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i. this is to bust the one business show you can't afford to miss friendship or in washington coming up the united states has soared past yet another coronavirus record as the nation continues to search straight ahead we break down the state of the cases around the globe and follow up on the race for a vaccine plus as some of the u.s. leadership are rushing to reopen schools and the economy there is talk of liability we take a deep dive on the issue with a packed show today so let's dive right in. and we lead the program here in the united states as the nation has once again set a record for a new daily cases of the coronavirus now officials reported more than 77000 new cases on thursday breaking the record for a single day surge by more than 10000 according to data from john hopkins university now more than 900 deaths were also reported on thursday during an
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interview with facebook founder mark zuckerberg the nation's top infectious disease specialist dr anthony found she spoke about following guidelines to do everything in our power to limit the spread of the virus you've got to do with correctly you can jump steps which is very perilous when you think about rebound and the proof of the pudding is look what's happened it really is no reason why we're having 405060000 other than the fact that we're not doing something correctly. and as we continue to see an increase in cases here in the u.s. i see you capacity is becoming a real issue on friday the director general of the world health organization spoke about the dangers frontline workers face. we all know oh held workers and you know to miss debt not just because they have cared for the sick but because they have
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police did on lives in the line of duty. so far about 10 percent of all cases globally out among held workers. many health workers are also suffering physical and psychological exhaustion after months of working in extremely stressful environment. the director general added information about measures the organization is taking to support health care workers including education and providing access to personal protective equipment. with all of this in mind let's go ahead and take a global look at the spread of the crowbars with our chief correspondent. where are we worldwide right now there is more than $14000000.00 people around the world with a come from cases now $8390000.00 which have recovered and then there's more than 595000 deaths now in the u.s. it's now over 3700000 and counting and again deaths over
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141000 people have died now looking at the trend globally here is once again the top 10 countries affected in terms of new cases now the u.s. of course is continuing to climb once again with new cases but also with deaths now brazil for the 1st time has surpassed 2000000 cases and is averaging about $45000.00 new cases per day now india right here is going up significantly you know it took india over 6 months to get 250-0000 cases but less than 4 weeks to get to 1000000 now meanwhile russia now has reached over 760000 cases and has reported more than $65100.00 new cases per day south africa is also reporting a significant increase about $13000.00 cases per day and then higher than before now elsewhere mexico right now has the highest number of deaths in latin america
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after brazil and averaging more than $37000.00 new cases per day peru on the other hand has the 5th highest number of cases in the world while in communities across colombia armed groups violently enforcing their own measures to prevent the spread of covert 19 and then in the middle east iran has announced that they once again are going to reinforce new restrictions in the capital city of tehran in response to a surge of cases lastly looking over at iraq which has recently made this top 10 list now although the number 23 in countries with total cases there are now on this list for top 10. moving back to the united states what are about hotspots right now here in the states. compared to exactly one month ago the number of new cases has now more than doubled now although the hardest hit ha spots remain to be california arizona texas and florida some other very startling numbers are merging from other
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states as well so 4 states. nevada oregon and texas now said single day case records now meanwhile of florida south carolina and texas they have 7 single day death records now looking over to weekly death death records there is alabama ira zone now why idaho montana or again and utah so and many of these states are you seeing right here behind me they were there that are seeing the biggest increases are the ones that reopened much earlier compared to states like new york that in contrast has seen a 64 percent drop since last month so we obviously seeing right here the consequences of just opening up too early brunt. there's also a report going around about the white house coronavirus task force actually issuing a document saying that some states need to pull back their reopening plans what
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have you heard about this server and this is an unpublished white house report which was 1st obtained by the center for public integrity and now this report recommends the following 18 states right here that are in a krone virus red zone to go back to feeds one of lockdown additionally these 18 states right here should limit social gatherings to 10 people or fewer closed back places like bars and jams and for residents to wear masks at all times and brand this all comes as despite president insistence that state through open with a push to reopen schools even as cases are increasing what about the latest when it comes to the backs. scene that we have heard so much about especially over this last week or so currently there is over $100.00 vaccines under development around the world and there are $23.00 vaccines in that clinical evaluation stage now and this week a list of 120 scientists including 50 nobel prize winners and an open letter
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they've pleaded with the head of the national institute of health here in the u.s. calling for human trials that they say could be greatly a seller in the development of a vaccine now this letter is also notes that u.s. lawmakers are also supporting his mood which would expose healthy volunteers to the virus to see whether the vaccines would actually work now additionally the trump administration has also created a project to develop a vaccine that is invested in the early $4000000000.00 in companies racing to come up with an effective vaccine brandt r t correspondent science have a thanks for keeping us up to date. and following up on this vaccine discussion as we reported earlier this week the national institutes for health as well as vaccine makers are starting an important step in the process near the end of this month this will be a 30000 person study to prove if the shots that they're giving are strong enough to prevent against the corona virus now we want to take a deep dive into this so let's bring in dr william schaffner
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a vaccine specialist with the vanderbilt university medical center dr schaffner it's a pleasure to have you thank you so much for joining us today. my pleasure to be with you know i want to start with your thoughts on these latest moves regarding mcdermott's covert 19 vaccine what do you make of the reports of the company's progress how important is this move towards human trials and how do these trials exactly work for the layman who maybe is not involved in this regularly. sure well it's a wonderful step forward. would try. this people they were young healthy people and it showed that the end of body production. very brisk and it all it's a 2 doze vaccine and although there are some side effects some people have the bigger and sore arms nonetheless there were no safety signals of note and the larger clinical trial is now started they intend to give this vaccine to about
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$3000.00 people that is half the people who are actually in and half the people will get the placebo and then they will be followed for a period of time to see who didn't get scolded and who will be protected which part of the population will be protected best and exactly how strong will this protection be and of course when you give the maksim to so many people that also should provide a good reassurance about the bank's ings safety. and i earlier this week the president actually spoke about something he titled the aptly operation warp sprint speed to bring the vaccine to market very very quickly what are your concerns or if any about pushing out a vaccine so quickly. well quickly does not mean cutting
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corners what we're doing in order to do it quickly is do something some won't in your sleep 'd that we used to do sequence for example this madeira vaccine is undergoing the clinical trial we don't know whether it works yet but the government is and the state and your money in mind the taxpayers' money in already beginning to manufacture the vaccine in the interest of patient but the vaccine will work if it doesn't work we have to tank what with the rest of the end and start over but if it does work by the time to try the trial over we will have a warehouse full of vaccine ready to go that's the way to the rich faster don't cost any corners i mean is there a concern when you when you're talking about that and you're producing quickly if it is a complete wash if things don't work are we starting back from square one or are you saying that we're kind of start from mid point because we kind of and we'll see
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what did work within those steps. exactly we'll know some things that were in some things that didn't in the need to remember the story words there are over 100 maybe even under 60 scientific groups around the world also working your ground scenes we have some investments and some of those too we're getting our best and so we'll see which of these cracks and maybe more than one actually will work with like as many as possible because we have the entire world's population to vaccinate. and now while we're talking about these several companies in the u.s. and more worldwide like you just mentioned working towards us vaccine now is the current leading candidate because you're hearing a lot about them there's also a company here that maybe doesn't have is that far along called nova vax and they're all receiving big money from the government to push this move forward however the fact is these 2 companies have not brought
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a product to market in the past and now in your knowledge of this is this common that untested companies would be at the forefront of the development especially i mean obviously we haven't seen this in our lifetime but of a pandemic that is ravaging the world. it's fascinating they don't have license vaccines but they have a great deal of background working on similar accedes remember kobe is the 3rd one of these coronaviruses that has jumped from animal species to humans sars and murders were the predecessors they were maxine's against those coronavirus in although there was seasons when away before the extremes were needed so they had and start working on these trees are actually means and that's why the launch of course runs very quickly but there are other companies that produce ranks in the past that are also working if they haven't stopped. and now i want to look
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ahead one more time you kind of mentioned this before when one of these companies actually does succeed in developing a working vaccine what is production going to look like and how fast are we going to be able to get it out to the public and especially i mean we obviously look at the united states where talking about a world population is going to need whatever working vaccine we have done. exactly and some of the vaccine will come on stream in the study. and then we will have to decide who should get the vaccine 1st and there's a very good committee working at the c.d.c. on exactly that issue working with medical ethicists and the sleepy time to decide who want to go 1st money and 2nd etc etc so we do this you need very comprehensive sanctions and do it with great equity. dr william schaffner i still have so many more questions about this unfortunately we are out of time so
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hopefully we can bring you back soon to discuss this dr william schaffner with the vanderbilt university medical center thank you so much for your expert insight on this topic. time now for a quick break but here because when we do return as some in the u.s. leadership are rushing to reopen schools and the economy there is no talk from our ability we take a deep dive on the issue coming when we come back and as we go to break here are the numbers as close. as you'll media reflection of reality.
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during the vietnam war u.s. forces neighboring laos it was a secret war. and for years the american people did not know. how much it is especially. per capita. human history millions of unexploded bombs still in danger lives in this small agricultural country 200 i don't we don't. even today kids that allows full victims of bombs dropped decades ago this is the u.s. making amends for the tragedy in laos built to the people need in that little.
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global markets are mixed this week on surges in case of the coronavirus around the world how well ever some were actually able to rebound on hopes of a possible back scene for cope at 19 let's start in russia where the mo x. is down for the week of the week and on the fall and oil prices as opec plans to ease cuts and allow for more production while cases of the virus continue to spike in the nation moving over to asian markets the shanghai composite it's down on the week with the worst weekly drop in 5 months now the index slid 4.8 percent on thursday alone as u.s. president donald trump weighs a travel ban against members of the chinese communist party and their relatives let's go to hong kong the hung its down on the week with some volatile movement posting its worst decline in nearly 2 months now this all the spite china reporting a better than expected g.d.p. concerns over resurgence of covert 1000 cases in the u.s.
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could still slow the global economy which is to really affect hong kong here in japan we actually get to our 1st green arrow for the week as the nikkei is up for the week now with some monthly highs. index jumped following the announcement that the operator of the tokyo and osaka exchanges will join the index later this month but the index late on friday over fears of an increase spread in the virus over to india the sensex also rose on the week slightly gaining more than one percent the biggest winner on the week was natural gas corp which jumped 5.5 percent now the nifty also added more than one percent this week now in australia it is slightly up for the week amid coronavirus concerns materials industrials and the metals and mining sectors all led those gains trading higher after friday's close moving to south africa the all share is down on the week as the country's consumer price inflation fell to its lowest level since 2004 now the rand remained flat on friday as investors keep their eye on the impact of the coronavirus now let's go ahead and
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take a look at europe and the americas european markets are up as well and all eyes are on brussels where the 1st in person meeting is being held since the start of the pandemic to hammer out that giant 750000000000 euro relief package the meeting is expected to go through saturday evening in the u.k. the footsie is up as we just mentioned with its 1st weekly gain in 4 weeks despite the surge and coping 1000 cases investors are hopeful of more stimulus and that covert 19 vaccine that we just discussed now the german dax and the french they also finished the week in the green following similar trends let's move across the atlantic to brazil where the ebo best is also up on the week the rail outperformed expectations on the brazilian economy ministers proposal to potentially lower taxes and grant informal workers a 20 percent bonus over their earnings calling it a negative tax now this comes as the country has been ravaged by the pandemic
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moving to mexico the b.m.v. is also up on the week the company behind the index just released its latest quarterly results beating expect. patients with shares gaining more than 2 percent and here in the united states it's kind of a mixed bag again now the nasdaq is actually down after a run that saw a record highs but netflix took a toll on the index as the streaming giant missed 2nd quarter profits and 3rd quarter guidance now the s. and p. and dow they are both up for the week both maintaining their bullish momentum and finishing things out the ts x. in toronto is also green on the week the index rallied on thursday on hopes of a corona virus vaccine and held on to those gains on friday as investors kept their eyes on wall street and government aid to help the battered global economy and that is your global market walk and as we continue to follow economies reopening following these lockdowns there are huge questions about legal liability now if
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schools open this fall if businesses reopen and customers get sick well who is legally liable that is a problem at some republican senators are trying to answer by creating legislation that would force all legal issues over coronavirus into federal court joining us now to discuss the bus coast investigative journalist ben swan. hey brian thanks for having me on no ben senate republicans are pushing to include this legislation in any future rounds of the stimulus act isn't that correct. yes exactly right so essentially right now as you know with all these lockdowns be reinstituted across the country what does that mean that means businesses that were being allowed to slowly reopen are being told you can no longer reopen you have to requote and so as a result of that we have more people who are finding themselves out of work right now and they need help so. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is saying is that it is any bills come to the senate floor asking for additional help for u.s.
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taxpayers to help you know stimulus additional stimulus money for unemployment benefits additional money for businesses anything that comes on the floor he says is going to have to include a liability law and it essentially that liability law does this it offers health care providers nonprofit organizations schools businesses it offers them a temporary legal protection if someone who is exposed to corona virus chooses to sue them it takes away from state courts and it puts it in the federal courts. so what makes this legal protection different than what is already on the books i mean i mean how does it protect the business what why are there distinction between a federal or a local court well what this would do is it would actually set kind of a higher set of guidelines essentially for being held liable and one of the things that it does is it creates kind of a system that says this a business or a school would have to show that they did not follow with
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a reasonable action public health guidelines and instead demonstrated gross negligence and intentional misconduct that's according to a summary of it that was looked at in the white house is now reviewing so essentially saying this you would have to have gone way out of your way to cause people to become infected in order for that standard to be met to say. that you were liable for it so what it does is it significantly raises the responsibility and the proof the burden of proof on the defendant that the business or the school was really truly grossly negligent in harming so so this legislation is actually focus on creating a high standard of proof for any personal injury claim in this situation and once the time period that this actually covers yes it actually is going to be kind of back dated all the way back to december of 2019 it's going to last all the way through the year 2024 and again this is being set up in a way that that says to business owners if you go back to work of customers come
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back and do your business they can it's not like a slip and fall you know somebody falls on a restaurant says now i'm going to sell you because you harm me essentially it says that the burden of proof would have to be very high for them to prove that you were negligent in what you did so the whole idea here is how do you get businesses started up again because as you probably know everybody's freaking out right now about this idea that they're going to get sued i mean you have businesses that refuse to allow customers to come back in because they're so afraid that somebody is going to say i got sick in your store i got sick in your business and therefore you are legally responsible this legislation would also app damages and really set a cap on them at a much lower rate you can't just open it up and say well whatever a jury finds well you're definitely going to see a lot of this because you do have situations especially in major cities across the united states where you might have large apartment complexes and things like that where you have you know hundreds of units made which can equal to into thousands of tenants and what you're seeing is they have to make decisions on how to reopen how
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to tell their tenants who picture a lot of money to live in their place you know how to act in whether to wear a mask or whether to do whatever but if somebody gets sick in a common or an area that could certainly be a big issue so this is going to be a lot over the next couple of years i do want to ask you this how does this legislation affect a business owner who is actually weigh whether to move forward. well i think it would have a huge effect on look if this does become law is simply what you're doing is you're telling business owners number one just follow reasonable public health guidelines number 2 if you do follow those guidelines you're really not going to be liable because people are taking the decision to come into your place of business or if people send their kids back to schools they're making that decision so what it would do is it would provide a level of protection that says essentially you're not going to be held liable if this happens i see think it would add a huge amount of confidence to businesses as they attempt to reopen allow customers in to bring employees back
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a confidence that right now i don't think is in their boom bust coasted investigative journalist ben so we're going to definitely have to keep an eye on this one and follow up because there's a lot here thanks for breaking it all down for us you've got to think sprint. and finally if you're like me you have an affinity for things that bring back in a style job your youth and the folks at nintendo and lego have actually teamed up to bring back some great memories the latest product is a replica of the nintendo entertainment system originally released in the us here in 1985 now the set design for adult lego builders is made up of more than 2600 pieces to create the box the system a controller a game cartridge and an old school retro television that actually well plays a version of the classic super mario brothers game now the set launches the 1st of august and carries a well some would say half the price tag of $230.00 and that's it for this time you get boom bust on demand on the brand new portable t.v. app which is available on smartphones and tablets to the google play and apple app stores by searching portable t.v. could also catch portable t.v.
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on brand new or a newer samsung model smart t.v.'s as well as roku devices or simply check it out at portable t.v. see you next time. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil. you take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says
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no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. we.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. on my one using my. brain to validate time about what it was it was a bit listen there's a bomb was more about. what we were on the side of the moment. seeing the car going to him but i'm before.
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him by the. body i'm now moved on the. headlines this hour a london police officer suspended after video images of him kneeling on the neck of a black man he was arresting also took up. the. pressure mounts on the israeli prime minister avery's pandemic performance amid ongoing corruption climbs and donald trump demands children should be back in their classrooms to spike infections surging to new high school so that triggered debate about. every other country has her kids in schools except in ited states kids.


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