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hello there i'm going to channel your watching in question broadcasting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here tonight top stories 1000 cases continue to rise in america week after reopening with several sunbelt states emerging as new virus hotspots plus prisons nationwide are now trying to contain the virus as a number of inmates have died as a result of contracting cold at 19 then black rock the behemoth the asset manager who has a cozy relationship with the federal government and so much economic power worldwide we're going to pick up that it's time to boost your new i.q. .
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let's begin with the latest kobe 1000 numbers worldwide cases now topping 10700000 and 517000 reported deaths the top 3 countries with the most cases the u.s. still leading the way again followed by brazil and russia right here stateside 2600000 cases with 128000 reported deaths meantime there is growing concern about an uptick in covert cases in prisons nationwide and as americans prepare to celebrate the 4th of july state and federal officials urge everyone to take precaution and wear a mask we're going to bring you 2 reports on this. starts off. we are now having 40 plus 1000 new cases a day i would not be surprised if we go up to $100000.00 a day if this does not turn around and so i am very concerned it was a stark warning from dr anthony south to you that the u.s.
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could start to see nearly 100000 new cases a day when state the u.s. saw 50000 new cases and states across the country are. starting to see a spike we have specifically targeted our efforts to close in door operations and i want to governor gavin newsom has ordered bars and indoor dining at restaurants in most areas to close for the next 3 weeks after the golden state saw a troubling surge of coronavirus cases of the state of california is not mandating the closure of beaches this weekend but we are modifying our parking facility operations and closing them to traffic throughout the southern california region as well as parts of monterey county santa cruz in through the bay area and up along the north coast to sonoma county the about face and reopening comes ahead of what's expected to be a busy 4th of july weekend we continue to urge you to stay at home or near your
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home. here's a celebration thursday morning in washington d.c. announced 38 new cases of code 19 but the federal government is putting on an air show and fireworks show for the holiday weekend the national mall and surrounding areas will be open to the public but. questions the approach that trump administration is taking ask yourself do you need to be there ask yourself can you anticipate or know who all is going to be around you so i want just like i want everybody to think about those things if they go to a family cookout think about those for any outings the tribe administration says more than 100 handwashing stations are located on the national mall and 300000 cloth face coverings will be available for guests and visitors you can't control this i mean they're younger people i mean they're going to do what they're going to
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do other hot spots the sunshine state where there's been a surge of new cases among young people especially as now announcing beaches will be closing again as they try to ramp down. on large gatherings most of the transmission we're seeing is not because of people going to work it's because they're being social vice president mike pence was supposed to visit sarasota thursday but was rerouted to tampa to meet with governor rhonda santos at u.s.s. health centers for advanced medical learning but going into the holiday weekend the message is the same for all states experience and up to stay home social distance where i'm asked and the beach is closed for our team and fair and friends that. i'm trinity chávez reporting in new york today the u.s. reaching another grim milestone amid the coronavirus pandemic officials reporting another 50000 new cold in 1000 cases the 5th single day case record in 8 days while the virus outbreak is hitting and evenly across the country with poor minority
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communities and nursing homes bearing the brunt of the disease prisons nationwide are getting hit the hardest no way to social distance you've shared a port a potty a cell the size of a porta potty what another person. with no windows by so is no air dust that's able to circulate through the air i mean these places is like breeding grounds for viruses and diseases san quentin state prison now the epicenter of california's corona virus outbreak accounting for more than 1100 positive cases along with 100 staff members one person died last week i was told by people in san quentin they were tested and the next thing you know they were let out about there's workers still going to work there's people who are still you know going to shower in a communal hour there are people who are still walking to the chow hall to get food or walking downstairs to get medical or whatever it is people who are tested or mean people who are not tested the outbreak believed to have started with more than 100 inmates including prisoners who had the virus were transferred from another
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prison in chino in southern california but of course coded 1000 doesn't stay behind bars 19 is something that leaves the prison whether it's because the press. need care become ill instructed and bring them home with them as well it's a tragedy that could have been prevented and what we're looking at right here is the worst prison holds screw up in state history and in alabama the 7th inmate has died after testing positive for coke at 19 the man the 2nd person from the infirmary at the staten correctional facility to have tested positive for the virus and then die according to the alabama department of corrections of the approximately 22000 inmates 329 had been tested as of tuesday while there have been 165 confirmed cases among staff and many of these journals were just not dealt from day to day i think medical help and assistance are prepared to democratic best from scratch and according to data from the legal aid society in new york city which was once the epicenter of the krona virus outbreak in america as of june 19th 322
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inmates have tested positive for the virus out of the jail population of 3491 however the infections among people who work for the new york city department of corrections remains much higher the organization reporting more than 140-1000 cases among d.-o. c. staff and well you are officials released to 2500 means back in march during the peak of the candidate oh those people that were released 250 of them have been rearrested 450 times reporting to you are trying to reach out as a party. well as the country is distracted by coronavirus and numerous ongoing protests another too big to fail asset manager which handled over 7 trillion dollars in direct management and another 20 trillion through their proprietary software black rock is coming under scrutiny by one investigative author and she's calling for them to be broken up under antitrust laws ellen brown is an attorney
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and author of numerous books focused on the financial sector and she's the founder of the public banking institute ellen. thank you for being with us today. yeah thank you so you have recently written a babying deep dive into this asset management company called black rock which most people have probably never heard of given their size how have they gone almost completely undetected by the public unlike companies like goldman sachs and the like and what sparked your recent write up on them. well they were just appointed in march to administer as much as a trillion dollars. federal reserve's bailout money. money allocated to purchase corporate debt so this is basically toxic corporate debt like happened in 2008 when the federal reserve bailed out bear stearns in
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a i g buy by buying toxic debt their books and black record was set up then to manage those sales and so so that would that's one reason they got the job but this is like a no bid contract to. deal with a lot more money in this case up to a trillion dollars and the black cracks main business is exchange traded funds are that's their main profit maker right now and they are the biggest exchange traded fund manager in the world and they and 2 others are the 3 big ones and they have a controlling interest in every single big corporation in the country and as an exchange traded funds are they manage or they are invested in by pension funds and other fines and the french generally control the stock market so so in effect black controls the stock market and the 1st thing they did with this power was to you
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bail out themselves they exchange traded funds 50 percent of which were owned by black so there's obvious conflict of interest here and the problem is that they're bailing out the financial sector at the expense of the 9 financial sector so they are feeling no pain and all the pain is imposed on us the people around me the consumer producer trying to meet us best their whole bailout you had to go in or you know you were lucky to get. they are an employer to get protection from your bank and then you had to stand in line and qualify you know many hoops to jump through but. bailed itself out no strings attached to you didn't have to go there is no debate can you tell us how they seem
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to have dodged any threw me under the dodd frank legislation. well the argument was that there are not abating which is true technically but there are a shadow bank they do many of the same functions as a bank they they don't leverage like tender when do you as a bank does to create money on its books and they get well they don't use depositors they don't take deposits they're not f.d.i.c insured and they say that they're just a passive asset manager they're not but in fact they vote the shares are not the stocks and the exchange traded funds that were in trouble in march and fact 40 percent of those very volatile trades in march they were taking on the economy where exchange traded trades so they were instrumental in this market volatility and market collapsed so the argument had to bail out the exchange traded funds to
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bail out the whole market so they are obviously systemically important is them equally risky and they should be regulated now you also say that black rock is exploiting the pandemic in what ways are they doing that. the financial crisis actually started a year ago at least today i mean everybody knew we were in a bottles. and they all it took was a paean to break the bubble and then the central bankers remeeting in august. as they do every year in miami and at the theme of it was how they had lost their. lives their tools they had no no more tools left to manage to stimulate the economy if we went through another recession so black rock actually made a proposal that is what what was done when we did have this collapse so everybody
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was expecting a pin and sooner or later and the pain in turned out to be independent so they were able to say well it was a pandemic nobody expected it and so we didn't expect to need this bailout you know we have to do it because we got to save the market which is true i mean you if the market went down it would be like 1929 but. this should be prevented ahead of time i mean we need regulation in there that. you know keeps this from happening or at least put strings on any bailouts that have share it worse yet. ellen real briefly given the risk that one entity this size could potentially pose to our entire country's economic stability what do you propose needs to be done and do you fear that we are going to see another crash like 2008. yes. looks pretty obvious we're going to see another crash but what's happening is
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that the rich financial sector is feeling no pain they're the ones being bailed out so they've got the money to buy up all the little mom and pop businesses that are going out of business it's going to be another case of the rich getting richer the rich having the money to use all the assets at fire sale prices when all the. small players have to sell and we need some sort of a system that. the public injects much better and i've written you know article yeah it's kind of comforted how we do that i urge everybody interested in the subject to go check out her writings there her books and of course the public banking institute we can learn a whole lot there ellen brown thank you so much. thank you you're. right it is not often we hear an honest to goodness passionate speech calling out the wrongs
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of society we're going to show you one of those next and then over at sports regina hamm brings as a surprising announcement from the organizers of the french open and remember keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed by downloading our brand new free app called portable t.v. you can watch there 24 seventh's we will be right back. dear viewer thank you for finally changing the channel i understand you're tired of networks that are new with you you're tired of. 'd the internet. as they are not to say no matter what part of the night. you know me 'd i'm famous for my views don't get them in the news to me. yours truly scotty
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nell hughes. how to read our breed turn on the t.v. and learn about the world and what's happened in the around me i see shows on the screens but in last every day because of fake news narratives the steady state theory to maybe cool some luck building up business with tom after the bar brick by brick school is the make it my own house plenty off that in the store but i found the network that open question. please take a live news anywhere you go plus an elegant link curated online and video library with a built in search engine it will sit right in your pocket it's free interaction just aren't texas stars will talk to 8000 the president's text for videos uploaded every hour so what are you waiting for the cloud stuff the portable cd.
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player. to call the few we know for you going to claim everyone in the world should experience flamingo leaf and you'll get it on the open road. the old according to josh. welcome to my world come along for the ride. i. doubt and the u.s. m.c.a. is in president trump signature trade deal with mexico and canada now in full of fact and even though mexico's president is set to meet with trump next week at the white house it's not yet clear of canada's prime minister will join since each
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respective country is still battling the coronavirus so our team rachel blevins is joining me in the studio to break down all these details so rachel what can you tell us about this new deal or the trouble ministration is branding the u.s. i'm see as the greatest modern trade deal in u.s. history and trade representative robert light hisor even said that it is guaranteed to create tens of thousands of jobs for americans take us know what else he said earlier it will raise wages and add significantly to our economic growth it contains strong in forcible labor obligations it opens up new markets for our farmers and ranchers it sets the gold standard in protecting our intellectual property and contusions the most complete discipline ever on digital trade. now the u.s. m.c.a. is seen as an updated version of nafta with new protections for intellectual property and trade and also requires mexico to enforce stronger labor laws and
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oversight for its workers and it rolls back a system of arbitration that allowed companies to sue governments for unfair treatment ok so are there any concerns that about implementation of this deal well even the president has publicly praised canada and mexico for agreeing to this deal there have also been reports that trump is considering reimposing tariffs and canada if they don't pull back on their aluminum production now in response to this canadian prime minister justin trudeau said quote the united states needs canadian aluminum they do not produce enough therefore if they put tariffs on canadian aluminum they are simply increasing the cost of inputs necessary inputs to their manufacturing base which will hurt the american economy now at the same time u.s. lawmakers are already starting to voice concerns saying that mexico is not doing enough to follow through on the labor commitments that it agreed to in this deal so it looks like we could be seeing some conflicts there between these countries in the near future so what about the upcoming meeting between the mexican president
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and donald trump here at the white house i mean that's going to be a little weird not having justin trudeau right and it was kind of a sudden announcement all of a sudden next week mexico's president is coming here to the u.s. and it's received a lot of backlash from many who are pointing out the both countries are still going through a surge of coronavirus cases right now and that so much so that a letter was sent to president trump by the congressional hispanic caucus which they said quote while this meeting may appear to be trade related and tied to the new united states mexico canada agreement it is nothing more than an attempt to distract from the coronavirus crisis and your failure to lead an adequate response to the pandemic now trudeau was reportedly invited to this meeting but we haven't heard any confirmation given the ongoing pandemic that all of these countries are still dealing with so we do have a new trade. deal but not quite all of the fanfare surrounding it that was expected yeah the pandemic has certainly changed the way we practice diplomacy so we will see how that pans out richard levin thank you for that update. well you may have
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seen the viral video of a black man in baton rouge louisiana calling out of school board member for ignoring calls to change the name of the robert e. lee high school in his town listen to what he said so i intended to get up here and talk about our race is ready to leave we're going to talk about your. should never shop and while we talk about robert e. lee bush a picture you shop while we're talking about racism in history in his country only white members it is but i got a problem with you talking to because you don't give a damn and it's clear but i'm a tell you go to sleighs my ass is to say it about robert e. lee so if you don't know history system let me tell you that they said when he got the plantation after he got off the field with 27000 people die and get is hurt. robert e. lee was a brutal slave master not only did with the slaves he said lay it on him hall after he said lay it on him hard he said but brian only sort of bare no that's what
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robert and you sexual advocates self in here and sit on next shopping while the paid and the hair of the people of this community is on display but you don't give a damn and you should resign you should have resigned 2 years ago when you took the white man in his house you should have resigned to weeks ago when you got on t.v. and say foolishness and you said well come out of here and resign and never come back because you are the example of what it says i mean this community you are horrible. ouch well that was mr gary chambers jr speaking to that school board about 2 weeks ago and as of today that member conny bernard may be out of a job so rick sanchez is joining us to expand a little further on this story and and of course you know the plight of a lot of places across this country who are asking the schools to be renamed so record what do we know about this mr gary chambers. it's an interesting situation
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based on the fact that sometimes the most unassuming person this gentleman who looks like he just had a hard day at the office or in his case probably at work is wearing a t. shirt is wearing a ill fated pair of jeans he's showing up because people listen to people who are citizens with concerns all the time but his ability to articulate the pain the anger the sense that no one is listening to us that many people have not been able to do think about this manila you know i've been covering this now for what's going on 34 weeks of people essentially protesting on the streets riots confrontations with police officers there's been so much that we've seen but rarely do we see someone standing in front of a body and just simply say look we tried talking to you we've tried explaining this
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to you we've tried telling you about our history we've tried telling you of this is so painful for us and you have a listen so now you want to listen we don't want to go in the streets and protest we don't want to knock things down or destroy property but it seems to be the only way that you respond so this man stands up and says you're going to build it in our community were 81 percent of the community is african-american a high school and name it after a confederate general think about what you're doing and then he put points out that this one woman that you mention in this in this column that are just playing it right or not it's sitting there shopping online yeah this has really had is explaining how angry and other citizens are as well so i think what this will this goes to is this conversation that we need to have it's about a state like louisiana which is one of the poorest in the entire country now are not on one of the lowest. in education i think it ranks 49 percent yes. yet so
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here are many african-americans saying in our community where we live many of folks who happen to be for those who are not african american now doing very well in the middle class and do it better but then 'd you have. this is what this is what we found out in sort of the conversations that we've heard in interviews and so in their community every single street is named after a confederate general. cross-tree mattel is called are you ready for this the number. one goal of your. white maybe that's you know a very unfortunate naming rick but i mean. we what do we know about this economy bernard woman scares me she's that school board member she was shopping on line so disrespectful as this man this parent because it's not like random people go to the
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right school board meetings i mean clearly that man somebody is parent that has to he's african-american hasn't dropped his kid off at school at robert e. lee high school he's there calling for a name change this woman shopping does she still have a job. yes you still there she's apologized she said she was terribly sorry for what you did and i took her for at her word because i have been the same thing in my job from targets are because the goodies are there and they're available every once in a while you go 'd over and if they get the picture at an inopportune time i'll give her the benefit of the doubt so we're going to be all missed karate it goes to the fact that we have to start having real conversations where we listen a lot of these things it is gentlemen explain i am your shit i'm certain my perspective perhaps might experience a cuban american as an especially american as somebody from the show but i don't understand he was pushed out if i didn't know that all the streets in his town were named that you had better in general nobody or you would want even so when somebody
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articulates these things you start to understand the need whatever it is that their pain comes from and these are the kind of moments that i think we need to sure. that we 'd can better understand each other exactly and that's the beauty of what we want you and i draw to do everything we can just why it's a letter that was we got to listen to people that's a beautiful thing rick sanchez thank you so much for calling this to our attention to highlight this this kind of heartwarming heart with a touching story thank you so much. believe but only to the best. part of a lot more news coming up for you at some o'clock hour san francisco police are changing the way it releases no mug shots to the public we're going to tell you what's behind that quick move and the u.s. senate kills an amendment to the national defense authorization act and that would have ended the war in afghanistan find out why that's all coming up at 7 and in sports well we're going to show you a surprising announcement from the organizers of the french open but that's about right now
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a medal chance download that app right there thank you. our . if.
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we go to work so you straight home. unilateral any station of occupied territory is evil under international law this is exactly what israel intends to do when it comes to the west bank on this edition of the program we discussed why israel is doing this international reaction and the state of the policy. all these people dress that way and there's
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a lot more this wall so people who have lost their life's early to addiction yet this is from akron we're just not going to treat our way out of this epidemic and the only way we're going to eradicate it is through education and prevention and stop the kids from using because we have seen people go through programs 10 to 12 different times and go to treatment and just never get it and end up dying tog massive is a form a drug addict who now heads a private rehab center in. all the guy's been working on this themselves so the one guy up here he was a house monitor at new destiny treatment center and they found him literally dead like this ending up dead a guard appearing his girlfriend they were found in their apartment that they'd just gotten. cold and they.


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