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there is a summer line in all of this. as marie cheerless business but i don't even quite know how real estate he works now i hear in some places the markets hot but can they still do showings or what's happening on his end of it in the beginning it was down just because you know everything can't trust between a lot like the rest of the world but right now he they're able to do so in a one point it was like to empty homes and now i think it's like what distance in my place for him but he's busy all the little every day you know in his office downstairs and a minute set and so. it's not it's not. he's got to work it into his pitch and when he when he goes into the bathroom and there's 2 saying so you can you can refer to as the social distancing but they are things in our surveys that if. you don't work once you need your. own you know. yes i was in the original hollywood jamie when i was like 7 years all and now i just didn't you know i mean it brought
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my character back 40 whatever 8 years later now so i'm in the new hollowing tells the same thing that comes out this. well great they're all man's the driest cat i've ever met. but it's one of those comedians when i meet chris i'm freaked out because i always think he's clock and me as a player but a sweet guy at heart and i've always loved jamie leases it's been sweet hey listen i have to talk to you about the show for a 2nd now i have a launched in years but i used to watch these shows i'm one of these people about t.v. i like high end t.v. i like middle t.v. i like google and see by like old movies i like sports i just leave it on the background i kind of dig it i don't need t.v. to always be hyper it important it just kind of is entertainment my daughter in law loves your show after all these years i told her i was talking to you steve got excited you know when i stopped watching the housewives shows a little though and i never was a have a season but i would watch it in passing it was your sister one night i watched
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your sister in a car with you and i thought i was privy to something i should not be irate you know she seemed so sweet to me and she was so sad about moment i thought maybe i shouldn't be watching this maybe i shouldn't be privy to this directly and i mean in the car or scaring her that moment i think a lot of people remember that moment and i remember being like on like 2020 they i interviewed me about that moment. yeah that's a part of reality tell isn't a step up because you know you can you come into something like has anything like it to you know certain parts of my life private to myself tell them i know about this whole situation and then at 7 my sister there's so much history you know between us and our relationship mom policy was so damaged and. there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that the i didn't know and we were new to this and next thing you know we were having a horrible high and i am lines across like to make her like stop talking with
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people i was going to hit her and it's i've never laid a hand on anybody. so it was not just that was the definitely alone part in on the real housewives of beverly hills. well listen that wasn't to put you on the spot because i don't remember any of that i remember thinking these shows are entertainment and there's real sadness in anybody's family anybody's life and i'm privy to her sadness now that's what i remember i don't remember any 3rd it is sisters will be sisters families will be families i just remember it seemed like a sweet woman and i thought you start thinking about this whole back story this is not related to the show or a young girl all of a sudden shows a precluded for something obvious and she's doing something that a young girl doesn't have to do become a breadwinner in an odd way then you get dumped out later in life and nobody thinks about all that and i just saw us and sadness in her face and the boy everybody's
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got their their pack to carry don't they and everybody does and i think that when the sound 1st started 10 years ago people thought oh ok well devil hills are going to be the most you know the franchise and all the suddenly came out and. we were just real people real problems who happened to live in beverly hills and. you know people really invested in our and what was going on in our lives and they i asked lots and for 10 years now. let's put a lot of time in a lot of high 3 times soundly you know that's why i'm so you're a decade later. it's unbelievable you must have to learn how to roll with that no way you know but when people always say that they're heard by social media and that i remember years ago it was a little more but but as it evolves and you see how mean spirited it can be under the guise of anonymity i don't know about you or some of the new people in the show at some point you just gotta roll with it that's the price of doing business people
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were aware of many were growing up as a child actor you know we would get fan mail sent to our agent's office and it was never anything unkind it was just you know people wanting pictures or just a letter or you know a lot of letters from jail but. as things you know change and you know the world change and social media came into play when we started the housewives it was very new to me all that's also media and when it 1st are happening it was horrifying because i don't know people you know like that existed like that out there and then you get better and you get used to it new lab ok they said i'm ugly ok they said i'm on this a map you know my husband raised me they said horrible things i hope i die like my mother died of breast cancer everything in and out and brought up but every now and then i you know even though i've spent 10 years i think. it's just disheartening to think that there are people like that that's mainly what it has it's like i'm believing what they're trying to tell the head when it's
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a sad that that even exists. yeah a kind of in a way but if you think about it from another perspective i remember once i got a bad review and i told my mum that it had bother me years ago my mum's passon speeches a wise day and she looked at me as you said can you shut up with the life that you have been afforded to think the ticket price for that is periodically a stranger lights you up and doesn't dig which you do she's a dentist it's there's a real world out there there's st jude's hospital there's walter reed real life is happening you can't get whiny of god some stranger hate your guts that always stuck in my head i don't allow it too much because it does seem a little or too it is too much that's why i don't mind a battle like you know i just kind of. comical it to people like that and then i sort of pick up my boots absentminded know because that you know that's why they do it is if you get a when you have the lines and the setting up and so you know we're going to punish
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you now. now over and i would imagine that you have to learn to row with a little over the years pick your shots i mean it's an odd thing to be immersed in it's like a real life truman show where all of a sudden people are interested in the real intricacies of your life and that but i would imagine there have to be days you just show up or can flat out and go i've got a gig there other days it's fun and there are other days it's not fun you can't be that vested in every moment you go absolutely crazy. and sometimes i do i mean the thing is as well the acting which i love and that's my my 1st you know this is and i was telling him you know housewives sitting in the following and want to excel in lining your and i was all over the place and i felt really really overwhelmed so you know i would think to myself at least with acting like i leave at home you know and i would go to work if i can come out 7 30 in the morning i never felt tired as i was excited every minute and then i would let it go enjoy myself or
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a lack of reality television they say you know you can't leave behind because it's just like it's not like you know you get a script you know bring it home don't like it or not script it and we're not set up so. it can be very painful anxiety provoking and i suffer from anxiety so i mean at the smartest guy that i could we do know the world but it's also brought a lot of great things for my charities and other things that i've wanted to do so it's been amazing actually i would i want to change it for anything. i tell you what people don't realize sometimes about showbusiness i think they do but in a way they only see the good side of it you've got to bust your ass to be in show business you've got to hustle to get to the point where anybody's interested in you and then you're talking about 5 o'clock at it's great to be in a movie but i'm telling you you work your took a suff in show business and yet there's gravy at the end of it some jobs there's never gravy so there's that the man when you're in the midst of it you had to bust
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your tail because there's always somebody willing to bust it harder to take your spot well we always have the most are so because it's a reality show about you know women who are you know. let's say well whatever you want to call it that they have this illusion that you know we're just going to lunch in the cameras happen to be and we're going to parties they don't seem a lot of work as i think and come to them at 7 30 in the morning larry not in a lie i think getting on a plane going to new york trying to make all the line of way back to north carolina back to l.a. from my commitment to housewives back and then we'll say i headed out to art and i go you never want it never like i don't like you have no idea i've been working since i was 3 or 4 years old when i started acting and i just think i can even you know i get a little worked up over that but that is that's a lot of. we're talking to count richardson you know or from the real housewives of beverly hills i'm intrigued to hear they're doing another halloween because it is so stark that movie and so frightening i caught it recently and i thought oh i can
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see why this work than the simple music and it's just primal like the ninety's living deads primal what's the redo is it just a redo or a next chapter tell me what tell me what approach they're taking to the new halloween. it's sort of like well the results of i was in the original album and then i think of them all the time they curtis was babysitting and then there was like a lot of like all going to the before they can point out or not this one david korten green it basically acted like all of them since the 1st one lobe are gone and up and they just picked up a last year with cheney that was amazing him look at me excited and i went to the premiere i said of the right part because they asked me why would you want a remake or if your character like i don't know i mean i wasn't killed in their words why am i not in the south end up getting here which is really exciting and yes it's basically a continuation coming from you know 9 to 70 but you know listen i don't know i
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think. so and it's really got and it was really fun to film in north carolina and it is really terrifying you know i did a lot of horror films as a child and i my mom until i was 15 years all so it's why when you tell me that you're playing cards on the set and michel martin great he's lovely then you see yourself in a movie again you know like you know sometimes as if that is one of many more of our times ahead. but is this really exciting and you know it work it would say need and we just you know on and to break through and ask your actor i'm excited about it we're talking to count richards she's a delight as i said the fattest hat we've ever had on the show we'll chat more after the break and season. 10 real housewives of beverly hills this is dennis miller plus one.
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you cannot be both with the yeah you like. during the vietnam war u.s. forces also bomb to neighboring laos it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. how to laugh so much that is officially the mousepad rebound country per capita in appalling human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country jordyn wieber things went out of control it's happening. even today kids in laos full victim to bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for that tragedy and what help do the people need in that little land of mines.
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show seemed wrong. but all. just don't call. any new world yet to stamp out disdain because the attitude and engagement because of the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just in the for common ground. you live in the age of just believe the people don't trust the government and the government doesn't trust the people and we come to this deficit of legitimacy and more importantly is there a way out of this dialogue. hey folks welcome back to dennis miller plus one you know it's interesting how pervasive these shows are in america every i if you like silly introducing
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everybody knows richardson is the one of the stars of the 10th season of the popular bravo series the real housewives of beverly hills and i'm wondering a hot as i said to you i have not watched this. like i used to how is the current cast constituted how many people do you have other newbies do you do you usher in newbies and show him the ropes tell me we are young we have 2 new additions which are on a certain strategy and ourselves and then we had to nice friction stowing alasdair . like they were 7 or 8 of us now. we've gone from 6 to 8 to 10 in the list season and now you know i say no welcome to the so you know i sins whatever but then you know when there's issues that come about and you start doing then that battle goes out the door so and it's inevitable because every season something happens where
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you know someone will drop a bomb about somebody and the next thing you know there's all this drama and tears at the post and they're not going to suit him are on you know they or they just don't show up and then call it quitting and then it's a whole i mean it's not like scripted television they. specialise goes out the door . well listen there's there's been on a t.v. show then there's somebody legitimately peson yop and sometimes it's hard to suppress that i'd have to say the perfect ringmaster for this sort of thing and i don't know but the andy cohen guy seems perfect to helm this whole universe he seems like bemused by the way takes a very serious little a he mixes it perfectly seems like a good orchestra leader yeah he has and he's been doing this a long time he's obviously a pro at it and i mean i can imagine i've been here 10 years it's really been doing this a long time but he knows what he's doing that's for sure and we all love him you know he's like that he's like. like
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a therapist but also turning up at the same time you're on. his very interesting unique talent in this and this i know the one woman when starting a restaurant or something hearst her husband seems always so sweet to me she has the dog i'm sorry i'm not trying to be too cool i know i have it or somewhere lisa and she is she on the show you're the mothership i always view yours is the the mid show is she on the mothership anymore she's just up in restaurant world sees nazi is on a different accent all the end of the proles that's around her restaurant which is also on bravo sorry about my to a stop. on c.n.n. like all barking like crazy and that's part of this world now i can't even tell it like. that's a khaki kind or something muffled in the background but then that's all right i like a nice pooch it lends a verité feeling to the interview if you get a brand started on one of these shows i'm amazed by the girl in new york she
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started which is a pretty clever idea of the drink skinny girl drinks and i think she made a mint sounds like vanderpump as you say is got a whole restaurant chain now if you get something going here or not you were talking about a clothing line tell me a little bit about that this seems like the perfect. hummer's vehicle to get something going on especially for gals i guess right what i had closed doors for 5 years. and i've held in stores for 7 years. and know what retail chains and i decided to use an old inline elsa the only line and it's a stand i wrote my pump has done a lot of things a lot of doors for me. i decided to the cleaners because i love fashion and i. close my stores assume like a smart thing to do but then of course it's endemic started and you know the factory had to stop whatever worst picking up nastily but shirley and people love
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it so it's exciting i would like to ultimately be able to you know how that often run me like back in the day like jack. and i remember i was in debt in the days so you know something like that you know going after the snow is done i think jacqueline smith she was always sort of classy and so beautiful didn't she go to kmart and start a line or something exactly so i mean my lines are higher and now but it's like. medium price point but i'm not you know you know i'm so open to doing something like that because i like the longevity of that and you know one day i'm not going to be doing this for ever obviously and some days i think this you know certain other days i'm like well made a good thing in a little longer i really want to live in the mountains. but i would be nice to have you know just keep going and be able to design and i produce television also so i like behind the camera as well. i think i could live like that. yeah
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it sounds nice i'm going up to the mountains hopefully i can't wait to get up there do some of those hikes and suck suck that thin but beautiful air and you know i would i will i don't know yes i'm not going to give you advice and so what to do but i also admire michael j. fox's approach when he was doing family ties i think it was and all of a sudden he gets back to the future he's one of the biggest stars on the planet quite frankly and he always said i'm doing family guy till they are family ties and so they turn out the lights because people don't like to think oh they've got a job that i'd like and if you keep it all the way through they go ok they never got too full of themselves so in a way or i'm sure this the sturm and drang of us must drive you crazy sunday is probably best to stay right till the very end and then they they think well she she hung in there the whole way and if the fans seem to like that right well they do and there really is a part of and there were like you know people think out starting to leave the mills
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and i don't legally and i mean i think you're you know right now the good outweighs the bad and i'm sorry it's a when you were that changes then you know what i mean changed as a person as i get older too and liking sort of being removed from the scene and all of that and wanting to maybe you know divide my time getting here in colorado and all that you know will same well say that's how it's it's kind of having a good day to day last week i was like i'm done i'm outta here. but son like you said earlier you got your babies at home right earl your kids was you know what a blast i have 4 daughters all with me you know i'm fortunately for one of them for college experience interrupted and she came home and then my other girls morgan our real estate company agency. so they're here done you know work in the office with my husband and my little one is and you know her really doing her over she's an elementary in the middle school so i have a little here were cooking or playing board games or having picnics out i'm
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learning to not only get my does that mean but no manners it is. and you're not. that's not right might not you know. this judy is expected to seize the. i'm glad you pointed out it was your dog i thought my god her do phase moving over her shoulder i don't what. i would have discovered or. were targeted richards you were mentioning earlier about your charitable causes tell me a little bit about your cons what it would do you got coming up with events tell me what your what do you focus on and what do you have coming up well i focused on breast cancer research because i lost my mother to breast cancer and i have 4 daughters so that's been so important to me and i'm also very involved it's
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a little hospital los angeles charity that is i actually got i was already involved in jamie lee curtis actually took me to the next level so we're very involved there and actually the season of the real house. i threw in started and this time the 1st time i've ever done a. actual charity like with an auction you know sign an ox and like moxon myself like i had never done it outside of my in my home and it was very overwhelming but we raised a lot of money and it was it was an exciting night and it's important to me to be able to clear a charity each season on the house as a so focused on money in who's wearing what i'm striving you know what car and time is bigger so. i'm going back as that's kind of like the format the so they like to focus on that so. feel like i did something like on our charity is. yeah you know i always find it amazing when people go to certain things on t.v.
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and find out what they're lacking in their eyes i always view it as like dim son you can pick whatever cart comes by you if i want to watch an in mar bergman film i watch a bergman film if i want to light confection in the way of a reality show i pick the light confection of reality show a lots of good people who pick the one thing and then find it wanting saying well they seem to focus a lot on. their shari'a and eating well and you think that's the show what are you kidding me that's the show that's what it's about it exactly in right now with you know having it's going on the world as so many people losing their jobs and suffering and you know you know we have many friends of lost their jobs and you know people that are living month to month and now i mean it's it's awful to see people you know the restaurants closing and all that so now they look at the cell and they're like oh they're fine here they're fine they're in their private plane and they're like oh my gosh this is really like it's going you know the pattern
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number they're like oh they're hugging and kissing yes that was before we had social distancing and were also like traveling and kind of planes and going here and there we are all this started so. i think that's us and it was some people to kind of go like oh my gosh i can't believe this a people also like escape because you know we are going to this eclipse i'm so it kind of a watch. or now an outlet i always think t.v. just out there you got to seek it out and watch it if you're sitting in a lodging it to get pissed off about it you're missing the point of it seek out watch something that doesn't push by that that just seems simple to me i don't go find things that. i just avoid that not count when we said you're on today naturally you guys must have a social media footprint like i can't believe because we get questions out the resume you want to field a couple questions from some stance or. all right kathy campbell clare my
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beautiful hyphenated name on facebook will you ever write a book about american woman i love that t.v. show and i want more kathy says oh all that's us a that's the t.v. set i produced. by my life or not and the main character was my mom played by lisa's oversell. will i ever write a book on it well i wrote a book. elle ready and so there's a lot of my mom's like you know wisdom in that book. it's called life the reality show. but i do plan on writing another book one day sailboat probably won't be american woman based of something different denise mclaughlin ford on facebook it says it seems like carl is experiencing exactly what lisa vanderpump went through last season that she have more empathy this season for what l v p went through. any any time you know it seems like everybody turns out one person of course. i
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felt and you know lisa felt that way i felt bad when this happened with me for 2 episodes. you know i meant 10 years i think a lot more than that try taking it down so i just sort of like i said some tears and then i come back. and really wesley's i had done the same and stuff but as you know she's great you know really is out of place and. already you better go feed those hounds i think i see him in the back there he's about the bedspreads my granny put a large kibble out of. bunch of babies underneath and feed those docs say hi to reseal for me to tell me he's of beast i love the way he closes that he's of. helmets and i tell her thank you so much.
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all right kiddo good to meet you take care you got rid of dennis miller plus one. the 1st suasion of the tick tock users is pretty high because they have a huge mass right so it's about damps right there and sorts of gather and they can create incredible structures goes are totally coordinated and so that's ants in this case are have the ability to i think change election outcomes.
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you can't be both with the yeah you. know my one is a mighty i'm not one. on the side of. the brain to about as of a time that members of us anytime that we're in a sensitive on love lives are more about. one when they're more than the side of fulfillment. seen that i'm going to fit in but i'm before going to combine them but i. knew now by now i'm by the imam by the. past.
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hello there i'm in illinois and you are watching in question tried casting from our to america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here tonight's top stories 1st in a tit for tat move china slaps retaliatory sanctions on 3 u.s. lawmakers and one u.s. envoy details next in a full court then over to serbia where they continue to see protest as the government is threatening another virus lock down meanwhile talks between serbia and kosovo appear to be back on track despite the kosovo president's war crimes. plus the red planet is about to get a visit from earth invaders we'll tell you which countries are hoping to seize the moment before time runs out all right it's time.


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