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tv   News  RT  June 10, 2020 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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demonstrators in paris hold a large anti racism protest in honor of george floyd with almost 9 minutes of silent condemnation of police brutality. london's mayor dances a review of all the statues and street names in the city and it concerns slavery and racism protestors toppled a monument to a slave trader in the u.k. city of bristol. everybody's trying to shame us. about our profession. us police say that all officers shouldn't be blamed for just one month's crime law enforcement turns into a movement with even cafes joining in. very
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good afternoon tea thanks for joining us here on r.t. to. a large racism demonstration has been held in paris almost $3000.00 people gathered in the french capital to pay tribute to george floyd 8 minutes and 46 seconds the central square in the city remained silent the time during which an american policeman held his knee on floyd's neck. was at the protest. and almost to georgia floyd here in paris across france other rallies are also being held now the pressure from demonstrations like this over the last week or so has forced the french government to take action the country's interior minister found 0 tolerance. when you wear the uniform the blue uniform of the law
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you were never above it on the contrary we owe it to ourselves even more than others to be exemplary so i want 0 tolerance for racism in law enforcement. that statement came in the wake of a new racism scandal a facebook group used by police members was outed for repeatedly using racist and sexist terms was also mocking victims of police brutality in another close group on whatsapp the police are accused of insulting a fellow officer who is black with racist around which christophe casts in a seize the moment calling for an inquiry he also in the end of the controversial choke hold technique used to detain suspects but is it enough that much higher i think those people should be fired we need to identify those behind those racist messages and fire them i think it is unacceptable that the police should be protecting us don't follow the laws themselves they should face the consequences
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that i have witnessed police brutality for my son was coming but math is a mixed blood was coming from my. he was. he was you know about richard because he. is salva black. who don't necessarily have confidence in the government because this problem has been around for years we get the feeling that castner's actions are a bit opportunistic because it is only what happened in the us that finally made them do something to increase their credibility but we don't know if in the end things will change that the policeman will be better trained or of the situation with discrimination and racism will finally be taken seriously because i'm not so tin that something will change i think that the measures taken by the government a more aimed at calming down the people than by the solving the problem of racism and portrayal publicists in place and police unions have criticised the changes the
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raw political announcements and then there is the reality on the ground the impression given is that everyone is nice except the police who are mean. we use the stranglehold when were faced with an individual who's resisting arrest so what will wouldn't stir while the tribute here is to george floyd france is also remembering its own who died 2 more families claim of questionable circumstances and there is anger over accusations of police brutality figures just released by france's police watchdog show almost 1500 complaints were made in 2019 against officers an increase of almost 25 percent more than half of those complaints were for alleged violence by 41 percent compared to 2018 been teary ministers says 30 judicial investigations have been launched of those 22 report to justice the fight
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against racism in issues of police brutality is not new we must run his presidential campaign in 2017 he promised to be uncompromising i want to change the culture the management and the recruitment of french police when there is manifestly a problem the police hierarchy must be challenged but 3 years on the same questions are still being asked afresh promises are still being made people hear this and other protests want is action and not all words show it even ski r.t. paris. the former police commissioner simulate told us that the problem of racism goes far beyond police brutality. today's police officers face a great challenge they have to assert their authority and the need to demonstrate is no longer enough so all of this violence that we can condemn is a consequence of social bidets not police violence i think that's where we are
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wrong the police system in america has nothing to do with the national police which depends on the state the police in the united states is a myriad of different police structures mostly municipal they have different recruitment standards different levels of trading everything and you can compare france and the united states year after all the purpose for france is not to live in unity but to find a common destiny. in the u.k. protesters have gone to war with statues of slave traders and those they believe were racists and response that i have london's now ordered a review of all statues and their links to slavery and even the world famous tate gallery is now in the spotlight since it's named after a sugar merchant shadi edward stash he explains. the backlog protests have erupted worldwide in the united kingdom is no difference particularly now what we're seeing is activists and protesters are somewhat targeting other things obvious symbols of racism here in the united kingdom so i'm now stood next to the winston churchill
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statue for many protestors a symbol of colonize ation and a symbol of racism of course over the weekend this statue this very structure of winston churchill was somewhat to face with the words churchill was a racist written all over it of course right now there's quite a launch police presence prying to protect this very stuff she from the protesters as of course the black marxist protesters have reinvigorated campaigns across the united kingdom trying to rid britain of statues that represent the legacies of colonize ation oppression and racism starting in bristol then over the weekend we saw absolutely iconic scenes where by protesting top pulled down a statue a 17th century slave trade under the name edward colson was pulled down to the ground and toppled into a nearby river london though in this very square that i'm stood in also has various
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controversial statues many of which protesters want to see which is prompted. to announce that he wants a review of london statues and landmarks in an effort to make public spaces more diverse to find me however it is said that this review could include places like the take gallery found has links to slavery it is an uncomfortable truth the nation city owes a large part of its wealth to its role in the slave trade and while this is reflected in our public room the contribution of many of our communities to life in our capital has been willfully ignored this cannot continue but in general the statue's defacing were indeed destruction has completely split opinion across the. united kingdom many of which agree for the removal but not necessarily the tactic we shouldn't destroy the statues i guess. like music where we can appreciate it. if the person has. disgracefully to parts of the society why do we need to
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start your description of it is our history. i find it's a very dangerous things to start it's a bit like a challenge terry and richie wanting to you know that i don't need you for trying to clear your past and pretend they were a different change society i think that this election for black people and for other people in this country to build it problem is we are going to st. tourney attention then to oxford where protesters seem to be somewhat inspired by the recent events in bristol and have gathered outside and next to this statute now so rose was a 19th century imperialist in south africa he laid the foundations of the exploited labor system and he indeed labor nor of the seizure of lands across the south african region now campaigners want the removal of that statue saying that it
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represents subjugation but putting this all into wider context we've seen these protesters taking a knee at the nelson mandela statue campaigning in protesting by the words of churchill statue and also taking their protest to downing street where they had messages for the prime minister saying that the u.k. is no innocent in this fight against racism. the b.b.c. should be stripped of its funding according to the demands of a new online campaign against the british state funded broadcasting corporation is being accused of failing to be impartial almost 60000 people have joined the campaign on twitter. defunding the b.b.c. is a vital step in restoring the people's trust in our media and it is one that we must work together to achieve ultimately the b.b.c. is not impartial it refuses to tell its audience the political background of its guests allowing many labor activists to present themselves as a balanced view despite holding a deep seated hatred for the government people have taken to social media to slam
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the b.b.c.'s coverage of the black lives matter of protests taking place in the u.k. coming in for particular criticism was this report that the demonstrations were largely peaceful despite $27.00 police being injured it's not the 1st time the broadcasters faced large scale claims of bias its coverage of the briggs's referendum sparked much complaint. now according to a poll that was carried out in december 64 percent of those questioned in the u.k. said the b.b.c. is biased to some degree leave voters tend to assess the amount of bias as being great less than a quarter believe in the broadcasters impartiality also disagree whether they should completely trust the information that comes out of the corporation the country is divided on this though it's about $5050.00 with the percentage also declining of an leavers and rising among remainders we discuss the prospects of the state from the broadcaster with radio host and b.b.c. contributor john gaunt and also journalist neil clark. i think the problem with the
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di from the b.b.c. campaign is it's too broad brush there are issues with parts of the b.b.c. programming of particular the news and current affairs but i think what will limit that campaign is the fact that people go to the b.b.c. not just for using try to 1st they go there for sport they watch football they watch weather reports and people are saying look if we don't have the b.b.c. where are we going to go for this stuff what i want to seize the b.b.c. to change i think we need change in the b.b.c. people accuse the b.b.c. a political bias i think the vice is basically what one could call the dominant orthodoxy is extreme sectors of the left accuse it of being right wing of the rockies it being left with but in fact it's it's kind of blairite blairite camera night kind of politics seems to dominate the b.b.c. and many people myself included on the breaks it so i do believe that the b.b.c. was very biased in its coverage and this is now playing out in the black lives matter a protester as well i think clearly there's a problem with the b.b.c. and the reason why it is a problem is that the b.b.c. uniquely is funded through a t.v.
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license fee as statutary fee if you don't pay that fee in the end you could get sent to prison in the last year also in something like 800000 people have said they no longer want to pay the license really because they're no longer watching live t.v. with netflix now is the prime if you want and you know you can get in there by what you want likewise with news people don't really now tune into the 10 o'clock or 9 o'clock just to see what's happening in the world in order to load to about it on their mobile phones are social media platforms or other channels that are enough to pay for yes i think the time has come to defund the b.b.c. and the bias is much too great they've had a good run of it now it needs to be cut down. ok plenty more news coverage coming up for you after this very short break and. everybody's trying. shame on us that being
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a barrister about our profession schools that they fund the police intensify cross america law enforcement unions blame politicians and the press for shaming them will be hearing from a full of police officer and also a former minnesota governor so you know. international memorial awards has extended its deadline for submissions. all media professionals and eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work for alternative media pool or a part of a global news platform you can submit to your published works in either video format go to award go to auntie dot com and it to know. probably greatest success of the civil rights movement was respect for human dignity all lives matter under the rule of law that was then but today the same concept has been turned on its head we are told to change the need or face
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consequences the social shany is being turned into a ruling ideology. we go to work some straight home. welcome back now the threat of defunding is looming over certain police forces in the united states that follows the violent protests triggered by george floyd's death in minneapolis several attorney generals have pushed back against the move so without police there is no guarantee of security stance fully backed by president
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trump police unions meanwhile are calling on the public not to hate all offices for the crimes of warm police. i am not derek shipboard they are not here he killed someone we did. we are restrained. and you know what i'm saying there's all the cops here because you know what everybody's trying to shame on the legislators the press everybody is trying to shame us it being a barrister about our profession but you know what. this is it staged by somebody in minneapolis it's still got to shine on it so that there is so do there is. only reports the white house plans to reveal its own police reforms shortly but for now some cities have already expressed their intent to cut funding for their forces on the scale of more but explains how law enforcement has become something of
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a scapegoat for u.s. society. public attitudes toward policing in the united states are dramatically changing in light of protesters calling to disband the police the entire institution is being rethought and not just in the way that it relates to racism and brutality funding for police departments is being cut and redirected we will be moving funding from the n.y.p.d. to use the mission tubes and social services plans are now in the works to disband entire departments in local areas we are going to dismantle the minneapolis police department and when we are done we're not simply going to glued back together we are going to dramatically rethink how we approach public safety in emergency response it's really busty and i think this is a reaper a decade happened i think we all finally caught up to something misha caught up to a bong long time ago i don't agree with dismantling the police because things will get out of control you need to police i mean you just got to weed out the bad ones
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so many times take action like a family trying to stand up for as you know no me for like black people but as i said if everybody is not right with they doing so i think they should have been started to do data for years americans have enjoyed watching reality t.v. programs where camera crews follow officers around as they bust feet but not anymore a any has canceled live p.d. and paramount has pulled the plug on season 33 of the once widely popular program cops businesses are now trying to protect their image voices or even blaming the police for global warming. it's impossible to disentangle the various threads of environmental racism and his ties with policing the history of redlining and policing for segregation has led to massive hotter neighborhoods and more people with chronic health problems tied to air pollution university students are now demanding that their campus stop collaborating with local law enforcement we all
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screw detailed public statement on the chain of events decisions and command lines that led to the use of this facility by l.a.p.d. and its mobile processing units last evening we also asked for an immediate cessation of the use of this facility or any other u.c.l.a. facility by l.a.p.d. and other police forces teachers are now questioning the role of police in schools take money out of the school police department and put it directly into mental health support counsel is academic counselors in light of the stereotype about cops eating donuts one pastry shop has taken a stand as well we are fed up until local police takes action to solve problems with racism and injustice and is the onus will chase to stand with the people of our great state we will no longer offer a military or police discounts thank you for your service and shame on you for your silence the u.s. government still has plenty of laws on the books and it's going to need somebody to
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enforce them now a lot of big dramatic proposals are being put forward and a lot of loud words are being exchanged but how much will u.s. society actually change we will just have to see it with martin r.t. new york retired sample police officer steve pumpa told us that living in a society without police sounds more like a utopian. you know the police protect society and they're supposed to be the 1st business of government is to protect society and if you have. no police and you take that money and put it into wherever it doesn't matter i don't see how reducing community services can improve the safety of any community if you want to believe in some sort of utopian myth where all of a sudden everybody's going to get along i mean i heard one of the solutions was to send rapid deployment social workers out i mean you're not going to send somebody
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like that out against violent criminals and i think people they're just forgetting about it they have some sort of but myth versus reality they want it to be peaceful so much that they think they can will it into existence and there are some people that are just not going to cooperate you think about any town is any business going to stay in a town that doesn't have police protection can tell you throughout my career i was going to your businesses all the time who need police protection without the police they would be overrun with problems and then the other part would be just insurance you know what a business once you get insurance what insurance company's going to want to sponsor the business or insure the business if there's no police protection the same thing as if there was any fire protection they wouldn't do it if you don't have security you can't basically operate or function a society. automatic is rick sanchez also discussed the cole 3 d. fun place with the former governor of minnesota jesse ventura. got our what do
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you make of the argument that maybe we need to start funding other things besides police officers that doesn't mean that all police officers are bad it just means that maybe we ought to mix it up a little bit more. well it also means we need to start looking to the root of the problem and the root of the problem just isn't police brutality the root of the problem is economic brutality too in all of africa and when you talk about the funding you know i'd like to add to rick i was a governor or mayor also i was the mayor of brooklyn park minnesota the 6th largest city and when they talk about defunding the police i'd like to get this clear that doesn't mean they're throwing the cops out and you won't have police protection anymore what they mean is by allocating and pushing farms i think that were scammed new jersey did it and they literally destroyed their whole police force rebuilt it up from the base up and today i heard some figure that crime is down like 43
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percent from what it used to be there and now you've got truly community policing though not i think another thing that needs to happen here cops need to live in the towns where they police. could not. place in the u.s. going through tough times at the moment and twitch is only adding to that. as of now it is an issue with the notes of supports the austin police department has claimed that it's been receiving. can't express how grateful we are to serve you austin. our officers have been working around the clock trying these unprecedented times and thank everyone who took the time to write and make our deal little brighter.
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they must think we brits are dumb. and spell with power and that all of these on the dress thank you cards were written by the same person. while you guys really have been working around the clock right yourselves letters such a pretty handwriting has a big strong resolve to say you are this right you who have a plan this p.r. stunt probably shouldn't plan future stunts i call it a joke if it wasn't such a disgrace. ok little place you could be right now i am sure of that pre-show you joining us this is art international on the back with updates on the top of the hour.
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go to work some straight home. hello and welcome to crossfire all things are considered i'm peter lavelle probably the greatest success of the civil rights movement was respect for human dignity all lives matter under the rule of law that was then but today the same concept has
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been turned on its head we were told to take a knee or face consequences social shany is being turned into a ruling ideology. degrassi compass and more i'm joined by my guests are there in toronto he is a social commentator and editor and being libertarian and in chattanooga we cross it anthony bryan logan is a conservative political commentator i generally rules of the bank that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it ok and they let me go to you 1st that you know as i saw these images over the last few days of people being forced to take a knee and apologizing for their skin color or their ancestry or oh i don't know what particular groups they were black lives matter other groups it doesn't matter to me i think just that gesture in itself should be. an affront to all of us i mean
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when i see those kind of images i think of maoist china and the red guard and i think of the camaro rouge i think of stalinist trials where people have self-criticism i find it quite horrifying and i think we're going in the wrong direction in the country we should value all lives and no one should apologize for what they look like go ahead. you can pretty much know down right there bashir value last and you know we shouldn't be having this thing where are you get taken me and really some are going to say oh the needs are so respect for those that have passed away there it's you know what i see people being forced to submit to other people's will and it won't just out with a knee it will be ok taken me for a base and taken me for a day i'm seeing it right now in minneapolis to make a new the mayor do all kind of things and don't fire a dispenser to police or you hate black people meal you hate black people is just way too much. it ain't going to end right here is going to continue on.


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