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the new york times gets criticism from all. source. claiming russia paid enough to kill american troops. on the program the number of victims of female genital mutilation rises in germany girls are still full to be at risk. and so. for me i remember that maybe i was holding my hand. and they were.
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hit. with coles to replace the u.s. national anthem in that country's racism for. one minute past 8 am and buenos aires 7 pm in beijing and 2 in the afternoon right here in moscow this monday june the 29th welcome to r.t. international the new york times is facing widespread criticism after publishing an article claiming russia offered bounties to taliban militants in afghanistan to kill u.s. troops and also claim donald trump was briefed on the matter however the director of national intelligence denies that either the president or the vice president were ever briefed on the claim mr trump had this to say the new york times must
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release anonymous they can do it this person probably does not even exist. well the article has been slammed by the russian foreign ministry which called the peace deliberate decision for me sion saturday also saw the taleban denying the new york times article as well you've been taking a closer look at the piece in question and asks who could benefit from its publication. it's time to blow off the dust that circled on any smear tactics guide book since the last u.s. election but as democrats are looking to wash away the humiliation of 2016 by trying to bring down trump this time they are resorting to the same auld narrative that failed them in the 1st place russia gate american intelligence officials have concluded that the russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to taliban linked militants for killing coalition forces in afghanistan the peace rests on the familiar pillars of pulitzer winning journalism anonymous sources that
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believed concluded and desist the claims are said to be based on interrogations of captured afghan militants at least in part the article says well because less than in part well would be nothing at all really the alleged culprits is the same russian intelligence unit that is accused of this elsberry poisoning western intelligence official say the unit which has operated for more than a decade has been charged by the kremlin with kerry knows a complaint to destabilize the west through subversion and the source the nation. the west by bribing the taliban into something they are doing anyway comic book villains have more logic and motivation than russia in this article but as evil and sleazy as russia may be portrayed in this story it's still just collateral damage and not the actual target president trying to get briefed in march that russia is
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paying bounty money for dead american soldiers right now. and his response to that is nothing his entire presidency has been a gift. but if this is beyond the pale it's betrayal of most sacred duty we bear as a nation to protect and equip our troops and restrain them into harm's way if trump refuses to hold putin accountable for funding terrorism against u.s. troops in afghanistan then congress must again step up i expect the trumpet ministration to take such allegations seriously and inform congress immediately as to the reliability of these news reports the stories taking jabs that trump amid reports he's about to take another step towards ending the catastrophic 2 decades long invasion russia's foreign ministry has dismissed the allegations as fake pointing out that more school has all along been trying to mediate the conflict and have the united states and the taliban in fact sign
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a peace deal the simple this information clearly illustrates the intellectual abilities propagandists among american intelligence who have to come up with such nonsense instead of inventing something more reliable however what else can we expect from intelligence which miserably failed in the 20 year war in afghanistan it's russia collusion 2.0 as if that has ever been worth anything more but a house impeachment that left trump unfazed by hey maybe at least robert mueller will have a 2nd shot around 2021. the allegations trigger another wave of russia hysteria where democrat senator chuck schumer instantly demanding new sanctions against moscow bucks abrams from the quincy institute for responsible state craft in the us a knowledge missed intelligence data is always questionable. when i 1st read this story in the new york times i pointed out on twitter that it was weekly source
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a number of people replied and they said yeah but you know it's been corroborated by you know the wall street journal with section on c.n.n. and so the more mainstream media piles up on a story like this the more it takes on the impression of being true but again we can't really know that well without knowing more about this how is the intel generally who is providing this home and is it pure or is it largely partisan trick begin television series how bad largely trump and so it's not hard mainstream media to get in touch. with the sort of not we're not going to tell the person to verify the veracity of these stories even if they're not necessarily true where even if we're hearing you know a partial truth about it it's certainly trying to be spun in the way in
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a way that implicates trump in the worst manner to help push 5 it across the finish line. to another of the headlines stories today the number of women and girls in germany who have undergone the dangerous circumcision procedure a female genital mutilation has risen significantly over the past 3 years one f.p.m. victim told us of her harling experience. probably was their own sore 5 years old and they go s.g.m. because though when i called from i can say 100 percent of the girls and they go after him but i remember how my mom asked me if must try. to be so serious and front of me i remember that too ladies one was holding my hand and the other one my legs and there was a 3rd one who did something quite painful i do not know what she did to me but when i went into college she and i started learning about this and it's our shot when it
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was when i discovered that it was that day that they met did it to my buddy. well a new report suggests the number of f.p.m. victims has increased to 68 fellows and that is a 44 percent rise since the last estimate in 27 deen it's being at tributed to greater immigration from countries where after am is widely practiced up to $15000.00 girls in germany are thought to be out risk well the u.n. children's agency unicef says it is practiced in 30 countries it's estimated that some 200000000 girls and women have undergone f.p.m. mostly in africa but also in some middle east countries too in most cases it's carried out on girls who are armed or 15 some while they are still babies for 2 again so it is a problem countries like germany also needs to tackle. it was thinking this is african issue but it's not kids who are just men with their papers one here in
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germany they're also in the risks and most of the got there doesn't even know what's happened to them that i didn't know that mothers. explained that this is a part of our culture it's a lot of people living in germany in the diaspora living in germany there was big old the language of the know what is forbidden and what is not the thing is for me it's have something to do and so was integration we have different project where we can really get the communities involved or let them know about the consequences of f g m's i think in germany this is not saying like all you. who are living distant just with the refugees oh we're just like was that as what are we are and how are the german a minute speech and i think if there is something issue like it's going on in 2020 in germany i think a big action need to be take. the mississippi state flying the last american state flag featuring a confederate emblem has been poll done from the capitol building in jackson
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lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to redesign the flag of the country turco tents. passed in the wake of the anti racism movement triggered by the george floyd protests there was applause after the motion was passed. 34. 1 of america's oldest universities has the sodomy term move a former u.s. presidents named meanwhile from a campus building over his segregationist views woodrow wilson was president a century ago but now at princeton is having a change of heart now its public policy school all the historical monuments high soul name brands and classic t.v. series are also getting reassessed even the u.s. national anthems being targeted as daniel hawkins looks and. 2020 is a year of change and i'm not talking about coronavirus popular t.v.
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shows axed statues torn down even food brands updated to meet 21st century criteria of inclusive u.-t. equality justice and tolerance but is it enough more be done well in the united states protests during the national anthem have been a bone of contention for quite a few years but what about the national anthem itself well now some people are saying enough is enough. with it well that's that's you that just came off the plinth was francis scott key the man behind the lyrics to the star-spangled banner and form a slave owner and and he abolitionist so what's the deal with the itself surely. you should warn the war. czar what
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you can think of all right of course though rarely for. that 3rd verse was directed by key that black slaves had been freed or escaped and fought alongside the british in the war of 1812 his message to them was clear your fight for freedom will bring you nothing but death and downfall little wonder then that there was a truck that increasing scandal across the united states would both soccer teams and high school students refusing to play or sing at keys that only profited from slavery he apparently also harbored some pretty backward views on race and nationality and this widely attributed quote certainly has no place in this day and age. you don't want to hear me sing in french. but that was the mossie years for me it's all around the world for centuries truly a symbol of french national identity both in times of joy and tragedy and i mean well did. you knew that you know that is.
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who or who. 'd you know well some of those lyrics furious soldiers coming to cut throats grabbing weapons impure blood may seem to some at least to be appropriated by the far right and certainly having no place in the modern republic calls for change remain there's even a movement for a new master yes and while they're still far off their goal they're not alone various french figures throughout history have had issues with them from the right of victor hugo to socialist leader. even seeing a surge gains bork who wrote his own reggae version back in 1979 have called for a make over. and seeing or not to see that is the question well former u.k. labor leader jeremy corbyn found himself at the center of a media storm when he seemed really got the wrong answer
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a you saying that you will sing the national anthem i'm going to be many of the. i'll take part fully in those events so i don't see a problem but this is the issue surely is that we had a memorial for the battle of britain i was there and despite his explanation the press was merciless branding him all but a traitor but what would they say in 2020 beyond the 1st verse which we all know the lyrics do get a little strange especially in a secular society talk of a day theorizing to scatter enemies and punish those rebellious scots hardly makes any friends up north and whatever his reasons corbin isn't alone for example indigenous members of parliament in all taria recently announced they won't be taking part in any of them singing. god save the queen is not ok tribute to the british colonial period and the centuries of violence oppression and discrimination the british empire carried out against the nations and peoples are considered inferior indigenous peoples in canada
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a glaring example among them perhaps called one was just ahead of his time as was canada they officially passed the motion back in 2018 making their national anthem gender neutral true it is really odd this was my debates around symbols such as anthem statues or bronze don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon but as the calls for transformation grow louder many may question what fundamentals they really change beyond just up symbolism yes danny has been going through there so many elements of life no wonder they microscope including mixed reaction to some american t.v. producers and actors deciding that white performers should not be playing or even voicing characters of color long running in a comedy the simpsons took early leads back in january after hunk as arya stark
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done from voicing the indian character a pool for years previous to its criticism that come from certain quarters of the car tune caracter as per trail those races stand off fence. yes i must cut no which way do they represent only what your call the other muslims focused 00. 00 you gather here this new eddie murphy has set out. to just have a barbecue. leon the with. moving forward the simpsons movie no longer have white actors voice non white
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characters. nobody really cares what years ago and nobody really cares now when it will be a charity and you know i thought you were going to show you mention had characters who were actual 1st places and come easy for the cleveland show i had no idea that the actor was actually white i didn't you know i didn't really care it was all about the show there's a low flying joy family guy do i go to sort of really matters but now let me say there's a heightened level of scrutiny and places i think people are just going to be to
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just say hey i'm not raised you don't sue me please don't cancel me so randy and i have been that way i have to let last man or any kind of rights you know me they want to say you know way back away. it doesn't really do anything it doesn't help anything i mean it's just a way for them to protect them so and then also the companies that they work for they want to protect themselves as well they want to be seen as a very inclusive company not races to nag racially segregated or racially you know preferential towards certain people so they just do things don't wait wait it won't actually help anything on the ground as far as any kind of her or racial problems we're talking about cartoons superficial things you know animation and television entertainment that will help with actually police brutality i'm not sure how we get from george floyd in cambridge to were canceling cartoon characters are not really sure how the 2 things are linked and going to actually be linked in reality it may feel good some to do it right now as some sort of victory but it's a shallow pizzeria based it won't do anything for the actual issues that are
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existing underground with real human beings. and we keep the news rolling in 90 seconds stay with r.t. . if. you can't be both with yeah you. seem wrong. well just don't. let me. get to
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shape out to stay active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. hello again france went to the polls on sunday and local elections delayed for months by the locked on turnout was low which left at many politicians concerned well not much for present to celebrate either his party was left trailing in several cities charlotte dubinsky talked us through the overnight developments.
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president and his party on the move are waking up on monday morning and smelling the coffee after waters been nationwide local election there's not seeing any significant gains for the party it was the 1st time the on the move would actually go on to the ballot box at the national local elections and it hasn't gone down well when government spokes person described the results as being disappointing yet this one was there are places where rule internal divisions brought us to results the tweaks to the disappointing who didn't do well well green parties parties with a. logical mandate swept up in cities such as big cities such as leon and even in stroudsburg while here in paris the socialist incumbent delgo retained crowned she would be the paris man for the next 6 years
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and also there was a significant gain former national rally party down in the southern city of the norm this is the 1st time a party from the hard right has been able to win in a city that has been a 100000 people now there was an incredibly low turnout some soon 5 people went to cast their ballots that has been described as being a record low for the local elections here in france so not good news president back on himself has apparently said this is not very good news while other political leaders have been saying that this is now a time for political parties to reflect on why people didn't vote i do to hope that this abstention isn't exclusively to the health crisis but if you that this is not necessarily the case and we will therefore have to ask ourselves some questions about political parties. well of course this 2nd round of these local elections should have been taken place some time ago that was still. due to the qubit 19
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pandemic and voters were asked if that health crisis perhaps played into that low voter turnout. no worries at all i went for the 1st round and noticed the social distancing measures were enforced there is no more room is going to vote than taking part in any other collective activity i didn't go the 1st time because. i got scared but i've always voted saw a game this morning and i thought more relaxed now. a little more overall it's been chaotic there's more than 3 or 4 months between the 2 rounds we weren't even sure we'd be able to vote today so i think we worried people too much about the dangerous and appalling stations because in the match for the train which overtake it's $100.00 times more dangerous. for many weeks now we've been hearing rumors that president matt corn is going to have a big reshuffle will the results from sunday night's problem that to happen even
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quicker many people suggesting that his prime minister could be the one who's for the chop less than 2 years before france goes to wards its next presidential election and it seems clear of than ever that this is going to be a rerun of 2017 so. penn so if it is a rerun of 2017 some people are asking given much corns declining popularity will next time the tables be turnt. let's bring your selection is from across the world starting in pakistan where militants on with guns grenades storming the stock exchange and karate and killing at least 2 people the attackers threw a grenade at the main entrance gates before opening fire police later said all 4 gunmen being killed the separatists liberation army said it was. in the netherlands dozens were arrested in the hague. a protest against coronavirus
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social distancing police used water come into the crowds which had earlier turned violent restrictions are gradually being lifted there but the protesters say it's not happening fast enough. and pretty incredible shots here this tornado is from tearing through russia's western logged a region twisters are on usual in the part of the world dramatic video showed it making its way across the forest ripping up trees and shrubs thankfully though there are no reported casualties among locals. the number of corona virus infections around the world has now top 10000000 and led to more than 500000 deaths but european conservationists are worried that the efforts to keep us safe could have huge consequences for the environment. but more than 2000000000 disposable mosques the soon there will be more mosques than in the waters of the mediterranean. you know this is the big issue isn't it
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a french environmental group raised the alarm after finding gloves most other protective equipment floating in the seizure and cleanup operations in recent months divers took photographs of the lesser hoping it will help highlight the risks facing the natural world experts say if we do know it pay attention to the problem know it may lead to a reversible consequences in the future. if today we find less than 5 percent of p.p. waste ended up in the sea to morrow who's the millions of disposable kovi 1000 production items that france has bought that 5 percent could become 80 percent people must realize that everything they drop on the ground and stop and see due to water drainage systems therefore a simple gesture like not throwing waste on the ground as a gesture for nature the government has ordered massive amounts of disposable people without worrying about the disastrous consequences for nature we must
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protect ourselves from the coronavirus in a responsible manner if we do not do that we're just shifting the problem will be killing ourselves more slowly but there is all will be the say. well just a reminder to delve deeper into any of our stories to take the time to check on our t.v. dot coms are today news and views going to work in their life from moscow this is our internet. the world is driven by dream shaped by one person.
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we. ask. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on
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this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. secret prisons and usually what comes to mind when thinking about europe however even the most prosperous can be deceived we've been busy rows on the work to view the houses were allegedly preserve the worst located and the only people have access to the story investigators. because dealings of the secret services but i mean. justice.
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hello and welcome to cross top where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle what is the meaning and worth of history why are there are those so determined to destroy cultural artifacts and rewrite history and sell their understanding of history a true and just passionate understanding of history is really about 2 things reverend in a warning the culture side we are witnessing rejects both. to discuss this and more i'm joined by my guest under i mean to make good on your own in moscow is a professor at the moscow state institute of international relations and.


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