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tv   News  RT  June 13, 2020 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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total from threatens to send the army to seattle if local authorities said don't do something about the protesters you block you by part of the city and declared it and autonomy the city's mayor though says using military force would be illegal also swedish opposition parties lash out at the government's relaxed approach to the coronavirus this resulted in one of the highest mortality rates in europe and the international criminal court slams washington from closing sanctions on it launching an investigation into u.s. war crimes in afghanistan.
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hello good afternoon you watch nasa international where she's called want to talk more sco protesters in the newly formed autonomy zone in seattle are considering their next move having seize control of the area after it was abandoned by police president trump has threatened to send in beyond me if the local authorities fail to resolve the matter. we're not going to let this happen and if we have to go in we're going to go and to go there is you going to do it but to go to do it he's got great national guard troops to iraq you can do it but one way or the other it's going to get done and these people are not going to occupy a major portion of a great city our president wants to tell a story about domestic terrorists who have a radical agenda and are promoting a conspiracy and fitz's law and order initiatives it's simply not true the threat to invade seattle to divide and incite violence in our city is not only
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unwelcome it would be illegal the capitol hill in was formed at the beginning of the week by black lives matter activists they barricaded themselves inside 6 blocks in the center of seattle and declared it a police free zone and to this dizzy to load explains now what life is like inside the comedy. i am down here in the capitol hill autonomous zone also known as chaz and the mood here is come lately peaceful you can see it over here. we've got people really get some food and over here we also have free pizza shrinks water all types of snacks we've got people handing out bags with masks and hand sanitizer literally everything you can think of and over here is the memorial that is set up to all of the people that we've lost or during the
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george floyd rebellion as they're calling it that's what the the wall says of in there there's a good constant 24 hour vigil people can light candles and you know say their prayers see you know just just hang out this is the west entrance to the capitol hill autonomous zone back there we have the the precincts which is where this is where most of the violence was inactive by the police for the last 2 nights the last week or so this is where most of the stuff happened and there are still 4 main barricade points and inside is the autonomous zone people are anticipating on staying as long as possible there have been several tents that have already been set up people are preparing to stay overnight main goal i would say that i could say right now is that people are they calling for the defunding of police you know nationwide we've seen this minneapolis city council.
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already you know completely dishpan vote to disband the minneapolis police were calling for the same thing here in seattle we're calling for a complete defunding of the police a completely allocation and to black and brown community is where it's needed the most and so that is definitely a goal of people. i would say the number one. great now. an activist there speaking from inside the commune now of black lives matter protests are continuing in other parts of the city too on friday thousands of demonstrators marched through the streets in the so-called silent protest rally came on the same day saying day a federal judge ordered police to temporarily stop using tear gas or pepper spray against the protests in seattle a protest rules are happening across other u.s. states too with the heart of u.s. commerce no exception new york did see protesters come out peacefully to support the black lives matter movement the protests coincided with the women's empowerment
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march and ended with a joint platform in manhattan reportedly starting from trump tower people are saying hold on placards and chanting demand sperry's demands they included defend defunding the police justice for george floyd and a particular focus on the lives. of a side from public support the black lives matter movement has the backing to with major u.s. companies including amazon microsoft and starbucks however it does seem their actions aren't speaking louder than their words ask taylor explains. 21st century companies live in fear of castle culture along tweed to i misjudged joe kony 20 hoss sentence in the court of public opinion so with black lies not to protests sweeping the globe every business is clamoring to say they are part of the fight the problem is they forgot to do
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a background check on themselves just phoned up starbucks is catering to the comfort of their racist customers by asking their stuff not to wear anything in support of black clothes matter so i won't be visiting them and they'll be telling everyone i know to boy called them as well that ban on b.l.m. attire was late for a bus but it was too late because by then incensed activist had gotten a pumpkin spice latte fuel deep ties to the company's history and sure enough starbucks got schooled but it's a low hypocrisy. stop bots use a scoff at the 6 practiced by 80 year old slaves and what tomorrow kenyan costa rica and panama. remember when they were let's talk about racism on the cops remember in the close to half a day because 2 black men were arrested for being black at a starbucks as we always thought they were only about black lives matter when it's convenient lucky for starbucks so it's not taking all that heat as other companies
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also suffer from selective memory fashion powerhouses i see christian prada tweeted how how sick and insulted they were by inequality and how they were companies with ethics which could be seen as false up the ties and given that if you google though you might stumble across words like child labor best rotation black face as the vocal obviously the most influential fashion magazine well now it's promoting voices and brands in the black community which probably came as quite a surprise to the publication brazil director who recently celebrated her 50th birthday we didn't own problematic slave themed party the world of big tech is also massively promoting black lives matter not on to amazon then you'll be welcomed by the movement banner and jeff bezos is publicly naming and shaming customers who send him mean e-mails because of the company's starts which would be
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a full proof plan to boost your popularity than to make another couple of $100000000.00 if it wasn't for the fact that amazon makes a tidy sum from its dealings with the police it is opportunistic offenders on to use this moment to make empty and hypocritical statements when it is similar tenuously building the backbone for many police departments across the country the company perpetually policy isn't acknowledges that are clearly targeting and harming black and brown communities added into the mix there are only 8. of its managers in the u.s. a black and you'll see why slapping a beard and that when your home page doesn't quite make the cut as a black woman i feel like it is time to ports there's a help us troubles everyone wants to join in and profit from us and what microsoft has started posting messages from its like employee east that if i don't runs out of material pretty quickly given the less than 5 percent of its entire what force
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it's law so we get it look couple of pages here. that burn through the social media stunt the pundits will laugh it up and the books will stay balanced but it looks like they went to posted another where on instagram they forgot to put a padlock on that closet bursting with skeletons. meanwhile in the u.k. prime minister boris johnson has said it is shameful the statue of winston churchill has needs to be boarded up to protect it against activist. you've got a situation in which the statue of winston churchill who is a national hero has had to be boarded up for fear of violent attack and that to me is both absurd. and wrong you should not have a situation which people who are protesting or for one group one basis are violently
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attacking the police or public property the churchill strachey was encased in a protective box after protesters dogged he was a racist under his name last week churchill led the allies to victory in the 2nd world war but is now being accused of racism some comments he once made london's mayor this week ordered a review of all monuments and street names that praised people who might be willing to slavery and also racism the war on statues is sparked debate on whether it actually a raises the past we asked people in the capital for their views. well just people are here to defend certain statues and i was supportive who defended it or you support people trying to take it down you know so i try to look at things from both perspectives there's a lot of good history behind it people don't like to talk about the badger sharee. one of the issues that's trying to be changed i didn't realize he was racist i didn't realize a lot of things he'd done i never learned that i certainly would learn it from the
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stuff he outside i guess but i would. pray he doesn't learn from the museum or the school which is actually still in school people should remember that it was a lot harder but. i don't think a lot of the statue should be taken down to gods or gold itself and bought it because i think it should be no business insulting for all the people who are living in the world would like to be the cd now over in the us house speaker nancy pelosi is leading the fight against confederate statues on capitol hill she has even sent a letter to the joint committee on the library asking for them to be removed amid the nationwide demonstrations against racism can you imagine jefferson davis alexander stephens treason it treason against united know and this judge i feel because there's stage for him here and this does come at the current
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campaign in the country to take down symbols of the confederacy in norfolk virginia a statue of a confederate soldier has been removed after standing in its place for more than 100 years however officials have stated the decision to take it down was actually made out of safety concerns earlier in portsmouth a man suffered serious injuries after being hit by a statue that was toppled by demonstrators in total 4 statues have been beheaded in the city we discuss the war on monuments the host of r.t. america's on contact show chris hedges. i think it's important to remember what the historian carl becker wrote and that is that history is what the president chooses to remember about the past so historical monuments are an expression of power indication of who has power and that's the power to choose our history is remembered in public places. all of these confederate monuments the ones that you seen coming down mostly in the south of course. were put up in the late
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890 s. the early 20th century. to essential remind of black people during jim crow and the period of lynching. of the power and celebration of white supremacy and there was a very conscious effort to exclude figures. not just in terms of black leadership or those such as not turner and others rose up to rebel against slavery but also white including generals who didn't. support segregation white supremacy or black rights movements have been famous across the u.s. since $96061.00 of the most controversial the black panthers started by monitoring culp's and challenging police brutality we discussed the current rise of the black live matter movement along with current civil rights in america with the renowned
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political activist and also former black panther angela davies you can watch the interview in full here not a on monday but has a taste of what was said. i think the world is able to see that this certain nation is far from healthy that. police departments are the most dramatic expression of structural racism that our prisons are full of black people and latinos that. we have to have an abolitionist imagination if we want to get into a future for our city i was standing nation and for the world's. well police in the u.s. are becoming increasingly stigmatized amid the ongoing black lives matter protests
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a major in the toss a police department has been criticized for arguing that offices on specifically targeting african americans and he says he has the thinking is to back up what he's saying he spoke with artie's neil harvey. you had those isolated incidents where i was going to go incidents that occur and especially on body camera video they're shown over and over again so i think the general public thinks that's happening all the time in the states we make 350000000 contacts year and obviously the fast majority of those are not in the instance of the curve we used force less than one percent of all arrestees but when that mistake happens you know we're all healed that's going to rob went back and i would encourage your audience your the washington post police shooting database and they come pahl the state of source you can go back and look and since 2015 if you want to look talk simply about the unarmed individual shot by law enforcement if you break it down between african-american and white it's 3 percent unarmed white shot unarmed 2 percent and
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on what unarmed black so they're very even numbers and you know it's race isn't a factor generally those numbers should be even there's a real senior here in the states to actually talk about. and what i've been trying to say is we've got to be able to we've got to be able to we can at least talk about those facts it's really hard to miss for a problem solve a piece of power and use of excessive force by police in the us who goes right back to the civil rights movement has been going on for over 50 years. can you understand why there are calls even like a public movement to defund the police forces do you think that that is the right direction to go in given that the problems have been around for so long isn't it time to try something different or is this the case of just making a bad situation worse if you if you start to defund that's a huge huge decision and you've got to really think about law enforcement in america is it well funded now i think were we have gone astray in american law
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enforcement speed tasked with doing things that we never had to do from the mentally ill that that system is broken so law enforcement stronger that we end up you know about 60 percent of the people unfortunately at this country's are are mentally ill and force an awful she doesn't always know that on a sunny and so i actually like trying to stay on some programs of the law enforcement but to try to take some of that burden away from law enforcement what you can't do is you can't take funding from law enforcement and then asked law enforcement do the same exact work just to be very good but. still to come this hour the same 100 medics have warned the thousands of protesters might be in danger of contracting i did 19 all because tank gas is helping its transmission from person to person will take a closer look in a couple of. you
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can go with yeah you. are seeing is a utter divorce an utter split from the real economy and the financial lives funny money fed driven casino that is now taking over the globe this is causing to think the overlord class are becoming fabulously wealthy and the peasants are revolting they've got a good old fashioned peasant revolt found america where that goal is not sure.
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but out again now there is concern that take ass could dramatically increase the spread of hiv 19 among protest is the issue has been highlighted in the open letter signed by almost 1300 us public health and medical professionals and it comes amid the nationwide protests against racism that has been raging for 2 and a half weeks. opposing the use of tear gas smoke or other respond 3 irritants which could increase risk for covert 19 by making the risk of tree tracked more susceptible to infection exacerbating existing inflammation and in juicing coughing well apart from corona virus related health concerns or there are other issues too
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prolonged exposure or a large dose of it especially in a closed setting could lead to blindness it can also result in severe chemical burns to the throat and lungs or spirit failure which could be fatal however philadelphia's police commissioner still argues riot control agents like tear gas remain the safest way to disperse angry crowds the deployment of tear gas was a means to safely diffuse a volatile and dangerous situation and restore order when it became increasingly clear that other measures were ineffective in accomplishing that necessary objective said for ologist at lancaster university in the u.k. mohamad mini does believe that concerns about the use of tear gas at this time of justified. actually when we look on to the dispatcher track inspection they are very easy to be transmitted and one of the contributing factors for the call of light is to see right and take the whole word on nice they didn't for 5 months as
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being a stress free treatment of prosecution so anything that can expose the respiratory tract or create any additional damage to the spirit of traction is something that would certainly help the vitus to any trade into the body otherwise we could probably protect it so be it for ready to call mr straight exacting section deafened i'm excited for laurie said julie did the keeping the actress to track healthy is not more important and having the tear gas is certainly not a good choice in a biskit condition in particular so someone who has interacted with a girl nobody has or has asked them all or other cuomo to be deities in terms of this pretty attacking sections or rather our community diseases if they were to be under the tear gas or similar kind of attack or even that mean that they become feeling more and their heart coughing can lead the fighters to trouble you any longer than to meet it is to study we are really good jokes so this means the lightest transmission would be even more heading to explore many people in the vicinity how would people get exposed. last week as health minister decided that
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the country is taking precautions ahead of a potential 2nd wife of the corona virus however there are still dives i'm concerned about the 1st wife was and. it is true that the swedish rates of mortality are comparatively high on certain days or weeks however it's also true that these kinds of comparisons tends to be a snapshot of the pandemic on a certain period of time with managed to flatten the curve the health care system has coped well. as expected the metallica rates are decreasing slowly but steadily for sweden took a much more relaxed approach compared to most other european countries with no tricks lockdown imposed but there have been increasing questions about its success even in state and neurologist admitting that the word in many fatalities the whole situation sparked outrage from opposition party. the government and the public
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health authority have been given chance after chance to correct their mistakes despite this the delays and the hand-wringing remain the swedish government has deliberately allowed a large spread of the disease in difficult crisis we will always be leaderless as long as this government isn't power. there have been obvious fundamental failures in sweden's covered response we didn't get protective equipment to care homes in time although everyone knew that their residence where the most vulnerable according to a recent poll there's been a significant drop in support for the government's response to the virus it does show a fall of 18 percent since april and are often see for an online newspaper and also a former member of the social democrat party is actually surprised there hasn't been more criticism we have high mortality rates i mean. of
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most countries. we are in a situation that other european countries are denying us the right to go there even our neighboring country won't allow us but they will allow the norwegians and the danes and i have understanding for that considering how this with government has handled this chronic crisis. but this is a fact and testing was never important in fact the government authority. that the government now sort of blames they said testing is unnecessary so just these 2 things prove more lows that the government's actions in this crisis has been wrong and it's pretty obvious for the opposition parties to use that against the government because they have failed in in most ways so not only do they see that the politicians but the people of sweden see it's also it's quite unbelievable. the social democrats and authority hasn't gotten more critique than it has. on the
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international criminal court slammed washington for sanctioning the organization saying the court is effectively the last hope for the victims of atrocities an attack on the i.c.c. represents an attack against the interests of victims of atrocity crimes for many of whom the court represents the last hope for justice the u.s. secretary of state might pompei on and sanctions in response to a probe into u.s. war crimes in afghanistan he also gave a speech to almost entirely dedicated to the greatness and exceptionalism of the united states reports. donald trump has announced that sanctions are being imposed on the international criminal court it's being alleged that the institution violates the sovereignty of the united states dropping most races taking the following actions. 1st we're authorizing the imposition of economic sanctions against i.c.c. officials directly engaged in i.c.c. efforts to investigate u.s.
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personnel or allied personnel against that allied states consent and against others who material support such official's activities instead of having the international criminal court monitor human rights around the world it seems that the united states government will take on this task all for its own mike pompei o the u.s. secretary of state recently came out with a report describing religious freedom around the world and he touted the united states as the ideal in the speech mike pompei oh trotted out the old image of an exceptional united states that stands above all others when it comes to liberty and freedom our nation is so special it's the greatest nation in the history of civilization this especially the challenges like the ones that we are confronting here in the united states today will be managed and on the will be a political process this thing gauged of the be wide open debate and are our core
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principles the the fact that we respect every human being because they are made in the image of god will be reflected in the way that the united states response to these challenges according to mike palm peo american discourse is free and open it's only an other countries apparently that mass protests are taking place. 5. 5. catley it's only in other countries that peaceful protests are dispersed with tear gas and dissidents are arrested and held without charges only in foreign lands as the political elite ignore the needs of the people and plow ahead building a police state no not in america only 60 years ago congress was overwhelming would probe police militarization nancy pelosi elliott angle and of the $300.00 to $2.00 lawmakers of both parties joined together to vote against representative do. since amendment to end transfers of military equipment to local police and 2014 and of
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course america always respects the rights of journalists and freedom of the press we have received numerous reports of journalists attacked harassed and arrested and detained in the course of their work over the protests in the united states against systemic racism and police brutality only in other lands to allies watch in horror at the mis handling of protests we all watch in horror 'd and consternation what's going on in the united states only in foreign lands do we see citizens begging the united nations to speak up for their rights the undersigned family members of victims of police killings and civil society organizations from around the world call on member states of the un human rights council to urgently convene a special session on the situation of human rights in the united states in order to respond to the unfolding grave human rights crisis borne out of the repression of nationwide protests you see the united states is exceptional it's got
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a perfect record it does not need an international criminal court and it's got solid ground to stand on and criticize other countries yeah well these days even many staunch u.s. allies might strongly disagree with that mop and r.t. new york and that's how things are looking at so far today here and i think i don't forget that you can also stay updated on our social media paintings and you can. the world is driven by. the day there's thinks. we dare to ask.
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has changed american lives but pharmaceutical companies have a miraculous solution. based drugs the people who are chronic pain and believe that their opioid prescription is working for them and the remedy be certain to. price that they pay closer dependency in addiction to opiates to long term use that really isn't scientifically justified and i'll study actually suggest that. the long term effects might not just be absence of benefit but actually that it might be causing long term.


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