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tv   Eat the Press  RT  June 19, 2020 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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sure dickie's off the boots he's wearing. to church so the sold out so it's a move or a pause will appear more than with the new i'm going on the show still with summarizing the police force to go home to. join me everything on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. hello everyone let's take a look at today's menu to see what we're serving up and eat the press rely on their minds and their c.n.n. to enjoy the ride defends black suspects fighting with police and taking their weapons. guy that can't be good advice and we'll have more contests c.e.o.
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is confronted on m s n b c s slanted coverage of the minneapolis riots it is not generally speaking on really. started well let's hear it and talk with the man who put the top man on the hot seat doesn't matter about the long. it's about. being able to tell the should go trial by media it's a new series on netflix and it raises a lot of relevant issues for this show we'll speak with one of the featured defense attorneys and the media uses a stroll down a ramp and a drink of water to quote unquote prove that donald trump is ill while his opponents multiple missteps and misspeaks the good go unreported i'm steve malzberg let's see the press. oh ya know.
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goodbye. let's face it folks at least in my opinion right now not only does the media have no use for donald trump they don't have much use for the police either and that was never more evident than tuesday night on the network newscasts when they covered the story of donald trump's executive order on police reform watch but the president spent most of his remarks defending the law enforcement with pressure mounting to address excessive force by police departments president trump took the unusual step of surrounding himself with police officers today and the president used his speech today less as a conversation about racial bias in policing and more as a rally supporting officers still the president is strongly defending police and blasting calls to define them as radical and dangerous thanks to the media research center for that montage so if you still don't get it review the media doesn't like
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donald trump he's more you know george lincoln rockwell did abraham lincoln in his behavior george lincoln rockwell was the founder of the american nazi party ok so they all liked and they don't like the police either some of them if we can use diplomacy and deescalation with respect to the north koreans who have nuclear arms why can't we teach police departments to use deescalation with respect to on civilian got it so trumps a nazi and the police alike the north korean regime wonderful which brings us to the tragic shooting in atlanta of rashard brooks now the media's conflating that incident with what happened in minneapolis to george flawed and they're simply not the same watch. i thought. 5 cop cars. with there are probably
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stuck on the right side of the problem though is the. resisting arrest fighting with the police officer stealing the taser firing the taser not like what happened to george ford who was murdered in my opinion not like it at all but here is some typical media reaction you know i heard tim scott who is a good friend of mine and who i appreciate and i'm glad he's in the room for police reform and i've heard he said that this one is not as clear and you know i just disagree with him i mean it's another black man dead in the streets and so this is as clear as you can you can get me he was murdered period point blank period this was a glaring exception to the coverage george was in handcuffs he was on the ground he was under an officers need for almost 9 minutes in this case there was
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a potentially dangerous crime he was drunk driving and i guess what i see he was out and that's not fair that neil was asleep and car parking lot he ran and he realized it live there that's why i did say that taser he was trying to find that because every time you don't find guy allison kamerad is exactly right there are many differences between the cases of george floyd and ray shart brooks and kudos to her for breaking with the media narrative on this as for angela rye she should be not only ashamed of herself she needs to be taken to task and that's what i think i'm doing right here to advocate attacking police fighting with police running from police stealing their weapons and claiming that if you don't you'll die no she has to know the opposite is true if you do all that you have a chance of winding up dead shame on angela rye what she said is. irresponsible and
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dangerous and again she needs to be called out and we just did that. were these 2 tweets rachele from the president and one may 1st one may 29th the may 21st one where he says the governor of michigan should give a little and put out the fire these are very good people but they are angry the 29th one of course dealing with black folks these thugs artists honoring the memory of george floyd won't let that happen. right that's m s n b c host kendra skips in implying that tweets from the president one referring to the peaceful protests in michigan from the people who want to open their their state in their cities and the other referring to the riots in minneapolis that the president's tweets were based on race and not actual circumstances on the ground well that's m s n b c in our next guest tried to get some answers from the head of contest which of
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course owns m s n b c n n b c justin dan hall is general counsel and director of the free enterprise project at the national center for public policy research welcome sir. it's my pleasure i want to give the folks a few more examples of what's been going on over to miss n.b.c. in their coverage of the protest of the riots watch i want to be clear in how i characterized it as the mostly i'm probably just trying to get it is not it is not generally speaking on really the fires have been started and so many good people out there who want change and who are demanding change discount people who are doing things public property that said hey you should be doing. all right so tell us talk about what what we've been seeing there. so you know allie bell she has been running you know the nighttime coverage live from the gravity atlas and you
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show the most infamous clear him you know as remember her and see settling in front of the camera right. but the whole network really you know just saw and has just been giving cover to looters rioters arsonists those that are desecrated ing places of worship historian landmarks they really have just been given coverage of this and it's it's worse than that and that the president rightly says yes yes he 5 is involved and mixing in with protesters he's absolutely right on that but even at n.s.a. you see them pushing back on that 3rd giving cover and they're going cover to an organization that is burning buildings to the ground and so as a shareholder of a car cass we went to the virtual shareholder meeting this year and i asked brian roberts some very specific questions i said and i don't read we have we have that and i don't want to get to that so describe in the new you know how you get your
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questions ask you you've got to shareholder meetings with disney and other companies but let's focus on the comcast one and you got to ask a question how do you get to ask a question. so you know free enterprise we engage with backward actors to try and change their behavior and so we have a portfolio of stocks that have always because companies have to lose their shareholders and this is the avenue that we use we invest in these companies to try and alter their behavior because so many companies are so bad in the culture wars you're the guy and when it comes to me tremendous amount of harm to our body politic and our public discourse here in the states let me let's play for the folks the question that you submitted that was read to the chairman of and c.e.o. of comcast here it is. he's alluding saunders of the farm
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to the ground in minneapolis actually which we are touches we endorsed by so called journalist and that's sunday. and that's when d.c. host alito should begin to be disappointed potentially again to cool bundy live on the air he exclaimed but better or much more call in minneapolis tonight that's called leadership or also some people are convinced just the talking heads that m.s.n. b.c. . i love that i'd love to have seen the expression on his face but here is robert's answer. the news coverage. or risk of personal harm and injury and some cases loss of life or journalists continues to be one of the. most important parts of n.b.c. news and for that matter comcast n.b.c. universal. and so by and large i think the coverage continues to inform and educate
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our society and. that specific clip i've not seen. but thank you for your comments and we will continue to strive to inform the american public. not a very good answer but you've got an answer and that's what you do and then kudos to you we've got a less than a minute but go ahead. think so the england nation for folks when companies are bad actors whether it's the media or whether it's nice you know written down a bit you rush you to disengage from that company but that is the wrong approach when you see a backward actor and there are so many in the culturally important america that are actors each with them so get in there to get the answers robert can even defend his own company because these people will never be asked tough questions but as an investor you have a right to question these corporations and that's what i recommended folks you come
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to national center or reach out to me i can teach you all how to do it it's the law and you get to deal with some of the most powerful companies in the world and actually expect to a change now that i love and you can fall. your guy finish up national center dot org and quickly. we're on twitter at national center and i want to just reach out. all right great to talk to you sir keep up the good work. well lou thanks to a. trial by media what does that mean exactly well it's a new documentary series on netflix and it explore some high profile cases and it shows how the defense attorneys actually have maybe both sides trying to use the media to influence their cases we will have one attorney from one of those featured cases coming up to join us to explain how all this works that's coming up next right here on eat the press.
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what's needed national will the star know when he believes molested that solicit it to prevent. her from the regular morgue you're more your partner group or provide.
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a. water source i.q. all because lucifer mistletoe is just that in the gutter and i'm just joking. it is not my achievement mr davies our 5 year plans were conceived and carried out by the people themselves if gallo would producer even flirted with the idea of making a film like this he probably be branded as crazy. how was the sentiment during the war the soviets were brave heroes resisting nazis that's going to change of course after the war but once the cold war begins. little people think that hollywood is a free place but only what is strictly defined by one side of the business and the other side is ideology. how would you define hollywood is
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a call to dream manufacture which i think strew. believe it's a propaganda for. trial by media sounds interesting fits right into the show doesn't it well it's a new series on netflix and argues the tosh a swede is here with more just one kind of influence does the media have while that may be up for debate netflix has released a new documentary looking at just what kind of impact media attention had on some high profile cases you've got to come up with ways to become part of the news cycle trial by need. he is one of netflix's latest releases when looking at the influence the media had on high profile cases the documentary takes a look into how the attorneys suspects and defendants all tried to manipulate the
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media to sway the jury before the trial even began the series gives horrific examples of how turned a court case into a primetime special had irreversible damage in the episode big dance the trial was on live t.v. and the identity of the rape victim was accidentally blasted all over the news this lead to other victims across the country no longer want to come forward for fear of being exposed another case revealed how the media idolized an unknown shooter a fourteen's he claimed were trying to mug him the newspapers called him a hero the subway vigilante and when he finally came forward the city of new york became torn by the media coverage trying to decide if the new york vigilante was a man who was sticking up for himself or were driven by racial bias the docu series also shows where the media went wrong in failing to humanize their story when a young immigrant is shot by police while standing in his own doorway the only headlines published would focus on the $41.00 shots police fired leading to his
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death but the media had no interest in who he actually was the protests rage for the entire trial all 4 police officers were eventually found not guilty and a democratic governor was punished for trying to use the media to his advantage before his trial when he was accused of trying to sell barack obama's senate seat even though the evidence was inconclusive at best the judge try to make an example out of him for trying to run a platform of anti corruption and then flirting with the line a backdoor politics however his run with the limelight is eventually what saved him rod blagojevich actually appeared on season 3 of celebrity apprentice with donald trump before his trial the now president commuted his 14 year prison sentence just months ago. the documentary also shows the evolution of america's obsession with court t.v. well it did die down for several years after the height of the o.j. simpson trial there was a reemergence of court t.v.
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just last year and of course all of these crime documentaries appearing on streaming services to stay away interest it still has reporting for the press to process tweets r.t. . ok one of the cases not mentioned by natasha in her piece which aired last month is titled king richard and it's the 2005 case involving richard scrushy and joining us to discuss the case and the strategy when it came to attempting to possibly manipulate the media to the advantage of his client is defense attorney jim parkman jim welcome sir welcome thank you so much for having me on this is great it's my but it's my pleasure gift give the folks the elevator version of the case that you defended for mr. yes mr crow she was the founder and c.e.o. . of a national corporate sure known as health south corporation which was a rehabilitation inpatient or outpatient service and it was known in all the 50
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states that they had 'd it all there but he got indicted. own the 1st sarbanes oxley charge as well as $36.00 counts so crawled in ball we got 3600000 dollars 1000000000 dollar for all with the corporation and then we went to trial and by that so it was the 1st and last sort of buying jocularly case that they are they didn't charge any others after that. right and i think he was acquitted but then charged with something else and eventually went to jail and he's out of jail the whole thing ok now one memorable quote that you know from the episode is when you say in your opening statement to the jury something my grandma used to tell me that a pancake has 2 sides so there's 2 sides to every sorry you then it needed to be the the person doing the netflix interview with you that that's that's made up that
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you know your grandmother never told you that but she could have told you at any well oms about using that you. know as a matter of fact i have been using now 'd for 40 years and they told me on the show of course to be honest they asked me the question and. i have to admit i thought about lying but i went ahead and made it that i had made that up and my grandmother had never said that but you're right she could i am. right so let me ask you because this is it to me a common sense question that anybody watching us now would would probably say we're supposed to have a jury system where when the jurors are selected they say that they don't know anything about the case or that haven't been influenced and then while they're jurors whether they're sequestered or not they're not supposed to watch the media coverage of the case or read or hear anything about it so how does influencing the
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media spin if you will how does that or does it affect the jury in any way do you believe. i think it does but i think it falls into 2 categories i think the 1st category is trying to get across your message trying to get across a good relationship with the public before 2 juries or you've been selected been you come into the trial itself so with that i think you got to spend certain things that happened during the trial that day which you can't talk about because it's public record and i thank you have to come out with the media and try to let people know that in reality thank you go a pretty good for and that you know we're having a good day here and if you keep that up and keep that up hopefully you know people will start getting the idea that they maybe things really are going pretty good for you despite the fact that 'd going into the trial the odds were not very good for us of even winning that case all right so let's let's take this to of course the
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focal point of everybody right now and that's the 4 police officers involved in the death of course that that the tragic death of george floyd the murder the murder of george floyd. how hard is this going to be i mean obviously public opinion is and media coverage has shaped this already one way is this possibly setting up a huge disappointment the upping of the charges to 2nd degree murder and how can the defense if you are the attorney representing i know they're different cases with the different officers but generally sort of thing how could you when the media of public opinion over to your side in this case. well i think what you have to do short of diversifying is you have to can get to where the media kind of likes the lawyer you have to be honest with the maid yet you can't tell them
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a lot and then it come out later on a tryout so you've got to be straightforward with them you've got to be honest with them and you've got to be able to sight of them you know kind of what is your defense going to be where are you going to go with yes yes the media is going to have an effect on this and several different aspects one it's going to have an effect because it's going to probably get rid of a lot of jurors that probably had a fans would want make get rid of a lot of jurors that the prosecution would want because they heard something about the case they form their opinions you know we were all jurors to come in and i'd do any white that have common sense well to have common sense you've got to have 'd some kind of a relationship with the brass and watching the press and going oh what's happening in the world well you're getting a lot of people who are on there that if they are going go with what's going on in the world and listening the problem is they may be boss they're going to be absolute you're going to end up with a bunch of people say they just don't pay attention to what's happening in the
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world which remains are they really and focus with what's happening in society today and i don't want more he said to get. one word answer i say are but one word and as of today any of these cops 7 get off one word answer yes or no no no ok sir thank you it's been a pleasure and i hope you'll come back very interesting stuff the rest thank you very much every job has been great. so if you heard the latest from the media some are calling it ramp gate that's right they're using it to claim that the president is physically ill mentally ill totally ill and it's all because of this this is the president at the west point graduation last weekend looks pretty normal to me a man walking albeit gingerly down a narrow steep staircase or ramp but what do i know then there was this the president taking a drink of water but using one hand to push the hand holding the glass up to his
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face well that must mean he's a sick sick man with apologies to billy joel the new york times the daily nudes now please note this same media couldn't give a darn when in 2016 when hillary was running for president she did this. too much saying. and. and she did that a lot folks during the campaign a lot media couldn't care less they also couldn't care less when on september 11th of 016 hillary appeared to pass out while getting into her s.u.v.
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and of course the man whose health really needs scrutiny here in 2020 with regard to the presidential campaign it's joe biden and again the media doesn't care my name is joe biden i'm a democratic. and then through the united states senate look we over here like receive help out and not vote if you have to buy give me a look though ok make sure the television is me make sure you have a record player on a night of the phone and stories up on the board one list message a aster you off the board all come up and drag you off. to be self-evident oh man i'm a creative go when you know that you know the thing and there are tons more examples i could give you folks now washington post columnist henry olsen put it this way ramp gate is all about media bias. and that's our show for today folks i want you to stay hungry and stay curious and you can watch the full shows of the press anytime you like i just downloading our portable the
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app and check it out download it right now if you want evidence that your app store . clerk see you next hour arrests. in the troubled 19 seventies a group. that was coordinated. population . were forced to flee their homes. these attacks. the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing they were active participants in the streets in belfast. 100 innocent civilians were.
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seniors. to be named. to the very top i think it is. 6 but. you can't get away from. change your appearance. many local people see plastic surgery as a prerequisite for a successful career. most interested in a job seeker's appearance as
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a graduation present. plastic surgery for an extra fee to make. almost every community in dreams of looking just like say a. bailing out the banks on wall street because they are the biggest contributors and the fed . the fed up. and all these bonds one of prince money and keep zombie companies alive it's to keep itself alive it printing money for itself and by the way who's a huge shareholder in all this nightmare jay powell jay powell is bailing himself out why can't people who are underwater on their mortgages or just been laid off in america simply print money to bail themselves out like jay powell is printing money to bail themselves out that's not right is it.
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hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle speaking to west point graduates trying to say we're ending the air of endless war 4 years ago on the campaign trail he said the same thing why is it so difficult for this president to make good on this promise why make the promise again if it can't be kept.


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