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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 14, 2020 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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world is driven by a dream shaped by. the daring thinks. we dared to ask. and i'm afshin rattansi we're going underground ahead of tomorrow's 3rd anniversary of the ground fire that killed 72 people in the london area where the poorest to live among the richest in the world a result of taurine
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a liberal austerity that put profit over people coming on the show in the wake of the grenfell and when rush tragedies is the u.k. government institutionally racist we speak to hip hop artist and activist lukey about the colonial mindset that lionizes winston churchill once out greatest britain now being branded the alleged racist statures trouble for bristol to london is the time now to take back power from. over some more coming up in today's going on the ground 1st in the week of george floyd's funeral u.k. pm boris johnson born in the upper east side of manhattan in new york city had this to say when asked about president trump after saying the words black lives matter as for the other qualities of the. mr let me say he has amongst many other things he is president of the united states which is all i would choose on most important ally in the world today and whatever people may say about it whatever those on the left may say about it the united states is a past. peace and freedom have been for most of my lifetime maybe he never noticed
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us wars killing wounding or displacing tens of millions i mean the peace and freedom he claims to have witnessed during his lifetime in fact british politicians this week called for action against a government accused of unjust policies not donald trump's though the communist one in china here's one of johnson's m.p.'s upset about china controlling part of china the threat of a breach of the silent british that to ration the whole call is just the latest evidence of china's increasingly rejection of the rules of international fair play the communist party of china expresses derision for the west's short termism lack of unity said that's proved wrong that m.p. stopped short of calling for the bombing of the already u.s. base surrounded people's republic as did boris johnson who nevertheless expanded on u.k. serious concerns about china when we have serious concerns as a country we must i whether it's. the origins of the of the protection of
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our critical national infrastructure or indeed what is happening in hong kong then we must feel absolutely free to raise those issues are loud and clear we've beijing and that is what we will continue to do that after johnson confessed to being assigned a file well labor when in power is catastrophic near liberal wars against countries when it is unhappy about them its leaders to care starmer on wednesday they wanted to promote new liberal means tested instead of universal school lunches during coronavirus one way in which the government could help those worst affected would be to extend the national found to ski. because child poverty numbers are so high in this country 1300000 children in low income families rely on these foundations fabian children who can't go to school because of coronavirus restrictions still get free meals. the labor government in wales has said it will continue to fund
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these mills through the summer. yesterday the education secretary said that won't be the case in england that's just wrong and it will lead to further inequality this from the leader of a party which in government made britain more unequal but given means testing is a fundamentally near liberal and arguably inefficient method of wealth redistribution as opposed to universality johnson batted starmer away with a promise oh more money were announced a further 63000000 pounds of local welfare assistance to be used by local authorities discretion to help the most vulnerable families 63000000 pounds for poor children or less than the 10000th of what's being offered to companies like john lewis marks and spencer intercontinental hotel zone privatized british airways labor's secure starmer there appears to have no problem with bailouts for private multinationals but given he is accused of suppressing
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a report into racism in his own party the issue of race is arguably difficult for him still he did try the public health england report on the disproportionate impact of 90 that report concluded that death rates are higher ups amongst black and asian ethnic groups and it went on to say and this was the important bit today it's already clear that relevant guidance and key policies should be adapted to mitigate the risk yes that care starmer whose party currently threatens anyone using social media to leak a report about alleged racism online actually attacking johnson about a report on race johnson said he was responding to the report he commissioned prioritising people of color who disproportionately work in high contact. caring professions what we are doing 1st most directly is to ensure that those highly contact professions get expanded and targeted testing now and that's what i would read with dido harding from n.h.s. attesting trace n.h.s.
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testing trace dido harding conservative pierre harding has been appointed for this crucial coronavirus task after running a phone company that failed to encrypt customer data before it was stolen she's also on the board of the jockey club which runs a racecourse accused of capitalizing a spike in gove it in march she denies all wrongdoing but while britain is forecast to have one of the world's worst responses to corona virus and while statues of racists are felled by protesters pm queues this week began by referencing an internationally reported incident in london tomorrow is the anniversary of a fire in one of the richest places on earth kensington and chelsea seen as emblematic of neo liberalism the whole house would wish to join me in sending our heartfelt sympathies and thoughts to the families and friends of the 72 people who lost their lives and to the survivors. across government we remain committed to ensuring that such a tragedy can never happen again can i join the prime minister his comments on
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grunfeld were dreadful night and he's coming so much you can read a book so you can stop saying no more than dreadful about one of the was tragic fire as to kill working class people in recent memory before wishing the queen's husband a happy birthday well joining me now via skype from london is hip hop artist and activist loci who passionately campaign for justice for the entire community around grenfell thanks so much for coming back on the show now you know the tory government has overseen arguably the killing of tens of thousands of people disproportionately people of color why is it so important tomorrow to commemorate what happened to grenfell when 72 people died given how many people have died during the cove an epidemic well there are a few reasons the 1st of them is that grand fell as a state crime is not completely exceptional in british history it's something that has a shared lineage with other incidents in fact when we talk about the deaths that have
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taken place especially in the initial period from cove it 19 we are talking about gross negligence on the part of the state and when we look at the fire in grunfeld we see that comes along a line which has largely been invisible lies by what's happened in the inquiry we have seen the way the regulation never used whereas the legislation that was passed in 1981 by michael has subsided that was opposed by many say this bill will kill he put it this way it would have allowed great self-regulation for corporations and less pesky government interference what happened was $300.00 or so pages were taken from building regulations and left with. $25.00 or so also along the way you had to be approved document be added which has within it creative
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ambiguity which allowed the space for interpretation on the part of companies to install things that are either of limited combustibility or seemingly of worse than limited combustibility in fact the kind of evidence that we have access to such as cell attacks that fit the r.s. $5000.00 on grunfeld which has turned out to be fatal collaborating and cooperating on how selah techs could break the tests so while on one hand you of course have a virus which you are $4.00 times more likely to die from if you are a black man you also have the fire grim felts our number one a tower named after francis wallace growing fellow who was a officer in the british army an officer in the british army who killed for empire in sudan south africa and egypt but also danny dorling found oxen academic
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professor danny dorling those that live above the 4th floor in tower blocks across this country are more likely to be black and ethnic minority they are the majority of those that live about the 4th floor so there's many ways in which the current political moment and grand fell actually come together and you can see those overlaps quite clearly it's about corporate responsibility but it's also about net pro politics and the way that those who are racialized in certain ways seem to be more likely to fall victim to state discretions or state crime obviously we invite michael heseltine on to dispute how his legislation may have contributed in all this a densities deny what you are saying in fact my strong and says we'll have an inquiry later and the government here do. i have an inquiry that's going on now you keep talking about corporations we already know that the attorney general when the
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braverman is saying that the corporations must be indemnified must be immunized from legal action post inquiry what do you make of that why do you think they're doing that and i should say all the entities deny wrongdoing and certainly the state denies actively trying to kill people of using coronavirus in terms of the inquiry in the way that it is being used to defund the criminal case it has seen companies claim for immunity from that evidence that they put in in for jury inquiry immunity from that evidence being used to prosecute them now there's a huge leap of faith supposedly being taken more big when he says surely the police will already have enough evidence but actually what we're seeing is that not only is the inquiry muzzling the press you know i remember being on l b c
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a year after the fire and i was told by james o'brien don't say anything about the companies or say anything about sajid javid because i don't want to be responsible for prejudicing the inquiry and jury that that show i was even accused this is behind the scenes of being rights only robinson because i wanted to talk about the crimes of corporations towards people in my community tony robinson a well known alleged races i should say to our international viewers that james our brand he's not me but we do invite him on to stand that up keep going toward somebody i knew from the age of 14 years old there were stories that had come out about the relationship between mark allen and such a chevy sajid javid housing minister at the time of graham fell mark allen the technical director of senate sex one of the companies. the r.s. 5000 it was then material they said they missed describe the results of it in
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a test because it didn't meet the criteria to be limited combustibility i was star i can't speak about that because i might prejudice the inquiry well number one an inquiry doesn't involve a jury so you can't prejudice it and the way in which the community has also been muzzled about speaking about these things these companies have enjoyed an invisibility rarely seen i have to say and i feel with the exception of yourself obviously with the exception of rags martello i.t.v. with the exception of even some work done at sky news and of course the amazing inside housing we have not seen the media take these companies to toss the way they should have 72 people died and nobody knows the names of these companies i know campaigners myself who lost family members who have been blacklisted for the past 3 years able to work they have attempted to get jobs and been told that their name has been flagged why has their name been flagged because they've gone publicly on
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the media and said the names of these corporations let me ask you something i've shipped this stephen lawrence campaign was infiltrated the stephen lawrence campaign was spied upon stephen lawrence family was spied upon upon the surface of it it was a murder that didn't necessarily indict or condemn the state what do you think was mobilized to deal with this community what level what level of surveillance do you think has been mobilized to deal with us here and what has been the main tool to pin us to an orthodoxy which is about sustaining justice well the corporations deny any wrong doing such job and obviously has been fired by a bar's johnson apparently dominic cummings who knows we have made him on the show look i'll stop you there more from nokia after this short break.
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well we're seeing is a utter divorce an utter split from the real economy and the financial lives funny money fed driven casino that is now taking over the globe this is causing to think big overlord class are becoming fabulously wealthy and the peasants are revolting they got a good old fashioned peasant revolt down america and learned that not sure.
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welcome back i'm still here with hip hop obvious and activist loki as to see even lawrence who was mudded we had that inquiry ordered by the government the macpherson report and the government inspector of constabulary appointed wendy williams said look this was institutionally ignorant and this was not institutionally racist within the police force of this country so what do you make of institutional ignorance rather than the much more incendiary. institutional racism people are having their names children having their names placed on the gangs matrix which is a government database which increases surveillance. and this ensures public sector . workers are being encouraged to take part in it for merely being the victims of
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crime so if your 14 year old who has a problem and suffers you may well then come under the gangs matrix form of surveillance you're far more likely to end up on that if you are black you you're 9 times more likely to be stopped by police if you are a black youth ethnic minorities make up 13 percent of the population in this country they might make up 40 percent of the. of the prison population you are far more likely 70 percent of those in prison are people that have been excluded from schools what are the rates and the likelihood of people being excluded from schools along the lines of race how is it that something like that could take place without some form of institutional racism operating so wards certain people who are chelsia say that 200000000 pounds the council
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they're saying 300 homes supporting under 94 hours on some grand fell with a home in their home 7 households or remain in private rented accommodation 5 accepted a permanent home to arsenal is currently being supported that moving on from granville do you not see that these authorities excuses can be believable i mean the government boris johnson served in there was the mass deportation of people of color the the so-called windrush affair the landing cards were destroyed at the home office of immigrant arrival date could that not just be an innocent mistake what allows your question. so away you can tell as state is attempting to atone for what it has done when we look at the characters who along this sordid tale have played such destructive roles gavin barwell who ignored 7 warnings about fire safety prayed to grenfell has been rewarded with
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a place in the house of lords he is guessed it upon mainstream news as if he is some type of oracle on politics what about amber wright the person personally responsible for the when rush she ran her deportation she resigned but look at where she is and how she is treated in the public space today this is not a person that has been expected to apologize in the tone for what she has done alastair campbell was responsible for seemingly fiddling a dusty aide to the wants of the u.s. intelligence services in order to kill iraqis people racialized as arabs and muslims how is this man treated in the public sphere today is he treated as the pariah as the an ethical operator that he is of course he isn't quite the opposite of that well tony blair as a former communications advisor obviously just said it was about bringing saddam
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hussein down but indeed we're going to who worked on attacking a program i used to work on we do invite him on the show you mention intelligence services what have you made of the fact that u.k. state security for forces are admitting to contracting out instagram and facebook accounts to something called students a part of a preventive program a secret program to encourage well i suppose more woo could debate they might say well it's absolutely the tip of the iceberg and i'll be interested to hear what. kind of response you get on this from angela davis when thinking that prevent we're using her image of course without her. permission or consent in any way shape or form i'm a person who's been informed that prevent use my music videos in training sessions i don't know for what purpose and i don't know in what context those videos are
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being used why is it you would use your videos there's a number of possibilities it could be informing others in the public sector and let's not forget that prevent now also applies to the private sector you have people in their tesco mcdonald's river island agreeing to take part in the prevent program but possibly it's to tell people in the private sector if they catch a young people listening to my music then they may be on the conveyor belt towards committing acts of political violence now let's not forget that prevent actually applies to children as young as 3 so what that means is that police can question 3 year olds without the presence of their parents merely if that for 3 year old expresses some form of solidarity with the palestinians it is down to personal interpretation of the person working in that role also the
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justification for prevent is a lot of stuff that generally is covered in the duty of care the equality act in 2010. it's teaches discriminating against people on the basis of their religion or their political belief now what prevent is requiring these people to do is directly go against inequalities act of 2010 it's dangerous it's totalitarian and really it has no space in a free society but unfortunately it is invisible through its ubiquity within our society it has become the common sense norm this is a form of state sanctioned islamophobia well professor andrew davies will be on monday's show and the state security operators in britain completely claim that prevent is actually
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a counter terror measure nothing to do with the talent terry unism but i know you are talking about education what have you made of educational standards during this uproar about the tearing down of a statue of a slave trader in bristol because a lot of people on the so-called left appalled that winston churchill one of britain's greatest heroes his chair his statue in parliament square could be could be vandalized although of course she threw on this show an indian politician said he was the worst genocidal dictator one of them of the 20th century well let's not forget that 59 percent of the british public believed the empire was something to be proud of and of course as playing catch mishra put it when the colonies were subjugated they were subjugated by people they had long considered upstart if not barbarians let's not forget that china hat was producing steel a millennium and
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a half before the europeans and the british specifically they were having printed press about half a millennium. or for the british between the years of $1757.19 britons per capita g.d.p. actually increased by 347 percent and what is happening now is the revenge of that history you have people for that for in in some cases the 1st time in their lives because they're not being educated about it in schools coming to terms with the fact that as. the puts it britain. didn't have an empire britain was an empire and what was the nature of that empire it was an opium peddling concentration camp inventing rape as a form of torture using person struck to cannonball shooting castrating commodifying of human beings child in slaving document burning antigay legislating
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famine causing iran this empire of thievery which plainly is rejected by the rest of the world in a period where it's projected that china will overtake the united states as the world's number one economy by 2030 where the 20 fastest developing and growing economies none of them are in europe and some of them are former british colonies this attitude that the british government hands of an answer ability and accountability for the past is not sustainable the m. or d. had to pay out around 20000000 pounds to victims people who were still alive in in kenya who had suffered in the concentration camps that the british had their post 2nd world war i might remind you where people to this day are living the effects of castration at the hands of british forces people were burned alive in
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those situations they had to pay the m.o.b.o. of the 22000000 pounds to families of iraqis. died at the hands of the british you also are in a place where the caribbean nations have got together and are big and have since 2013 been building a campaign for reparations from the ravages of british imperialism the chickens are coming home to roost and the reality is is that this position that britain takes of keeping its own looted wears within the british museum as david cameron said if we were to allow one object to leave the british museum next thing you turn around and find the entire museum was empty well let alone changing the names of streets to guess dharma the leader of the labor party western europe's one of its largest socialist movements built up of course under
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speed as a general corbett he says is completely wrong to bring down that statue of the slave trader in bristol why would a leader sponsored by working class trade union movement in this country say it was completely wrong in fact it should be in the museum because care starmer is time in an equal way to the same neoliberal net croque political orthodoxy that the conservative party are tied to look at his record what has he done that has helped people in a tangible and serious way in his position at the head of the c.p.s. the same c.p.s. that didn't prosecute the police over the death of ian tomlinson the saying c.p.s. that has been. complicit in so many crimes of the british state now he can take as many gestures as he wants beis that by going on his knees same position taken by
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the democrats in the united states look at the damage that joe biden and others did to the african-american population you're talking about a situation where and. then while they make up around 13 percent of the population they are again 40 percent of the prison population in the united states well to can stomach claims that he made those decisions about police killing because there was not enough evidence i'm going to ask you that he doesn't support the boycott divestment sanctions as regards the atrocities in the middle east what have you made of the european court the european court overturning french convictions of protesters who wanted people to boycott goods from israel well i think what we have to be wary of is vets lawfare that in the united states we've seen it happening in germany obviously france they're trying it but hair hair boris johnson made clear it's queen's speech that he intends to take as many measures as possible to stamp
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out this important practice of boycott divestment and sanctions we're now going to go into the next phase of what the british government wants to do which is to push further forward and crush it within universities and other places and councils particularly. ok thank you. we invite the israeli ambassador on there for the show will be back on monday when off to another weekend of mass international protest to speak to the most about rights angela davis former u.s. communist politician allied to the black panthers and apparently on the f.b.i.'s most wanted list until then wash your hands and join the on the ground by following us on you tube twitter facebook instagram and so on.
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max kaiser this is the kaiser report this is your captain speaking we're starting to enter terribly close place fasten your seat of bruce bruce. well i think you might be talking about 1 our stock markets these days driven by fed liquidity and well whole bunch of people in america 100 over 100000000 got free money remember and free money what do you do you spend free money you go crazy with free money it's like walking into the casino and they give you some pretty drinks and free chips and they say go out it well.


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