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tv   News  RT  June 14, 2020 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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the long term effects might not just be the absence of benefit but actually the long term. as black lives matter protests shake the united states police in a fatally shoot an african-american man. the main stories of the week anti racism demonstrators in seattle occupy 6 blocks of the city center declaring it zone president. order to send in the army. vehicles and drones appear with increasing frequency across the u.s. concerns over the militarization of the police.
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from our studios in moscow this is our international glad to have you with us as we recap the week's top stories with our weekly program now another black man has died at the hands of police sparking violent unrest in the u.s. city of atlanta the city's police chief resigned after an officer fatally shot the african-american while he was being arrested on saturday night coming up his body footage of the incident and a bit of warning you may find these following pictures. i don't read or see what kind of drinks did yeah. i'm not sure she orders on i think you've had too much to drink to be granted us a chance when you're going. to translate about. i don't know how. late on friday police received a call saying that a black man was asleep in his car blocking the entrance to
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a fast food drive thru rashard brooks subsequently failed a breath test but resisted arrest grabbing and officers taser and then attempting to flee the scene after pointing it at one of the policemen he was shot and he died in the hospital a little bit later on and protesters set fire to the restaurant where the killing took place following the incident atlanta's mayor said the officer who pulled the trigger had been sacked the other one involved has been suspended while the city's police chief has quit as well attorney gerald griggs told us what he thinks will happen next. people don't try to argue on both sides but georgia law is quite clear you cannot use lethal force in response to non-lethal force 'd so i think that both officers will be charged with murder and we've had conversations with the district 'd attorney in this case and he's opened an independent investigation separate and apart from the georgia bureau of investigation and people need to understand that law enforcement is not alone in georgia the law in georgia happens in courtrooms
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and you cannot use. the non you cannot use lethal force to match non-lethal force there's a case of a tennessee versus gardner united states supreme court case a stance where proposition so i think that this case is going to end up in a superior court of form terry with murder charges against both officers. we also spoke with ben swann the co-host of artie's boom bust who explained why the use of force by police parks such outrage in atlanta in almost every case where we're seeing black lives matter protests it comes down to use of force and it really seems to be the overwhelming theme that we see over and over and again so the point you're making here is it's critically important that some people will say yes why do you should unlike others will say you came across a man who was asleep in a drive through and he wasn't moving his car and that when the drive through you gave him a sobriety test he resisted being handcuffed so at what point is it incumbent upon
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an officer to finish that arrest and to get this person behind bars how important is it to lock him up and that's where some process protesters fail the use of force comes down to a common sense issue of this person did not seem to be a danger to the public he wasn't harming anyone at the time so why did you feel the need as officers and i'm this not necessarily my criticism but certainly the criticism of some protesters why is there a need by officers to ask elate what's happening with that person. meanwhile new b.l.m. protests have erupted in another part of the u.s. hundreds of demonstrators have come to the streets of portland oregon to protest against racism and police brutality activists from the b.l.m. movement were chased by the police who deployed tear gas it has been almost 3 weeks since george floyd was killed at the hands of law enforcement in minneapolis on tuesday the man whose death sparked a nationwide riots was buried in
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a small private funeral in his hometown of houston texas earlier that day thousands paid their respects. on tuesday around $6000.00 mourners filed past his coffin in houston the final stop in a series of memorials held in his on or around $30000.00 was spent on his gold casket with the money taken from a record breaking fund raising campaign that amassed nearly $13000000.00 the fallout from floyd's death has provoked claims politicians are trying to use it to score political points democrats for example were criticized by some for kneeling for an 8 minute silence in congress the length of time prosecutors say floyd was pinned under a white police officers need before he died. every american should try to stand in silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds to acknowledge the pain of george floyd and the pain of racism hard enough to grieve but it's much harder to do it in
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public it's much harder with the whole world watching their incredible family his little daughter was there i want to say dad is going to change the world and i think her dad is going to change the world hopefully george is looking down right now and saying this is a great thing that's happening for a country this is a great great day in terms of equality i just want to finish by saying to save the economy we passed several pieces of critical legislation. for this. or. was it then it. became clear that. the democrats have proposed a justice in policing act which would make it easier to prosecute misconduct and require local police to report data on the use of force officers would also be a blind to undergo biased training and a choke holds and other dangerous practices would be prohibited officers would also have to wear body cameras political commentator jeff charles told us that it
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remains to be seen whether democrats are actually committed to meaningful change you know they say right i mean never let a good crisis go to waste there will definitely be people from both sides who are going to capitalize on what happened to george floyd to bolster their political careers it is an election year so it's hard to tell whether or not the people really pushing for this are really wanting to affect change or if they're posturing for november the true test of whether people really want to affect change will will occur after the election is over if this is still going to be an issue that we're going to be pushing in our in our media and also at a political level as well then it is possible for for positive change to come. at the beginning of the week black lives matter protesters seize control and barricaded themselves into 6 blocks of central seattle they are calling the area the capitol hill autonomous zone their move came after police retreated from that
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neighborhood hundreds of demonstrators led by the local city council also occupied city hall. the. protesters inside called for the city mayor to quit they accuse jenny durkan of not being strict enough while implementing reforms they also claim that the community and not politicians should control decision making more on this we can cross a line that was in ski who's an activist inside that autonomous zone thank you 1st of all for being with us here on our to international thank you for having me ok so for those of you who those of our viewers who might not know what is happening there in seattle why has this zone been set up what's the goal what is the message that you're trying to send to people. well at the moment the zone kind of came about it's currently right outside of the police precinct when it came about
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because people began protesting outside and eventually the police decided to actually abandon the precinct and so it kind of just came about almost sponson spontaneous spontaneously people start to set up down here and tense i've been put up now free through it's been handing out been being handed out there are tents for homeless people there's a medical center slowly this is becoming a small little fixture in community in seattle so what is the atmosphere like there right now you talk a little bit about the free food and the community aspect of it but tell us what are people like there. well it's it's a feeling of joy it's a feeling of hope only a week ago it felt like the city was just being boiled by aggression and rage and it seems that just of operating with the presence of the police. people are happy people are playing soccer people are doing yoga people are hanging out and there are some inspiring speech is some amazing things that are happening in the area and
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i'll walk through and perhaps you can see a little bit of what's going on while i talk to you so 2020 prior to the black lives matter movement with george floyd was dominated by this global pandemic that we're currently still in given that this is happening during an unprecedented health crisis are people actually observing basic hygiene rules social distancing masks and so on is it responsible to be protesting during this crisis. well it's definitely a concern it is doubtlessly a concern i think people here are being relatively responsible they're handing out masks for free there are hand washing stations there's hand sanitizer stations but it is still a concern and that should not go unnoticed and unmarked however i believe the c.d.c. really just recently released a statement that said racism is a far more deadly pandemic in
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a way cove it ever could be in america least taking on the fact that you're right they are both very deadly crisis is happening at the same time. but given reports that there's like a festival type atmosphere there in the zone while the protesters intentions might be good are they taking racism seriously enough and the deadly consequences of actual police violence. well i think they're certainly taking it seriously enough i mean listening just to the speeches of the black leaders in the black community and also the people in the seattle community you can tell there is a serious serious 5 here a serious attitude to be fair yeah there is a certain celebratory atmosphere as well but i think that's to be expected when we seem to have won a bit of a victory here and now for the 1st time real hope and real change seems possible but to be fair. to be fair there should be perhaps
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a little bit more seriousness. i guess the bottom line question do you think this will actually have a real impact. i certainly do and in fact i think that. this isn't going to stop this is going to continue happening until the federal government decides to make real tangible change in this country until the federal government actually begins to. work on solving the problems of systemic serious racism this is going to keep on happening people are going to keep protesting they're going to keep writing and. eventually something's going to have to happen something's going to have to change all right thank you for your thoughts from inside chaz otherwise known as the capitol hill autonomous zone thanks for being with us here on our 2 international thank you very much. are now the zone is a self declared commune and no police or cars are allowed into the area and reports suggest some inside are armed the city's mayor later defended the protesters saying
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that they are just patriots president trump has demanded law and order in seattle he also called out those he felt are responsible saying that all of this happened in a quote radical left democrat state later trump threatened to send in the army if the local authorities don't deal with the situation but the issue of law and order is nothing new it has been on the lips of both republican and democrat presidents for more than 5 decades now. law annoyed a small familiar as the popular t.v. show you running for 3 decades already law and order. but also exactly what's triggered nationwide protests across the united states.
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law and order is the 1st responsibility of government don't send people up there that come home and talk tough on law and order and crime and then go back and vote some other way around us all who merely a symbol of law and order a policeman on the campus and that was the moment when the ringleaders should have been taken by the scruff of the neck intro out of the university one. by law and order i mean for everyone we've got to reestablish respect for law respect for law and order a concept that's existed since the founding fathers the catch phrase that helped take richard nixon to the white house during mass civil unrest and race riots. around 200 people died back then in clashes martin luther king was assassinated so waving in a new era for society nixon proposed an agenda in which police powers were a bouncer increase in 1968 the green light was given for the use of stop and search and powers have expanded since. in new york it became infamous stops dramatically
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increasing under mayor michael bloomberg in the 2 thousands but it raised a key issue racial prejudice during the peak of the program more than half of the people stopped to a black but the black community made up just over one quarter of new york's population 1st started new york philadelphia. calif this 1st. as new ways to keep order were introduced laws became tougher since 1928 states have adopted some form of what's known as the 3 strike practice it meant lengthy sentences for repeat offenders even life behind bars the policy came in as the war on drugs peaked which raised further questions of racial targeting at the turn of the century more than half of all inmates serving time for drug offenses in state prisons were black 3 years ago it was still
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around 30 percent despite only being 13 percent of the population as a whole with both police powers and sentencing increased prison numbers skyrocketed there are more black people than any other racial group behind bars in america something that has not changed under bill clinton george bush or barack obama for every 100000 people in the u.s. sentences for black people a 5 times higher than whites. so law and order it was a response to rioting like the unrest ravaging the united states from coast to coast in 2020 provoked by police actions it happened in los angeles and $92.00 after the beating of rodney king by the authorities it happened after the 2014 shooting of michael brown in ferguson a year later in baltimore with the death of freddie gray.
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in the last 5 years on record the number of those fatally shot by the police per 1000000 people is higher among blacks than any other ethnicity and now history is repeating itself yet another police related death has provoked unrest and again triggered discussion on black rights so as we look back on what's unfolded since nixon and his slogan in the sixty's donald trump better. trumps demands for law and order come at a time when police in the us are becoming increasingly militarized many forces now boast the kind of hardware previously only seen in frontline combat abroad are he's come up and explains. predator drones are a staple of u.s. foreign policy they have been used in afghanistan pakistan bosnia serbia yemen iraq syria somalia and now minneapolis though the protesters didn't see it it
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was flying over their heads in order to help federal officials gain situation awareness and don't reports indicate it was on armed people are angry and afraid the deployment of drones and offices to surveil protests is a gross abuse of authority and it's particularly issuing when they used against americans who are protesting law enforcement brutality it appears that the war on terror has come home the mine resistant ambush protected vehicles built by the u.s. military to withstand i attacks in iraq have been rolling down american streets as well the 1033 program allows the u.s. military to provide local police departments with weapons local police can order weapons like remade launchers automatic rifles and bayonets as well as body armor robots aircraft watercraft and survey one strongs these are defense department products deemed to be excessive old or surplus $7400000000.00 worth of defense
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department property has been provided to over $8000.00 different law enforcement agencies by the 1033 program ex new york city mayor michael bloomberg once referred to the new york city police department saying i have my own army and the n.y.p.d. the 7th largest army in the world well with lots of military equipment the n.y.p.d. certainly does seem like an army barack obama rolled back the program after the ferguson protests and national outrage about the militarization of police. 7 c are. now back to. back. however trump has route 5 the program now many are asking the question why does the department of defense have so much excess gear that it needs to unload anyway the u.s. has been involved in so many words and they become occupations and the military is
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has developed techniques were operating as an occupying army and they've brought this home they brought the war home after they made by these things and the military you know uses some of them they become surplus or if they don't buy of them all you know the military orders a certain number and then they back out of buying some of it a lot of the stuff sitting in military warehouses and so they want to get rid of them and basically congress passed a law saying that these things are to be given to police departments so we have the ridiculous situation where small towns are being given em wraps near totally impractical they don't make any sense they're terribly intimidating though. and that's part of the purpose i guess for years americans have been told that the military budget is necessary to keep them safe and protect them from bad actors around the world but it's starting to look like the bad guys these weapons are
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intended to be used against our lot closer to home the very people whose tax dollars pay for them it will mop an artsy new york. remedies foreign minister visited jerusalem this week where he has expressed opposition to israel's plan to annex parts of the west bank and. made clear he has the backing of the e.u. . but. together with the european union were of the opinion that an extension would not be compatible with international law and that is why we continue to stand by negotiated consensual 2 state solution. earlier this week hundreds of palestinians gathered in the city of ramallah to protest the israeli plan since if implemented it would bring 30 percent of the west bank under permanent israeli control the move follows donald trump's so-called peace plan for the region that recognizes israeli settlements while offering
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a path to palestinian statehood albeit with severe restrictions but as artie's polar x. appollo slayer explains it seems it is not only palestinians and the e.u. who are unhappy about the move. i'm here in the west bank in the israeli settlement of a lawn mower where where you'd expect most of the city is to be enthusiastic about prime minister benjamin netanyahu is plan to annex such areas to part of israel proper but surprisingly more and more of them are speaking out against such a move we'll as per trumps peace plan all settlement will be turned into an enclave a jewish settlement hundreds really sovereignty situated at the heart of the palestinian state now it's clear that life would become impossible in such enclaves . along the medieval settlement is turned into a man clave who won't be able to leave without a military escort there will be more bones more shootings the ones north of cocktails palestinian police would not even take us into account while the
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annexation would still be hugely symbolic as sick as here enjoy the same rights and privileges of people living inside israel which is why some argue that the territory has a way to defect to beam and next the israeli government enjoys the full support of the united states with the american president donald trump's backing of an expression part of the so-called deal of the century by palestinians trumps planning visions millions of them living in demilitarized enclaves mostly surrounded by israel the plan office the potential for palestinian self rule but only off to strict conditions are met sickness though og israel should unilaterally annex territory without agreeing to any of the clauses in trump's plan that they see as concessions to the palestinians until you know this plan is not a good choice and i hope it will. reconsider this plan because this is a very bad plan for us is sober n.t.
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. is our goal but if this. act come with a price of giving 70 percent of the area. to get. by united states for. the over 30 percent of the area no thanks i don't want to give most of the land in order to get legitimized by the americans for the minority of the land more and more settlers are claiming the trumps no good for israel and that his plan in danger is the very existence of the state of israel and that annexation although it looks good for the settlements in the long run could be something bad closure from things he's a friend and he really advanced a lot compared to the europeans but still he's not conscious that actually he's giving us more danger than good things so i tell him thank you very much for your willingness we are happy that you begin to understand the reality of the oldest
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nation in the world who it turns to its homeland after 2000 years but still this is not enough because this is destroying our whole existence both the moral and physical sides netanyahu meanwhile is pushing to bring the topic of an exception to the cabinet for discussion as early as the beginning of next month he says annexation is another glorious trapped in the history of zionism the irony is that many ardent design is disagree policia initial mon west bank. i'll be back in about 34 and a half minutes with another look at your weekly this is our 2 international stay with us. the world is driven by a dream shaped by from person to those. who
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dares thinks. we dare to ask. 6. in seoul you can't get away from advantages months to change your appearance. many local people see plastic surgery as a prerequisite for a successful career employers are often most interested in a job seekers appearance but as a graduation present parents often give doctors plastic surgery for an extra feet
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in the eyelids to make their eyes look a go. almost every korean teenager dreams of looking just makes it a needle's to. join me every thursday on the alex salmond's show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world the politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. we're going on the ground as further demonstrations against apparent racial capitalism take place in london alongside those continuing in the united states that some see as the beginning of a revolution coming up in the show with all but civil war raging in the united
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states what now for the global movement for justice and equality sparked by the police murder of george floyd we ask one of the most important activists of all time former black panther angela davis about organizing in the face of armored vehicles and tear gas hand of anything is changed since she was one of the f.b.i.'s most wanted plus when the options of the 2020 presidential ballot box are you man using military style force against protesters or a man who was instrumental in policies that resulted in the u.s. having the highest prison population in the world is it time for a new political party only a small coming up in today's going on the ground but 1st as protests continue today around the world in the wake of the murder of george floyd many are now asking how the political movement it catalyzed conformant true change and perhaps even revolution one woman who knows exactly how hard the struggle against systematic oppression and racial capitalism is the legendary black panther activist professor angela davis who's fight for equality in the sixty's and seventy's led then
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president richard nixon to refer to her as a dangerous terrorist she joins me by skype from oakland in california thank you so much professor angela davis coming on going underground can i just ask you right at the beginning there's a lot of quoting of the great writer james baldwin at the moment he actually wrote an open letter to you what did he mean when he said our bodies must render impossible the corridor to the gas chamber. well of course james baldwin was. not only with a scent writer but also he was involved in a whole range of social justice issues and he took up my case wrote an open letter to me and. argued that if they did not protect my life the same would be next if they come for you and the morning
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he said every do not prevent them from taking you we will be next so that is actually. that is actually very seem of the mass movements have developed against racism against inside ginny against climate injustice etc of course the words reverberate starkly today because of the use of the word gas chamber the state of california. still has a gas chamber which is located inside quentin prison the site of many demonstrations over the last few years precisely because of the fact that prisons and and courage the spread of covert 19 to oakland where your speaking to me from known quite present progress.


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