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tv   Boom Bust  RT  June 9, 2020 10:30am-11:30am EDT

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we go to work. straight home. this is the one business show you can't afford to miss more in washington coming up tensions are still high in the united states following nearly 2 weeks of protests against racial injustice straight ahead we recap the un rest and what moves are being taken to address inequality in the united states plus privacy remains a concern in the age of co but 19 at the united kingdom has disclosed sensitive
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health data to a u.s. firm owned by billionaire peter thiel and later markets continue to search despite ongoing global chaos how far will optimism carry this ball run and is it sustainable we bring you that and more today so let's jump right in. and thousands of protesters continue to take the streets worldwide calling for reform to the justice system after george floyd was killed in police custody in minneapolis minnesota couple weeks ago here in the united states demonstrators continued in nearly every major city including washington d.c. new york philadelphia chicago los angeles and san francisco just to name a few meanwhile in germany 15000 protesters marched in leipzig on sunday and an estimated 25000 gathered in munich on saturday officials in australia said more than 20000 demonstrated in sydney with smaller protests taking. place throughout the country in london the thousands gathered in parliament square and outside the u.s. embassy to protest injustice and again this is just
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a small sample protest also wrapped in paris rome toronto and numerous other cities throughout the world one of the big calls that protests here in the united states has been to define police departments and redirect those funds to other social programs the movement has even getting traction in minneapolis where 9 members of the city council a veto proof majority have pledged to dismantle the police department saying they will develop a new system for public safety in the city now for more on this call the define police forces let's bring in our chief correspondent fare and from zack who is reporting from outside the white house. where you have been so i have been covering these protests they started here in washington d.c. and i got to tell you right in front of the white house kind of that hotbed of war a lot of these protesters are gathering each and every day 1st you had we just had barricades behind me now you see we have fences last friday when i left these fences there was nothing on them at all and i can see that actually protesters are putting up signs in support of black lives matter as far as you know all lives matter and also defunding the police so what we're defining the police look like
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could actually really work well according to those that actually want to see this done it's a simple as as it sounds instead of finding a police department a big chunk of the city's budget would actually go towards communities in particular ones where much of the policing occurs but does this mean dismantling the police altogether while completely dismantling the police is on the more radical side of the spectrum but since the death of george floyd it's gaining major traction however dismantling and even defunding on a large scale hasn't been done before so it's a little tough to say but 27000 report that focus on a couple of weeks back and 2014 through 2015 when the new york police department pulled back on quote proactive policing meaning no aggressive enforcement of the report there were 2100 were crime complaints now as you mentioned now a majority of the minneapolis city council says that they support. spanning the city's police department this move just days after minnesota launched a civil rights investigation after joyce george floyd's dusts.
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police department. now you have the minneapolis city council however getting some pushback namely from the president of the united states also the minneapolis city marathon trump's latest tweet he has said quote this year has seen the lowest crime numbers in our in our country's record history and now radical left democrats want to defund and abandon our police sorry i want a law and order now you had sunday you had minneapolis mary j. could pray he was actually booed by protesters after saying that he didn't support abolishing the police department altogether while on the subject he told local n.b.c. affiliate here i work relentlessly with chief ari dando and alongside communities towards deep structural reform in addressing systemic racism in police culture
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ready to dig in and act more community led public safety strategies on behalf of our city but i do not support abolishing the minneapolis police department or other co-founder of black lives matter movement says that defunding the police means reducing the ability for law enforcement to have resources it's about reinvesting these dollars saying quote into black communities and communities that have been deeply devastated from it and particular supporters want money put back into social services for you have mental health domestic violence and homelessness since police are the 1st responders to all 3 but also schools hospitals housing and food in these communities as well now again brant this hasn't happened before so it's kind of like we're looking into something that is again never really been done before now it's never been done before is talking about defunding the police altogether well now that it is kind of an issue and it still might be a pile in the sky idea but as these protests keep going on longer and longer who's to say that. defunding or even dismantling the police altogether could be a pie in the sky idea set right on a set of bacteria hard to correspond if aaron fronsac thank you so much for that
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insightful report today and for more on all of this let's bring in entrepreneur and co-founder of bt in the r.l. j. companies robert l. johnson mr johnson thank you so much for joining us to discuss this i want to get to some things but i want to start here with the state of these demonstrations are taking place throughout the world and over the weekend everything was for the most part peaceful after we had seen some concerning situations over the last couple of weeks what are your thoughts on the continuing protests they do expect these gatherings to continue for the forseeable future. well and not a problem for. us or around were. yelling. racial. and you in. your car. and
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a faster primary driver. we have already. or are saying you know that america is earth we represent america. and you have thought we were not mr race creed or color and that doesn't that for. me is the final protest you know to me out there whether it be your show where you're. coming. and going we're remember. now we just talked about this movement to define the police throughout the u.s. in your opinion is this a viable solution to fight this injustice and inequality black americans are faced . no i think the word. is they. are is there no news or are you really warm. nor regret your labor. i don't
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really want to return about that bernard is going to read more of our. unit now really are. you know in relation. operate and there's a rating that basically. race in radnor robert graham in the rain. and snow are. people who. were not. going to school you may. be rather not. bargaining on management. operation or training
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and frankly. community rethink is the rate of your revenue increases through barry. then there's yannick who. are going to marry a community where black brown is a new rock well and you're absolutely right i think the messaging maybe it's hard to get the proper message when you're talking about protests spread throughout the country about let alone the world and so i think to your point i don't think anybody's really talking about is fully abolishing a police department i think more so it's about redirecting those funds in some cases where you have police involved in things that they don't necessarily need to be involved in now i want to get to to a point that you've actually pressed on here know you issued a press release calling for a 14 trillion dollars. in reparations to black americans now in a paper attached to that press release it asked basically for $350000.00 to every
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black person in america saying it could come in the form of direct cash payments over the next 10 to 20 years how is that going to work to fix inequality here in the u.s. . that we're seeing you know right now we've seen basically for the history of the united states. well 1st of all actually i'm not talking about earning the respect we are saying. in the black community so really tough there are racial. you know i did not. answer and. you're going to now turn our. hour in ways that no matter what you have to remember. what a white america has. black americans just. yank it.
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and change that and then. and you know if you want on. you bad right african-americans are. white america. and americans now. reading the network the right 170. 7. know their duties and. economic injustice and racial injustice. so race turns. out saying that some are running away from government for our own. program. i am going to marry well. you know i remember. now reading. in the rare. charming or that sand that are going to
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run against you or your ancestors going you know. probably the end of its range. i'm really glad the rights are in missed shots and i have to ask i mean you know you talk about putting that back to a certain extent into the community can you have strings attached to something like reparations or is this a flat i mean like the checks would go out to people but how are you going to ensure that people will put this back into their community and not only that educate themselves. to better themselves to to do this i just want to make sure that that's part of your playing. i don't need her name i'm.
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going to marry. i've. known her for a 100 things that you know and why. you're. leaving . and i mean that is a servant no less. and that's tomorrow. that's the problem. america. is not my home. doesn't it children are our. communities go to the monitor we're going to restaurants now you. know i don't understand. where the money. grogram. when
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you say you are african or. your if you are happy you are me. you were me and you want me crazy just. me. and me. without any government and. robert l. johnson co-founder of bt and they are all j. . companies i appreciate you spending time with us educating us and sharing with us what you're calling for thank you so much i hope we can do this again and discuss this at greater length. you know that it's a very. and time now for a quick break but hang here because when we return the bull run rages on despite global unrest and uncertainty but if this is to enable straight ahead we're going
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to take a deep dive into the book as we go to break here the numbers at the close. join me everything on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to a guest of the world of politics sport this list i'm showbusiness i'll see you then . is it real or is that they should stay or should i go is it real or is it fake that's the question of our age.
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this drug right ok we're for books with just. the everybody use code. cocaine you can smoke it this is worse like 1530. 20. 2 this is about a 15 people smoke this one figures this will be you. going to these drugs in any city in the united states that you want long as you want to get it out. and make money. that's what. i. i.
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and welcome back an incredible story out of the tech world today as a new contract reveals the british government gave secretive u.s. tech firms plant here access to millions of health records in this case we're talking about access to private personal data belonging to millions of british citizens and perhaps the most shocking part the price at which they did it access to millions of records for the low low price of just $1.00 pound joining us now to discuss it let's go to investigative journalist ben swan. i know it's where to start after that last statement there but ben let's start with the data what kind of debt are we actually talking about here yes so essentially we're talking about everything that you would want if you were dead a collection company we're talking about personal contact details gender race occupation physical status health status mental health status past criminal offenses basically everything that the british government has on its citizens it's
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handing over to this company and what's really remarkable about it is that this company is allowed to train using this information and they're allowed to profit off of it by building models and building private web and data tools using this personal information belonging to millions of british that it's no better as we just mentioned there in the set up to access this information was sold for one british pound one pound yeah. i did i was going to question why. what yeah i mean when you when you break that down for american viewers who are watching that that's a $1.27 that's what we're talking about a tech company going to the government and the government saying we're going to give you data on millions of our citizens and it's everything as we said all this proprietary information about people and personal information for a $1.27 it's absolutely insane it demonstrates obviously that this company was allowed to have access to records that they really shouldn't have access to i don't
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believe but they were allowed to do so without even the government same or at least there is a mechanism by which we were able to recoup some value though at the same time you have to wonder why are you selling this data in the 1st place why in the world is the british government n.h.s. taking british citizens private and personal information and selling it then the idea that it's really only worth about a buck is just it's insane. pelletier was founded by peter thiel an ally of president trump now pelletier has developed at a technology intelligence agencies and governments use for surveillance their current customers in the u.s. are a little startling are they not. they are a little bit certainly we're talking about the u.s. army we're talking about the f.b.i. we're talking about the cia essentially working with you know major government and military organizations in order to develop again these these tech tools that are
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used essentially to scan across social media scan across the internet and gather data on people and i think more and more brant what we're seeing is we have these these tech companies that obviously silicon valley have developed these data collection tools on their own in this case you have a private company that is really focused on not being a social company but doing what social companies do specifically at the behest of national governments around the world both co-host bents one thank you so much for that insight for report there. and thanks. and with more cities beginning to reopen including new york city which started the reopening process just today on monday u.s. equities are continuing to gain so let's bring in some expert analysis from such as 'd christy i am told at smith c.e.o. transformative research thank you both for joining us today so been what's driving the rally today and do you expect this to continue. i expect it to continue because b. the reason why it's driving is what i think we've talked about for 2 months now the
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market not only does it look ahead but the market responds best to information that's not as bad as i thought because when investor or a trader goes through the process of oh my gosh what about this what about that what about that they build this negative narrative in peace by piece that negative narrative is being blown up number one number 2 it's now near the end of the 2nd quarter if you manage money like i do or you have investment newsletter subscribers you get marked to market by how well you did and if somebody was sitting on their hands or going over goes a good figure out what's going to happen they're way behind the marketplace we probably have 5 or 6 companies i've talked about on the show that are up to 300 percent in the time that other people go it's it's we're not going to have a big scene and everything you know what you don't live in the real world if you're going to bust money in the real world it's getting better not worse now kristie do you see this as a true rally or is it still part of the so-called bounce did we actually recover
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from the bear market this fast or are we going to retest i mean i don't have we're not even retesting lows were or nearly highs that. it's all right now that's doug john mclaughlin last week this does give more support in a cover story but at the same time it's also puts additional pressure on the economic reports this week in order to come from that friday's jobs report was not just a one i'll let on the road to recovery so right now there's still some clarity on whether or not they come in chemical or as quickly as expected so now that is a positive bias so unless we watch that and the expectation we're going to fall back down but nevertheless investors are continuing to bet on the reopen and for return and air travel especially today airlines jumped across what 5 percent today but at the heart of this entire market meltdown is basically the central bank the fed has been the wildcard here and hedging has got no earned and the latest round. they underestimated how many red lines and how far the fed would go in order to
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support the market so as such the focus of this week will probably be on wednesday as chairman powell is expected to reiterate his commitment to basically unlimited asset purchases in order to keep the market's unction as it is now tobin despite a turbulent start to the year companies are actually continued to go public in 2020 companies raised 12200000000 in i.p.o.'s on the nasdaq surpassing the 10900000000 on the new york stock exchange so who are these companies that are still deciding to go public nowadays and clearly as you've said things are still working for everybody so why not. yeah well it's going to be anybody everybody other than air b.n. b. right there we got a little a little work to go but but but look at it. as the country recovered in some of the smaller states when open we had and we didn't get california we didn't get new york we didn't get all florida just wait until the news comes from new york city oh my gosh i have friends there who haven't had a cocktail. you know so what if i'm doing an i.p.o.
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right now i want to do it right now i want to do it where people are lagging there's a there's a e.t.f. called i.p.o. it's run by the renaissance people and i recommend that right now because these you have a lot of money chasing a little bit of inventory that these guys are only selling 10 or 15000000 shares at opens so you saw this last week a company called zoom info doubled in price on friday now that's bad on the investment bankers because i was a c.e.o. of them i'd be on the horn and i'd be demanding you know extra shares an extra it's not the but the way this works is we have 5 and a half trillion dollars of cash that sitting in money market accounts and it's not doing anything and so when you get a chance to buy into these i.p.o.'s i'm i'm actually a buyer into the palin's here i.p.o. that's coming up so it's funny you had it on there. you don't understand what they did with that information is they created models that they use for surveillance to
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use for threat assessment and then in a time like today those type of companies are going to go public this year and they're going to make heck of a a lot of money and i stop saying what i was really going to say. oh you bought a new and because i'll buy all of this happened and then and so it's still possible and it's not only 10 months old all of them and all that happened i.p.o. that have already been played since june and all of 8 of them have already been up by such means and the. oversubscription pent up demand and everything and all of them are still training grant so that just shows that just give them to show the bullishness of the market right now and the over exuberance of the market that all of us i.p.o.'s run even though they are all completely cash flow negative these deals are getting upsides and oversubscribed i completely absurd valuations cristiana time they stared at it all bells are
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a moment so. thank you so much i always appreciate both of you being on the show. and that's it for this time you get that boom bust on the man of the brand new portable t.v. episode on smartphone through google play in the apple app store by searching portable t.v. we'll see you next time. i don't know crap. no shots. actually. know as to. which your thirst for action.
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is hard to take something from somebody if you don't have something to replace it. i'll be going to this interview today and all these markets open then they take me . there you know. there is an area. so i'm going to tell you stop selling drugs if we'll have some to put the money in the back. they just mean the way of life. i'm askin basically a color speech before the words do you guys know what secret new security positions open without. david jack me again. you see people get all their cars and i'll see you coming no hard and it seems like they'll hurry up and run into the house like they don't want to they don't want to talk to your get your mail or anything like that.
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i just want to go. and do the. ride just try reading. some. of the most a clip of she will. be used to you. but you might it's always with a because it was so cool most of the elite like nuts you didn't see immediate. they can put us up wouldn't it to put up a small city in the open to capital. city they.
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yes. yes well. welcoming our viewers from around the world live from central london this is r.t. u.k. . people got across the world ahead of the funeral of george floyd's the black man who died in the u.s. while in the custody of a white police officer as tensions grew in the u.k. over the controversial statues following the removal of the one commemorating a slave trade in 1st store over talking to a social commentator on. the government's immigration bill is criticized over its lack of public consultation as well as for being unnecessarily cruel i'll be joined by inequality campaign a. government u. turns on schools as the plan to bring back all primary years before the summer break is scraps of. the prime minister's senior advisor dominic cummings faces
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a possible private prosecution over his much criticized lockdown trip to daryn we hear from him and be quite the campaign. thousands have gathered in houston texas to pay their respects ahead of the funeral of george floyd the on black man killed by a white police officer and his death sparked global protests family members of the late george floyd along with civil rights campaigners attended monday's vigil in his hometown set to be buried in a private ceremony later in tuesday where he will be laid to rest next to his mother. but the death of george flew to spot global protest movements and people across the world have turned out to pay their respects. to epis daschle joins me now from the london commemoration whole event. might shock you so what's the
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situation like that. but i'm suddenly here next to the winston churchill statue in the heart of that you're going to them come on this were thousands of people are expected to. within the next noon hour as you can see there are people that have congregated in the heart of central london here of course to commemorate the killing of george. died in nice possibility 2 weeks ago where a white officer painting done with this thing. up to 90 minutes now as i say i mean by the winston churchill stuff the statue that was actually defaced heights of the protests over the weekend grabbed by protesters the word racist on the front of the winston churchill statute right at this present time there's a huge police presence to try and protect your structure because now the backgrounds months of protests have moved their target statues across the united kingdom saying that there are still many such as across britain that symbolize
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a legacy of created this of racism and oppression now starting that in 1st over the weekend there was some quite isotonic scenes with whereby protesters killed 2 down it's not true of an english 17th century slave trade. that got you down. by london itself though here it. has its own fair share of all give me controversial figures but the london massacre. history. i'm quite clear we shouldn't be memorializing we should be commemoration celebrating this. people who are slaves. we should be doing is making sure that the streets of london the public room the square. reflected of a strip. club despite the bunting saying these statues reflect diversity has. been done just under
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a new commissioner. in the public domain much to the welcoming of protesters here however in general the pacing and the. struction even know something not jesus and quite split opinion across the united kingdom many agreeing with the removal but not necessarily the top. we shouldn't destroy the statues i guess we should probably move into like museums where we can appreciate the history behind it doesn't matter if the person did one thing good couple of things good if the person has done. disgracefully to parts of the society why why do we need to start of this person and the problem is we are going to write history. good or bad we called them that created sickly if you're looking into historical figures and saying they had an involvement in slavery or race spaded i don't see there is a cross off of it if they demonstrate behaviors that were racists and i think it
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should be a fairly clear cut line i think that this election of statues for black people and for other people who were in this country to build it and so what needs to be looked at is how some of these statues of people who's got a history of racism do they need to be removed it's not fair when the people who are here a lot of us grew to slavery you know i mean we we are history's going to slavery we should we should applaud putin britain's arm shameful parse it is our history. i find it's a very dangerous things to start it's a it's a bit like a to tell you terry and regime wanting to you know that i don't need to follow or trying to clear your whole past and pretend that were a different change society we are changing but i think you have to be very careful to remember your past so that you don't make the same errors again. we've already heard reaction from sides of the political spectrum on the more extreme side then we have unsurprisingly the crux of what to do to nigel farage and compare
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the actions of the protesters out of the taliban and said that u.k. city is worth living and well unsurprisingly that there has received a backlash from london. any saying the fire rogers views represent something that is not in the latter part of this century but part of a complete the point altogether plus many people have actually hailed the actions of protestors online commending them for taking matters into their own accounts not her that's creating history but being part of it and making it into turning intention to public scrutiny whereby many people in oxford seem to be somewhat inspired by those in bristol particularly they are gathering today by a statue of growth growth was a 19th century imperialist insult. called he said the foundations of the exploitative baby system in south africa and in fact even late the north seizures of land as well now many campaigners have long try to remove the
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structure of cecille votes saying that it represents subjugation it remains to be seen though whether or not later on today they will take matters into their own hands like that and president potentially removing themselves as i say that remains to be seen but putting a lot of this into a wider context of course of the last month as movement has really reinvigorated many calls against racial inequality eggs discrimination against oppression and fundamentally be against racism even symbols of it have not been shown to the spotlight. with ideas thank you very much. for discuss the removal of statues and whether protesters were right to pull down at what cost and i'm now joined by journalist and social commentator. sonia thanks for joining us questions that she was an anachronism but was it right to tear it down well ok time must admit when i actually saw that i had such mixed feelings as the mother of a mixed race child of jamaican heritage i cheered and by the same token i think it's possible to recognize that something is criminal damage and also to understand
11:08 am
that sometimes what happens is the moral and correct thing to happen on this occasion i believe it was bristol was as. been completely overshadowed by edward colston for many years not just the statue but colston all the main music center streets it's a multicultural city people will literally be in offended de lay and not for anything like this was a major major. and i think that it was sort of sweet karmic retribution to see him thrown into the dock just as many many people died on the crossings that he made lots of money from a site for what he represented though could this be a dangerous precedent to set a lang statute ripple down if people disagree with the course or absolutely as i say i can't really necessarily condone the methodology but having said that it's a great deal of frustration a great deal of frustration and the truth is people just this weekend alone has suddenly learned about black slavery in
11:09 am
a way that they hadn't learned before so there's a great deal of education that has come from this act and sometimes great acts of activism have to take place they appealed repeatedly they signed petitions they appealed to the council nobody was listening what would what would they left with and as i say i don't necessarily approve of modern mob rule or taking lore into our own hands but sometimes just sometimes a situation warrants it all the history of the u.k. may not be perfect as we know when it comes to civil rights but we can't what washes free can we we have to confront it yes we do need to confront it but me personally i think it's time to start looking at all of the the all of these you know statues because the truth is it's extremely elitist the reason these statues came to be for the most part is because these people were financially wealthy they were influential this is not about morality this is not about the greatness that made our nation this is about people effectively buying their way to be.
11:10 am
immortalized in stone so no we mustn't it raise our history but we have museums for exactly this reason when you see statues out in the street this is about as looking up to these. people i don't want to be looking at people like colston or milligan or any of these people who were slave or so i say time to take them down and question whether we really want to be immortalizing human beings in stone in the 1st place was a new preemptive or i'm going to ask my last question where do you think the statues go do you think they should go to a museum yes i do i think they do have a value it is absolutely vital as you say we shouldn't be raising our history we must have knowledge where we've come from in order not to be able to be those states those mistakes in the future but they shouldn't be on our streets no it's and it's fantastic that we've woken up over this last week i've been fighting it's racism kate for many many years not least because as i say i have a vested interest my daughter is half jamaican but because it's just wrong and i've seen over this last week that we actually stand a chance of really changing our world once and for some people to thank you for
11:11 am
joining us. for the government's plan for a new immigration bill which will formally end freedom of movement into the u.k. is shared sure to be voted on next month but it's under fire over how it consulted the public to gauge support for the new policy. the poll asked opinions on policies like extending visas for foreign n.h.s. workers and other points based immigration system it also asked voters if they support the proposed bill and if they're in favor of strengthening the u.k.'s immigration system but critics claim the government is only circulating the survey amongst its supporters instead of the wider public and that this will unfairly skew the results in favor of the government's position and not all tory members are in favor of the bill in its current form former breaks it secretary david davis called for the new law to end the indefinite detention of immigrants who've been victims of trafficking and slavery. i know only too well that all the advice the home
11:12 am
secretary will be getting from the home office bureaucracy will be to resist this but i ask them to look at the natural justice of this we are a country which prides itself on the justice system yet on the one hand we are supposedly campaigning against modern slavery but in the way we operate our holding centers in some ways we are exasperating it. but the law on the bill and i joined by social commentator and equality campaign of patrick vernon actually thank you very much the government says this bill will lead to a fairer immigration system for everyone what do you think. absolutely not it's really sad because last night there was a major t.v. drama about under the bronx about his experience being caught up in the when a scandal spun him to sell times in a detention center and the whole duggar creation how the home office treated his life. and is quite clear that the when the scandal has not been resolved by the government and the government are still going down this track of how this bill.
11:13 am
even sort of compensation for fans of the people who have suffered the current immigration policy and this new immigration bill will make matters worse because the hostile environment will still discriminate against people of color rule still a range of the tension centers around the country and more importantly the use of charts and deportation flights will be used as a way to deport people without looking at family life and look at all the circumstances people come to britain they just did give the tories a large mandate in the last election didn't they and that included an end to the freedom of. well we say mandate i think it was a very mixed election results in many ways you know and yes in terms of bricks it that decision was made of bricks it pose no clarity regarding the whole freedom of movement situation this country has built. it's wealth its reputation on freedom of
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movement and even within the conservative party there was a split regarding that and the very fact that they have the conservative party have to do a survey to short any kind of support demonstrates that there is no 100 percent certainty that this will work for the pandemic has highlighted the front line workers that we are dependent on dane they are working for the n.h.s. transport and retail they're all market workers. and the governor had to relax the rules recognizing that so why is the come up pursuing this immigration policy when we look from the whole experience the pandemic that front line workers are key workers and that she was a leader respects it's a bunch of m.p.'s including the former bracks it's secretaries we had there have issues with this so there can be lots of changes ahead. i hope some of the i want to feel about it put a towel the home secretary she talks about this 1st system but yet this new plan this new bill if it was implemented. her parents would be allowed to come this country another would she so it's fast call that you go home secretary who talks
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about person experience of facing racial discrimination it's implements in a race piece legislation itself well indefinite detention does seem to be unnecessary call that was a quote on it that the lesser charges like attention action of the working with their have to take legal action for the courts and the courts have actually had to release people because what's quite clear that the tension sensors fundamentally brit's a basic principle of of british law and writes papers corpus you are detained in the trial your detail without any reason at all and these people are detained because they are suspected of being illegal immigrants without any proper due process this is a shame in this country and in the same way that tens of thousands of people marched from britain because of laws matter immigration laws not to acting then thank you very much for your thoughts.
11:16 am
well let's look at how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the u.k. there have been a further 145 more deaths across the home nations according to individual health will surratt is an h.s.a. england has reported 129 hospital deaths while the welsh health authorities have reported 9 across all settings scotland has reported 7 and northern ireland has reported no new deaths for a 3rd consecutive day. despite a steady decline in the daily coronavirus death toll almost $64000.00 more deaths than usual have been registered in the u.k. since the outbreak began that's according to figures revealed by the office for national statistics will choose day which looked at the 5 year average epidemiologist say excess mortality is the best way to measure internationally comparable coronavirus death tolls. and senior scientists have claimed flaws in the government's test and traces to mean it's not fit for purpose the so-called
11:17 am
independent say each set up to shadow the government's official scientific advisory group for emergencies unveiled its critical report on cheers day the group is calling for ministers to implement a more robust find test traist isolate and support approach and if it was more effective be called back to the virus. and now is take a look at how the condom is looking globally. more than 7100000 cases have been confirmed according to worldwide data collected by jones university in the us there have been over 400000 deaths while the total number of recoveries as a possible 3300000. still to come this hour comes to get english peoples back to school before the summer break of being dropped off or to measure just home climber schools followed government guidance to reopen last week. unsanitized
11:18 am
a dummy cummings could face and planted legal action over his controversial long time trip to dover and we hear from the woman behind the campaign. you cannot be both with the yeah you what. is your media a reflection of reality. in
11:19 am
a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. tyson nation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true watch is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. is it real or is it fate should i stay or should i go now is it real or is it fake best the question of our.
11:20 am
thank you. welcome back plans to get english pupils back to school before the summer break had been scrapped off into measures half of the primary schools followed government guidance to reopen last week on t. he case is around and trust me now with more on this. i know that he says so it's a big u. turn from the government here isn't it absolutely there were plans by the government reopen schools for 4 weeks before the end of the time of the beginning of the summer holidays but those have now been scrapped with the government's pushing the dates back to september in time for the new academic year that this is an embarrassing climbdown for the government as reopening schools represents a cheap trend in their strategy to reopen the country and they've now had to do a u. turn on that we were expecting to see years one and 6 primary schools year groups already turning back to school last week that date has not been pushed back
11:21 am
to the end of this month and as for the rest of the school pupils well as we just mentioned they won't be returning back until september at the earliest and we've seen in the northwest schools in the parts of england northwest of england canceling their plans to rio term ahead teachers local councils saying that juta the fact that the reinspection rate the all rates in the region is above one even slightly and that means that the infection is now growing once more exponentially and so for that reason it's simply not safe according to those schools to reopen the doors but as far as education secretary got in williamson is concerned that schools should still be reopening. some schools this measure i can assure them this age is our estimate for the whole
11:22 am
of the u.k. it is below one if a robust data shows that local action needs to be taken we would not hesitate to do so but we are not in that position. but of course the government while state might want children to go back to school or also as a side trip to that launching a study to see exactly how dangerous it would be to send children to school we've had previously sides if you can medical advisor saying that our children perhaps are less susceptible to the virus and so they might even be asymptomatic when they get it and might not even spread it easily as those who are older and so for that reason there are some who argue that children should be going back to school well the government say they're going to be launching a study in 200 schools and studying 200 pupils and teachers at each of those
11:23 am
schools giving the big enough salt which really more and so on and see whether it is safe but shitty for children to go back to school in time for the new school year as somebody a said thank you very much indeed. and finally boris johnson's chief a dominant cummings could face private legal action over his controversial trip to darfur and while longtime restrictions were in place the action is currently being crowd funded by law graduate frustrated by cummings flouting of the government's own coronavirus guidelines well launched on sunday the fundraiser is seeking 300000 pounds for the case with donations so far as a little under 3000 the money raised will initially fund legal advice on coming strip and if a basis for prosecution is found well then go towards prosecuting him any of the money raised which isn't spent on the prosecution will be donated to a charity which helps people with vision problems. well in april cummings and his wife drove 260 miles to take their child to a 2nd home in darwin at
11:24 am
a time when full lockdown measures were still in place darren police said that trip didn't break the law but a subsequent 60 mile round trip divided cancelled which cummings claims was to test his eyesight before returning to london constituted a minor breach similar breaches by members of the public have resulted in over 15000 fines being issued by police since the lockdown measures came into force. so joining me now is the woman behind the campaign mass a ton of a lot of thank you for joining us what do you hope to achieve with this private prosecution. so the private prosecution aims to allow a public examination of what he had said about there a legit breach and to see whether that falls and sued the government guidelines at the time or darn police said they won't be pursuing further action against dominic cummings what legal arguments do you think you think that you have that they might have missed well as a nation we had his excuse and that we all find it hard to believe that that falls
11:25 am
as a reasonable it's just history is the excuse that forms into the government guidelines well the police admitted looking at it within the legal framework that it was a minor breach but they would probably have just sent him home. well the guide only around the time was not to leave home if he had killed it's all if you had come into contact with someone who had his wife admittedly at the time had been sometimes and to his cabinet member well also. they had a current of artists so the guidance at the time was not to leave the house when. that was a situation where the time that his wife wasn't confirmed to have coronavirus when i made the trip to be fair to him in the meantime by other government figures and members of the shadow cabinet have also been accused of breaking the law into what do you think that the case of dominic cummings here is so important so with other members and the m.p.'s they did not have
11:26 am
a direct hand in those laws the code of laws themselves and. cummings he was actually present at the same things which were actually. the coded laws the most like which actually start. which actually results in those covert laws so i find hans that someone here is an influence and he was present at the stage meetings to. break the laws themselves someone who was similar in a civil suit you ation see it coming this would be 5 percent. and he apologized and resigned but the issue is he won't apologize and he's very arrogant about breaking the code pickle as you think at apology would have been enough. well he didn't apologize but. he what he has done he is undermined the public
11:27 am
confidence so now what we've got is black lives matter as protesters saying that well if dominic cummings can say that a why can't we use this as a reason or excuse so what he's done he's opened the floodgates to everyone now preaching what down so he's done much more than just. a little breach is just undermined the public confidence in the government itself so you don't think that there would have been the black clothes massive protest had the not been dominant cummings. i wouldn't say that but i'm saying that because members of the public and now they don't have trust in the public so now they can use as a result excuse just because he's used his weasel excuse and now we can all say whatever we want but have you seen a lot of support for your course so far mean how many people have reacted to what you say and do you think you'll be successful. yes i do you think i will be
11:28 am
successful i have. a lot of negative. messages from come and support in regards to a sexist comments racial abuse. the fact. a young female who's doing as and i wouldn't be taken seriously but i also received a lot of support i received hundreds of donations. i've received a lot of messages on social media saying that while i'm good i think it's right and we should help members of the public to account especially those who have had just significant role in creating those hopes it will as i find out what figure have you got so far how much we raised. i received 3000 but. it's just launched so i hope that we will actually raise enough money to stop their part of the prosecution so what happens must the time to thank you so much
11:29 am
a day for joining us right about thank you and i'll be back with more news in half an hour say that.
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