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just. switch your thirst for. live from the world headquarters of the r t america in our nation's capital this is the new. rick sanchez and hire again everybody i'm rick sanchez we want to welcome all of you who are watching us from around the world using your regular t.v. providers or your mobile phones with the portable t.v. up which you should check into if you haven't already there is an important follow up that i want to share with you now this is really important remember 2 weeks ago when the new york times ran with a story that seemed to confirm with absolute confidence that this was happening here let me read you the story by detailing the exact words in the lead sentence
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quote american intelligence officials have concluded that a russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to taliban linked militants for killing coalition forces in afghanistan listen to the certainty of those words right there see that american intelligence concluded secret bounties taliban linked was the important words there's no equivocation there which may be why as soon as the t.v. news networks here in america read that story in the new york times they began reporting it breathlessly almost as if their hair was on fire they wanted to get this story out for them it was the perfect story and they ran with it every which way that they possibly could but most of all with pretty much this narrative you
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heard it putin is paying to kill american soldiers and trump is helping him do it. it sounds like a great story right yeah all of it based on the new york times story that was on that front page ok. since then the new york times has written another story that interestingly enough was on page 10 there it is we checked and that story seems to tell a very different tale one that seems to cast a lot of doubt on the original story so here let me go back to what i was doing before let me share with you some language from this news story it details how u.s. intelligence officials are quote emphasizing uncertainties and gaps in the evidence from the original report that the n.s.a. quote does not have information to support the conclusion in the original story
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that quote they did not have surveillance that confirms what the captured detainees originally told investigators about bounties. that quote the cia did intercept data of financial transfers but the agency does not have explicit evidence that the money was used for bounty payments and finally that quote. there is no information directly connecting the suspected operation to the kremlin. that story the one with all the cabbie outside i just read to you directly from the pages of the new york times somehow did not set the news anchors hair on fire in fact it was reported with much less intensity if at all so. it makes us ask what do we have left what do we have left with this story comparing it to what was originally reported right i'm going to break that down for you right
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here on the news with rick sanchez where we do believe it's time to do news again. okey doke here we go here's a list of the questions we think you'll be asking tomorrow after watching us today why the rush and the glee he could tell a journalistically story about so-called russian bounties mexico's president visits president trump while many mexican americans and others ask why and the u.s. coded 2nd wave continues to surge how high will it go right speaking of going let's go ahead and begin with the russian bounty story that dominated the headlines for almost a full week but now we're left to ask what is really left of this story it does appear that the u.s. interrogators did capture drug dealers somewhere in afghanistan and were able to
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tie them to wire transfers of large 'd amounts of cash what seems to still remain unclear though or as we like to say in journalism parlance not nailed down is who really gave it to them and why our correspondent is john heidi. the new york times reported july 3rd that a new administration memo seeks to foster doubts about suspected russian bounties on american troops the memos reportedly from the national intelligence council when according to the times acknowledges the cia and top counterterrorism officials agree russia appears to have offered bounties to kill american and coalition troops in afghanistan the story goes on to report that the nic which reports to the director of national intelligence john radcliffe produced the 2 and a half page document a so-called sense of the community memorandum and dated july 1st it appears to have been commissioned after the new york times reported on june 26th that intelligence
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officials had assessed months ago that russia had offered mounties but the white house had yet to authorize a response well the times reported specifically last month that a russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to taliban linked militants for killing coalition forces in afghanistan including targeting american troops or president trump tweeted this in response to the times story and many other media reports the russian bounty story is just another made up by fake news tale that is told only to damage me and the republican party the secret source probably does not even exist just like the story itself if the discredited new york times has a source reveal it just another hoax all the time story from july 3rd goes on report that the memo said the cia and the national counterterrorism center had assessed with medium confidence but falling short of near certainty that a unit of the russian military intelligence service known as the g.r.u. offered the bounties but here's the thing the story goes on to read that other
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parts of the intelligence community including the national security agency n.s.a. said they did not have information to support that conclusion at the same level and since the times initial story last month there have been dozens of other media reports about the allegations of russian bounties on u.s. troops. but nothing concrete c.n.n. even reported today online that a top u.s. general overseeing operations in the middle east and afghanistan said the purported russian bounty intelligence wasn't prove not even enough to hold up in a court of law but was still worrisome all this as a new reuters poll released today shows that quote most americans believe russia targeted u.s. soldiers and once sanctions in response russia writes that overall 60 percent of americans said they found reports of russian bounties on american soldiers to be very or somewhat believable while 21 percent said they were not credible and the rest were unsure and further 39 percent said they thought she did know about
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russia's targeting of the u.s. military before reports surface in the news media last month 26 percent said the president did not know well moscow continues to deny allegations of any russian bounty plot against u.s. or coalition forces in afghanistan on july 4th president trumpery tweeted comments from representative jim banks of indiana saying that the new york times had actually endangered u.s. troops with its reporting about the russian bounty allegations but it says the white house is now reportedly conducting an internal investigation and to who may have leaked the alleged russian bounty intelligence info for the news with rick sanchez john hardy all right so did this really happen as originally reported was the story exaggerated somehow to fit the trump russia narrative once again and what's the context of countries whether it's rush hour or any other country using its military or its money to influence the affairs of other countries for example
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would we ever do something like that joining us now to tackle these thorny questions are about print journalist ben sua and former u.s. official michael maloof to perfect guest to have on this so michael let me start with you what do you think what do you think really happened here what's the. ory on how this story became as massive as it did. well they probably picked up some information as you pointed out. there was money exchange and that's not. unexpected because it's been known for quite some time that russia has been talking to itself but for what reason and that is to monitor jihadi saw locusts going into next door russia and that they want to be they want information and the taliban doesn't do it out of the goodness of their heart they want to be paid so and who is better to conduct that than an intelligence unit and that would be g.r.u. military intelligence so. but the fact that there was no credible evidence to
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support the initial allegation is not unusual and the fact that you had the head of centcom in so saying that he did could not find it credible so it raises the political question of why now and i think it was once again democrats trying to paint putin as the bad guy and to try to link it to trump has been supportive of him and and it's coming just prior to the election which is just a cascade of what we saw in the 1st 3 years. of collusion between putin and and trump and exists it's a great story they want to get out there ben you and i've been doing this business for a long time i think if you were add up all our years people would say we should retire but. when you. get in newsrooms where someone's pitched a story and you knew it was thin journalistically but you also knew that it
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fit a certain narrative this smell like that to you. it absolutely smells like that rick but i think it goes even further than that 1st of all the new york times when that should be the headline on this story because of the poll that that john hoodie cited at the end of his. piece there where he talked about the majority of people who are hearing about this or even a large portion of them are saying they believe it's true whether there's evidence or not so the new york times accomplished what it is attempting to accomplish push a narrative whether it was true or not because truth did not seem to matter here and instead they got ultimately what they wanted which was to continue the narrative about trump and putin collusion this time in afghanistan but what's really interesting to me about this a by the way i actually released a podcast about this issue yesterday citing the evidence or lack thereof about this it wasn't just that the n.s.a. said that well we don't necessarily agree with his assessment the n.s.a.
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said we found no credible evidence and the latest story that the times has done on this essentially says well look this additional document was created in response to our story in response to your story because your story was wrong the story includes no evidence whatsoever and you and i both know where the editors of the new york times who say you guys are bringing this information but you have no evidence whatsoever that is called bad journalism it goes beyond that though and here's the conversation i want to have with you guys one of the things that bothers me about this type of story is the lack of context and i think both of you know michael you know. if we're going to do stories on the fact that there's a country out there that from time to time uses its money or its military or its influence to handicap a war or what's going on in another country i'm sorry but we have to look in the mirror we do this all the time so i'm not saying russia did and i don't know if
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russia didn't but i do know that the things that we criticize we are also guilty of am i wrong. no no you're not and if we we i actually are in the mujahideen to kill russians when they when the soviet union they're not. afghanistan these are we just have the whole we've done this for you but we're going to hold on i'm going to help you here michael didn't we just have a whole impeachment hearing about how we as americans need to get more money to the ukrainians so they could kill more russians that's what i heard every day. no you're not wrong and it's not what happened in ukraine was not unprecedented as i said we were doing it back in $79.80 we were supplying the stingers to them which we were actively doing that so human that was a secret program and i was and i was lastly a program go ahead with doubt about 10 seconds lastly it's just bored to know that the times used the word bounties that is a trigger word that they use that there is no evidence of that taking place on any
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level and they use that word as a buzzword to put it in people's minds that this was happening you know and by the way i just want our viewers to know nobody here is saying we know this is how it happened or this is not how it happened or it's good or it's bad we're just saying get make sure the information is clear make sure your story is not then and provide context when you're sharing these types of stories with what is essentially the entire world that's all right thanks guys appreciate it. so this is the news with rick sanchez and ok look at this we've got some live pictures now this is these protesters a little while ago outside the white house now they're demonstrating or protests. staying or celebrating i'm not sure i think we'll have to define this soon outside the mexican embassy here in washington d.c. why because the president of mexico is about to meet with the president of the united states and we're all over it.
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something for you your sports h.q. . oh. my. notion of story even the news. can overwhelm you. your way i
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know you want to. bring you the bad. play. the questions. numbered as. lists as. bring all the. dead. remains in question. i'm a journalist it's all i know being a truth teller people say i make among come from good uses like a jackhammer good drill down to find the truth news with rick sanchez because it's time to do news again and question more. i like it when the hosts ask a question for the guests and then actually listens to the yes answer and then
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react to that that's it folks dennis miller here i've got a new show. they want about how much interest. the u.s. has once again reported record single day spikes a new cases as the virus continues to grow in hot spots across the country so i was the u.s. doing for example compared to other hot spots you know interestingly enough guys watch the movie. groundhog day where things kept repeating over and you keep waking up and seeing the same story this is kind of what this feels like like we've gone through this already and now we're going through it again. cases going up again for more on this very important let's. or let's go to our 2 correspondents. following the numbers for us other where you go so rick you're exactly right in the u.s.
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is not doing well at all but global cases right now we have more than 12000000 global deaths over 548000 look over the u.s. over 3000000 cases that's about 25 percent of the global cases deaths in the u.s. over 134000 and in no other place in the world has more confirmed cases growing as quickly as there are in arizona florida and texas the u.s. sun belt states now just a few hours ago the white house corner buyers task force nater dr deborah burke's announced that states would surges in new cases sure return to the white house's original phase one recommendation take a listen. to all of the americans out there that are in these 4 states and the states that have in the report we're in the red zone because there's a series of other states that we have in that zone is really asking the american people in those counties and in those cities in those states to not only use that phrase coverings not going to bars not going to endure dining but really not
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gathering in homes either and decreasing those gatherings back down to our phase one recommendation which was 10 or less and so i want to show how the u.s. ranks with other countries with the most new cases over the past week now this chart treats each u.s. state as if you're its own country because remember many u.s. states have a larger population than most countries now only 3 countries that have and qatar and oman have outbreaks as severe as across the some bill states and these 3 middle eastern countries have large numbers of low wage migrant workers and these workers often women cramped housing and really like any proper medical care now while keep now while we keep hearing from president tromp that the high numbers they hear in the us are also due to testing well that's not entirely true because the u.s.
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does not have a high testing raid for a developed country now meanwhile rick president trump is demanding that students return to their classrooms full time in the fall and the complete opposite of what health experts are recommend recommending and president trump tweeted this morning that is this agreement with the u.s. centers for disease control and prevention guidelines for safely reopening schools calling their recommendations very tough and expensive and those c.d.c. guidelines which president trump is calling tough and expensive are what they're calling rotating scheduling for students at backup staffing plan and seating layout which would allow for. or social distancing and physical barriers and closing out common shared areas in schools and president chavez also threatened to cut off funding to schools that do not reopen but most of the funding for school actually comes from state and local level actually already 90 percent comes from local and
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state level but schools with that do get smaller federal funding often affect the most vulnerable students and rake in many of these schools in the south where we're seeing these high cases rising actually begin the school year in just a few weeks and while young people are less likely to develop serious illness says from the virus but the problem is they can spread the disease to people who are at high risk of serious illness says which then could strain the u.s. hospital system once again you know it's interesting what you said about what's going on overseas because the c.d.c. just put out a report today with that of that seems to show that the poorer you are in the united states the more likely you are to come down with covert 19 fascinating are thanks so much thanks for picking up those numbers for us that's really important right now to a developing story 'd i want to show you a live picture of what's going on right now outside the embassy here that's the mexican embassy in the united states and many many people have been showing up throughout the course of the day they're spread out over this roadway interesting
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really enough when when i came into work this morning i drove by the white house and i saw all of these people they were gathered outside the white house they then moved short of marched to this new location the reason they're there is because president manuel lopez obrador or all the other ones we would say in my native tongue is coming to washington d.c. and visiting with the president of the united states it's the reason they're coming together by the way and this is important is because they're going to sign and seal and celebrate a new trade deal between mexico the united states and canada it should be enough justin trudeau from canada. i was invited as well he's chosen not to attend but obrador have some people are questioning the move of these 2 men so people are saying to over door why are you going to meet with the u.s. president after the us president has said such horrible things about the mexican population and started his campaign by calling mexicans criminals and rapists quote
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fair point but obrador seems to be stressing that this trade deal is more important than politics in fact he says i don't care about politics this is a very important trade deal for my people the other thing that might be going on here interestingly enough is political because both presidents are kind of having a tough time right now as a result of their covert 19 situations and both presidents think that this could change the conversation somewhat for them and perhaps make them begin to understand better what's going on at least as far as our people are concerned so so there it is of people are on the streets and manuel lopez obrador will meet today with president trump and we'll be covering that for you meanwhile. the u.k. will begin selling arms to saudi arabia once again a sale in arms was stopped last year over concerns about atrocities committed in yemen where tens of thousands of children have died because of the war that was being waged with the u.s. and u.k. military assistance the halt was based on a legal challenge from
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a peace group that complained that u.k. weapons were killing innocent children in yemen but a government review has now ruled to overturn better original ban interestingly enough i interviewed the saudi arabian ambassador to the united nations this week had them right here and i asked him about this very subject here it is. the thorny question of yemen let's go there according to the united nations a child under the age of 5 dies every 10 minutes in yemen due to the war that's been fomented there in part by your country beginning in 1905. how do you deal with that how do you answer that and at. how do you substantiate the situation like that which is now going on and you have a. very very simple question and the question is who are these people that are affected by hand. and it's a shame and bring us all that out and it's a risk. and why is that because of the who is the i access to the humanitarian
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organizations and to the wall as a sense of that resignation as in terms of providing supply or humanitarian aid to these pieces. so let's go to the u.k. georgia galloway is standing by he used to be a member of parliament there what do you think it is george would you have voted given what you know to go ahead and start sending arms over there again that could be used to kill children in yemen. absolutely not and hundreds of thousands of people have perished in yemen the poorest country in the world right next door to one of the richest saudi arabia and british weapons manufacturers have themselves been feasting on the dripping roast of arms contracts which are being used to kill the children you just asked the boss of door about the court halted
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the arms exports on the grounds that our law requires weapon sales to be used only for defense not for xterm no aggression or in-town no repression and saudi arabia is only aggressing against yemen it is in john lear oppressing its own people it shocked into little pieces a washington post correspondent just last year a good friend of mine. and it is the fountainhead all the islamist extremism everywhere around the world including in your country and in mine and so the idea we should be tooling them up. to be even more ruthless killers is morally bankrupt i must say what is going to do that but what would it do to the economy in your country and in mine it one day we said we're going to stop making and manufacturing these bombs that we often end up giving or selling to these other countries what
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would be the significance of that george well. in our case it's about 2000000000 pounds. in arms sales to saudi arabia and if we are ready to sell our souls our conscience about that killing off children for $2000000000.00 a year then we have a country was living in george galloway former member of parliament talking about the decision in the u.k. thank you george certainly appreciate it all right so just to give you share with you a program note we're going to be following the situation that we just described that's going on here in washington d.c. as the president of the united states prepares to meet with the president of mexico that and a whole lot more as we continue to follow the news as well as this reminder that you can connect with us using portable t.v. simplest thing in the world well you got to get the care in your back pocket on your phone and you can click click. any time you want i'm rick sanchez we'll be
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looking for you again very soon when it's time. to do news again. time after time called parisian to repeat the same mantra sustainability very important it's accelerating transitions to sustainable prize board sustainability stay number man on a more equitable and sustainable world. they claim their production is completely harmless hollow dissolute the coming up. off the beach kakadu compass numbers and got it into something companies want us to feel good about buying their products while the damage is being done in far away this is something else this
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greetings and sal you tell us you know it seems that everyone these days rather than just rolling up the sleeves and doing a little the hard work or trying to fix the problems we face would rather just let technology do the dirty work for us it seems to be one of the sad truth of the 21st century you know rather than sweeping up your own mess savva roomba do it for you tired of parallel parking your car hello auto park too tired to pick up the remote just to have alexa change the channel for you rather than do real detective work just let bay show recognition technology tell you who when who and which suspect to .


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