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tv   News  RT  June 19, 2020 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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headline stories this hour children are. leading human rights group. testimony about random checks against. one youngest. kids a completely different i've been stopped by police twice the 1st time i was 9 or 10 years old i was told it was not normal for police to search 10 year old children president putin warns of playing games with history in an in-depth article for a u.s. news magazine on lessons from the 2nd world war. coming up in the program the big. on using. black people to sell goods we ask whether it's more to do with reputation
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. and actual racial solidarity. in the liverpool street immortalized. to a slave trader time for the city to change the record. change a name to. change the people still hold slavery it's a little pills possible to build the city and it's pretty lame belongs to the beatles a little cool anymore. one minute past 4 pm here in the russian capital friday june the 19th welcome to the program my names you know not only. our top story french police are being accused of conducting racially motivated random checks on black. on
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pre-teen boys human rights watch has published on comfortable cuts including from a 10 year old who describes being publicly humiliated charlotte reports from paris . with french police already facing angry crowds over alleged racism and brutality this report hits home but not only does human rights watch detail officers racial profiling with discriminatory i.d. checks on black and arab men but more shockingly one young children to one boy who is identified only as jumo described his 1st experience being what's called a controlled. i've been stopped by police twice the 1st time i was 9 or 10 years old i thought it was not normal for police to body search 10 year old children another 12 year old called coffee describes in the report how he and his entire class were subjected to a police id check in front of
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a school on the outskirts of paris as they headed off on a field trip he put their hands in my pockets they spread my lacks touch my genitals coffee says his teacher tried to object but claims the police then said that they could do what ever they loic this video shows some of the checks. wanted to. be. human rights watch says many of those that they interviewed were stopped simply because of how they look that's ethnic profiling all because of where they live rather than any suspicious behavior even president mark korda has acknowledged that the color of someone's skin or even their name can still negatively impact a person's life. must continue before it's against. the address. reduced you. should have.
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officers are also being accused of using racial slurs as well as invasive and humiliating body searches. but i could sense something he did not tell me straight away but she was event i mean she was speaking last i learned some time legion of which she was told by the police and was suspected to have been drugs. he ended up in socks and the president in front of everyone in the center. who cannot build a society where children are scared of the police were children are scared of the law because of the police reprise on the law if that is how the police of many might say it's no wonder that so many black and arab youths stop and searches just like. his story has reemerged in the wake of george floyd's death now he fled
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a check back in 2016 and was pursued by offices he later died in custody in suspicious circumstances according to his family who have been calling for his death and also for justice. today is a rally to denounce the denial of justice rally to denounce police violence today as a rally to denounce social violence that is a rally to denounce violence we're not here to talk we're here to get legal action the government has given officers. that when checking i.d.'s they must cameras and display their tag numbers so that they can be identified the police insist that the work is difficult and it dangerous and have recently taken to the streets themselves to demand better safe working conditions in the mouton the interior minister has. cold tolerance to racism and.
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technique but that was just days later following pressure from police unions leaving a fearful section society feeling that they're heading straight back to square one . we have been in touch with french police chiefs about the findings to hear anything human rights activists. meanwhile believes many young are absent from hoping to be raised in fear of the police. this record from human rights watch actually is worth stating the obvious that they have beem doesn't so if we pour it on the french police on a racial profiling of young blacks and arabs it's everyone remember is the ombudsman to clear out and found out that if you are a black or an arab youngster you are 20 times more likely or being arrested by the police what this report to raise it is that there was no stepping back wards if
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there is no questioning of for nice of brutality in france when you commit crimes as a police officer there is no accountability and you are protected from any of your let alone jail time what do you send as a message i can do it and get away with it we have come to a more induct job lots of arabs in france are raised to avoid the police what needs to be done in france is for law enforcement to be redesigned of the doctrine of public order to be thought again so we don't have a bullies that positions itself as a closed loop who people of. another major american consumer brand is overhauling its packaging to avoid being called ellington's racially insensitive cream of wheat breakfast partridge is the 4th brand in some 24 hours to reassess the use of images of black people to sell goods kaleb up and
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looks at the level of sincerity however behind the changes. rebellion across america it's very clear u.s. society needs to do something to address its flaws when it comes to issues of racism something must be done so corporate and political elites have decided it's time to change corporate logos and advertising and jim i'm a pancake mix made by pepsi corp is going to be changed more people have flipped over and through my mother's ban and many other and cakes in the world we recognize and origins are based on a racial stereotype while work has been done over the years to update the brand where realize those changes are not enough and yet my mother was based on nancy green a beloved african-american storyteller was born in slavery but rose to become a talented entrepreneur in the post civil war years there was something about it
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and to my mother the call for angela my mother to be changed has been building on social media for a long time did you know the founder chris wright a white man to get the name after attending the michelle they black face did you also know we had former slave nancy grace that is very much a man where she went around to the bank case and tell the people stories of the good ole sat and the as they had sent home about 7 to her and that feeling of having their very own mammy back laughing matter people. even over this some say it's far from racist to have the image of a black person on a food product list of brands changing their logos is growing.
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amid all the protest and public outrage it seems the images. symbols and monuments have become the focus of so much public discussion. politicians are eager to make grand gestures for those who wish to we will now kneel a moment of silence. just a time. purpose to seize and to listen and heal now is the time for racial justice but will this solve the actual issue behind the protests the conditions facing african-americans symbolic gestures that the corporations and some government entities are involved it's not going to be enough to when social stability of the united states and its commentary these and that the issues that brought millions of
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people into the streets the government needs to address institutional racism in the united states it has to address the militarization of the police to demilitarize law enforcement officials the protests are not about images and symbols they're about economic injustice police chokeholds mass incarceration and much more addressing the issues that have spawned decades of racial unrest in the united states would require some very big dramatic shifts the very foundations of u.s. society might need to be altered so why is the media focused on cullen ery products caleb mop and artsy new york. packaging 2 statues to street names in liverpool in northwest england one target no as a street well known to fall of the beatles but which is alleged to be linked to an 18th century slave trader but is the city in any mood to face the music here's polly boyko. i am in liverpool
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a famous port city and the city's famous being the last place on the results. so this is the penny lane which is immortalized in that beatles song with its blue suburban skys these signs were defaced during a recent black lives matter protest someone wrote racist over the top of it and scribbled out the penny and the reason big there's some confusion over where the name of this street even comes from some people think that it's linked to a slave trade called james penny who lived in operated out of liverpool but the international slavery museum here in liverpool says that the evidence linking james penny to penny lane is inconclusive and moreover
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some people point to the fact that some money show penny lane owned the map some 20 or 30 years before james penny even made it into liverpool the liverpool city region mag has caused around our by saying that even if there is some connection between this street and the old slave trade or james penny. then the street will be renamed i just wanted to ask if you think that penny lane should be renamed if it is found to be linked to slavery too should be renamed no which will be rebranded. change the name there tuesday to change the attitude of the people still told slavery it's a call to liverpool's possible ritual to build the city not all the call to global utilities be involved i don't think they should change it because i would like to do it history isn't it i'm like it's not directly aimed at anyone in my. that's the
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main one so i think it should be up to hysterical reasons so i think it's not well it's up to just the people of the field really to do with the song it's music movies dot com but a particular song about the beatles they are just talking to a lady who lives here and she's a resident and she says that the reason it's called penny lane isn't to do with this lady whose name is penny needs to do with the bridge which is right here and he would be charged to pay me to cross it. that's why it's called penny lane or at least this is the bridge that some of the residents say is actually the reason penny lane is named penny lane you think of penny lane don't think of slavery don't think it's old if you think of the beatles made car new they appropriated it themselves and it's pretty lame belongs to the beatles now it isn't belongs in the pool anymore what you think about changing penny lane beyond the children away from . anybody into shows. you should not be the popular show now
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50 years ago but it was your friend by the way at the shore now it's a place you. fly from moscow this is our 2 international still ahead plus war for between teachers and the british government over whether it's safe for pupils to head to school after the law and we'll hear about the reaction after this break. it's seemed wrong. to me to get to shape out just because the educated and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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if the epidemic continues as a disease the economies will not recover we will not have trade tourism. investments we will have continuing very deep economic crisis. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you. hello again love them or putin's one of the dangers of ignoring history's realities
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in a detailed article for an american international affairs magazine ahead of next week's rescheduled victory day parade he points to western coverage on teachings increasingly failing to mention the vital role of the solvent union in the 2nd world war and why herb brushing the facts today sets the world up to repeat the same failures he takes a look now at some of the reaction. now in the article which by the way initially was published in english liner putin desex history looking at what events and decisions made the 2nd world war possible and what the world today can learn from those mistakes and the key narrative of that piece is that essentially there's a dangerous tendency nowadays to brush aside to overlook the massive role that the soviet union played in defeating the nazi germany the peace which balances between praise and criticism towards all nations that fought fascists and nazis including
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the soviet union which received its fair share of criticism from the russian president as well vladimir putin essentially says that. should be preserved as it is with all of its mistakes and things done right disagrees you can insulting the memory is mean meanness can be deliberate hypocritical and pretty much intentional as in the situation when declarations commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of the 2nd world war mentioned all participants in the anti hitler coalition except for the soviet union meanness can also be bloody as in the situation when those who come out against mere nazis and their successors are killed and burned once again meanness can have different manifestations but this is not make it any less disgusting now this is quite an obvious reference to a tweet back from may when the official white house twitter account posted praises to everyone except the soviet union for defeating nazi germany that tweet was
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enough to cause huge outrage both online and especially here in russia where an opponent also floated in a dia of a summit of the 5 nuclear states that was russia the united states the u.k. france and china according to the russian president this could be a good and productive format for these countries and for the world in general to overcome whatever differences there are currently are between the countries and in general the russian president has emphasized that such international institutions like the united nations for instance while imperfect they are key for nations to be resolving their differences on the international arena the calls that have been made quite often in recent years to abolish the veto power to deny special opportunities to permanent members of the security council or actually irresponsible after all if that happens the united nations would in essence become the league of nations a meeting for empty talk without any leverage on the world process is how it ended
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is well known the united nations commenting on the articles said that they agree with the criticism from the russian leader. and judging by the fact that again it was published in english and judging by its sheer length and by how thorough it is clearly getting his message across getting this message across is really important for vladimir putin. getting people back to school after the lockdown in england has seen government earn teachers dig in union leaders an education committee m.p.'s faced each other in a hot tempered online session this week in a standoff over when it is safe to restart classes and why is it every time i see a teacher you don't see that you know saying schools on safe are open schools and it's open campaign has been run whether you like or not. fear into parents about the idea or sit in a kid's back to school has come across the parents or the schools are destroyed violently important children return to school as quickly as it's awful and sorry to
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do so as absolutely no doubt about that but where cells are going to tell them that they can i then why would you support any school if schools need to take care of the issues in relation to the health and safety there were always around to do that this is a new risk which presents itself in the context of schools winery opening so why is it that children parents can have access to pry mark over the next few months where many of them won't have access to schools even have a quarrel with the risk assessments of being down in schools and i said girl in issue should take it live on i've never been so for straight in mind life sitting in this community listening to what's been said as for the any you running a political campaign which came through all m.p.'s in boxes to basic make sure schools did not are just it is absolutely disgraceful. across the u.k. shot in march to reduce the spread of coronavirus those in scotland wheels plan to
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reopen later this month but it's a punch your picture in england some primary and secondary schools were allowed back on june 1st but the majority of educational facilities are not expected to fully reopen until september at the earliest child health experts are also pressuring educational authorities and unions to get a plan in place they say it's not just the learning but also youngsters mental well being and development being put at risk the longer they are where from school speaking to a senior teaching union leaders say the government's help puzzled approach is to blame. solution. plan find a good moment to get schools but the introduce nations without consultation with the teachers unions without consultation with a professional and so now we're teachers and unions and senior leaders and now intervene allow the good basically and do their job for them schools are working
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hard to try and come up with strategies when it by reaching into see if we can only start such a well fortunately the government didn't really thought we're thinking we got it nice and billions of physically not big enough for the number of children we do to meet a social distance and it certainly is the issue that the initiative you see teaches you i'm more than happy to sit down and work with them to produce a plan but one fortunately. do not consult with teacher unions that's a sub. britain type court has rejected an application by grieving parents to disclose details of a secret agreement between london and washington over their son's death who was killed when his motorcycle collided with a car allegedly being driven on the wrong side of the road by the wife of a us intelligence officer. are now taking legal action against foreign secretary
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dominic robb and the local police claiming they acted on lawfully by allowing her to flee back to america parents were given permission to bring a case against dominic wrote that he obstructed northamptonshire police's lawful investigation it to it series it was for the police to establish diplomatic immunity or not not the foreign office but they they took it upon themselves to decide that she did and they allowed her to lee. kulis is charged with killing the 19 year old by dangerous driving last december cheap then saw diplomatic immunity through to the u.s. the british government tried to get her extradited to face trial well but was flat out refused by the american secretary of state. on the worst senior level closed door talks parents wanted those in the open accusing the foreign office of
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obstructing justice under pressure from washington now that was rejected as well as a request for a former british diplomat to give evidence on applying diplomatic immunity done family spokesman has pointed out the par adults between the 2 countries stand on human rights and they're treating. these 2 countries the united states. i the u.k. claim to be the world leader in protecting human rights and. they have. one of the worst abuses of human rights on these parents in history when there are millions of people around the world who are looking at this case and thinking how does this even how even if she had diplomatic immunity it's not the right thing to do but we are very clear that she did this and we just hope the parents are incredibly decent people we thank. those governments are going to start for you do the right thing if
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they don't then we may have to compete force the issue through the courts. well things are a lot from moscow for another the news keeps rolling mill the top of the hour is r t u.k. takes over the reins to bring us all into the weekend before that though a detour to washington d.c. watching the hawks proved its next.
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the simple things workshops and peters back up public spaces where adults with learning disabilities can engage on equal terms with creative activities like graphics sewing ceramics. cookery and joinery. just giving you shit what's in your records. you know what just is what did you give one case a couple of. the underlying idea of the workshop is a calendar of happiness which they feel thrilled to find joy in the little things of. god are sick i guess.
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in the troubled 19 seventies a group of killers rampage through parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalist attacks particularly catholic population tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes and what was striking to put these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing it they were active participants in the burning of full streets in belfast at the time more than a 100 innocent civilians were murdered as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent. to which the pollution was involved in some of those cases they killers would later be named the internet and getting. i think it went to the very top i think it's.
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the washington. politicians. that go with. no crowd. no shots. actually felt. strong. as to. which your thirst for action. readings and sally you take shouldn't law and order yes law and order
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already is and most definitely will be one of the big rallying cry you will be subjected to over and over and over and over and over again as we get deeper into the 2020 us election cycle so let's just for a moment examine how law and order works here in the united states is of america imagine we are aliens looking down at earth from mars was a terrific you lie and trying to understand just how punishment and justice here in the us is based in these last few new cycles what would we see well we'd learn that if authorities thought you passed off a fake $20.00 bill you'd be tortured and put to bethen under 9 minutes as punishment or that update group of heavily armed police break into your home in the middle of the night without warning or identification and you and your boyfriend stand up to them they have every right to shoot you dead on the spot but. if you kill a.


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