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announced that it was closing down most of its campbell 5000 steel workers many of them feel veterans of 20 to 30 years. if i did. have to work and you for so many years want to believe that we were put out on a very don't know what we're going to do it really started in the late seventies when these companies were able to move their production offshore so you saw the ending of a number of steel companies the shifting of manufacturing to the global south where the wages were lower where the environmental rules were not either existed or enforced and that's the beginning of this concept of these transnationals they have the technology to do it they had the transportation systems to do it and frankly governments weren't stopping them. and i just remember one day i was i was working on the boss come up to me and says
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that's where we're going home. i thought we're going home early why because we're closed and the closed doors on us are. i don't know what to say. because it's a crying shame really is. i was a long time or a democrat. but this last election before it came along i switched parties i switched parties on the republican now and. i think mr trump is doing a great job for us i think he's trying you're going to help the country you work for and i think you try to do that really goes.
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adding little to no jobs in the neighborhood causes plenty of strains on part of people's emotional stable people's physical state. if you can't feed your family if you can't pay you abused as soon as you into a major state of depression. when the steel mill said dahlia that's a major part of the city away this was a a wedding awaiting david's bridal. this is $722.00 steals 3 we have acquired this property from the bottle only county lead bank for a $1000.00 house it's pretty let's you know just the bad you know so it's a lot of there's a lot of stuff. that all the levels so a lot out but it'll still have to go. home you know we just have to clear a lot of the furnishings that was left over whoever was living here they weren't
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here lol maybe about a year 18 months max and and then they were gone i didn't run across a suicide note that was left i guess either by the hose been or the father of the house where he stated that he you know he was up in a bad position in his life right now and it was sorry for everything he had. and whoever was reading the note if they were actually reading the note they would find him hanged in a garage. for me if i came home a scene a note like that a product or scare the heck out of me i would he would want to see what was in the garage i would just be getting up out here which seems like that's what the family did because they left everything behind clothing always bedding furniture you know whatever whatever was here. was a was left. organs companies
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you know foreclosed properties areas got bad you know drug infested you know drugs you know just pretty much saturated the city which caused a lot of people to pretty much flee to. the corporate coup d'etat it was begun in the early 1970 s. . lewis powell in his $171.00 memo which he wrote when he was an attorney for the chamber of commerce he later became supreme court justice talked about what he called the assault on the free enterprise system . and he called on corporations to use their power and in particular their money to build counter institutions and to take over and destroy liberal institutions.
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institutions that traditionally gave a voice to the working class and cared about the rights and needs of the citizenry . but i dropped later charges that applied car companies with running risks that countered them but do. quote perhaps the single most effective antagonist of american business is ralph nader so if they do it to help new york city it will be to help the banks. who thanks largely to the media has become a legend in his own time and an idol of millions of americans. and gone are justified in any way to getting us to matter i don't want to have a climate in this country where i want to ask the avonex that it. exists and steely determination in order to speak truthfully and candidly critically of american industry the coal memoranda it was a combination of delusion and paranoia. he basically said to the business community
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you've got to hire a lot more lobbyist swarming over congress you've got a poor a lot more money into the their campaigns both parties republican democrat you've got to get out on the campuses and get right wing speakers. progressive speakers he had the whole 180 degree. constitutional. ronald reagan do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. people like reagan in the early form of modern optimism switching everything back to if you like to pretend he rose and i found americans in recent days all of us have been swamped by a sea of economic statistics some good some bad and some just plain confusing you see that red line represents the rate of unemployment from the 1968 through the
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present the congress should act on regulatory reform to help make government more economical and efficient and the private sector more productive tax reform and budget control our economy will be free to expand to its full potential that's our economic program for the next 4 years we're going to turn the bull loose. thank you very much. what you've done for me is better than not. things were starting to happen in italy and. you could already see the cracks opening up so the gaps between rich and poor began growing. and trying to tell you there is no program or promise that a president can bake the federal government going in come in that you want to do this the only voice you heard was this. voice of the inevitability of the
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marketplace i hear you and millions of other men and women like you stand for the bad years of hard work thrift commitment to family and the love of god that made this country so great and will make us great again. we saw the rise of what i would call the phone liberal class ah you spoke in the traditional feel your pain language of liberalism and yet deciduous lee carried out an assault against the citizenry on behalf of corporate power today as i sat on the north american free trade agreement into law we are ready to compete and we can win . so it's under clinton that you get nafta. nafta allowed manufacturers particularly auto manufacturers in canada in the united states to move their production to mexico it was deliberate they moved their production their
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companies there because they had such low wages in mexico which did not help the mexican workers by the way this is false to say that mexico won it was a lose lose lose for the people and a win win win for the corporations down the hall to the white house east room he came with 3 of his predecessors in cairo with a real effort by mr president a day with the stated doubters that he's prepared to fight but the greedy this is happening all over the world particularly in the united states that the radical decline of the labor movement and unions which were a political force even more importantly it and they were on the shop floor united states always had weak unions to come to countervail against the corporations and the peak there were 34 percent of the labor force but they are now down to 11 percent total and only 6 percent in the private sector so essentially the countervailing power base and institutional power base is gone and part of that was an all out attack by organized corporations and went after them today we are taking on this. story chance to make welfare what it was meant to be a 2nd chance not
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a way of life it's under clinton and you get the destruction of welfare and originally 70 percent of the recipients of our welfare program were children. it's under clinton that you get the 1904 army was crime bill crime has been a hot political issue years too often to divide us while the system makes excuses for not punishing criminals and doing the job because the democrats were taking back the issue of law and order from the republicans. laws to incarcerate a double double triple sentences 3 strikes you're out laws so that people could go to prison for life for nonviolent crimes. so there was an explosion in the prison industry. which of course is a form of social control for de industrialized pockets they are often the kinds of kids that are called super predatory has no conscience no empathy and they used all
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the coded words super predators law in order. as the pillage was being carried out the white majority was being indoctrinated with this idea that marginal usually poor people of color were responsible for the destruction of the country the assault on their national identity. card. or. john you're also a. ok 321 twice over the past 8 months i traveled to the midwest to a city that's become a metaphor for many for jobs lost factories closed and the disappearance of the 9
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to 5 middle class. market beginning at the and the. youngstown area economy there are no longer smoke stacks and much of it is covered by vegetation. are you doing now it's depressing to be honest with you you can't talk about the. talk about the steel and manufacturing. the arms of. a used to wake up in the morning to the noise of the blast furnace rumbling now i wake up to them tearing the facility down. elm look forward to talking to. the people. must obey the orders given to a human beings except when it conflicts with the 1st. we should be very careful
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about official intelligence the point is to create. it with artificial intelligence to. protect its own existence. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to air force base in alaska where is that to say. well you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area rush up. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it 11000000000 barrels of oil.
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take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on this story for you today right here on the news or direction as where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. we go to work. straight home.
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districts more just steel mills would be shut down by friday. trying to recover from that they passed now in new york nafta is great wall street good stuff nafta and on the west coast nafta is great because you got out of los angeles you have the ocean there and that's coming from china and mexico and all that stuff so all those free traders they're making millions but the people here they're hurting their jobs are gone these new jobs are going through. these issues we gave. people it can be hard to go buy that plant now and know that 1000 jews to work they are due. employees learned friday afternoon that up to 1500 of them would be laid off when the 2nd shift is eliminated in the county since your all american finance network the property the county treasurer's office has been
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trying to collect taxes for 5 years and is in the foreclosure process. this is truly a metaphor or wrong with both america's health care system which through mergers and corporate ization take the community away from their own health care and from their own facility they did not need. it i did this this is another example of being able to walk away from your responsibility and then putting it back on the community that's already desperate. it's here in the youngstown area where i found. i don't like to live in a trailer park i mean it's not that it's a bad park but it's not who i am it's not just me there's 1100 still workers not to mention all the other facilities of 100 it supported the mill and a lot of people lost their livelihood what role do you think politicians play at
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all but i think they've been bought by corporate america and their puppets every single one doesn't matter if you're a democrat or republican they're all corporate loans i don't think they can think for themselves i think they just do as they're told so you wonder who was it who are the people who voted for donald trump quite a few were people who voted twice for barack obama and voted for bernie sanders that was even more astounding that made me say there's no way i can simply sit here and guess what folks are thinking i need to understand what's going on in people's minds why this situation is far more complex than what we give it credit. and they actually brought up workers from mexico and the workers here how to train those workers. they knew were going to take their jobs and then they had the workers. pack up the machines and ship them down to mexico.
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come and. go not any more. this valley has a very rich democratic tradition. they voted democrat almost always until president trump came along and upset the applecart when i saw hillary clinton really struggling with trade issues and nafta and i sent a 4 page memo. i predicted in that memo that she's bleeding badly blue collar voters. and those are the voters in pennsylvania michigan wisconsin that could have turned
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the elections and her standing on a stage in columbus i mean i don't mean to beat her up because i really do love the woman and i work for her but she stood on a stage in columbus ohio and looked out and said we're going to put a lot of call miners and call companies out of business you got a blue collar job. that's what they heard her say he never came around and said hey we're going to put people out of work he said hey i'm going to put you back to work . when people are thirsty they're going to drink any water they don't care the water is dirty ready. if it. you are. there you know you got to see.
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as you go out how are you. i don't say so here i heard about you or your you know we got snow that yeah that's good that's. why i asked him i saw you. which you know the weather was a lot better of course and there's been this this tax cut most of course which went to corporations but some which went to middle class working class people are you seeing any difference in your own feature about $20.00. went right down what do you do with those $1220.00 what can you do with $20.00 it's gas you know it might help build it what about the tariffs i don't lead on you or your you cross the border to to work into weapons of a you know search and hasn't had any impact so far to your knowledge well i mean 1st of all i want to applaud the president for still tears we need to do years ago but ironically now this company a man you know most of the mills like the 2 mills i put down you just can't find
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slabs made america our company has to go to russia to get. donald trump is basically use the issue of steel and the conditions of steel workers those who've been laid off the us from austin jobs. and some talking point all right and now he. says and seems to have many people believe. then he is leading the charge to bring steel back to the united states and to youngstown in order to bring still back to this area you have to have somebody that's willing to invest in building new blast furnace as new electric are cornices that melt down and put it in. you'll never see 11500 people working in a facility and a skilled. radio show. good afternoon 3
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o 7 this week get underway here today all right i think it takes courage to do what president trump is doing i think it takes courage as i said he is a presidents that doesn't us as a marketplace as a nation not speculating on what's going to happen i'm looking at what's taking place right here and right now when it when it comes to trying and i'm looking at what's happening in this community you know once that's that's where i'm at on it was is what i want to say about him is his policies contrary to what you believe have not benefited middle america that's what i want to talk to the voters about let's look at as opposed to david i just said these guys we have people getting bonuses and raises noting locally as a result of that tax cut it has benefit members of this community hold that thought well come on what ever happened to you worried about the deficit always said it's not to be more than happy to talk about that because it's as if we can get 4 to 5 percent growth guess what a lot of novels are soft fighting broke out overnight between companies really
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called product in the are reversed is not a regulation that's going to create jobs ok it is a regulation designed to take care of billionaire but. then when i come back in a minute news radio. 85 percent over the last 8 years is george bush took office. it's been 16 years. there is it should say we should give more and more to millionaires and billionaires and prosperity trickles. in response to president obama's 2008 election there was a counterrevolution billionaires and powerful corporate interests were terrified that obama and democrats in congress would tax the wealthy that they would
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redistribute wealth in this country but they would enact overreaching health care reform and in response to that the corporate interests and billionaires they funded hate groups and front groups to oppose the obama agenda and to whip up hate in society to divide americans on race and class and religion. centrists muslims build mosques where they won military victors we want to build a mosque at ground 0 or islamic terrorists killed 3000 americans just like the japanese pearl harbor. they placed advertisements on television scapegoating muslims claiming that promote justice reform will put dangerous criminals on the streets showing pictures of african-americans and and conjuring racial fear maybe we have a case of. jesus i think. it
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was. this was not because billionaires and major corporations necessarily believed in these messages but they wanted to undermine political support for economic reform. the supreme court today handed down a landmark ruling on campaign finance laws in a 5 to 4 decision the court overturned struction some corporations from using their funds to. advocate for a specific candidate the majority opinion affirms corporations have 1st amendment rights and that the government can't eliminate their political speech. they have done things like allowed unlimited infusions of corporate cash as the right to petition the government or a form of free speech it's a complete inversion so you're a constitutional rights are still exist on paper but have been reinterpreted to essentially bolster corporate power and that has left us utterly defenseless as
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a person you're worried all that there's too much money in politics if you believe that we ought to go back to mordor key that the people are such sheep but they just swallow whatever whatever they see on television or reading the newspapers shafted us misfires. how much is enough for. the richest one percent of this country owns half our country's wealth 5 trillion dollars i create nothing. i. you make the rules out a new war peace famine of evil a price to pay for cliff we take that rabbit out of a hat way but it's out there want to know how the hell we did it. now you're not naive enough to think we're living in a democracy are you buddy. i would argue that already welling gauged in
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the arc of cutting our own ardor. whether it's throat or the wrists. it's largely because we've allowed ourselves to be convinced by our own elites and the democratic system is a product of the free market. they think that even the people in youngstown who voted for obama thought that there was a real turning point that we can get a. black president and that would set everything in motion that we didn't recognize that change was sold happening in the spectacle in the white house those kind of sinews in the system were always there and the thing obama knew how to play them very well but he was also playing to an audience. and i think that once that audience started to catch on bet their lives weren't changing then we were dated back to not only what does he know year but what is almost paper
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familiar and that has been the fierce we're back to the right. is you'll be a reflection of reality. in the world transformed. what will make you feel safer. by salacious that you didn't see. are you going the right way or are you being led some. direct. watches church watch is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallows.
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a dark industry comes to life in los angeles every night. dozens of women sells their bodies on the street many of them under-age. los angeles police reveal a taste of their daily challenge no if you're going to exploit a child here in los angeles there we're going to come out to see officers going undercover as 6 workers and customers to fight the l.a. 6 trade. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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you cannot be vulgar with the yak you like. in the headlines this monday there's now less than a 100 days until americans choose their next president but the country already plagued by more than months of anti-racism unrest reassess the impact it's having. also this hour a government recommended news website aimed at british schoolchildren writes a damning article on russia and tells its teenage audience that a lot of her putin is the most dangerous man in the world. and spain's flopped with a fresh travel restrictions by several nations including britain and france after a surge in coronavirus cases.


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