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hello there i'm in the military and you're watching the inquest and broadcasting the marquee america's national news headquarters in washington d.c. here tonight's top stories as coated 1000 cases search in some parts of this country president trump is visiting a biotech company working on a possible back seat this while his own national security adviser has tested positive for the virus and get ready for another round of stimulus checks the g.o.p. and democrats are trying to hash out the details on a new coded relief bill but what's in it and actually qualifies we're going to discuss it and then screens national board is hearing testimony on whether julius onj was spied on during his time at the atwood orian embassy in london among those
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defending us on his partner telling morris all right it's time to leave i q. and over to the latest poll the 19 numbers worldwide cases topping 16300000 now with 650000 reported deaths the top 3 countries with the most confirmed cases the u.s. still leading the way followed again by brazil and india right here in the states cases topping 4200000 with 147000 reported deaths so as cases continue to surge president trump's own national security adviser robert o'brien has also tested positive for the virus white house saying there's no risk of exposure to the president or vice president my pants are to use john heidi joins us now from miami with the latest there john. well president. which wrapped up his tour of
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the bio process and evasion center at the fujifilm daioh synth biotechnologies and morrisville north carolina as the news was coming out also about his national security adviser the president wrapping up that tour earlier this afternoon while also manila making a major announcement about the final stage of clinical trials for one possible covert 19 vaccine i'll get to that in a moment but 1st fujifilm diode is working to develop a vaccine for the biotech company novak's which the federal government awarded a $1600000000.00 grant as part of operation warp speed which is the operation to find a coven $1000.00 vaccine as soon as possible it's one of several biotech companies here in the u.s. and worldwide for that matter working on a vaccine in conjunction with various research firms and various universities as well while president trump announced today that one of those potential vaccines being developed is by the national institutes of health in conjunction with the
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biotech company which is entering now phase 3 trials with $30000.00 participants and $89.00 locations nationwide including here in miami which the president said the phase 3 is the final stage of trials before approval now nope of vaccine several other companies are also entering these final trial stages in the coming weeks and months as well on that note here's more of what president trump had to say about u.s. efforts to find a vaccine. we're missed producing all of the most promising vaccine candidates in advance so that on the day one that it's approved it will be available to the american people immediately and we'll probably have a lot for a lot of other people throughout the world the world is suffering from this we need all americans to be conscious about their actions and to exercise extreme vigilance i trust all americans to do the right thing but we strongly advise everyone to
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especially especially focus on maintaining a social distance maintaining rigorous hygiene avoid large gatherings in crowded into. and wear masks when appropriate we also strongly urge citizens to take extra precautions to shield those at high is risk. and the president by the way wearing a mask you probably saw during that tour of the facility with that 16 warning for americans along with taking another shot at china in his comments as well speaking quickly of the moderna vaccine trials vice president pence was in miami today at the university of miami miller school of medicine joining various officials there scientists for a roundtable discussion one of the mater of moderna trials is being conducted right here in miami and as i've been reporting since late may miami becoming the epicenter of the virus here in florida manila florida now surpassing new york with
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coded 1000 cases 2nd highest in the nation after california well the almost 428000 positive resonance at last glance from the florida department of health so bottom line numbers aside some good news i'm in ongoing coben 1000 concerns nationwide the quest for a vaccine and the ongoing problems containing the virus and some of the nation's hotspots including right here in my neck miami and i'm about to county there thank you. and senate republicans have announced on monday new trillion dollar. or stimulus bill for coronavirus relief some of this we have seen before but there are some big changes for unemployment benefits now the big question can republicans and democrats in congress come together before the end of the week to get this deal done so joining us to discuss the best co-host and investigative journalist ben swan so ben what exactly is in this stimulus bill will republicans
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keep unemployment benefits where they are. so the republicans are not wanting to give employment unemployment benefits where they are let's start with that because that's probably the biggest issue here essentially what they've done is they say that $600.00 a week credit essentially the feds have put on top of these state unemployment tax or exiting the state unemployment benefits that have gone out they say that $600.00 per week needs to come to an end they're not going to do that anymore and instead they want to reduce it down to $200.00 a week in the goal they say is to encourage people to go back to work because quite frankly and this is true some people who are making more money be not on employment than they are working and so they say they don't want to encourage that the problem of course is that they've got to get this passed democrats not sure that's going to happen the other thing by the way that's in this bill is they want to also have another round of stimulus checks that will go out of the $1200.00 per person across the u.s. of course if you're under a certain income level and they want to get a 2nd round of those go in as well you know i've certainly heard that myself from
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small business owners that people that they know are not wanting to return back to work because they are making more from the unemployment benefits there and then speaking of democrats like house speaker nancy pelosi what is she saying i mean i would anticipate that they don't want to lower those that if it. no they absolutely don't look the senate and house democrats excuse me are saying with nancy pelosi at the helm there they want to 3 trillion not a one trillion they want to 3 trillion other straight stimulus they are don't want to do this if you're in a few rounds because remember republicans are saying we can do it now we can go back into another one in a few months if we need to and another one after that pelosi saying she wants one that will cover all the way to the end of the year and that includes keeping those $600.00 a week unemployment benefits on the federal side all the way through the end of the year which of course takes us all the way through the election and because in the election is happening here in manila i don't think the republicans are going to be able to hold firm on this because so many people are out of work right now so many
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people are on the on the unemployment and those people are not it's not of their own making right these are mandates that are coming out saying you can't work why should they they're going to feel like why should we take less money now when you're not reopening the economy sure i mean that there are arguments to support both sides to this it is a certainly a tough thing to think through so given that we know how difficult this is ben is there any chance that this deal could possibly get done by friday. yeah i think they'll be some kind of compromise by friday because neither side is going to want these these benefits to run out though house democrats obviously have more to gain by it running now because if they say we want more for the american people we want more stimulus money we want more go into those unemployment benefits we want more stimulus checks going out and republicans don't want to do it that's a winning argument i mean it's very hard as republicans who are running in this next election cycle to be able to justify cutting benefits to people when they get
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in we have a new round of lock downs that are being imposed and so people who thought they were going back to work now aren't going back to work or there aren't jobs for them to go back to so how do you even balance it look from a fiscal standpoint yes the republicans are making a good point you can't continue to pay this. forever and 3 trillion dollars on top of what we've already spent is an enormous amount of money but you have to get it past the people and i'm not sure people will agree with them said we can't keep bleeding out but we also can't keep the whole country shut down again so we're kind of wired here between a rock and a hard place and always appreciate your take thank you. and since the pandemic the us is now facing its deepest economic downturn since the great depression tens of millions of americans are without work a lot of businesses have gone bankrupt and the latest stimulus check roughly 1200 bucks was just
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a drop in the bucket for countless families struggling to make ends meet so while so many people are suffering there are some actually reaping rewards from this worldwide pandemic so joining us to break it all down let's go to our tease here from zack with the return of fair and balanced parent mila it's been a while but fair and balanced is back and boy does it feel good all right so what are toilet paper hand sanitizer face masks and gloves all have in common well besides the fact that now everyone takes them with their keys wallet and cell phone they also were the 1st things that people rushed to stock up on when copa 901st hit the us remember this guy people hoarding buried alive to shame after he bought 18000 bottles of hand sanitizer across the states of tennessee and kentucky and resold them for as much as 50 bucks apiece and to all those struggling to get their hands on some well he said he wasn't sorry now luckily amazon and e bay banned him but you know who else is in sorry the big companies raking in not
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millions but billions of dollars all thanks to a covert 19 unlike cap in hand sanitizer over there these companies are not going to get banned so while some small u.s. companies are expected to lose 85 percent of their profits in just one quarter mind you 17 of america's top $25.00 corporations well they're expected to earn 11 percent more in profits than the average year so how much of a surplus is that 80 $5000000000.00 so you've got companies like. microsoft facebook google johnson and johnson of arise at home depot a t.n.t. procter and gamble wal-mart c.v.s. walgreens and the most hated company. in america comcast now i know what you're thinking ferrand where is all that money going to go well it's not going to you. and i go into me after this no no no no no oxfam all global organization working to end poverty ran the numbers and found that 9 out of every 10 of those extra dollars
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these companies are going to rake in it's going to shareholders you know a bunch of already rich people oh and with that $1.00 left over only $0.32 will go to black and latino communities so basically here you go peasants while the shareholders take the out again this time in newport rather than nantucket so what can you do what can we do well how can we hold these corporations accountable while oxfam is already on it calling for lawmakers to institute a pandemic profits tax kind of like the one that was passed in the forty's during world war 2 now it's designed to tax a portion of a corporation's profits that stemmed from an external event not of the companies making after all we didn't start using hand sanitizer till our lives literally depended on it now oxfam estimates that this tax could bring in $80000000000.00 and the things we could do with that money and less we could actually fund
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a media an ongoing covert testing needs to everyone literally on the planet we could give families a break and provide universal child care we could give paid and sick leave for essential workers and with an election less than $100.00 days away we could be for up safety measures so that voters can actually go out vote and not get cold it or we can all stay home vote by mail and beef up security so there's no voter fraud so what can you do what can we do well the only way to get a bill signed into law all starts by calling your local congressman and state senator so look up give him a ring oh but don't expect to hear back from the money time soon because while. the entire pandemic is still going on while they're on vacation for the rest of the week in washington farren fronsac r.t. . and other news from around the world the u.k. government has removed spain from their list of safe countries to travel following
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a spike in kobe cases there those who recently traveled to spain now face new quarantine measures and will have to isolate for 2 weeks upon return to london the foreign office advises against all but essential travel to spain. and testimony today inside a courtroom in spain on whether to let us on twitter spied on among those defending the wiki leaks founder and his partner and legal advisor stella morris and then later at the sports h.q. we're going to hamper his us a major story rocking the world of literally baseball and to keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed make sure you download our brain free app portable t.v. you can watch us there 24 seventh's i will be right back steve. dear you were thank you finally. understand your desire to network.
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i i i. i demonstrators in the u.k. and spain cheered outside the courthouse is where julian assange has hearings got underway this morning this time the case on julian assange being spied upon while holed up at the ecuadorian embassy in london by a spanish security firm called undercover global the firm's owner david morales accused of invading songes privacy here's what julian assange has attorney in madrid told the press. they have showed me some of the images where we appear the lawyers talking to julian recorded by surveillance cameras and listening devices this is somewhat scandalous it could only be said to actually happen in movies inspired movies but this is not a spy movie because the life of a person is a person who is a journalist all they have done is to pursue a journalist the editor of wiki leaks revealing extremely serious acts of crimes
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against humanity and corruption process that was behind this persecution of the united states and continues to do so from our point of view you know legal so joining us for a closer analysis of today's events former u.k. m.p. and personal friend join us on mr george galloway so george mr songe actually has 2 hearings happening today one on the u.c. global spy charges the other his extradition to the u.s. where his fiance stella morris attended so let's 1st tackle these spanish court his attorney there in madrid is asking the judge to release all the various means by which julian was spied upon methods like lifting fingerprints from glasses he drank from to stealing he and miss morse's children's nappies expand on that for us if you would why would mr gore's own want these details out there.
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doesn't it and of course many many people were viewed illegally by this surveillance including me and the most important people who were spied upon were his lawyers now in any civilized jurisdiction anywhere in the world. that would have the case against julian assange thrown out because under cover they may have called themselves but we now have revealed who they were working for they were working for united states intelligence there were more flying every month to las vegas of all places and handed over to a consortium led by sheldon adelson the tapes on the poles of the nappies and the fingerprints and all the rest and you don't need to be einstein to work out what mr adelson then did with that material you handed over to u.s. intelligence to strengthen the case of the u.s.
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prosecutors and saw this should absolutely demolish the case against julian assange. before you got to 1st base no civilized court would allow evidence secured in such an illegal manner to be used in the hearing so we'll come to that are if julian ever does get to the united states though that remains a moot point but the spanish hearing can only go one way or the scale of these surveillance and the sordidness of it is all going to be revealed and it's a very very ugly picture i must say it is certainly a bizarre news that we're learning of of all the means that mr morales spied upon julian at the embassy george and now in regard to his u.s. extradition case there additional charges potentially could be piled on by u.s.
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attorney general. bill barr there are new allegations that could perhaps lead to charges now but judgment as barretts are has yet to be served with such documents now if she is served this could delay julian's full hearing until after the november u.s. elections george what do you make of all of that. well yes if they are served will delay the proceedings the judge said that today. is too late for these new allegations to be produced and i'm picking some hole from because it's all the way your well this is not the 2 goals that they've had this already with the initial indictments are not going to pass muster maybe in this court but not. when this goes to appeal and that's why they are rather front desperately scouting around for new allegations. are not new all of them
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of long been made before they're just not in the original forced on 2nd. and this seems to me suggests a lock off confidence on the part of the u.s. that what they have presented thus far will actually succeed the british courts as to whether he's better off with the president by them in car or president trump still in power but 2 is a moot point i'm afraid. and back here at the nation's capital you're taking a live look at the public viewing for it the late congressman john lewis his body will lie in state at the u.s. capitol just before his private funeral on thursday at the historic ebenezer baptist church down in atlanta georgia the 80 year old civil rights icon died on july 17th. and today philippine president robbery go deter day is set to
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deliver his annual state of the nation speech and it's already being met by protests hundreds of protesters staged a rally against a new anti terror law and other issues in the capital this despite police threatening to arrest them authorities have banned public gatherings of more than 10 people undergrown a virus quarantine restrictions. and over in iran where government officials there are saying the u.s. will pay dangerously flying too close to one of its passenger planes over syria last week here's iran's foreign ministry speaking to the press. but you would use them we don't know the action that they took against a passenger aircraft with the islamic republic of iran or more in the airspace of syria and lebanon was a very dangerous and terrorist action definitely the iranian foreign ministry with the help of general staff of the armed forces. and the country's aviation organization will take every necessary measure to make americans regret it.
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meantime in a statement a spokesman for u.s. centcom confirms a single f. 15 fighter jet conducted a visual inspection of that iranian passenger plane at a safe distance before flying away. original hands over the sports h.q. regina there's been major news coming out of major league baseball all day what is the latest it seems as a never ending cycle in the major league baseball season is less than a week old 4 days to be exact and already there is no major concern after coronavirus outbreak among the miami marlins the marlins scheduled home opener against baltimore orioles is postponed after reportedly over a dozen marlin players and personnel tested positive for kobe 19 news came after the team finished up a 3 game series against of philadelphia phillies however trouble even for the game started a sunday starting pitcher say over a new out was scratched last minute after a positive test players reportedly decided to continue the series making that decision via group text started by shortstop miguel rojas marlins major don
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mattingly echo the sentiment of those players in the group text take a listen never really considered not play and from our standpoint we're taking a risk every day. every day we're taking so let's call it the players all around the league and. you. know it started with this roach if you travel you're in planes you're in buses you're in different hotels the risk. positive cases have postponed the team's trip home and the amid the outbreak and the team will stay in philadelphia to self quarantine for philadelphia their monday night game against new york yankees is also postponed over concerns about infections as a visitors clubhouse and dugout will be disinfected miami will have healthy players travel to baltimore for planned games on wednesday and thursday the whole ordeal has drawn criticism from players including los angeles dodgers pitcher david price who actually opted out of the season in his tweet he said now we really get to see if m l b is going to put the players health 1st remember when manfred said players health
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was paramount part of the reason i'm at home right now because players help wasn't being put 1st i can see that hasn't changed. taking things a little bit better the korean baseball league took a big step towards normalcy in their season as they welcomed back fans in the game during the featuring the 2nd place to san bears and the 5th place l.g. twins there's no food or beer available but fans are welcome back to the stadium social distancing and masks are required for attendance but game got underway bamma 2nd 2nd baseman wander the 2 run home run to the right field stands bringing home left fielder came to one bears open of scoring 2 nothing one season for him top of the 3rd inning jones you want trying to steal 2nd and showing some holes throw goes into center field the young is able to get up in advance a 3rd on the air a replay that will confirm that safe ruling on the field and that puts young in position to score on this sacrifice fly from one later at the at bat and the bears
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cut the lead to to one bases whoa did the over the next one dusan bottom of the 4th young sube in right here fly that the deep center trade you want tags up from 3rd thinks he's. gotta run but can do you know tries to advance a 2nd it actually gets tagged out for their own scores and in another replay another confirmation of that decision on the field of the 9th those scores going to be all tied of the 3 runner on 2nd bears' 1st baseman jose el miguel provided as with an r.b.i. double left them or field that'll bring on kim in day and the twins take a $43.00 lead though to batters later pinch hitter otoh if one that's carried around into a game ending 643 double play not a good luck l.g. holds on for the 43 when hopefully manila basely and states we get ourselves together soon i hope so thank you for that regina and that does it for me to make sure you keep up with everything in question at all times by downloading our brand new free app portable t.v. you can watch it there 247 make sure you follow me on twitter and instagram at leno
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a chance thank you for watching a few scenes. forced and illegal takeover of the government by a small group. rather than revolution results so just that small group the operation when you have a tiny group of people who have all the power you must have some means to make sure the rest of us don't get together and take it back. these are sacrificing. places that capitalism exploited and destroyed for profit and left behind
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misery poverty. devastation and so you see things like voter suppression building more prisons you see gerrymandering. all sorts of undemocratic practices well you are well into. the question the critics. you cannot be both with the yeah you really. are welcome to redacted tonight this is
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a show where americans in america cover an american news are called foreign agents the tsunami is almost here looming may soon to make 28000000 people homeless in the united states 28000000 of actions to put that into perspective only 10000000 people lost their homes during the 2000 a crisis and that was considered the craziest thing that they had ever happened and this would be 3 times as crazy. to talk about the impending homelessness avalanche we have to 1st ignore the fact that our government could totally bail people out and keep them in their homes not only have they already bailed out big banks and wall street to the tune of $4.00.


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