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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 24, 2020 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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the moment i think what is needed to stress again is that the narrative needs to change so long as we keep on saying i'll board all social contact where possible a social industry will never come out of this restaurant's know how to keep you safe we've been doing that for years. there's a bigger problem is again like the national timeout the needs to be addressed in order for our industry to move forward this one way or move is a welcome step forward looking forward to see what following steps will will be taken in order for our industry to thrive again and welcome or customers and perhaps a small price to pay to get back to this new normality if businesses like these that depend so much all social interaction want to survive now be hoping that everyone not just stop the customers to get used to this new slightly more antisocial way of life. and that brings you up to date that's how things are looking so far today here in our stories and more highlights from today's victory parade in moscow at the top of the.
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time after time said we're going underground in a britain again recovering from an alleged terror attack by yet another assailant known to m i 5 and within 24 hours of a virtual meeting between indian chinese and russian foreign ministers and with the worst clash of violence between nuclear powers for almost 5 decades coming up in the show those protests against truck chill inequality and racial capitalism shake the world and threaten to overthrow the current system we ask pink floyd front roger waters if this is the beginning of a new report or just another brick in the wall and what this era of upheaval means for weapon sales wiki leaks and the west bank and an international t.v. exclusive lock down performance of the pink floyd co-founder and his band performing pink floyd's nuclear war track 2 sons in the sunset plus the 2 largest
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armies on earth exchanged blows after scores dead among the reputed to have hours of the 21st century indian general city's joy on the prospect of war in the so-called mind of actual control and what nato gains from conflict forcible coming over today's going underground 1st on monday's show we spoke to a former translator to chinese paramount leader deng xiaoping professor and zhang way where you said that one of the worst military clashes between india and china occurred within the chinese line of actual control and was a provocation by prime minister narendra modi's india not a single bullet was fired to 20 indian soldiers died reportedly 35 chinese were casualties although official chinese figures have not yet been released but this tension supposedly cool is the threat of war between the world's 2 most populous countries far from dormant joining me now is indian army general in the fall. achieve integrated different stuff you've got a general store thank you so much general for coming on the show let's just begin with these a trilateral talks presumably you agree with the missile lover of from moscow i
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don't think india and china need any help from outside because obviously there's been a lot of reporting in nato countries and mixture of fear and i don't know perhaps or. perhaps please the term the war doesn't involve a nato country you're absolutely right because if you recall the byzantine also or the medicine or officer of. the bin. and i think it's about that man is it or the kids or the other and i think it ends and i would still want to treat this as a ballot why are you engaged in lethal warfare with india's biggest trade partner deng xiaoping's woman translator said it's a provocation from the indian side yes i did watch that interview the bulk of the border between india and china is a very unique one and one as the name implies a line of actual control not a real national. in 1982 as we're all aware. attacked india and
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after that you. get a lot of dead trees because of that that is a lagos act and not the border between these 2 countries where at this is the perception. in the actual language. despite that. of docs we have 20 to flash points or any other of december different perceptions that i think it is but no anybody has said there has been nobody intruding into the indian border so what has all been about and in fact this isn't one of your flashpoints arguably this is the indian road into the girl one valley that for the chinese appear to be saying yes let's actually use now the world of a model because it had been and i guess lashed. ones goalline is not one of china has been objecting are and sucked in this all well on our side of the border so not all these objects. are the asian author or infrastructure next to the border
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you see this this road and you're saying it's the chinese objections to the building of the road you're tweeting saying that there we go the meant shorey in the tibetan the taiwanese the hong kong chinese they all don't agree with china what exactly is the relationship between the united states intelligence services and india because from that tweet that you made from things coming out of delhi it appears that india seems to be following washington i will soon get following washington the fact remains that india will name all excess such as autonomy we decide what's to be done and it's all that is the national interest i would not see that in the atlanta be where legal along with the us well isn't the point that policymakers think tanks politicians they're all going to think they don't even need to care that much about india buying a weaponry from their perceived enemies you're pursuing a policy that is exactly desirable from your old colonial masters that's exactly
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what they want beijing and delhi and in disagreement well what it is that india would always lead what is in this best interest of the have china and bust and war and the. that's for that's for the world to see but the fact of the matter that means when it comes to aligning with either us or russia india all this she has to be at all ans satisfy all of us so that we knew what is the best interest on bash israel plans on illegally annex a get more palestinian land india their special forces train with israel and one of the few countries in the world not to condemn israel's illegal under un resolution actions when a few countries india again. the factor back in washington if we have to go into
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the beginning and the all in or that in $147.00 the neurons decided it insane and he meant much to that issue but he cited st excessive india japan game don't win question dear. in an indian state after the fall eve held on to whatever each arm was holding on to bending a resolution and it is then there on lead sort of. shots being fired wars being fought or the announcement or expanding it to the now in proxy war explored of gender of course pakistan denies the terror i'm just going to finally ask you of course because you'll be talking about the national interest arguably the biggest threat apart from poverty in india is coronavirus what do you think about how different countries especially western countries. they're acting suspicious about your statistics how many people really have been killed in india
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do you think from coronavirus passed along to just make a very quick point and what you said that was about that in pakistan but let me just tell you the premise of the country openly admitted that it out 37 foreign talent that is in the country so i'll leave it at that and get back to i don't know why this issue one thing or leg so the guts to. india. is very drastic that because we have a political bodies in the cut across other lines where no one since it is not possible anything under wraps the figures here are saying that. the law and all of the figures up in the $404000.00 pieces have been detected or that 170000 plus are active but the good news is 240 hours and guesses are also recovered by family 14000. dollars
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and the debt that if this i'm not seeing everything is already looked at old thing is very sad that all well but under the circumstances i think i think they're doing their share of generosity sure thank you. well as border tensions continue between the nuclear armed states of india and china both former victims of western imperialism statues that many see is glorifying that past continue to come down around the world as a component of global uprisings against structural inequality and racial capitalism but is this period of up evil actually a turning point for justice or just another cry for help that will go on on 3rd by the ruling class joining me now via skype from new york is legendary pink floyd front man brought your waters roger thanks so much for coming back on as i said we spoke to an indian general just now about that battle between nuclear states tell me about your new version of 2 sons in the sunset that we're going to play at the end of the show what's worse to tell you this is what we were marching from almost
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into mum and about 60 when we went to the square and it is still an issue which just shows how slow and recalcitrant of politicians and political leaders are we still have nuclear weapons a tall anywhere on this planet and that's what stage and of course and with the new video though you introduce it with citizen think space sickly from the bullets in of atomic scientists why do you think more people don't even realize how close we are according to them to nuclear catastrophe they've become inured to it so they have become comfortably numb if you like they're numb to it the holes the whole situation it's too frightening for us to even look at it and this is contemporary that tomic co that doomsday is now that is today we are 100 seconds for on this side or destruction of not just the human race but everything.
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you cannot use nuclear weapons for anything except believe. waving your finger and saying i am going to destroy the planet if you didn't do what i want you to that's the only use it is wow as well in a kubrick said it well obviously end up just changed out and fail safe which was straight but what happened it's all. base quite extraordinary yes so i'm glad to have been able to resurrect this and to kind of. go into the problem dr strange of course ending with the woods a very live i think here are going to do visualisation of a variant. how how clever of you to guess that next time i there's just an i did that that went on to the list of songs that were going to do about what it's for a day or for an air died at the depths so it will be. a
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fitting thing for us to be devoted so it's back to 2 suns in the sunset the lyrics say suspicions of the holocaust to come many people having nuclear weapons is a cold war sort of figment of imagination if you think people have learned the lessons of the last one no less of vladimir putin was talking about how no one seems to understand russia's role in victory over the nazis as we commemorate 75 years this year we don't pay nearly enough attention to the fact that the russians beat the nazis the russians won the 2nd world war for the rest of it it wasn't a brave brave or the you know the cavalry coming out of them also meant to get was the russian people who made the supreme sacrifice to hold back the nazi or and to debate that we should never ever forget it take to leave a pointing off ingerson sabers at the russian people is what they do which is
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another insane endeavor in my view because leaders of all parties here main parties dharma martha johnson they say we need it as a nuclear deterrent and has nothing to do with bullying whatsoever as you know well . it was then it was in 19 it was and it's been a load of ever since it tears no biggy. the fact is what it does the supreme fight to swith the possibility that there's going to be an accident and that some hot head in a submarine is going to go on my god where on earth sac oppress the and then we're all dead and we've come up with now has bred over on many occasions since the 2nd it's all ringback. base quite extraordinary so i'm glad to have been able to resurrect a song to kind of. point to the problem dr strangelove of course ending with the
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words a very live one thing here goes we're going to do of in. the americans actually drop a nuclear bomb on themselves by mistake in north carolina and it didn't go off can you imagine what happened if that weapon had expected. that was the at that but yeah we wouldn't be having is come ization because the world would have ended then if somebody cheering the cuban standoff and got 3 shitty the world would have ended then this is the end of the world we're talking about the absolute end all life on this planet if we're talking and yet we take that is like saying hey we've got these weapons that nobody can use because if anybody does that stand of the life that's the end of everything. well if we can't use them why not simply go the. compliment but isn't it dangerous to have what happens if there's an accident and
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somebody lets one of the tempest well that's the end of the of life on this planet . why don't we get rid of mole pope from anything else the cost for which to make an ancient and they owe to make that the more they are for something to go roman said to be an act. i've been writing about this. my whole career. there's a song called well minutes to count. which is about exactly this getting shivers now and then not ship us that excitement that ship it's terror running because the lives of you afshin. and shooting the stars she's chillies both candidates. there's a court appearance coming up roger waters i'll stop you there more from roger waters including a t.v. fouth of lock down performance for him and his band. join
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me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. i'm max keiser with more of my guide to financial survival this is on a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right these hands for us are simply not accountable and we're just getting more and more to them. totally destabilize the global economy you need to protect yourself and get informed as are.
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welcome back i'm still here with roger waters do you think corona virus and the threat of that will live some leaders understand this nuclear threat you were talking about i don't think so there was a shuffle more under the co it's a great way of making money because it's just one adjunct of the military industrial complex and the armaments industry it's a huge fully. effective way of shoveling money out of your pocket and my. basis and so the rest of us who run the kleptocracy we call prosy in the us tomorrow so they're entirely happy with their costs fall. well facebook suck a bug and jeff bezos is amazon's jeff bezos i'm sure say they have nothing to do with benefiting from the military industrial complex i'm going to get on to venezuela though because i mean the person that's going to have their finger on the
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button that could perhaps kill billions of people will be either trump or joe biden what do you make of joe biden you've called him a slime ball in the past doubling down for support for why do. oh when trump just reported the mention he might want to meet with manure in venezuela. well you know i wouldn't trust either donald trump or joe biden as far as i can spare which is not very far i have to say. so the idea that one of those imbeciles it's having had as got a code and that carries a. so that he can kill everyone. whenever he has the commander in chief he can press the button he can on his own on his own. code and since he can if that's the right with it he can destroy or so this situation is the obviously it's ridiculous it's completely insane there's nothing to discuss this is
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not deterring and sits putting a scene huge danger. i mean it still hasn't deterred us from starts it was all over the. all over the world wars everywhere perpetual war although the world mama ason as anybody indeed. from that no we haven't been deterred from who. why do they wait did they really think that routine is going to suddenly. you know nj. an attack on western europe and the russian or dissident stream over to impose communist monis and blah blah blah. give me a parade a can on the planet when the british government's point of view would be yeah putin has been killing people in this country's been using chemical weapons here invaded the ukraine georgia and is backing venezuela and all our enemies and to russia is an enemy as we know they didn't invade the crap everybody if you
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read and write or you have to do is read the strip obviously a western is one now and it's wrong to do the research just constantly pleating to look at the facts of each case it's to read both sides you know it's right it's not my mom said to me and she spent most of it's now she says you should of all sides of every question is kept in shoot and much information as you can and once you've got all that you will be at a position to decide to do and there will always be a right thing to do then the next bit it's easy to do the right thing the right thing on this particular. case to agree to destroy all nuclear weapons it's all over the world including it it's rare that india and
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china and the u.k. and france of the united states and russia are left anybody out. as you know israel denies having nuclear weapons although there have been there leaks from to have 0 time. here well israel actually in the news because they plan to annex rim next week so we're told even more maybe all of the west bank what do you think about what you think your country britain should do about this decision by netanyahu because we're exporting record amounts of arms to israel. along with the rest of the european union even though we're not part of it any more clearly all the european countries and great britain and the rest of the countries that better most of the rest of the countries and well who are ready to do this should say the following the palestinian people must have equal hew and rights the rest of
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and equal human rights with the israelis and that's the bottom line if that happens everybody will be have well stealing the whole country from it's not affording them self-determination over or under the law so obviously this trump cushion or adelson push along with netanyahu and the fascist government of the state of israel to steal rest of storage. from roic his out of staying in people who somehow managed to cling to a few of their olive trees some of them out. is one of them was it's the most in it which is think there are certain of us 15 years and they will not get away with their of that i'm absolutely sure because we've the peoples of the united nations of the arabs have agreed we did it on the 29th of november in 2012 when
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we the people all agreed to recognize palestine as an observer state so as state so when you in fade it and when you when you put your people late just settle it you're breaking every international who are in covenant that has existed for adults and trump cushion or israel denying and a link to fascism but if anyone thinks this is a faraway topic in a far away place the the americans are watching this program at the moment you've been talking about connections between alleged atrocities on american streets. and police and training by israel tell me about. what we've put we've all seen it going on and we all know that the knee on the carotid artery is nice reilley technique developed proudly to balad by the i.d.f.
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in the occupied territories if i'm not one and they sell these techniques on top of it isn't well and also we know for a fact that in coming to stephens and training and militarizing the police sit in the cities of the united states but just this recent who's those streets and it's in united states are all cute. and that auk. police forces represent the interests of the ruling class who have the peak of the united states under their thumb and thank goodness there's are not about just very briefly actually on the black eyes matters rebroadcast is actually on state mandated media wearing b.l.m. badges defense secretary former defense secretary and williamson runs education now he says he's rejected changes in the history curriculum why do you think the government are very keen not to change education of course you're famous for
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singing we don't leave no education. well as i always point out you will notice that that's a double negative we don't need no education we need all the education that we could get obviously it end and where i live in the united states it's even more important to be a fit they start having some education because it's almost of funding for public education you know it's very easy but when they do that they that they have a curriculum particularly in the history of their own country and acil so in the history of the tree that actually relates to walk has actually happened in the last hours you know. because we don't at the moment our our. connivance to settle in colonize over 60 percent of what if it was that high to the our the world has been trained to. ignore it under the
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shadow of a union jack and national prophets and brittania rules the waves and all that and it's time that it stopped it's time that we actually read it is what's important to us is not that we're british in kish it's the way human beings but you know 1st things 1st how about just a baying the law boris i had a word with boris johnson on february the 22nd this year when i made a speech in omaha square about judean who i know we haven't talked about much today and also went in saying so now outside the home office on october the 2nd this is cut and dried just do the right thing boris you it will take you about 2 minutes to figure out what the right thing and if he has another another hearing next week roger are going to stop you there and you can introduce the song in
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a 2nd 2000 in the sunset we'll see you on saturday roger how on earth did you do. song anyway during coronavirus and then take it away just tell us about it and we'll play it. a couple of months ago i had the idea in my isolation to make an album of all the songs stuff my band and i did on the us and them taught his own codes so we started with mother i play the guitar and sing and then i send it to the mole and they all add the bits wherever they are from them so i'm their i phones and and they came back together and have a buddy loved it so good this is a good idea this is going to be out we will do these things for money to something the sunset is my 2nd is the 2nd 2nd so. it's usually appropriate because of the doomsday clock being up 100 seconds before we all die and how do we
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do it we have very good musicians and we all have some we love one another and the people who are at it saying and doing. the same thing or together. are also extremely good at their job and so here it is you know from us to you to sons of the sons. of the homes to. give. something. to.
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the sons. to be healed.
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a grand procession moscow finally holds its. victory parade mocking the 75th anniversary of the defeat of nazi germany. were at the heart of the action even on routes to red square. when it comes to weaponry this machine is. for instance that carries. you can see them over there. in
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other news british health care workers on the front line fear that they simply won't that there's a massive flow.


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