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democratic practices. in the world. don't question the. hello there i'm a military guy watching in western broadcasting from our to america's national news had to order it in washington d.c. here today's top stories 1st the c.e.o.'s from 4 major tech companies are testifying before congress about their power and dominance in the industry details next in a live report and also speaking of congress lawmakers are now pushing for more sanctions against turkey and russia this time for the variables in libya's civil war we're going to discuss that with our panel and then president trump is headed to the lone star state to discuss energy and tuor and boil rig and raise money for his reelection we'll get you all up to speed all right it's time to boost your news
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i. mean right now today on capitol hill 4 of the most powerful men in the u.s. tech industry are being questioned on whether their platforms have violated antitrust laws in recent years as they've risen to dominate the industry and the marketplace artie's rachel blevins is monitoring this hearing she is joining us in studio to discuss it so rachel who is testifying today and what has led us up to this point well this hearing comes after a year of research that was conducted by the house judiciary is antitrust subcommittee and which they are looking at these 4 major tech companies and trying to decide whether the major monopolies that they already have are being used to stifle their smaller competitors now of course we are still dealing with the coronavirus pandemics is a very unique situation in which these tests. the monies are being carried out
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virtually but they are being held from a lineup that includes alphabet c.e.o. sundar pichai facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg apple c.e.o. tim cook and one of the richest men in the world amazon c.e.o. jeff bezos so why are these tech companies in the spotlight right now each of them have been accused of going after their competitors and the number of ways that keeps them from growing specifically when it comes to these platforms now and we take a look 1st at apple they have been accused of manipulating their search results on the apple app store in such a way that they intentionally bury competitors in their search results and then they charge significant fees for apps to remain in their store for amazon they have also been accused of stifling 3rd party sellers through search result rankings and by charging large shipping in warehouse fees and it has even been accused of learning from the analytics used by smaller vendors to improve their own product then google has been widely criticized for the way they rank their search results and back in 2017 they were fined 2700000000 dollars by the european commission for
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pushing their own products over competitors finally facebook has been criticized for its social media domination through the acquisition of instagram and whatsapp and various privacy concerns that have plagued the company for years now we did see prepared opening statements from each of these c.e.o.'s and they didn't really address a lot of these concerns instead they tried to show ways that their platforms of help the country and what the timing of this hearing i mean is that important in any way it is and as a chairman of the subcommittee pointed out it is even more so important now because we're still dealing with the lockdown from the coronavirus pandemic and that has really hit small businesses the hardest well at the same time making these big tech companies even more powerful take a listen what he said. prior to the covert 900 pandemic these corporations already stood out as titans in our economy in the wake of covert 1900 were they're likely to emerge stronger and more powerful than ever before as american families shift
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more of their work shopping and communication online these giant stand to profit locally owned businesses meanwhile mom and pop stores on main street face an economic crisis unlike any and recent history. now another major concern that is expected to be discussed today as this hearing plays out is all about the user information in the data that is being collected by these companies what they're doing with it and why there hasn't been any kind of oversight we're all about is concerned you know they certainly know all whole lot about all of us rich woman's thank you for that update thank you. and another hearing on capitol hill this one has to do with the sexual assault in the military and the death of fort hood soldier have been asked again the 20 year old army specialist was murdered just back in april by her alleged abuser who's also is joining us with more on this and parent president trump is actually set to meet with mr ganns family i hear yeah that's right manila so now there are some conflicting reports as to when exactly
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when us against family would meet with president trump but the family's attorney says that this morning they were to have a private meeting at the white house before trump is expected to voice his support for the i am good us again bill being introduced to congress thursday now also this morning a caravan of the no mosque movement started their 22 hour drive from dns hometown of houston to washington d.c. where they plan to be on the steps of the capitol when her bill is introduced now 2 months after again went missing the 20 year old soldier's remains were found in a shallow grave just outside of fort hood family says she was sexually harassed which led to calls for a congressional investigation against sr says the nasa had spoken with their mother about experiencing sexual harassment by another soldier telling her that he walked into the woman's locker room and watched her take a shower and sister says from text conversations she believes her sister was afraid to report the incident to her superiors at fort hood and that she feared for her life. to lose. my shoes define this is what's good you don't.
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want. to look at responsibility. because it was. well the suspects involved in dns death this soldier aaron robinson who agents said took his own life after ganz remains were found along with his a strange wife civilians are she is in custody charged with helping body now against death has sparked a me too movement within the military with many women coming forward which prompted the house armed services committee to investigate this issue wednesday a colonel in the army who investigated ken's death was a grilled by lawmakers listen here you started july no june 23rd. july 27th. we arrive and begin work june 29th that for june 29th
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now that's not really in a hurry is it because she went missing april 22nd i sent a letter of in corrie may 23rd i visited fort hood june 23rd but yet 4 months later is when you started your inquiry. now the army has a sexual harassment assault response prevention program specifically designed to help soldiers report sex crimes however the report usually goes to a soldier's direct superior which in many cases these superiors are the known abusers but the new i am the nice again bill will allow soldiers to go to an outside party to report their case now president trump is headed for home state of texas where he will tour the double energy oil rig and talk with those in the oil and gas industry that took a tough hit during the cold 19 pandemic reporting in the newsroom fair and fronsac are. now over to the latest code 1000 numbers worldwide cases now over 16700000 with about 661000 reported deaths the top 3 countries with the most cases
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the u.s. continuing to lead the way followed by brazil and india right here stateside cases topping 4300000 with just over 149000 reported deaths then down in florida related deaths in prison are rising the month of july has been the deadliest now at $22.00 deaths in total $46.00 inmates have died due to the virus. and while president trump is headed for texas vice president mike pence traveling to north carolina in his bid to encourage more schools to reopen pense will join a roundtable discussion focusing on how one private school has worked to safely resume in person instruction with about 300 students this comes as president trump has threatened to withhold funding to public schools that don't allow all of their students to return to classrooms this fall. and elsewhere around the world a plane carrying more than 100 vietnamese colvin 19 workers from africa landed back
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home in 100 point the plane was specially equipped with ventilators and doctors and prepared for the 27 hour flight patients in blue protective gear chanted thank you vietnam for bringing us home there in. able condition and were immediately transferred to a hospital for treatment. and hodge 2020 has begun but it's a high like never before seen as far as participation is restricted this year to curb the spread of the pandemic muslim pilgrims have to wear face masks and move in small groups after days of isolation before arriving in mecca rather than standing and praying shoulder to shoulder pilgrims have to adhere to social distancing rules keeping a distance of at least 5 feet during prayer. and as coping 1000 continues to dominate headlines day after day there's one medical story that's starting to get
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some well deserved attention new research shows that a simple blood test could soon be used to diagnose alzheimer's disease in fact lab tests have proven to be 98 percent accurate here's artie's trinity chavez with this incredible new discovery. scientists that sweden's university of london have developed a way to detect all simers with a simple blood test a promising breakthrough that could make the diagnosis process simple affordable and widely available all simers the most common form of dementia affects more than 50000000 people worldwide and according to the world health organization that number will likely triple by 2050 apportions quite common but the lot of people we have alzheimer's disease to not get diagnosed and thereby do not get the symptomatic treatment that they should but now scientists have developed an experiment a blood test that was able to detect all same errors 98 percent of the time the lead author of the study has already carried out the test on more than $1400.00
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people enrolled in dimentia studies in sweden arizona and columbia the findings published in the journal of the american medical association indicates that a blood test can detect the tell protein one of the homework signs of all simers. there are. 2 or 3 minutes or so show higher concentration on the lower. lower color considering the blood test which was just as accurate as more invasive methods including m.r.i. brain scans c.t. scans and spinal taps provides a much simpler and more affordable way to diagnose whether people with cognitive problems were experiencing all simers as opposed to another type of dementia sparking new hope for patients yet the ball is then a thought that's very good instead of taking spinal fluid you can just have a simple blood test it means you can learn about the condition before it gets worse and have support and help from people so you can live a so-called normal life even so normal day but no now the researchers say that the
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blood test was also able to identify symptoms of alzheimer's 20 years before the patient was expected to start experiencing thinking and memory problems however they do add that more testing is needed and it could be years before this kind of test is available to the public however they do say these results are promising. morning in new york trinity each other is r t. and congress is now pushing for more sanctions on turkey and russia this time for their roles in libya's ongoing civil war we're going to discuss that next with our panel gas and then make sure you keep up with all the latest news and anything you might have missed by downloading our brand you free app it is called portable t.v. you can watch there 24 seventh's we'll be right back. wall
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i. feel like we to pass committee review this week and soon hit the floor aims to box president trump into forced sanctions against russia and turkey over the ongoing power struggle in libya house democrat ted deutch and senate democrat chris coons 1st floated versions of this bill last year but now it may become a reality they claim russia has somewhere between 802-2500 mercenaries in sirte a group called the wagners backing khalifa haftar are and are also seeking to blunt russia's influence in north africa so joining us for a deeper dive our panel today former u.k. m.p. george galloway and investigative journalist and author dan lazhar gentlemen good to see you both george i will start with you u.s. lawmakers seem to be ignoring america's role in the destabilization of libya in the 1st place now trying to blunt russia's efforts in the region how do you read this
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bill what do you think is the real reason for this action. well that would bring to 40 countries that the united states is going to be sanctioning more than $2000000000.00 people one in 4 human beings on the planet is under one form or other of us sanctions so the more you sign or widely you use this weapon i would have thought it's efficacy began to diminish and i think those lots of evidence about the impact on talk it will not be what the united states would wish it to be on the contrary it will push turkey and russia closer together but i must see if you'll forgive me if you'll allow me the notion of the united states lecturing everyone on how to put libya about together again when it was the united
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states britain and france which destroyed libya in the 1st place is really quite hard to date president obama least small consolation described the invasion destruction of libya as his most serious mistake during his 8 years of presidency but it doesn't seem like his successor who normally runs us fast from barack obama's policy positions has learned anything from obama's mistake yeah how about that dan i mean george just touched on this a little bit the bill would hit both russia and turkey but given the more recent disagreements between washington and is it wise to impose these mandatory mandatory mandatory me sanctions on the turks because it would be counterproductive and push closer to moscow when it. yeah but 1st of all it makes no sense because the 2 sides
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are the 2 countries are backing opposing sides of the libyan civil war so washington of course commit a complete mess at the. spying by overthrowing gadhafi and especially bringing qatar into the to the the effort and cutter probably spent about $500000000.00 backing various sunni jihadi groups once it entered into the fray so so but this makes no sense to ricky and russia are opposing one another they're backing different factions the us seems to be to be leaning towards the faction that's now in power in tripoli unclear because u.s. policy is so quickly confused i would also point out that this bill is being put forth by 2 democrats and its major purpose is to embarrass trump trump does probably does not want to get involved in libya at all and this is just part of the whole political gamesmanship that's going on in the run up to the
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election these games go on all the time on capitol hill it's completely irresponsible and completely nuts but that seems to be the latest development and george it is being called the libya stabilization act do you find any absurdity in that george i mean can you refresh our memory on how libya became destabilized in the 1st place. well let's listen wanda lund words mean exactly what we decided that they mean to call an intervention such as this an aid to stabilization is simply absurd as i say not least because it was us that broke the stability and done makes a brilliant point russia and turkey are backing 2 different sides but that implies there is a 3rd side so we've got war going on with the competing armies at least we've got
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3 parliaments 3 prime ministers and about $100.00 different warlords and different gangs are fighting out in libya libya is a country without borders not the least of which is the border are the use to police entry from africa across the mediterranean into europe and of course blew the doors off libya in this really ill can. we open the door of africa to europe with all the consequent political ramifications the has had so libya was a stable country we broke it and now we are backing one faction over 2 other factions and this is not likely to lead to any kind of stabilization at all it's a very sorry mess i must say and one of our problems existed in libya before backing
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jihadists isis and al-qaeda certainly wasn't the way to fix them and dan you brought up qatar a moment ago but what about egypt they're weighing on whether or not to enter this quagmire right now they backed the tripoli government which is recognized by the u.n. they have characterized general crieff to have tar as quote a warlord of the allen a but given have ties ties to the cia here at langley having been a long time resident of northern virginia himself would it be wise for egypt to get involved and would in their involvement tacitly be a fight against the cia then. oh have to our ties to the cia go very far back it's not at all clear when the cia is still backing the have to are the us is so 'd confused to self and as george says it so thoroughly broke libya itself it has no idea what to do at this point it's completely chaotic
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a social conditions in libya have kludged backwards you actually have slave markets in tripoli it's astonishing. and this is this is this is this is what america course democratisation but but but everyone's playing it very dangerous game there's a huge. power vacuum everyone wants to plunge in russia turkey egypt etc no one even knows who's there on it gets more and more dangerous and the the flow of refugees gets more and more uncontrolled. and clearly what this is about is about oil i mean i mean libya is the source of this it's a huge oil exporter a potentially very close to europe so therefore europe could get its hands on on cheap oil that would with very low transportation costs so that's what the interest is in libya although no one knows what to do 'd and which is why everybody is
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opposing opposite sides and just making things worse yet certainly a political grand bag right now and real briefly at this question before both of you george will quickly happening just this morning secretary of defense mark asked for announced mass troop withdrawals from germany and south korea what are your thoughts on that. well i'm always happy when u.s. troops are withdrawn from abroad the u.s. has more than enough problems on home to fix the bug relations now between the u.s. and germany over the north stream. may be a factor in this but donald trump said he'd be withdrawing forces from foreign fields i'm glad to say this is one election campaign promise he's keeping all right dan i'll give you the last word there. well according to esper the the there are only pulling troops out of germany in order to redeploy them in poland and in the
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in the baltic states as well and the valving us polish alliances is very dangerous poland is in the storage area and country vehemently anti semitic castle at fundamentalist. really are far right wing hard yet this is america's newest friend eastern europe and also polled of course 'd is fiercely hostile to russia so i think that in the end we actually may see a ratcheting up of tensions with russia right and lowering all right we'll keep our eyes peeled for that dam is our george galloway gentlemen thank you for being with us. and a bridge over in a lake at a lake in arizona partially collapsed after a freight train derailed and then caught fire this happened around 6 30 am local time in 10 feet that's just east of phoenix police and fire crews remain on scene
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there and other news from around the world tensions between india and china have simmered down a bit but could soon as collate this after india received its 1st batch of fighter jets from france and 5 new jets landed in a military base in northern city in india the fighter jets are part of an $8000000000.00 deal signed with france from 2016. and after decades of seeking justice for the effects of the u.s. atomic bomb attacks on japan a japanese court finally on wednesday recognized people exposed to radioactive black rain radioactive black rain fell after a nuclear bomb was dropped in hiroshima the hiroshima district court said all $84.00 plaintive ages ranging now from their seventy's to ninety's who were outside of the government's own also developed radiation induced illnesses and should be certified as a bomb victims the landmark ruling comes a week just before the city marks its 75th anniversary of the u.s.
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atomic bombing. then over and mexico the pemex corruption trial is underway the oil companies former head emillio lawyer is accused of receiving over $4000000.00 in bribes from the brazilian construction giant. and allegedly using it towards the 2012 presidential campaign of former president and rico enrique pena nieto. and we're going to have over at the sports h.q. with 2 wild finishes at the m.l.s. tournaments down in florida what happened were actually to get to one and what we're going into the later no other wild night for both games during the m.l.s. is back torment rawest 16 playing in regulation didn't cut it so in the columbus minnesota game they needed penalties to sealed their fate 1st up to screw and minnesota's minute corner kick from minnesota's michael box it was a head the path that followed around what robin loued follows up from center lose draw 1st blood. second half action 77 minute penalty is given to columbus after
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lou's aha out of the penalty area the late challenge columbus. would have a penalty that would be saved. no doubt there but on his rebound to tie everything up at one end that means we have to go to penalties so the shootout begins in minnesota alonso converted to go and do. down the middle of the start things off columbus though they're not going take that they're going to respond the bottom right corner shop from ford an endo hobby and was hired at one of peace plan to keep their hopes alive and you guys were all then with a set of steps in that path goalkeeper tyler miller chris still in it all hope for minnesota though are going to rest on the left back as it's carried here gas for his right foot a shot for hunches his team take it since he was the quarterfinals monella back to you i thank you for that regina will be back at 3 o'clock with a lot more news we'll talk our and see what our friend scott you know he is that does it for me i'm manilla chance make sure you check out our new app portable t.v. we'll see you back here in a little bit. conservative
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media because the political left in the united states has become rather clumsily the job i would push you in the area of socialism profoundly changing the country. by many in his or british nothing would fundamentally change so we should visit or is it as though you just. folks excited about this vivek a fox on the day you of course know or from kill bill independence day and she has the series now in the life or i think they're on their 14th film it's called the wrong series it's anything but and this one is called the wrong stepfather comes
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out on july 31st i'll be intrigued to talk to her about her part also she's on the production side of a to mix the book box on dennis miller plus one. folks welcome to dennis miller plus one i don't have to tell you who the comely lass is on the other side of the screen joining me today is actress vivek a fox you course know her from her rules in the big screen in kill bill independence day set it off she also appeared in the highly successful series empire in vivek has a new film it's part of this wrong series which is a sweet groove for her i guarantee i think it's like. beautiful when you get these things going to near live it's beautiful this one's called the wrong stepfather on july 31st on lifetime what's happened in v.a.
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how you doing i am good i live. they can still see me moving away from the chalk board after don did the raid a record way back when on the soul train oh my god did you. own me. i was a star who are here and it's. you with the sound you're a dancer i duck. i used to love it when they would form the 2 lines and the hat would come due in the russian dead sorority's down low kick in the slit . and they would always throw it back.


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