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d. were deep depression this will last a few years. live from the world headquarters of r t america our nation's capital this is the new. rick sanchez and hello again everybody i'm rick sanchez and we want to welcome all of you who are watching us from all over the world including those of you who are watching us on your phone using the portable t.v. something kind of mysterious is taking place in iran as we speak the story begins but certainly does not end with this video that i'm about to show you right here take a look at this video because it reflects what's just been going on there in the past
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48 hours 7 ships have suddenly caught fire in iran the new news agency there is describing it as a series of quote fires and explosions around the country some of which have hit sensitive areas there you can see firefighters you see the rescue officials there looking somewhat perplexed almost confused as they try and put out these blazes that they can't quite explain ok now i mentioned that there's a mystery here and that there's more to this story and well here it is if those fires and explosions were an isolated incident i would not be leading this newscast with this revelation but the fact of the matter is these are not isolated fires they're not since late june there have been fires and explosions many of them unexplained around. iranian military nuclear and industrial facilities in fact i
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want to take you through some of these incidents about 3 weeks ago june 26 an explosion occurred just east of tehran near the parchin military base the cause was said to be a leak in a gas storage facility ok 4 days later though june 30th 19 people were killed in an explosion at a medical clinic this time just north of tehran the explanation there apparently another gas leak then just a couple of days after that july 2nd a fire erupted that iran's underground nuclear facility in the times what caused that one officially iran says 'd it knows but it's not ready to say the state's news agency though is suggesting sabotage by either israel or the united states or both they seem to say so here's what we're left with right what really is going
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on with this sudden string of fires and explosions in iran that now include 7 ships destroyed in an iranian port can it be nothing more than just a coincidence or is something else at play here. we're going to be drilling down on this right here on the news with rick sanchez where we believe it is time to do the news again. here we go with the most of the questions we think you'll be asking to morrow what is going on inside iran that might explain a sudden wave of fires and explosions there as young people queue up to be infected with covert my teen we ask what are the implications of this and is the state department targeting employees now huawei in the united states but let's begin with the aforementioned with this mysterious or at least questionable rash of
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fires and explosions that are taking place in iran our lead reporter on the story is that for a middle east correspondent paula slayer. she's been a series of explosions and fires in iran in recent weeks the latest of which some statement ships cats and lice in the whole ship to share in something the ranch there's been no reports of casualties and meet the coolies of the incident is unclear but it is the latest in a series of mysterious explosions to rock the ground in recent weeks the suspicious explosions began about 2 weeks ago and have included an attack on a missile facility a mayday call to make a nuclear complex and a power plant they've laid to speculation and that these a campaign of sabotage on the good israel is still to be behind at least one of the explosions on the natanz nuclear complex about 10 days ago the israeli foreign
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minister said and i'm quoting we take actions that are basically left and say to the reigning revolutionary guards corps confirmed that an explosive was used in israel in the past has taken action against iran's nuclear program comes as the united states. gates steps up the number of cyber attacks it's conducting against iraq and according to u.s. officials the cia has conducted a series of covert to cyber attacks particularly in the last 2 years since the american president donald trump signed sweeping authorization for such a text to a cook the authorization allows the cia to disrupt and destroy iran's nuclear facility and in the last 2 years according to american officials at least 12 covert operations have been carried out the cia refuses to comment. jerusalem stuff paula going to discuss this is a former pro not official. that's a series of. explosions or fires. possibly just
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a coincidence. in this business rick there are no coincidences this is a calculated determined effort to basically cause regime collapse to to weaken the people's confidence in their government because because they're occurring all over and i think it's a combination of things internal opposition groups and also cyber attacks from outside from the united states and by israel. and given that lines and what have you and gas lines are also affected it indicates to me that it might be some electromagnetic activity that's going on to automated control systems that can create these kinds of explosions so it's a combination of the cyber attacks most prominently chariot out under this
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national security presidential memorandum number 13 which the president signed in and 2018 and it also explains why there was a cyber attack even to st petersburg russia. i believe in the same year on. a facility that was said to be the troll factory to go after 2 to back into us elections so you're telling me and our audience of millions of people around the world that as a former pentagon official you can confirm that my country the united states of america would be involved in these types of activities to undermine another country . yes and i'll tell you why since it was under john bolton's watch that this memorandum secret memorandum was. approved by the president it's
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an interesting authority it gives the cia authority to go ahead and undertake cyber covert cyber attacks without having to get permission from the white house as was required under obama under very strict conditions so in effect cia could get us and gauge in a war and and this is what i'm really concerned about because it could be open ended there is no pre approval at the highest levels of what targets might be allowed or disallowed now the president did concede he authorized the 2018 attack in st petersburg he said that in an interview he confirmed that in an interview with the authority by which he did it was under this memorandum number 13 not to mention the assassination of general solomonic as well oiled tell you well yes that's that's that's that's that's something to say and something to think about that you've left us with michael maloof my thanks to you appreciate it pleasure
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thousands of young people are being recruited to volunteer as guinea pigs to be infected with covert my team who is recruiting them might this become a trend and what are the implications we want to find out more so we assign the touch of sweet to do some digging for us. volunteers from $140.00 countries are signing up to be part of the one day sooner trial organization is looking to speed up the process in finding a vaccine and do instead all these volunteers will be infected with covert 19 these human challenge trials are able to test vaccines and treatments by deliberately exposing participants to the virus and one day sooner believe the process could save thousands or even millions of lives sim a beta is one of those volunteers and says it soon as his friend told him. about the human challenge trials he felt compelled to join the cause i felt like it was calling me. and that it was like i have even my duty similar group the way i feel like
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a soldier must feel or firefighter that this is their duty to society to the country and to the world as a whole i'd be worried communications director for one day sooner or believes well there are still risks involved it's much lower for those who are young and healthy according to the c.d.c. 92 percent of all over $1000.00 hospitalizations involve underlying conditions beda thinks it makes sense for the younger generation to step in and help fight this virus so i think of. various kinds of effects that we don't even know about in the long term and is extremely dangerous in the short term which is why we're seeing what's happening to the world right now. but i think it's a calculated risk i think people are under 30 have see how the rate of less than one in 10000 this campaign was created 3 months ago as a result of that penned in while the ultimate goal is to accelerate the process of getting a vaccine in a controlled environment or it believes scientists can acquire other useful data to
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help with the response to the pen demick overall volunteers would be monitored and scientists could learn a lot about the early development of covert 19 in the human body n people's immune response to 19 but not everyone agrees this method will produce the wanted results dr gary fire stein director of the clinical and translational institute at university california of san diego says because of the mortality and perhaps long term problems with the breathing after kobe $1000.00 risk of infecting a normal individual with a virus is almost greater than the benefit to the research patient he goes on to say in fact there probably is no benefit to the participants one day sooner is in discussions with some vaccine developers but nothing is set in stone just yet it's . behind the campaign i hope to be able to test for more than one fact scene at a time through this process. is a fascinating story the one that we really need to dig down on because joining us
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now is the dean of medical reports in the united states a long time and. colleague of mine dr bob arnot so so i'm 1718 years old and i decided to go ahead and get infected with covert 19 after all i'm told i may not even feel any effects of it if i do it'll be like having a flu or a cold for maybe 2448 hours why not. so a couple reasons why you know you make it oh you may have long term consequences you could die. not terribly likely but you know it's happened with volunteers in the past year and the other is it may not help the benchmark really for most vaccines is to show antibody levels and be clear you know here's the virus you're making antibodies to it to be able to sort of you know neutralize it so they've shown already with the current m.r. and a vaccine that they're getting the levels that are as high as people who have had the actual infection so that made me the benchmark now let's say you don't have any
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untoward consequences that you don't have any terrible illness as you still don't prove the vaccine out for people in their sixty's and seventy's and eighty's to mostly need so it may not be very good data and the other thing is is you know a vaccine well it won't be 70 or 80 percent effective so 20 or 30 percent of people you know may still get the you know may still get killed but even though they've had the vaccine however this is moving forward as the world health organization today has guidelines as to how to do humans challenge trials and his group is actually preparing an attenuated live virus that they or a live virus that they were potentially inject you know there is a lot of conversation all over the world and certainly in our own country about why we probably would be well served. to have more people actually have the virus if we get a certain population of the people to have the virus without overwhelming our health care system which i totally get you don't want people dying on the streets would
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that be a positive thing and wouldn't be young people be a good way of getting that doctor that herd immunity we hear so much about. what you know i think it's the opposite that is 1st of all the herd immunity it may be that these antibodies don't last that long so you think you've got it 6 months 8 months later the antibodies have vanished and people try to you know originally ingle decided that they were going to go for hurting unity and not too much of anything and they're paying the consequences sweden is paying the consequences. i've had a very good friend the other day whose mother was in a hospital down in alabama and he and his sister were both infected by his mother because the hospital didn't even do the test and know she had it and then she died what people forget is that there are a lot of people dying from this every day so you know i actually look at young people purposely getting infected is they need new criminal manslaughter because you may in fact and actually kill an older person because you get the infections that you know it's on and then some other person got it and we're down to 30
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seconds but the biggest problem we're having in this country right now is young people get infected but it takes so long for them to be told they're actually infected 7 to 10 days is the average to get the results back from a test right now who knows how many people are going to affect in that time period bob. you know you look at the choir and seattle of one person infected i think 62 and 3 and 2 or 3 of them died so you know you just had one bar in washington state now one for eternity and you're going to infect them and as you point out you know not only is that long time line but in closing remember at least 50 percent is maybe 80 percent of people are asymptomatic so you don't know who you may be infected and killed dr bob arnot you're the best doctor on stuff like this so it's a. very patient stay young. this is there's a great chance as in you're watching our special coverage when we come back and we're going to show you how the united states state department is now going after not the wall way that company no no no they're doing something even more severe i'm
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going to tell you what it is they're out there. how to read out turn on the t.v. on the about the world and what's happening around me i see shows on the screens but in last every day because the fake news near it sits at a state these 2 may be cooling his clock little enough liz is with tom after the plug brick by brick school is to make you smile how plenty off that in this war but i found a network that old question sorry he's a great movie that space civil strife climate change savile would be cool simply lists all the mainstream wants to do was keep us quiet you watch those right you
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can't keep a silence critical point seize hold perspective question inside direct we don't take sides we walk the dog artsy america of me real talk. you can't be both with yeah you know what. i'm holland cook i invite you to climb with me above the main stream media empire
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and from that higher fat age to glimpse the big picture question more. hey welcome back i'm rick sanchez the u.s. state department is going after y. way that again that's an old story right so we've heard that before no no no no not the way that they're doing at this time they're doing something very unique this time this time they're targeting people who just happen to work at weiwei they just work at the chinese phone company or tech company is that going too far does that open u.s. citizens up to the same type of treatment around the world after all the argument could be made that turnabout is fair play let's talk about the precedent that might
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be said here but 1st let's look at the facts here is our team correspondent. as america and china continue with their trade war chinese telecom giant wildly has been placed smack dab in the middle of the battle in addition to pushing for the arrest of wild ways c.f.o. in canada the u.s. has banned while way from its soil and it's been working hard to get others to do the same this week the trumpet ministration was able to convince the u.k. to follow its footsteps secretary of state mike pump ale sees the move as a victory in plans to talk more about the issue when he meets with british officials next week will certainly take time to discuss the u.k.'s commendable decision to ban wall way gear from its 5 g. networks and phase out the equipment from its existing networks. the u.k. joyce united states and now many other democracies and becoming clean countries nations free of untrusted 5 g.
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vendors with much of europe resisting blanket restrictions on wall way pompei or has issued a threat saying telecommunications companies around the world are being put on notice if they choose to work with the chinese telecom giant as. wait it has been able to weather the u.s. actions with multiple internet connectivity and 5 g. projects worldwide prompting the states to up the rhetoric the secretary of state now claims the company is responsible for human rights abuses which include giving the chinese government tools to spy on dissidents while allowing sweeping surveillance of muslim populations in the country's west to complement the allegations the u.s. has decided to add to its already multifaceted campaign against while wait this time with sanctions against the company's employees the united states has a wall way announcement of our own today state department will impose restrictions on certain employees of the chinese of chinese technology companies like wall way
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that provide material support to regimes in gazing and human rights violations and abuses globally critics in the u.s. are calling the trumpet ministrations moves against china and wall way an attempt to divert attention from problems at home such as the covert 1000 epidemic china says it's just dirty tricks to further the u.s. agenda may want us advocates the values of democracy and freedom but it cannot tolerate violent development of a problem one company has an excellent private in some products the only mistake of wildly is that it is a chinese company isn't it wildly has rejected the u.s. administration's accusations against the company and has asked washington to show proof of its claims so far the us has showed little in the form of evidence against wall way making many suspicious of its allegations from news with rick sanchez and alex model of it. there's a problem story that's coming out of germany for years in germany vulnerable young
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boys 'd have been placed in foster care of pedophile men. having study at hellish i'm university also says that the authorities either ignored evidence of abuse or were actually. osip been letting this continue the cases stretch all the way from what i can sixties to 2003 at the latest party's peter oliver has been speaking with some of the victims who've come forward. decades of abuse carried out by those put in a position to protect the most vulnerable in society for 30 years starting in the 1970 s. berlin off dorothy's place children in the care of a convicted paedophile named for its age i spoke to 2 of his victims to protect their right to anonymity they'll be named only spin and marco. our daily lives are dominated by instructions we were shielded from the outside world
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like a sect most of the time we faced violence if we wanted to go out or meet someone else we were intimidated and told these people were bad that we should have nothing to do with them if we wanted to go anyway we were forbidden every day was mental and physical mistreatment and we're only realizing this now we were forced to do things we wouldn't normally do because we were threatened that was our life the worse the treatment the more you felt this person was important to you every day with this man was a fight for survival and the fight to preserve yourself what makes this all the more troubling is that the lives of these men as well as others were essentially being. as part of an experiment supplied venerated psychologist helmet and even after his death in 2008 was regarded as a founder of modern sexology he was in effect a little more than a match maker putting neglected children into the care of predators. we learned
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about this experiment when dots and then called in 2017 my thought was this can't be true i was not a mere product of chance i was deliberately selected by the branch of the s.p.d. party the ruling. party at the time that hired a mercenary to destroy our lives in an experiment when we heard about it we felt anger and pure bewilderment what shaky bothers us is that the names of those responsible are missing but there must be a further investigation in my opinion this is one of the greatest crimes of the post-war era the care system in germany has changed dramatically since scandalous time when it comes to who can act as a foster parent authors of a study into the kempler experiment of told r.t. that there is no way his crimes were carried out without the welfare office directly and. in germany of course to care is the responsibility of the youth welfare offices still children and adolescents who live in foster homes always grow
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up on just 8 observation the things that occur in foster homes we examined could not have happened without the knowledge of officials in the us welfare authorities there has never been the state investigation into the actions of kempler and his experiment in senators told us they are pushing for a nationwide examination to look at the real scale of the abuse since we have nationwide connections further research going to the bill in the did only to berlin the center for education youth and family has said that she wants to submit an application to the conference of ministers to deal with sexual violence and foster homes the victims of abuse say the knowledge of the girl in government makes them accomplices in the crimes and marco a pushing for me to go action today after having been failed by the authorities. the berlin senate is 100 percent involved the bird in senate initiated it and then tolerated it it's already been admitted verbal but not legally this is
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a particularly harrowing story of exploitation and failure to protect the state who was expressly directed to protect. peter all of our reporting to us. what a story i don't even know where to begin george galloway joining us now george can you put any kind of punctuation on this that. well it's about as close to pure evil as it's possible to imagine it's the kind of experiment you might have expected from mengele in the death camps in the 1930 s. and forty's but was instead carried out by the social democrats it's not the nazis ona in the thirty's but in the 1970 s. and lasting for 30 years right in till the 21st century it is almost beggars belief and i can tell from your voice that it's not the same impact on you
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as it's had on me and probably all of our viewers but it would be wrong to imagine that this is restricted to one part of germany more to germany itself there is a whole body of men some women mainly men who in the period in the sixty's seventy's and eighty's somehow imagined sex with children was an extension of sexology an extension of homosexuality people who glowered all these lines and who proselytized for sometimes publicly sometimes privately the right of small children to consent to sex with grown men and this is a much bigger issue rick and it involves not just a few 100 people in germany but millions of people i think throughout the western world while so well said george i appreciate you putting that punctuation on that
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story so much left to be said by the way and something that we all all over the world but just in germany need to be mindful of and watch for and not be embarrassed to. or call out. that's our news thanks so much for being with us we're out of time i'm rick sanchez and as we like to say this is where we do it as again . world is driven by shaped by.
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the dares thinks. we dare to ask. during the vietnam war us forces also bomb to neighboring laos it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. until our thelma is officially the mouth can rebound country per capita all human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country jordyn wieber. even today kids in laos full victims of bombs dropped decades ago is the us making amends for the tragedy in laos what help do the people need in that little land of mines.
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