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tv   In Question  RT  June 19, 2020 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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which searched for. hello there i'm the military and you're watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. we want to welcome our viewers from across the nation and all around the world here are today's top stories 1st juneteenth rallies are underway across the nation this is while the u.s. air force investigates reports that military planes illegally monitored protests during the height of the demonstrations following the death of georgia boy we're going to take you outside plus as we celebrate juneteenth today we are asking our public schools in america properly teaching history of slavery we're going to discuss that topic with a history professor then russia is lifting a 2 year ban on
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a very popular messaging app and i'll tell you the reason behind that move all right it's time to lose i. today is juneteenth a day marking the historic day and 865 when union troops landed in texas to enforce the emancipation proclamation freeing all slaves though originally celebrated in texas over time it became a national celebrated commemoration there are rallies taking place today across the country but this year is especially significant as protests against police brutality and racial injustice continue and now new reports of military planes spying on demonstrators with the f.b.i. tracking down a protester through social media so we have 2 reports for you on that let's start with bear in prague. that she's starting outside right here in washington during
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a juneteenth celebration nell take to the middle of time here at freedom plaza just blocks away from the capitol now let me look by what you had to there was nobody here you can see now behind we follow the people who have gathered in the freedom plaza all the celebrate susie's watching this group walk down pennsylvania avenue r us has the constitution avenue and seeing the crowd and really the height of those in front of capitalism honestly as far as i can see it for my instagram i have it all their friends out but one of the things is that this is not the only place where this is all happening you also have the margins going past the national museum of african-american history to get rallies in front of the capitol reflecting toil and gatherings at the newly black lives near the plaza that's the regulars one of the white house renamed last week now this all happening as we enter a 3rd meet up police brutality protests before the rallies here in the capital you had house speaker nancy pelosi bordering the breakdown of words honoring 4 previous times speakers who serve in the gutter a sikh temple of the calling chanting quote
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a beautiful and proud celebration of freedom traffic in america and i noted that this year's celebration sponsoring a moment of extraordinary national anguish and be greeted hundreds of class americans killed by racial injustice and police brutality the toy briana taylor met arboretum so many others now with these protests today and the number of people coming out in support manila there's a resounding limits to make she wanted a federal holiday recently ties in time all trump actually has gotten a lot of criticism for as remarks about the holiday interview told street journal to tell you quote i did something good i made 2 teams very famous it's actually an important event an important time but nobody had ever heard of it no trouble originally had a rally scheduled at work june 19th in tulsa oklahoma where in 1021 a mob of white residents town center black residents were actually believe that as many as 300 people died there never taking criticism and i'm going to tell it and racism actually rally monella 2 to saturday june 20th calling it quote we were 1st . back now fair and speaking of protests and demonstrations the air force inspector
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general is is investigating the air national guard's use of reconnaissance planes to monitor those protests a couple weeks ago which you are out what's going on with that. testament you actually had an airport spokeswoman i asked to find a statement i phones today following discussion ok for a shared story the secretary of the air force is conducting an investigation into the back of the national guard are some 26 aircraft which support civil authorities during recent protests activity and u.s. cities and also have the director of the air national guard saying last week that the guard is used are 26 before the r c 22nd is to track civil disturbances 7 that was per request of law enforcement to make our cities being looked at are what the guard did in washington d.c. as well as on every street time of the george bush protest now you know the national guard has 11 of those are $6.00 crossing they normally use it for border patrol or drug enforcement but there's no telling how long that investigation is
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going to take as of now it's in the hands of the general but again back here for this shooting. marches here going on outside of the capitol building i got to say it's been peaceful nothing starts and it happening as ours just you know mostly most of them just handing out water bottles so that it is a hot day out here so for now reporting outside the capitol here in france are. i'm trinity chavez reporting in new york where juneteenth celebrations are underway . while the annual holiday has long been celebrated by black americans as a symbol of their long awaited emancipation a slew of racially charged killings say honey. than a. thing many. including the one of george floyd and the protests that followed has sparked a renewed interest in the day more than a dozen rallies taking place in new york city alone fall. in the more than 3 weeks
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of racial inequality and police brutality protests across the state today marking yet another call for action on the removal of monuments like the christopher columbus statue in new york city and then i think this guy should be taken on with the other one on the same line as opinion that's all i can speak for other people boy that's how i feel about it and while mayor bill de blasio and governor andrew cuomo have both voiced their support to allow the statue to remain today governor cuomo is heeding calls for action signing an executive order this week recognizing juneteenth as a paid holiday for state employees i think this is a period where we have learned we could see we could see. monumental change and i want to be a force for change and i want to help synergize this moment. whether it's reform on the police department. whether it's an expanded. racial understanding and sensitivity and progress. and if june 8th is
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part of that and a recognition of what happened and understanding what half of what happened there knowledge none of that. great and as the fight for justice for blacks in america continues with protest spanning across the country one protester in philadelphia could spend the rest of their life in jail for allegedly setting a police car on fire the f.b.i. was able to obtain images of her setting the car ablaze after scouring the internet and online platforms like linked in and at sea now the moment of rest of the spacing a minimum of 7 years and a maximum of 80 years of convicted as well as a fine up to $500000.00 and a york on trinity charges back to you in washington. and one of the 3 little of all police officers involved in the shooting death of briana taylor will soon be fired america doubts that the lower bill. metro police is initiating the termination of
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officer brett hankerson he's accused of quote blindly firing 10 rounds into taylor's apartment which resulted in her death 26 year old taylor was an e.m.t. worker and was shot by officers inside her residence on march 13th as they entered to serve a no knock warrant this comes as the nation continues to protest for police reform and to push forward the black lives matter movement. and in atlanta several police officers have called in sick after officer who has now been fired was charged with felony murder for the fatal shooting of ratio of brooks meanwhile his partner officer devon brosnan who turn himself in was released soon after surrendering at fulton county jail last week both officers were involved in the killing of ray sharp brooks outside of a wendy's officer brosnan is accused of having stood on brooks's shoulder as he struggled for his life. and juneteenth is finally getting the
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recognition across the country like it has never seen before thanks to the recent recent national protests against police brutality but why are most americans just now learning about this day so far that we are going to turn to joe had a fernandez she is a history professor at baruch college over in new york and author of this book the young lords a history of the puerto rican counterpart of the black panther party are professor thank you so much for being with us let's start with president trump he is claiming responsibility for making juneteenth a thing now whether or not that is true is up for debate but the real question here is why are most americans just now learning what today is. well that's because the united states has not come to terms with its past with the history of slavery what was it and how did. contribute
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to the emergence of the nation but also to the emergence of capitalism slavery is and economic system was an economic system that was hugely responsible for the mass distribution around the world of rice to back oh sugar and other cash crops and upon that institution emerges the institution of the system of capitalism and so the united states hasn't really discussed this i don't haven't discussed this and it but dulls haven't come to terms with this and engaged in some kind of truth and reconciliation process. our students and young people certainly are not going to be educated about it yeah and now you as an educator i'm sure you
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can speak to this there are so many guidelines across this country on how to teach various subjects whether it's you know sex air or physics math and so forth why aren't there any uniform guidelines for the subject of slavery given it was such a big part of u.s. history i mean you can go from school to school within one district and the teachings on this subject you know classroom to classroom they vary so greatly. well this is how i talk about it in my class in my classes i teach a story of 20th century u.s. history which begins with reconstruction which is the moment when the south is being rebuilt immediately after the civil war but i actually start with the civil war during the american revolution the united states or the emerging nation fought the british empire after the end of the american revolution we did not
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invite the british to remake american society with us in a revolutionary situation you really have to amputate the losing side from society or that losing side will launch a counter revolution during the civil war the old planter class was invited to remake american society after the civil war and the south and so that class strum the moment of the end of the civil war to the president has attempted to. and distort the history of slavery the real history of slavery but what the nation understands about slavery today and in many ways is the election of trop is a consolidation in the 21st century that counterrevolution initiate it by the confederacy after the end of the civil war while that is
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a very good point you usually don't invite the losers to come in and reshape the future of whatever it is that you could be talking about and professor lastly among american high school seniors a $2800.00 survey found that only 8 percent of them could identify slavery as the cause of the civil war now that is abysmal what do you say to those who say the realities of slavery the brutality the depth of the true. una's of all of it might be too much for young kids is there a way to address that so it's age appropriate and not such a shock to students when they get to you when they get to college and learn all of this ugliness for the 1st time. while slavery stayed in the cast i think question how used the daughter of ray shard brooks who was killed on the day of her birthday going to live with the reality that her
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whopper was killed by police officers at this country so. that's that's the alternative i mean our children are living through a period in america in history and are always to live through. through violence they steamed in the streets on television and there's no way to sugar coat the institution of slavery i think part of what we could do if there were a truth and reconciliation. project is to say disc happened it was terrific we do know. that it was right at the beginning and now our nation is actually moving to make amends who are our past deeds and in fact that would be a phenomenal model for young people for children to live by all right we'll leave
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it right there professor joe had a fernandez of baruch college thank you so much for spending a few minutes with us and lightness today. thank you very much. and russia is lifting a 2 year ban on a popular messaging app we're going to tell you the reason behind that move and then later at the sports h.q. regina hamm brings us another when m a k b o with the league leading n.c. dido's can't keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed download our brand new free app portable t.v. you can catch us there 24 seventh's and we'll be back in 2 minutes. dear you are thank you for finally changing the chin your understanding your tired
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russia has just moved to lift a ban on the popular messaging app telegram which drew praise from some users and criticism from governments for its use of and encryption but even with the ban in place the app was still widely used raising questions about both the reasoning and the timing behind this latest. artie's rachel blevins has been following the story she's joining us now to rachel what has the russian government said about this move well russia's federal communications watchdog made the announcement in a statement in which they confirmed that this band will be lifted after more than 2 years and this all comes after an appeal was submitted by the apps founder now in a statement the telecom watchdog said it decided to withdraw the demand to restrict access to the telegram messenger app then went on to thank the apps founder for showing a readiness to counter terrorism and extremism now it's important to note here that
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even though the government banned the app even though the government moved to ban millions of ip addresses in order to stop people from using it there were still more than 30000000 active users are across russia while this ban was in place and this kind of confounding but i mean why now what's with the timing why the lifting it today while some are speculating that by lifting this ban the government is admitting that it didn't really work in the 1st place and others are pointing out that the government itself was actually using this app in order to share updates about coded 19 now in fact as reports have noted health department and foreign ministry officials had official channels on the app as part of the country's coronavirus task force so there were a lot of questions raised when government officials were using them up but at the same time citizens were supposed to be banned from it so there are some official use of the telegram so what does that mean for their future well when telegram was 1st banned it was because the apps founder refused to give the russian government a backdoor into its encrypted system which they were requesting in order to go
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after terrorism suspects now in that appeal that he submitted to the government earlier this month the abs founder said telegram is working to stop dozens of thousands of attempts to post extremist content and it has developed mechanisms to prevent terror acts across the globe without breaching user privacy now is this promise of end them corruption that is incredibly important for users when. comes to messaging apps like what's up in like telegram and as we saw in what's up was a choir by facebook there were a lot of concerns about whether standards were going to change so now when it comes telegram users still find that very important and they're likely going to hold that up accountable when it comes to protecting user privacy while also going after some of the more extremist content obviously this is the same tech problem that it seems all governments are having so it's not just america will leave right there rachel evans thank you for filing that report thank you. and u.s. secretary of state my pompei oh is taking part in the copenhagen democracy summit
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following his why in meeting with chinese officials at the summit pompei a remark that china's top foreign policy official said his country will honor all of the nation's commitments under its 1st phase trade deal with president trump a previously there were concerns the 1st phase would fall apart because of the pandemic we're trying to committed to buy an extra 200 $1000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods over the next 2 years. now to the latest 1000 numbers worldwide cases now topping 8500000 was about 454000 reported deaths the top 3 countries with the most confirmed cases the u.s. still leading the way followed by brazil with almost a 1000000 cases and russia with more than half a 1000000 taking a closer look at this country's numbers cases now over 2100000 with about 118000 reported deaths. and over to california where governor gavin newsom made facemasks mandatory amid the state's reopening that means californians must wear
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masks or some sort of face covering in all public spaces this order was made to help prevent the rise in numbers of infections and even gyms in california which you're looking at there are taking precautions with new workout pods for each person. and elsewhere around the world demonstrators are rallying in water. against the government's handling of this pandemic protesters took their cars and drove in convoys through the streets urging the government to ease the lockdown this comes after the government's announcement to impose more restrictions if the number of cases continue to rise. higher from south africa was a big hit in hollywood after appearing on america's got talent back in 2019 but their dreams are put on hold they are back home after their tour was cancelled due
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to the pandemic the team will instead record new songs in studio and give concerts from their hometown. original hams over at the sports h.q. we're going to there's a ton of action going on in 2 games at the k b o i mean a ton of time and the caveat is the one place they don't need work out pods so that's a good thing and the one team dominating the standings over in the k.b. organization is the n.c. di nose and they decided to extend that lead while hosting the last place hama eagle that one n c park and start the scoring bottom of the 1st true on home run from 1st base in . the season and brings home one you don't die as the tune up and leave the bottom of the 4th runners on corners dido's catcher with the r.b.i. ground out to 2nd base scoring not some bum dinah's lead 3 to nothing top the 5th finally getting on the board solo more off the bat eagles look at other choices even on his 2nd of the year but hamas still trails $3.00 to $1.00 in top of the
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night no fears for anybody runners on corners to ask you to hang at the plate strikes out swinging him in the diners a 31 land when the wind breaks and these 2 game losing streak and cements them to have games ahead of 2nd place l.g. twins and over in that game between the twins and the tucson bears top of the 1st bears left fielder kimmage drawn with a 2 run single right field scoring leave you and jose miguel hernandez having do so . on a 2 nothing lead later at bat though in the inning there's outfielder to his soon with an r.b.i. signal the left center scoring him he won and the bears with a 5 nothing commanding lead top of the 6 is going to be no different the bears are on a roll bases loaded pitch in or jumped even with a 3 run triple the left center so the bears have an 8 team to lead the twins would add to more but still fall to the bears 18. major league soccer has an intensive plan to play the m.l.s. is back tournament the e.s.p.n. wide world of sports complex in orlando in just
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a few weeks now that plan might be in jeopardy as some teams are facing some health concerns in miami c.f. is the latest squad to announce that a player tested positive for cocaine one team the announcement came after the squad competed completed mandatory testing the unnamed player is asymptomatic and is being treated by club medical staff and local infectious disease experts other clubs like atlanta united and f.c. dallas also reported positive tests ahead of the return to full team practice while the cases themselves aren't cause for cancellation organizers are keeping an eye on florida as the state's number of positive coping 1000 cases continues to reach record numbers players are expected to report to the disney complex starting on june 24th. and what's friday about sharing the story of a future athlete a 100 dad on the eve of father's day meet 6 year old sister cruz who is well on her way to basketball fame and definitely the n.b.a. does he want to be a mini baller is getting quite a bit of attention for her impressive dribbling and shooting skills
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a go way past range range cruz has been the team captain in point guard for the decatur blazers boys' team and in the i 9 league for the rockets where she want to title and the m.v.p. award her father is actually also named those and said his daughter is one of the hardest workers he knows i'm a court she's pretty impressive with her tricks and practice a pretty high level dribble to someone at 6 years old every day with her dad she's actually pretty open about her success and she. wants to be the best because she works super hard to be better the devil and be a definite i want to go scout for this one to georgia she is pretty impressive you know we always love to see the future athletes manilla especially on father's day the fact that a little girl and her dad are getting to you know grow together and experience this journey is pretty impressive however dora bowl is she 66 years old she's able to do that and you know that's a different kind of double dribble that is devil divil a different kind of double dribble and she is absolutely adorable and you know the speaking of them they are definitely going to be looking for new talent but
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something they did really interesting today it's juneteenth as we've mentioned the n.b.a. team here in washington d.c. the washington post is mystics and the washington wizards actually were part of the marches today in which is really awesome you also have minnesota lynx maya moore who is a powerhouse of her game she took off the train 800 season to help her reform in the criminal justice system and also she's just doing credible work so it's good to see a lot of the battle organizations really you know making progress and making strides in social justice issues i think in the past year we have really seen a lot of female athletes really get to the forefront of these social causes and really make a name for themselves in that front too and it's great to see because you want to see that next generation of women coming out of the play and to the court and they definitely are super to the story thank you for that regina and we'll have a lot more news coming up for you in the 5 o'clock hour like india calling for the boycott of a lot of chinese goods over the recent deadly border clashes we're going to discuss this with an expert and then the female spacewalker who made history is now making
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her journey to the bottom of the ocean near the island of guam we've got all that and more coming up at 5 so that's it for right now keep up with everything and question at all times in the military. 6. in seoul you can't get away from advertisement opinion to change your
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appearance. many local people see plastic surgery as a prerequisite for a successful career employers are often most interested in a job seekers appearance as a graduation present parents often give builders plastic surgery for an extra field in the eyelids to make their eyes look bigger. almost every korean teenager dreams of looking just like say a needle's. join me every thursday on the alex salmond's show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see of that. in the troubled 19 seventies a group of killers rampage through parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalists attacks to take the only catholic population in belfast tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes
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a mob was striking to put these attacks was that the r.u.c. the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing it they were active participants in the burning of coal streets in belfast i think more than a 100 innocent civilians women. as the review can seniors found out more i was surprised about the extent. to which think pollution was involved in some of. traces the killers would lead to be named. i think it went to the very very top i think it was. the water where. you. give the go ahead. reading.


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