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tv   News  RT  July 18, 2020 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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to go is the u.s. making amends for the tragedy in laos built to the people needed in that little learned on. the top stories this hour london police officer is suspended after physio emerges of him kneeling on the neck of a black man he was arresting also to come. up. pressure mounts on the israeli prime minister over his pandemic performance amid ongoing corruption claims and donald trump demands children should be sent back to school despite covert infections surging to new highs is called have triggered debate about safety. every other country has circuits and schools except united states kids are spreading the disease. viruses. all over the country i think it's. really really worried.
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are they good evening just gone 7 o'clock here in moscow are you watching r t international now a police officer has been suspended in the u.k. after being filmed kneeling on the neck of a black man he was arresting. right you're going to go before you. go there are you . going to go back you up. front all right not. according to police the man being detained there was suspected of having a knife as the officer struggled on the ground a crowd of people gathered and then film the incident while what happened is being investigated has reignited debate about appropriate use of force. i'm deeply concerned about today's incident and it is right that met police u.k.
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have referred the case of the independent police watchdog black londoners still face discrimination and we must work with the community to build trust in the police the video footage that i have seen today in this circulating in social media is extremely disturbing some of the techniques used cause me great concern they're not taught in police training the former head of british can't terrorism just say that officers too frequently have to use physical force plain confronted with potentially armed and violent suspects. do you think that arrest technique used by the officers say especially in light of what's happened over the last few months is in any way shape or form justified or just avoid these are interesting word i think what you have to do is go back to this and think this is a man that was fighting it was arrested for a fright and also for having the knowledge knife now one of the police officers supposed to do they have to control someone and sometimes in a fight situation and arrest situation you do get in the wrong position it's
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a fight that stabbings have risen hugely in london over the last few years and those stabbings are committed by young men and i'm quite often young black men and and so when young men get arrested and particularly a man is arrested with a knife then of course the officers have got their own safety and the public safety at the 1st part of their you know the person 1st rather job is to make sure that everyone is safe we haven't seen the full video what we've seen is an excerpt from a video which shows an officer trying to detain a man i think people are rushing to judgment i mean the man was shouting for goodness sake so it clearly wasn't being strangled everyone's filming this these days of course they got mobile phones it's been it's just prevalent everywhere it's a tough job being a policeman i suppose i point to you because on one hand you've got to train trying to stay safe for yourself and for the person you're trying to apprehend on the other hand is it inevitable that mistakes may happen but can you call
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a mistake somebody's kneeling on someone's neck for 345 when a 1st not a mistake is it but no it's not true for 5 minutes if you look at the voltage so i've seen it for a matter of seconds and don't forget this officer now and i'm 40 the way life has gone on he's been surrounded by other people who are not helping the police officers but actually trying to hinder them so what do we want to have police officers do we want them to stay safe themselves they we want them to arrest suspects violent people and also we want them to do so without upsetting the people watching it's a crazy world and we're just creating a rod for and. now an attempt to topple a christopher columbus stat she was led to clashes in chicago in the united states after riot police moved in to disperse the crowds i think. i was there some protesters there reportedly threw bottles and cans and little
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fireworks injuries were reported among both protesters and the police while several arrests were made. meanwhile new york the mayor there has reportedly requested extra security to protect the black lives matter slogan painted along one of the wealthiest streets in manhattan mural was vandalized twice this week and 2 people have been arrested but bill de blasio has been facing pressure over his policing priorities. just heard that new york city man has won the nate securing the blank mind smuts a mural of trump tower that's one sausage and 8 cups 32 is a day violence shooting some murders up in new york city and this clown has 3 subjects and $24.00 cops guarding the mural it's true sickening. john yet i let his spending out black lives matter of paid outside to trump tower on 5th avenue just over a week ago the past year himself helped out with painting them donald trump responded by calling it a symbol of hate and the keys to the mess of disrespecting the police the med
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school for extra security caring for a man through a bucket of red paint over the slogan but critics have called at the fact that the mayor himself recently agreed to cut the police budget by a $1000000000.00 terry gibson who's running for governor of new york claims that police have told him personally the man has got his priorities wrong. they have designated out about 4 to the 1st ship to babysit the bank now spoke directly to the police officer there were no doubt oh yeah this sort of some would rather see polies being tasked with the job to keep their signal to say that is what the mayor used wanted to do to protect to satisfy me. or stand by that bill and it's been his. industry paying but like mad on the street and also rename the streets black white metal it's own absolutely never for white america. that money
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would have been better spent on novel by homeless population if for say you you want to spend it in the bike community that's where it should have and so the social sit at the currently show both the show and me of the floods you in new york city because. fearful for your wife's side it is in new york city because you have met a lot on set. now the shutters are coming down again on businesses in israel after a surge of coded infections is seen lockdowns reimposed has led to protests over the government's handling of the pandemic and against the prime minister who is already battling corruption charges for the slip reports. listen listen listen listen listen elite. league outside listen.
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they listen you listen listen listen listen listen also the way he's still. a bad spot is least still very doesn't believe the terrorists they see. him said. but it makes his colors. out of jail. since we listen to the police's misread it. seems to take. that as the byzantines can close
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associates. live with. not. seeing daily cases why is the government to say forced to close down the smallest shops and c.n.n. says pools a whole system close of the u.k. it's also forbidden the people to gather in large numbers and have funny and then. after we. leave the quarantine it's too fast or. all. or that i think it's ok about burger bars the clubs.
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and the place. a lot of over the people and here i think it's wrong for the d.m. this restaurant is one of thousands forced to keep diners away it shut its doors while the one next door is still functioning but only for takeaways the business take away and deliver is that it's not the same value it says something about 50 percent we need the money. to do things to bring us the money as netanyahu is ratings plummet in the opposite direction to the infection rate the embattled prime minister has played a $1.00 and $3.00 quarter $1000000000.00 a package but many of those who've lost their livelihood say they've yet to see some of this money a scandal may dent a reputation but when jobless families cannot put food on the table government plage is especially when the government is barely keeping yourself together believe
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me much least of all that it is likely to survive long term poor r.t. to most of them. meanwhile the united states is shattered his own daily record for new coronavirus cases that after logging more than $77000.00 in a single day figures had been declining last month but of course that is not changing and is having an impact to one president trump's writings as colored market reports. if you listen to donald trump he says that america is a ok as the country gets back to life and continues opening up i want everyone to know when every citizen know that we're using the full power of the federal government to fight the china virus and to keep our people safe we got hit with this terrible plague from china and now we're getting close to fighting our way out of it we're on the way to a tremendous victory it's going to happen and it's going to happen big our country will be greater good ever before thank you no administration in history has removed
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more red tape more quickly to rescue the economy and to protect the health of our people now at this point 39 us states are seeing a rise in cases furthermore according to the associated press 75 percent of the cases in the united states are in states that voted for donald trump during the 2016 elections now in arizona and texas we've seen refrigerated trucks that may soon be used as temporary morgue for the rising deaths i'm pleading with everybody in our neck of the woods help us do your part people's lives are at stake not just the people getting sick but doctors nurses working to the bone in mass personnel transporting people now the state of florida is the worst hit and that is a state that donald trump needs to win he's going to be victorious in the 2020 elections drops approval rating seems to be declining as americans are upset with
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how he is handling the code that 19 situation disappointed in the administration's response now 64 percent of americans actually said in a recent poll they distrust donald trump when it comes to his handling of the coronavirus situation and we've even heard one republican governor speaking up pretty loudly i had watched as the president down played the outbreak severity and as the white house failed to use you public warnings. drop a 50 state strategy or dispatch medical gear or lifesaving ventilators from the national stockpile to american hospitals there's been a big failure on a governmental level. social safety supports to deal with the economically speaking of course you know i think ultimately it's best to have lockdowns which facility social distancing we still don't even have universal health care we were stooge 11 time stimulus check but a lot of people still yet to receive. this in the context of reopening in
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a lot of the key cities and states that are experiencing surges in contrast we're seeing you know what the various one of our stimulus bills they're bailing out you know industries from airlines cruises i also often think you are loaded military budget that's almost a trillion dollars annually and it's just very unfortunate that it just seems again to be a complete misallocation of resources and support. in other news tonight thousands of people have once again turned out to protest in russia's far east against the recent arrest of their governor so i fergal was elected in 2018 he was arrested on the 9th of july on suspicion of organizing the killing and attempted murders of business rivals around 15 years ago denies all charges discovered him being held in moscow protests against his arrest of been going on all week with demands any trial should be held like.
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he must staying in the region an unusually mild winter and early try spring have contributed to hundreds of wildfires in the area and for the 1st time flames have even spread into the arctic circle.
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the fire has spread very far so we've had to try to catch up with it and we've had to go to distant places. so. still to come this hour with unemployment in australia me at record highs the government is handing out cash to help there's some wrongdoing now that the generosity is actually stopping painful from looking for work we'll have more on the story just off the bat.
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that. the world has all day traders now that's. craving free got all that free money from the government was a lot of people speculate. it is politically impossible in the united states. to anything there's an industry. that makes a lot of money. i'm going to say over and over again we know what it. means not much. for one. is very very bad for business it doesn't make anybody rich people eat less.
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welcome back now the main cathedral in the french city of not has been badly damaged after a huge fire broke out and it took more than $100.00 firefighters to bring the blaze under control officials do say though that thankfully the situation is not as bad as last year's blaze it not to miss the fire was contained much faster i mean there is a lot less damage however the cathedral's historic organ dating from the 17th century was completely destroyed an investigation is underway over suspected arson after 3 separate breaks of fire were identified.
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president trump wants all students back in class after the summer holidays despite fears the white house has blocked the center for disease control and prevention from the. testifying to congress on the issue and it is leading to teaches and rival democratic politicians to sound the alarm. when he says open he means open for kids being able to attend each and every day at their school either science should not stand in the way of various past the country nks step people are reporting to us about the anxiety they have about their chilled the decision to whether as to whether to send their children to school for me i think one of the core principles is your parents need to have the ability to opt for the type of learning that they think's important so over here it is who are you. who are your to your kids going through this way to school your kids go to the 1st well
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a new poll does suggest the just a 5th of americans actually want children back in class this autumn but president trump has made it one of his top priorities in the threatening to withhold funding from schools that refused to cooperate he's also criticized the official guidelines on getting people back into class calling them too expensive and too tough we put the issue of the debate. well it's premature not to follow science you know we've been told all along follow the silent science follow the science well the science is worldwide every other country has her kids and schools except the united states kids are spreading the disease they can safely go to school people are scared i mean the virus is skyrocketing like all over the country and i think the teachers here are really really worried that they're putting themselves. in tremendous risk . children know the disease teachers maybe as they are else and i
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was there is not this national plan it's actually a virus people lives here and rightfully so the united states is not founded on one size fits all big government telling everybody what to do he's setting those guidelines those standards if you will but he's not make them for making them federal mandates so words mean things when she says she wants a federal plan i guess she wants the federal to have a one size fits all mandate from the federal government and that's just not how we do it united states the virus is iraq coming out of control and people are dying so obviously the president is front and tread very. lightly really. the words that like people are dying a virus here they do not know that this is the blue collar president he's put a premium on the blue collar the working class he wants all those poor kids like my
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special needs son to have a chance to not fall farther behind he wants parents to have their kids back in school so they don't have the burden of daycare or hiring tutors to take care of them and they can go to work again the idea that this disease shut down is silly i think right now the new york city is talking about a kind of land where they where you would have the kids are today. or any. of the. whole earth. or. you know really is there and. i think you know me. now unemployment is all in a stroller is running at a 22 year high but experts there a baffled as to why it's not coming back down as the country tries to reopen one
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theory is extra welfare payments are actually making people think they are better off at home we spoke to a motel owner who explained the dire lemma. a stroke it's been pretty difficult because it's. at a point where we were following it very hard to get employees and the employees more or less staying at home because the getting paid not to a person that just washing dishes for 2 hours a week has gone up to $750.00 a week automatically bill a few comments different ople sewing it's not worth their while working. speaking to recruit millay to see this signing that they hope it will in the books they don't want to work those out of work during the crisis have been getting extra support payments but that is due to end in september in part because they'd is also suspecting that people are starting to rely on it too much we're going to
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a lot of anecdotal feedback from small businesses even large businesses where some of them are finding it hard to get people to come and take shifts because they're on these higher levels of payment but the prime minister's remarks haven't gone down well on social media where he has been accused of being selective with the facts. 100 percent of the anecdotal evidence has been from a liberal politician who owns pubs and a regular survey where the same group of cranks always say the same thing workers are bad cut wages bosses a call this is not a sound basis for policy making implores flooded with job publications despite job seeker bonus the skill scott morrison and piece claims that people were too comfortable to look for work because of the job seekers increase the b.m.a. using fake news for political gain well officially nearly a 1000000 australians are out of work at the moment that's around 7 percent of the workforce but it's thought these statistics don't reveal the full picture
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especially among younger and lower paid workers businessmen john nixon again believes that does need to be a change from support to getting people back into the workplace. we rely on this. scale of work were it might be somebody coming and washing dishes or. waiting waiting on tables and you know that it's a. it's a it's a low income it's quite a bit since the government's putting too much money. to the people who are. without work all supposed to be without work there has been no back up support where the government has given grants to small business but the grants don't really go where we we need people to work to grow business and open the economy up so if we can't open economy up in there's no point really.
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finally this hour the fast food chain burger king is feeling the heat from farmers over and adverse about the impact of cat flatulence on climate change and is part of an effort to change how herds the fed in order to reduce emissions.
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it's not the cal fox nearly all enteric me thing from cattle is from belching suggesting otherwise chances serious climate topic into a joke reducing methane is a huge opportunity that should be a goal but we shouldn't trivialize it for trendy marketing. but we spoke to a couple of fantasy did say it's a noble effort if not a little misguided. if there's an attempt at a genuine attempt to reduce the maize dane emissions from cows. this is a good thing big brothers need to demonstrate that they are addressing the environmental concerns principle amongst which is climate change but rather than simple blanket
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solutions like just switching away from livestock products and eating meat to plant based diets we need to think more carefully and we need to be able to differentiate between the other ones which are part of the solution and those which are part of the problem they need to. more work and have a conversation with the people who are leading the trail on the transition towards more 'd sustainable food systems see what more they can do their research is is a good idea you know the fact that they're trying to reduce methane and everything is very admirable but the marketing messaging basically in our in your header culture just made us look like a bunch of you know rednecks and hicks that are destroying and putting the planet where the london press come from the research right now is coming our next hour so are you going to be shepherding tons upon tons of london for asked city carol because it seems by power kind of the contradictory to the idea of reducing our
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environmental footprint you think of the plastic you think of other ways there be recycling there are much broader initiatives that they could have focused their average fund. and that brings us right here now t. that's how things are looking safe on this saturday evening i will have more stories for you that at the top of. the world is driven by shaped by fun person there is. no dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we see me very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids and invented america under the banner of medicine he persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers all the governments of. the. climax dies or this is the guy's report it's the world.


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