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tv   Politicking  RT  June 16, 2020 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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cross the water where politicians you thought was cool in on and give the go ahead. he supported donald trump and now says trump is an unfit authoritarian con man former republican congressman joe walsh on this of the politicking. wasn't a problem i'm larry king a serve one term in congress as a tea party activist supported donald trump and torney 16 and then challenge them for the republican nomination joe walsh radio and pod cast host now says the president is an unfit authoritarian con man he's also the author of f silence calling trump out for the cultish war romnick of thord terry and con many years joe joins us from chicago joe your book was published.
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before it was for mission february before the 19 called the 1000 pandemic before the killing of george floyd the you called trump a moron a cult a short dark terry and con man are anathema. i mean ran against a jew think it would be it is bad. no i didn't larry and you make a good point i wrote that book before the virus and before the killing obviously of george floyd and in that book i said that trump is unfit to be president and i said he felt fit because he can't tell the truth and he's incapable of putting the country's interest and force on we're really seeing that play out this year obviously how do you rate his handling of the virus. i mean i wish i could
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say what i really want to say in spain crappy lousy larry i mean whatever their president any other president in the world would have us about a virus as killing the american people i mean think about that for 2 and a half months he didn't prepare or he ignored the intelligence he downplayed it any lied about it to the american people that's all i mean him because larry he didn't give india all he cares about is themselves. his handling of the u.s. military brass over the handling an issue or do you make of that walk around levy a park and the bible. it goes where it goes in my book he's a wannabe authoritarian he's a wannabe military dictator so look what he did he ordered the military gassed peaceful protesters so he could take a picture of a bike with a bible he's never read in front of a church he's never been to he wants to be a dictator larry everything about him is that way he likes dictators he doesn't
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like democracy and he doesn't like the republic that we have why do so many people support the well they don't and let's be honest i've always said this i primary you know and larry i and i realized after bottom are that the republican party is a cult these followers of his it's reared leerie he doesn't have the truth doesn't have supporters he has followers but it is a minority of the american people i think 30 to 35 percent of the american people will support him no matter what but right now if the election is this week joe biden kills them. how did he get elected. you know he got elected because the republicans 3 reasons the republican party was asleep at the wheel the party establishment ignored their base voters their base voters were screaming to be heard and the party establishment ignored them larry created an opening for
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a demagogue and so along comes true and he said i area i'll build a wall i'll make mexico pay for it even though it was a bunch of bull he listened to them and the rest of the republican party did and then he ran against hillary clinton who was the poster child for the status quo you're a republican right i left the republican party about 2 months ago because it's just that my republican party. the republican party is strong right there is no penalty it is it is the trump cult larry it is it's not a party you're right about that and it's all about trump it is it is a party full of people who won't read there are washed donald trump's feet then spread ideas unishe of. 2016 voted
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for and 16 again not be because he wasn't hillary period but i made a mistake larry and i have been very honest about it i did not pay enough attention to what a horrible human being he was that sat me i wish i paid more attention to him back then. are you now or democrat. no i'm i'm a man without a country look i believe in freedom and limited government in 10 days language that makes me a conservative so i disagree with the democrats and a lot of the policy but this republican party is not a party so i don't have a party i'm doing everything i can larry to help joe biden elected to help get democrats elected because i think larry that these republicans who have been able to trump their every bit as bad as trump is. who obviously is supporting biden who are just like him to pick as
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a vice presidential nominee i think the 2 candidates that would most excite everybody really would be kamali harris and or liz with warren i don't know there's pressure on mr biden to pick an african-american woman and i understand that but i think elizabeth warren would be a great pick 2 because she would excite she would look i'm working off her job i'm not because he excites me because donald trump is an existential threat i think joe biden needs somebody with you know who will excite people. oh good we've got a book coming out in the room where it happened it's supposed to be scorching what do you hear about. well my my response larry is and again i'll watch my language because i have too much respect for you screw john ball and screw john bolton's
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book and i hope this book never sees the light of day jumble larry just bolton's country called him in january and february and john bolton didn't answer that call he could have testified under oath as to what he knows how unfit donald trump is he knows how many rules and laws donald trump broke but john bolton wouldn't testify because he wanted to sell this damn book screw the book. won't so you've got 2 people completely in the missile. you is still a you rode the tea party wave are you still a tea party or oh yeah but that very intense form you would i have talked about this before the cheap party moments long gone i mean it was all about the debt and the size of government and once trump became president he increased the debt faster than obama did then that's larry that's the damndest thing because all of these
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republicans shine who i know like ted cruz and jim jordan. and privately they can't stand trump but they don't publicly say anything about him i don't recognize these guys anymore we screamed about that when obama was president they don't say a thing about the debt with trump as president it's just wrong. all right we have 2 problems too he's facing 2 other problems nascar and the n.f.l. both walked away from him on a race issue the n.f.l. almost now saying it's ok to take a knee and i would imagine at the opening game of the n.f.l. season they'll all take me. yeah and nascar has done away with the dixie flag. he has handled the race issue even he would admit poorly has he not he sure has larry and it's hurt him in the polls more than the pandemic s. when you look at the polling right now down trump's reaction to the killing of
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george following the fact that he's he's made us more divison have the fact that he used the military the fact that he he says don't even touch our military bases that are named after confederate soldiers he's like larry he's like a lonely old white guy assistant his room somewhere in the white house and history is just passing him by most even most republicans who larry now support black lives matter and support trying to unite the country over race donald trump is all by himself we're passing them by and he says yes that why hasn't he offered some moral crusade about race he sees what's happening in the country and around the world is it have no empathy. larry i said in my book i've never in my life seen a human being like this who is humanly incapable of empathy you've known trouble
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long time donald trump is incapable of putting anyone or anything ahead of himself all he cares about is himself he missing him and him about what's going on around the country right now and all i mean and so he's incapable of dealing with that and you combine all of that larry with he doesn't care and he's always had a race is spent to him and i really don't think he's a very smart man and so i just don't think he understands what's going on. what happens to the g.o.p. . i think the republican party is dead no matter what i think is core and larry i think the republican party is breaking up before our eyes i think the party is going to be in the wilderness for a long long time go back to where i started the little troll war i'm because he
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listened to 80 percent of the republican voters out there now it was a bunch of b.s. he fed them but he listened to them they are still with him and so when trump loses they're not with these other never trump i think the party's breaking up and i think it's going to be in the world earnest for a while and hopefully a decent right center right party of eventually will replace a new gig was said for him to winnie can't be biden on personality can't be them on stature he'll have to run on a major obvious radical party run against biden as a radical you see. how pathetic has somebody like newt become newt out and just retire and that's saying another word talk about a guy who has sold his soul to charm newt gingrich doesn't believe a word he says about trial but he's right larry that'll trump has nothing to run on
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so he's going to play the old nixon playbook of law and order he's going to try to scare people that's what they do on fox news tucker carlson hannity and war in wrong they do what trump wants them to do and they're trying to scare their or voters into thinking that black people and wright nurse and looters are coming after them i don't think fear is going to cut it that's all. joe always great talking to talk to you again before they go action you're the best larry king thank you my friend thank him and we'll be right back with more politicking. to take away then from the search deal where it's a 2000000000 dollar negative net worth company worth 400000000 and they're issuing international bankruptcy offering fresh deal of stock the take away the news the
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information the fact is that has nothing to do with hurts the current accompany it what it says is that the dollar is collapsing the dollar has entered a hyper inflationary collapse and this causes people to run into things like fictitious stock markets as we've seen in zimbabwe as we see it in venezuela this is what's happening in the united states right now as of today. 6. insuperable you can't get away from advertisement in you to change your appearance as many locals. people see plastic surgery as a prerequisite for a successful career employers are often most interested in the job seekers appearance as a graduation present parents often give daughters plastic surgery for an extra field in the eyelids to make their eyes of the bigger. most every community and
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dreams of looking just. needles. in the people's republic of just a non-conformist utopia or a politically correct i'll take your pick nonetheless the experiment being played out in seattle is no laughing matter the ideas of law and order and the legitimate use of force are at stake a piece of advice go visit jobs visits you. welcome back politicking great pleasure to welcome actor and activist kendrick sampson is credits include h.b.o.'s in secure and the vampire diaries he's co-founder of the nonprofit initiative build power he joins us to talk about his work in the fight for racial justice and against the man in the white house. kendra joins us from los
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angeles with all of us have been recently kendrick most recently in the atlanta shooting of a black and a bag who is on what what what should a state of mind right now. my state of mind you know especially after hearing about racial groups is that this is not you know this violence is again and it's the same you know i'm i'm disheartened there were 2 black trans women killed this weekend there were 2 men from trees that they're investigating in california black people are still being disproportionately affected by cove it and it is a rough time it is a traumatizing time and it's it's compound a trauma from the history of this country and and it's time to end it it's time to in these systems and uproot these systems and build plant and build new systems that actually care for us i'm encouraged by
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a lot of wins that are happening of school districts canceling their their contracts with police departments and minneapolis voting city council voting to dismantle their police department in different cities saying you know i think san francisco said that they were not going to use police for nonviolent crimes there there's things that are happening all over the country we just met. black eyes met a los angeles and myself representing bill power just met with the city council here in los angeles to give a special presentation on reimagining public safety and defunding the police and they heard us and they understood us and they stand with the same ideologies now we need them to take action but but i'm encouraged by what the movement but at the same time i'm still you know working through my own trauma and and what's what we're seeing if the police are an extension of us are we still
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a racist country. oh yeah yeah the foundation of this country is slavery and genocide it's an extra couple from the systems that were built up around like slavery the policing system was built and formed from police i mean from slave catching you know the. prison system is and jail system is the continuation of slavery under the guise of the 13th amendment. capitalism is inextricable from anti blackness and and slave made of people and and. seen people as property because of the color of their skin and so yeah absolutely this system this system that we have the white supremacy is that we have in the white house. is a symptom of the culture that has been built here in the systems that are built you are inherently racist so absolute how do you do that how candid do you explain that
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the killing of george floyd has caused a much greater a bringing in the part of the world than even the killing of martin luther king what's different now. i think george floyd was like the straw that broke the camel's back you had briana taylor you add reed you had the land ok still before that sandra bland and countless others to me are rice and 609 here and last can't last los angeles county alone with your sharia law back in so many right i can go i we could spend this whole interview and the listing amount of people who have been killed by police because it's still operate operates as a slave catching system to put slaves back into the prison system right and so i you know people are fed up it's an unprecedented health crisis unprecedented unemployment unprecedented economic crisis and on top of that we still have to deal with racism and these systems that are brutalizing us before joyce floyd use.
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people being brutalized by police for not wearing a mask you saw people being profiled black people being profiled for wearing masks so we damned if we do damned if we don't you know and i think we're at a point where people are in their homes and imagining solutions imagining better because they have no choice because they are in dire situations right now and they are saying we cannot go back to the world we knew and they are fed up because we are going to be we are going to face violence and brutality from these systems regardless of if we leave our houses or not. even stuck in our homes we are still being you know facing system that prioritizes health care system that prioritizes profit over people that is by light and so people are fed up with the violence and they're done with it and you have somebody who's encouraging it in the white house so we're not going back is what i think we're in the unprecedented situation where
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people are saying absolutely not we are not we cannot go back the world we knew is done and we're going to better you're an advocate of defunding the police congressman james clyburn one of the true civil rights leaders said he does not support the calling to defund the police rather than saying we're restructuring law enforcement is a better title do you agree. we don't have to agree you know angela davis who is a who is abolitionists and my president you know would agree that this systems have to end you know that the that oppressive systems are bad seeds if a bad seed bears a bad tree bears bad fruit and good seed produces a good tree produces good food that's what we say in church that is true the system is a it was born from a bad seed of slave catching it is not something that can be retained around the edges with and reform one day people have been trying to reform policing for
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decades it hasn't worked because it's the same system that we've had for centuries we need a new system if we can imagine better than this system we don't have no imagination we have such a low bar we can't have an armed not on law enforcement 1st responders we can have mental health care infrastructure this is $100000000000.00 we're talking over $10015000000000.00 that we spend on police departments alone not talking about sheriff's departments and such i'm talking about police departments along right and that money could be invested in communities for preventative measures violence intervention programs actually funding our schools and having afterschool programs and counselors and nurses in our schools why do we have police officers who are armed in dangerous who make us less safe in our schools and and many schools you have a huge police presence and no counselors nobody to deal with the trauma nobody to
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deal no tarsus nobody to deal with health problems then we can have these systems we can actually take care of the root causes but we are as a country deciding to invest and violent systems that are oppressive and have been proven to be oppressive instead of actually investing in care and healing and wellness of our community what is what is build our. bill power is a nonprofit initiative. was formed with myself and tio shawn michaels. to organize hollywood around these issues to to create safe spaces where we can imagine different where we can connect with organizers all over the country who are changing the world community organizers and we realize how oppressive hollywood is i mean how would a has has added and aided this oppression police brutality and glorifying police violence and and producing anti-black storylines for
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a very long time and criminalizing and demonizing us and our mental health for trying mental health is violent and such right. and we have to be a part of the solution and there are so many people that are they want to be a part of the solution they have these huge platforms that are creatives that can direct and produce and write and act in films and create a new world and we have an responsibility to imagine different and act on that we influence culture and politics so we wanted to organize hollywood around that to make being a part of the solution always little i do a shot with a rubber bullet. but traumatizing. well i was sat 7 times with rubber bullets so i've had i had chunks of skin taken out to me i don't want to gross anybody out but like just a few days ago it was the 1st time i was able this was a couple weeks ago that it happened to get the skin from hanging off my leg and i mean it takes the wind out of you i still have a permanent scar right here where they shot me in my chest my arm was swollen for
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a while when they saw me and my arm and they shot me 5 times in my leg and my buddy had 2 bones broken in his my body being on had 2 bones broken in his skull my assistant was beat with the times and had his shin split open. to where you could see his bone he had to get stitches just got about 2 days ago so so it is it is absolutely traumatizing what drove me forward was everybody was experiencing the same brutality that were out there peacefully demonstrating and i don't condemn anybody who's not being peaceful because these systems are so violent i don't understand why you wouldn't expect violence right but the fact is that we were peaceful right that's just a fact right and and and we were met with violence only from the l.a.p.d. did they were the instigators and to do that and then go to the city council right now when we presented to city council it's very historic you know black lives
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matter being invited to do a special presentation on reimagining public safety and and the people that greeted us was a police officer escorted us in and a police officer was used to get to stand there and take our temperature before we went into the chamber why aren't we why why if you have staff you have medical professionals it is just another example of a waste of money that could be invested in something that actually is healing to us can do about it what do you make of our president. i think he's trash i think he's trash human being i think he is a white supremacist he has been very blatant about showing it and i want to encourage people that our ancestors didn't ever win by working within systems that were built to oppress they were built for injustice right and so we have to think about what many countries have done when a leader is fascist and oppressive blatantly oppressive and ill
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equipped to handle any sort of leadership and i have a lot of curse words that i want to add and my best to be respected but i but i think he is 8 tracks human being and there's no leadership quality in him and we need to think about how to work around the system outside of these systems in order to remove him from office not impeachment and these system the. methods that they've instituted and tell us the parameters that they've set for us to achieve justice because we're not going to achieve it in those systems make sure that he's not an option by november he should be an option that is democracy choosing between him and another candidate any other candidate is not democracy kendrick thanks for your time today always great seeing you you as well thank you and thank you audience for joining me on this edition of politicking remember you
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can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget to use the politicking hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking. some control from middle class time to listen to the night most of our very hardworking people who want to get ahead that either have some some health issues or have some of the district. bad luck a full time job won't always pay for a place to live and missing just a month's rent can get you will victim to gun point if anything bad happens to any thing that just throws your budget off slightly. you better catch up real quick or you're going to have a judgment a possession against you and get addicted anyone that's homeless is history like garbage people look at you like a monster or someone bad or you chose to be there most of the time it's not the
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