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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 29, 2020 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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why have native americans been excluded from the u.s. demographic data on coronavirus we asked the association of american indian affairs is shannon a law firm and appointed as advisor of the state to bomb the joint barack obama's presidency with a systematic inequality is killing off those descended from america's 1st inhabitants and former israeli spy arriba international tends to demolish conspiracy theories about the queen's repeated favorite son prince andrew and alleges that geoffrey epstein was a useful idiot of the israeli state polls more coming up in today's going on to go 1st the indigenous peoples of the americas have arguably suffered not only genocide of thousands of white settlers but also generations of inequality and poverty now the association of american indian affairs is shot in a lawful and appointed as a state department advisor during barack obama's presidency says this is increased native americans is vulnerability to coronavirus something seemingly being swept under the rug in the face of allegations they are being left out of the demographic data shannon a citizen of the truck the nation of oklahoma joins me now via skype from clocks built in maryland usa thanks so much and of coming on we know that in britain which
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has a much worse because of their growth of ours official rate in the u.s. a covert it's the vulnerable how is it indigenous peoples of the u.s.a. thank you for having me it has been devastating in any infantry here in the united states unfortunately we don't have all the data we need to truly assess the damage that the coronavirus is doing to the native american population there are 574 federally recognized tribes that means there's 574 tribes in the united states has a government to government relationship with and most public health care facilities are not checking the box or understanding often who they are serving when it comes to coronavirus so we don't have all the numbers we do know that the indian helps. most of those indian health service locations are within
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tribal lands and tribal reservations and those numbers are clear there is getting close to $18000.00 cases a coronavirus out of about $233000.00 individuals who have been tested but testing is the amount of testing that has been given to indian health service has been very low in fact i've just recently heard. donald trump mention that indian should be happy with what they've gotten so far in fact he sent 250 tests to the indian health service 502500 yes just to be clear this is in the context of some statistics that we've got that in arizona 16 percent of. the coronavirus deaths in arizona are
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our indigenous peoples while there are only 6 was of the population new mexico greater than a 3rd with only a temp a cent how many state health departments are actually recording indigenous peoples deaths than of actions and we don't know that information we just don't know there hasn't there is not a national consensus or national policy on how native americans are counted in various health centers or hospitals so we rely on relationships between local hospitals and medical centers and the tribal governments that reside in close proximity and usually about drive i'll give you the numbers most indigenous peoples i understand live in new york or los angeles so we don't have anything on the predispositions the disproportionate outcomes for indigenous people in those urban centers. not too well no and again it is
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because most urban natives. are reliant on the local l. service and if the local health services aren't maintaining those tests. and oftentimes those health service workers are looking at what they see and making a unilateral determination on who they are serving so often times they don't even consult about race and they market themselves or there's only a box called other and often times we don't even get to count ourselves as a being of history miscategorized they should leave before coronavirus. if you want to get into talking about 2 to 500 years of history there is absolutely . complete misunderstanding of the native americans are how i really meant miscategorized ational disease by health services but yes i did and i was told
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trump says he's giving $8000000000.00 to indigenous people it was trumped not a bomber sided 29000 executive orders stop wishing a toss who was a physical safety it was complemented by navajo nation the vice president myron lizer he signed 3 bill supporting spokane's tribes funding indigenous language recognizing the little shell tribe has only been much better than obama. oh i would have to say absolutely not. and i'm happy to go over those those points individually that $8000000000.00 that tribes received from congress out of the care act originally the trump administration did not want any funding going to tribes it all it was congress that made that a $1000000.00 appropriation to try and finish that $8000000.00 corporation was made
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. leadership in the white house has just been a horrible job and getting it subtribes it's taken 2 months to get any funding to drive when it was supposed to have been done within 30 days there are leader in the assistant secretaries office or indian affairs and trumpet administration actually was trying to appropriate funding for. alaska native corporations which are not tribal governments and she happened to be a shareholder of one of those alaska native corporations and her husband is the lobbyist for another one so there's been a lot of controversy around the funding that it's going to try that of the scare the money and even how to trial population are counted
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by the treasury department has been horrendous and there's a current court case and just. got filed about that well we invite those involved in the alaskan situation to come on and maybe refute any allegations of corruption obviously but is this incompetence or by design resume we are not saying the why does once a completely wipe out indigenous peoples as has been attempted by successive generations of white americans. since the trust since trump was. in office since 2016 you have been working to diminish tribal powers he's eliminated consultation right that tribes have environmental legislation and the ability for us to protect our secrete sites and cultural
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resources he has eliminated making water act. and air pollution. legislation that we have particular express rights in those less pieces of legislation he has diminished. bears ears and. other national monuments that tribes have worked hard to co-managed and protect from oil and gas industry and other exploitive industries there have been other rollbacks manger environmental legislation which has not only proved tribes from having authority to protect their tribal lands in their tribal waters but also the states so it has been this is not just a tribal indigenous problem this is everyone's problem in the united states that these environmental protections are being rolled back what alliances are being made
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by your members and indigenous peoples around the country being made between them and black lives masses because i presume. they were aware of the pocket honda's quotes of a. new policy of 10 years in jail ie once for a movie under jackson's statues you would have to explain the history of a 100 jackson it's an indigenous peoples and the fact that they ought to each eyes will likely to be killed by police in the united states right right so andrew jackson a president in the 18 twenty's and thirty's was not our friend in a jackson passed the indian removal act all which. removed many tribes that were in the eastern part of the united states to oklahoma indian territory and allow for colonists and others to take over our homelands and it's
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a historic situation i know you've been talking about tomahawk cruise missiles you want the name change because they're being dropped on yemen the world's worst humanitarian crisis native americans go invisible and in our. our involvement in united states and world history is absolutely ignored so the fact that. we have young men and women there being murdered by police officers around indian country going unnoticed is nothing new now we don't want to take anything away from black lives matter in fact we want to add our voices to that. all black and brown people should have their human rights to have police reform that supports. less violence against our people but part of the issue here is
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that we're not educated in the general public that native americans even exist today the fact that there's 5574 federally recognized tribes throughout the united states who are completely diverse from one another who have lent their own languages their cultures their religious practices and the way in which they interact internally with her own tribal governments and with the united states and the states that they reside in all of that is unique in diverse and most of us have no idea about this part of u.s. history and current culture that's a part of what makes america great because elites in power will say you have a vote in november but i understand that it is just people's offload of residential
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addresses amongst the communities tell me about the voter id and how it's going to affect indigenous people's voices this november right there have been many states and again it's diverse in many states in north and south dakota there have been laws. where the voter must have a physical address they cannot use up tio box. but many native americans in indian country are very rural and do not have physical address so they are unable to vote there are organizations working to protect native american rights to vote across the country and if they can match imagine it different in every state of the united states as far as. those state laws and the bill their ability to assert their rights about you say would make any difference
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anyway i've never heard joe biden say anything about leather belt ca apparently his life is in in danger according to amnesty international from coronaviruses jailed in florida the so-called indigenous a political prisoner who didn't he wasn't free during a bomber when you were advising the obama administration no he wasn't any hadn't been in many presidents of. terms were hoping that he can get. released in this term by president trump in fact congress in particular congresswoman debbie holland who's from the state of new mexico and is an indigenous herself and ask for that pardon and having him relief and he is in a vulnerable population chunnel often thank you. thank you
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from the bright could make good sex offender and financier jeffrey have seen a useful idiot for the israeli state former israeli spy in the hidden links between a paedophile and a british prince. going underground. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics. i'm sure. i'll see you then.
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we go to work some straight home. welcome back on wednesdays really prime minister binyamin netanyahu defacto back to the hill by president trump's deal of the century is set to push ahead with further illegal antics ations of palestine's occupied west bank but as boris johnson's britain sells record amounts of arms to israel is the royal connection former israeli spy ari ben menasha who worked for robert maxwell the late disgraced british tabloid daily mirror oana joins me now via skype from montreal in canada ari thanks for coming on i said the israeli spy goes israel denies you are a spy despite the u.s. jury verdict that you acted for israel tell me about being a spy and why when you talk about geopolitics you're not fearful more fearful of assassination a living parent. i wrote a book. they're. going to rest. of course it's
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a book that came out some years ago now geoffrey epstein is dead now gilling maxwell there are reports she's in paris you maintain that it was your employer robert maxwell owner of the daily mirror you say that he was an israeli agent and as was his daughter just not right you for your i would like to correct that ok we were to go under. and you say that is do it again lane also though work for israel and it was robert maxwell who introduced geoffrey epps. seemed to give lame maxwell way before the 1990 s. as mainstream media is reporting correct. mr epstein was introduced to ms pacs well probably sometime and they a.t.c. and mr maxwell also thought they might it be introducing. a fellow
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to date is it tried to do a favors. to climb to or should they say 'd a match ok and that didn't really quite work out i suppose what the most alarming allegations of you've been making are that the entire epstein operation was a honeytrap operation to entrap politicians policy makers celebrities people in the movie i may sickly to become israel's assets correct that it became man may simply an intelligence operation to entrap different politicians who run. tell me about what evidence you have for this at this point this is all i can say that that's what and that's what it was because the time because the mainstream media narrative is we don't know about you know in
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maxwell she denies all wrongdoing and basically epstein was a paedophile and was a successful banker he made lots of money and he was a criminal paedophile and he died in a jail awaiting justice that's the story nothing to do with nothing to do with the israeli military intelligence nothing to do with israel yet they were they wouldn't deny that that's a real bad story and there went the night but she was perth straight with this release by robert maxwell of. a military intelligence and. started to working for them i mean i'm joined here as ambassador london would deny that over here obviously prince andrew is a big story because he's supposed to be the queen's favorite son what what do you think sandra's are there for in story at this hour a prince andrew was
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a. black man and it was being used as a useful idiots and it was bringing in some celebrities to get whacked now i can't ask you for your sources but when when things have been written about this. edward barak has been named as part of this operation tell me about whether you think barak would have been aware of these operations well anyone to the right was sir at some point had a military intelligence in this room. and. he apparently was very friendly were in and. you probably were. the problem area with your accusations and allegations are that you're not providing any evidence that israel was part of running jeffrey epstein
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well again again maxwell was work in progress where the epstein was working for maxwell at the time and he was and cheers to maxwell's daughter and they were introduced says. how come how much for evidence i think cannot. give you photos of the working or certainly allegiance this has already been the problem areas that you're making these allegations without any evidence other than circumstantial evidence argument that israel is all that's why . i was asked i'm giving you my take on so what do you think about babson's death lot of people suspicious about it although it was ruled a suicide by new york's chief medical examiner despite epstein's brother alleging
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it was murder i was in that facility exactly that it would almost be in possible to commit suicide there unless here you had an outside now i'm not alleging that black cuba has anything to do at this what do you know about black cube the private israeli intelligence company which is reputedly been hired to intimidate people. chasing down the epstein story i was not. and coverage and services i really can't comment or do you think when you heard the news that epstein had apparently committed suicide did you see any echoes of your former colleague the disgraced daily mirror proprietor robert maxwell when he died on his boat yeah i
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certain i said that to a colleague i said 1st maxwell the eyes the way the eyes and now the sky. but no one saying that israel killed their agent robert maxwell that after all you has you said you allege of a maxwell was an israeli agent as well if he has he worked for with a sermon. to who he was who to kill robert maxwell well and then. other times he was in real trouble over. the pension funds the british police were about to enter us. over our. funds from and israelis who were terrified that once his arrest. tell a story. see what surprises me when you say that there's no evidence you can give
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me to. suggest even that israel was behind epstein's in tack area it was none other than alex acosta trumps now resigned labor or a secretary who said when he was in charge of the plea deal over epstein he said he belonged to intelligence what do you think he caused america and the rest is in theirs. is the real. goes back about 10 years ago. it was a very straight and general and still. surprising for him and was accused of abusing young girls it was a very surprising. so i suppose some of the was how pick somebody was behind them help and get out of. real trouble but when trump's former
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labor secretary acosta says he belonged to intelligence you think he means israeli intelligence not u.s. intelligence correct i think he imagines harry to starts right here allegations about involvement in a blackmail plot i mean do you think that ironically the rape survivor ravage in iraq joe a friend signed epstein's delft death warrant when she filed suit i believe i believe that's what made one member happened chill him as if this lawsuit. would have been a lot of revelations and everyone from. the it's he you run a big lobbying firm now dickens and madson the companies in the news at the moment because of what's happening in libya what do you know of general half star who's
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a fortunes rise and wane depending on the battles in libya where of course britain bombed i believe led. a straight government of libya. should. get rid of him and try to form a transitional government with some elements of tripoli not so dattch he had a former british ambassador to libya told us. things were not going swimmingly but the un recognized government in libya is the one to support and that's the one that will win in the end you don't think so i don't think so i don't think so but i think there has to be a government. a compromise government between the 2 sides because they're both pretty powerful elements in libya and the
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general has really has to go and so so those mr so because they're both very. very stubborn all they care about it all they care about is themselves being the talk you don't think general half there is still a cia asset but no i don't think he is or if he was in the past and i don't think he is right now what my understanding was that he was being helped by various countries and. he's just to start where americans are free to deal with any news on safeguard afy some say he could unite libya i just all. because of his name. outside their world except them like him because of his name and he has i.c.c.
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charges against them and then inside libya there say we were we have been fighting for 9 years you will go back to the same way we started to what it just finally trump wants to sanction anyone doing business with the i.c.c. trump seems to be in favor of these really haneke sanctions planned this week what do you think the palestinians reaction to further an extension of the west bank will. i don't know about i was still meaner lampson but. this an exchange is making. more up and and i asked not the rest of the world and that if i were those who have always said this or i genuinely called for a 2 state solution as. accident as outlined in the osce follow agreements 30 years ago then there should be on their exact agreement. i am
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a national thank you. and that's it for the show will be back on wednesday on the 18 year anniversary of the establishment of the i.c.c. now sanctioned by the u.s. president told trump for daring to open an investigation to u.s. war crimes in afghanistan until then push on to join the underground a huge upset about instagram twitter facebook. ah no team no crowd. no shots no. action phelps because. well track no arrests one. point ch your thirst for action.
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what is the meaning in worth of history why are there are those so determined to destroy cultural artifacts and rewrite history and sell their understanding of history a true and dispassionate understanding of history is really about 2 things reverence and a warning the culture side we are witnessing rejects the idea its. secret prisons are not usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived we've been busy roads all the way to view houses were allowed to leave prison was located and the only people had access to the story for investigators she tells the uncovered the darkest dealings of the secret services but i mean there you go read it nor. doctor nonsense. he seem a bit sore knee yes or no for. crying for justice. the
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new york criticism. claiming russia paid enough. american troops. on the program the number of victims of female genital mutilation rises in germany girls are still full to be at risk. to ensure. i didn't buy that maybe i was holding my hand. and they were.


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