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but on the registry this is simply an issue in violence male sexual predators for the large part of whoever is there to prey upon whether that's men or women. hello there i'm a military man you're watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here are today's top stories 1st up geoffrey epstein's a long time associate and confidant and lane maxwell now in custody coming up in a live report we'll tell you where she was located and the long list of charges she's now facing. plus the u.s. takes a major legal step to seize for a rainy and tankers bound for venezuela this while the u.k. denies he closed the door as request for his country's own gold worth an estimated 1000000000 dollars plus president trump's north american trade deal is now in full effect in
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a report coming up we're going to tell you what's in it and whether all 3 leaders will meet in washington for this rich all right let's get to it let's tribunes i. go lane maxwell the woman accused of essentially running jeffrey epstein's international sex trafficking operation is finally now in federal custody the f.b.i. arrested her this morning in new hampshire with the latest developments in this case and the arrest and what's going to happen next let's go to our team is john heidi in miami john what do we know about maxwell's arrest so far. well f.b.i. agents and n.y.p.d. detectives arrested maxwell at around $830.00 this morning in bradford new hampshire which if you look on the math but it's about 25 miles west of concord about an hour and a half northwest of boston so it's. really an area if you want to be if you want to
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lay low and essentially hide this is a good place to do it now the 58 year old is charged and i have actually a copy of the 18 page indictment but she's charged with conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts and intent to transport minors to engage in criminal sexual activity so basically the sex trafficking of minors child sex trafficking now the 6 count indictment was filed in manhattan federal court and alleges that maxwell helped jeffrey epstein basically groom girls as young as 14 years of age going back as far as 1904 reading in part quote in some instances maxwell was present for and participated in the sexual abuse of minors victims now the indictment refers to 3 victims in particular doesn't name the victims but it lists 3 victims maxwell is also charged with perjury acting u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york adri strauss announced the
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indictment and charges against maxwell earlier today listen to this. case against killing maxwell is the prequel to the earlier case that we brought against jeffrey epstein maxwell was among epstein's closest associates and helped him exploit girls who were as young as 14 years old. now she went on to outline how maxwell and this basically this is how it reads in the indictment as well how maxwell manipulated the young girls and to essentially sexual servitude by taking them shopping taking them to the movies acting as their friend and confidant and then ultimately grooming them to give epstein sexual massage massages in which maxwell was sometimes present for and even participated in at epstein's properties and homes in new york city his upper east side townhouse zora ranch as it's. told in santa fe new mexico and paris also his state in palm
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beach here in palm beach florida and also his private island which we visited just shortly before his death last august now maxwell has in the past tonight the accusations against have seen but acting u.s. attorney strauss said maxwell lied because the truth was quote almost unspeakable monella kind of curious do we know any more about why maxwell within new hampshire in the 1st place any details about her arrest there. you know we really don't there is some reports coming out that she may have bought property there possibly even with cash last december and that she basically was new in new england essentially laying low hiding out over the past year since abstains arrest now there have been reports about various sightings of maxwell in other places including los angeles apparently that report was the bond at a mansion in a seaside town in massachusetts manchester by the sea and then most recently in
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paris where she was reportedly hiding out to avoid extradition but the f.b.i. said today they had tracked maxwell to new hampshire where she had quote unquote slithered away to a gorgeous property there according to william sweeney of the f.b.i. who said maxwell was arrested without incident they've been watching her they tracked her and then they moved in when they were ready now she is scheduled to be arraigned before a magistrate judge in new hampshire what will happen now is prosecutors will likely ask she be held without bail deeming her a flight risk and then extraditing her back to new york city it's entirely possible she could be held at the same facility the m.c.c. in manhattan where jeffrey abstain was found dead now one footnote the investigation and maxwell was previously headed by the former u.s. attorney for the some southern district of new york jeffrey berman you may remember he was the one who filed the indictment against amnesty and well that is right up until u.s. attorney general bill barr fired him last week under orders from president trump
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there was no mention of berman's work today in that press conference regardless of that aside maxwell is facing anywhere from 30 to 40 years possibly even life in prison for her role in epstein's alleged crimes and now the question mandela is whether or not she will talk about anyone else who may have been involved whether or not anybody else may be incriminated in these crimes monella back to you and definitely authority case thank you for that. now and the later. attempt to increase economic pressure on 2 foes u.s. prosecutors filed a civil lawsuit to seize the gasoline on board for iranian tankers that were set sail for it venezuela last month the civil forfeiture complaint filed in d.c. aims to not only stop the delivery of fuel to venezuela but also deprive iran of those revenues and deter future shipments so just last week the u.s. had already imposed sanctions on 5 iranian captains blacklisted for delivering
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gasoline to us so joining us now to discuss further is daniel mcadams he's the executive director of the ron paul institute always good to see you let's hop to it the the latest show of force here targets a liberian flagged vessel called bella the other 3 tankers already in international waters it alleges ties between an iranian businessman and the islamic revolutionary guard corps deemed of course here by the u.s. as a terror organization the suit includes accusations of arranging fuel deliveries through shell companies to circumvent u.s. sanctions on the part of the u.s. is this just a double whammy i mean how far can this legal action really goal. well the us is trying to intimidate commercial cargo ships commercial tankers from transporting the gasoline from iran to venezuela and they're trying to use their weight to terrify the ships owners essentially what they're trying to do is to control
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shipping between the 2 countries ironically they push the 2 countries together the only 2 countries that they you know that can trade with each other so they're in tempting to a intimidate we saw the did go through not long ago there was a question of whether the u.s. would try to interdict the transport and it did not so i think the big question now is how far is the trump administration willing to go if these commercial ships will continue carrying the gasoline to venezuela how far is president willing to go to stop these ships so i guess the next question i guess would be that is this really just kind of aiming to capitalize on precisely the vulnerabilities of having to rely on offshore jurisdictions for payment and delivery of shipping services i mean let's remember that these 2 nations are dealing with you know lack of access to u.s. financial payment systems lots lots and lots of prior sanctions what do you think of that. well the u.s.
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government created the trap and now that the trap has been sprung they're taking advantage of that but that's not the only trump himself is in a trap because he he allows it i don't want to make excuses for trumpet he allows the people around him who have been hell bent on war with iran and venezuela for quite some time to create traps for him the designation of the iranian revolutionary guard corps as a terrorist organization is absurd on its face it's like declaring the u.s. marines a terrorist organization as part of the iran military but you know whatever go ahead and do it and now that he's done it and there's a businessman with ties to the i.c.r.c. r r g r c a no they have to interdict the entire thing they have to have a forfeit assets. that forfeiture of the entire trip so this is a trap that was made for trump by his top people trump is so far as indicated certainly with venezuela even as recently as a week or so ago maybe i will talk with majority maybe that will happen this quote oh god is not that all 'd that exciting anyway he's kind of
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a dope anyway so so here's trump trying to find a way to make peace and i think you all tamil he would talk to iran as well but the people around him or absolute war hawks and they're making trips that he's not allowed to get out of you know we know that there's something wrong or something's up right with john bolton dropping this book and now the democrats are are rallying around john bolton which is really strange to me but basically what this whole venezuela thing besides what you just mentioned that one of the least a few iranian tankers were able to get get there in may we know that they have a severe fuel shortage in the country and on top of that they're still dealing with the pandemic and strict strict quarantine measures and then just today the u.n. human rights commissioner michel bashfully said this. persona had been a swiss people in venezuela continue to suffer agree violations of their economic and social rights due to low salaries high food prices persisting deficiencies in
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public services such as electricity water and fuel shortages and precarious access to health care the crisis has been exacerbated by the increase in sanctions in different sectors and the covert 19 pandemic. all right daniel now with kovac continuing to rise in venezuela and the fallout from all of these sanctions people are starting to starve there's not enough fuel in the country how come the u.n. hasn't stepped in if they are already saying you just heard her there that the country is suffering civilians are suffering why can the u.s. continue to do this. well the u.n. is a toothless front for u.s. foreign policy it never does anything that the u.s. opposes and the rest of the u.s. pays most of the bills and it puts people in the positions and therefore they would never cross of the u.s. but think about these sanctions think about how cruel a country that's suffering struggling with starvation struggling to do with this
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pandemic finding itself much much worse because of the sanctions it's ironic that we have to interdict we have to take these assets because the iranian revolutionary guard is a terrorist organization when i would suggest that the sanctions themselves are an act of state sponsored terrorism against both venezuela and iran by the very definition of of what terrorism is and that's a really very sad thing and i'm ashamed particularly as an american that this is the foreign policy being pursued in washington absolutely we'll leave it right there daniel mike adams of the ron paul institute thank you so much. nafta is out and the u.s. m.c.a. is in president trump's signature trade deal with mexico and canada now in full of fact and even though mexico's president is set to meet with trump next week at the white house it's not yet clear of canada's prime minister will join since each respective country is still battling the coronavirus so our team rachel blevins is
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joining me in the studio to break down all these details so rachel what can you tell us about this new deal or the term ministration is branding the u.s.m.c. as the greatest modern trade deal in u.s. history and trade representative robert light hisor even said that it is guaranteed to create tens of thousands of jobs for americans taking us know what else he said earlier. it will raise wages and add significantly to our economic growth it contains strong in forcible labor obligations it opens up new markets for our farmers and ranchers it sets the gold standard in protecting our intellectual property and contains the most complete discipline ever on digital trade. now the u.s. embassy is seen as an updated version of nafta with new protections for intellectual property and trade it also requires mexico to enforce stronger labor laws and oversight for its workers and it rolls back a system of arbitration that allowed companies to sue governments for unfair
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treatment ok so are there any concerns that about implementation of this deal well even the president has publicly praised canada and mexico for agreeing to this deal there have also been reports that trump is considering reimposing keris and canada if they don't pull back on their aluminum production now in response to this canadian prime minister justin trudeau said quote the united states needs canadian aluminum they do not produce enough therefore if they put tariffs on canadian aluminum they are simply increasing the cost of inputs necessary inputs to their manufacturing base which will hurt the american economy now at the same time u.s. lawmakers are already starting to voice concerns saying that mexico is not doing enough to follow through on the labor commitments that it agreed to in this deal so it looks like we could be seeing some conflicts there between these countries in the near future so what about the upcoming meeting between the mexican president and donald trump here at the white house i mean that's going to be a little weird not having justin trudeau right and it was kind of
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a sudden announcement all of a sudden next week mexico's president is coming here to the u.s. and it's received a lot of backlash from many who are pointing out the both countries are still going through a surge of coronavirus cases right now and that so much so that a letter was sent to president trump by the congressional hispanic caucus which they said quote while this meeting may appear to be trade related and tied to the new united states mexico canada agreement it is nothing more than an attempt to distract from the coronavirus crisis and your failure to lead an adequate response to the pandemic now trudeau was reportedly invited to this meeting but we haven't heard any confirmation given the ongoing pandemic that all of these countries are still dealing with so we do have a new trade. but not quite all the fanfare surrounding it that was expected yeah the pandemic has certainly changed the way we practice diplomacy so we will see how that pans out rich woman thank you for that update thank you. well the votes are in and it looks like there will be
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a new chapter for russia after an overwhelming amount of favor for the constitutional changes details straight ahead and then over at the sports h.q. regina hamm paper to reinvent the organization for a neck to neck game and remember to keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed make sure you download our brand new free app portable t.v. you can watch there 24 seventh's we'll be right back. ah but no team no crowd. no shots. actually helps because. you know well it's true
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no 1st. points your thirst for action. i'm chris hedges the corporate coup d'etat has destroyed our democratic institutions the commercial media is burlesque part of the reality show presidents expose the trivia blogs see on contact question more. seeing the horrors that arise with money and evil. corporate criminals who trash calculus lives to add just one more dollar to their millions. they threaten they bribe they'll do anything to keep their crimes in the dark but the people they've heard are demanding justice their stories need to be told on america's lawyer. dear thank you for finally changing your understand you're tired of
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networks that are new with you your attorney or. 'd they are not no matter what part of the. you know me 'd i'm famous for my views. and the name. yours truly scottie nell hughes. i'm holland cook i invite you to climb with me of the mainstream media and from that higher fantasia to glimpse the big picture question more. all of the votes have been counted following a week of polling across russia to decide on a wider range of amendments to their constitution the electoral commission declared
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the final result earlier today with some 78 percent voting in favor amid a turnout of around 70 percent artie's taylor is following the developments and brings us the must report from moscow now this really was a vote of the fos time people were in mosques and gloves that they were using disposable pens wilton through temperatures counts voting online for some so with part about how thing now approved the amendments on the people have been given the reproval they will come into force as soon as 5 to make signs 8 to create as for the voting process itself while that was a situation where security footage allegedly cool a woman stuffing the ballots now that counting in that area of moscow has been suspended pending an investigation otherwise the central editorial commission says that it found no irregularities but you know that commission itself did actually come under a bit of criticism took to state the preliminary results while searching was still
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2 underway now they say that they did this in the interest of transparency that the situation in the fog east which is of course several hours ahead for example most was already clear and that they wanted to be a reliable and constant source of information which of course they have a legal right to do so there was so many amendments on the table $147.00 in total that it's difficult to decide what it was that ultimately secured the public back but undoubtedly it's the package of social amendments that house particularly white appeal i'm talking about things like adjusting pensions in line with inflation and showing that the minimum wage never at the fools below. the cost of living as well as giving additional financial support to low income families these prove popular because they have such a tangible impact on people's day to day lives but that is not to say that this was an easy decision for anyone all that it was without control to see a few amendments proved to be particularly polarizing and one that day and
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a lot of media traction was concerning the so-called ziering out of president putin's previous tubs paving the way for him potentially if he wanted to do so run again twice as president on top of the some of the more conservative amendments proved to be divisive such as defining marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman reiterating traditional family values as well as mentioning god despite the fact that russia is officially a sect of the nation but let him the people themselves and what they have to say. how could i not vote it's our constitution with amendments we came because we agree with the amendments that's why i came with my husband i don't like this question blitz you know the number of presidential terms it was a key before so there is increasing in my mind because an old on the thinks this is the only these people think i hope for the best all the time and everything
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regarding to health care i endorse and the pension age well i guess everyone is against this so yes it's 5050. it was a bit of a mixed bag in tom's reaction and people decide to show that disapproval not just at the polls but also protests peaceful ones in the top kill and also in the petersburg 2020 fold it was safety fust. it's not. ultimately so many who put a take in the yes box with dogs you took the russia of 9093 when this current constitution was born it was full of political and economic instability it was still finding its feet after the collapse of the so if you and dot russia is not the same as the russia of 2020 that almost entirely different countries so i think this is just into the changes was born from a desire for the country's top document to move with the times to set russia on
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a new course and shape its future as envisaged by russians now today and not out in visits by russians always thought 2 years ago. right now to the latest coded 1000 numbers worldwide cases now topping 10700000 and 517000 reported deaths the top 3 countries with the most cases the u.s. still leading the way followed them by brazil and russia back here stateside 2600000 cases and about 128000 reported deaths. and then over now to new delhi india where plasma plasma bank has been launched for the treatment of kobe 1000 patients their patients who have recovered from the virus are asked to donate their plasma india is now the 4th country with the most confirmed cases with over 600000 cases and rising. and then over to brazil be iconic statue of christ the redeemer lights up in honor of those fighting co but
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the 18 towering jesus statue was illuminated in a special projection with the words together for every life the initiative aims to bring. hope especially to brazil where more than 60000 people have already died from the virus. over to regina hamilton sport h.q. we get to go back to south korea for some more k b o action it's going to be sticking around for a while but in this game extra innings are needed in the k.v. over the place k.t. with and the l.g. twins and the wiz were looking for a much needed win on the road with the off to a good start talking the 1st solo over to center field stands by right fielder mel ross jr $72.00 d. then katie it starts pouring wine and nothing top of the 2nd outfitter you with his own solo home run to left field dances of the season kudos to him and katie are the 2 nothing lead twins bats though they're going to get heated by a little bit 2nd base in junction with the to run our base a little left center that will bring home sun and rebirth over almost even
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everything out at runs apiece but later in the inning with runners on 2nd and 3rd center fielder one young child with the grounder for the 4th 3 out of junk called after the balls thrown from 3rd nicely and right there returns though with a 3 to 2 lead with come back in top the 8 and if you hung with an r.b.i. saying a little left field brothers funeral come on home and both teams are going to equalize that 3 runs a piece it's i mean we get extra base ball top of the chest with catcher jenks a move with an r.b.i. single weir's the head of the twins pitcher lands in a field enough time for new thankful to score from 2nd wins with a 43 lead and by the inning 2 outs. browns of the shortstop for the final out of the game wins on the road for 3 but still to 11 have teams back of the league. and major league soccer here in the states is one week away from resuming its season in their bubble at the e.s.p.n.
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wide world of sports complex in orlando yet things are off to a rough start before players even hit the pitch and the less said that 6 players from f.c. dallas have tested positive for co. $1000.00 since arriving in orlando a few hours later reports from the athletic have the total up to 9 players and a coach earlier in the week and less confirmed there were more than 4 more positive test did mention team or player all those positive cases tested negative before leaving dallas on sunday members of the club including players coaches and staff are quarantined to the rooms until they receive the results for further testing the positive cases are sounding some alarms as all 26 m.l.s. teams are expected to arrive for the tournament starts july 8th growing concern around the ability to for the league to prevent covert 1000 from penetrating that bubble and the analysts is the task before the n.b.a. joins them later in the month f.c. dallas is scheduled to open group play on july 9th against vancouver whitecaps manila we will have to see if that actually happens you're missing a large chunk of your team and you know or florida's been hyped as the bubble will be safe in the bubble the bubble and now you're seeing well comin and he doesn't
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care about your bubble they don't get it and they got it they are their own covert bubble they were exactly and that's the main concern moving forward between m.l.s. and the n.b.a. and the deputy will be playing in florida as well that you're going to have these bubbles that once it gets in it will just explode and that is akin to litter rate among those athletes but you know what the upside to this is they're all younger people and statistically the younger people will recover well and likely not die you know you hope you hope especially though the numbers on young people are rising so that is a concern as well you've got to hope that with all the older people in florida that they don't infect those people we hope so we have to see all right thank you for that regina and we will be back at 3 o'clock with a lot more news it is july 2nd do you know what that means it is world u.f.o. day and a good reason to talk to our friendly roy chowdhury former nasa astronaut astronaut and i assess commander about the possibility of life beyond our galaxy all that or
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more coming up in about 30 minutes of sit tight we'll be right back make sure you download our brand new free app portable t.v. a military unit. people talk about a recession but actually there's a risk down that the globe is heading into a depression that's right fresh and they were. so seemed wrong. well we just don't call. me. yet to seep out the attic. and in detroit because the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. are geraldo rivera on his friendship with donald trump what he says about the russian bounty charge and how is he a friend of the president and how's the president handling race relations all on this edition politicking. the politicking on larry king geraldo rivera celebrating a half century in the news business fox news correspondent at large and host of i am geraldo 50 years now streaming on fox nation i only have them beat by 13 years as of my 63rd year geraldo it's good to see you again you too larry you're the real
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veteran i feel like a young rocky next to you buddy. ok let's get into it what's your take on the media reports that russian of the get stronger every day offering baldish to taliban fighters well i think a lot of things about it larry 1st of all it makes me furious makes me want to puke i get very angry if the charges are true you know when russia was in afghanistan the united states backed the mujahideen we called them in those days they were our allies they were freedom fighters and we did you know supply them with the r.p.g. eason the the other targeted missiles that they used to shoot the russians so part of the dirty game of the great game the the war you know the quiet war that's been going on i hope these charges are not true they seem illogical in the context of today.


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