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tv   Sophie Co. Visionaries  RT  June 5, 2020 10:30am-11:30am EDT

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but you. immediately. take to the wouldn't. get with the. yes. yes well. deserved. car. during. our. heat and. there are.
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some who are so great to have you with us in our number 3 years on the moscato i'm so if you think it's merely to an obvious since i saw you last time. and we had quite a discussion and seen peter's work on the international economic forum that but wow now i'm trying to condense what it's time to really rethink and re-evaluate everything in life so i'm going to go straight in and ask you that the world right now is so divided over the code 19 condemning there are some that say that it's just another condemning condemning this and current ones in every century for humanity to source purify itself and there are others who really believe that this pandemic is some sort of a lesson to teach. and to sort of make us reconsider our future. where do you stand. if your neighbor and i say.
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maybe you'll think it's beautification or a lesson to learn but if you die on your children i have somebody merely or dies i don't think you will think this is a lesson or beautification that's a very cruel way of looking at life yes spending makes have happened in the past but the level of ignorance we were and that time the last big one was the spanish flu but just after world war one done time what would what was the knowledge about you know this better than and i would have believed it to control it no antibiotics and today we have all this in spite of that very little out of control simply because. we have not become conscious enough all this dixie's because human beings are the carriers if you on may behave consciously as we are see around and i'm here no way to infect each other. if everybody maimed in because a human being is
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a carrier all you have to do is some amount of distancing but a period of time it will just die down but not every human being is the responsible or conscious about it so it's very important if we really want to take care of this because world's population has increased so much the proximity of human beings is very high today so and people are traveling travelling takes people all over the world so because of this it is very important that we create a conscious planet that human beings are conscious about what they do right now. people are thinking bitching for them compulsive behavior is their freedom. somebody wants to bring somebody want to show how ahead of so they want to go out the it doesn't matter what happens to your neighbor what happens to the older people in the society your from your parents or your grandparents who are beyond a certain age and at one notable and other people who have gone through. oregon
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transplants and videos of the guardian going to other conditions were one notable for the widest 4 of them it could be fatal not being concerned about the age population on the well of a book population is a very serious concern because human beings are supposed to be a little more concerned about each of the than just saying this is beautification somebody else's do dying and this is beautification no no that's a terrible thing to say say or say awareness is the most important thing in all of this and he also said that humanity has never be so well equipped to teach to battle something of this scale but isn't it ironic in a way that we humans we're talking about colonizing mars and we're talking about singularity at the evolution has you know sort of jump started and the technical revolution is so far beyond like anything there was that of the magic 10 years ago
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and yet one of the them hey we're battling a pretty much in the same way as we were battling this spanish 100 years ago just by sitting at home and not socializing. not nearly a 100 years ago spanish flu killed over 50000000 people i don't think such a thing will happen today and about colonizing marsh well if you want to ruin this planet and go to another one that's a very sad way to live. it's very important that simply village of a human being that we can function consciously that means we can function beyond out of natural instincts every other creature on the planet functions within it's not simply an instinct but a human being can function beyond our naturally and instinct that is the significance of being human that means we have to be conscious so you have this
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consciousness is something that we do not display well either amounts to evolution of the issues within ourselves. because all other cletus always function within the betterment of their own instinctual. set up within them we can function beyond that and as you mentioned. that is so much development it is so much medical science that is so much knowledge but still. people bitching for that compulsion but other significant is that relations they came to move during this and that of course that many. tend to believe that surely say things that we use to one of doesn't really matter that much anymore or. think that i will create a right there are really just very simple things to contact freedom of choice where to go after this is no more you know as it is do you ringback think worth a lot down have missed it and today think it over this feeling will say was
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absolutely back to all the greed and consumerism. it depends how long this why this will trouble us suppose in the next 2 months let's say before august september it's gone probably know that they do 4 months everybody will be back to their usual stuff but suppose the widest job will last but. let's say a 9 to 12 months then a certain percentage of people will transform themselves suppose the widest days on board with that to 6 months let's say you do that emote but if such a thing happens that we do you know waves on the 2nd they keep coming and taking people's lives then i think a significant percentage of human population will change their behavior for sean so it's a really unfortunate mycroft again. with a 1000000 the whole brain has to teach is
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a lesson and we have to transform ourselves because of why this comes and that is our life it is the beauty of being a human being that we can sit here look at who it is aspects we have been given the intelligence and consciousness to sit and transform ourselves before any calamity happens to us this is how a human being should be but unfortunately we need to be threatened to transform. our so i suppose whether we come out of this crisis with a clearer idea of who we really are and what we need like you're saying depends on how long it can damage last hours maybe 2 weeks with the french writer and philosopher carter and he told me that humans are best suited there who would need more devastating lessons like this for to learn something. i certainly hope that's not the case what do you think. well that's what i'm saying as long as somebody
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else life is being taken you can feel a suffice but if it comes to your life i think all philosophies really whopper if you would wonder said why so right now instead of going on we having and spinning this philosophy so everybody maintain social distance and stay alive for this period after the think and look at all this bill as a visa beacon we've as many as we want but the important thing is slash happens in a certain way ought to be in tune with it or not is only a question when i say life happens in a certain way this island life is not a separate existence on this planet every moment that we've breathed and every moment that we exist there's a whole lot of transaction happening so why this bacteria are already much a part of this particular why why this. 1 which was living in animals has now jumped into human beings for whatever reason is mainly one reason you could say is
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that habitat the animal labrador the singing says no shrinking soul rapidly in the sense from one $170.00 to now in 50 years time nearly 60 percent of the world the bridge population is gone so when though it is going has to find some new to them so it is found us well this keeps happening often that obvious fact is which caused this but they brought in things as human beings we have calling ourselves beings so we don't call any of the creature on this planet as a being we don't call a diagonal being or a buffalo being not an ant being or anything like this we call only this one a human being because we are supposed to know how to be. if we know how to be we would keep ourselves very conscious conscious means even did was a choice that i had now for yourself and what any other human being whether right
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now to be joyful blissful lot of miserable and frustrated what would you choose definitely the highest level of pleasantness for yourself so people do not know how to be that is a main problem otherwise these are all natural things happening this is not a calamity i'm saying this is not really a calamity but we beings out of making it into a calamity. to bacteria as common gone we have managed to be degraded all of this into our system too it is levels these are why this is in the past have also caused significant. number of processes within ourselves so it is not all negative but 5 right now this is why this is not being carried by that i must get goals out of my office some of that animal gnome the out of the caddy is all you have to do is you and me like we are doing wonderfully well right now we keep some distance
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this is it to why this is all one. could reality show breaking already without. for the last and simply drop the sound because of the we. as individuals. or. the spiral downward depending on who you believe in the media the civil unrest in america used to be. result of systematic racism this explains protest and writing but does it the commanding heights controlling the financial system media and the business world are loath to admit it it's the economy stupid for them graze all
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these. you can't be both with the yeah you know what. according to several sources felice in the united states kills from 2 to 4 people every day my. legs i had his hand. with said i surrender. what am i being arrested for players fun for me enough that. it's just their little old enough to establish they
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developed just us against them and. how long they served for 2525 years as. i had to shoot someone holding you know oh my. god there is a corruption inside of this lease well that i think will sure is. back with sir. bob but like you say we're the only beings to call ourselves beings and that is how to know to be is the most important thing the
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problem with that is that most of the people when they're not locked down are the self isolation don't really think about how to be because you know you're caught up in a process you live in a big city you live in a big country you're busy you're only this thing could be you just are and now as an amazing amount of people find themselves in survival a sheet and it's almost like they have no other choices to ponder upon how to be and out that way to be. i found myself thinking about is that i did want to think about for the longest time you know like it's not always pleasant to think about your fears or you know your problems or your doubts and that you're facing them because you're alone and suffer as a nation and from that comes this sense of really knowing how to be so quiet space and quiet time to to sort of come to this what do you think it is paradoxical as it may sound do you feel like in a way with humans a self as
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a nation have maybe come closer to understanding what it is that way to be for us. i wouldn't make. such a want to say away the gentleness conclusion. because i have i live with to be i would be not to listen if the state be imagine everybody is going into there being no maybe some of them out of coming to soothe their own psychological math 1st mistake these. people out of mistaking their psychological drama as life. see what happens in your own mind is your drama. you're taught your emotion is all made by you. but people thing this itself is life. most human beings unfortunately are under that misunderstanding that there's a physiological and psychological drama of everything these are 2 things you must
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conduct rapidly but both of these things are not connected properly because everything is happening this psychological drama going crazy badly directed psychological drama is creating a mess out of people now coming to terms with your psychological mask is not being all right being means that you are of being as you are because you are capable of existing you are capable of being conscious about your existence so you are a being so it is not something that you have to invent ot of create it is already there all you have to do is you must bring a little bit of distance from your physiological and psychological drama what you call our mind is just a heap of impressions that we have gathered what we gather can be ours can never be . this is this belongs to us but this is not us all the time it is going through transition all the time things are changing within barny what was yesterday
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a part of this morning today it is not what is what was not to your body as today stood a the part of this body so this is going on in the same thing is true with your mind so what you accumulate the moment you mistake you or that's to be you then the madness is started this is madness that trying to fix with a religion with felicity with ideologies is not going to work because all you will do is try to are just a madness you cannot or distance man you have to distance yourself from the madness so you are about to ask how do you do that then the simple ways to do this well right now across the world millions of people are practicing what is called as a simple process called isha korea with which you can make a distance between yourself and what you have accumulated your body and your mind right now for all the people medical personnel are fighting this wireless across the world we have offered in an unending online free of cost to all of them and for
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everybody else we have brought it down to a 50 percent cost for the whole would because we know on this time everybody is trying to deal with themselves which is a big problem look at this outside if you have problems in the world it's ok but you yourself had a problem this is a serious problem in our life that idea of problems are that in the world we have to face it but if we ourselves in my own thought my own emotion is a big problem then that is a solution whatever solution you think up is going to be more problems this is what is happening to the world because a problematic mind a compulsive mind with which with this debt trying to find solutions no solutions will come it will only complicate the problems more and more because problem itself the social problem right now is just in the way we think and feel. if you know why
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this is. all that data is there and it would be a good transmitted what is our problem still goes out i censor to 15 days 14 days is all you have to sit if you sit for 14 days alone why this is gone out of this moment. i suppose you partially answered my next question but i'm going to. try to paraphrase it in a way because this crisis. yes has made us reconsider many things but also. sort of slowly the abscesses of our society only downfalls of humanity's human nature and maybe some are becoming more conscious but a lot of us are becoming more paranoid you know how this psychotic xenophobic feelings in this fear of the unknown and like you said for a sense like probably in the near future i'm not going to be shaking hands with anyone even with them because older you know i'm not sure that i will be. returned
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to everybody does all the time. yet. he has also brought up this fear of the out there this whole can damage when you're saying that he need to separate who you are your being and your problems that you've accumulated does that work in this particular case as well where this is like an all around fear that you fear a foreigner coming to a country because he's going to bring call the team you fear and neighbor approaching your house because you don't know if he has coded 19 or not how to deal with that fear the same wait. caution is one thing fear is another thing. question is in terms of action a right it is in terms of action taking preventive preemptive action about what else right now if you're driving a car let's say with an elephant down the road or that doesn't happen in russia it
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happens in india. where white americans. let's say a bad game on the road you will apply brakes before you hit it the best time to apply brakes is well before you hit it right so if you apply brakes do you have to necessarily do it out of fear no you can just brake efficiently that's just avoiding a problem all right right now similarly there is no oil listen it's not that big it's microscopic wireless we just have to apply brakes where is the need for fear fear is happening because. there are 2 basic faculties in the human being which says says apart significantly from other creatures one is we have a vivid sense of memory and offend asked expense of imagination that's now
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the still wonderful faculties is what human beings are largely suffering what happened 10 years ago they're still something what may happen day after tomorrow they're already suffering. no no they are not suffering life they had just suffering their own memory and their own imagination so the problem east great faculties that doogue but that have been given to you thought i would this cycle these through evolutionary process it took millions of years of evolution to get to this place of settable activity and now it's become a mess now but how great is that hamas king these took millions of years awak to give you this big brain which functions with this many given that the now most human beings suffering what is a magnificent machine human beings have done into a middle man affecting machine that's what needs to change how we handle our own body out own mind this fundamental has to change right now we think it's our right
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to suffer well you have a right to suffer you have the right to die old soul but is that the point because life is such a brief happening if you will start exploding in and potential even if you live to be a 100 years it is too brief a life all right we have hiv a just a brief amount of time how much mess out of that endless amount of mess widest gamez one problem why that doesn't come out of the problem and leslie problem only you tell me what is it that's a problem not a problem in human life. how do i have a problem. in the sense how hard one problems middleaged is a crisis or to just sort of blow that this federal what is not a problem everything is a problem no nothing is a problem that our situations and situations in your own mind if you want to make something into a problem you can make just about anything in your problem odd you can look at
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a situation a situation and do the best that you can do in the given situation. succor you have also said that coming here and he has made a conscious carrot and steady thing. we have more reason to fear to you because we're here to. their own wiring 2nd here in concord to be owner has been marked ill though a whole lot of people go about in their lives as if that immortal most people think other people die. you and maybe will die and bless you with a long life but we will die. so it is just that the widest as brought it out front in our faces that good market is simply that a living widest a miniscule lattice hastert that says this lesson every human being must know that
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we're mortal being martin what it means sees that means we have a limited amount of time. if every moment of our life we were conscious that we had a mortal we would not have time to do anything that does not mean much to us we would do what really matters to us if all human beings if you and me are doing what truly matters to us this becomes a beautiful world that now whole lot of people are doing absolute rubbish which doesn't mean a damn thing to them are doing anybody but to keep doing it out of their compulsiveness so it's important to get humanity to a place where everybody's doing what truly genuinely mightest to them they don't have to do what matters to me or to you they must do what genuinely matters stood their life if you are doing what matters to your life i am doing what my best to my life believe me what you'll do on what i do will not be very different right now we
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had a going by the guinness off one's mind not by the needs of our life. well i think it's another interview to figure out what is it that not for our life but i really thank you for this. for your insight for your thoughts i think these are much needed words and thoughts that people need to hear right now during strange times i really hope that we meet again. i really feel. that the big.
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guy. like not so much you know. immediately. they can put us in the mood at the closed up by the smithsonian brushing the open to get into the can you can look at the. city they. get a long way to yes up the. odd note no crow. no shots no.
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action just don't speak. well it's true no 1st moment. which your thirst for action. let's face it was government official of president of the f.c.c. the system was to have gotten itself up until the broken system so that's a sign for people like me to move. as long as there's. different people who are here for different reasons but also job we also have. most people in philadelphia are only about 2 paychecks away from homelessness.
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welcoming our viewers from around the world live from central london this is r.t. u.k. . get a chance to track and trace system white be fully operational until september or october according to a senior health figure that's despite the government rolling out the scheme on monday i'll be joined by a life scientist. ve used to go to hits out at the u.k. government and accuses number 10 of storming progress on the brakes in trade talks all be joined by brakes it expert. quality watchdog launches an inquiry into what it says is entrenched racism against britain's minorities that says black lives matter protests continue in the capital for the 3rd time in a week. and this is too big for obstructing police after refusing 23 requests to
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get out of home is overturned the lack of evidence we hear from. and a new survey suggest almost half the primary schools in england ignore the government's board to reopen for more pupils while research as they allowing children to return to schools what like the 2nd wave of coronavirus. which i can trace system for preventing a 2nd wave of coronavirus won't be fully operational until september or october according to a senior house figure that's despite the scheme be rolled out by the government on monday a shoddy evers' daschle reports. it's only been 2 weeks since this we will have a test track and trace expiration that will be will be tuned for the only thing
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wild beating about the scheme seems to be the final rate you know the world health organization right at the start test test test we fell down we didn't test it as much as we should have done we were told testing wasn't approved in nursing homes and now we've been told testing is that everyone took awhile to get testy to the numbers that we needed to be we're still not there yet and this is another example of that you know we was to have it open really by july that's what we were told now we're being told september not because of t.v. issues those t.v. issues were supposed to be ironed out in the trial but it wasn't and we want to be on why he still hasn't said the way test interest is supposed to walk is to fast test the people who are displaying symptoms and if they test positive the next stage is trace 25000 contact traces up and down the country have been hired to get
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in touch with infected people and ask about who they've been in close proximity with then all of those people will also be told to stay at home for 14 days whether they fell ill or not the problem is it seems thousands of suspected cases are not getting the message the 1st few days the system went live there around 4 and a half 1000 new cases of k. but 19 of those less than half a contracted by n.h.s. traces all self-righteous and on the web site i think all of those because into context they're actually thought to be 8000 new cases of private 19 every single day the primary factor in the fight against the pandemic is to keep the on the below one and the government says the test and trade scheme is the way to do it but there are just those in the trace element that the test wanted and not yet it's sort of cruising altitude for this the number of tests is going to carry on going up and. our ability to use the test we've got is going to carry on going up and this is going to carry on for quite some time before we get to the point i think
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that we're all satisfied the government claims it's met it self-imposed target of 200000 tests per day but even that's not enough according to say to the government scientific experts in order for the scheme to whack 80 percent of contacts need to isolate within 2 days the problem is that the town around time for test results is longer than the 40 hour when day so that to be affective you have to get people's close contacts i should say within 48 hours if the test results themselves take 48 hours to come back that is going to be impossible come up because the man that replaced him is how psychiatry says the program is working wow and it goes boris johnson promises that technically we clown around within 24 hours by the end of june and that's because they're inseparable had. the may have already met its biggest one public trust trait to say an average score that gives them the details of 2.5 other people say to expect that number is much more like that the government
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says it is civic duty to comply with rules relaxed and interpreted in various ways people simply won't tell themselves if they've done the comings and bent the rules public trust in agreement is a lot of money. you know there's be errors made all the way through this whole outrage from the beginning to the way we are now this is some concern who's actually really is a private company and that leads to the government themselves and how do you just might be so it seems unsurprising some people may not want to snitch on their friends but campaign is a warning that's also a privacy matter at stake here to the n.h.s. privacy notice for the program says it gathers information including names addresses dates as well as symptoms of individuals and those they've been in contact with and that data will be stored for 20 years. anyone in a role in the covert 1000 response the schemes already got this the track elements
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of the program the loaded up the government was trialing in may on the isle of wight to some very mixed reviews and coupled with the government's drive habits of announcing targets and missing them and criticism that the scheme was rushed forward to move attention from the dome that coming scandal could mean that testing trays might be dead on arrival shut every thursday are to u.k. london. for more on the system now joined by a professor of life science innovation michael lewis weikel thank you for joining us so the truck will be ready later than expected we heard about the government targets but it's better late than never isn't it. what independence really because i'm really concerned about the messages coming out because one message i'm seeing says it's going to be available september october we'll see another message a couple of hours ago saying it's going to be out this month i'm just concerned that we need to get this out of since. i were tech companies a company my cheek here which runs the app in the u.k. for people to work with you he's appointments the video calls that the g.p.s.
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as well get their medicines we're listening to 1700000 users and they're giving me a megaphone for mation and feedback they say never straight about 2 things delays we should mention before they're also frustrated about not being consulted about the information that's been stored about many come about also and if we don't get equal who are willing to participate and give details on the 2.5 contacts you mentioned in your piece earlier they're going to get upset and you have to get up takes around about 50 to 60 percent to make. now why are we in the situation with delays so it's all the government interesting the session they decided to go for a centralized system where they wanted to store all their information it was central database and that meant they had to create a brand new system from scratch and that's when we got this slowness and deliberate we were promised a promise to deliver in mid may now that the june stock has been released we're not sure about the don't expect and they went for this essential our system rather than
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the systems which are available that decentralized systems but tech giants like apple google which were reducing their available please we could have had them out the door very quickly ready for what we're also been waved to coming around quite a bit. as a site like i say is there a better system that's actually in operation in another country that we could have followed france launched back over a stop code on tuesday they already have 600000 users. even catalonia a region in spain has their code out switzerland south korea singapore strait there's lots of countries all using that u.p.s. base don't look to boast of them's the. using the decentralized approach which is where you store your data on your phone your health data you offer rather than giving your data to this big monolithic database somewhere i don't know what so what is the thinking that in the government to go with a system that they have a me they're argue it would be it's not perfect but it's been put together rapidly in unprecedented circumstances but if other countries are setting the example why are we not looking elsewhere now i'm not sure you call around here we still got one
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out there own countries and regions like council and you can go now and france and switzerland they want to go the pros out there we've known about this pandemic when the new i'm still of the seems if we needed to get us out was right it would just been a little bit slower and the decision to move to a decent centralized let's do some processes is a not one but it doesn't mean that the tech community in the u.k. is not willing to help sort this out we are on standby to help we we wrote to 'd my hand in march and april offering to help him do it. and really is not criticism we just want i want to speak for 1700000 users are they want a system out there they want to be able to track and trace they want to help but they also want to be consulted on how their information issues where it is stored get it the people will actually use it effectively as it does rely on public trust doesn't it. it does in your case earlier about public trust is very telling as well because the public trust is a fairly low level right now and we need to be honest we need to be transparent
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when you tell them what we're going to do with the data and if somebody tell me that my data has been restored for 20 years i'll be thinking do i really want to comply with us do i really want to share my data about who i am at work who are seen where i've been in or been in contact with a where that was for the next 20 years so anybody can have a look at that and become so i want a clear statement to say we're going to keep the data and we're going to get rid of it in 6 months time like australia did. fess up michael is fascinating stuff thank you very much and if you're any of us thank you you haven't. now the e.u. chief negotiator michel barnier has hit out at the u.k. government accusing it of storing progress on the brics a trade talks it follows the conclusion of the latest round of discussions. joins me now for more on this i their recess so talks are not going smoothly no absolutely in spite of the fact that of course the krona virus pandemic is still going on there have been talks taking place between the e.u. and the u.k.
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but they don't seem to be progressing at any real development or pace and michel barnier the chief negotiator is one of the voices who's been quite scathing in his criticism of the progress or the lack of progress of those talks but as far as the body is concerned all the blame lies in one direction we must stick to our commitments we want to move forward we engaged in this negotiation and a big fusion of a joint political dicta ration that clearly sets out the terms of our future but. these document. document is a very bore into full none quitters including english. it is not difficult to read it. we can rejigger fibrous
11:12 am
and give the commission was negotiated with prime minister of johnson him setter. yet round after round our british counterparts she could be stunned them cherish from this common basis now today for the end of the 4th round of negotiations between the 2 sides there are a number of issues which are outstanding in particular the question of the transition period and it and date the e.u. have offered to extend the end of that extension period a little further down the street i've repeatedly said that they won't be seeking an extension to that which leads some to fear that we might simply run out of time and could be heading for a no deal brags that we've also been hearing from david frost who is the u.k.'s chief negotiator he's taken perhaps we have just completed our 4th fool negotiating round but the e.u. again by video conference it was a little shorter than usual and more restricted in scope we continue to does.
11:13 am
that was david frost that now was one of the issues that we've been. seeing one of the issues that we've seen both sides perhaps not agreeing on is the question of fisheries and one of the problems of course with these talks is that they haven't taken place in person because of the krona virus outbreak they've been taking place virtually and we can go back to david frost again who lament that fact we have just completed our 4th fool negotiating round but the e.u. again by video conference it was a little shorter than usual and more restricted in scope but we continued to discuss the full range of issues including the most difficult ones progress remains limited but our talks have been positive in tone negotiations will continue and we
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remain committed to a successful outcome. we are now at an important moment for these talks we are close to reaching the limits of what we can achieve through the formats of remote formal rounds if we are to make progress it is clear that we must intensify and accelerate our work now with regards to intensifying that was we are going to see on june the 19th the so-called e.u. virtual e.u. summit but that will not be attended just by the negotiators but also by the principles of vandelay and and also of course the prime minister bars johnson who will hopefully be hoping that he can get some kind of progress with regards to those talks and with regards to raul taking fisheries and other issues but if there isn't and with the u.k. not looking to seek an extension to article 50 to the extension period of ologies we could be headed for another deliberative whether they said so they are also
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going to have we heard him twice excellent staff thank you. what is gus's latest round of trade talks are now joined by breck's expert professor alex to russia i thank you for joining us was ahead of me so that it's not going well for either side is it. now i mean that these thoughts continue to be poles apart frankly i mean that you tell a gym's of that so negotiating team is pretty much adamant that it doesn't want anything that smacks of any continued regulatory alignment with a you mean that you know the government is a great city a government so its objectives are just simply to say get a loose free trade agreement now from a used to spec if that's not enough and that you know michel barnier any negotiates make clear that they regard the e.t.f. proximity as the term they use to the e.u. in the fact that it's good on the integrated market. main that what they don't want to see is an x. member state getting preferential market access so you know the e.u.
11:16 am
stance is yeah you can have a trade agreement but if you want to trade agreement you've got to you know agree to the undertakings you made in the political declaration and keep regulatory alignment and most a t so go level playing field areas around state employment laws and environmental provisions for example and they do u.k. government stance is that this is unfair you know why you want to apply these to us but you won't like you haven't applied them to the likes of canada and japan in the free trade agreement yet but them why can't we have that methink the answer they clean is that the political imperative from the e.u. side is that what they don't want to have happen here is for an ex members state to be seen to getting some kind of preferential access that could lead to the likes of that about poland and hungary to mining and i guess that's a bit i think we're lazy again alex but let me just if i can try again with an extra question. since have lots of lost professor alex to wrote i will be coming
11:17 am
back to him a little later. so sick of the sound. almost half the primary schools in england top ignored government advice to reopen that research a site letting children return what may be a 2nd wave coronavirus in. the face of course what still starts a pipe into what it calls structural racism but your society we hear from a campaign on. the spiral downward depending on who you believe in the media the civil unrest in america is the result of systematic racism this explains protest and writing but it does it the commanding heights controlling the financial system media and the business world are loath to admit it it's the economy stupid for them graze all these.
11:18 am
players. play. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
11:19 am
welcome back britain's equality watchdog is launching an inquiry into what it calls the country's structural race inequality highlighted by the coronavirus pandemic the equality and human rights commission says urgent action must be taken to address imbalances across housing employment education and the justice system it comes after the government promised a review of the inequalities in virus infection and debts weights across areas like gender ethnicity employment and job well the watchdog has accused number 10 of not engaging with minorities over the impact of the lock down in areas such as domestic abuse or the gate economy h r c chair david isaacs said tucking race in equality but if it society as
11:20 am
a whole now is a once in a generational but unity to tackle longstanding entrenched racial inequalities we intend to use our stock to tory powers to address the loss of lives and livelihoods of people from different ethnic minorities only by taking focused action to tackle race inequality across britain we become a fact country in which every individual can reach their full potential everyone must live and work together in order to create a stronger economy and a cohesive society. well this comes as protests as in london bristol and manchester gathered to take a name and solidarity with george floyd a black man killed by police in the u.s. last month it's the 3rd black lives matter processed in the capital this week since march icon to call him a square on wednesday. or racial equality campaign and he just says the inquiry needs to go off the offending institutions if it wants to bring about lasting change and we've seen over the last decade if i talk to 20 years
11:21 am
the racial inequality gap between black citizens asian citizens and white citizens white it particularly africa arabian pakistani and bangladeshi they make up the bulk of the so she cannot make a good cry groups suffer horrendous levels of structural discrimination which would be brutally revealed by this kind democrats or appears an inquiry as it happened before so why will this one from the h.l.c. bring any lasting change and will it. out here sees a statutory body made up and has power and laws to make it compelling changes and to charge individual institutions with that discriminate tree practice if it does that then it will make a change but if it's a kind of softball and paddling we see from the choir is of the past and i'm
11:22 am
worried that it will not be a pact that we all expect to take and this is conviction for failing to follow police instructions as being quite the incident was filmed showing the n.h.s. worker being physically removed from her car protesting that she had done nothing wrong. ok i understand you're going to actually. i shall have to come to that actually. like a 300. 29 april $29000.00 police surrounded naomi bennett's call had to come down dos after she pulled over to drop off a friend in south london police arrested then 47 year old miss bennett for failing to get out of her vehicle after being asked presently times with police distracting them or something suspicious in a slight risk the police handcuffed underscored her to the police station charged with obstructing a police officer nothing was found in her car her when it was suspended from had problems for 100 pounds for taking too long to respond to police instructions
11:23 am
a conviction based course last month due to lack of evidence. when i am bennett told me that the ordeal has had a big emotional and financial impact thing initially it was they were approach they did a hard start which it was something that took me completely back and also some of the officers were implying closed so i didn't actually recognize him as being the place where the police treatment of ethnic minorities in the us is something obviously that we were reading a lot highlighted by george ford's death what are your thoughts on mars i mean to me there's not really much difference between what's happening in the usa to what's happening in london these problems have been going on in london for centuries. you know relatives of this very few black young mouths i know that have never been harassed or wrongly stopped and searched by the names so i think it is this is a global problem and it's not just happening in america and like to say it's
11:24 am
definitely here in the u.k. so why impactor how is your experience how do you work. well i am as a nurse you can't you know as a know as my record needs to be clean so i was suspended from my job and that caused serious problems. obviously financially also there is no longer any of this very little legal aid nouns i had to find the whole trial so financially it's had a huge impact on me emotionally it's had a huge impact to me so i was actually physically. hit by one of the officers a they said it was force was necessary however i disagree. let's return to the latest round of trade talks between the e.u. and u.k. are now rejoined by brett today expert professor alex to rota alex i hope you can hear me apologise for the technicalities that is the clearest sign yet that the
11:25 am
u.k. government is ready to accept no deal i mean they're no longer scared. well i think the stance of the take on all along is that they would prefer no deal to what they regard as a bad deal in other words the fischel stance and sure free trade agreement made abundantly clear that time with continued great realignment in those 2 areas i mention of those environment and state relations etc so i think that for the brics a 2 year old has among some negotiating team at the heart of the government. that's the preferred option and i think breaks it economically only has a logic if you want to dairy gates if you want to move away from the regulatory standards otherwise what's the point of bricks at you know strip out the stuff around take back control and identity it fundamentally speaking economically because the government wished she would differ male model math they want to pursue a trade with the united states that would mean except the u.s. agricultural status for example which are fundamentally incompatible with e.u.
11:26 am
standards so it's for these reasons that i think the no deal looks increasingly likely and he considered the mechanics of the negotiations as you know the government montenegrin to make they somehow managed to get one. state of that unit we have until october to produce a great legal text that would then have to be approved by every of the $27.00 e.u. national governments and in some cases regional governments will within the space of about 3 months and i'm like who was drawn that green which only required a simple qualified majority. any new trade agreement would have to be approved unanimously any single national government or regional parliament in some cases could shoot it down or impose additional demands mean spain for example is clearly a strong use over sovereignty on gibraltar day i'm afraid that is something that gets rights we're going to have to leave it there professor alex or to many thanks for rejoining us now where it's.
11:27 am
now almost half the primary schools in england have chosen not to reopen for more pupils despite the government's call to allow more children to return to school u.k. prime minister boris johnson had advised schools in england to bring back reception year one and year 6 people from june the 1st as the government started a multi phased easing of the law measures before this week most children had been studying online at home and schools were open only for vulnerable children and those of key workers. but a survey by the national education union revealed that 44 percent of schools did not open war widely on monday in some regions such as the east of england only 50 percent of schools chose to admit more students just 37 percent in the east midlands and 32 percent in london followed suit while only 12 percent opened in the northeast and 8 percent in the northwest the department for education spokesperson says the government will continue to support those schools who haven't yet been
11:28 am
able to reopen from this week many schools have begun welcoming children from reception year one and year 6 back to the classroom as part of a phased in cautious approach to prepare for this head teachers and school staff have been doing an excellent job including putting protective measures in place and engaging with parents and children we will continue to support schools who haven't yet been able to open more widely to do so as soon as possible when we were scientific modeling from the university of warrick suggests the gradual reopening of schools is unlikely to result in a 2nd wave of infections the research also shows that reducing social distancing between adults is more likely to spark a rise in new cases where a former regional secretary at the national union of teachers martin powell davis told me that one study doesn't necessarily mean reopening is safe. well that's one particular study from one particular group the research is there are other studies for example the independence age group made very clear that they felt that schools
11:29 am
would become institutional amplifiers if they opened more widely but i think the real issue is whichever research or a sparrow it's how are we going to know and the fact is that without the testing and tracking and isolation protocols the in place then if the number starts arise then we will not be open to keep it under control and i think that is the real concern the fact that some of these goals have not opened more widely i think speaks for itself that parents and schools do not believe what the government is saying they do not believe that things are safe at this stage. and finally officials from a london council patrolling a park in hackney run out of paper after issuing more than 70 fines to people for social behavior over the weekend $150.00 pound penalties were issued for reasons including littering and reports a public deaf a case and despite the council implementing measures to deal with this the mayor of
11:30 am
the phillip glanville said those in question were morally responsible for their actions since councillor john burke added that local authorities are already under financial pressure after cuts to government funding meanwhile critics were also worried that people were disregarding social distancing measures amid the pandemic more news at the top of the hour.


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