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which i think's true. i think equally it's a problem in the fact. that the street party in london bridges and. clashes with police we visit the area to find out why tensions flared so. you know. other people. new york sees its highest month of shootings in nearly a quarter of a century the grim record comes as an anti crime unit was disbanded following demands to defund the police by black lives matter protesters. uses a skin whitening products come on the forum and claims their goods are racist major companies are now renamed their brands or pulled them from shelves completely an issue we've put up for debates. should not be result of white
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supremacy. i think if you were to remove white incomes you would have to also remove teaming solutions. and an official e.u. poll shows at least 40 percent of europeans believe the block has shown itself to be irrelevant during the pandemic because nations couldn't count on the help of their fellow states. either thanks for joining us this is r.t. international. locals in a district of london are complaining of police aggression after officers broke up a street party that had turned violent events have been gaining popularity of like despite being illegal still under lockdown rules $22.00 police officers were left injured following the disturbance.
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but what began as a large scale street party quite peaceful descended later on into police clashes on this very street here in angel town in brixton now police were called around the 1 am 2 am mark to try and discuss the crowds from the scene but we've seen some quite alarming footage emerging on social media including a police being hit with perhaps but also plays out responding in quite an aggressive manner as well over 20 peace officers have been injured as a result 2 of which have been hospitalized but also 4 people remain in custody for public order offenses now what i've been hearing on the very scene from local residents is quite a different picture to those alarming scenes in the people here in the community so the case really need to be acting better and made this pandemic of racism worldwide but also an incident like last night has merely exacerbated tensions between the police and the community it's also have to do with black people that whole we feel
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as well you know this we are we feel as if we are being targeted so when we feel as if we've been targeted for me i will return the you know i'm quite peaceful both of the people they will retaliate to piece of the deceased and there would be no problems this could be all the stuff from around you to get you to 6 what you did would like. to do the next book when you're taken out you'll find you'll feel she knows i'm here for a herd of sheep it makes us feel like animals i don't like stuff like that you know at the end of the day how it's used to go just for many of the parts is a 1000001 things going on and i've never seen a bunch of use of this is like just to be dispersing people out like that they would see them p.c. an oxygen mask you began to see into us now the prime minister spokesperson has said that the scenes last night were appalling and that anybody that used violence against peace will. face the full force of the law we've also heard from the home
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secretary preacher patel she's labeled the incident as vile we've heard from the mayor of london sidique khan as well and he said that last night's events were completely unacceptable plus the metropolitan police a certain event of a scale of thought of last night was unlawful pubs and bars and restaurants are of course closed community centers in areas like this also remain closed so people are having to go to public spaces like streets and parks to congregate in a social fashion but it brings the point that they are not not patrolled by streets and parks and even lit so many would argue there are not enough safe spaces to actually do so which arguably would bring placing into question all the lack of especially when we look back at how the government has handled this coronavirus pandemic in all it's for us it's not just clinically and medically but socially as well. the former head of the national counterterrorism security office chris phillips believes that the problems of the result of attitudes towards the police.
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it's a very long story is that 3 of the last 1015 years have been emasculated by government by the media in such a way that they're really quite scared to take strong actions because they know that they will be criticized for it so in my opinion their actions yesterday may have been good in the short term to preserve their own safety but of course to allow them all as we saw yesterday to take control of the streets is always going to be wrong and need to you know i think really we need to have a complete rethink in the u.k. as to how do you deal with it and i think 6 there's no respect or fear of doing something more which allows these people i think that they can do this without any repercussions the mob is there because it feels that it's got it's got the ability to do this now and the police are going to react in a strong way that they will do it and until we get hard at these people we won't be
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able to do with the problem. the black allies manta movements in banking on many sectors and one of the latest is the beauty industry several companies have faced a backlash for marketing skin whitening products corporate giant unilever has now announced that it's going to rename its product line which is currently called fair and lovely. we recognize that the use of the words fear white and light suggests a singular ideal of beauty that we don't think is right and we want to address this . the move comes after 2 petitions demanding a ban of the products attracted thousands of signatures the petition states that these whitening products were developed from internalized racism and promote anti black feelings it was not the only company in the crosshairs of activists u.s. john johnson and johnson was also forced to take quick action it's going to pull from the shelves its entire range of lightning products which are distributed in asia and the middle east. you know i mean maybe there. will
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be why did you raise your eyes without the more you could feel the conversations over the past few weeks highlighted that some product names or claims on arab neutrogena and clean and clear dark spot reduce of products represent fairness or white as better than your own unique skin tone this was never our intention healthy skin is beautiful skin. however a lot of consumers use the creams outraised of what's happening we put the issue of the debate. they're removing these products that are not used to correct issues or you know skin issues but they are used to create the theorist possible skin in such products should not exist they should not be marketed they are result of white supremacy in colonialism i think if you were to remove whitening creams you would you are you have to also remove tanning solutions to motions are tending
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oils so i think that we should make it completely legal still because it's everyone's choice to have you know whatever they want to do with their own bodies the difference between bleaching and standing is this bleaching your skin comes from an ideology of white supremacy insult hatred is actually in my opinion a form of self mutilation where if you harmony we want to remove the melon and the color in your skin because you want to appear as wide as possible i think it's up to people to decide what they want to do and for example if you stay. that women cannot no longer get breast implants because it's massaging a stick because men look at their breasts more that's like saying the same thing i mean every every day something is going to be coded as racist and i don't think that's right and i think that people are moving way too fast with this notion and i don't think that should be the case as right now there is never a speed that's too fast to eradicate racism we have been for hundreds of years seeing the remnant of that colonize
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a ship in the form of self-hatred and physically for china it's rooted in attempting to create parity with europeans who came in sign a back in the thirty's i think that china's case about why you know what incomes and whatever it's based on not by supremacy but spaced on and in the in the old days when workers used to be farmers they would take a lot and then it would be perceived as more poor if you go out in the sun so it's not about why supremacy is about people's own thoughts and minds and cultures if a person who works in the sun is seen as a worker and a lower income person then that's a book that's actually been used across hundreds of years in asia to discriminate against black people and people who are darker a star asiatics said this is a person saying i don't want to identify with my ethnicity either way it's people's rights to their own body whatever they want to do i don't like how payola look i put 10 cream on every day and i think it's great i don't think it's white supremacy
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i don't think that i'm trying to be black and i don't think i'm trying to be darker it's just i think that that's what i like it suits my body well and i like that the status symbol. of the artist i think created in the minds of people around the world that if you are white you are better that has been brainwashed and then equal and unfortunately it was her face or not even inspired an. insane talent that michael jackson possess inside of his wealth of math i think what we should do is that we should educate people on the notion. why isn't just the most beautiful you don't hear of stuff on the shelves to make that happen you could educate people you could make a movement saying that i think that if you remove these when creams are the shelves people go to dangerous notions dangerous measures to make their skin away provide education for children for the future your future generation the current generations say that hey waiter isn't beautiful and you are perfect just when you are and then it's up to them to decide what they want to do with their lives. the
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european union was proven to be largely irrelevant during the pandemic that's according to a new opinion poll the findings come after certain individual member states complained that they had to look outside of the block for help as the coronavirus took hold. reports. a crisis a time when your colors are really shown when you are the pilot together or fall apart or just prove yourself to be neither here nor. warring the large numbers who say the you performed the even larger numbers has been irrelevant a new poll reveals a damning portrayed of how easy it is and think about the bloc in the wake of the great virus pandemic if this were a popularity rating you would be seriously worried about reelection so what led to this loss of confidence what we all know to ease proud of it open borders it's one of its selling points moving from london to paris is as busy as swapping
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a bowler hat for a battery but free movement is also ironically one of the things that failed brussels i think is going to administer and we all share the conviction that travel restrictions or border closures would not be appropriate in the particular precautions at this point. but as the number of infections continued its upward trend criticism within grew to the fact that a party there was no far the game plan other than just leaving the door open. we were told that it was obviously very important that we should be under this umbrella of a european union which acquired the countries to work together the european union has said nothing the only thing they have said is that there is absolutely no need to set up restrictions on travel at the borders and at all then the peak past bangkok is pondered how to restart the ailing economies reopening and letting tourists and was seen as a logical step but even that process was a rental with indecision and disagreements. it is crucial for us to
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coordinate our choices on the european scene particularly with regard to the schengen area however at the moment this is not happening. i was also a bit of a free for all on how individual countries behaved with them at that open borders it's mean knocked out and threw away the key no restaurants no sport nothing britain dollywood before following suit but you could back the size on the street are not where mosque and suite and people continue to walk around cinnamon buns and dots around the maypole as for testing the u.k. and france have similar populations but 4 times more brits than french have been tested and looked like there was no strategy in play no wonder the e.u. slaves of health official resigned in frustration and dismay i've been extremely disappointed by the european response to covert 19 for what pertains to the complete absence of coordination of health care policies among member states their
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current opposition to cohesive financial support initiatives to provide a safe one sided border closures and the marginal scale of synergistic scientific initiatives and on the streets but also wasn't a feeling that it was one for all and all for what you call them a signal in european ages being greater than a that came from within the e.u. community. i don't know when germany or france and we are always there for them when it's the opposite not so much akin to what we should be thankful to russia but also to china and cuba as well as to other countries outside the european union which brussels did show some remorse it is also true that too many were not there on time when italy needed a helping hand at the very beginning. and yes for that it is right that europe as a whole offers a heartfelt apology that still didn't stop the chaos from continuing because it's
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in the overwhelmed twice $34000.00 that's got a lot of support 32000000000 euro from the emergency relief fund while hungry with just one 6th of the population of italy and far fewer cove a tad more than 5 and a half 1000000000 you have to distinguish between different that people demand more cooperation and not say they're 80 and with their p.c. next generation i cannot say that 80. or so they will we should have most of the day to meaning the german and should be germans and want to be in and there's been a literacy between the different states and they have been stealing from each other you know one people taking. medical supplies from another i mean the european union you see is based on the falls idea that you can build from above and then you know we a utopian citizenship that simply does not exist in the mancs of people are sort of on demand the right no one was ready for that but the european union sin was not in the fuck up to its name. following
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a 3 year investigation famous russian theatre director said have. said over the nick of has been found guilty of investments will have all the details after the break. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation community. are you going the right way. or are you being let. go of. what is. was his faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us
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in the depths. for a made in the shallows. international memorial awards has extended its deadline for submissions. or media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work for alternative media or a part of a global news platform you can submit to your published works in either video format go toward go to r.t. dot com and it are now. defund the police is a rallying cry of the black lives matter protesters across america but it comes at a time when crime is actually on the rise new york has just recorded this heisman of shooting incidents in nearly a quarter of a century a place of war this could become
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a new normal with details. the recent decision by the new york city police department to disband the anti crime unit last week was most likely taken in response to protests against police brutality now shootings in the city have broken records 125 people killed since june the worst sense 1996 the courts are now closed and those charged with the possession of illegal guns are free to walk the streets we have over $1000.00 people that have been indicted on a gun possession charge where the cases are open and they're walking around the streets of new york today 53 shootings have taken place since the anti crime unit was disbanded mayor bill de blasio is saying he wants action from the police this weekend we also saw a real challenge is out in our streets in terms of gun violence and this is something we all have to focus on and i know the n.y.p.d.
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is focused on it we have to address a troubling trend we've seen in terms of shootings over the last weeks mayor bill de blasio says the 26 different incidents happened last weekend he blames that on the summer heat we know in the warmer months unfortunately historically there been more shootings that's not something we accept but it's something we understand we have to fight against but some voices are speaking up and blaming the police department and noisy shooting violence in 24 hours thanks to new york's failed politicians who lack the courage to tell the truth and now who suffers who are the real victims where are the phony politicians now take a bow de blasio city council new york state senate the body count is growing you are in it nothing indicates that these high crime numbers are going to decrease anytime soon meanwhile lives are being lost amid the political games and battle of words hail a mop and artsy new york. scene of feel the u.k.
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watchdog in charge of scrutinizing the country's arms at. sports has been shut down for the last 6 months and news comes amid concerns recent sales have been fueling conflicts abroad the parliamentary committee on arms export control is responsible for examining each and every sale but it hasn't sat since the general election in december with the u.k. currently the 2nd largest arms exporter in the world many and pays are calling for the committee to be reformed as soon as possible and the public's being kept in the dark about the country's weapons trading there are currently many complex being balls around the world in which britain sells arms to one or more of the warring parties including the ongoing conflict in yemen there is mounting and legitimate concern over a number of existing licenses that would allow the potential use of british equipment such as rubber bullets for example in places like hong kong the united states and other destinations of concern the committee on arms export countries needs to be allowed to scrutinize these licenses at the earliest opportunity. well
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the u.k. has been accused of selling arms to countries considered frequent violators of human rights it's clocked up billions in sales to saudi arabia for example since 2015 when the gulf state began its notorious bombing campaign of yemen the lucrative sales push has drawn shock criticism and legal action from antiwar activists british built fighter jets stopping british build bombs of a yemen by the saudi air force resulted in a court ruling that the exports had been a lawful supreme court case is currently pending several human rights groups and politicians also called on the u.k. to end its export of tear gas and rubber bullets to the united states oxfam's policy advisor on arms and conflict martin but you told us why the u.k. arms export watchdog considered one of the strictest in the world is so important the high court in 2017 noted that it was a crucial part of the machinery for making sure that parliament had oversight of government policy in practice and it has indeed proved that time and again over the
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years this is a vital committee for example after the arab spring when the committee examined licenses for supply to countries that were committing human rights abuses the government ended up chancellor in 150 of those licenses so it can name and shame and that pressure has been a fact that the legislation we have on paper is good and there are improvements that could be made and we need to stick robustly to that legislation and to agreements like the arms trade treaty and clearly having a parliamentary forum to debate these issues and to put pressure on the government will be very important in making that happen. has been a big development in the notorious case of a prominent russian film and theatre director accused of fraud course today found
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skills that have been nick of guilty of masterminding a huge embarrassment operation that follows a 3 year investigation of which the director spent 18 months under house arrest. has a story. after a long investigation that lasted more than 3 years multiple proves witness testimony twists and turns the court has found key deals it had been you could as well as to produce is working with him as guilty guilty of organizing must the my doing and running a criminal scheme fraud embezzling the government out of more than $100000000.00 rubles close enough to $1000000.00 they did this via classic and somewhat creative money laundering schemes according to prosecutors for example by groups over exaggerating and overstating their expenses as well as setting up fake shell companies that they controlled and paying them basically siphoning money out of their budgets and into their pockets his accountants of come out and admitted to
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being guilty to the criminal transactions that they carried out but they added that they were done at the orders of keel city but any of that ultimately he was the beneficiary in the money laundering scheme it's worth adding that much of the money came from the government the ministry of culture which subsidized and funded gave him grants it to the tune of millions and millions of rubles and he himself has admitted that the that the accounting in the bookkeeping at his firms was atrocious sloppy and even catastrophic and he says that that was used to bring him down. exercised leadership over all members of the group he mentored measures to conceal the embezzlement the group and gazed in actions aimed at gaining personal profit through defrauding stuff and the russian ministry of culture said every new kind of maintains that he's innocent that he was set up and that he shouldn't be found
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guilty but he will also says that he was never involved in the accounting side of things you stuck to the artistic side of things he himself over the last decade has become something of a liberal i caught an icon the liberal left and artists via his provocative and increasingly political performances and directing he has supporters internationally as well he is right many many projects outside of russia and at 1300 artists book performers who signed a letter in support of him even angela merkel the german chancellor came out and lobbied in his favor but ultimately he was found guilty regardless of his artistic credentials and. having you open to him is to appeal the guilty verdict. tomorrow we're supposed to see the 1st white house initiated meeting between serbia
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and kosovo in 1000 months but it's been called off after the cost of a prime minister cancel the trip to the course of and president was indicted this week on war crimes due to the new developments in pristina as a result of the indictment submitted by the special prosecutor's office i have to return to my country to deal with the situation. well a special prosecutor's office investigating kosovo's war with serbia in the late ninety's has indicted president along with 9 others for alleged war crimes including murder and then forced disappearance of people and torture although there's been no official statement from tangy on previous occasions he has angrily denied any accusation of wrongdoing headquarters yet to decide whether the case will go to trial serbian canadian film director boris milat gursky is skeptical. well with tribunals was never formed justice the balkans was formed to justify u.s. foreign policy towards the balkans in the 1990 s.
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where the serbs were. as the only culprit in the breakup of yugoslavia and the war in kosovo and he tribunals verdicts were meant to simply sort of verify. this foreign policy decision and prove that the were in the only ones who are committing war crimes and committing atrocities. until she was a commander of the kosovo liberation army that fought for independence from serbia more than 10000 people died in that war which ended with kosovo declaring independence something serbia still doesn't recognize along with a handful of other countries following the war track she went into politics finally becoming the president and 2016 the u.s. has been kosovo's close allies since nato intervention in the war friendship can be seen in town she's photos with u.s. officials or a smaller gursky game believes that the united states has always known about the
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control of the sea surrounding touchy. i basically think that the western leaders knew all along about that she says really not only with the publishing of dick morris report namely in this that of the organ arms trafficking ring but back in 1999 as well when she thought she was actually nicknamed the snake that was the actual nickname while he was the military commander of the cave lake so the americans knew who they were going in with because their interest was a control over kosovo and they knew that's their kaley we're the ones who are ready to die for the united states to power over kosovo because that's what are the night everybody else has done after that they ceded control of kosovo not so the albanian people as they promised as they allegedly fought for but to the united states and the west because the coastal today's essentially the u.s.
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colony thanks so much for staying with us here on our tape to join me for updates in 30 minutes. as the culture war 'd rages on a baited the billionaire class is only getting wealthy or their wealth is iraq the 20 percent or $584000000000.00 since the start of the pandemic slash lock and how will these facts to come to be covering and his exterminate underclass in the north . secret prisons and usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however he even the most prosperous can be
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deceived we've been busy roads own the work to view the houses. were allowed to leave prison was located only cia people had access to the story for investigators she held the uncovered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean one of the names you graded nor been taught or known sunny and they were all talk you seem a bit sore in a yes or no for. crying for justice on artie. we go to work.


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