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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  June 18, 2020 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics school business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. reading and sally you take. law and order yes law and order already is and most definitely will be one of the big rallying cry you will be subjected to over and over and over and over and over again as we get deeper into the 2020 us election cycle so let's just for a moment examine how law and order works here in the united states is of america imagine we are aliens looking down at earth from mars or it's
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a terrific you lie and trying to understand just how punishment and justice here in the u.s. is based in these last few new cycles what would we see well we've learned that if authorities thought you passed off a fake $20.00 bill you'd be tortured and put to death and under 9 minutes as punishment or that up a group of heavily armed police break into your home in the middle of the night without warning or identification and you and your boyfriend stand up to them they have every right to shoot you dead on the spot but. if you kill $84.00 people and burn an entire town to the ground you get off with just a slap on the wrist and a little bit of a fine at least that's the case if you're the pacific gas and electric company the $85000000000.00 natural gas and electric provider behind the devastating 2018 camp fire in california you remember that fire that was the fire that leveled the town
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of paradise california is considered the most devastating wildfire in the state's long history yes after the c.e.o. of p.g.d. pled guilty on behalf of the company to 84 counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count of illegal because in the fire earlier this week a california judge thursday passed most a brutal of fine of 3500000 dollars for this company's crimes 85000000000 dollars company 3500000 dollars fine 84 people dead town burned to the ground not a single hour of jail time for any of the executives that my friends is the reality of law and order here in these united states of america and in many other places around the world and that is why we will always be. watching the hawks. you want to go on a cd the streets you want to. play so you like to see that this is joyce
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state and see a little slice grace suggests least systemic deception is the late show which would be so. welcome ramona watching. you know. so boy oh boy mr we see all the time president trump other great great. leaders of our time here in the u.s. always trumping law and order law and order law and order but this is the law and order if you are mainly looking at this and say this makes no sense to me these people get punished for small crimes by these people over here kill 84 people burn a ton of the ground you know 3500000 dollars fine but you know go about your business because law and order has never fundamentally existed in this country discrimination always has and always will i think that the jets position you make here is very important because there is an ideology in many cases that you know
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there are these strict laws that we should politan make sure that people are saying to make sure that you know where where ensuring that this country is one that others look at as a beacon of the side and we're seeing day in and day out that there are some very grievous things that happened right here under the red white and blue and law enforcement rarely actually make sure that anything is followed up on much less that people are actually you know held accountable for their actions and here's the actions that we're asking p.g. need to be held accountable for state regulators after this massive fire that we all saw on the news over and over to say regulars of the utility failed to repeatedly failed to maintain a transmission line that broke from a nearly 100 year old tower igniting the what's been called the camp fire and that's not because it's cute it's because of where was it made it's not because they want to call it care for. 100 year old so it speaks to the devastation of. the structure of this in this country but it also speaks to the fact that they could have stopped this repeatedly over and over. victims and they're not having it
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joseph brother andrew died in the fire told the new york times quote the court is supposed to provide justice i don't believe justice is served by a $3500000.00 fine if ever there was a corporation of the verb to go to prison it's p.g. and e. is that the sentiment that you pretty much as i what everyone's feeling at this point and i believe so i mean powerful words obviously i think that once you lose somebody in something that is demonstrably horrible as a few genie case you're going to have a response that is one of a dire reaction what we saw was that you know justice was not started here that settlement doesn't even take into consideration all the depth of what actually occurred and i think that you know revisiting this and recognizing that we could have done a lot more we should have done a lot more that's just something that we have iraq why why does the u.s. have such a hard time why don't our politicians have such a hard time going after these companies because you think about it like enron all
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that you know they always put these companies up but the amount of devastation that a lot of these corporations do that trickles down throughout the community not just you know here you get a good example from the lit on fire and people died from this fire but just the devastation and the web the kind of the ripples in the water that spreads out when they break the law it's it's massively it's crippling this country and on those details because we do an amazingly good job of protecting big business and liberations and you're right sometimes they are the most guilty of the guilty the most sinful of the simple people are literally dying environmental infrastructure being torn apart and they never really are punished to the extent of the crimes that they do in the crimes they commit and i think that part of that is because we continue to send a message to corporations that you are above the law it doesn't matter you can never really fully be held accountable because money matters over everything else and we see those corporations as why america is america we see those corporations as. where built and founded on and i don't think they will ever reach a point where they actually are punished for their injustice does it make you sick
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when you then see like these $1000000.00 per $1000000.00 your salary pundits get on t.v. and they talk about like black lives matter and say oh how dare these rioters burned down wendy's how dare they burn down this this is a company that burned an entire town and killed 84 people and i don't hear them yelling and hollering about p.g. and e. exactly the same types of companies they do things like that these are the same types of companies that you know poor a lot of their a lot of scary chemicals into the water they're going to drink every day so we need to really think about you know what leveraging points these individuals have when they throw shade on protesters when they are considerably creating a lot more damage and long range damage that they are never held accountable for the advertising on a lot of these stations that you see these guys get up on t.v. and talk and talk smack about the protestors a lot of those advertisers are the ones who are getting caught in these horrible corporate crime things that do far more damage to it to a community than people fighting for justice and equality funny how that works.
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judging by the sheer amount of people lounging on beaches memorial day weekend at the lake of the ozarks and the entire american south rarely wearing masks you think coronavirus was a thing of the past it's not and the uptick in covert $1000.00 cases is proof positive that the virus might be here to stay instead of ramping up precautions and preventative measures folks seem to be ignoring the threat elite college sports like ohio state football are taking a page from the truck campaign team and ask them peanuts and students to sign wrist waivers here's tell us more on this developing story is our sports producer regina hamm welcome regina hello there bad news that again you are always with the worst sports news no more of the people know this look we know fans and colleges and everyone is craving sports more than anything we need something to watch now that colleges are kind of starting to allow. leads to practice trickling in does it clearly show the n.c.a.a.
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is need to not only produce a product but also make some money by mel as we should say saying like hey you sign a waiver so we're held liable if you get sick coming back to go to school and play for us i think it's the ties in the whole big business the n.c. double a is still a business at the end of the day now you've lost the march madness toward me you lost millions and millions and millions of dollars so now having athletes come back these are now to be said they're voluntary work out these are not mandatory these players you not have to come back but ohio state is only actually one of 3 schools that allow a similar waiver you're also having at southern methodist university and the university of missouri so these players are essentially saying they will waive any right to litigation if they get sick from cova 19 and college athletes are getting sick from cove in 1000 at a pretty high rate just to day the university of texas austin said that 13 student athletes tested positive for corona virus and 10 more had to self quarantine
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because they came in contact with them there are other schools like clinton that have had about 6 other schools reporting one or 2 but you still are having them come back and play sports football is a contact sport by the way for anybody watching so you are not going to be able to have a social distance so this is a concern because this is showing ok we need to put a product on the field come september we need to make money because the schools how it will also on athletics i will say that but is it worth it the risk of these kids potentially getting sick because of the showing in florida they're getting very sick and you know like these kids are obviously you know top of the one of their athletes that the most holy that can be doesn't mean the absence of the dangers of cold but if they get sick with that they go home you know to visit the family over thanksgiving or the family comes to see them then they get sick with it then that gets carried on when you go or the college coaches are lawfully older there are a lot of people that want or need the n.b.a. that their kids are into as they're like oh you are mean. just getting like a bubble suit and about a 1000 of the coaches instructors all of them. have
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a question so we know bad dr anthony fauci a member of the coronavirus task force just today announced that he doesn't think the n.f.l. is going to return so it's interesting that we're seeing all of this action around college athletes there is no indication that coburn 1000 it's going to go away any time too soon we're seeing large upticks in transmission already so do you think it's worth it to colleges and universities to keep trying to make athletic events happen it's a double edged sword i'm playing devil's advocate on one end you have universities like brown who have taken a lot of like track and the number of new sports track and field volleyball and kind of relegated them down to like club athletic status so they're not actually those non-revenue sports or the school it's on the flip side yes you do need to see the schools make money these kids are on scholarship a lot of them you're taking that away put on the other side cultural as a 1000000 a multimillion dollar product these kids are. products until they start getting paid then they're actually you know allowed to do that but anyway these college athletes need to understand that the school doesn't seem to be looking out for them
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you can say oh you know we're going to all the safety we're going to make you social distance are going to make you wear a mask going to make you you know take your temperature checks into all of these things to keep you in a bubble ok what happens when some of these universities also have other kids on campus because this is just some are these cases like in texas are just some are voluntary practices these aren't when there's actually students on campus so it's almost to a point where they don't the schools are not thinking long term and this is to be said n.c. the way themselves have not put out this is not like an empty handed down agreement this is each school's decision and i think mark emmert at the end needs to make that decision and have a standard protocol across the board we're going to see cases rise and you don't want to see the 1st case of someone dying no you didn't mention thank you sir i'm sorry but it's always there always there and i mean how are you going to know that i'm going to so much work over that i don't bring in your brilliance brilliant sporting knowledge to our show always of course thank you so much. for that if we will stay on for the 2nd half of the show but as we go to break or earth you're
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going to host the star wars in the arts i'm the man through the brand new portable t.v. which is available yes of the billboard all platforms well it's not coming soon though it's available dowser definitely pick it up download it do whatever you got to do to get it because a promise you will enjoy coming up writer and i dropped the 1st rule of law at the georgetown law center preston but still joins us to discuss the impact of the u.s. supreme court's landmark to be t.q. equal rights decision this week and how that will affect the political web straight forward in 2020 stay tuned to watch.
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the simple things workshops and teachers back up public spaces where adults with learning disabilities can engage on equal terms with creative activities like graphics sony ceramics. and joinery. just giving you shit what's it you know what. you know what justice what did you give one case to come up with. the underlying idea of the workshop is a calendar of which they feel thrilled to find joy in little things and. if the epidemic continues as a disease the economies will not work we will not have trade tourism
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and. investment we will have continuing very deep economic crisis. we are entering nearly a month of consistent protests in the wake of the officer involved murder of george ploy the calls for justice and equality couldn't be louder the crowds are they burst young people old people black people white people latinos and everyone in between all unified to force america to change and rectify it's intrinsically bigoted and discriminatory practices. it even during this height of. us president
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donald trump found another under-represented group to kick the l.g.b. t.q. community recently the trump administration advanced new policies to prevent health care and accessibility board option for members of the community this is not only heartless but an affront to civil rights at the height of a global pandemic we should be expanding health care axis not decreasing it when our system of foster care and adoption is filled with young people in need of a loving and nurturing environment we should not be boarding the gift of a caring family based on who that family chose to love this week the u.s. supreme court in a historic ruling smack down bigoted policies the ruling was a win for the community and one for equity writ large but we still have a long way to go the protests continue and the streets are being heard but even in a place like st paul minnesota a groundbreaking site for george boyer protests and the fight to him police
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brutality another kind of brutality is rooted in reality you are a transgender woman was brutally beaten outside of a convenience store just a few days ago her attacker was seen by millions in a viral facebook live video do you or was beaten by some 20 plus min predominantly black men this type of brutality begs the question do all black lives matter here the answer that and more is preston mitchell writer and professor of law at georgetown law center welcome president. thank you lisa thank you so much for having me always a pleasure having you on the trumpets ministration has continually worked to chip away at l.g. b t q rights and the republican party has largely backed him you know there are locks up the makeup of the curb supreme court lends itself to a conservative leaning that's the received here and never seen in the past why do you think they've been in the other direction in defending l.g.b. t.q. rights in this case and what does this ruling mean for the community. so i think
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it's because some of the supreme court justices actually care about the law and applying it correctly so you know as admission mentioned you know by a vote of 63 the court essentially determined that title 7 of the civil rights act of 964 should withstand the law now of course you know we can talk about how this decision singlehandedly judie it the top administration specifically the h.h.s. final 11557 we know that the teach you can or are protected under the law we understand that people like myself actually should have rights under the affordable care act and we also understand the top administration has consistently from day want it to it's one that homophobic and transform legislation so this is no different so if you ask the specific question of why certain why the court specifically why it suggests is that he actually nominated again sam i believe it is because frankly we are not the only people that are tired of trial and i think they don't want me part of that homophobic transfer transform that legacy that's
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all ministration has simply interwoven and that's part of fabric of society. very true empresse then i know that we've had you on before and we've discussed this partially but we know that a lot of the cold cases are increasing how are the elegy t.q. americans handling this because we know also that oftentimes they're under served in our health care system already. correct i think that's part of the same you know to be completely honest part of what we've noticed for at least the past 3 months but we have data for. longer period of time or that many elements since you people live in the south and live in the midwest and a lot of black and brown people ringback live in the south and midwest maybe who have preexisting conditions then they're not preexisting conditions because we're not taking care of ourselves they're preexisting conditions because we live in a society that assholes run competency has clinical incompetency that actually has homophobia really but then the clinical staff and so something that we really try
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to do is ensure that health and all particularly ultimately people of color have access to you know the clinical study and not just have access rights have actual good access have affordable comprehensive health care have family and medical means back so of course cold but it will be devastating to those communities as well i'm a part of those communities but one of the things that we're really get into a lift if some to make sure that we still stay socially distance it's safe and possible to do so because frankly we know the top ministration i care about our health so we have to be the community at your fire on most definitely and speaking of caring about our own and all but i want to ask you know here we are witnessing this historic monumental fight for justice and equality but you know in the united states but yet even in the middle of these now global protests we are still seeing upticks and violence against you know the black trans community as a mission mentioned earlier how do we stop further marginalizing of this group and
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others as we're all standing together saying ok enough is enough we all want to quality we all want justice. you know one thing i want to make clear is that i am not a transgender person i am sister endor and part of being insist gender in my role is to really protect and speak up for transfer when i see any kind of violence happening in seoul you know one of the saints again that's a fundamental here is that many people all not value the lives of black translight men and that includes some black people that includes black people who are sister and heterosexual and so when people safe. oh black lives matter we mean all black lives matter the truth is we have a hash tag right we have a movement as black lives matter what's actually happening though if we continue to march toward the same lies over and over again we continue to march for oftentimes black street sister and or men and so because of that it is really important for us
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to kind of name that we're not talking about black women oftentimes unfortunately we're not talking about the briana taylor's we're not talking about the stance of plants we're not talking about the honesty of the jones we're not talking about the small woods we're not talking about cia wanted here as we're not talking action lists literally name of the name of black women will system trans who we don't march for and so we're actually talking about the violence that happens against transfer people and black translunar particular we must not forget we're talking about the intersection of race of sexual orientation and of gender identity we're talking about what happens when someone have one hand of white supremacy and another hand a preacher ovide let's we're talking about what happens when we are silent about the deaths and about the killing of black transfuse we're talking about what happens when black translunar killings by either vigilantes or black men or police officers right we're talking about what happens when we are actually seeing black trance people experience interpersonal violence and state violence so again as
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a sister man my role of responsibility is to always always always protect transform because i know deep down inside that they're going to be some black sister heterosexual man won't and i know deep down inside certainly that law enforcement will not really protect them and care about their murders here is speaking to my soul with that roll call their president and i thank you for calling out be huge diffidence that we often have when it comes to that divide between who's black lives matter and who is technically do not i haven't. that question now you know that it's an election year in election year politics get wonky what types of policies does the l.g.b. t.q. community advocate for during this moment in history where all eyes are on black america. it's on the it have to be honest one of the things that i'm working on right now is pinning an article on you people should should also support defunding the police so that one thing that i really think is important is to really it's
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pride month we need to think back to the history of the stonewall movement where on june 28th 1969 people like marcia penn all mine johnson people like sylvia repair people like miss major who were really on the front lines of what we now know as a pride and you know the 1st pride was a riot and so when i'm talking about policy i'm talking about why defining the police and investing and communities that that look like us that actually are black and brown that are actually plus among other things must be protected and not only in the local and state level at the federal level even though a vast majority of law enforcement budgets are really at the helm and at the local level we need to call attention to congressional members cetera leaders who can actually provide incentives who are actually encouraged local and state elected to say you know what let's take your 500000000 dollars budget of policing and actually invest in things like housing for unhoused or employment for people who are unemployed or underemployed health care for people who don't have health insurance
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because many people don't have employers who have health insurance through their employer so when you're talking about like policies at the federal or you go it's a local or state level that else because you people need one of the things that i will employ or else needs people to do is also joins join this and i mean because i couldn't agree with you more preston rich and thank you so much for coming on always a pleasure having you on to educate our audience thank you so much i appreciate it . well my friends it appears that just when you thought 2020 couldn't get any more bizarre the ancient mayan calendar said hold my beer yes the internet and social media were on fire this week dusting off the old mayan calendar end of the world prophecies with word that surprisingly and yes miraculously the original calendar prognosticators who said that the mayans predicted the end of the world back on december 21st 2012 actually got it wrong clearly because we're all still here well now according to
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a new interpretation that translates the mayan calendar into the julian calendar instead of the gregorian calendar the world is now supposed to end yes this sunday june 21st and he us father's day holiday so my friends start planning accordingly or don't or really why not just start living each day like it's your last and make each day the best one that can possibly be because truth is no dusty old calendar makers hold the answers to our fate we ourselves do. all right everybody that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are not told that we love them up so i tell you all i love you i am tired of and i'm going to keep on watching all those arcs out there and have a great day and night everybody. in
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the troubled 19 seventies a group of killers rampage through parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalist attacks protect the only catholic population of belfast tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes a mob was striking to put these attacks was that the r.u.c. the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing it they were active participants in the burning of coal streets in belfast at the time more than a 100 innocent civilians were murdered as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent and of the currents which the inclusion was involved in some of those cases that killers would later be named the glenna gang i think it went to the very very top i think it is crossed the water where politicians you thought was going on and give the go
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ahead. speaking to west point graduates transect were ending the era of endless wars 4 years ago on the campaign trail he said essentially the same thing why is it so difficult but this president to make good on this promise why make the promise again it can't be kept. ah no 2 no crowd. no shots no. factions cults speaking was. going to drop no arrests or. quench your thirst for action. the simple things workshops hymns and peaches by. public spaces where. disabilities
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can engage on equal terms with creative activities like graphics sewing ceramics. and joinery. just giving you shit what you know. just what did you give one case a couple of. the underlying idea of the workshop is a calendar of which they feel thrilled to find joy things of. joining me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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alone welcome to redacted tonight v.i.p. camp today i talked with journalist photographer filmmaker and creative activist eleanor goldfield she's also the co-host of my podcast common sense or but she has a new film a new documentary out called hard road of hope about the.


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