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tv   News  RT  June 20, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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this year's u.s. . slavery in the united states. since the start of. the risks. many are calling the. protests continue the same. brazil becomes the. population. unfortunately the.
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same from the virus with the community. with infuriated communities burning effigies the chinese. just a few moments into a brand new day here in moscow sunday june the 21st welcome to the program o'neil we will get to those headlines stories in just a moment but 1st some breaking news coming into us from the u.k. we're hearing reports the 3 people being killed in a stopping attack in reading in southern england 2 others are in a critical condition sources speaking to some british newspapers at this stage police have a partly arrested a suspect the a thorough. he's confirmed they were aware of the instant reading is where
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earlier in the day a black lives matter protest taken place and peacefully by all accounts as well but that is the reports that we're hearing at the moment 3 people are killed in a stopping attack in reading west of london and in all the details on the story we will of course bring it to you as they come to light. a public holiday in the u.s. took on an extra layer of emotion this year june 18th marks the date of a months of the nation in $1865.00 freedom for the enslaved tens of thousands turned out a nationwide commemoration in similar scenes to the weeks of rallies in the wake of george floyd's killing as well as chants of black lives motter there was down singing and singing to celebrate the historical milestone moment on the hard
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forward journey for racial equality there were numerous disturbances to go into in the capital where a statue was toppled. i was . i was. not far from there at the portraits of historical us house of representatives speakers who served in the civil war confederacy were taken down from congress on the eve of juneteenth current speaker stem a crowd he had her say remarking there is no place for symbols of racism. and we've been getting reaction to all of this this hour we want to show you what history professor jonathan and is believed is the legacy of slavery in the u.s. he says still needs must discussion and re-evaluation. the united states has not
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come to terms. with the history of slavery what was it and how did. contribute to the emergence of the nation but also to the emergence of capitalism slavery is and economic system with an economic system that was hugely responsible for the mass distribution around the world of rice to pack sugar and other cash crops and up high on that institution emerges the institution and. the system of capitalism and so the united states hasn't really discussed this i don't haven't discussed this and it but dulls haven't come to terms with this and engage in some kind of truth and reconciliation process our students and young
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people certainly are not going to be educated about it. donald trump was rescheduled his 1st campaign rally since the start of the coronavirus pandemic to avoid a clash with juneteenth it's due to get underway in tulsa oklahoma a few hours from now people as you can see already gathering for it concerns have been raised the about holding a big public gathering in the hardest hit country especially with infections rising in the state but are staying defiant citing double standards given the weeks of anti racism protests flooding the streets as artie's kill a mocking report. a 2nd wave of headlines coated knight dean is once again back in the us media spotlight a big trump rally is set to take place on saturday and told so oklahoma that the worst possible public health threat is an indoor mass gathering in the time of
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a planned. nick rally time the worst thing you could do in the middle of this pandemic trump is to 10 doing the coronavirus has disappeared showing up to his is precious rallies might get sick i mean they're not they might get sick and die with trump's approval ratings slipping trump is looking to reenergize his supporters with one of these epic rallies but seems to also reenergized his critics donald trump has been accused of recklessness and in danger in his supporters trouble already has a good name if it turns into an outdoor festival he's going to call it a coven chela campaign says that hand sanitizer and face masks will be offered to all attendees though not necessarily required then they're not going to wear them just like trump doesn't wear them what's put trump in danger to there been plenty of rallies and protests going on across the country these days a massive crowd and i mean massive tens of thousands of protesters thousands and thousands up to 200000 i could have you know hold you know
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a whole lot of i love hearing a moment of perspective and love the wonderful reminder that we are all in this together what more 1200 health care professionals and community stakeholders actually signed a letter supporting these demonstrations saying that racism is a national health issue we do not condemn demonstrations as a risky for kovi 1900 mission with the poor of them as vital to the national public health protests against racism and election campaign rallies are certainly not morally equivalent however the virus really can't tell the difference donald trump is calling out what he sees as an obvious double standard the far left fake news media which had no covert problems with the rioters and looters destroying democrat run cities is trying to cope with seamus on a big rallies despite public health concerns america's deepening political crisis and growing divisions are not ready for a lock down and certainly not ready to take
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a break. caleb artsy new york. covert danger is not going away in the u.s. new spikes are being registered in several states worldwide there's been a record weekly rise to with 1000000 people testing positive on the world health organization warning about the pandemic is accelerating in various areas. of the world is in a new and dangerous phase but the virus is still spreading finest it is still deadly and most people are just too susceptible. we call on all countries all people to exercise extreme big dillon's let's focus again on the states because our to america's john hurdy is in florida which has just logged a daily riser record one to see how people are complying with the safety of.
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this is downtown brickell and it's a very busy part of miami and there's a lot of bars as are a lot of restaurants there's a big mall here and what we're noticing as we walk around is that there's really more people who aren't wearing a mask then there are at this point. there are plenty of reminders about social distancing and mask rules for businesses but that doesn't mean everyone is following the rules well most people at this mall were wearing masks as required at a nearby coffee shop not one customer inside was wearing one item found this discarded mask on my way to work well we're not trying to be the coded 1000 mask police i point all this out because as florida continues to see a surge in new covert 1000 cases with miami consistently posting the highest numbers in the state the seemingly lax attitude among some is raising concerns about florida becoming the next epicenter for the virus people getting way too comfortable. stores restaurants and also not following social justice. even when they're earlier this week some theme parks movie theaters and even strip
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clubs are allowed to reopen they're all part of the latest phase allowing entertained venues to restrict their businesses on thursday june 18th the state of florida reported 3300 new cases setting a single day record since the pandemic began here in florida local and state officials say more aggressive testing of more people is one reason for the higher numbers expected anyway once the states started reopening florida governor rhonda santas also recently blame seasonal migrant farm workers for a surge in new cases there have also been new clusters of cases that nursing homes and state prisons in florida but the florida department of agriculture is pushing back against governor to santas his assertions saying farm workers left the state several weeks ago after the season ended and there's been some contention about whether or not testing is really the main reason for the surge in cases whatever the reason as of now there are no plans to shut the state down once again despite the upward trend. thing in the americas but moving. to the
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brazil in the tragic position of becoming the 2nd country to register more than $1000000.00 coronavirus infections the health ministry confirming the grimmest the test the with a record number of new cases on friday the total number of deaths is now approaching 50 and there's widespread public anger to the president and his government over their handling of the outbreak. is a brazilian i feel bad we should not have reached such a number if the politicians wanted they could have avoided it but nobody cared it's . the president shows a lack of commitment to combat it he was going out without a mask greeting people meeting crowds i think he is the main person responsible for this situation. president poll tomorrow has been heavily criticized over his response to the crisis for months he initially described the disease as a little flu no national lockdown was needed but. with state governors
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who tried to bring in restrictions on shut down major cities the government's approach has also led to the resignation of 2 health ministers. a high profile victim who died from corona virus was one of brazil's best known indigenous the founders of the amazon rain forest. was the chief of brazil's people he came to prominence in the 1980 s. for fighting against the construction of all of the world's largest helping lead a campaign for the creation of large reserves in the zone for indigenous populations and to export illegal mining and logging from those areas but in 1908 he was convicted of the rape of a white student and sentenced to 6 years in prison he strongly denied the allegation and his allies insists the claim was fabricated to undermine his growing political influence. or brazil's amazon region has been hit hard by the pandemic
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more than 4 and a half 1000 indigenous people are known to have been infected ments underfunded hospitals and. difficult in remote areas 275 have died troublingly 2 mortality among aboriginal communities is twice the national rate and for many is growing against the government and its measures to help those struggling with coronavirus brazil ses it will spend some $900000000.00 to better protect traditional communities we have been hearing about the specific problems those citizens face. we do not have high quality and adequate assistance that takes into account the cultural and geographical features of our communities there are health authorities to which all structures are subordinates but they do not have the conditions to get access to communities and they cannot meet existing needs unfortunately the teams of doctors who came from the city at this virus with
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them to our community and as of now 64 residents have been infected it's necessary to carry out preventative work and for this we need equipment and materials for example we need handjob disinfectant soap and. asks since the beginning of the presidential term. he has always tried to infringe on the rights of the indigenous population he wanted to push the country's elites to seize territories inhabited by indigenous peoples develop mining in oil industries in our small villages and build electric downs during the pandemic he used a number of opportunities to conduct this grab and see it's believed that the amazon is the lungs of the planet if the amazon disappears we will also disappear humanity will disappear. more promising picture emerging in britain where medical chiefs soared vising lowering the country's coronavirus alert level from 4 to 3 means there could be a further gradual relaxation of restrictions as transmission of the virus is no
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longer thought to be high or rising exponentially survey alongside suggest doctors called and the government's handling of the outbreak is still slipping in april 35 percent of general practitioners in england thought negatively of the government's response but this month that number surged to run 6 in 10 doctors the government itself holds the opinion that the right measures were taken to the disease g p. give us his thoughts. for all my feeling is that the response is it has not been very good at school and there has been very little interest in the welfare of frontline clinicians it's my feeling that there was a manipulation of various guidelines as we stand for example and i was very disappointed about how the government simply puts it sounds brianne
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may be any risk group either black asian minority an ethnic scruby. it's also clear that south matters hankerings comments about watching that kind of language to a clinician challenging him or. summarises in mind we want the government wants which is essentially a kind of mind. can effectively cost you your lives. in having lost to a great deal of. a weekly magazine on seal in the czech republic has caused quite the stir by putting an image of a block on its front page with the headline black lives matter in said 3 sub headline to which read shall we kneel before all criminals who claim they want to improve society human rights activists were quick to hit out facebook stopped a temporary ban on the magazine's editor in chief meanwhile in the netherlands.
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north. to remove the statue of a 17th century colonialist demonstrators were pushed back by police as they approached the monument some then threw stones at blocks stores a smaller group also gathered waving dutch flags in front of the statue to young peters soon colin who has long been considered a national hero but whose reputation and since being questioned by so. let's just bring it to berlin briefly hundreds of trucks and trailer trucks tractors excuse me used in a protest near the brandenburg gate drivers i'm going about freight prices being cut as well as low wages and poor working conditions and they want politicians to step in to repair the damage caused to small businesses by the demick. still ahead on the protest in india. a decades of simmering tension over
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a disputed border that's coming up. we go to work so straight home. you can't argue with nature and it should mean true that has to live through this message and so will we know we. are going to have to enjoy the way they live
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and who don't change into account this you move vitally important aspect of your own life the need to see this week over the one thing some. changes you know that direction are going to have been out in force on your interest and species you can survive without changing. your welcome back to the program and update to our breaking news from the u.k. several people are believed to be in critical condition after a stopping. in a tunnel run 40 miles west of london police have arrested a suspect in what is currently being described as a random incident earlier in the time reading a black lives mother protests had been taking place well let's cross live no charge
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to you case course for the shoddy edwards stuff shoddy it seems the police are taking this very seriously some on confirmed reports too about possible fate that's what's been spoken about i see in the british press how does anything being a stop list out this point as to what occurred. at this time in this being no. reports from the police but what we're seeing in social media in the fighters city is that 3 people have been killed and 2 people have been seriously injured fly a stopping attacks it's not related to the fact ties back to me but at the very. highest mountains protests that some people are considering there has been related that many are saying that it's completely unrelated at this point in time we know that actually the police have one person in custody a suspect is now in custody but of course it started off as a very peaceful protest so many people would assume that is not part of the protest
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act having said that it was in the very the senate seat now as i say on my house being arrested in relation to these stoppings because i say this been 3 people reportedly that 2 people that are in reportedly critical condition and the police have now wanted off the complete scene saying that nobody can enter the vicinity but of course this comes you know why i expect what we've seen throughout the united kingdom today has seen many many protests throughout many cities where 5 blackhawks back partners have been on many of them being completely peaceful we've seen no clashes but these 2 days of this ready does seem to be quite a surprise incident today. tory developments will be closely following when we hear more we will bring it to our viewers shadi interest does she
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think. there is growing resentment in india following a deadly skirmish between indian and chinese soldiers over a contested himalayan border region 20 hindoo the soldiers lost their lives and teach china protests are springing up. in several areas. this is what happened on friday demonstrators in the kashmir valley burn effigies of the chinese president the all support for a boycott of chinese goods to troy. the chinese economy the 2 countries have also started to flex their military muscle just after the border clashes reports emerged that chinese military drills in eastern tibet run 7 photos and soldiers simulated the removal of suppose that enemy fortified positions and india has been beefing up its military presence in the area where monday's deadly encounter actually took
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place by deploying fighter jets and a turk helicopters. to the developments. judgement day across the great britain monuments 20 pies most faithful servants are being torn down while the rule of brittania is still being felt on the other side of the globe more than a century on 2 nuclear powers pushed to the brink battling it out with that bad hands india wants peace but when people do things capable of giving if it's in reply to the kind of situation the indian side would best not make an incorrect judgement of the situation would best not underestimate china's strong determination to keep safe its sovereign territory high up in the remote areas 2 of the most populous countries in the wild a once again battle over 2100 mile long border but monday marked
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the fust deadly clash in decades india lost 20 soldiers while china's losses remain unclear so how did it come to this well in 1914 with india still under british rule chief negotiator said we must come on to a line on a map a name. off to himself endure except that china didn't those who indiscriminately took to him up with a ruler never gave it a 2nd thought leaving these 2 countries to grapple with a conflict that continues to this day monday's events will undoubtedly be with interest by the pool which is also looking to write a historical wrong at the hands of the brits just days ago and thought it updated its mop laying claim to 3 new previously indian territories every tour in what surprisingly hasn't gone down well in new delhi this artificial enlargement of claims is not based on historical facts or evidence and is not tenable it is also
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violative of our current understanding to hold talks on outstanding boundary issues in $816.00 pull signed a humiliating treaty with the british east india company and handed over lands which were that inherited by india off to the brits left and now over 200 years later it wants them back if india regards an apology good neighbor it should return their jailing in the east and can god in the west which were confiscated by the british government which was then ruling india the british government had seized 1800 square kilometers of nepali territory through that unfair treaty. territorial dispute sorry recurring theme in form up british colonies take kashmir by region that indian pakistani relations crash to new lows over last year renewed tensions caused india to revoke cash missed special status telling off the phones cut the
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internet and send in thousands of troops. while when the brits finally what's true and $947.00 british india became 2 nations india and pakistan and it was decided that cash make a pick for itself whether it wants to be a part of the format with the latter a decision made by people who had even set foot i was not even aware of kashmir i heard about it long after i returned to london the radcliffe line was only revealed to the people the day before independence and scenes of celebration were replaced with fear and confusion as millions woke up on the wrong side of the border the
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partition and the radcliffe line unprecedented violence resulting in up to a 1000000 deaths so how did it all go wrong many areas had equal numbers of muslims and hindus radcliff also you didn't take the sikhs into account and he'd never even heard of kashmir the list goes on the infamous scramble for africa the disputed line separating afghan the start of pakistan causing up the middle east the israel palestine conflict they used to say that the sun never set on the british empire well it turns out that while it's sunset has well and truly come unfortunately its legacy of conflict and violence. continues to rise each and every day. just before we go to break let's get a recap of our breaking news from the u.k. several people are believed to be in critical condition after a stopping attack in a 40 miles west of london police have arrested
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a suspect unconfirmed an investigation is underway in what is currently being described as a random instant it is still unclear if there have been any fatalities we know that earlier some british newspaper reports said that up to 3 people had been killed but is a no way confirmed a local hospital house confirmed that it is treating 2 patients this stage earlier in the tone reading a block lives matter protests have been taking place in fact in the very same park where this stopping frenzied stabbing attack it looks like took place any and all details on this story in the coming hours here and internationally we'll of course bring them to you. or not is where we leave the news for another. great program going in moments from moscow i mean this is.
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join me every day. yes. i'm sure. in the troubled 19 seventies a group of killers rampage street. that was coordinated loyalist attacks. population. were forced to flee their homes. but these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of prevent the news . they were active participants in the burning of coal streets in belfast. more than a 100 innocent civilians women. as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent and the take rates which the inclusion was involved
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in some of those cases the killers would lead to be named to the new beginning i think it went to the very very top i think it is. the water where all the tastes and you. give the go ahead. welcome to max kaiser financial survival guide. looking forward to a year that's without. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. watch kaiser report. welcome to redacted deny this is the show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents during.


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