to several sources felice in the united states kills from 2 to 4 people every day my. head his hands. with the wind gusts what am i being arrested for it's a response from me and that. is just their little world and establish they develop just us against them and to live. a long time insured for 2525 years has. never had to shoot someone holding it close. to there is a corruption inside of this eliseo the culture is. the
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1st 50 for drugs and more than $1000.00. 300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so coveted 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this who really owns what china says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as
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we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. despite all the recent large group protests around the world the corona virus remains a threat and raising fears of another wave and a possible spike in new cases where the virus has in fact had more than 6500000 people globally the death toll now stands at more than nearly 390000 meanwhile europe has gradually ease restrictions on wednesday italy became the 1st european country to fully open its borders after nearly 3 months of some pretty strict lock downs other countries said the move is premature and they don't plan to reopen their borders until june 15th spain's tourism ministry announced plans to open its
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borders to tourists from countries deemed more secure from the virus by june 22nd this comes as european central bank announced more stimulus measures on the way this to help europe's struggling economy it will expand the emergency stimulus by 600000000000 euros that brings the total. 1.35 trillion euros and some latin american countries are partially opening this week this despite still recording thousands of deaths and factions the world health organization is warning countries not to reopen their economy too quickly brazil is now close to surpassing italy and being the country with the 3rd highest number of deaths after the united states and the u.k. . at the moment it seems almost like america is on the verge of collapse from riots in virtually every major american city to continue coronavirus lockdown there are some major concerns about what's happening in our nation but in the midst of all that chaos the stock market is actually up well why is that joining us now to discuss boom bust co-host ben swan and from all the trading todd horowitz thank you
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for being with us today todd let's let's get right into this and start with you why is the stock market when there's so much chaos around us. you could have through the. money will go words treated best when money is cheap in free basically people are going to take that money and invest it in the stock market it's really there's no place else to go i mean you can put your mattress you can lose value because the president considered a value dollars so the only place you can go to get any return at all is the equity market which will eventually create a much deeper selloff than we saw back in march but until then that's real money going to chase into is the news because that's the only real legitimate place you have to make any real return on your go well but while the stock market is up we're still seeing millions of new applications for unemployment benefits another 1900000 americans filed this week why is that. well i think it's pretty simple because the
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stock market is not the labor market you have 2 very different issues between the stock market and what's happening with labor look right now we still have about what 21500000 people who are trying to get unemployment at this point we do have some businesses across the country some states that are slowly reopening in my opinion far too slowly terms of letting people get back to work it is kind of insane right now that we have you know protests going on in cities all across the nation in every major city and people are of course obviously not social distancing and they're very close together but we still want to allow you know restaurants to reopen so we have a very strange situation happening with that and a lot of businesses they still don't know how to respond so it's still not a good time in terms of the labor force all but do you see there's been a lot of criticism about these reopening is or even about these protests at d.c. another way possibly coming from the coronavirus well that i think the 1st thing is
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the number one know it's nonsense to tell somebody the social distance while protesting that's just would be nonsense but having said that i think that you also have to look at some of these closures and say those feel like nonsense at this point too in terms of the fact that you have so many people in so many cities who are near each other at this point that if corona virus is an issue in that city it's being spread around among enormous numbers of people but remember coronavirus never turned out to be exactly what it was claimed it would be in terms of contagion and the number of people who would get sick and with all these protests it will be interesting to see whether or not we actually see a rise in coronavirus numbers coming up within the next 2 weeks are not especially outside because they're claiming that it's far less contagious outside even if you're not wearing a mask unless you're face to face with people which many are obviously and these protests i mean that even though that you know that means that. even though they tell us all to stay inside all the time that's true well look todd let's turn and turn back to the markets how much of the buying of the talk market is the result of
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federal reserve and. probably 8590 percent i mean you know we know that markets are predisposition to go higher as a rule money is always flowing in from retirement accounts from you know from funds and things like that but look again it goes back to the money is so cheap for those who have money to borrow that they're borrowing what they get and they're forcing in the equity market funds are going to convert and even people that should not be in the markets today are putting their money there because again they can't get the return so the only way a retired person today that saved this whole life to get away and be able to retire the only way they can keep dead base money that they like to hold onto is to try to invest it into the equity market that's the only place they can get a return that it might be satisfactory i think it backfires in the long run but overall the fed is is totally led this rally and it's really been a very illiquid rally which is another problem we don't have you know they keep talking about the liquid they're providing they're not providing liquidity to investors the reason you're seeing these larger than usual mode and there is you're
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seeing this kind of action is the lack of liquidity and the lack of real action and that's one of the other big issues that again eventually this will come to a crashing halt but again until then it's up we go and place in a lot of printing of money the fed continues to promise to me as we're looking at another possible stimulus check that we're waiting on for people to vote on it we'll see we'll see where that goes ben some of the world's most powerful oil producers had been expected to convene on thursday but the energy market obviously closely being monitored whether the implementable influential group will officially agree to extend their deepest ever round of output cuts we're looking at saudi arabia and russia specifically what are we expecting. yes i think the question really comes down to saudi arabia the head of russia right now is kind of the non opec leader or opec plus as they call it look at this point i think that it's been estimated and believed that they would extend these deep cuts for at least another months that's probably what we're going to see but then beyond that i don't see
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them holding down much longer than that you do you should expect i think at least to see more oil. consumption starting to build up as summer goes on because people hopefully will get back to work and so i think after another month i don't think we'll see it extend beyond 30 days or come back up. will it come back up yeah everything will come back up eventually it's just going to take and how much how much are you what do you want your protection then. i'm thinking within within 3 months or so we'll probably see the energy sector coming back pretty strong but it's going to take some time because you're going to have to have the need to supply versus the demand that demand is not there right now still with air travel car travel is just not there because you can't drive we can't really go anywhere but once we get past that in the fall hopefully we see things getting back to whatever the new normal is going to be thank you for that discussion investigative journalist ben swan and unless co-host and todd or with above a trading thank you again for your time. in the world of technology privacy may be
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harder to come by but communications company signal is looking to change that with a new function which will allow users to blur faces well as people around the world march against racism and police brutality the messaging app known for encryption has a new tool that will allow you to blur faces automatically and this can help ensure more privacy for yourself or even those protesting who don't wish to be identified by others or even law enforcement the latest version of signal for android and i o s will have the function although signal it does say that you need to double check because the technology isn't perfect the company says it even has a plan to roll out facial coverings. helping to obscure your face and images and facial recognition technology more details about that will not be available until later well that's it for this time you can catch boom bust on demand on the brand new portable t.v. available on smartphones through google play and the apple app store by searching portable t.v. or 3 must buy your t.v. by downloading the portable t.v.
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you. with yeah you like. hello there i'm a military and you're watching in question broadcasting from r.t. america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here are tonight's top stories 1st thousands of mourners gathered to remember george floyd at a memorial service in minneapolis this as the 3 officers accused of taking part in his death are now appearing in court all the details next plus peaceful protests continue here in the nation's capital today we're asking though who are those heavily armed officers with no would signal also refusing to identify themselves we'll try to answer that for you ben.


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