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tv   Sophie Co. Visionaries  RT  July 24, 2020 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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oh she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers all the governments of. the demick no certainly no blood is just lying to nationalities. as american people we don't look back seem. to be. judging. 2 coming a crisis at least until. we can do better we should. everyone is contributing way but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever the challenges crayford to response has been masked so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together.
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well her his or hers and there isn't a solution perhaps in discerning the city streets all over the world may already be a thing of the last merits to hold the lessons of this to me in war i mean i think this space will live on in a more reasonable rate well to discuss this i'm joined by rolling out africa earth . yeah yeah. yeah yeah i'd sell grapes to have you with us shortly before the convention i spoke to tipperary architects call
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house and politics in the car and would just ask how the urban environment and architecture should be about connecting people bringing them together so that they could exchange ideas experience and knowledge is this concept dats now that the danger of a pandemic dictates people to stay apart rather there to vote together. i think we shall we look at it from a historic point of view our civil rights our cities is and it made the problem so what we use as earthquakes and there's been. there's been bombing lesbian wall that is being flooding that has been. iris it became east of bacteria and there has been a number of all the myths and see this is wheat we've had to cope with as human beings and the history relatively less that though we have very penny king at this
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point and we have all kinds of restrictions and new ways of seeing such then when the doctors have found a solution so he's made it plain to me. we receive entries from no sayings go back so that way they used to be ebola lists and people will say can you remember the the corona contained here and we corona period no that was a species of experience 1st indian time these things have happened to me kind because mankind is much stronger than illegal but always about us mankind we return to the way of living because we have millions of years of social development to go to deliberate brought us to where we are and may that be behave the way be to we can
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adjust for abuse when there is no limitations he just returned to him didn't it joe we be almost see chips so so don't bertie don't worry over now i agree with you that we will. and they actually go back to their way where because the pandemic is not here to stay forever but that period of time he set 3 years that's still a long period of time right for things to change around for instance cholera and tyson was in the 19th century when there were outbreaks they lead to the development of water supplies sanitation systems and here are. the 2 very close epidemic into consideration when creating a landmark object what is sat well that kernel virus damage have an architecture
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and urban planning because we'll go back but not tomorrow it's still going to take some time at least until let's say it is there and then we have to test that it's just 3 years like you sad. i think the. they taught us will be much faster and bieber they have some medical solutions to the problem much faster than tree years but it will take a time fausto relax and me turn to our normal ways i see that he's very different these endemic from the ones who i mean shooting because in those cases that could be done something with the sewers and the running and washing your fingers and this one is a virus and. i can see you some people say that we should all move out of the cities and live separately on the contrary hennessy's that's completely stupid because because
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a main problem we have as human beings are not the. virus that is really the climate challenge and we have to do something about that's not small in poland and to do something for the climate we actually have to get up to get it done so he can have more practical solution so in and he had to pollution and to. we. this one will. i cannot see we have then ok we have to make lists in buildings 16 square meters next to me says. we have to do a lot of sings need to use against all of the good sings we had learned to it enjoy the new and know that it be a closer be a more engine miss if we are some distance he can be
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a moral person no then he small social and legal distance is not all official distance and all public distance and we as human beings cannot live without being intimate and being closed to all the people only for the why that would be go back to the way we have developed so many years for well new kitchen but i have a question regarding people living outside the city as you mentioned this completely stiff it. i can talk from my personal experience that now that i have lived in a big house outside a city far far months i don't like to say outside the city and i know so many of my friends who never before considered living in a ventilator and lake and nature unless cave outside the city and now at least say to herself that are considering moving out of the city is on the latest condemn
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a has the changing their landscape of the world. we're not talking about your who and we're not talking about you and your friends where i see the major problems are the great expansion of the population of the world and we know that he's like in china they started to move into the c.d.'s that has enabled china economically to be able to hold as if the living stand out of the people and if we have this explosion of more people do this really really have to move together maybe can produce more efficiently where we can solve the transportation problems more species are here very loose in a team where we didn't have better. training systems no warning systems so we know that to do something for the time is
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is much better that be close to get out and that we actually have a situation where you can't get a better economy to solve the problems of mankind so spreading the whole worse population out on the field will be a disaster for the climate and other resources so it may be a solution for you but not for mankind. i didn't i never i never looked at a phone display because i thought i would be happy helping their edges and regions to develop and stay alive but i never looked at it this way from the climate preachers also seek it out just one day maybe many years from now you will be old and you will need some service from the community and they will have to come with send straight times a day and it will have to bring you live he used somebody and you are more spread
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out you need the more expensive and the more difficulty to his to give you and his 70 service when you are older or you just seek or if you are at the stables so these solution you mention is all that young and fresh and for a few years but if we look into who live it is meet and make a much better service if he took it up but we really have to bake. as it need learn something from this epiphany maybe we'd learn to wash our hands that would be good and if you would show also because we are his head to bed and he any situation with any washing could be built up he also understood that some of the jobs we have weekend do on the computer. and that that could be fine to say 2 days a week at work and hope home and 3 days of he only go to
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a city that will reduce. transportation and traffic but 40 percent that's great and we should also remember that he cannot say now if anybody can wear it from home because not everybody and that's so many jobs we sneeze you so be then if you are a nurse if your doctor if you if you. do the the clinic the shore if you're in a hospital if you are there's so many jobs in society which you cannot do honestly you have to be there you have to lift the banks and you have to do this and that so it is again a civilian means he solution to see everybody work ready. some of that bit of and most educated they can we're. told all all their life we will
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go crazy because we are so dependent on a working bill people meet other people and off is not only a place where you meet other people within the households a small and small all the offices and places or so. as sort of a family for you that's in the office you show pictures of your boyfriend or you and he shot this in the office you cry. with your friends if you if you have bad luck and love is in the office you simply joke. because in many cities is 1000000 fossils are very small in a city like copenhagen it really alla you need is only if it is hit by one person and all these single person households they need to come out and eat all the go
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crazy. we cannot get you. in the room with you and looking at you and. break out when we come back we'll continue to talk about whether this thing that may well change our national landscape. this. syria has been engulfed in civil war through almost 10 years it's cost hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions more no one foresaw the peaceful protests
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of 20 of these collating into a complex conflict between various armies geopolitical interests rebel groups and just. how they are in the book on this. but if you tell us if you say in the hague because of the. mess at the top look cool and. you know deep can you look. at them on. an ordinary has sat that i. never start them as the mother and then the shame but i leave them with that hate get a shout then you. get it.
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uchenna be bold with the yeah you like. we go to work you straight old.
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we're back with young gal will not ask for an urban design a survey out here saying that it is silly to change the construction of the world because of the kind that it's silly to make staircases now 4 meters like it says to make really wide and that there's it says to make very wide sidewalks right now that's hard to say because it's going to come back to normal even though now a lot of people when they're polled they're saying they don't feel safe in public places on less there's a lot of space around that so there's things that will still change for instance hand washing i wash hands every 5 minutes d.c. will have hand washing stand in the streets like we asked for it says trash cans or
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as they are sick with no balance say you don't have to push a button so you don't have to mean. maybe but i think we have to look. at that in your house you don't make your house so you speak enough of the dauntless we think you make the house suits conference for your knife and if your daughter is going to be married. you squeeze to get a line every fantastic 1 new way or you go to another piece of the way that you seem to about the world may be seeing is to rise and to be and we're going to go see about would you like your since you like mary march the narrow streets you might like the into missy. you like this more that i mean since you don't like to be in a place known by. high rise towers and the wind is sweeping between the
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towers and it is seeing his colon then buy it because in our. i wasin says and our conceiving space is so that if you have big spaces you pick them up as cold and impersonal if you have small spaces you pete up as who own and go see it and person out when you go on holiday you go to places we have to have small and i mean since when you go to a camping square pants in place they're small and i mean since when you go to a sauna conscious least that's more and i mean since when you go to south in europe you see gaussians is was small and nice i mean should you don't go to the places we are not in space like dubai all seems like that with city not an architecture where every sing is too big and to bite you don't feel confidence have
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you feel you sometimes it's nice to some seems upbeat and you are more comfortable with the human scale and we cannot leave the human stayed behind to have a suspicion coronas kate we. will not be content to me very great heat and we cannot understand why he did it when we had we had best seen for 2 tuberculosis and measles and a number of all the sayings and we don't sing about it again him just to summarize what you're saying is that people right now should just wait out for corona to disappear for a vaccine to appear because otherwise if he put major changes in the way they live in our cities. and have heard his then we're going to regret it afterwards we're just summarising way set so we just have to wait out corona right yes
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and he decent and we have found that we can he still live. in this oak in the conditions we have we can keep these distances and we can wash away ends and he can go on either side of the sidewalk it works we'll so he's been found sane didn't muck with nothing has been done. in os to behave differently for a while and i see that shows that the scene cd can't be you who's also in a more hissy we insist condition we don't have to rebuild the cd and anyway we only build a little portion of the cd every year so if we should be billed to see the beauty hunt the cues and we'll have many other listings to sync about if all these 100 use up and as far as i'm concerned we have 2 more important things to sync about
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one is these climate situation will be have to do something radical rather fast all we will have to bury should be a condition in minute so that the all seeing is what the doctors calls a seating soon don't that is that people driving too much and sitting too much and not using their own body and their own muscles and off and that's why we say today that we should make places so that people walk by city as much as possible and actually spend must time outdoors and talk about us transport general because we had this idea that cities around the world are considering their relationship with a car. focusing on public transit for cycling in stat ok like a lot of people are saying we aren't car going to play now i'm sorry to bring you
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back to the current virus free out it was i don't like either but it is what it is right now kyra shows that your car right now is the new in this new circumstances is the same list transit option. do you think they think to try and of getting read us cars is being reversed. i've heard that befall don't think we'll see that because the major problem again is that we will need the systems which are much more. sustainable and we will help us to combat the climate crisis has seen that me to each show is our cities have not room enough for all of us to go around but for robbo we that was needed a possible. to have room for all it really party and it will be a pretty loose transportation me so that's why i see that in the long run he's seen
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much more very spots and. take over transportation and be c.c.d. planning along the train station transportation routes rather than these very privatized we will be. set aside cars will become somewhat like horses now ready for privileged people who could have those horses on their ranches are on him but rose moto pokes. ok but another loser last 3rd and remember some people don't have rigorous in their siddhis. arkadelphia. yeah. there will be a need for costs that i have i do think that if we really look at the transportation problem there is a lot of private driving which is not going to be done in all the ways that
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we need and glances and fire brigades and copies should talk send they leave early . in various ways but there's a lot of especially commuting which can be done in other ways when we started to seeing more. and more sustainable city planning i think that. actually looking at the end of the era of the fossil fuel fire that notion caught in did. 2000 and search he that's 10 years from now you will not be able any vehicle which is running on gasoline diesel it would have to. trick us all and more and all will be running on electric and also it is in his don to have more people icing and have more people use public transportation and this
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is done for the climate and does not change because of a little bias for a period. so let me ask you something everything that we're discussing right now like you're saying said is shit environment they should dance people are finding they learn how to leave the social distance within the reality that we have today. carlos are these recipes that we're talking about equally applicable to says i call the hagen or delhi or highway i mean only that is to have all the sayings public jackass playing storefronts neighborhoods and developing countries have enough resources to spare to spend on days. i'm quite i had written about it and i had been it all these places and. i see that. to be looking conscious walking i see klink and sheep public transportation.
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will be there we which will be able to be in a sustainable and economically feasible way the mobility problems in the growing sea juice around the world i think that we need about imagine. 7000000000 people leaving seeds his based on motor cars. not at all there's no room for that on this globe is too small so we'll have to we have to fight the. pain to extend the but iraq and what about we have challenges and then we have to solve the major problems. on urbanization and on bringing out the will in the world so that more people can be lifted their way from the problems he on to livestock and we've found
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in china and other places. in the city as you able to have the option we can bring the economy to raise livestock and that is very important in the world then the number of people is free to use and their citizens are actually one of the ways this is being solved. the sales thank you so much for this amazing view of the world because not everyone has such precise argumentive of the world and why things should be the way that should be a saying breath of fresh air quality of face his cell lash for your perspective and for your thoughts i wish you all the best of luck i am didn't help that we meet in person soon to talk more at all we're talking right now you're talking. come.
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face to face so how does it change of. plans. always the issue of china playing out in the american election cycle. betrayed themselves as being tough on beijing maybe they are at least rhetorically but in reality those are very different story and it's bipartisan the commanding heights of industry and finance of important china for decades the ridges to show is this china's.
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legal takeover of a government by a small group. rather than revolutionaries all soldiers small groups the corporations when you have a tiny group of people who have all the power you have to have some means to. get together and take it back. these are sacrificing. places that capitalism exploited and destroyed for profit and left behind misery poverty environmental devastation and so you see things like voter suppression building more prisons you seem gerrymandering all sorts of undemocratic practices. in that world focused world. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure and i'll be speaking to the politics
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sport i'm sure i'll see you then. this hour's headlines stories the u.k.'s opposition labor party is pushing for our t.v. broadcast license to be. in a letter to britain's independent t.v. regulator also ahead. several people on board on the plane are injured after the pilot is forced to make a dangerous maneuver during the encounter with a us.


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