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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  July 9, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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i don't think you. greetings and sal you take. yes put another candle laumann the cake as the united states of america celebrates another birthday with this year's coming and going of the 4th of july but. there is not much room for celebration because well my friends things are looking pretty grim here in the red white and blue land of enchantment and tater tots yes on the eve of its 244th birthday a majority of folks living inside the united states say that things are definitely not looking up in fact according to the hard working stat junkies at pew research
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their statistics and findings and polling has found that about 7 in 10 americans 71 percent say they feel angry about the state of the country these days while roughly 2 thirds 66 percent say they feel fearful angry and fearful. and who can blame us we've got code 19 exposing our for profit health care and are for profit elected officials as nothing more than broken down systems of charlatans broads and grifters are ones vaunted system of justice where originally you were supposed to be innocent until proven guilty as fallen into a steady diet of racism and classism in fact a new reuters investigation has recently revealed that thousands yes thousands of us judges who broke laws or old use have remained on the bench and then the past dozen years state and local judges have repeatedly escaped public accountability for misdeeds that have victimized thousands add to that the recent discovery by the
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miami herald that members of the poor lauderdale police department were caught on body cameras comparing body counts and cracking jokes about the numbers of innocent black lives matter protesters they shot and injured with rubber bullets how lovely . and let's of course not forget the latest news out of c n.b.c. who is now reporting that as many as $6700000.00 rent burdened households could face of diction once enhanced federal unemployment insurance expires at the end of july and eviction bans across the country are lifted. this 4th of july we have every reason to be angry and fearful my friends as we celebrate this young nation's birthday do not do not let the 2 party dictatorship fool you with their cheap patriotism and demands for status quo solidarity. because my friends we have
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to remember that we are not the corporations that seek to monetize us we are not the political parties that seek to corral us we are still the dream that was the united states of america because this once great country for all of its manmade ills and sins and there are many was still founded on the dream of equality and freedom a dream that even its founders never really completely understood or even adhered to truthfully but one that we can create for our very own as the nation celebrates its birthday this year and we start watching the hawks. if you want to know what's going on in the city streets you want to. do so you'd like to see the prices you always stay on see rolls royce gracie suggests least systemic deception is the late show which will bring the job as. welcome everybody to watching our clients i rolled into the music and joining us
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today to discuss the fear the anger and the push for true freedom and equality in the united states is the national court mater with the movement for people's party the one and only nick brought up thank you nick. great to be with you guys so much pure research as i mentioned earlier that 71 percent of u.s. citizens are angry and 66 percent say they are fearful should we see that as a failure of the 2 party system and that the leaders in the system and of the leaders of that system and that we've elected so far have they all failed us at this point. there's no question about it it's been a complete disaster before this catastrophe of the coronavirus in the way our government has handled it you had 18 percent of people living paycheck to paycheck you know more than half of the country on less than $500.00 saving and then what happened with coronavirus is just it has to be the final nail in the coffin with these corporate parties you had when they found out about the crisis that it was
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coming instead of actually buying up increasing protective equipment getting more ventilators members of congress actually bet and invested themself on the outcome they took money out of the stock market the rest of us have access to that and they never sent that all they've done is they bailed out wall street and they provided nothing. nic i'm kind of jealous of the room color you have going on right now as you know we've seen so many protests going on over the past few weeks and the entrance racism and corruption in our drug justice system and people are really speaking out loudly and proudly about that and to be honest the people on the protest are attacking both sides they are not really favorable democrats or republicans and what they've seen as people just ignoring the issues of race in this country do you think that this will be helpful in fixing our broken justice system do you think that there's going to be more push on both parties. absolutely
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i mean neither of the 2 parties has come close to meeting the demands of the protesters and defunding the police reallocating those resources to social services community services you know while that sounds like a radical demand or the democrats are all. i want you to believe that and back it becomes a whole lot less radical when you actually realize that that's what they've been doing to education that's what they've been doing to social services for many years they've been funding them and so that's the mandate to shift the resources back to where it is to actually helping people and not just militarizing the responses to communities that need help you've been a big proponent of 3rd parties over the years you would have 3rd party be able to fix those kind of racial problems and that institutionalized racism better than the 2 parties that we have no. those who parties have built the system of sensually systemic racism that upholds the system that we have now and the wealth inequality is just galling police violence of course but it's as well the fact that we have.
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black families in the united states with children have just one sense of wealth to every dollar that white families have in the united states so that is that is a history of systemic racism that follows all the way from slavery jim crow and fitted to segregation today and it's it represents the lost and forgotten and betrayed promise of 40 acres and a mule that was immediately after the civil war that black families who had been slaves were supposed to be given a chance to actually join parodying you know in terms of wealth and income with white families that promise was never fulfilled and majoring in party what we're building now with the movement for people party we have in our platform community policing restorative justice and policies like medicare for all and in universal basic things that will help those who are being at the floor of this society who
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have been the most abandoned and they have the highest support among black and latino populations they're not particular reasons. that they need it most. speaking about on saturday july 11th you're actually helping organize a nationwide protest in front of the homes of many prominent u.s. politicians of both the right on the left i'm leaders calling and that's calling for what you're saying as a people stimulus right now we currently have more than 60000000 u.s. households facing potential a virtual how does this protest that you're planning help those people who are facing got a virtue and what are some of the demands we're asking. that's right because what the democrats and republicans have done essentially is that they say are right working people across the country we're going to bail out wall street but and you're all going to lose your job or being $45000000.00 unemployment i am but you're still expected to pay rent you're still expected to buy groceries obviously
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that equation doesn't square especially when people don't have any savings and so what we're doing and to make the problem worse is the fact that you have the moratorium like you said on the vacations or foreclosures are about to expire next month which means that thousands of people are going to be out of their homes out of their apartment in the middle of an demick out in maine and that you also have the fact that the $600.00 expanded unemployment benefits the crumbs that they gave us are also going to expire on july 31st and so what we're doing is we're going to on july 11th go to the home of members of congress and senators across the country and we're going to hold rallies outside their home demanding people stimulus that mean the fund the police and divert funds back to schools and community services medicare for all it's $2000.00 a month universal basic thing cover payroll tax small business jobs the people on payroll that's what europe did that's why their unemployment has not meaningfully
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risen and also suspend rent hampel mortgage payments and then credit card debt. some big ass some coming up you know we're coming up on independence day here. time of celebration for many americans it's the 244th birthday of this country what do you feel are the biggest signs of hope that you see for the country in the midst of all of this fear and anger. this a breakdown that we're seeing and our society right now which it which is really what it is has been a long time coming this is high incredibly unsustainable the government's response to coronavirus the appalling other countries as i mentioned before have not seen. some countries in europe not in meaningful rises and on the climate and so being that being the economic depression that we've seen over the last few months was not a necessary consequence of the virus it was
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a policy decision that was made in washington and the things that i think hopeful are that people are finally through that people are not complacent you know people are actually taking to the streets and demanding that in huge numbers and if in fact washington thinks that it's going to take away those neger things that a people subsisted a survival level that expanded on a planet benefit moratorium on foreclosures and not these things on their wallets even wall street trillion and a blank check from the bad then i think you will very quickly see a lot more uprising in the streets within weeks because people are surviving on a thread right now i think it's important to note too that at the end of a very this country was was was founded on the protest of the founding of rebellion so we cannot we cannot look at these people and say oh they are the exception to the rule that's the very bread and butter of this country is rebellion and speaking your mind mix thank you so much for coming on today and educating the audience like
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you always do. great. all right as we go to break remember you too can also store watching the hawks on the man through the brand new portable t.v. ad. yes we have our own app it's called portable t.v. and it's available on all those platforms you see on your screen right now. this week coming up we look at how the sinewy instituting an ugly form of control in the new drive to work from home and then r t correspondent alex brings us the latest on a potential need to murder mystery taking place or what army base in texas stay tuned to watch in the.
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we go to work so you can stay home.
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you know a french philosopher voltaire said a lot of smart stuff like the value of all paper money eventually gets to its intrinsic value 0 smart guy right yet a lot of other smart things to say. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area rush up. what is it suddenly about the south china
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sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again.
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kobe 19 things up across the globe with leaders in a tactical war to stop the spread of the virus america left its reopening plans largely up to the states with a mixed bag of results as stores restaurants and other areas reopen schools and childcare centers largely remain closed thousands of adults are still working from home considering the effects of this new normal parents working from home are now doing so with their young kids in tow employers for the most part seem to understand this duality. but florida state university seeks to punish employees with children with grown a virus case is surging in florida the university released a memo no longer allowing employees to care for children while working with mostly employees of the university are baffled because for weeks now they've received support from their bosses in juggling both parental and work duties during the pandemic but florida state's recent about face is that going signaling a new message do your work or watch your children you cannot do both. while if you
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take care of them florida had reopened for a couple of weeks due to the rise in new coping 1000 cases and providers themselves testing positive for the virus the centers abruptly closed again parents are now stuck between a rock and a hard place and to put this further in conflicts with schools and daycares close children are at home 247 non-essential employees working from home must abide a tension between their workload and their kids' employer flexibility during this time is paramount at this youth policy will impact female employees more than their male colleagues will even force some women to step back from work and leave entirely it's the same song we see play out even outside of a pandemic if you're working mom and childcare is scarce or unavailable your career will take a major hit. to add i think to the disaster cake a new care dot com survey found that 63 percent of families are uncomfortable
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placing their children in daycare estates reopened and even more concerned about the cost of childcare now than they were before the pandemic alleged that i was saying to disaster there's a lot of icing to go around there's things when you think things can't get worse they seem to continue it's it blows my mind and this is one of those things i mean this policy change is devastating during append as you mentioned the state where we're seeing what 10000 new cases recently what options do these parents really have with florida state's demands reasonable any normal logical thinking person would say these are unreasonable demands what what options can they do to work with the most there are there aren't very many so if you're a parent and you decide that of the few daycare centers that have reopened that you want to place your child there you run the risk of them actually getting sick or or that day care closing down again because we've seen across the state of florida a lot of daycare is that had reopened are closing because their workers have come down with koby 19 the thing with most daycare and early care center workers is the
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majority of them are older women many of them are minorities that are african-american or latino they're a lot worse except the bill to cope with 19 because of lack of health insurance lack of you know adequate health care but also because they're being exposed because they have to go out many of them also work other jobs because if you're a daycare worker you're earning minimum wage or less than minimum wage so most of them are shuffling multiple jobs at the same time and now they have they stand the you know the great chance of translating job in 1000 to these children who will then bring it home to their parents it's like i love seeing the you know more businesses and institutions saying hey you know what you can work from home this does actually work someone works just as hard from home as they do from the office but florida state kind of saying this i don't want to see this catch fire and somebody suddenly become like the corporate go to like hey we don't want to see your kids in the background of the zune video like how how. is this policy especially towards women more than this this policy is unfair for many reasons one
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when we think about florida we know that they have the highest case of rising new kobe cases in america period but in addition to that most when you're talking about higher education most of the people who work in that field are women so many of these women and women in general largely take on the primary caregiver role when their children are at home or when their children are in school you were critically speaking even in 2 parent households the woman bears the brunt of a lot of that of a lot of that leadership responsibility when it comes to their children so women are now being placed in a position where they have to decide between their work and their kids which i would argue is a position that no woman should have to choose never and i think it's very sexist to put women in that they're going to it's also like the other middle of boggles my mind is how does florida state expect to enforce this but how are they going to possibly know whether or not your kids are in a daycare or if you're just talking and doing your regular work day that is the $1000000.00 question and it's one that is a little bit difficult to answer they are looking at specifically and when they
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targeted or reached out to certain people before this mandate actually came out they were looking at new moms so the other issue that happened with f.s.u. is that they are literally reaching out to you and targeting a lot of people who recently delivered children so there's a myriad of problems with that in and of itself again punishing people who are new moms or punishing moms in general and extremely wrong but. they're willing to why many people need those jobs though because i'm going from not mistaken child care is expensive motors childcare in america here's where we are as you can tell us about what america i do know about it but i have worked in child care policy that was one of the reasons i came to d.c. what we found is that child care in america is the most expensive anywhere in the globe and here in america it is on average $10000.00 a year per child in washington d.c. it is $35000.00 a year. her child so when you're talking about the expense of it a lot of people losing their jobs dual income households going down to one because
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of what we're seeing with the kobe 19 unemployment crisis this is something that lot of parents simply cannot afford yeah and let people work at the end of it who cares if their kids are in the back or they can do both i mean it's sad that they have to do both that we live in that society where we can't one person whether male or female can't make enough for their family to provide for their own family to both parents have to work but people can do both single parent households be be polite to them help them as much as possible and i think people do both every day and i think that this issue is only highlighting the fact that we need to do more for working families great point. finally after months and months of waiting jeffrey epstein's right hand galad gillan maxwell was arrested and charged this week after her alleged role in sex trafficking operation but while we wait with bated breath to see of ms maxwell miraculously commits suicide or conveniently disappears report trial there is another mysterious disappearance down in texas at the fort hood army base that is raising many eyebrows and questions including those
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of us representative tell gabbers i'm sorry of course about the strange disappearance of 20 year old u.s. soldier but message who has hasn't been seen or heard from since april 22nd r.t. america's alex mahela bridge joins us now with the latest on the case. alex i want to ask you right off the bat while the disappearance of any person soldier or anyone is wildly important why is the vanishing this soldier down in fort hood suddenly gathering so much attention and what are the details of this case. the time there you're looking at a 20 year old female latino soldier from fort hood of all places that disappeared and now we're hearing a lot more information coming from her family's lawyer speaking about the case today. basically that this is what we know now is she was speaking to the army time . the lawyer says that d.n.a. was brutally murdered the same day that she disappeared she was killed with
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a hammer in an armory at the base while working we have a suspect that suspect will be aaron robinson aaron robinson was a fellow soldier he left the base just a couple nights ago on tuesday looks like he took off and what happened is when law enforcement caught up to him he turned the gun on himself and killed himself on the spot now robinson supposedly also went to his girlfriend who is married to somebody else to help dispose of dns body they and they tried to set it on fire didn't work and then you know we found parts that are in the end of law enforcement from parts of d.n.a. so this this murder itself is obviously very very brutal the the allegations here are very serious and again like i said it's fort hood and another aspect to this which makes it exactly what you're talking about why why is this so important so important because again told her family about alleged sexual misconduct towards her there were allegations of basically people coming to her and doing what they're not
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supposed to be doing fellow soldiers sexually harassing her she was afraid to go to the police without her to actually say to the military to the whole people that are at higher levels command their prey to being blackballed and this is where we ended up we ended up with one young woman who was trying to serve her country and now she's dead while alex this is a home story is it's heartbreaking and so many ways trying to catch my breath here with everything that you just said. we know that the need to movement still has a lot of fire behind it and one of the things i've seen on social media personally with people calling out asking why didn't people jump on this in terms of advocates and need it later a lot of questions around that and we've seen that at least one person has represented tulsa gabbert she's taken an interest in this case and is calling it calling out a lot. the mythology as well as the sexual abuse that happens in the male military but what is it that she can do or what is it that people in congress need to be
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doing to not only illuminates this but also be able to get to the bottom of a lot of the cases of sexual abuse. that women are falling into also gathered. you know what i believe coming looking from the north to the south that would have been a wonderful take it with sanders and jabbered that didn't happen and why gabbert is vice president why governor because she knows intimately what the u.s. military looks like she served for 17 years she knows what the chain of command means so she went wild with the family. i should say dns family she spoke side by side with them urging congress urging the department of defense to do something about this this woman disappeared over 2 months ago we knew about the allegations that she made and it seems that whatever internal investigations going on they're not talking about it she wants some answers and she wants congress and the department of defense to react and for it so that things like this not to happen in the future when you hear that fort hood female soldier soldiers are told to walk
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together at night that there is an issue there when you're hurt when you hear about all this sexual harassment going on at fort hood there's an issue there and it's surely goes beyond just one base in the united states of america that it most certainly does alex thank you for this reporting on this on this really brutal but important case that you so much sir. thank you. i have asked for one you know it's real so interesting about that case there was a young latino man who disappeared earlier who was found buried outside that base earlier this year to raid months ago fort hood is full of problems a lot of problems there are had everybody know what i guess that is ours are over today remember everyone in this world we are not told that we are loved enough so i tell you all i love you i have overturned on the 2nd keep on watching all those hawks out there have a great big unlike your buddy. you
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a ticket in your care that oh. and how to cut is a very international community. meeting yesterday the trick is going to conflict. with just a good guys who can face the stuff so studies need to be easy. for the position of the with the stomach of brazil so their nuclear cooperation is on top is everything because he was the loser with the front of t.v. with the above 30. 5 i have i would have acted all day but i decided not to take his place. with my get can tell you that. hot no tea no crowd. no shots no. action
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just belts because. when the weather is dry no. it's. which your thirst for action. down from wants didn't stir turned a classes this fall school administrators aren't so sure dr drew pinsky joins us on this edition. of the politicking on larry king why u.s. kovan 1000 infection rates soar and the death toll tops 130000 president trump wants to open all the schools how reasonable is that expectation for that i'm joined by dr drew pinsky internist addiction specialist hosts a podcast including ask dr drew and dr drew after dark he.


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