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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 11, 2020 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle probably the greatest success of the civil rights movement was respect for human dignity all lives matter under the rule of law that was then but today the same concept has been turned on its head we were told to take a knee or face consequences social shany is being turned into a ruling ideology. degrassi
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compass and more i'm joined by my guests are there to clue in toronto he is a social commentator and editor and being libertarian and in chattanooga we cross it anthony ryan logan is a conservative political commentator i generally rules and think that means you can jump in and want and i always appreciate it ok and you let me go to you 1st did you notice i saw these images over the last few days of people being forced to take the knee and apologizing for their skin color or their ancestry or oh i don't know what particular groups they were blocked by it's matter of their groups it doesn't matter to me i think just that gesture in itself should be an affront to all of us i mean when i see those kind of images i think oh maoist china and the red guard and i think of becoming a rouge i think oh stalinist trials where people have self-criticism i find it
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quite horrifying and i think we're going in the wrong direction in the country we should value all lives and no one should apologize for what they look like go ahead . so you can pretty much know down right there bashir value last and you know we shouldn't be having this thing where are you get taken me and really some are going to say oh the needs are so respect for those that have passed the way there it's you know what i see people being forced to submit to other people's will and it won't just out with me it would be ok think of me for a base and 2nd me for that i'm seeing it right now in minneapolis to make a new the mayor do all kind of things and don't fire a dispenser do police or you hate black people meal you hate black people is just way too much it is a start it is going to end right here is going to continue on as all this is allowed to persist you know when arthur i mean when you take a knee and when everyone has the right to do that there's no law against a human even when i think of it that the gesture is to to genuflect to
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a greater authority someone that you may respect immensely for something they've done or to god ok but to a random person or someone you do not know and it's more of a threats and because there's consequences are built into it if you do not behave appropriately i mean this tells me i mean everyone knows i'm a conservative i mean this is a false god we're creating a false ideology to worship and this is a cult like behavior and not only am i it's our values that made me hard then we get out there on the one to have ok all right ok. you know it's interesting that you bring up the cult like behavior and the almost religious aspect of this because one of the things that's been coming to my attention recently definitely the last few months but actually snippets of it over the last few years actually since just before 2016 is a concept called critical theory which underlies
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a lot of what is taught in universities and from there has gone out into h.r. are immense marketing arguments government corporations just everywhere and. when you look into it i think this doctor dr lindsay dr james lindsay did a really good study of critical theory and its origins and and all of that and. when you look at it it is very much a cult it's very much a cult it's very much built on. kind of presuppositions that haven't quite been tested scientifically and yet i would almost say they are being tested scientifically and on those assumptions or this pre-supposition they build this entire narrative and that's what we're seeing be we're fleshing out now is that narrative in play in the rocks yeah i mean if you want to know learn more about the critical theory there's another name martin j. who wrote a remarkable book called the dialectical imagination and just everyone to know critical theory is basically a reformed
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a redo of marxism see where critical there is they get rid of the working class they get rid of working people ok and they poured in with the new ideology can be a virtue signaling it can be the law it's the same paradigm it's the same bottle but they just fill it up with something new and the result is always the same ok i disaster that's what it is all right. jake so it's it was remarkable up there he's over. i've been i said that in a study that graduate school and i never thought that critical theory would be used as a user's manual i thought it was interesting as a program he culture but no it's been brought to college it's other people i know it is the frankfurt school as well. let's talk about the issue becomes here anthony after you know since 911 there's been a bipartisan effort to build a surveillance state and now we're hearing to fund the police i can you explain
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that to me because it seems to me just absolute in sanity and you know who are hurt the most or people. you know it's really crazy what i'm seeing defund the police i really don't understand because and i may be as low income air use a lot of the black community as a spanish whatever somebody even a poor white areas the police are last bastion of hope and people just don't understand they don't get it because they may just see somebody's day police custody and say oh it has wrong let's eliminate the police i've forgotten about the games they missed there it seemed like a mafia blow scripts you mafia i forgot we're going to go back to what's i worry say is ok go down in my cousin vinny and get some protection or you know pay for protection wait wait i kind of things going on now people don't really understand they also are involved in you know accidents fire people when they get sacked who's going to be going to call ghostbusters are you going to call the police but no police are there they're going to realize how much they needed them but oh say it
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goes you never know which you guys who is a guy you know i guess i mean does a black watch matter do they have a 9100 number maybe they can be called ok they're only there if they're there or they're richer than god now i mean this is remarkable that what's going on in arthur this this whole thing about defunding the police i think is so misunderstood obviously it's an election ploy and ideological noms i mean that's on its face here but i mean if you take a step back and we end you know taking the knee and defunding the police it's the legitimizing traditional authority that's exactly what they do want to do they want it in the process of dealing generalizing to traditional authority they want to put something in its place well i don't give that authority ok i do constitution has authority to make a rule of law around me particularly where i get it grover you purposely lift the last slightly different every different places but that is the level playing field everybody knows that ok there's an awareness of that so take anyone from this guy
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and they define the police know who's got it who or who's going to protect the public. ok are these people going to be assigned ok are they just going to show up this is all nonsense go ahead or her. it's an it's a really interesting. demand that started out what if they swallow something that i don't i honestly can't understand where they're coming from from a purely you know you're just looking at i want to stay stay what what are you trying to do you know you did you have an example now over the last couple of last week at least of what happens when you remove police and allow it to just have their way so you think at least at the at the back end of that people be like ok well let's hold off let's all hold up at least by me go police but i wonder if perhaps there's something a little bit more to it i wonder if maybe bears see the black lives matter movement while they have
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a lot of people who believe it's something to do with and powering people it's a political you know movement on its own has its own agendas its own goals and i wonder if there's something bigger too that to these claims something they have in reserve not showing you what the result is gonna be but i have a theory about that is what they want to do is or get one of the displays authority they want to see what they make it by and by collapsing authority someone is going to fill the vacuum nature abhors this type of situation who's going to step in and i think that is the obvious thing they do everyone should be thinking about here because if you look at the riots in all the violence. there's a lot of agendas going on at the same time sidewalk tamia sleep there are people the parts of the political class have abrogated their responsibility and washed their hands of it we'll talk about that and 2nd how the program but there are other people and he found that i have their own agenda here and not did to all of these
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different groups and some people are just angry ok i mean that's true as well but it's seems to when when when when legal authority a legitimate authority collapses there are plenty of people that want to come in and drop it and this is a ruling class as long as they're insulated from it go ahead am i right anthony or not. oh you're right on point absolutely it's a it's a greater thing going on here or you're breaking apart authority and then maybe a different kind of authority is installed more represents what people wanted to be when i say people i don't mean just a regular everyday person i think i'm not going to like what happens but those they are trying to replace it they want to have their particular ideology go forward and this is the vehicle through which there be a god before. you know it arthur one thing that's really kind of glaringly missing at all is where our elections it seems to me that this is an anti-democratic eat those people who would you know if should we should we change the way policing is
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done yet maybe let's vote on ok you give me a proposal it's bowed out let's go to the polls all right let's let's turn to the public conversation this is all moment law they don't you know they're regarded in china they didn't listen to reason they said confessed even if you didn't have anything to confess ok and this is the same thing going on they want to displace the rule of law and they don't give us what the alternative is they just tell us believe us what we know what to do that's a frightening prospect so had our. yeah and one of the things i was reading recently. was during the during the time the soviet union was just starting off and when you had a lot of this kind of purging of. her you know people with the wrong ideology or the wrong and congress had the same thing cambodia had the same thing like every single marxist revolution has had this pattern of behavior. one of the things that
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was apparently sent i believe a solution that's not brought up was that it didn't really matter when they when they want to accuse somebody wasn't what did they do wrong it was what class were they from and i'll show you what they've done wrong it was kind of like a preemie arranged issue and the reason why i brought a critical error to begin with is because it assigns that same sort of you suck i class in this case a lot of times it's by race but it adds this sort of you are guilty by default now therefore no matter what you do in less you capitulate to me you are evil and i have every right to do whatever i need to do to overcome and as the interest precedent absolutely randi if everything is turned upside down the bit martin luther king was a great man and because he talked about the content of our character now i'm encouraged that he but i'm forced to take a knee now because my character in the thing to do is make character probably the person we demand meet you that doesn't even know who i am it's upside down go ahead
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. yeah you're absolutely right i mean that's what the whole thing was about civil rights kind of the character not the color to skin but now it's like everything's about colored skin and then also ideology is he's deeper because you know i'm a black berry saying and i get i'm going to same criticism that a white person we get if my mates alcee is not lining up with those that are force nearby is taken me like i say hey don't take any don't feel guilty and i'm the same as everyone else and i would come white out because of being in a white supremacist you know so. you know it's kind of a heart when i get off right i hope i'm not going to go to a break we're going to get after that short break we'll continue our discussion 'd of taking the nice day.
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we go to work so you stay home for. armstrong of nature he's connected to this thing. that's and there's a lesson there that i think we need even if you listen for us we're going to repeat this over and over if you can teach destroy the last wild places on earth and we counter these lines and these. shots seem wrong. but all wrong just don't hold. me well
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yet to see how. he's going to cancel and endangered. the trail. when some find themselves worlds apart. just on the for common ground. welcome back across up where all things are considered i'm peter all about remind you we're talking about taking the ne. ok let's go back to let's go back to our other one of the things they did a big that is not really tough enough about your as we look at where all a lot of the writing and writing and looting happened across the country these are
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in blue states ok these are these have been run by democrats for generations ok for a long long time and so late they want to talk about some kind of new social contract will i can they at least admit that they got it wrong ok before we start trying something new i mean this speaks to the lack of introspection the lack of. criticism of being critical about what you've done in your policies and it's not helping the communities that they're representing and a lot of these communities are primarily people of color i mean they have failed ok but there seem to be no consequences for it whatsoever and they blame everything on the man in the white house he's got his faults but he didn't do this go ahead. right well i mean he's been here for just under 4 years now so you can't blame especially if there's a systemic problem which they're claiming you can't wait about somebody who's been
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. office for 4 years but beyond that thomas sol and tom was both brilliant men who i respect a lot spoke and wrote on his concept and he said look before even before civil rights. back and i think if he isn't or he's even during slavery the black family had a higher rate of 2 parent households right before civil rights many black families were successful and they both claim that only since that time since we've had this concept of. know your oppressed and hold on we democrats in this case are going to give you everything or pretend at least to give you everything we're now sell you this narrative. by the way of which we have a solution for people for us and and that's going to somehow make things better and i think we're seeing the result of that mare interesting result of clinicians they
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put in place and it's not helpful and if you see to most people who are successful no matter what their races they will tell you the difficulty that it takes to reach some level of success the hours you know painless hours work all that sort of stuff and i think a lot a lot of the problem comes back to that concept of you being told hey don't even try because if you try to you're going to get stopped any race you know that guy over there has a long neck there's no we're going to go anywhere it's kind of like the great payoff i mean then there's another issue you know that should be mentioned is that the number of children born out of wedlock i mean after the great society you know and that's that effected all races in a particularly black america and so kate the number of children who doesn't i mean it anthony the same thing is it seems to me the democrats they brought a plantation you know and everyone is assigned their job an end in itself. it really just reproduces as i did it it's a it's more about power. creating
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a social good and and it also is about empowering a small group of people it's a topic keep the show going i mean chuck schumer how long you've been around in politics nancy how about you you take any responsibility for your car party and it's be a joe biden a great law and order guy get take any responsibility for what you've done in your in your years and decades in office and i in and that those trickles all the way down the democratic run cities are awful they're simply awful ok because it's the patronage system everybody gets along by going along and then you know you've got like lent you know when there's no good water ok that's a local matter and it's and it's been a matter a long time nothing ever gets done ok and it seems to me that it when when when there's this criticism you know if you don't agree with black lives matter or if you say all lights matter i mean that just is just displacing real politics from
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reality and i think that's really creating a lot of frustration for people and also i think it's the democratic party itself is intensely racist you know we have to have the black or white president which we have to have all these boxes checked what about just having qualified people for a change would be a real relief from the democrats your reaction wrecker. wow that was very we'll say i mean that's what it should be it should be all about marriage are you a good person you got a good person are you screwed are you unskilled that's what it should be about democrats they talk about slavery being a bad thing i'll bet it was me on that it was a bad thing but they have replaced the physical slavery the physical changes with the mid so slavery and then they've reset the plane sation id's low income areas housing projects elected to buildings these are the new plantations and if you want to leave there speak it gets to the proverbial slave masters the politicians. basically publicly be
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a lynched i think it was clarence thomas talk about the virtual aging ok right in front of the world i think it was joe biden that was one of the architects of that back in the day and also joe biden was against and said gratian would be crowned and i knew for was unapologetic about the crime bill but yeah he is a guy that's going to be the anti-racists he's the guy is going to be the savior for to let community these are men so it's a means that are being put on notice and if you want to speak against it go against the grain you are a racist you are a self hater is this manipulation mentally and they are upon the face right now in the country they are there i mean we imply i think we've done a pretty good job and 2nd what's going on here but i don't see taking the need for example how does that end racism systemic racism can anyone explain what that really means ok because it's the only system i see i hope there is liberals
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running the economy culture and education that they are rat racket that is systematic and the garbage the intellectual garbage that they pour out into the culture at large i was at the university of california the 1990 s. we i started hearing all this nonsense then now it's part of the culture go ahead are. now. i think he said that perfectly there's a there's a video of a police chief i believe that is lying on the ground with his hands behind his back as if he's being arrested and the crowd falls out up with saying it's not enough but it's a start and i think that's that's what needs to be understood it's it's never going to be because and in the end i believe that this our crap in one way or another this is a power grab and at that point no matter what you have no matter how much of it you're late until that power is gained you're not doing enough or until you can be
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used to bring that likes. to what you're saying it's as far as this is been going on since the ninety's and now it's in every single section of or every and every single yes section of society it's an education from grade school you know university all the way through it so that it doesn't solve any problems as many back to what it does is it minds people more it divine says it's a big there's no unifying message in it because for this power grab to succeed is that how to have a hobby and war of everyone against everyone and if you look at the the horrific videos of what was being done in the streets of america which you know is really amazing you know if you did you know that c.n.n.'s ratings went up really high for the 1st time in 1000 years because you know that he's one of the hood 1st up this big i mean the burning buildings of oh it's mostly peaceful here in the next you know biddy oh ok i mean it's extraordinary i mean nothing to see here there's only
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a you know i didn't hurt obama heinie i mean this is just lying to their audience ok why because it makes the air agenda and what's really interesting for me in this point in time is because you can focus on all of the here in now could look at as this election cloyd it's all anti trump all of that is true but i. i think it is so much deeper ok because this is this is this is in it to look at how the democrats did during the these bailouts and stimulus this all the little goodies they put in there that had nothing to do with the bandanna may they because you know what if you can't get 50 percent plus one folk in the country for these things you always have to do it by cloak and dagger ok it's intensely just honest and the worst thing is that people vote according congress did you read it now i just voted for ok that's what we get ok that is like they did that is
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a party that is unthinking and it is only about perpetuating its own power it has no interest whatsoever in serving the people you know and i could care less about nancy pelosi is refrigerators and her her her tailor made chocolate it's an insult to people particularly when we look at what's going on in the economy you know anthony is this going to get worse i mean because you started out with it it's the if you take a knee where does it end him. well i think that it may get worse i hope that it doesn't forsaken the country because a bigger is worse we're looking at a really bad situation because i'm seeing the marxism see in the coming days and i'm seeing a creeping in a lot of these big cities is happening really is already here and out of the big cities but anymore as a national that's what a whole new living is about ok let's start here like you said about the police you going to ground with his hands behind his back ok that is great but what's next we want no more police then no more race then missed in this in may so hopefully i
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discern a point it gets put to when it would be up to us i think in minneapolis there but it's it is being there police have her to have to go to a vote publicly soho a people that are in a country that in a city hopefully they see is say ok no more let's stop it right now let's not have a cop out if they take a photo situation you know you know are there one of the things i find really just . gusting about all this would i mention the stimulus bailout package just made up their we don't are friends were taken care of ok they were paid just think about it billionaires were were rescued when they don't need it done i'm ok they could easily take care of themselves they will it seems to me is a very cynical thing is the country was hurting you have you have a political class in week with these billionaire class and they everywhere i think congress gave it some other raised during all this i'm not mistaken ok so everybody's taken care of but let the what are they going to do after the cameras leave i can tell you what's going to happen look at ferguson today look at
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baltimore they're still ruins ok they're not going to be fixed and maybe there's a little glimmer of hope that the recovery is started the cities that were looted in right in i don't think they're going to have an opportunity to recover like the rest of the country and that's a shame and that's a shame on the people pushing this ridiculous ideology and the media shame on all the reasons you might be good for go ahead arthur. are you well it's my computer and what you said there is right on again thomas sole speaks about this cycle of poverty that particularly effects black communities but it affects all communities. and it's exactly that you have. poverty low education which causes crime because police interaction and any of the riots and that. chases away investment which continues that cycle and it's sad it's very very sad because. you
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got up another sad note we'll end on this may where's the media coverage and then rage about the dozen or so chicagoans black chicagoans are killed every single week and not a peep from these people it's all the time we have gentlemen i want to thank my guests in toronto and in chattanooga and i want to thank our viewers for watching us here r.p.c. the next i remember. have international memorial awards has extended its deadline for submissions. all media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work for alternative media pool or a part of a global news platform you can submit to you all published works in either the video format go toward go to auntie dot com and it
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you cannot be both with yeah you. this is the one business show you can't afford to miss washington coming up the fed has decided to keep rates steady in the midst of the devastation insider insight on the decision and what lies ahead for the u.s. central bank at the federal reserve has propped up markets in the u.s.
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it is posed an interesting issue for a major debt holder china and.


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