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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 24, 2020 11:30am-12:30pm EDT

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hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter all about it is fair to say many of the protesters on the streets of america want social justice nominally speaking that's a positive message the problem is how that message is translated into concrete political demands and what happens if you don't agree with those political demands . discussing social justice and more i'm joined by my guest michael johnson philadelphia is a national cofounder and leader of the u.s. tea party movement as well as a former white house speechwriter to president george h.w. bush and in washington we have arlen nixon he's a retired police official as well as age a.c.l.u. national board member originally across the trees and back then you can jump any
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time you want and i also appreciate it ok michael let's go to you in philadelphia is there a crisis of crisis of authority in america right now or a crisis of responsibility or is it both go ahead yeah i think you have to say it's both. a crisis which were applied to an ongoing issue and i think that's a question we're hopeful you know we've haitian on both when you have an issue of law enforcement for predominantly political considerations not engaging in actually enforcing the rule of law and you have protesters in turn and i want to be clear not all protesters are to a certain faction of them associated with rock was groups engaged in a mess by who went. activity that's clearly a crisis site think of merging on both fronts and it's time for government and protesters i think to take a fresh look. the proceeds being taken and had to have. no damage to.
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property and to people that's not the way we do things in a country that is governed by rule of law you know girl and me i can't help but get the feeling that there's an element out there that just wants to the worst the better they want to continue print going down this year and i find that very frightening because we have elements of the authorities and we have to remember authority is defined as the having the legitimate right right on the monopoly use of violence police ok and they're many of them are you know abdicating their responsibility for political reasons so this is like the worst though we're sort of possible worlds because you have some people that have a complete disregard for the rule of law and then you have the law keepers that are hesitant to enforce go ahead well you know if you don't mind you're talking to a person who has for the last 4 or for every since the beginning of the lock down
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specifically predicted the violence that we were going to have i predicted and what i saw was this we have a crisis of authority in that our ruling elite class totally ignored the needs of the american people when i saw the food lines when i saw it in the you know the richest country in the world people basically starving people who had no you know they had no future and they looked around and now they had no present what i saw was straw when i saw was dry straw waiting for a spark so as i think that what we're looking at here is an instance where economic pain is inextricably linked to social pain and that people are not seeing. the belief that everyone's only talks about is from the perspective of social issues and i'm saying this now this is round what we in our predict out of turn we're looking at. now it is home this cataclysm an avalanche of divisions
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there will be a 2nd wave of violence that i think will be far worse then then this if we allow literally tens of millions of people to be so if we don't understand that there is a connection we're going to pay a price and i don't think that most people in power are getting that in america you know michael in girl in praise of a really good point because it is i'm i'm more concerned with the income inequality social inequality then the claims of the rampant racism i say you know i spent years at the at the university and this political correctness book ism is just noise and in our our politics ok because i garland is right in garland we have to point out europe is a retired 3. police official and you shouldn't be surprised by this but the media message is something very different it's not talking about this kind of inequality it's more ideologically driven and it's an extreme ideology in my opinion go ahead
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for. the actually i think garlands correct that the so as you're working on a conditions critically of urban communities around the country an issue for decades and when we talk about this ruling a wheat the only what you call replied old decisions to operate in a representative democracy and to the extent that the individuals which and onus exclusively democrats for decades in these cities are not doing the sort of job their constituents want or are reasonably expect you have to begin to look at alternatives and i'll say has. a conservative leaning republican that is someone who looks at that but i don't i also think it's unfair to simply point the finger and say well you got to keep putting these people back in power that's one tom pointed at her repeatedly we have an obligation to be engaged and present and. her
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attorneys and country presenting listen firstly listening i think listening to understand what really are the issues i don't doubt that these addiction fears the garland mentioned are really legitimate issues and are actually fueling a sense of anxiety a sense of hopelessness and and maybe a sense of like nothing left to lose you know that's a psychological condition it can exist and been a factor behind much of the violence that we would experience but also when we have a man and we have the power to do this that our government officials are addressing issues not means it's entirely reasonable though we expect in urban communities in his country that there are. job opportunities that wages are he's keeping pace with inflation that schools are functional and if they're not functioning that then parents have an opportunity to pursue alternatives your theory schools school choice or other or boucher's that their communities be drug
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free and that gangs in other violent forces not be allowed to in danger or threaten those communities but to really be able to do that in a credible way not just like in a. you know a broader federal political way we need presidents we need to be there we need to be talking to people they need to know 1st that we want him and we do care about this and you know what's going on in these communities has troubled republicans in trouble conservatives that's not enough we're not doing enough we can't we have to be engaged in saying how might we go about doing this differently and then see if we can present that as would you not political and policy alternatively if that's a very good point and you know again as a conservative myself i think i'm a much more locally driven person because it's the local communities that know their own problems and can come up with their own unique solutions you know. i
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agree with you on that you know that girl and i mean you have the mayor of minneapolis now asking for federal aid to help rebuild the city and the same mayor just let it burn down and in that way did the police i mean what kind of can you make any sense of that whatsoever i mean here's a local official watching the city borough and did nothing about it and now wants help from the outside when it could have been avoided can you explain that. up a deal like this where people are learning is this and that is that it wasn't that he had a choice it wasn't that he let it burn if you look outside and there's 10000 protesters and you've got 150 or a couple 100 cops there not a lot of there's you know have a lot of options i think that people are mistakenly believing that the police that who are foresman can somehow can somehow hold back a dam of tens of thousands of people if they have that many people in the street their needs are not being our enemy and they have. a banding that precinct that
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said send the message it sends a message to go do what you want to do and i think that you know it's a very complicated and i'm not going to tend to know so much about it because you were in line for well if i didn't then during your precinct set a precedent for the entire country that's light and so i would say this because you know i was a police official if i were in charge of that precinct and i saw 5075 cops in there and several 1000 people outside i'd say get out as when he's with us in the outward josey wales guy and you know immediately so i see you guys out of there and i'd rather have a building burn down and have a house burn down in a building inside of it the numbers were overwhelming but you have to ask yourself how do we get you we blame and this is always important to me and this is the question this was a question when when hillary clinton lost in the state you darn voters didn't do what we want 'd you to do do you blame the people at the bottom. were you blame the
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people who are making decisions i tend to look to the top when i see these kinds of things i don't think about i'm just evil and it will go all in it let's get together and attack on students and people i think we're looking at a result of horrible neo liberal decisions both at a local level and at the national level dreams are you coming on the roost you know completely agree with you but michael you know just say you know these these riots are in a it's because of systemic racism but i don't have to agree with garland my liberal friends here is that a lot of people felt like they had nothing left to lose and the police found that they had not much to gain that is the state of our politics right now. i think you're both right again i think you have an issue where. the there was not perceived to be any political downside to. these respective cities in allowing the well was news to go forward because the political influence
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of the protest movements has surpassed that the city economic community of these cities many which were african american businesses that are going to have an immense difficulty as you correctly pointed out in minneapolis for instance in rebuilding i don't think i think we need to resist this temptation in accepting these are either or proposition that you know when conditions become unjust own son lately green taken to essentially commit acts of violence and you know essentially . looting and burning buildings down as sums were intended to sort to solve then i would point out well no no one within this protest community consulted me even though i was more found in one word grassroots political movements in his country's history had consulted me which i would have loved because i'm empathetic and sympathetic. it was some of these objectives i would say make you gendered
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various the sick kind of what would the hong kong protesters have done and their 5 demands not one less these are the things we're looking for make little politike we reasonable define the police is net is nothing it is ever going to get sole political in this country it's a real west you know you have to be rude to bring specificity and then finally you have to be peaceful because when you're not peaceful even people that may be inclined sympathetic to your cause and i put myself in that position look look upon this and say no you have to restore the rule of law and the government's point if you have 15 law enforcement officers and one of these situations not so not to stabilize the situation then you've got to bring 150 and that's not enough to get my 250 i don't believe that a significant portion of those protesters would have been inclined to a page in the ballot here that they had they felt that there was a one for presence and that the were ramifications the possibility he held
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accountable once the message got out that there was no such presence and there was no such accountability i think you would hope very large percentage of individuals who were did not go there predisposed to commit malice but it 'd they went there thinking that we went from protests need to buy ones and looting and i think there are very separate things and there are some unsavory characters in general they are going to jump in here and it was a short break announcement short break we'll continue our discussion of social justice a party. nuclear
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power plants have become a battleground in the u.s. in vermont people are demanding the shutdown of a local plant from my yankee is right now my focus because it's a very dangerous oh no claire power plant the owner is attempting to run the reactor beyond its operational limit this case just sort of puts a magnifying glass on where's the power in this country where's it going is it moving more towards corporate interests or is it more in the idea of a traditional participatory democracy is for power lie with the people this case demonstrates that struggle in very real ways our struggle on a hearty. welcome
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back to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle remind you we're discussing social justice. ok let's go back to going here michael brown of something that i wanted to go to anyway and demand something is not possible here because again i don't want to separate the political overtones a bit because it seems to me that there is an element out there that. will never be satisfied i want to burn it to the ground they want to destroy i don't see i see so much of that energy going into that kind of rhetoric and discourse and not really
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a positive agenda as i mentioned in my introduction oh well how do we get to that place and michael was alluding to that i mean we've they're right there right now and we have any reasonable expectation that we can have a dialogue at this point. go ahead a couple of things and i will disagree with him on the hard on protesters i would argue this is a it's a lot easier to have and specific demands when they're written for you by the u.s. state department but but from another perspective i would say this and that is that . what we're looking at if you understand what we're looking at it is an empty and fury you have 40 if people forget you think you're going to have 42000000 people unemployed you think you're going to have 42000000 people who lost their jobs and their health insurance and that and the into july they got enough they're like looking at the street people think they're going to see that you're going to get reasoned out of that people who are living in an early in your ad is looking for
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a reason so you want to get a disagreement out of luck in predicting this ever since this law started ok i can absolutely insane think then why the tearing the statues down c'mon explain that to me that's a theory that's another thing that we talk about and that is this there are a lot of people right now let's face it in germany if there were statues of hitler they'd be angry people that would tear him down and generally so i believe that there are a lot of people who have said to their leaders look we want you to act on this this is unacceptable these were fascist people who basically had slaves and were traitors and we're lionizing them and they don't have it they're done it's representative they're done with harlow people who won't listen arlen there is a process you've got city council you bring in the community you have that discussion and you decide when you're going to do it unilaterally doing this using violence breaking the law is it what does that solve it with me have you excuse me
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illegitimate and all of us know it's ok if a city and wants to take down remove put into a museum destroy. a statue i think it should be a community decision it should be a got a bunch of thugs with cranes and hammers ok not the way things should be done or ok but again a lot of these people you might be using the law is illegitimate and it's up because it's somehow privileged in all of it it doesn't make any sense because it doesn't solve any problems michel you want to try. i mean there. is a mechanism in place and certainly when this whole debate began to surface a few years ago some of the confederate statutes you know were a good number of examples of just individuals who followed a process there was a debate over it individuals he said you know we're not. giving a nod and wink to racism or slavery this was a kind of issue of the time and were and this was said no this is not reflect the
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values now and that's all that matters that history doesn't matter and they whine a lot of those issues and those that came down to it were really democratic open process and i think even those who were on the losing side of it in that sort of perspective had more respect for it for instance they didn't turn around and say well let's put it back up i don't know one of these cases the stache going to come down and you're going to put it back up and they want torn down jim i also think there's a horrific misunderstanding of the history and some ball that well understood by the leadership of these organizations but it's. decision by a group of to tear down a memorial or statue that was probably put through our democratic political process of 20. times is not their rate their responsibility or their role to be making those decisions period. if anyone on our side went out and tore down. my demands for memorials of individuals that were supported or
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held high esteem but on the left. there would be quote there would be national outrage but i think every every individual. who we are are today commemorating historically lived through a period where values and structures were entirely different than they are today i mean the issue of slavery goes back 5000 years mesopotamia our founders put in place it never referenced slavery in the constitution there's lots of early writings you could tell they had an east they saw a process through which they would work their way out of it but it was not then kalid it clee feasible for them to do it immediately. simply because there were people on the other side who were part of that institution that existed globally and sadly in dozens upon dozens of countries around the world today we
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still that we last i would like to see more outrage directed toward that now and this is important. we've got a government saying don't do as i do do as i say right now and i think people chairs thing is stupid that's exactly what we're doing in syria shares does exactly what the united states is doing in syria the united states is the government the if we do this this government as family metaphor where george washington is the father of our country the other is going around the around the world absolute 0 to read and violence taking whatever they were threatening the international criminal court saying we will not be a party of justice earlier on and then they look at home on the children and say you children you better go by the law are you don't you know exactly how i feel about this i've spoken to you many many times about this and you know i'm in agreement but i really would like to keep it in the confines of domestic i want to get here i mean i was at rangers dorie and i did western european and russian
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history and i have a great reverence for statues and monuments speakers it's. basically they serve 2 purposes one or another one is. celebrating a life in one year but others are a warning about what happened in the past as well and i really worry honestly are you worried that if you take all of these offensive stats however you may want to define it you're going to wipe away history so i really want to say to these protesters and these thugs so you don't want anyone when they don't want the next generation to ever know there was something called the confederacy if there ever was slavery in america see by wiping it away you create a danger of people not knowing it and by you and rick's eating it is well ok i really have i think we're intelligence a business good enough to have nuance views on this or even apply explaining ok it
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just needs your emotional virtue signally is destroying history and that is not a good idea because those that do destroy it pay for later have become the other thing you have to understand is many of these statues and even some of these flags that were changed were changed in the 1950 s. and sixty's they were put up immediately after the civil war these were responses by people who opposed equality for african-american middle attic marty right there where you did you have the book who the label was a serial regardless it was it was the people who did it so the bottom line is when i look at a statue and i say this that you went up as a as a as a as a as a fight back as quick back as a slap in the face to say oh here you guys are fighting for equality or at a what we'll put up a statue of the beginning guy. clipping when you look girl and her lips were agreeing again we always seem to agree let me go to my twitter you know it whitman
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girl and it just saying why don't we tell got to the community that this statue was whatever is a real. that's in the struggle during the civil rights will you give it more context really think people can appreciate the achievements of a civil rights movement if you do that without glorifying the particular subject at hand i think people are more sophisticated in nuance then these bugs in and in riker's give us credit or go ahead. you know his history is difficult to simplify look through the effort to tear down the. statue of us he says grant and i thought about the complexity of that i mean here on one hand as those attempting to pull down argued he actually did own a slave time he also was putting his entire way and those of his friends in congress at the time on the line to end the institution of slavery that's
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a complicated way to see and i think one of the things that's available for us to try not to think in such absolute terms between actually tearing the statues down and weeding them up without any can context as if we're indicating these individuals were 100 percent laudable and lived pristine lives i think there's an opportunity to possibly offer. you know some swear of writing her explanation of the context of the time so that is actually serve as this were the educational vehicles that i think are intended to serve us that allows them to continue to exist as a historical example but also allows us to explain the context and that context which was described. growing there in the use of the direction of some of the confederate statutes by democrats in the south that's you know certainly something worth knowing in the cases where it's true and i'm sure it is true there only
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rapidly running out of time where is this all going because you hear your. forecast about the economy i go. 100 percent i mean and i unfortunately there's no leadership in congress or in the white house in dealing with this a lot of people have just washed their hands a bit and i'm really worried and at the same time we have this woke ism that is charging our politics at the same time it's going to be a hot summer i guess you would agree and you know it comes back the money and i think you know what happens is those people who oppose particular things you know if i oppose this group of women on them and if you oppose that group you'll blame it on them but when it comes down to it when they try to throw 365000 people out in los angeles county alone when you see that kind of mass. homelessness you know we can discuss it around the edges but you're going to have another tender box and it may not even take arc of a bit i'm just. feeling like george it may just explode so i'm predicting bad
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things and i'm connecting it directly to the economic policies of our leaders. michael last 30 seconds go to you go ahead the good news is we do have a very strong security blanket in this country for instance medicaid available for individuals without income or assets section 8 housing available were homeless without income or assets the stroke which i think was something the president addressed and 16 campaign are is used to have a little bit calmer a little bit of the assets but not enough to sort of meet the obligations of the 21st century living so one of so i also believe there's a lot of individuals who are not ruled in these programs maybe not aware of and wanted to be done to make those where and then obviously you need a job and you were brought out of time but michael brings up such a great point there are so many people stuck in the middle and i worry about him probably the most as all the time i have and want to thank my guests in
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philadelphia and in washington and i want to thank our viewers for watching us here argue see you next time remember. we started to question police so he can reach the other than those for us who want to. make it all but on the put on. the book instance all that is dismissed. instead of. the emotion running to. do i feel still really stuck with muscles from the course. mrs to above. or forgot to tell the church. to question them to know that. we think she minds be soldier to kiss off the
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boots she's wearing. which to the sold out so to move to a possible appeal was in the book and you're going to sure stuck with some. i think the biggest danger that has come out education to destroy us is it's us highlighted the shoot-in equality that exists and i think one of the 6 that education of the. changes access to the internet for educational system needs to be added to this. and surely to moroccans.
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welcoming our viewers from around the world live from central london this is a u.k. . health experts warn of a 2nd wave of coronavirus in the u.k. as the government eases the load down as it's revealed transmission could be on the rise we hear from a group representing british doctors. the government is under fire over its failed virus track and trace out as it puts the pressure on pubs and restaurants to track outbreaks instead. campaigners claim the covert crisis has accelerated the case for an independent scotland i'll be talking to an s.n.p. politician. hurry down spammy says discussions between the foreign office and the us about the diplomatic immunity of their son's alleged killer haunts going well how is mother tells us what keeps pointing us down. i promise to not like the
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police would get justice the lady alice. was getting to be with you make a promise to children she took a break kids. and police say no criminal offense took place after an aircraft carrying a white lives matter burnley and i was flown over a football match but the club and foster punish those responsible we hear from both sides of the debate. u.k. scientists have warned about the dangers of a 2nd wave of coronavirus off to the prime minister to ease lock down restrictions in england. in a letter to the leaders of all the political parties health chiefs said there was real risk of local flare ups of the disease this winter they say it's vital for nation approach to the virus is established after scotland wales and northern ireland decided to break with westminster and ease many of the restrictions more
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slowly and the health experts have called for a broad ambitious and rapid inquiry to learn lessons from the pandemic. well the warning comes as a leaked document from public health england reveals government uncertainty about the transmission of the virus westminster insists the r. rating of cope with 19 is below one meeting the outbreak is shrinking but according to the report mt official sensitive they are 8 being above one can't be ruled out meaning the outbreak could be growing in some regions however number 10 has resisted the call for an inquiry but says the government has taken unprecedented measures to support the health service well for more on these the 2nd wave warnings are now joined by the honorary vice president of the british medical association that stopped the canucks chant dr chan thank you for joining us the government is keen to get the economy up and running but does risk the 2nd wave doesn't it. clear to us why is president of beer but are not representing beer me and i'm sure you've
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got to make very clear that the truth rooster but what we need to be up is not all we know on most. of the people or by. and the whole management of this for we've been shown balik chaotic so i think this very august and very wealthy respectable group wants the good old to commit those mistakes we want to prevent a necessity that and they are taking very very. commonsense filled with problems those kind of things the wall that we've got to be prepared with all in the foster way of we were still struggling with the p.p. that is for protection equipments we knew there'd be a enemy that is black asian minority ethnic people died but it disproportionately and the whole thing i think was a lock on was the death and trade policy and everything was symbolic so i think this group is least is seeking that let's learn from those mistakes so that we
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don't have a 2nd day of what if we have a 2nd day of that this very many so what's wrong in that either don't understand and the logic of work but it's not meant to this use this and they're not making any political point they're asking for political parties to review and to congress and there are various things that we cannot even both blaming the government of the past the 6 they have are they have stuck so i think i think this is the most least their progress as they well understand defended its position saying it has given unprecedented support to the n.h.s. . what support is there so what support has diabetes you will or unprepared and it just was in that sense what has gone on so what's wrong in just reviewing it they're asking people who view that how prepared we are all prevent any kind of stop it things happening i think what is essentially is trying to formalize is
12:05 pm
immunity policy and get in my view is very very wrong who would stop and start they were telling us kids that all you 5 percent of the population has bought so far and deportees or infection so they're going to 5 percent of population of this country is wonderful and we want to prevent that so you know i don't see any there's the politics of it it's very simple request let's review it that how prepared we are and if there are any left will notice but it's been often difficult since then we are prepared to get those things started but i should add also we've seen from public health england as well that they're not even certain about the r. rating being below one is a 2nd wave therefore inevitable that absolutely as a matter of fact. the mere document just andy burnham actually this morning all the and showing the radiation all one breach we're on is actually going up except of these so you know we're ready what are you ready what are you with your 2nd with him look plays did you have that already happened in places like germany china
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they're all ticking these bankers so i think i think a good sense should prevail and this government should order less time on the mistakes of their sins which they have done in the past we can thank you very much and if the thoughts. well meanwhile the u.k. government is also under fire over its crisis hit test in-tray system the opposition leaders say care star accused the prime minister of rolling back on promises related to its much hyped trucking up r.t. u.k. cesar l e has more on this and joins me now for their recess so the issues and a bit of the controversy surrounding the op they're not going away are they no absolutely this is the government's tracing up was supposed to have been launched already at the beginning of may the government said that they would be rolling one out they were expecting it to be developed by the middle of last month but they then had to push that date back to some time in winter before last week announcing that they were dropping plans to develop their own all together to opt instead for
12:07 pm
a model designed by apple and google and so hasn't been any use of an app just yet by the government it's been seen by some critics as a vital tool and one of the government really has been missing in this fight against covert 19 and that question raised its head again a prime minister's questions today where the leader of the labor party kissed starmer raised it with the prime minister boris johnson up until last week the government maintained that the act was critical another of the slides but at the weekend the health secretary down played piano saying it was only ever additional support so which is it critical. or not. mr speaker i wonder whether the writer we're going to name a single country in the won't that has a functional contact tracing because there is a well we have what we have and i think we want to use i'm afraid i left the
12:08 pm
opposition slightly floundering is a very successful test to trace the n.h.s. test to trace operation germany working 50 june 12 1000000 downloads 12000000 downloads mr speaker i checked the overnight 5000000 is way beyond mr speaker there's a theme to these exchanges last week i also promised to about 2 claims about child poverty he said absolute child poverty and relative child poverty of both declined under this government or monday the office of the children's commissioner ruled that the prime stance of worlds mostly falls he's been found out he don't use the question or he gives dodgy answers mr speaker no witness says i rest my case. now the government had initially promised that the app would be world beating before they climb down what they have been using 25000 people who have been
12:09 pm
employed as contact traces or being used as contact races who manually call up and get in touch with members of the public who could possibly have come into contact with somebody who's tested positive with coded 19 now we know that the economy parts of it that have been closed will be reopening from july the 4th the hospitality sector but parts of the over this for that contact tracing system is going to be handed over to those establishments restaurants bars pubs will now be made to take the names and contact details of their patrons and artie's shadi. went to see what both owners and potential punters thought about those changes. it's nearly 3 months since the u.k. 1st went into lockdown when pubs court last orders and restaurants closed doors but despite non-essential business is reopening the hospitality sector said it simply couldn't cope with the 2 me to social distancing in place and it seems the government agree given. the significant force in the prevalence of the virus
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we can change the 2 metre social distancing route from the 4th of july. the announcement came through while i was with the ross sea. tina and with a relaxed he thinks the sector is headed in the right direction to finally get back on track this is what we this is what we do for a living for a choice. in the restaurant industry made with out of luck a profound love is not an easy life it's a very challenging and hard life but we live off the energy of the people we live off our customers we live off our teams and we're here because we want to open our doors and we want to recreate those magical memories for our customers but the new normal comes with a new set of rules to make sure it's safe enough balls and restaurants will now have to provide a formal register of customers patrons will have to provide their names and their contact details upon arrival or when booking a table to make sure they're able to be contacted if there's an outbreak of the
12:11 pm
virus all of which makes popping in for a pint slightly more bureaucratic i mean that's a canard these are them every bit you everywhere tell us. so that's another thing to get these on the show but everyone knows the time that we're in and the precautions that we're going to have to take i think if we're going to get the public in and we have to back then i think it's necessary i'm happy to you know i think convenient but i mean cause it is inconvenient i feel that if i'm going that i'm going to i'm expecting that i'm going to have to do something can you wait because you know that's where we are in that moment i mean it's very different to a restaurant taking your contact details when you. when you make a booking for no reservation i know the theory right but it won't work when it's. the standard that if you could not another good idea the certain work and even those in the industry think the new normal might be too much to handle a player wouldn't want to pay the government now the tab if they do that and that's our target it's
12:12 pm
a lottery idea how workable they depend on how the sister gets set up and and if i could get the tractor trace. where they would then be very loyal something a little more rude about trade but very dangerous i have strict attitudes to keep the record. i think the question is how would that some i should behave like europe because i think some of the issues that go with their own track and trace her but you know the saturday trying to get in the right direction ship encouraged and others in the industry feel the dining experience will be hindered by social distancing even with the reduction restaurants are. the places where people come in be social and they enjoy their time so it really depends on like what would it look like after which will still be a place where people will be able to do that. because at the moment i think what is needed are stressed again is that the narrative needs to change so long as we keep on saying i'll board all social contact where possible
12:13 pm
a social industry will never come out of this restaurant's know how to keep you safe we've been doing that for years. there's bigger problems again like the national timeout the needs to be addressed in order for industry to move forward this the one we're moving is a welcome step but we're looking forward to see what following steps will will will be taken in order for our industry to thrive again and welcome our customers and the bounty as a small price to pay to get back to this new normality if businesses like these that depend so much on social interaction want to survive now be hoping that everyone not just stop a calmness to get used to this new slightly more antisocial way of life shutter sashimi are to u.k. london. 6 years ago scotland voted no to independence in historic referendum but while bracks it may have shaken things up some believe the coronavirus crisis may have helped x x celebrate the case for independence.
12:14 pm
ringback ready ringback ringback we've been asking people to stay at home during this pandemic. huge numbers. and i thank you. time is now coming ready. we're taking the 1st captain steps to. the prime minister to say that he wants to move that faster pace for england that i consider is right for scotland that is of course his right i respect that and i will not criticize him for doing that but i hope you understand and indeed i hope you agree that i must make judgments informed by the evidence that are right and
12:15 pm
safe for scotland. on the 15th of june. we intend to allow other. ranging from department. independent shops to reopen. every step we take that potentially risky this by the burning of control again doesn't just get life. at risk and i am not prepared to do that and some kind of wake. on the part i am determined to get this right and to balance the various harms that we nor be done to our country and our economy right now in a way that. as quick a recovery as possible but fundamentally even more importantly that builds a sustainable recovery.
12:16 pm
primary and secondary education re commence instant temba with food attendance the government believes that we should prepare for children to be able to return to school full time in august. having considered all the evidence while staying at 2 meters is preferable we can now move to one meter class the decision that was taken on the move yesterday which is not a complete abandonment incidentally that immaterial bit but i personally have still not seen the evidence that underpins that i have to meet sure that these decisions are based on evidence. before this and are joined by an s.n.p.
12:17 pm
member of the scottish parliament that's alex now alex thank you for talking to us i mean how do you answer how do you think the coronavirus crisis has affected the campaign for independence. well i think as exemplified the difference between scotland and england in many ways to me let me give you the latest example but over you see having moved on a bit from the immediate crisis in health well known right across the united kingdom the economic consequences of covert and many of the consequences in terms of the symptoms are very similar rising unemployment redundancies businesses going bust and all the rest of it we've of independent report published just the day in scotland showing that we need to spend 7000000000 pounds in the next year to be sure we get an economic recovery and to be quite honest we need to bought a lot of that money now the moment under these scotland that we can only borrow 450000000. pones been time the u.k.
12:18 pm
government is borrowing from the bank of england and has already bought a borrowed 750000000000 pounds we will need about one percent of that figure and yet we've got to we for boris johnson to tell us if he's going to allow those to borrow the money we should be able to meet that decision ourselves that is their government that was say they saved businesses for the follow scheme an independent scotland as you said wouldn't have that kind of political and economic plan out. well as with all due respect rubbish because you have to look at how it's being funded not just in the u.k. better than the you sounded in europe is being funded through borrowing from the central bank basically printing money and an independent scotland would be in the same position we read borrow from our central bank to fund the recovery from there's a crisis and we repacked fully able to do that independent scotland well that's
12:19 pm
looking at the impact of coronavirus as well i mean they can let's look at calves in scotland as well they appear to being hit as badly as the one in england has a response therefore been much more successful in scotland. i think actually there are some it is fear we inch country deaf as from the other and i do think should get the competition in terms of how the public health crisis has been handled because clearly this is a brand new type of crisis we've never had a coronavirus pandemic before the scale worldwide but i think put it high shorten is losing the as we are we followed initially a vice from westminster those of tended to be the areas that have proved the most difficult for us. to in terms of maybe if we were looking back we would have done things differently but i'm not blaming anybody for that one more in a competition the think we're all been leveling as we go along about how to deal with the current of this crisis and this is a brutal crisis it's not
12:20 pm
a scottish places not an english crisis not british crisis it's a places so i don't think that's a good example of why we want to be in competition with each other about say independence and i mean people were told that the 2014 vote was once in a generation safe does that still apply. well you know how mcmillan a tory prime minister are we back in the fifty's and sixty's in a famous phrase events dear boy events and the events in the last 6 years have transformed the situation from the one that we were deciding scotland's future 6 years at all or mostly but it's just about to be formalized at the end of the year the coronavirus places the economic crisis that that has brought along with it is a huge change and as a rhode island already we need to be able to apply all new sources to dealing with
12:21 pm
and we're doing of the power to do that to the moment and there are many other things that have changed since the referendum was held say she's ago and what the polls are showing is that support for independents is standing only climbing and in the last paul couple of days ago or was standing at 54 percent i think alex now thank you very much indeed. clencher. coming up after the break. harry downs parents are told by the foreign office that talks with the u.s. to extradite their son's alleged killer are not going well we hear from. the police concludes no crime was committed when a blitz lives must have found it was flown to the afghan stadium during the football match on monday but the f.c. say it will punish those responsible for you from both sides of the debate.
12:22 pm
is your media a reflection of reality. in the world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. the isolation community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by the way. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maybe in the shallows. join me every thursday on the elec simon shore and i'll be speaking to us of the world
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of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. thank you. welcome back harry dunn's parents say the foreign office has told them that discussions with the u.s. are not going well regarding the diplomatic immunity of their son's alleged killer 19 year old motorcyclist harry don't risk killed in a crash outside the u.s. military base in the english county of northamptonshire last august and the wife of a u.s. intelligence officer fled to america claiming diplomatic immunity she was later charged by u.k. police for causing death by dangerous driving last year u.k. foreign secretary dominic robb concluded that an anomaly in the existing rules on immunity provide a greater protection for spouses than the staff of the base and while the foreign office says gaming justice for the family is
12:24 pm
a priority harry dunn's mother isn't convinced this is the case but i'm not getting the answers and we are really desperately you know this is not only gotten it wrong because they absolutely need looking at things how to change they cannot remain the way they are you know. that they say that the spouses. or intelligence officers and this is to us was greater immunity than the actual employees themselves that's just crazy it doesn't make any sense whatsoever if it doesn't look after she the us to get things looked at and changed we have absolutely no proof of that whatsoever they keep telling us they're doing all they can or will not have any of that in writing to prove what they are doing well how helpful do you feel that dominic robb has been have you felt supported as a family are you angry. we're not supportive leasing we have
12:25 pm
today one world one that we requested it wasn't offered to us or extended to us he was extremely rude. to me. parents. and. right there on the other end of the room he made whether being the other side of the fields. wasn't very controversial around christmas time and finally well you know when the charge and other things. thing started to change 6 we thought we were rebuilding bridges the mayor the life of being broken. and they were very much more friendly in all but continue to then go on to mislead not the actual truthful with. we they were very let down very and supported . well the u.s. has repeatedly refused to extradite and so cool last while dominic robb has also
12:26 pm
faced questions over what he knew about her departure after it was revealed a foreign office official texted a u.s. counterpart saying she could be put on the next flight out how redone spammy is currently seeking to prosecute the foreign secretary for obstructing the police investigation his mother also told us what keeps her fighting for justice. the dumbest sundays. carry on the night. if that salute the number one draw i may and the rest of team hurry go i promise to not like that we would get justice i have no idea how hard that was going to be you make a promise to your children if you don't break it that promise and of course extend brother lyle and the other siblings you know so the promise doesn't just stop with harry the other things that keep me going are often call this a call that we get for closest family in our friends all the cotton that we have
12:27 pm
for the campaign not only pay only us but literally around the world has just been astonishing very overwhelming you can't quite get your head around this is the thought that's out there for us. that definitely helps keep you focused keep should read and. should know better. police have concluded that no criminal offense took place when a white lives matter burnley banner was flown over the air to have stadium on monday during a football match between manchester city and burnley the plane circulated the stadium in manchester after players and staff and taken the knee in support of the black lives matter movement but despite the police decision burnley football club says it will punish those responsible but is taking action against fans who've done nothing illegal justified or doesn't nor need to be changed but earlier i was told by a racial equality campaign believe jasper and former police officer peter kirk and
12:28 pm
. it's entirely a matter for the club whether the apply any sanctions or not it's outside the criminal law it's not a matter for the police because there's no crimes being committed that was obvious from the outset in fact and i don't know why lancaster police took me to go to decide. as for sanctions outside that's entirely a matter for the club whether that's right or wrong we can have a debate about that but there are sanctions applied by all sorts of people and organizations are outside the criminal law for all sorts of things disciplinary processes in britain employment disciplinary processes in colleges and universities all manner of sanctions applied by all manner of organizations so our see nothing wrong with a club making sanctions themselves they had to respond to that yeah that certainly it bernie a football club we try to apply to actions we've all seen haven't we the kind of awful scenes we saw essential and. when those who would support such a statement such as the like lives matter the 70. and all hell broke loose as
12:29 pm
a result so i think that the statement was a provocation and no doubt that black people in lancashire love that scrawled on their dolls and racist graffiti no doubt that black children will face that taunting a playground where there are isolated and i think such statements are a deliberate provocation. to engender racial solidity and we have to remember that as you said in a context where racial attacks on black people and ethnic minorities in the united kingdom have gone literally through the roof since the poll on bret's it so in that context can see how this is a very dangerous provocation and one in which black people will ultimately no doubt paid a price in isolated communities across the country about with $1.00 use of half an hour.
12:30 pm
international memorial awards has extended its deadline for submissions. media professionals are eligible for a freelance journalist work for alternative media part of a global news platform you can submit to your published works in either video format go toward go to r.t. dot com and it an l. secret prisons are not usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived with. the work to view houses were. located. investigators uncovered the dark.


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