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tv   News  RT  August 17, 2020 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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thousands of factory workers and dollars join a strike over last week's disputed election and t.v. journalists are also pushing back against the government. there was a meeting between the company's management and staff who made their demands clear they want to report on both sides of the situation in the us including the mistreatment of protesters by riot police. after threatening to slap sanctions on top officials in belarus you politicians now claim it's russia that's trying to interfere in the country. and the u.s. says it will hold back financial aid to lebanon until reforms happen despite the
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desperate situation following the deadly explosion in beirut. watching r.t. international coming to you live from the russian capital where it's just turned 5 pm welcome to the program we start with bell roofs were another day of nationwide anti-government strikes is underway despite calls for calm thousands of factory workers have downed tools with many taking to the streets across the country. that it.
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wouldn't. be that. for the details we're not crossing to artists roman culture of what's the latest on this unrest and how is the president responding. while indeed mass protests continue in belarus with workers from a various different manufacturers of plants and factories deciding to go out on a national slight and dollars and i'm talking about said different industries it's a multi it's most of the metallurgy mining sinning just a few people have been seen now walking out from their places of employment to join others in protest and in strike their demands or a new elections with all of the candidates that were registered and not registered as an early release of opal it's called prisoners and dismissal of all those
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responsible for the regen of the election and for crimes for human rights violations now president lukashenko attended some of the work of the worker rallies and he arrived in a helicopter once he was on the ground he warned some of the workers that they could lose their jobs that have it as it. just exploded if you don't want to work here fine just leave quarter to nobody will stop you only get you for that and that's a please from tomorrow just go and look of it sorry to put it in such harsh terms but it's a time like this you have to be straight up with. people. are you. well at that point he added that there will not be a rerun of the election and he will not do anything on the pressure after that celica xanga left seeing other rallies and his departure and how that helicopter was a followed by boos whistles and angela question the slogans now at a later rally he said that's
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a new election will only be possible if the country will form a new constitution meanwhile on sunday at least 65000 people came in support of alexander lukashenko in men's alone and that's according to the interior ministry the numbers of course he spoke to his supporters at length thank you and them for their dedication and support for many belorussians their president is somewhat over a father figure who saved the country from bad this back in the ninety's however many people are still not happy with that 26 year tenure now earlier on monday r.t. managed to speak to one of the supporters that one of the plans let's have a listen. says we are really fed up with these people that's why we want to change this regime they beat my son when they release him and he came back he was so badly bruised that he couldn't even sit down so how should i work
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what's more important to me money or much children. are. employees of the country is a largest t.v. network go also decided to follow the people in protest and they were followed by their colleagues from other media outlets in belarus as well gozo poland says that line had to go well she is it in lithuania right now she left after the election she recorded her own address saying that says she is ready to become the country's national leader let's have a listen. and see here. we all want to break this endless circle to go trapped in 26 years ago i'm ready to take responsibility and become the leader so as to come the country and lead into turns in the months and. well the rounding support all for the protesters in belarus has been taking place for over a week a here in moscow as well were outside of the russian embassy right now while the
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3rd out was a little the largest on saturday one such a line of protesters extended around the block mostly it was women carrying out flowers the white ribbons however there were probably protesters here as well of course we'll be here near the embassy to bring you the latest as soon as it becomes available to us. our tears are among thank you for bringing us that report of. our day of constantine pre-buy reports from outside a state t.v. studio in mit's. democrats this is going to build the building of the builtin the rodeo company in minutes it's the state t.v. building with several channels of banks earlier today there was a meeting between the company's management and staff who made that clear they want to report on both sides of the situation in belarus including the mistreatment of protesters by riot police they've been talking here inside this building and now these people have come to support the t.v.
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star food agreed to go on strike right now there are about 200 people here and i think that the more. they chanting slogans like tell the truth on t.v. and so minsk from the truth workers will also come within or he gets this rally is not the 1st here outside the t.v. building a few days ago there was another with the same message into monks today people are standing in protesting against violence and some of the recent election should be declared illegitimate. for more on the story we're going to cross live to our europe correspondent peter all over peter could you talk us through the news latest response to the crisis in belarus. well last week there was a few voices wondering why there haven't been some definitive statements from brussels no need to wait any longer we've heard from the european parliament to put out a statement calling for calm in belarus but that statement from the e.u. parliament from parliamentarians there also contained
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a warning for russia we call on the russian federation to refrain from any interference covert or overt in bellerose following the election and call on e.u. institutions and member states to vigilantly counter any russian actions in this regard one of the e.u. institutions to be chipping in on valorise on monday high representative for foreign affairs your said bell basically the e.u.'s foreign minister has also released a statement in which he said the sheer numbers clearly show on the streets this is the clear sheer numbers of people out demonstrating clearly show that the belarusian people want change he also though announced that the e.u. would be getting involved that they would work early drawing up a list of people to whom they would be placing sanctions upon. the e.u. is working on a new listings for sanctions against those responsible for violence repression of
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peaceful protests and the fortification of election results. well these calls for russia to stay out of interfering in what's happening in belarus has come alongside calls for the e.u. to do exactly the opposite and get more involved coming from leaders of member states the french president. saying that the e.u. must get involved in order to bring a real and end change to what's going on in belarus on monday it was confirmed they settle on a ticket also has been in talks with the german government. spokesperson for the german government only confirmed that these talks have taken place he wouldn't be drawn any further as to what had been discussed mystical of course challenged alexander lukashenko for the presidency she's been she went into a self imposed exile in lithuania following the vote and has said that she would
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want to take over as an interim leader until better recent elections could be held well we've also heard elsewhere of accusations coming from the better russian side of interference coming from the e.u. alexander lukashenko has pointed the finger of blame poland amongst others saying they are behind the protesters to stirring up unrest in his country so we're getting a lot of different stories coming out at the moment particularly from the e.u. side they're saying russia don't get involved while at the same time they're really trying to get involved themselves peter are bringing us the international reaction there they queue for that. now to analyze all that we're joined by political analysts under will check key groups in the european parliament have called on russia then to refrain from interfering in belarus what do you think they're referring to there. well 1st of all russia and be a loose have very close relationships. was that look i.
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spoke to president bush. for busy billows for busy help busy. a broad based help although it out that he can create a. board set in concrete broke 'd asus this. station that i want think i would like to. do with will set here is that be a loose is a very peculiar very interesting place actually a little pocket a little cozy pockets of stability there the collapse of the soviet union it is not a failed state as it is being portrayed to media public transportation orks medical care. the public 'd schools functioning well and it's never been through the social costs which was experienced into places like
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you created so we are not totally talking about a company where people are desperate and they really have to get 'd this system out of the way the system actually is functioning but there is a lot of factors there is this this faction of the elections results and there is also a 'd lot of interference did comes from who brought. the color revolutions something similar that was busy. through before in the places that you create or in yugoslavia. we're also hearing from the top diplomat that sanctions are being prepared against belorussian officials accused of election fraud and the violence that we've seen against the protesters that crackdown we've seen do you think that thank sions are the right move is that going to help the country in any way. definitely not 'd i think 1st of all of. it is
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not certain that the elections. 'd totally fair but we'll tell you both 80 percent officially that votes that. mr lucas think about that it's actually there could be some money bill a shot but 'd probably what i hear from michael league's. 'd radio between 5 and that percent definitely the majority of people. where still busy supporting this president say busy. the sister beach a little bit she was presiding so i think some people join the opposition but they so. 'd simply cannot. be i'm still talking to both. 'd the majority of people supporting. role of the government so i think the sanctions in this. state would be an absolutely come through productive actually of the
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critic because they would go against the bill of the majority of the dealership people. what we're hearing from the protesters which are coming out a massive numbers every day and the strikes that we're seeing they're calling for a rerun of the election saying that they believe the results are actually almost the exact opposite of what these official numbers are saying the european parliament has even demanded a rerun of the election do you think that's actually going to happen look at shanghai's already said no. might get the ball to basically. oh i don't think he's going to he's going to allow it. there is a lot of positive things that could be said about him but busy something that if they existed he's a very macho but a paternalistic figure he's goal busy busy. he's called bots which is basically a big name for that 'd. busy busy good these go for the good the gold the disco of
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the busy disco for busy the strong but it is making him he's been criticized for it of course by the opposition but he's also admired. many for actually keeping the. socially balanced. 'd of the decomposition of the 'd former soviet union so many people actually want precisely that they want the schools hospitals. culture to be done. 'd with the still relatively strong. look at the job that they do want to be so they bring. before. my daughter. all the protests show no signs of dying down at this point i will be following those as they do continue under it will check political analyst thank you for your time thank you soo much. the lebanese president is
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adamant he will not resign calls for him to go have been growing since the devastating chemical explosion that ripped through beirut's port earlier in the month last week the lebanese cabinet including the pm resigned amid protests of people blaming the tragedy on government incompetence recovery efforts are still underway in beirut the disaster has put added strain on a country already in the throes of a crippling economic crisis are really are the international community pledged some $300000000.00 in aid to lebanon a blast killed $178.00 people injured thousands and made 300000 homeless. meanwhile the u.s. says its own pledge of financial support to lebanon following beirut's class will depend on the country's reforms to tackle corruption as one quarter explains american offers of help aren't always what they seem. massive explosions in beirut during his unrest in its wake and it got to. lebanon the payoff
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capital in ruins and leaders across the world have no doubt opened up the foreign aid relief valve as a result countries like germany the u.k. and even the u.s. have stepped in to help out but when you accept money from washington you need to read the fine print when we see lebanese leaders committed to real change change in word and deed america and its international partners will respond to systemic reforms a sustained financial support of course mr hale forgot to mention that u.s. sanctions are what many to believe the key cause of lebanon's economic woes but there is always someone who remembers. you have seen some countries hypocritically trying to portray themselves as defenders of the lebanese people and expressing sympathy for the lebanese people if they are honest they should remove these sanctions that they recently passed against the lebanese government nation and people and stop this hypocrisy and iran definitely knows how that feels at 1st
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donald trump said he'd be willing to give coronavirus aid to iran if it asked for it then when the country needed a 5 $1000000000.00 loan from the i.m.f. to deal with the pandemic washington protested for some reason even the united nations called on the u.s. to lift its sanctions against the country only to get a big fat no from pompei oh i've heard people talking about sanctions there know that the world should know there are no sanctions that prevent humanitarian assistance medical supplies pharmaceuticals from going to iran and war torn syria it's a similar story washington announced a nearly $1000000000.00 increase in 2022 minutes tearing assistance at the very same time that it was creating a brand new sanctions regime against the country we are maintaining our maximum political and economic pressure to suspend the imposition of the sanctions the government of syria must meet similar conditions to go. for a country in crisis it's not really difficult to get humanitarian aid from washington what they usually have to give in return however might not be that worth
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it. facebook is under fire again after the institute for strategic dialogue or i s d a u.k. based counter extremist organization founded the platform's algorithm promotes holocaust denial and unison with holocaust survivors all over the world researchers are urging facebook to ban this type of content this misses the reason why people engage in holocaust denial in the 1st place denial of the holocaust is a deliberate tool used to dealing to minds the suffering of the jewish people and the but you wait long standing anti semitic troops and when people explicitly do this you should be seen as an act of hatred research by the iowa state on earth 36 facebook pages dedicated to holocaust denial with a combined total of more than $300000.00 subscribers the group also found that searching the term holocaust in facebook returned similar content at level similar criticism against twitter reddit and you tube now facebook says it removes false
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content only if it amounts to hate speech we remove groups and pages that discuss holocaust denial from recommendations and references to it in search predictions while we do not take down content simply for being on truthful many posts violate our policies against hate speech and are removed internet law expert here cohen says it's facebook's duty to protect every member of the community. facebook. classifying holocaust denial is legitimate political conversation is quite frightening thing such as. should be banned from social media for the simple reason that it actively promotes hate it promotes violence against jewish people it should be. removed from any website that purports to be a website for the people of facebook is not designed for
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a very nice type of people it is made for the entire world for the entire community in such mr zuckerberg has got the duty to protect. jewish people as well. the future of thousands of british students is up in the air amid a scandal over how their exam grades were determined this year the results are critical for entry to university and many received lower grades than expected after exams were scrapped due to the pen demick to add insult to injury there have been mixed messages over the appeals process whereby students can have their grades reconsidered with a level examinations canceled nationwide grades were based on teachers predictions they were then adjusted on the basis of a school's overall track record this lead to 39 percent of a level results being downgraded from the predictions state schools especially from poor regions were disproportionately affected by the downgrade with private schools
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enjoying a boom and high marks on the whole fiasco has sparked student protests across england hundreds held a demonstration in central london demanding the resignation of the education secretary gavin williamson thank you this is being classist exam regulator said there was no evidence of bias in the system though and prime minister boris johnson defended the results calling them robust we spoke to the union bunting mitchum who's grades were far lower than she expected. when i opened my results and saw 3 d's i went into complete shock. shock i went to complete meltdown and i thought my life was just completely over i think to me it's a very clear case of discrimination and that deny now i really fail for students like me going to a further education college are 6 phone call an age of just a normal college radio affected by this whereas they should just based on the college that they go to that they have chosen to go to i'm trying to stay really
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close to really hopeful and i want everyone to be aware so i'm trying to get my voice you know it's not just me that's then affected it's other students and i think eventually something will come of it and students will eventually hopefully get the grades that they work for. now to some global news in brief women's rights groups organize a march through mexico city calling for an end to sexual violence it also marks the one year anniversary of a large protest over allegations that teenagers were being raped by police officers almost 2000 police officers were deployed to keep order at the latest rally. the. protests in iraq have descended into clashes with security forces in the eastern city of basra demonstrators blocked roads using burning tires and set fire to a police car there demanding the local governor resign following the murder of
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a social activist on friday but the suspects still unknown. and with heavy rain on the way thousands are being evacuated from china's north and south west regions 201000 people have died or gone missing in this year's floods the worst in years millions have been affected. 2 police officers have been hospitalized after being hit by a rock thrown allegedly by a black lives matter protesters in portland oregon police fired smoke grenades while demonstrators allegedly spread graffiti on the sheriff's office.
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hundreds continue to come out in portland to protest against police brutality after 2 hours of relative calm some started throwing rocks and tried to storm a law enforcement property many demonstrated outside the county sheriff's office it marked the 80th consecutive night of anti-racism and thai police brutality demonstrations in the city. staying at in the united states the poll gap between donald trump and joe biden in the 2020 presidential race is widening a survey by a.b.c. news and the washington post gives the democrat runner a 12 point lead among those registered to vote and over half of those polled approve of his pick a running mate called harris we recently likened her to a cartoon character leading to some animated debate on twitter.
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as a winery suburban housewife. little speech. i teach my children . from complaint has been destroyed by mark seem to. come from march to. just. name calling is foolish of ministration is good for. miss the old days when this show was. just cancel yourself before you completely ruin your legacy the character was literally a parody of nagging and disappointed middle aged women come on the simpsons has really. evolved the stories have unquenched your thirst for news head on over to our website r.t. dot com for countless articles on all of our shows i'll be back at the top the hour
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thanks for tuning in. yes. 54 jets and more than 1300 military personnel are headed to heal some air force base in alaska where is that to say come on i'll show you what's the reason for any type of enhanced u.s. military presence in this area russia. what is it suddenly about the south china sea that makes it so that it is 11000000000 barrels of oil. you take a look at this map who really owns what kind of says no it belongs to us india says no we claim that that belongs to us both of these countries have nuclear weapons capabilities there is reason for concern so that's why we're going to drill down on
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this story for you today right here on the news with rick sanchez where you know as we always like to say we do believe by golly it's time to do news again. you. look. at the sky next to the line and ask for the last 70 and seeing and on the days when the facts. she. going to shift.
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to the. leaching mom. no no look i said i'm not going to my mama says jack. hello and welcome to crossfire we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle the collapse of the russia gate hoax has exposed yet again the unprofessionalism in
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bias of the corporate liberal media the same media consistently project their own claim values and political preferences in even the truth are conspicuously absent in their news report. you crossed up this and more i'm joined by my guest imbiber st in los angeles she is host of the game iris in show and in new jersey we have joe concha he is a media reporter ed columnist for the hill right up close and in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want and ours appreciate it ok let me go to joe 1st here joe in the last 3 and a half years. we've been fed this russia gate hoax and it's basically at its very basis it is leaks that are giving up given to prefer news outlets from the powers that be well we'll call it.


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