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live from the world headquarters of the r.t. america in our nation's capital this is the news when rick sanchez then how to get everybody i'm rick sanchez and i want to welcome all of you who are watching us all over the world including those of you who are watching us on the on your mobile device using the portable t.v. once again the united states of america has set a new record in fact it happened yesterday when we surpassed 59000 covert 1000 cases in just one day 59000 by the way that is in no way an outlier it's actually a verifiable trend because we have in fact now set and then broken that record 5 times listen to this 5 times out of the last 9 days in fact it's safe to say that when it comes to coronavirus cases we here in the united states we are clearly in
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a league of our own. take a look at this chart see that chart right there what it does is it compares the caseload that's the red line in the united states to the blue line in europe and i want to show you a couple of things there's the peak for europe you see that right there that's when they started to take some measures to try and create lockdowns for example ours came here in the united states just a little bit afterward what's fascinating is as their measures went down you can see that they pretty much broke the curve right they even the curve and it continues all the way to this day because they're at 4000 a day in europe and it's just now right here that they're starting to finally make decisions to open things up again we here in the united states did things differently for example right there toward the end of april the beginning of may that's where texas and florida and acted their lock downs but both in texas and
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florida right around here they got rid of the lock downs and opened things up again and by opening things up you're going to see exactly what happens obviously it took a couple of weeks for people to really start getting out that another couple of weeks for the caseload to actually be accumulated which is right around there and that's how you can see where this starts going up to where it is right now at $59000.00 cases a day remarkable and that's the difference that's the differentiator explaining it as simple as you can so what's happening now well. you got it get ready for some new shutdowns believe it or not in places like florida and texas businesses like bars and restaurants and events and gatherings are now being either shut down or limited again why. simple really the corona virus does not travel right it can't travel by itself it doesn't have legs it's
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a virus but we do so when we began traveling again and going to different places so that the virus that could be mitigated by masks for example but many americans following the white house's lead have chosen not to wear masks so who's in charge well here's where it gets even more confusing as terms of what's going on in our country right now mayors in cities around the country have been pushing for stricter measures but many governors and different states have done just the opposite so you have the president saying one thing the governors and the mayors saying something else often conflictive and as for the c.d.c. guidelines you know what they are is taking its toll on everyday people both mentally and physically and economically yes today for the 16th month in a row more than a 1000000 americans filed for unemployment going to break all of this down for you right here as we begin to well drill down on where we seem to be and where we seem to be headed with this pandemic here in the news with rick sanchez where we believe
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it really is time to do news again. right here now is a list of the questions we think you'll be asking tomorrow can the united states re flatten its covert curve the covert blues hits serbia but why the street violence there we'll take you there and what's it like to travel amid this coded surge. we begin though with the lockdowns that we've been talking about yes it may be happening again in the united states it's a foregone conclusion and nobody likes the idea but it may be our new reality right but interesting enough we're not starting in the united states we're going to start with global coverage with a global perspective from serbia take a look at this look at this these are riots on the streets of belgrade where
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citizens suddenly became angry after apparently hearing that their president was going to reinstitute a locked out of their economy and mandate stay at home orders again here's our team correspondent alex mahela bitch picking up the story from here. tonight this. sparked by strict coronavirus measures with a 2nd wave of confirmed infections plaguing serbia on tuesday the country's president elect somebody made this announcement because some will do not starting from tomorrow there will be a ban on any kind of public gatherings indoor or outdoor more than 5 people starting from friday curfew will be reimposed in belgrade from friday to monday we will reassess the situation on monday and make further decisions currently serbia's capital belgrade is the worst hit city in the country where across the nation over a dozen deaths have been reported along with hundreds of new infections so far this
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week while which insists that the measures have been put in place for the protection of citizens thousands of serbs have hit the streets to protest against the president's management of the coronavirus crisis we're here today because our government is trying for the 2nd time please put the super. cool impose currency in. responsibility because me though the mistakes. and i live with the pressure on shortly after the announcement retracted the order but instead of bringing an end to the upheaval demonstrations have spread to other serbian cities with protests for and many would argue that the current unrest is about more than just a virus and is a part of an attack in serbia's current administration that was reelected just weeks ago some even blamed outside interference for the spread of the
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demonstrations including serbia's president to all those who think they can stomp on serbia from abroad i can say one thing serbia is a tough nut to crack that much tougher than you think that you know if you destroy it just like that unison not only will serbia survive this will be stronger and more successful besides economic pressure in recent years serbia has endured a number of onslaughts that can be described as foreign interference in the current situation there are fingers pointing at serbia's local media for making things worse an interesting fact is a significant part of the serbian media landscape is controlled by the k keep our global institute whose chairman happens to be former cia director and u.s. general david petraeus with coke at $1000.00 and external powers and play the situation in serbia can be described as dangerous while most serbs who watch from the sidelines the situation in the streets is causing instability and it's doing
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little to help stop the spread of the virus for news with rick sanchez i'm alex mileage joining us now is former george galloway you know george there's so much to unpack here in the united states the case never been worse in europe finally they're starting to see a break from this and now are thinking about opening things up and then we see in serbia where they want to read and people take to the streets and riot. what's going on here. well as alex put it. perfectly a minute ago this is about more than the coronavirus the political conflict in serbia has been unresolved since the war the nato war against serbia over a constable and over the breakup of yugoslavia the political fault lines have never settled down from the period of the united states. and his group
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are trying to a pools are be are one way west on direction you might say others they are are you might call them serbian nationalists they look east they look to russia as the natural ally and of course serbian nationalism is still out in arms literally against the severing of the country over the course of all question because of war now a nato protectorate unable to stand on its own but torn out of its army and motherland but the coronavirus angle is obvious the president who lifted all the lockdown measures in order that he could have an election which was not necessary in order to get himself reelected and having been civilly reelected now he wants to put the lockdown on the quarantine back up again and saw everyone is in
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a state of furor you know george the world health organization put out a statement yesterday where they seem to suggest that those countries that are having a tough time dealing with cope at 19 are having a tough time dealing with it because of their leadership vacuum are they right. yes leadership is key if you have a consistent leadership with a consistent message like china did like vietnam did not occur like south korea did you can take your people with your but if you do. and you were out yeah which unfortunately some tends to explain what's going on right now here and in some measure in the u.k. a while ago in your country george thank you my friend for joining us we appreciate it we want to do something a little different today but i guess you could say we're sort of breaking format if you will what we want to do is get a better understanding of what it's like to travel during code 19 but rather than
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booking aghast or assigning the story to one of our correspondents we asked our team contributor and former n.t.s.b. official transportation official jamie finch to hit the road for us jamie has prepared a video vignette for you that captures what he actually experienced while he was on the move in these very precarious times. ok well we boarded our we're on our way to the airport now able to see how to change what changes have been made by your life and the airports i'm checking in and what your reaction travel is going to be like now it. looks. like you. were taking the airport and i have to say we got here very quickly
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because there's not a lot of traffic right now not as many people are traveling as they were prior to the pandemic and so you can see that there's a lot of people here and so it's pretty easy to practice social distancing right now the 1st thing you do before you go into the air for sure that you're wearing your mask and when you're inside the airport and throughout your travels make sure that you wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds the time away and or using and sanitize. we're in the southwest check in area at national airport in washington d.c. you can see that there's a limited number of kiosks here usually i would say that there's probably. about 3 times as many kiosk here if you look at the airport it's empty. i can tell you right now we've been here for what 3045 minutes and this is the most people watching the airport all morning let's go check our bags and let's get to national .
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for the t.s.a. security point here at washington national you can see there's a limited number of travelers here going through security so the chances of your being delayed for security are pretty slim right now during these times would be people are traveling like they were prior to the pandemic the c.s.a. is also trying to maintain social distance and you'll notice on the floors they put some marks to remind people to maintain 6 feet apart and social distance. t.s.a. has no institution new rules and regulations on how their interaction happens between the passenger and the agent it's no longer will the passengers hands or their boarding pass or the points i devise to the agent this agent will observe it from them with us or the passer holds it up for them. as well as showing them to their id. if you're thinking about food you might want to think about something before
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you get to the airport that you can bring with you as i'm in this more part of the restaurant for very limited and the ones that are open. in the ones that are open are kind of because there's not many options for people to go. people are just waiting in the waiting areas like they normally do i don't know if there are in kind of rules written regulations or certain airports are putting in restrictions placed far as observed here and in nashville and also at national airport in washington d.c. it didn't seem like it was there any kind of rules or stipulations or regulations on being enforced on the. will be sitting sitting separately or form or maintain social distancing. we're going to play self as it really was kind of a remarkable. other than that everybody had on masks and. super functional blessed that they maintained that the middle seat to the plate was pretty full on the airline good as now what kind of training that they were doing with the plane in
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between every flight and also it would be clean to do it every night with different planes and not use now we're here in nashville so let's go get our baggage. former transportation official jamie finch giving us. on the ground and in the air look at what it's like to actually travel right now well done jamie this is the news with rick sanchez you're watching our special coverage when we come back dr lisa paula joins us to discuss well how to cope with the kobe blues we're here for you will be right back.
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we go to work so you straight home. is you'll be via reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. high salacious full community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true what is faith.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a made in the shallows. you cannot be bold with the yet you will. have welcome back i'm rick sanchez here although there is a direction on our t. america back for those of you watching us on port. well t.v. we showed you
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a little while ago the way people are reacting in serbia and here in the united states there have been similar acts of frustration as a result of the confusion and the emptiness that a lot of people are feeling right now some are lashing out for example the idea of wearing a mask has some people very frustrated here watch this you cannot escape got to see that again you. guys not even with the mask or 6 feet. i'm not. going to do for you you're going to. i'm going to you know we don't want any of this anymore it's over you know. why. can't you come up one way i mean. this is crazy i mean at 1st we were shocked when this whole thing covered 19 things started and then we tended to accept it. and then we thought it was almost behind us and that we're being told that we might
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have to be locked down again if ever there's time to do a segment called the covert blues it's right now joining us is dr lisa paul murphy was a practicing psychologist to palm beach county florida how many people are you see who are directly. affected by this thing the blues that we're i guess coining today on the show. a lot of people are affected by this and they're tired of staying home so unfortunately a lot of people are ending and they're going to hell and that's a problem for sure i'm just wondering as i look at this how difficult you think it will be because if it's hard now it's only going to get harder where you are there in florida many municipalities are saying we're going to read a lot balam 6 restaurants bars we're shutting them down events we're not going to let people have them again so it's almost like
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a double whammy what's the effect on the human psyche on our psychology when this kind of thing happens what are you seeing. but what i'm seeing is a lot of people are having trouble staying at home because they're having to face 'd us and not distract themselves well and i've even had friends that said i just can't do this anymore so i'm just going to do while and i'm going to travel and i mean my friends going to trial and a lot of my friends and you know have fun are trying to act like life is normal when it isn't and i really am concerned about people who are. people really are getting sick from this and people are dying and i think this is. a social media and i say well i mean people and i but do we really need more people it's i. have personal responsibility for our own health and for the health of our what i know that i personally have friends one of them was
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a former miss usa who recently changed out that she. and i think it's really cool and if you have a friend or a loved one or meeting yourself through it. you can utilize social media to educate its own. about your 7 terms and i did this to make this. so we need some coping mechanisms for you people are listening right now and they're they're really having a tough time dealing with this we know that our governments have screwed up every mayor says something different every governor said something different and who knows what's coming from the white house on any given day so how do we cope with this uncertainty in this frustration lisa well we have. been very strong you know we. have to work within what do you do right so we're. taking the only one. practice in routines and i mean if you don't own anything do
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you fear. you just absolutely in concert. and strive life is far more. creative normalcy me and of course i just join your show which i would do anyways. and i make so i try to take care of myself and i encourage i think that's great advice great advice dr lisa palmer joining us with well coping tips for the code my team bloopers. and we all need a co-pay states after space x. is historic launch of nasa astronauts last may we want to track the latest developments happening with a california based rocket builder so here now is our correspondent natasha suite. or 3. line here.
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this is space x. launching the military's newest most accurate g.p.s. satellite last week the launch comes after a 2 month delay due to the pandemic in iraq it blasted off carrying the g.p.s. satellite to orbit to bring you 1st aid booster landed on an ocean platform several minutes later to be recycled for future use according to the space force. this is the 3rd most advanced line of g.p.s. satellites it joins a constellation of 31 g.p.s. spacecraft in orbit chris cassidy a nasa astronaut tweeting these photos from space last week after completing a 2nd spacewalk for the international space station's power upgrades the only letdown was adding to the space debris when cassidy's says he lost a small mirror on his sleeve that was a real bummer for me i had no idea how it happened the risk mirrors are are on your wrist kind of tight i mean they're on they're pretty snug bob behnken arrived on a space x. rocket a month ago he says he's happy with the engineering of it all so far and that's a really proceeded as expected and i think that's the thing that really gives doug
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and i continued confidence in the vehicle is that it's matching the engineering predictions for all of those things and i think that you know we're looking forward to that continued performance of their august splashdown will be the 1st for a nasa crew in 45 years their launch was the 1st manned lift off for space x. and the 1st from u.s. soil in nearly a decade where you see a successful takeoff of the space x. falcon 9 on june 13th it launched the night batch of satellites into space x.'s starlink broadband network but since the historic launch of nasa astronauts on may 30th space x. has still met some disappointments on wednesday space x. had to stand down from the planned launch of dozens of starlink internet satellites on a falcon 9 as a result of bad weather just 11 minutes before takeoff space x. announced via twitter that it was standing down space x. had planned to launch 57 i stirling satellites along with 2 black sky global earth
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observing satellites as part of a right share mission the right share deal with book by space flight a brokerage service that enables a small satellites to find right shares to space the delayed mission this week is the 2nd for this planned launch originally slated for june 26th a new target date for the launch. 1st saturday night 11th reporting for the news with rick sanchez are you ready for a little european football in america here's steve chris talk yes rick we call it soccer here and the m.l.s. is back turn it did kick off last night even though a couple teams have already you know been out of the tournament to take over 19 but we did have at least one match last night and before the game there was a powerful demonstration for 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silent tribute to. george floyd and all the other victims of racial integration and justice and police brutality and it's the players for change demonstrated m.l.s. players for change there are black players giving a voice to them in the m.l.s. the black players of the m.l.s. to assist in making systemic change both inside and outside of the league so it was
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a powerful moment prior to the game and you saw the players of orlando city and into miami taken and me in the center of the field when the black players for change surrounded them with their fists raised but we did get into the action and it was a pretty exciting game so let's get into some of these highlights it was a scoreless 1st half 47th minute it. was the 1st goal of the tournament and that makes it one off across a victory and then to take another look the nice little give and go inside the box finishes from close range of act but orlando city had plenty of time equalize you know their star nani they have down there he comes up huge down the stretch streaking up the left flank crosses mueller who turns on the jets to the close run slides and there for the strike guy places him perfectly does not he and it would remain tied at one after 90 minutes of play but there was 10 minutes of 2nd half stoppage time now coming up so in the 97th minute not other than you guessed it right place right time and his teammate sends one into the area the balls falls right to the boot of nani to poke it in from 10 yards out and that would prove to
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be the game winner orlando city takes it $2.00 to $1.00 in a thriller there so so miami no they're not knocked out it's world cup style so that was just they got 3 points 'd right so they're still in the group stage so that means that they're how many how many teams are in the now it was 26 but now the. only $24.00 left because nashville is out and alice is out because $10.00 tell your child about his dream positive yes a lot of what man highlights that's cool we got some white hot it's going to want to look like right exactly he appreciated that's our news thanks so much for being with us so much tranches we'll be looking for you again next time as we like to do is get you a. french philosopher of altair said
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a lot of smart stuff like the value of all paper money eventually gets to its intrinsic value 0 smart guy right and then a lot of other smart things to say. so we were. going to name. him of those he just came up with if you care that oh. i'm talking is a very international community. media used to use it to flip. it does this. need to. go to the position of the one who used to cook a business for their new coffee. is everything because he was polluted with the forms
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of tea do with the above the. law they have that would affect all day but i decided not to take people's life. with my grandpa used. it is a bit larger global issues of war. or the great depression what we're experiencing at the moment and dead wards 'd in a young generation resilience the character for truth and the ability to adapt and respond. i don't know crap. no shots. actually felt.
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no fixed. points your thirst for action. dollar trump wants didn't stir and turn to classes this fall school administrator is on so sure dr drew pinsky joins us on this edition of politic. the politicking on larry king why us cover 19 infection rates soar.


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