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tv   News  RT  June 15, 2020 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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truth. to make. just. stories new video emerges of the killing of george floyd showing people pleading. to intervene. on the french president hails the country's 1st victory over. 'd
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here in moscow this monday june the 15th a very warm welcome to our international my names you know neil new video has been released by the family attorney for george floyd whose death sparked weeks on the world it shows horrified bystanders pleading with an officer to intervene stone faced while derek presses his knee nick a word of warning the video we're about to show you is the stress. bro you. remember you know you do you. grow you know you move. grow back you know. the autopsy. by police in the us the city of atlanta on friday confirmed his
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death was homicide 27 year old brute's failed a roadside breath test officers say he then resisted arrest grabbing at officers taser before attempting to flee for pointing it out of the officers he was shot twice in the back and died later in hospital distressing video of the incident which we're about to show was captured on police body cameras. what kind of drinks did you know. you must be trying to be. i don't know about it or not but i thought. the death of mr brooks has further inflame the country already riven by civil strife following the murder of george
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floyd protesters set fire to the restaurant near where brooks was killed the merit of atlanta later said the officer who pulled the trigger. the city's police chief was also stepped on a decision will be made later this week on whether to bring charges against all officers present an attorney on the case told us what he expects to happen there. people are going to try to argue on both sides but georgia law is quite clear you cannot use lethal force in response to non-lethal force 'd so i think that both also it will be charged with murder and we've had conversations with the district 'd attorney in this case and he's opened an independent investigation separate and apart from the georgia bureau of investigation and people need to understand that law enforcement is not alone in georgia the law in georgia happens in courtrooms and you cannot use. the non you cannot use lethal force to match non lethal force there is a case of a tennessee versus gardner united states supreme court case a stance where proposition so i think that this case is going to end up in
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a superior court for johnny with murder charges against both officers. in the race riots may be rooted in the problems of 2020 but it's also forcing the united states to face up to its history with protesters targeting stuff choose to prominent american civil war thinkers many have linked to slavery caleb up and looks at how a century and a half later those bitter wounds are refusing to heal. the u.s. civil war ended over 150 years ago at least officially but the confederacy went on to fight another day on the cultural front its flag and historical figures have become an essential part of many americans identity but it seems the time has come for its last stand can you imagine jefferson davis alexander stephens. cheney had it change in against united states and there's a hill here because their state put him here robert e.
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lee jefferson davis and alexander stevens actually have statues within the u.s. capitol building but now the call is coming for those statues to finally be removed 150 years later the possibility has never been so real confederate statues in monuments to pay tribute to white supremacy and slavery in public spaces it is time to tell the truth about what these statues are hateful symbols that have no place in our society and certainly should not be enshrined in the u.s. capitol the confederate flag is a symbol that many southerners as well as even low income whites in other parts of the country have come to identify with now the declaration is coming from the halls of power saying that it's time for this to come to an end the u.s. military with the backing of the u.s. senate is talking about changing the name of bases named after confederates this does not sit well with the president it has been suggested that we should rename as many as 10 of all legendary military bases my ministration even consider the
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renaming of these magnificent and fabled military installations as the most diverse and integrated part of american society it is only right installations by the names of military heroes who represent the best ideals of our republic all across the country confederate monuments are being beheaded toppled and there's a friendly map to help you plan your next target nascar has banned the displaying of confederate flags at the racetrack the presence of the confederate flag at nascar events runs contrary to our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our fans our competitors and our industry the display of the confederate flag will be prohibited from all nascar events and properties a film that has long been considered to be a classic of american cinema is now. no longer available on h.b.o. max with the way it has captured the imagination and acclaim of the entire world.
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the confederacy was defeated in 865 us constitution outlaws the practice of slavery due to an amendment furthermore robert e. lee's ranch has been converted into arlington national cemetery so why are americans still clashing over a war that ended over 150 years ago i understand what many people are pessimistic about the future of the united states of america because this is a war has not really in it is continuing under a different guise and it would not be outlandish to suggest that the opponents of tearing down these statues objectively or pushing for kind of 2nd class 3rd class citizenship if that were black americans in for any people not defined as white and as long as that
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kind of permission is idiology persist there will be a simmering civil war in the united states of america as we saw in charlottesville 2 years ago and elsewhere in other parts of the country many americans have a strong emotional attachment to these confederate symbols and they're willing to fight that with one side being branded as nazis and the other side being branded as domestic terrorists civil tensions are high at this point they're set to flare up even further as the war against honoring the confederacy rolls on a limb up and r.t. new york. well divisive monuments are also under scrutiny in europe what were supposed to be lasting tributes to history's great and good no other seen by many turned mentoring symbols of a racist past on saturday a statue of right wing talian journalist indra mountain nearly was the face than
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the milan park the monument was smeared with red paint with the words racist and rapist in the 1930 s. mounted on a boat unmarried a 12 year old girl from tree which he later justified as a local tradition there's now a chorus of calls to get his thoughts removed saying it serves only to represent colonial abuses with more on europe's soul searching his paper over. the killing of george floyd by u.s. police has sparked outrage around the world with some of the anger being vented at statues and monuments deemed to be symbols of reassess them. while in germany large black lives demonstrations have being peaceful affairs here
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didn't neighboring switzerland there are calls for the renaming of streets pharmacies and even cakes to to racially insensitive names swiss supermarkets are currently reviewing whether to stock more in kopf and more in cancun dock chocolate sweet treats that take the name from the would mourn. in english it's used in the past for people from north west africa if the mere in cold food such a big problem then we've forgotten something much more important i look at africa and see continent with the most natural resources but which is poor because we choose africa every. they everything that is bad we have done that goes back hundreds of years and now we have the delusion that changing the name of the chocolate will solve the problem that's beyond my comprehension the largest supermarket chain in switzerland has already decided to pull the product. we
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decided to remove the product from the range the current to be here has prompted astoria says the situation we are aware that this decision will also lead to discussions pharmacies being called more an appetite has been a target for anti-racism campaign is in german speaking countries for a while now it used to mean that the pharmacy stopped alternative medicines from the east and slap bang in the center of berlin is more than strasser renaming this street is a priority for some who say the word morning should be struck from the lexicon that's why i immediately said m. street it's just like the n. word it's just as bad only there are 2 different names but they're the same last week the underground station here was temporarily renamed george floyd strasser a permanent name change though may not be forthcoming the street names are always associated with personal memories with a feeling of home the street name can be as creepy as it wants the emotional
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connection to a place predominates street names are not the property of the residents george floyd's killing happened over 7000 kilometers away in minnesota but the aftershocks and implications for how to deal with a past that doesn't live up to today's standards are being felt far and wide peter all over r.t. . well there is no shortage of support for the black lowe's motor movement right oprah perhaps not all of it is genuine you know we hear claims that social media influencers are leaping on board only so they can boost their old online popularity . the french president has the clear the country's 1st victory over coronavirus in a televised address on sunday and monday will mark kwan described france as a green zone meaning the authorities have the virus under control but he emphasized that the fight is not over more now from our partners correspondents. it's. another
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address from president ma korn many claimed it's an attempt to gain momentum as we head into the presidential elections in 2 years' time i mean 2022 but this was the 1st time that he addressed the divisiveness in the nation at the moment is these protests in the wake of drill which voids that the united states have also been hitting hard fronts with anti racism protests in anti police in tallaght protests still maku said that divisiveness was rife in the country but he said the funds would stand up to racism anti-semitism but he said in the wake of those pools across the world to stop jews to be removed the streets to be renamed the france would not be rewriting its history. or the republic any trace or any name from its history she will not forget any of its muster pieces will not demolish any statue we must look together at all our history our
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relationship with africa and never revisit or deny who we are well this of course comes on the back of an unprecedented health crisis with 19 and the future president said khan to be build unless the country moves on from the shambles that it is in at the moment and that's largely in reference to the protests we've seen which made for the large part of being normal violent but they have descended in parts into clashes between the police and protesters particularly again all over the weekend when police don't protest is marching down the street. i.
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the president faculty there is more at stake not only does he face a presidential elections wishing to use time but in the weeks time the role simply this apology elections here in france which could delay just result of the job it 19 pandemic he's party on the move is expected to receive a severe pasting even things like shouldn't we also know the present macaroons party has lost its absolute majority in the parliament with defections over the past few weeks and he himself who saw his opinion polls to stop at the beginning of the crisis with how he was handling it have seen them come back down to earth with a bump more recently and despite pledging new tax increases as a result of this crisis reevaluation over the pay of medical stuff we know that the government is facing many questions in the way that it handled the crisis with dozens and dozens of lucy's best excusing the government of negligence said would
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stick using it or man suit france is also looking forward to many say to the worst recession it's experienced since the old the 2nd or so mark posing blokes maze of hiding up and the fact is boy sickness here in france continues that his voice last night that france was about to experience this summer like no rather maybe exactly what we will see. a former american marines being jailed by a russian court for spying drawing a furious reaction from washington as our t.v. reports.
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we're seeing the rise of a new secular religion and it's called. the moment in a short history in school and racism well everything is now races the believers in this cult a man. who really never changed how racism is to be eradicated or how it helps serve the interests of the people oh.
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it's in minutes into the program welcome back former u.s. marine paul whelan guilty of espionage and sentenced to 16 years prison in the reports from outside moscow city court. just as moscow hands are being toyed after the coronavirus locked down the whole we. are coming to an end and it was time for the verdict on monday and the moscow city court handed down a 16 year prison sentence the russian prosecutors wanted that to be 18 but 16 years behind bars it is for spying all we'll enough former u.s. marine who is a citizen of 4 countries was caught red handed as the russian authorities put it in late 28 just before new year's eve receiving a flash drive from a russian
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a quaintance that was as the russian authorities say full of classified material. has 4 passports but clearly for obvious reasons the main focus is on what this verdict is going to do to the russia u.s. relations and the u.s. ambassador mr sullivan was here to support paul whalen inside the court building and here's what he said when he came out to get. that. absolutely. it. isn't going to stop us. so this was a tiny bit of optimism from ambassador sullivan for when it comes to the report cautions when we're talking about moscow washington relations but only a few days earlier the number one american diplomat was talking about how when is
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a well it treats u.s. citizens in their country and right after this he mentioned the case of paul whelan it was pretty much in one sentence which is a clear signal of what the u.s. government's attitude to this case is and all that the american government wants in this case is the release of mr we we also call on russia to do the same for paul whelan who needs to be released now why do have to say though that what we heard from the judge in moscow could lead to an agreement between washington and moscow and a sense that these kind of situations very often the 2 prisoner exchanges between the 2 countries and we do know that there is a number of russian citizens that are being held in u.s. jails and the reaction from the russian side was very quick we already heard from one m.p. that russia is ready to start negotiations on this kind of prisoner swap anyway
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paul whelan himself has been saying that he's absolutely innocent we heard that from him once again just as the trial was being wrapped up he believes his case is purely political and today we heard that the risk going to be an appeal so definitely we're going to hear one swore about this trial in the next 10 days. china's locked on 10 more neighborhoods in beijing to contain a new coronavirus side prickling to a food market in the capital chinese officials say the new cases were a phone to a. in food market where several employees tested positive it's reported that they are all linked to a market where a lot of prick was registered last week it was shut down on saturday tens of thousands of nearby residents are now being tested. in the country seeing a spike in figures after many weeks of reporting small numbers of new cases it is
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now registering dozens of new infections for the 2nd day in a row professor benjamin cio from china so i thought western university of finance and economics thinks the country is responding swiftly and correctly. i've been doing is very precisely this time. and. the measures 80000 samples have been in just one day on sunday we could be 9 points and more than. $6000.00 workers at a market nearly 300 percent of them happy. and the good news is that the only time now so i think. this plays well you know no almost in china i think people have felt the procedures. the way. no new pace is going to be peace is. just. spreading by now.
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the rush of support for the black loans matar campaign in the current climate has seen big names race to show their solidarity while some major brands and celebrities are in the to pressure for change there's suspicion over the motives behind a number of social media influence or. some seem more concerned about their own reputations than equal rights. right if i was a serious content crisis. if i need a good exact. route. snuffly food like the rest of us so when the b.s. that approaches start sweeping to while you can always hear those influences rushing to charge up their phones finally someone is fucked up for that followers no longer there. are.
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many were horrified to find that thing one painting with as many like notifications as they'd expect it apparently came as a real surprise that this one of the biggest civil rights uprisings in decades was not about them how much time shopping but some brave ones continue to have found that posing in front of the newton shop was just perfect for their septic never mind it business as a baby disorder people were dying just believes that out of the caption we're going to exhibit one of the 1st of the drugs or pepsi because of it when it's a girl is making her boyfriend take a picture of her in front of a smashed t. mobile. t.v. so my. advice is those who make that even from sharing beauty
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tips well they wanted a piece of the hype to know shading contouring though this time they took just one color and really went for it all that data must have gone on apps rudd said you know don't use what we black face having become the poster boy of problematic others who also stop at nothing to go viral those it is a page in the george going to take talk challenge posing thing to his bracket 18 the ultimately fatal position floyd was presented by a police officer and which has been surprisingly landed take talk of huh. water and faces a petition to remove any related concepts and also might be having to wait around for social media platforms to take responsibility came up and took matters into their own hands in a bid to detail races have had campaigns they flooded certain websites videos of their idols so that other topics like why it's not just got drowned out
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from the battle the anonymous could put division cam has successfully called could the blue eyes matter and matter how a major victory over online fascism is messaging tools. filled troops have been completely decimated and didn't use social media how does a supernatural site well some teenage witches have beat busy casting protections falls over the b. and m. protesters. and finally even d.c. website ok cupid is now using a beat up to help you in your search of you can answer questions and to see how much you really want social justice even getting a bad alter streamlined a decent process and make sure you never again have to sit your dinner out with
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someone who disagrees with you so it seems now everyone wants a piece of the be an empire i turns out it's as good for promoting yourself as for trying to undo centuries of racial inequality. taylor with that report i love is our roundup of monday's headlines stories we'll keep the updates coming to in just over 30 minutes from now i do hope you'll find me just after the break 90 seconds and counting some more great our 2 programs getting their start do stick around and see saw. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world the politics small business i'm show business i'll see that.
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you cannot be both with the yeah you want. some control for a middle class type of a night muslim are very hard working people who want to get ahead that either have some some health issues or have some of it out of trick about luck a fulltime job won't always pay for a place to live and missing just a month's rent can get you a victim to gunpoint if anything bad happens to any thing that just throws your budget off slightly. better catch up real quick or you're going to have a judgment of possession against you and get addicted by anyone that's homeless is history like garbage people look at you like
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a monster or someone bad or you chose to be there most of the time it's not the case see how it is to be paul in the world's richest country. hello and welcome to cross. where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle we are witnessing the rise of a new secular religion and it's called the focus them at the moment in that short history its goal is to end racism why well everything is now considered racists the believers in this cult demand obedience insult criticism but we're really never told how racism is to be eradicated or how it helps serve the interests of working
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people of all colors. to discuss this and more i'm joined by my guest john de bar in bristol she is the deputy leader of the workers' party of britain as well as of their own the drive to war against russia and china her forthcoming book is identity politics and class and in budapest we have george samuel he is author of bombs for peace nato's humanitarian war on you it was right across our girls in effect that music can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it ok let's go to bristol jody what do you do you make of this new secular religion because that it's kind of quasi christian you know a little bit of composers a little bit a bit eventually mentalists style. and you know it has on with this ritual walls it has its hume's it has a.


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