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trying to specific indictments what kind of a defense can be expected is a deal in the current. justice fisa. live from the world headquarters of the r t america in our nation's capital this is the news when rick sanchez and higher get everybody i'm rick sanchez and i want to welcome all of you who are watching us around the world on your regular t.v. providers as well of those as well as those of you who are watching us on your mobile device using the portable t.v. up at this very moment we're learning new insights about covert team it includes the remarkable discovery how it may be new tating how long it likely will be with us and the newest and most startling data on how exactly it makes us severely sick or can even kill us so we're going to drill down on all of this in just a little bit but 1st there's this there is a report out of china today that
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a herdsman there has been infected with the quote bubonic plague yes that bubonic plague the one that you read about in history books that was referred to as the black death the one that killed more people than any other pandemic in the entire history of the world that herdsman he was hurting his animals and apparently he was infected by a bacteria that they were carrying or the fleas that surround them were now if you're thinking well that sounds like a remote case an outlier if you will and then there's another mongolia now let's go there which is right next door 15 year old girl has also been infected with the black plague how she apparently came in contact with a marmotte kind of like a big rodent that was hunted by her dog. and here's something else according to the c.d.c. isco surprise you every year in the united states 7 people are infected with the
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black plague who knew right so why does this matter you know why it matters it matters because it shows that plagues or pandemics are not pardon the pun here black and white they don't just go away they linger they mutate they evolve and governments have to have a go to plan to deal with this kind of thing why well because as we learned in fact as we're still learning here in america right now trying to come up with a plan once the pandemic is in full swing as it is right now. and that's a fool's errand. a look back at the black plague at our changing coronavirus 'd plague right here on the news with rick sanchez where we believe always will by golly it's time to do news again.
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is the list of the questions we think you'll be asking to morrow how is covert 19 evolving and what can we learn from the new black plague findings why is nordstrom so important to germany and why is the u.s. so against it don't you bank yep them again and how water again this time over sloppy banking and jeffrey epstein wow ok we've got some expanded coverage today on the latest developments on covert 19 which is really important because the virus is not what we thought it was just a couple of months ago different but i want to begin with the latest on these new cases that seem to be ripped right out of our history books here is our t. correspondent alex behind edge starting us off with more on the black plague. a deadly disease that killed 50000000 people in the 14th century has once again
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reared its ugly head this time in china and mongolia china's inner mongolia region are herdsmen has been diagnosed with the blue bar nick clegg also known as the black death and in mongolia a 15 year old was taken to hospital this past weekend with played like symptoms this just one week after a 27 year old and his 17 year old brother were treated for the disease in me because a couple visiting mongolia died of the plague in its most common form known as bubonic the disease is spread to humans by fleas that bit an infected road it which causes swelling in the lymph node the more deadly version is the pneumonic plague which can be transmitted between. humans through coughing however most of the cases at hand seem to have been caused by the consumption of raw marmot to meet the marmot being the heaviest member of the squirrel family because x. died after eating raw marmot kidney the 15 year old ate a marmot that was hunted by a dog and the 2 brothers were eating
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a marmot shortly before they sought medical help for the chinese herdsman he's known to have visited an area where the bluebonnet plague exists and contracted the disease there either way like the corona virus which is thought to have come from penguins the pleat is classified as a zoo not a disease meaning it jumps from animals to humans according to the un if humans do not change their habits which include unsustainable agricultural practices and the consumption of wild animals these type of diseases become more common they are not unpredictable events like quakes are us detroit is. instead it predictable consequences of ever intensifying interactions among humans and humans and the natural world although it has been largely eradicated the pleat continues to show its face around the world in the us alone there is an average of 7 human infections a year mostly in the west and southwest although the latest outbreak maybe centered in asia it will take
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a worldwide effort to keep diseases like the black death under control for news with rick sanchez i'm alex mileage thanks so much alex showing us now is dr dean hart let me tell you something this is the perfect guest to talk to this topic here that he has expertise on microbiology and the transmission of viruses and diseases but let's start with something that we reported on yesterday because it's been well covered in newspapers all over the world including the new york times they seem to be suggesting or we're learning now that covert 19 affects doctor the vascular system more than the respiratory system we used to think oh yeah this is a disease that goes near london it doesn't let you breathe in actuality what. seems to do is it creates blood clots all over your body and that's what causes a lot of people to die the reason i mention this is it doesn't seem like we've really nailed this thing down yet we're learning more and more all the time why is that and should we be surprised. well the nature of science is to learn more and we
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should not be surprised that bacteria and viruses are ubiquitous in nature because a vote he's been around now with the cold at 19 it starts the respiratory problem since the beginning of the disease we knew people with cardiovascular diseases were more likely to have an outcome of with the covert $1000.00 that was not easily known within days of the pandemic that the cardiovascular was numb but want but what's happening is we're understanding it's a side of trying to storm the immune system just freaks out and it starts creating blood clots and the people that have the cardiovascular disease are most susceptible to lower oxygen levels which feeds upon itself and because the respiratory disease lowers your oxygen level the people who cardiovascular disease
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suffer the quickest and the most you know we're also learning that. this disease this virus has at least the way it's being described in some of the literature i've read already kind of mutated that there was the hand strain which was the one that was described as very lethal and now they've come to call the 2nd strain i guess the european strain of the italian strain for lack of a better name and they say that one is not as lethal but more transmissible explain this to us. well but i don't know when the in theory of evolution of thing that doesn't kill you and then gets transmitted to the next poor guy if it's not deadly that by worse is going to procreate and reproduce more rapidly now every time a virus reproduces dismuke taishan because ot what happens with mutation is a usually deadly but once in a while a mutation lends itself to the actuation of its race the virus and if it's more
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contagious and less deadly there's going to be more coke that virus so i'm wondering given this. how are we able to prepare for the future because we keep hearing from some people that well as soon as we have a vaccine we're at this all going to go away and eventually we're going to have a handle on this some people like the president even suggesting it will just go away by itself are they wrong and if so how much and what do we need to know about this if evolution of the virus. well i'm like the cardiovascular that we were correct about from the beginning all the scientists were preaching that there was season only area in the summer it would go away and come back in the 4 were absolutely wrong about that this virus is not really a function of the season we don't want a lot of things that scenes are going to come out too soon but the biggest bioethical the one that is getting at shelter and ready and the schools ready for
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school to start in september because we have a moral obligation to get these kids a future not rotten in the video room why is it that again according to the literature i've read it doesn't affect children the way it affects adults in fact children even if they're even if they have it even if their carrier for some reason are not good transmitters of the disease why is that. well you don't get too sick am you insist i'm at 40 starts to head to senescence so when you're 60 it less of a system it's less accurate it doesn't make as good of cells there are less cells of teeth type b. type all sorts of interactions that go down the tubes as he ages normally it's natural life that's productive beijing unfortunately a child has a hyper immune system everyone saw it a child dies because they're also react to the virus but they're very strong it's different the flu got some of the younger kids this thing does not transmitted well
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to the children and if you're not going to get very sick and get a transmitter much of it 20 seconds left is this thing going to change us forever. oh every day chases forever without the culvert but this is a doozy. i like you doctor you're a different kind of scientist we're going to certainly get you back back for being our guest you know i'm pretty sure. a bit of that's an understatement don't you back back in the news today if there's one word the best describes deutsch as banking practices based on all of the published reports that we have read over the last couple of years it is this floppy. well most bags try to at least make the impression that they're playing by the rules don't you bank seems to have been making up its own rules as it goes along their latest issue a 150000000 dollar fine tied to none other than. jeffrey steen
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here is our to correspondent john harvey. deutsche bank agreeing to pay the state of new york a $150000000.00 fine for sketchy financial transactions related to jeffrey epstein new york state department of financial services superintendent linda lacewell saying in a statement quote deutsche bank failed to adequately monitor the activity of customers that the bank itself deemed to be high risk in the case of geoffrey epstein in particular despite knowing mr epstein's terrible criminal history the bank inexcusably failed to detect or prevent millions of dollars of suspicious transactions lacewell said the bank processed hundreds of transactions totaling millions of dollars that at the very least should have prompted additional scrutiny in light of epstein's history including payments to individuals publicly alleged to have been abstains coconspirators in sexually abusing young women settlement
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payments of more than $7000000.00 and legal expenses of epstein and his coconspirators of more than $6000000.00 payments to russian models hotel and rent expenses and consistent with public allegations of prior wrongdoing payments directly to numerous women with eastern european surnames along with all that suspicious cash withdrawals more than $800000.00 over 4 years deutsche bank had a financial relationship with epstein from 2013 to 2018 and according to this consent order to assure bank was aware of suspicious cash activity throughout the relationship and the bank continued to maintain the relationship for years despite additional red flags the bank cut. as with that scene in 2018 after the miami herald published its investigative series about epstein sordid history and question of prosecution under the contentious 2008 plea deal the statement doesn't name any
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event seems coconspirators f.b.i. agents and n.y.p.d. detectives arrested gilling maxwell in new hampshire july 2nd on charges of sex trafficking minors and perjury she's long been accused of helping to recruit and abuse the young women and girls epstein allegedly abused for many years some of them as young as 14 years of age maxwell is currently locked up at the metropolitan detention center in brooklyn on 24 hour suicide watch one of the big questions one incriminating evidence to she potentially have on epstein's rich and powerful friends who have also been accused of being involved with his nefarious behavior federal authorities are intent on keeping maxwell alive to answer that question and many others on like they are able to do with abstain for r t john heidi. you're watching the news with rick sanchez where our coverage is down the middle and our reach is global when we come back why the united states is trying to keep germany down economically and just how well explain.
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all the fear we go through. every the world should experience. and you'll get it on the old old. old according to just. what the modern world come along for the raw data. i've seen the horrors that arise in the money in evil. corporate criminals who express calculus lives to add just one more dollar to their millions. they
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threaten they bribe they'll do anything to keep their crimes in the door when the people they've heard are demanding justice their stories need to be told on america's lawyer. oh yeah oh. the list. take a bite. we go to work some straight home.
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camp the corporate parasites in power today might think their 5th role will continue forever whether they're right or wrong we have to keep fighting question. hey welcome back i'm rick sanchez now to the pipeline that germany's sorely wants and needs so that it can provide its population with fuel so the problem is the north stream pipeline one and 2 comes from russia and the united states doesn't like that but denmark on the other no hand has said look we're cool with it and in fact denmark has given the ok for it to go through the baltic sea the country's approval of the project is meant to go around the u.s. sanctions which threaten to seriously delay or stop cancel the pipeline project the pipeline is a massive undertaking which involves laying something like 750 miles of pipe under
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the baltic sea from russia to northern germany that will 'd allow germany to purchase up to 110000000000 cubic meters of natural gas directly from russia it's a business deal right well now the u.s. and its opposition to the pipeline bases soley on it thanks sions against russia and its russia or is that the case well yeah the answer would be yes but that's not all why else is the us wanting to stop that's the us according to many experts is concerned about how much of a powerhouse think about it germany could be if it is able to tap into an unlimited supply of cheap gas. see there's a lot riding on this norge dream for the latest here is our deep correspondent peter all of a reporting from berlin. it may be loathed by politicians across the u.s. but denmark has given the green light to the north stream to gas pipeline project
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to continue with all important undersea pipe laying vessels being put to work the danish energy agency has decided that nord stream to aig also may use pipe lng vessels with anchors in connection with the construction of the north stream 2 pipelines the pipeline is a joint project between russia's gazprom and 5 other european companies when it's finished it will bring an extra 55000000000 cubic meters of gas directly from russia into germany and these particular danish ships are crucial to getting the job completed as we expected the da satisfied our request we will implement the project in accordance with the building permit and environmental impact assessment we continue to consider various options for its completion and in due time we will inform about our plans the reason this specialized equipment is so important is that the pipeline is being laid in some particular waters nothing to do with
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nautical additions to do with the 50000 tons of chemical weapons that were dumped on the sea floor in the area during post world war 2 decommissioning the response from washington to the project is being equally toxic the united states says this pipeline will make europe overly reliant on russia for energy it will also lessen demand for u.s. liquefied natural gas last month a bipartisan bill was introduced into congress which could see u.s. sanctions imposed on european companies and individuals involved in north stream 2 totally unacceptable. says the german gas lobby of such a tightened and rich reactive sanctions law would be an unacceptable encroachment on the e.u. sufferance and energy security of western europe the problem for the united states is that their product
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a liquefied natural gas is more expensive on the european market and washington wielding sanctions like a club with which to those that don't do is they're told it's hardly going to make friends and influence people in european capitals peter all of us in the news with rick sanchez and stuff peter you think you made us understand this a little bit better but still we're you know we're left with questions joining me now is u.k. m.p. george galloway so as i understand it and the story does get a little bit confusing george the russians are saying look this is a great thing the germans are saying we needed the americans are saying how dare you even think about putting a pipeline between your 2 countries so rather than believe what any media in any of those countries is saying i went to with a pedia i just said it would be a search i'm going to read you what about the north stream it says quote i think we can put it up here it is north stream is opposed by the us because of concerns that it would increase russia's influence in the region the us resistance to north
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stream is also influenced by the country's increased production of natural gas which gives the u.s. congress economic incentive to resist russia's supply of gas in favor of us shale gas this is what george what does it tell you. that's a pretty good summary the old saw if you're going to take a shot at the king you're better not miss germany is the king of the european economy its sovereignty is not for sale neither is the european union's visa v the united states and of course russia is smiling too so this is a very big setback for mike pompeo in particular who's exerted enormous sweat and tears on this subject and he's failed the danes won not intimidated the danes are only 10 percent of the project 90 percent of the pipeline is already
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done but that 10 percent could have scuppered the whole thing and the us might and main into dissuading denmark from the decision they've just taken so it's a very good day a red letter day you might say for russian european cooperation and that's why the us doesn't like it there's all sort of course the interests that you refer to there . means that you are more expensive liquid natural gas will not be being part just in europe after all so you know the idea of taking gas thousands of miles across the ocean rather than through a pipeline from one part of europe to the next part of europe never was didn't have much logic attached to it only if the allies were going to do what the u.s. told them and is less and less true it makes me wonder then whether all the
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news items we often hear about russia bad this country's bad that country's bad more often than not is amount of alien play and is more based on some economic reason because this one is so clear it makes me wonder of all the others are just as clear. absolutely so and we ought to treat with a very large dose of salt the handouts that are given by states to the media which stanley in reports them i just how do you say the r t america has news is right down the middle and its reach is global i hope they paid you for a lot because it's perfectly encapsulates the need for people to question more well said thank you george i certainly appreciate you coming on we go now to deep space deep space deep deep space and there are now seriously considering the possibility
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of sucking energy out of a black hole that's right the thing is so powerful that i clearly even sucks out light itself i guess sucks in as they say in the godfather here's a tease as a by the way was not in the godfather. a team of international researchers may have found an answer to the age old question that's been perplexing experts around the world can a massive black hole be used as a source of energy well they think the answer is yes new data published in the journal nature physics details how energy can be extracted from black holes which pull the surrounding space and time a theory that was 1st introduced in 1969 by british mathematical physicist roger penrose penrose suggested that if an object or life were thrown a rotating black holes eagar a sphere the region outside of the black holes of enterprise and it would be split into 2 parts one that would be sucked into it and another that would escape and would gain energy from the black holes when fully so by sending objects or like
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toward a rotating black hole we could get energy back creating so-called black hole bombs however the method has never been independently tested until now the researchers in your later the testing system created by russian physicists coviello that in 1971 that could be tested on earth the black hole then became rotating cylinders made from material that could absorb energy the scientists believe that the light waves would be amplified by the cylinder and extract energy however in order to become amplified the light waves would have to be twisted into spirals is all of it assumes that the cylinder rotates rapidly enough then the altered wave frequency would then become so low that it would become negative positive frequency waves would then be absorbed by the cylinder losing energy but at the same time a negative frequency waves were transformed as loss and become amplified by the cylinder and extract energy from its rotation just like the penrose process the researchers say we used a ring of speakers all knit in the same frequency but starting at slightly
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different times so that the sound follows a spiral rotating absorber we used a piece of sound absorbing bone attached to a motor microphones placed inside the foam allowed us to record the sound after it had interacted with the rotating absorber the team found that when the foam was spinning at. low frequency the sound they recorded was quieter because it had been absorbed by the film but when they spun the phone fast enough for it to doppler shift the frequency of the sound waves were enough to make them negative the sound then became louder oh yeah experts say just because they were able to confirm ken rose's theory doesn't make humanity any closer to extracting energy from rotating black holes however it doesn't mean that future generations won't be able to create a structure around those rotating black holes to produce unlimited energy reporting anywhere trinity chávez r.t. great stuff trinity thanks so much for bringing us up to date on that about is our news i'm rick sanchez special much for being with us always remember try to connect with portable t.v. there where you can take us with you wherever you go on your mobile phone i mean
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your back pocket or your purse or your pocketbook quick. but it's time. you know. time after time corporations repeat the same mantra sustainability it's very important to accelerate the transition to sustainable transport sustainability stay where men are more equitable and sustainable while. they claim their production is completely harmless. because. companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the
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damage is being done far away and this is something else just as he didn't even as i mean look. in unison we didn't. seem to be based on just. to clinton. when i last saw seemed wrong. wrong just don't call. me. yet to see palin just be active. and engaged me because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. with.
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geraldo rivera on his friendship with donald trump what he says about the russian bounty charges and how is he a friend of the president and how's the president handling race relations all on this edition of politicking. the politicking on larry king geraldo rivera celebrating a half century in the news business fox news correspondent at large and host of i am geraldo 50 years now streaming on fox nation i only have one beat by 13 years as of my 63rd year rollo's good to see you again you too larry you're the real veteran i feel like a young rocky next to you buddy. ok let's get into it what's your take on the media reports that russian of the get stronger i read.


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