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tv   Documentary  RT  July 8, 2020 12:30pm-1:31pm EDT

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to tell me i can save the world. the orangutang this. the dome fins. the oceans. the rain forest and even humankind. only have to do is a sustainable and fair products. the but that's a lie in. the back at the back at. the back at the bit more
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and more people around to melt are taking to the streets to protest the way corporations make products and behave in the market pick as i've never been to any of these protests at the bank. since my childhood i've been striving for harmony. i had a happy childhood. i learned to be a good boy to be polite to avoid arguments into tress well. it is but lately i've taken an interest in what an average consumer like myself can do to stop the destruction of nature by corporations to every each just have to soak up the right thing to come. that's why i decided to make this
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film. together with cartoon hearts. mr holmes. and sinister this is martin and i think a simple. yes was meant as a consequence has been hurting on the show of sustainability for years to bring in something. to moms not enough i must. get something. she's to top experts in kareen washing this means did she recognizes when corporations are spreading disinformation to create green image for themselves on t.v. she lives harsh criticism that the company's. first met 5 years ago when we both took part in a panel discussion on t.v. on occasion of my bravia simplistic planet. i live and spoke to 6 this. year.
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and listed off to see if coming. in the said this is from the goal so in the midst of an even worse because this witness from the. system is on this as. the few minutes. trannies starts in my hometown vienna has one of the highest quality social life in the know. there are hardly any social protests and almost no new violent demonstrations just makes it the popular place to do business. today it's hosting an industrious sustainability event in choosing a good cook st computing we want to get in there and been flying to.
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read a good novel this is about sustainability it's about our environment and how we treat obstinate affects us in ways that sometimes we don't even think off. the mark but she. no i had a great point. this year our being at the white house where for answers was there and in line things like this went on and this needs to be needs this isn't just the end. of. this. and it's nearly so. this is and. we do indeed just it's not unique to the right it's that show that this collective on that we all call. our planet. will be able to survive. for the generations that follow
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us thank you. thank you is kind. of us the name on my. virtual head of a. mountain how does the phone's going to feel other ways as soon as this is added things as. though it is and saying. it's only 9 and i had just. bought one odds and obstacles and then uselessly i got it and i'm 66. it's time to go and obstacles. that things other than x. and app stores my out. in time step by them that. guy with the stupid ones and i'm going to be inside and i was that son who just said mine doesn't. is going my house is going to. be my.
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company good income thing not mine i was going to see it was assumed. that his business in women's is doing a business. minister and begin the. things you would do with a list as is my list. today but i am worried about. what i was never the. way it is ones even if she does this all clive's it. wasn't as long. as he'd done all the his indivisible. c.e.o. or it's. hard because he does a. sequence of. evils all. on one and survives on mine. this is.
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a must if. you want an instinct they need. the animal needs mean you know in the not. good is good is no minuses nothing against disease. is not a good it is. for profit. corporations are for profit companies maximizing profits is the highest priority to . take security force are even required to make as much profit as possible. responsibility for sustainability is passed on to us to consume less.
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complex now. they consider myself an average consumer and our prefer our products with the sustainability label but i often catch myself just scraping by the end of convenience or lack of time. on some things constans. this. system isn't. needed. it's thing. is done it's done. because this. time. i'm really. owned by mercer high.
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that was sometime. seclusive. $900.00 pounds a tomato. and so much of the instruments on. the thing going. on so it would certainly isn't this called it's. time to stop the burger this is this company ask think this is an integral thing and no one must. listen once i'm. busy next. and so on my system obstacle i don't fit in little tighten them in something like this and that's been a concern to us going as a name is ahmed said don't feel safe in his disappointment that's for him as has been said to his. biggest. was not so hard in this
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manner. they are just. as good and it was his own in the imminent thing. is does not have extra. enough. this openness is a waste of us and the city. to take in. the streets in different countries. to get every passenger in the she's given the option to make a terry contribution to offset. the stylings of greenhouse gases. the 1st flight.
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minute. by minute as my. partner ed does not just my. 2 sons moment in front of your son your son time you're in school anselmi is a hottie this is exciting stuff is close to montauk and goes against liking the high end of the street. to suffice in. the long run just like i describe small isn't the fun sometimes mentioned in brandon oh big the whole class again still isn't good enough on sod side i want to stick to the new models on how. is this thing in stuntman done with gluten and want and. was nice all savvy and it's all so against. evolution has reached record levels for a 3rd day in singapore with the city state blanketed in a heavy smoke caused by illegal forest spies nearby in today's by zooming in before
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which is going to actually see the fall it will be really blamed called put it is clearing forest to make way for.
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you cannot be both with me yet you want. some rumors as soon as i'm going to see through she's going to be named chris mccomb do you mean. you. know you're one of those you just can't stand forever up with a ticket in your care that oh. i'm talking about is a very international community. meeting yesterday with kirk we're going to. move this to the kids who keep it as the slow slow slow uses that need to eat.
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those who pushed them to the with food used to cook the brazils food or nuchal through cooperation in intel to go is everything produced polluted with the forms of t.v. with the above 30. 5 i have i was affected all day but i decided not to take people's life with my goddamn tell you that. this is what to do this isn't the. us i'm the one who. was assigned. this is a kind of nun son such as she this is supposed to stop this myth beast granted to me most of us half the time does not toss the money on the.
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it's on some of them. as a hobby and. i actually mean as i heard the fight against. those 3 set runs. so the big. industry will not be very. all the. next let's be honest. all i give you here 2 pills. the other one is palm oil in. the moment all the. same and they said you had to let me. and. you'll feel.
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so good. you belittle. it. don't want to cause someone or some cause all. you got to the body mr so palm oil is used for stuff no one really needs despite one of us was. to his latest give to all of. this is kind one kind of that and last enough that i'm not allowed to stab just one fact. fact that once economists asked him how does and it was thus in identical. how significant in why does $100.00 a good human to know it's like me a bit to dislodge it cost me i'm. going to go.
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that would be off on a nice little more of it was obvious but on the other hand i always hear that it's . everything is sustainable and the industry is green it's attention and. nothing on our of us in the ones i read that in one is not. just in the world into someone. you don't love but make a lot on how the boss on the top of the army must suck up. only skin and muscle. and what's happened to them around table unsustainable palm oil the last muscular weeks don't exist and i had to get these as edith and i had to give the lines a sense of that to keep mum i have myself. on the wrong time unsustainable. debt
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from david asman to going to dwell on is on tap and nursing a number was and is billed i gotta get it dust was a windy adult. getting into that other one was a local one so i'm glad i was a bigoted other been a busy and awesome nurse i was at the other 2 sides and i must group these are along with the one bucked up. so it. lucked out last. year with so many rain forest fires so we want to hear what the industry has to say so we are flying to the ip frenzy by. this conference is attended by the biggest. in the hall of ceremony as there are many of indonesia's top politicians decision
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also. price as many of them. or plantations. as used. in religion in americans got really be about wasn't too good to be my going to your most active duty which is how we didn't want to be a. $20000000.00 is just more money so big huge money in result was hard to get in my name is and. it was anything done to stop medically to him. but i got to double your money is impossible given a monumental minute monument in the belly that my given. day are going to be anything behind yes here are my damn. that's only a minute to look at what he does the you know what you're going to do that either comes out beyond the is the perspective of the people making me
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thank you. feel immediately. and i counsel now saying it was dismissed it is islam and this. was i'm saying in my own times exactly as i was the content isn't. distancing my mistake. was never not i hang. your organization is financed by the government is that right not to know you are doing the fine is quite innocent. ok. ok this is very what we do in european power lines when we want to do is to. especially in europe to explain why we use power more and of course i there's a lot of information in any media about. negative images bomb on
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companies who are certified according to the round table sustainment by. these companies are committed and they do not. own one terry and their i love us that is rare enzio found out about a lot of companies that are still members have confessions and all the regions where the fire was breaking out so i don't think this is a coincidence but no excuse i think is very good it is either going into the ins is is i think this is not it is it is. it's a real effect it's it is still in need to side to side it is not an issue got only the ball more in you see is to play by the fire was not always fighting because of any new because of all the degraded land as well because of all the cards through these and all the very drive plantations because palm oil is sucking water it's drying out the land sustainability is not the sixt now it's
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continues. process continues improvement as is all of your other business i mean there is no proof yet for sustainable. nobody could is that i've yet to explain what is going through in the canyon explain how it was ok that makes me get. in the artist in the whole. world wide n.g.o.s and industry sit together to decide what to do. this are going to give me just to explain to them no more no more i'm going to die i want to die instead of those wal-mart is bomb or produce with with respect to nature lunch burning not ours no slash and burn no no no but now that is the stance of the people as i wouldn't be able to employ you that you provide them with housing. this is and there's also a. procedure is also that the people who work in the day should also as it does.
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the income but let's be honest the r.'s now exist since 2004 it's more than 10 years and then almost 10 years the destruction was going on and going on i'm happy that you're here now in features illness is more. and more more in your printers in your. it is. such a vague definitions because of cream pushing. everything sounds nice nothing is in force and just always large amounts of chemicals are used this is set up. so i don't have a sunny day. sibila believe you have good luck this is b.s. here is brought up a good thing. is that in missouri this is. everything is green and
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this is a this is north korean or i like it is it is it is still a little bloom. in this valley this problem is this green is a. big. sin if i already. know what happened with in what ways it green is it up and. getting it is different with the organic one meaning this is a list. the list keeps it. burning operations of each other with screen slogans turning our enemies off p.r.c. is our marketing agencies so perfect. industry is trying to fly to slough off i'm a child. i can cope stand one of. our producers they even pass this dumb things so fly and try to challenge. this conference
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m.l. of knowledge no fun or is this thing in the insane. and when i look around here in greens and a nice kid says the birds i know. i get the impression this is more like an n.c.o. or then i was a company can you explain sustainability to us means it's a balance our. economy. people and in farming because we can agree on the create. you know our money. cross part of the. as i please that's the ominous is it an invalid is that. it is in the past there was another discussion going on because of burning rain forests isn't marking. connected to. rain forest burning no never never never how can you be sure there were because you have on my kindle
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there are maybe you tell me harmony and in think it's you have a poker phrase how do i find out the fear of cheating i know well in order to sign up. you have to go through this field you have the good this is that the plan is in you have to work at the villages. and that's the only way you're going to do we go to bed you have you have mounds john being. anywhere out there. i can tell you that in chummy with family. he wants to show us some land that was in train forest only a few days ago before a palm oil company illegally burned did.
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the arrest and charging of glenn maxwell the jury and the saga takes a new turn what about the timing and the specific indictments what kind of defense can be expected is a deal in the cards they need justice be served. 3 . years or. so doing. this goes a long way to. a knowing that desires you know and i'll. be transported right. over inflation and then america on the surface next and that means. she loved this person for 44 years.
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in minutes she went you guys she you and was you cannot. be sure that it was. she did drugs to be. the one. that it ultimately got out though i think it almost that you think it might look others are getting i'm. not meaning they say and i mean i don't mean you're nice i am. going to be some months i know someone's. going to tell. me like this model.
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15. 4 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again.
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welcoming of us from around the world live from central london this is not a u.k. . a crane collapses on a building in london injuring several of the still trapped beneath here from our correspondent live at the scene. the world health organization ruins the coronavirus and that because far from over mosques and social distancing here to stay for the foreseeable future is when i say special envoy for the speaker speaking exclusively to all of the u.k. . i'm come to terms with the reality that this virus is here to stay i don't think it's going to go away any time soon. spend to spend spend the chancellor announces his some
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a statement aimed at protecting jobs and kick starting britain's a call. opposition says we were promised a new deal but got a meal deal to get reaction from an economic expert. also this hour the b.b.c. comes on the farm after presenting branded white women as current discussion on racism and stereotypes is the term offensive we hear from both sides of the debate . 65 foot crane has collapsed over homes in east london for people leaving some trapped underneath. joins us now from the scene so shadi a what can you tell us at this stage. well i'm here at the scene in east london where a 20 meter crane has collapsed onto a residential buildings directly behind it i'm here at the side of the street where
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the building site is as you can see directly behind me is the base of that 20 meeting crane we understand there has collapsed crushing at least one house on a terrace road we understand that 4 people are injured although it's all unconfirmed at this stage in the process having said that we've heard from the london fire brigade who have confirmed that they are still trying to free people within the residential home according to witnesses we understand that at least one person has been seriously injured and said that there could be other injuries as well now i've been speaking to local residents on this side of the building site and they say that this crane has only just been protests up. sound from there the police came in. with the know what to do because. shock were going through their windows. and we saw these one there in a little dust. who was shaking.
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when we came down here we just. as you can see here there's a claim all in the building. one person seriously been. through so much going on. as i was walking policy with she went when there was someone here discussing coming in. and. so she got one station which then this went down so i don't know. well from aerial shots of the scene you can see a significant amount of damage has been caused on the buildings directly behind the building site we also understand there's a huge police presence even now a few hours later we understand paramedics are still at the scene and they're being
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assisted by special hazardous environment paramedics as well we know from the metropolitan police that they were called around 2 39 pm this afternoon local time and since then they have been inundated with telephone calls to 999 all about this very incident now as i say the london fire brigade have confirmed that they are still working at the scene to try and free any residents that may or may not still be inside the. cause a lot of damage to their homes underneath that very wreckage at this point in time we know that witnesses are still saying there's a significant amount of wealth or it is as well at the scene telling everybody to avoid the local area and also telling people to completely avoid the areas nearby as well so all areas around east london have been blocked off shoddy thank you very much indeed for that live update on. the world health organization as well that face coverings must be able to contain the virus and make over 90 will not be disappearing any time soon. special envoy for covert 19 dr
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david nabarro has told r.t. u.k. that social distancing is inter-group to stopping the spread. the reason why we've been talking about physical distancing is because this is the key to preventing transmission and there are 3 parts to it one is maintaining the piece of good distance true is wearing face protection look tired is maintaining very careful hygiene and services and the like and yes it people are not practicing these forms of behavior then there is a risk of recurrence we don't call it 2nd why because the virus is all around us anyway but it can come back and we can get recrudescence or recurrence very easily if people don't practice the present go distancing in price protection and 9
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jeanne what do you make of the british government's messaging the lifting of the lockdown. well one of the difficulties about being in government is that you have to be able to talk to every single interest who wants to be heard and wants to be understood so in government you've got to talk to the owners of businesses you've got to talk to people running schools got to talk to people look after big office buildings people looking up to security and public transport and i think that's why getting a consistent message is often difficult i'm in a fortunate position of being a public person and i've given you the absolute core of the guidance that we like to give i would like to say to all governments i think it is helpful if you explain to people all good time that what you're trying to do is to help them be depended against this virus because the virus isn't going to go away and that i think if it
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were understood and appreciated by everybody would lead to a much greater appreciation of why we want the behavior changes that we call for can we have some clarity on the use of facemasks from the w h r u the organization was slow to advise on face coverings what we would be now advise to make this compulsory given the new evidence of the virus being able. well 1st of all i'm not going to just accept that last remark that w h o's had a consistent and clear position on face covering which is the good quality face coverings that really do filter out all particles essential part of protecting health workers and others whose jobs have become in frequent contact with people who have the virus but others really ought to be wearing face coverings expression of dead can't maintain physical distance saying and the w.h.o.
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now it's seeing these increased numbers of people are getting infected all over the world is saying because of the possibilities of a symptomatic go pretty symptomatic spread we need to be a little bit more open about the desirability of price protections but doubly right child cannot order people to wear price protection only governments can do that but i think all of us are saying if it is recognised that this is a major problem police were more and more people where price protection is specially in situations are public transport or where close contact is inevitable just finally i know this is a difficult question but when can we expect this to be all over a lot for me it's not a difficult question because i'm coming to terms with the reality that this virus is here to stay. just like 2530 years ago this new
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virus called h r i became a long causing aids and it's here to stay so cope it is here to stay i don't think it's going to go away any time soon and so that's why i'm suggesting to everybody as the human race we have to learn to live with this virus and get on with our lives despite the pact that it's really dangerous and unpleasant and i believe we will be able to do so meanwhile the w.h.o. has finally acknowledged that there is emerging evidence of covert 19 airborne transmission after over $200.00 health experts highlighted it to the organization dr nabarro clarified his position on this and explained to us what it means in practicality we've always tried to encourage people to understand the primary mode of transmission of this virus
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and i want to stress that that is still believed to be true droplets droplets are small drops of saliva and are a spirit tree secretions and usually they're not protected further than about a meter and really if you are 2 meters your clear of them now if you get some very very small particles. those are light enough to be picked up by the air then they couldn't go further than true meters and the issue that many scientists have been bringing to the w.h.o. recently is asking the. knowledge that you can have small particles that airborne and yes there are w.h.o.
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house actually knowledge that it all along but it continues to say that this airborne transmission is less common. the chancellor has released his long awaited summer statement with an emergency mini budget to help the british economy recover from the coronavirus crisis among the measures is a 1000 pound bonus for businesses that retain their furloughed staff through to generally once the scheme ends in november a youth job creation scheme will pay businesses over $6000.00 pounds to create new jobs for 16 to 24 year olds $2000000000.00 pounds in grants will be made available to make homes more energy efficient with a further $1000000000.00 to retrofit public buildings the housing market will be stimulated with a temporary cut to stamp duty until march the 31st with average savings of 4 half 1000 pounds for property buyers and the troubled hospitality sector will be boosted by slashing vietti from 20 percent to 5 percent for 6 months as well as
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a 10 percent discount for all to spend in restaurants from monday to wednesday which is the next at the british public's enduring throughout the crisis would help fuel the country's economic revival. we will not be defined by this crisis but by our response to it. it is an ambiguous choice to make this moment meaningful for our country in a way that transcends the frustration and loss of recent months it is a plan to turn our national recovery into millions of stories of personal renewal. while welcome by business leaders the labor party said the announcement didn't go far enough was simply kicking the can down the road until the autumn budget. it should have been the day when the millions of british people worried about their jobs and their future prospects how to load taken off their shoulders and should have been the day when we got the u.k. economy firing again today britain should have had
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a back to work budgets but instead we got this summer statements with many of the big decisions poto off until later as the benches opposite knew full well. economics expert professor grant jones thinks that further help will be needed down the line. it's going to be wound down at the end of october and is going to be replaced by the this job return ssion scheme and there's an incentive there a strong incentive for employers to keep on work because up until the end of january where hopefully the rick coverage should be starting at that point and so that want to keep them beyond that point in time so that's the the $1000.00 pound incentive for employers strong but it does imply a large amount of dead weight spending on the part of the government it's going to be an expensive policy in that employers are going to be rewarded with keeping hold
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of people they would have been keeping hold of anyway some of the other policies you've got where the reduction in stamp duty there is the feeling that the housing market may need some support particularly because prices fell according to the nationwide survey of 3 percent. and maybe some of the core. head of the e.u. is task force for relations with the u.k. michel barnier has an ounce of the european union will impose full checks of the border on jan with the 1st despite britain promising to implement them 6 months later he said the e.u. does not want to delay things meaning the checks will begin immediately when the transition period ends he also said that british products will be checked at the border irrespective of whether an agreement is reached between the 2 sides and that the block is prepared for the u.k. to leave both the customs union and the single market promise of boris johnson has rejected britain would not need an extension to the transition period may well the british government has asked the e.u. to introduce formal checkpoint supports in northern ireland and as border control
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posts they will be used to inspect both livestock and food going into the single market despite boris johnson promising no such checks would be needed after the end of the transition period it has been agreed that northern ireland will remain part of the trading union with the rest of the u.k. shuttle to leave it. or should feign m.p. chris has a told me earlier that local business is again a struggle is that all border checkpoints particularly after the pandemic our local economy has dealt upon small businesses you know as they all are known to undergird it is very important to her she played you not why. you got to action. within the european union are large and pieces of music used to. begin with the last few years at a local businesses don't are possibly. just beautifully released so if. your picks for mars you know they should be able to call it easier but when you
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look at the. entire business model this is another economic shock some of the tracks for them and the great criticism of the local business unity without. i suppose doubtless compound with the british government who have provided very little information very little. on the street in arrangements or. lithuania has followed latvia as the and band of the transmission of our teacher and also in the country latvia said the reason was e.u. sanctions being aimed at dimitri kissel of who runs the russia today news agency that's lot r.t. despite the similarity in names at the lithuanian regulator confirmed the decision was not about violations made by r.t. but because of is under sanctions because love him self is said the ban by latvia makes no legal sense and the authorities are blinded but russophobia more news
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after a short break. ah no team no crowd. no shots. action just felt. no 1st. points your thirst for action. is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from.
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isolation or community. are you going the right way or are you being led. to direct. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maid in the shallows. britain has announced it is resuming arms exports to saudi arabia that's despite admitting they are sometimes used in war crimes in yemen. the undertaking
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that my predecessor gave to the court that we would not grant any new licenses for the export of arms or military equipment to saudi arabia for possible use in yemen pulls away the incidents which have been assessed to be possible violations of i.h.l. occurred at different times in different circumstances and for different reasons when in june 29th teen the court of appeal ruled that the government had acted unlawfully by licensing the sale of u.k. made arms to saudi forces for use in yemen with that assessment whether incidents in the conflict had amounted to breaches of international humanitarian law well since the bombing of yemen started in march 25th in the u.k. government has issued export licenses worth 5300000000 pounds including 2500000000 pounds worth of licenses relating to bombs missiles and other military goods and human rights organizations around 3 with the u.k.'s decision to resume arms exports
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this is a deep blue cynical move to restart business as usual when it comes to arms sales hold the government considers the describe of 5 years so i do it aerial assault of yemen which has seen numerous examples of civilians killed in schools hospitals funeral holes and marketplaces as this surge of isolated incidents well in march 2015 a saudi led coalition intervened in yemen against who's here rebels who are fighting the internationally recognized government and control large swathes of territory but humanitarian groups and the un quickly accused saudi led forces of breaching international humanitarian law including bombing schools hospitals weddings and food supplies.
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the decision comes just a day after the u.k. and that sanctions on individuals and organizations that abuse human rights including saudi arabia make good on a pledge bringing to force the united kingdom's 1st autonomous human rights sanctions regime which gives us the power to impose sanctions on the on those involved in the very worst human rights abuses right around the world and this country makes it crystal clear to those who abuse their power to inflict a magical suffering we will not look the other way you cannot set foot in this country i will seize your blood pressure gotten gains if you try the u.k.
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can use the law to bar entry to individuals believed to be responsible for human rights abuses as well as to stop money moving through the banks and cut violators off from that profits while the sanctions target north korea's a secret police lie on mars military leaders russian officials and the senior saudi intelligence officers believed to be involved in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi while at the same time agreeing to resume arms sales to saudi arabia so within 2 days the u.k. government seems to have plunged itself into a high stakes di lemma agreeing to sanction a country for human rights abuses and resuming the liquid evolved sales to that country the court says could commit them campaign against arms sales andrew smith says that the best way to make sure you can weapons are no longer used against civilians is to stop the sales. arms industry is actually a very small part of the economy cancer but 0.2 percent of jobs but the damage which it does internationally is beyond calculation as we're seeing in yemen where
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the world's worst humanitarian crisis has been elected and you can meet fighter jets u.k. made bombs new commitments miles of which essential rule struction where weapons are being exported they're being used and we're seeing the u.k. made weapons being used to repression against pro-democracy campaigners in hong kong we've seen u.k. made weapons used around atrocities in abuses her own best way to make sure that you keep weapons are no longer used in peace of peace is to stop the sales. of a.b.c. put cost has come under fire after a presenter labeled white women as karen's. balkin white when not the carin. educate yourself read some better. the term is usually used to refer to a middle aged middle class white woman who displays racist behavior around sparked a social media backlash with some saying that it sounds like sexism and one m.p. saying he would cancel his t.v. license and responsibly v.c.s.
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said that these comments were not part of the pod cast and featured only in a short social media clip but is the term offensive when i was joined by comedian and writer avatar and gentle a social commentator an actress on your pollutant. the argument actually is is that it is racist it is sexist it is a tool of the patriarchy what women need to do is become together instead of attacking each other is just ridiculous and divisive it it is ignorant i am in no doubt whatsoever that there are entitle people absolutely i have fought long and hard against them i believe that we all you know certainly need more education i'm not going to be told that by people not a podcast who does just doesn't simply doesn't have the same sort of experience i have and i'm not claiming to have the same experience of you as you absolutely but let me just ask you that but many people but many people believe the term is used to highlight race this attitudes among women and pointing out racist behavior actually isn't racism isn't and it's got nothing to do well that's just that's on
1:25 pm
your answer that question 1st and. only what you make about what no it is actually everything to do a patriarchy and patriarchy links into what you just asked bill the truth is that it's so easy constantly for women to be pitted against each other this is what always happens we need to stop this we need to look at who does this actually keep benefiting right because it certainly doesn't benefit may i don't think it can benefit avar and what this is is just an opportunity for people who feel a bit ticked off with some white women that they've encountered to give us a good kick in well that isn't going to help anybody is there aren't we now about more unlike to men instead of seeking revenge and sort of let's penalize people for a history that might not have anything to do with may another separating people by gender sexual orientation or race is inappropriate that's exactly what's happening here and i'm so. tired of her 1st of all working class white women old sharon and tracy absolutely black women are all shitty we're all the creature or whatever they
1:26 pm
want it to say it's divisive it's ridiculous because the fact of the matter is it has the kind of behavior that is carried out by someone who named karen is divisive within it so we always told. him and. we object oh it's time to pull together oh stop your divisive behavior but at the end of the day this goes back years and years and years and even spectacle whether you were involved in the behavior that happened years ago when white women would ignore the mixed race babies when you go around plantations or when they didn't want to join let me join them to get the vote because they thought it was less appealing you know there's been so many things that have happened historically which is why there isn't any of them and there are why is causing such a stir even the b.b.c. have to respond to their story well it is we're talking about it now now what is done in the unit were people who actually did demonstrate in the behavior that some displayed that's why we're at the point at the beginning that it actually seems to some people to be more offensive to be called rate than to actually leave racist
1:27 pm
you know it's ridiculous they're allowed to debate these things went out to call these things that's got nothing nothing to do with a cherokee. or we finish have an update on our previous breaking news story the 20 rita crane that has collapsed over homes in east london has now resulted in one death the incident took place at around 2 30 pm on wednesday on gale street in bow and has left some people trapped paramedics and firefighters of not a rescue operation at the scene well that's it from us at the top of the our colleagues from our team america will take over so from all of the team here in london good buy.
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we go to work so you straight home. to rest in charging of glenn maxwell the jury and the sovereign states needs turn but in all the time being in the specific indictments what kind of defense can be expended is a deal in the cards an injustice to be served. in your songs that is also. for new interests producers. who goes a long way to cerberus team your. brain only not desires you know hospital. transported to overinflation and in
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america and these are suspected that means. she loved this prison for 44 years. in minutes sure you guys you. cannot measure which. lead it was easy. she told her they dropped the. rebellion. that it almost that they think it might look others are getting meaner and. mean they say and me a son who knew these i am. funny i will be some months i know. he still looks. like this.
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greetings and sal you tell us you know it seems that everyone these days rather than just rolling up the sleeves and doing a little of a hard worker trying to fix the problems we face would rather just let technology do the dirty work for us it seems to be one of the sad truth of the 21st century you know rather than sweeping up your own mess savva rhumba do it for you tired of parallel parking your car hello auto park too tired to pick up the remote just to have alexa change the channel for you rather than do real detective work just let bay show recognition technology tell you who would who and which suspect to arrest yes that was the case recently in detroit michigan when police arrested 42 year old black man robert julian williams on a felony warrant for larceny after facial recognition technology fingered him.


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