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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 17, 2020 10:30am-11:31am EDT

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that in the wake of the murder of george floyd but have now spread around the world have seemingly come to represent the pushback against the stomach inequality on a global scale or at least that's what our guest on monday's show legend reactor is angela davis thought you can find that interview on a huge of china but not everyone sees it that way and one of those people has the ear of u.s. president all trump joining me now via skype from baltimore in the united states is the host of a podcast described by dahl trump as a phenomena when to pray who took part in a round table of like leaders hosted by the president in the past few days thank you so much wayne for coming on so he signed an executive order what did you tell donald trump when you met him people can look at the white house channel to see you sitting next to the president well you know what and thank you for having me on your show this morning and. i'm very honored. i really want president try to hear from me. and also know that my family
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wanted more action from him within the community if there's one thing that i noticed ever since that i've been alive when president term ran in 2000 and in 2016 is that he talked to minorities he talked on as they were people he talked over them and he basically said what you know just i mean what do you have to lose then he walked into the community with dr ben carson all right now let's i never see any republican presidential candidate walk in the community in detroit on streets of detroit just walking down the streets now and that alone should show that he's a different type of person. to get things done in iraq i really wish. but he would do it on
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a more regular basis because if if i know one thing about the black community is that they know when they see a genuine person and they know when they are made there's not jane they support president trump they would offend president trump when people start talking about barack obama or things that are happening in the country but what do you make i mean you said that he took a walk there what do you make of the television networks who make no secret of the fact they appear to support joe biden in november saying he's a photo of president we saw what he did in washington when he walked to that church in hell that bible up maybe the wrong way but you know what he they turned they turned the tide they they didn't like him. they used him in 2016 for ratings as much as they could but he upset the applecart he upset the establishment in that's why i told him i was like you can't forget the people that voted for you
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is preciously with minorities and believe me a lot of minorities they want to be heard and if you don't connect with them on a regular basis on a regular i know prison drawbars is busy with world world issues and everything i get what you can't forgive the people that got you in going into a community and and talking to sort of people on the street ok but the executive order he signed does not defund the police one of the central aims of black lives matter when you are away when you talk to trump i mean these are state police forces that we've seen deal with protesters not really to do it donald trump there donald trump pushchairs with some of the protest as a dislike of law enforcement he said he said quite a bit about federal law enforcement. there isn't he if there's nothing that we've seen about him foot for people who are straight. in a long narrow way and the large when it comes sense individuals they know the
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president is a compassionate president now yes he hits back hard and people hit at him but but he has compassion about the american people now and i'm sure that when he sees those things happen on t.v. i'm sure that he it hits him in a certain way but you can't get rid of law and order i mean he weighed in on being a law and order president you can i mean he backs a police from day one he he backs but yes there are some bad apples now what about bad apples we just had compassionate i mean that he said dominate the protesters as we were watching on our television screens. come on now i mean they were hurt in secret service people i mean. they i mean some you can't walk out there with apple pie and said oh please stop it's rays if they're hurting. secret
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service agents and stuff aside the white house. you know you so i mean what so i didn't criticize any of the state police forces actually under the governance of democrats every state does what i mean he the president of the united states he did only offer suggestions for states the states are going to do whatever he want to do i mean i mean look he also told them to reopen up. their state and a whole lot of democratic. governors right now are going to go over it up just yet so whatever the president says is up to the governors of those states and say ok we agree or we don't agree we're going to do it our way i mean you take a nuanced position arguably we invite candice owens on the right wing commentator you've been very clear that you have been dead against any kind of victim blaming
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a say in the cases of george floyd or. do you think donald trump shares your opinion about that well i know he does and and his you think and i know to he. retreated kandice but there are many times when he tweets. maybe you know maybe i shouldn't have done it but. i'm glad that i was able to go to right house to talk to him about it because i was like listen the direction that can this is gone or the direction that that that that that argument is going is not going to help you minorities. election time did he express frustration with you when you were at the white house in the past few days about why it is always joe biden that seems to come off well out of these protests i mean he tweeted sleepy joe biden's $994.00 crime bill was a total disaster it was a mass incarceration for black people that doesn't seem to be getting through to media internationally let alone where you are is not going to it's not going to be
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. media and the establishment the political establishment is still angry that the american people didn't follow their instructions to does 16 and vote for hillary clinton there's still that angry that the american people for once in a whole generation a light on that decided they were going to pick whoever they want to be ok so and so i'm i'm sort of going to to prop it up because so many people don't think about what. people receives see from our media you know they just live in our bubble and you know whatever whatever what i'm always worried about what is broadcast it out because our media has been well i mean it doesn't tell the truth about a whole lot of things that happen in this country. and where you expect us to trust
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our institutions here in this country our institutions like. you know our institutions lied to us and many americans know that so that's why we go out and we start looking for other sources you mention our media but there's other sources out there that we can finally use to get the truth about certain things they don't like president sharp you talk about 92 percent negativity of reporting since 206092 percent who does that forward a leader and and and then they come out and then they said it he's a dictator. you going to give the president united states 92 percent negativity push up the other guy they pushed up hillary clinton they put up hillary clinton bob said that she was up double digits like that like joe biden is right now and is in job right it is up 40 points they said hillary clinton it was up double digits.
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a couple weeks before the election and she lost do you think trump understands that say you're an entrepreneur a black entrepreneur you're going to be treated differently when you're getting a loan from the local bank some people have said that the police in your country are basically bureaucrats with weapons exercising the endemic racism in your country isn't that the point which is why the defunding element which wasn't mentioned in the executive order is so crucial to the i think i think the issue is on both sides were were gart in representative police. and the people within the community. and i topers interim when i was in the white house i was like listen. this movie wall because there is a blue wall with police departments with police and they take is almost like the military or something happens with the person on your level person on your right
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you supposed to have them back because you're in a wartime situation when it comes to being out on the street dealer a criminals who have some sometimes have better guns and better equipped than what you are i understand the police have to watch each other's back but they have to be accountable and if you get rid of the blue wall and the only way you can do that is from the top down and and i'm sure a prison truck understands that but then again there's only so much you can do as president. so. the states are going to do whatever if you watch what's happening up there washington right now he can only say what he what he wants and and you know he said that if you don't change these things where you know i'm going to have to move to military nuke because i can have an lawlessness taking
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over the town now. there there are ways that he can get the national guard in there but but to get back to send already then look i've got to ask you given that you were with trump in the past few days and it may sound a ridiculous question but intelligence agencies have already been maneuvering arguably any evidence to suggest trump's a russian spy when he went to the white house a serious no no and again that's our media. this that they ran that story for like shit what 2 and a half years and then when everything broke out then it turned into. the impeachment thing if the media knows what they're doing when they try to tear down . some moneys reputation and they and they've been very good at destroying summation great credibility in leaving them for nothing but real quick
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we got to get rid of the war we got to get rid of blue are within the police community and hope policemen accountable for their actions if you hurt somebody if you kill somebody you have to be a held accountable for it but then on the other side in the community we have to learn to trust police and also turn in criminals not be afraid so that so that and also start respecting the law so you mean you'd send in the militarized police the national guard to the capitol hill autonomy zone in seattle or jazz. cello chet jazz or chet chit chat is 100 percent unlawful you know ok i mean. well we can have we can have it in this country. if it was up there are going to turn you know paris communes in washington state their way to pray thank you. after the break why with this program going
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underground to be singled out over george floyd's murder for a us department of homeland security bulletin distributed to all law enforcement across the united states according to a.b.c. and fox news we speak to a catalyst for the me to move which was my go on about exceptionalism and revolution. to going on the ground. the people's republic of just a non-conformist utopia or a politically correct. nonetheless the experiment being played out in seattle is no laughing matter the ideas of law and order and the legitimate use of force are at stake a piece of advice go visit before she visits you. the
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simple things workshops and. public spaces where adults with learning disabilities can engage on equal terms with creative activities like graphics sewing ceramics. cookery and joinery. just giving you shit what's it you know what. you know what justice what did you give one case a couple of them. the underlying idea of the workshop is a calendar of which they feel for us to find joy in little things of. welcome back according to disney and a.b.c.
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news which says it received a leaked intelligence bulletin from the us department of homeland security the u.s. military industrial complex is not happy with going underground and its coverage of the global uprisings that have followed the murder of george floyd in minneapolis a.b.c. news said the intelligence bulletin cited going underground on our team is applauding americans for being justified in rioting against the corrupt american capitalist system well for more we're joined from an undisclosed location by rose mcgowan one of time magazine's persons of the year and author of the new york times bestseller brave she's a catalyst for the me too movement her latest artistic endeavor is the album planet 9 thanks so much for coming back on the show rosa before we get to mass uprisings across the u.s. you tweeted about being a malign actor you said these actors criticize the u.s. as hypocritical corrupt and undemocratic racist guilty of human rights and you said you were proud to be one of the bad actors tell me why. well i would estimate probably 52 percent of the people on the planet if not more think the united states
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is. the way they face their bait for a trade by r t another bad act out there doing it on our own i'm not really sure why they need it it's been doing this for a long long time it's kind of part of a strange self-delusion amassed illusion of american perception around the world and you of course when you came and talked about your book brave talk about being a former member of a cult you actually think there are some parallels between the united states and the cold oh i know there are i was introduced to america at orderings for a military school and yes 10 and what a sermonize from a very early age is people telling me how strange it was how i grew up and seen that i countered i find it very strange how you live which to me means you're living in a class structure and there are oppressive system that operates exactly like a cult specifically with america we're number one don't repeat here it's scary out
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there the news is that it's so controlled and shown there that never shows anything around the world other than migrates for people trying to break in the united states take what we have you know it does a huge disservice in american public that also does a huge disservice a world who is cult like way of thinking 1000000 nice smashed what's going on right there and america right now incredibly well from wherever you are now i know you don't only watch id if you watch any of the stations anywhere in the world really they've been covering the mass uprisings what has it been like for you to watch the violence all around the united states well i think it is that's the whole thing with journalism we just couches violence it's not just violence all of the united states it's an uprising it's a we're not going to take this anymore because every single time only hopes and prayers can actually stop that's not what's needed is action what is needed is
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civil disobedience to civil revolution at the. and it's a day because if nobody's listening if the cult leaders aren't listening you have to make listen in the cult leaders of america to be trumpeting the obama could be anybody is it's all the same under that like structure and it feels weird not participating in it it feels strange and against my nature finally. i'm doing a lot of things behind the scenes and i think right now it's a great leveller people have the mike and i'm watching them with great pride and all my strength and energy is being sent to them but what would that make you feel when you saw joe biden talking at the funeral of george floyd some on the right of you see accusing the democrats of co-opting black lives matter i think the democrats pretty much co-opt anything it's kind of they're saying you know you could see it witness with joe biden co-opting me till until it became politically inconvenient since he was accused of sexual assault
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a topic not really in the news headlines in the media right now arguably now arguably because there's other things going on but it is something that's real and it is out there and it needs to be examined but it won't be by american media and what you see in america you get from america with a world a slew merica what i get from it when there is a direct result of that media manipulation political manipulation in hollywood that all goes together b. you don't think journalism made a educated evidence based decision that donald trump the evidence shows he is a sexual predator and the joe biden isn't in the same league is that what they've date basically designed that well i think it's convenient at that point isn't it and who's to say levels of predation what's worse you know if you destroy one person's life 1st the sondra you know what's what's a life or thing and me it's like seriously can't get anybody better than an old ventriloquist dummy with botox me joe biden come on now well obviously joe biden
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denies it. any of the accusations befalling might even be even with joe biden how he fights for the black vote or to get the black vote but doesn't seem to do much in return and he touts his you know skills as working across the aisles republicans and democrats working together well i would say and submit gentle men but if you've gotten this far and this is what we're seeing on the streets today that this is what the men in power protestant and the women i support that like structure i would say sit down you can do better that you need to do better if you can't you need to move aside because the time is now we need revolution we're having a revolution now i see a new york times headline for real it all just go back to normal way it was and that's not how it works not this time i really on the mentally feel like this one is different and. this is again a sign of a cult that hollywood which hollywood boulevard had all black lives matter is it
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another sign of a cult that they're forgotten by the ins their connections to segregation and mass incarceration i don't think that's a cult like way of thinking on the part of hollywood and others i think that's just not even being aware you know they're aware of optics and how things appear to other people we see think they are mad kind of people the red hat people that make america great again people that some reason they can really see the truth. but a lot of other people on the liberal side can't but it does operate like a cult but in this instance i think hollywood's always been very good at knowing asses on a certain face and i and i do believe there are good people there and i do believe there are people that want difference and i but it is extremely politically convenient for them to forget. and also like why what's so great about it like that you cannot come up with a better candidate is pretty pathetic and i think it just shows the cult like power structure wanting to hold on to the status quo like nobody's business but what
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would you say to someone thinking of voting for him in november. it's really our people are going to do what they want to do i cannot endorse i can't be involved in it i think you know it shouldn't be between 2 people that was alleged sexual assaults in our history it we can do better you know we are better not right now maybe in the future we need to be or i think it's going to be over pretty much for . society capitalism that can't keep going this way it's a system and we see it broken everywhere we see every day now the american health care system being shown for what it is that it can't bear it that it was never the best in the world same thing with its policies in saying with spreading us democracy it's not real democracy is not what democracy is and i don't know if people are forgotten it or maybe they just never know but i don't think it's real and i think you know what's going on right now with wave are all of the wonderful people rising up and fighting for a native american and he certainly had genocide committed against them in their
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culture so the white house can be built off the back of slaves mean if you look at the time i of it and then you expect these people to pledge allegiance to the flag well the flag is that a flag of terror a flag that triggers a flag that gives them p.t.s.d. it has to be better or i think it will be brought to its knees while of course you were born in italy where foreigns talking about native americans that one of your countrymen a statue columbus christopher columbus what's it felt like a watching a columbus statues either be torn down or vandalize from san francisco to houston to a philadelphia well i have to say the beheading of columbus in boston was very i was quite sad as it to get that sort you know the thing as if you can't deny on one hand a person did achieve great things but at such great cost it negates the great thing you know and i think it's ok and i think it's ok to not celebrate people that hurt
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others it's ok to not vote for people that hurt others it's ok not care for people who hurt others and he heard a lot of people and it's spreading the meth meth of our essentially. well up until you moved i don't know whether it's temporary you've been living in britain or surprise that britain maybe was the 1st country following the george floyd horrific murder do down a statue of a slave trader here in bristol surprised by the british response i am not surprised at the british response i met so many amazing brits over there in living over there and i know that they actually care about what happens in the world and that a lot of us you know that rise up see this world without borders so yes britons rising up with the rising up on behalf of there's a will humans are rising up and saying no more and we can hear their voices are all the way across the ocean and i stand with him and i and i just i think they're
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wonderful well we heard in the 1st part from a trump advisor on black issues he was invited to the white house on the bus 3 days do you think trump will be able to respond to what's happening to preempt any revolution well i think he's the catalyst for the revolutions i don't know that there's something to stop it you know but the revolution has been a long time in coming to even start all of that if you just triple down you know he didn't start the kids in the cages the immigrant kids in the cages obama did trump just triple down you know i mean that's how this is going so i don't know what's going to happen i do see. that there isn't enough sage to burn in the world to cleanse the white house after all the years and years of toxicity and evil that live there i think it's time to start over but we're not going to see any culture reflect these kinds of perspectives or it's just going to continue to argue billy genuflect for obama because you're criticizing obama but obama you believe is seen
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by those in culture as the great hero of american democracy i think it's in merican democracy hasn't really worked that well the trickle down economic theory isn't work that well i know those republicans that put their adopted and kept in line but it's on the krauts now i think the word culture contains or a cult and that can be on the left and that can be on the right now if you listen to the new york times act years ago really every once in a think hillary was in a when just finally then you know we see survive coronavirus where where you are so far d.c. coronavirus global pandemics let alone movements like black lives matter the context of any cultural reset it is a cultural reset but it has been a cultural we set for a long time for a lot of people it's just you know it's almost like when the more mainstream and segment of society is like oh this is racism oh this is as them it was my working bowl and a term i coined as that was you not me chill a catalyst for that was
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a cultural reset and that's what's going on now pressing a man on a big stop and saying time out we're going to do this differently otherwise we're going to pare perish we after you have to be better you know what we owe it to the planet is what else are we doing right now or in saying you might as well be better get your thoughts in order get your spiritual house in order and fight fight for others that's the most important thing we got on thank you. that's it for the show will be back on saturday 30 years to the day plenty of hot activists in south african president nelson mandela arrived in new york city the tour the u.s. having spent 27 years behind bars but still subject to being spied on by the f.b.i. as his body the african national congress was a designated terrorist organization and tell them to join the underground you should stop by instagram for.
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of looking just makes it a needles. well coming up here is from around the world live from central london this is r.t. u.k. . the prime minister is accused of complacency over how the government has handled property to end the coronavirus pandemic that says charities warn of aid debts nightmare for those on a universal credit and a lack of clarity for the most comfortable i'll be talking to a public health consultant. managers say the government 600000000 pound grant to convert to cope with 19 is useless as it doesn't cover expenses before the peak of the pandemic we hear from a care home. for chief constables call for a radical transformation in crime figures with offenses weighted according to how
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serious they are but critics say it will only lead to the for the downgrading of some crimes we hear from both sides of the debate. as revealed the u.k.'s controversial contact tracing out racism further delays over a month after the government promised and nationwide rollout. charities have warned the government that the coronavirus pandemic has created a debt nightmare for the country's most vulnerable families that's as the prime minister denies poverty is on the rise during his weekly clash with the opposition leader or in this on a new case either he says so tell us then what's been going on we've seen yesterday the issue of poverty really put in the spotlight by the efforts of manchester united having been strike at marcus rush for raising over 20000000 pounds for to
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help some of the poorest families in the united kingdom but also forcing the government into a huge. scheme to support free lunches. the poorest and most vulnerable children over the course of the summer and now following on from that the issue of poverty was raised once more during prime minister's questions in parliament today bars johnson defending the government's record going back 10 years to when the tory led coalition government 1st came to power saying that poverty has dropped with fewer families living in poverty since then but the leader of the opposition. arguing that saying that actually that doesn't tally with the data put forward by recent reports absolute poverty relative poverty have both declined under this government and there are there are hundreds of 1000 of the 400000 fewer families living in poverty now than there were in 2010 i'll just read a direct quote from
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a government report or government commission produced last week which says it's gone up 560-0000. the social mobility commission has a clear answer to my question the scientists a page is rising child poverty is driven is not driven by forces beyond our control like a promise to the number 600000 he didn't reply the report goes on to say and this is a real cause for concern of the prime minister's children you might want to listen real cause for concern because the commission goes on i'm sure the plan is to read the report what it is even. if they are really concerned that these projections were made 5200000 before the impact of 99 i want to say which we expect to push more families into poverty. now that comes a survey of our save the children the joseph rowntree foundation found that 70 percent of families report having to cut back on food or essential items 50 percent
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say that they're behind on rent or the bills 86 percent say they've experienced an increase in household costs 60 percent say that they've been forced to borrow money during the course of the covert $900.00 pandemic and there's been calls for a 20 pound a week increase in child support payments as 2 thirds of families say or who are living in universal credit say they're suffering a debt nightmare now of course we know that these are all issues which was already quite pronounced before kovan $1000.00 shutdown whole parts of the economy and of course the pandemic would have made things much more difficult especially for the most vulnerable families and it also is not just those people with children that are at risk there is it no of course we know that there are those who are at risk financially but also medically as well $2200000.00 people shielding people who have perhaps lower or less strong immune systems people are waiting treatment for cancer
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for example those 2200000 people awaiting instructions from the government as to the shielding program do they still need to continue to stay isolated what impact is that having on. not just medically but of course economically the health secretary saying that the government is going to update people very soon now last month we saw that the trussell trust said that the number of food parcels that food banks were giving out has doubled again and issued already quite pronounced before covered 19 and only getting worse all of this is the government announced that the aria forage aircraft used by the prime minister to travel around the world will be receiving 890-0000 pound make of it leaving some to question whether the government's priorities are in the right place thank you very much indeed thank you . well as we're hearing from a say health charity as have called for clarity on the future of those shielding
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from coronavirus amid a lack of government and from this one joined by public health consultant professor i can't fail to discuss these things because they'll thank you for joining us the government to set an update on it shielding program is coming soon but what decision actually needs to be made i think there's actually going to be no clear decision that can easily be put transferred to everybody because these 2200000 people bush carries a wide range of diseases and it's actually an individual risk and they were very widely and those people in a suppressive treatments per se actually be shielding almost anyway even without copious 19 and i know of some people personally who are actually having food deliveries who are probably not going to be in the shooting group anymore because it's not they've got underlying health conditions rather than just immune problems so i think what needs to happen if i was in charge would be that people would have an individual discussion with the doctor looking after their care and to actually
11:07 am
what are the risks and what they want to do to go out because if i had terminal cancer last thing i want to do sure would for the rest 3 to 6 months of my life where you are suggesting then that those shielding should weigh the risk for the doctors and in effect that takes responsibility away from the government doesn't it . well why is the government the government's got some responsibility but if it can't issue guidance for 2200000 people with totally different conditions because if you've had if you've got a person with bad heart disease is a completely different risk to someone with multiple myeloma or even somebody with bone cancer just completely different risks it also depends where you live because if you live in a crowded city then you probably more at risk of meeting people but if you live in a rural village there's quite likely no covert 19 anywhere near where you live and it's a matter of what activities you do as well or one of the main problems of the growth of the government has been that they don't give care enough advice so how can it
11:08 am
improve going forward i don't think the government can actually give advice for different end this is an individual problem they can give advice saying these were the shielding groups and in fact the brokerage of pediatricians and child health has now come out saying that any person being managed by the general practitioner alone probably doesn't require shielding well while the july dates that a parent has been put forward that apparently seem to coincide with the end of the food and medicine to live is also a consideration is nothing. i think the whole point is that money is an out of the sea question because we need to have a situation where we can afford to have services and there are issues of how much debt is being built up there are clearly going to be some people who are very high risk and would probably be shielding regardless whether they was covert 19 or not and clearly they will have to continue their professor case neal thank you very much for joining us. thank you. now the prime minister boris johnson's
11:09 am
car has been involved in a minor crash outside the houses of parliament in westminster according to reports the prime minister that were said to be in the car but no one was injured witnesses say kurdish protesters ran into the road which resulted in the security car behind the prime minister's shunting his vehicle following the crash the car was seen to have a visible dent at the back. of that care home managers in the u.k. have criticized the government for offering what they call a useless 600000000 pounds to combat covert 19 the government says the money was part of a 3200000000 pound package to help local authorities combat coronavirus but managers claim it hasn't helped with the cost of protective kids but just before the peak is any money spent before the announcement isn't covered like a home manager who austrian maid and all of us told r.t. u.k. that support is that a little too late. the lot of us that we will make and
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when we get home. and even when we are not would issue an already. burned. into a home. that money is already to be used it is. just on a lot of things not. in under control. and many of our homes are to be and how to use this money. with me who really wrote the letter and it is really. pretty good wish it were different in the loop but. we will just have to. if north of the mini bar. well carriers have been hard hit spy coronavirus just under 30 percent of the u.k.'s covert 19 deaths abating care homes in england and
11:11 am
wales totaling more than 16000 people according to official figures government failings are being blamed with patients discharged back into homes without testing in adequate supplies of p.p.a. and the watering down of official guidance on rotating agency staff ministers maintained they have been working hard to help care homes battle the virus since this pandemic began we have been working flat out to support social care sector jorgen oliva's that government has to help social care providers look after the people in their care the 600000000 pound infection control fund is intended to support the delivery of the care home support package which sets out the next steps local councils and care homes should be taking to stamp out the spread of covert 19 but the guy who wanted to who spoke to our table leaves the funding package is more about payoffs and saving the problems many feelings when we're only exposed to believe it's because when. things are new media and been used to make their
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move. us they have. to and with that will be no. but in the industry when they. don't move 1st there. were these firms. who will not be. so the countless hours. before top cops call for an overhaul of the u.k.'s crime statistics pointing crimes by seriousness critics say it will mean some offense in a town plated further so should the system change we hear from place sides of the debate.
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the deepest republic of just a non-conformist utopia or a politically correct i'll take your pick nonetheless the experiment being played out in seattle is no laughing matter the ideas of law and order and the legitimate use of force are at stake a piece of advice go visit jobs for charles visits you. well the back has been revealed the u.k. government's coronavirus contacts tracing app is still undergoing testing a month after it was meant to be rolled out nationally get h s up was revealed at the beginning of may when it was piloted on the isle of wight off the south coast of england where we were also expected to be rolled out across the country a few weeks later the new documents are show the app is still in an 11 week load
11:15 am
testing program and the government hasn't committed to a firm date for its release the app was meant to be the central pillar of the government's overall contact tracing program which has gone through a subtle name change. i want to update you with the latest plans for our program of test track and trace of course we're developing the contact tracing act which can help us deliver test track and trace on the mass scale that we need across the country helpers take more measures to come out of lockdown of course the prime minister tusk died and i with delivering a test and trace system testing for the virus and tracing how it spreads is critical to containing it like a tracing capacity means the system relies on patients handing over contact data well this meant that between may the 28th and june the 3rd traces were unable to contact around a 3rd of covert 19 positive patients apps circumvent this issue and directly
11:16 am
contact those who may have come into contact with the patient but the u.k. government's app has also come under scrutiny for each use of so-called essential as model for storing data and plans to store that data for up to 20 years in the u.k. government also rejected the chance to use an app template created by apple and google and opted to create its own. well earlier i was joined by cyber security expert peter warren he thinks the government still has a lot of work to do. there are big problems with the bluetooth technology it is being used which is radio technology which is meant to let people know when. about to come into contact with somebody who has had the virus according to people that we've spoken to. but it subsequently research institute and future intelligence the data is too noisy and so there is consideration which is worrying a lot of previously activists there has been some discussion about using g.p.s.
11:17 am
states or as well which will scan a lot of people put the problem with this is that you have to have a lot of people who are prepared to provide information to prepared to sign up to the service and they won't sign up to the service if they think the previous e. is going to be impugned what you mean by saying is too noisy oh too noisy simply means that you can't get an accurate enough picture so it means that for instance the bluetooth radio may not be working to securely well. you know for example they could be somebody in the next still reading to me over in the next door house and it could alert me to the fact that there is somebody in the next door house who's got coronavirus are coronavirus isn't an issue in that sort of situation by bomb ups then used extensively in east asia and many people say that those countries have had the best response to the virus so why does it seem to be
11:18 am
so hard to implement something like that. it seems to be because of the government's insistence on the model that they're trying to use a lot if they were buying this 2 point so you know this decentralized system is the issue in the u.k. that's definitely the issue in east asia one of the things that you can do because of the regimes that they have is that you can essentially impose upon people that they do carry around the technology so in south korea people were close to do it and in china people were forced to do it now here we don't have those sorts of regimes. now 11 former police chief constables are calling for a radical transformation to the way crime statistics are presented with greater weight given to more serious offenses they believe that crimes like theft burglary and family isn't should be given less weight in the statistics than more serious offenses such as murder as the great things it would give the public
11:19 am
a more realistic view about whether or not the streets have become safer. so you would ask the police to give the same effort to investigating a burglary as to a murder yet to unload burglary detection rates are reported the related to fact of high murder texan rates that goes on mentioned without a crime harm metric built into a single bottom line to detection police are permanently exposed to blame for acting rationally in relation to differential harm levels across crime categories unless these problems are remedied the public will not be able to tell whether their police have cut crime and made the streets safer. well the group proposes replacing the current system with one that would weight crimes according to the home they caused based on the expected number of days an offender would spend in jail the new cambridge crime harm index would be calculated by multiplying the crime time for example bicycle thefts by the number of days in custody in this way
11:20 am
20 burglarious would score 380 after multiplying 20 and 19 days each in jail and more serious crimes such as murder was almost 11 sounds and after multiplying 2 offenses and $5475.00 days in custody for each but critics argue that downgrading some crimes in such a way plays on public fears that police aren't taking offense this seriously. this is full of lies in the expectation that many crimes that affect people and the people they can fool are not going to be investigated if these people are not serious enough for anyone to do anything about them we could have people who can afford it buying in private security all the vast majority who cannot afford it taking the law into their own hands. so it is awaiting the figures in this way a good idea want to discuss this i'm now joined by 2 law enforcement officers that's chris phillips and peter williams gentlemen thank you very much for joining
11:21 am
me chris if i could start with you there are 2 sides to balance here aren't that you want to prioritize but you also want to maintain public trust. yeah absolutely and listen as a senior officer who had to deal with these statistics are i can tell you that they are almost invariably inaccurate in fact that same most that this 6 on on crime are nonsense and that simply because the vast majority of crime isn't reported. but the more important thing here is that what people want and see within their communities is a lower level crime been solved because that's actually where they're suffering and and police moving away from that like this suggests it's just not a good move peter what do you think. well chris said the nail on the head of the crime scene is a nonsense and that's the reason why we should we should change it's free we've recruited crimes 857 this couldn't situate this current system was instigated in 1967 there's been
11:22 am
a couple of chairs and moments the changes to its nose of leave 2000 and so in and that sense of trying out credibility i'm afraid that has completely failed as chris is just the knowledge that well what is the important salomon's here case is this measurements of harm and of course this has been around for a number of years now is the recognition of harm in women in the sort of crime environments if you like what i would say yes but the criminal justice system i'm afraid measures harm very narrowly because only certain the fences are it's the legislated against so it's time to move it gives more recognition of what the police are actually doing invest in their research in their resources in the more spitters drives. for example currently the system they operate is that's an instance of shoplifting in
11:23 am
a major retailer how's one crime so you get as world a case of murder for example which you used as another crime figure because the impact to the community is certainly different and also it's a threat that's going to say as well also when you're looking at victim impact so we i mean chris some would say that it could result in minor crimes being left to unresolved. and that's a big issue here because we do know that senior police officers are measured the statistics are wrong we need to move away from these statistics or together and find another way maybe the you know the crime rather than actually measure numbers of crimes actually measure how people feel about their streets because the grid the low level graffiti the broken windows piece is the most important to members of the public and as a senator earlier you know if we don't if the police don't manage to focus on this if they don't get the resources to deal with these low level crimes then actually one thing leads to another and we have more serious crime so so i think the whole
11:24 am
focus of this is wrong get get rid of these ridiculous crime statistics and actually invest in local policing that actually deals with the matters that people want doing right and also pays i mean we don't want vigilante justice do we have the public thinks that the police just aren't interested. now is very good police to the extent which again christmas mention the broken windows theory that joel sort of senses play on the sort of fear the crime issue on the streets which is what the community or with certain elements of it certainly tends to measure the success or there are all the whys of what police are doing but of course if neighborhood policing is implemented properly and the police are involved with the local community that many mouses the opportunity for vigilance see groups and that's what they need to be doing but also chris i mean we have mentioned the the broken windows and approach as i said the new york approach wasn't sort of 3
11:25 am
strikes and you're out i mean isn't that in some ways better because it helps people understand what the boundaries are early on. yeah exactly and what we have what people actually want they want to live in a safe environment they want to feel safe when they go out they don't know when the house is to be safe they don't want to think of people breaking into their houses and they want their family to be safe when they walk the streets and and that's really what policing is all about of course i think where this leads us to is different you know it's maybe that this is the big issue for police they've got too much to do at the moment and the resources have been taken away we need to perhaps use different groups different place types to do different things and i think that's where we need to go but reliant on statistics to measure senior police officers is just a nonsense operator can we successfully explained that they said to 6 are about protecting the public getting the most dangerous people off the streets. well i'm afraid not in the current form out where you are you each just gives you an
11:26 am
incidence of what is going on in the community if it's even recalled it because you know bristles in 3 ways of doing things and a lot of wells which measures the number of can stop or is that we've got each police forces differently for what we should be measuring a thing case is the prevalence in the clock relation of what is actually what is actually going on for example. the older our current system i'm sure. people have been watching for the last 3 nights what happened in souls 3 you know the big dig the amounts of harm that was so that commuters see really can't be measured and isn't measured at soldier or current system but it sounds a change in serif like the athletes and since who does go in on a daily basis into this that into the more serious sites of offenses so i agree
11:27 am
it's only with these 11. former chief constables and their recommendations to syringe and press very briefly before we go i do believe that in also diversifying the police itself in the type of crimes they deal with yeah well i think that's the only way for that you know i do in the police and we were expected to do everything nowadays that's not just not viable that's not it's not a way to do things there are certain people that are going to be good at cyber crime and there are certain people are going to be good at street crime and i think we need to diversify the offices in that way and everybody to pay that very very fit if he were to do agree to that yeah very much showing because what will look chris is so good about his police is changing dramatically and it's doing constantly and we need to reflect that on the skills and the knowledge of our staff to meet those challenges and we have to leave it there thank you very much indeed for joining us chris phillips and peter williams. i'll be back with more news in just over half an hour.
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because there's survival guide book stacey just like all of the stars simply. don't get a. whole. repatriations look at the rest a 70. bill of the separate guys report. in the troubled 19 seventies a group of killers rampage through parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalist attacks particularly on the catholic population tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes and what was striking to put these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing it they were active participants in the burning of coal streets in belfast at the time
11:29 am
more than a 100 innocent civilians women. as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent of the crates which the pollution was involved in some of those cases the killers would later be named to the known gang i think it went to the very very top i think if the phones. the water where all the patients you thought was going on and give the go ahead.
11:30 am
hello and welcome across dr all things are considered i'm you know about the people's republic of china a non-conformist utopia or a politically correct well take your pick nonetheless the experiment being played out in seattle is no laughing matter the ideas of law and order and the legitimate use of force are at stake a piece of advice go visit chas if your child is as you. to discuss this and more i'm joined by my guest glenn these and in oslo he's an associate professor at the university of south eastern norway as well as author of russia's economic strategy for a greater eurasia and in los angeles we have graham bell which is a regular on the jimmy door show is.


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