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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  August 9, 2020 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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protests break out across belew against a long time but leader alexander lukashenko looks set to win a 6th term in office but the opposition says the election was rigged also ahead. another night of chaos in beirut public anger builds in the wake of tuesday's deadly explosion a correspondent is in the midst of the. i . the police and the army are trying to clear out of this right now we are in the middle of. this.
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as you can see there was a blast that led to the mass protests as a 5 day search for survivors draws to a close the beirut port explosion killed at least 158 people and left thousands injured. it's. cool. to broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is our g international i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us we start in belarus where there have been widespread demonstrations after a disputed presidential election and official exit poll indicates that alexander lukashenko who has been in power since 1904 has won a landslide victory the opposition believes however that the road was the vote was rigged police in the capital minsk used extreme force against protesters leaving
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some badly injured. the limo play list least i believe it to be on one of the back leaves of much of the city well yeah the 2nd 50 of please so whatever means give the capsule a battery's has seen its largest protests in the last 10 years at 10 pm people
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began to gather near the heroes city overnight but a path was blocked by security forces the officers then began to march out of the city a sense of pushing back the protesters for the 1st time in the history of valorous special crowd control measures including stun grenades were used some eyewitnesses claim a small rubber bullets being fired more protests will most likely be held tomorrow evening. for a long coat of has the latest on the protests in bellows. bill russians were protesting not only in their own country but it's in other nations as well like a russia germany poland israel and ukraine and of course of the most violent protests took place in bella ruse in minsk and other cities protesters clashed with the police who used here gas or rubber bullets now to take a look at what's been happening on sunday night in minsk.
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the police say they have the situation under control and this standing president alexander lukashenko who is running for his 6th consecutive term since and that's $94.00 says that everyone should respect the law easy to do months to go and demonstrate should we have 6 sites in minsk 6 and there were demonstrations only at 2 sites to go in demonstrates it but if you do anywhere in violation of the law everything is regulated and if you interfere with other people then we will hold you accountable. he added that he had guarantees that said no one will lose control that we will remain a priority for they current authorities now look at shank goes victory was largely expected however the biller russian opposition claimed of election was not fair it
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was a really rigs and that in fact it was a very candidate that so won this election with overwhelming numbers doubtless some of the sincere one of the opposition figures yes. it is clear that this has nothing to do with normal acts who post these are just numbers off the top of someone's head the real results are exactly the opposite we suppose citizens are doing because their votes have been stolen loot. who started this company with a brute who violation of the constitution. is now seizing power by force he's the one who's carrying out the coup. scores of protesters have been detained however the officials are saying that they exactly number all of those who have been arrested will be an announced on monday morning now local media reports that one person has been killed and dozens have been wounded at the moment the police managed to disperse the crowds from the center of minsk and reportedly from other
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below russian cities as well the protests are expected to continue on monday political analyst martin mccauley and the director of the crisis research institute mark almond gave us their thoughts on the all rest in belarus and what it portends for the country. opposition now seems to be building up because because of the covering of the pandemic of the code 19 because of the. increasingly poor economic situation and oppression from russia russia would lead to much closer this illusion with with most. willing to give has been for the last 26 years between east and west and look at those played off when we get as you know very well if you look at the last 26 years he's been there apparently almost wherever he looked after the military and the militias police very very well and
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they've been given. a living and they've been looked after because they're they keep him in power but in the last 5 or 6 years the ira it was a shame because policy has. sort to move away a bit russia lost various economic benefits because commercial and then of course you have big economic crisis calls on the world oil price collapse and then also. the all those things have to be damaged is standing once you have a government control of the center of the dangerous that then uses tanks and other military force 1st we're going to go and same time people in those places on the board with the prince and spew to may bring trees to support so it potentially could spin out of control very rapidly. protesters regrouped in central beirut on sunday for a 2nd night of unrest the labor ministry it was reportedly stormed in a replay of the previous night's clashes around key government buildings the
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country is in reeling from the shock of tuesday's deadly explosion with protesters demanding reform and for officials to be held to account r.t.c. go to jon off reports from the lebanese capital yesterday's action was not the last one that was for sure because people. it seems are driven to the edge here in lebanon and indeed it is the 2nd consecutive night of protests and a lot of people are out here in the streets there's a very distinctive smell of tear gas in the air anyone who has been ever gassed in their life can never forget that smell it's very distinctive so the police have most likely have been using and if you just if my cameraman could just zoom in just over there you can still see the smoke it's not the fires it's the tear gas used by the police here we are at one of these checkpoints if you look over there you can see the military man there standing there and they are preventing any protest as from getting inside here although they have been trying because they have been trying to dismantle this barbed wire this is one of the things here that they used
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to see so they literally they grabbed it like this and try to dismantle the barbed wire and so far they have failed and they're doing it right now in fact look they are you see they are wearing gloves this is what they are doing. and they have not succeeded a yet but. this is what they this is what they have been doing. so again and again and over there they are the army they are ready to jump them as soon as they get any any closer any closer to success now people are unhappy basically what broke the cat with the straw that broke the camel's back was the last because it destroyed a lot of people's homes and they're saying essentially that they have no means of restoring of or of mending their homes themselves and they are blaming the government for the explosion they're saying what all those tons of neutrik acid
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were doing in the port. and so they are very very angry and look they almost they have almost dismantled the barbed wire at this checkpoint and clearly the army the military the this soldier that he's talking. over the walkie-talkie and i think what he's doing right now he is cooling full backup. for. the police and the army are trying to clear out of this street right now we are in the middle of the city i guess everywhere and this is the only checkpoint that the protesters try to clear out and right now people are leaving they're trying they're running away from their running away from the epicenter from where with the action was from the most heated and you can clearly be kind of can hear the explosions.
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the soviet people are very passive any. any here but the army they are going the operation to see. that people are still people are picking up rocks over there if you look over there this is where people are. there covering their faces because tear gas is literally everywhere right now. you can see this is . people can barely breathe here. c.p.s. . can not do anything we cannot talk we cannot express ourselves we cannot get anything anything we try to do we have the army fighting us we have the police were to us we have everyone. everyone facing us because we are needed our needs and we need to get back our country and our city and this city will not be rebuild unless we take back our country and if you look if you just look over that
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there is that she has just been swimming with people all you can see there right now is just a line of soldiers just a pack of soldiers who have moved forward about a 100 meters from the at the center from the epicenter of the protest and this is basically this is going to be their position now and from over there they will keep moving here and they will keep clearing out the streets and these bright flashes that you can see the night sky this is the t. a gas these are tear gas canisters there is a lot of tear gas you can see but but protesters i centrally blinding trying to blind the army with these green lasers which is very very dangerous by the way because if they are powerful enough they can blind a person literally we are just now at the front line literally we are one of the few people left as close to the police as a we are right now were where the police were using the army were using tear gas we
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have been gassed a number of times like 3 or 4 times maybe will covered in refugee right now but right now the army has essentially cleared out the street so you can see it is completely empty now the road block the police checkpoint the military checkpoint that the demonstrators were trying to dismantle is right be right after it's right next to that glowing mosque so right now the police have cleared the army i should say because it is military these are soldiers they have cleared all the street you can see feel. medics here who are ready to provide support to anyone who is sick to anyone who has room by rubber bullets which the police how the military excuse me have been using or who have had tear gas poisoning because it has been very extensive and so basically all the demonstrators they have moved down the streets and the police have been the army has been chasing them there is something set up a blaze over there also the also results also the aftermath of the
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protests but right now you can see here ambulances because i am absolutely certain that there will be plenty of wounded perhaps even as many as yesterday from the mall because it has been the 2nd consecutive day of protests and these are fully fully get a riot police who are falling back which probably means that the protesters have been scattered through the streets let me tell you their operation has been very swift very fast they moved as they were clearing the streets firing rubber bullets firing tear gas as people were falling back it was quite indiscriminate because all journalists were there in the crowd as well a lot of journalists were there they didn't care for it but well one might say it's not really their job to care about someone who decided to cover the protest from the thick of it but yes right now it looks like the protesters have been have been while they have had to fold back and scatter through the streets again as i've
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already mentioned it's the 2nd consecutive day of protest of protests excuse me here in the lebanese capital yesterday more than 700 people were wounded almost close to a 1000 people were injured in the clashes and basically today we've seen the very same scenario unfold people trying to occupy minister ariel and governmental buildings and the army evicting them from there shortly afterwards and be a basically people are very. i'm happy about so many things also some people have been pointing out that hospitals those that have not been destroyed by the blast in the port they are already overflowing they're being overwhelmed with patients essentially there are people who are sick with covert 19 there are people still injured from the bloss now daily they have to treat hundreds and hundreds of people because of the protests and be under some people has some critics have been saying
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that well it's not the right time while it is certainly an emotional and a wrenching time for the people here in lebanon they have been saying maybe maybe there should be a different approach maybe people shouldn't wait but a lot of people are clearly very sick of waiting. tragedy struck at around 6 pm on tuesday when a massive blast hit the bay report area 158 deaths have been confirmed but with dozens still missing it is feared the number will rise the city's health system already struggling with covert 19 has been overwhelmed by the disaster numerous city buildings have been badly damaged and thousands of locals left homeless. no not all of a sudden we found everything turned over our hands but i turned around and i was
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hit by something in my right hand the street. kid screaming but you. should see. the devastation here in the lebanese capital is very much the blast that was felt at 10 kilometers away from the boards where it took place i believe this is going to be a sleepless night for the lebanese and a very sad 9. 11 years army and fire fighters have been still trying to put off the fire which is still until today burning through the remains of the warehouses rescue workers are still trying to take to the rubble to find the remainder or the the missing and differentials.
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angry very sad we lost the country we lost beirut we have people. who didn't find out we have family members we don't know anything about people will they legal back to the streets they will daily ask for justice we need the justice
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they do doesn't deserve this and we would if you is what happened to us lebannon had already been going through its worst financial crisis in years inflation is soaring and almost half the population lives below the poverty line around a 3rd of working age adults are unemployed the latest on rest is a sharp escalation of the anti-corruption rallies ongoing since last october on saturday demonstrators put up mock gallows in a location where people were hanged more than 100 years ago under the ottoman empire protestors raised cardboard cut outs with ropes around their necks depicting lebanon's prime minister and hezbollah's leader as well as other officials in response to the unrest and lebanon's information minister has stepped down saying the government has failed the people the environment minister has also quit stating he has lost hope in the quote sterile regime journalist rania khalik earlier told my colleague you know neal that the protesters want someone to be held accountable
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for the tragedy a lot of righteous anger in the streets of people who are angry they lost their anger they lost their homes angry this happened on top of everything else that's been deteriorating in the country and there's also you know some attempts to manipulate the political game by different political factions so there are certain political factions who have people the streets trying to make it about his body as opposed to about the entire lebanese power structure and any course you have people who were demonstrating starting in october juge of the economic collapse who have continued those demonstrations in the aftermath of this and what we're seeing is you know why some of the most violent confrontations between security forces. and protesters in recent memory most people believe it was an accident due to corruption and negligence incompetence which seems to be the case as for who's to blame you know people who belong to parties that are pro-american and tend to blame hizbollah because their leaders are blaming is what they. rule in all this. of
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the public as you say has been directed against them as well as not some all powerful force that controls the entire country that's just not the case that is a certain narrative that we're hearing from certain political factions and certain like western narratives so it's not one specific party that was responsible for this it wasn't hezbollah that was responsible for this it was the people in charge of the port authority some people that were in the judiciary that refused to act on it and intervene and a corrupt elite that was trying to negotiate a way to make money off of this and couldn't figure out how to split the profits so they just let this fertilizer sit there until this dangerous explosion took place it's a fault of lebanon being a dysfunctional incompetent failed state for the most part and it's always been that way i don't see this. deteriorating and see like a civil war type of condition as lebanon's a broke country and there's nobody to fund a war this week japan marked 75 years since the u.s. dropped atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki we look at the legacy of those epic
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defining attacks after a short break stay with us. as the u.s. economy was booming growing numbers of people were made homeless. you can work 40 hours in a week and still not have enough to get housing everybody believes america still is the land of opportunity the reality of it we're not financially equality and the lack of affordable housing for a living minimum wage give many people new choice. just been a problem with the city always turn a return call the state will all miss. the food if there is no answer because yes the records resource the most vulnerable are abandoned on the streets to become the invisible clerks. during this year we talk about all those
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crazy problems out there and then during the summer we deal with solutions that's right so lucian's and today we're going to be talking with oh big nose of calling floor doc. you. come back this is the weekly r g international now it is 75 years since the us dropped an atomic bomb on the japanese city of nagasaki just days before that on the 6th of august 1905 hiroshima was also attacked around 200000 civilians were killed some years after the tragedy due to severe burns radiation sickness and other injuries.
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mock local you know with just. the mighty words in the it's a sin must do i. need to guy night. i get to meet on this. good day. you must. have good how can you care i'm going to want you to have to share crap every night . and as you are about to take i. going to change your question that.
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i had to track down at my desk when i get to. talking on you have to. guess and she knew to have a candidate i didn't have to have commissioned. memorial events have been scaled back this year due to the pandemic but small ceremony still took place in both cities affected by the tragedy during the commemorations jumpin the prime minister was joined by the few surviving witnesses of the attacks they marked in the blast with a minute of silence. u.s. and japan are forever linked by the tragedy here is what people in hiroshima and new york know and had to say about the events of 945.
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take a drastic measure i like to say i feel like i haven't learned much. against the us. japan has just. been the consequence of more positive results are people like from harbor maybe pearl harbor that has to do with the us response to coral arbor. where. fixing our terms of. it's justified i don't know i think it's tough to blame people for the mistakes of history. something like that catastrophic should go like an apology were like but i'm pretty sure i'm looking for reparations i'm native american different i'm going to get any there's not going to happen it's not going to happen but it to police.
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but you are when my mother was 7 months pregnant with me the atomic bomb was dropped my cousin was also an atomic bomb survivor and died of leukemia after 75 years i'm still very sorry for those who died. because i know you're going i think the use of the atomic bomb was unacceptable there was no reason to do it and the military situation was utterly hopeless for japan perhaps it wouldn't have taken much longer for the water end would have been over without the bombings and the war between japan and the us it's a shame the u.s. hasn't apologized to japan for the bombings. it's very important to say it out loud to emphasize what the real purpose of the hiroshima bombing was if we keep silent the propaganda will win. that as for me i'll be back with headlines about 32 minutes and 15 seconds stay with us.
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is that really who slipped through is there any truth in the news also with this one creature known as gave birth to say about tropes evolve. during this year we talk about all those crazy problems out there and then during the summer we hit you with solutions that's right so lucian's and today we're going to be talking with. no sue of calling floor. u.k. .
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hello and welcome to worlds apart carl gustafer young at pioneering sway psychiatry's who is now seeing and now the rise to prominence more than 50 years after his death once remarked dad we don't solve our problems but rather outgrow them this may be true for individuals but does it also apply to societies and if saw why do our societies despite old the economic and technological growth seem more infantile than ever while to discuss that i'm now joined by dr james hollis a prominent union psychoanalyst and author of the upcoming book living between worlds finding personal resilience in changing times dr hollis it's a great privilege for me to talk to you thank you very much for your time was my privilege. used to be with you now let me start to be did tell of your upcoming
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book the 16th i believe to come out from under your pan changing times isn't that a bit of an oxymoron because history has never stopped evolving and the dynamics of personal development are that everybody experienced this crisis at some point in our lives so other times believe in the really so extraordinary well not at all that's exactly the point we always live in changing times we always live in times of the changing structures of our society we live in times that are changes for ourselves crises of understanding of believe the roadmap that we were following etc it's just that we live in a particularly time of great disruption of what people thought were fixed beliefs fixed structures and fixed understanding's of self and world so the real question is how does anybody personally.


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