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tv   News  RT  August 26, 2020 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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absence of benefit actually because. demonstrators defied a curfew in the u.s. city of kenosha this comes after the police shot a black man reportedly leaving him powerless. the british prime minister joins calls for an investigation into the alleged poisoning of russian opposition activists that. the kremlin says no one should jump to conclusions. hasn't been identified. as facebook groups criticizing the king look at how the social media picks and chooses who support.
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thanks for joining. us welcome to the program. now wisconsin's governor sending $500.00 national guardsmen to kenosha to help support local police on wednesday night after hundreds of protesters defied a curfew on tuesday night which was designed to bring an end to recent unrest violence erupted after police shot a black man multiple times in the back on sunday on the 3rd night of protests 2 people were shot dead and a 3rd was injured within the past few hours a 17 year old's been charged with 1st degree intentional homicide. he.
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calls or texts. on the whole. thing. breaks inside and there's things like that you can hear people talking behind me. to be missing. something here. they're making some sort of announcement at exactly but. nothing about plants and put on their gas masks. on the playing and they are laying the ground is gradually moved back to the park. if. you can see the pepper ball the 1st thing that ever sense. of the whole of the. people listening to this.
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was a look behind me. to see. want to go back now to sunday and what led to days of ongoing unrest this is the upset in video of what happened it shows police shooting jacob blake from behind. a 29 year old is now power lost from the waist down automatically political commentator it's irrelevant to us says he's not surprised by the protests. and the only people would be surprised at the people who believe the issues of institutional racism in this country i mean i remember back originally when black wives matter 1st started were
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trayvon martin and then you know you had mike brown or gardner and you had case after case of these shootings of young black men and women across the country were officers were never really held accountable for that and you had protests and rallies kind of false you know. dog and pony show styled institutionalism without really addressing it without really. you know taking it to task and really changing the culture and the nature of this country but it allows these things that happened so no it doesn't surprise me that we're seeing once again george floyd now this man in wisconsin it's a pattern that's not going to change until there is real actual honest change in this country and that doesn't come from just you know politicians getting on t.v. and promising reforms would never happen. and there's also anger why police still don't have body cameras which could shed more light on what happened despite city authorities approving 40 caps way back in 27 a surprise said to be delayed and still won't be ready for another 2 years. in
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wisconsin and consistent financial officers have them in other parts of the state you know to me when i'm must keep recordings for months and investigation is needed on the matter and has been that would have made a big difference in the case. it is institutional failure and by the way it is not true that there are not clear regulations in fact the governor of wisconsin has set out very clear guidelines. for how body cameras are to be used how long footage from those body cameras is to be kept in public record when that's all been laid out so that the problem is when you have a situation like what we exactly what we had in this community just the other night this is why body cameras are so badly needed over and over we see it because an officer tells one story of the person who it is in confrontation with police tells a different story witnesses tell a different story and then you have the story of those who manage it in some cases certainly not at all but in some cases get to use their cell phones to capture any
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and version of what happened right because the camera video that we see from a distance is not the whole story it's a snippet the moment of it but body cameras are supposed to protect the officer and the person who's being confronted but there's been such a push to not use body cameras to run away from that technology that it becomes disingenuous when there is a situation like this and now the mayor says oh it's a budget issue it's not a budget issue it's a lack of will issue. another day i guess another government running has taken place in better of protest as once again packed into the center of minsk as they continue to campaign against what they claim was a rigged presidential election. donna has more from the capital. the protesters behind me they have decided to light the flashes on their phones to make themselves visible so you can you can see the scale of this protest about a few 100 people have decided to come out here in the central square of the better
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russian capital and so well some of them have taken their dogs with them sort of walking their pets here and they're making their voices heard to the right of me there's an improvised podium and does a special person who is kind of steering the protest with a chance with the slogans you know all of them of course are calling on the resignation of the incumbent president of belarus alexander lukashenko and well but i won't go as far as saying that this that this country that belarus is torn by the protests by the opposing protests but right now almost this the anti government action has has been a daily routine here people have been showing up in numbers daily there was a huge a massive protest on sunday as the 10s of thousands of people showed up this is like a demo version of it now it's like about a 1000 times smaller but i mean of course it is it is a day so people have their daily business to attend to also pro-government
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protesters have been coming out in the streets as well but now we have a person here one of the protesters who is has agreed to talk to us who is going to tell me why he's here and so on and so forth so hi thank you so much for agreeing to tonight to me could you please shortly introduce yourself and tell me why you're here my name is ron i'm 26 years old i work in the tech sector here in belarus in a private company and i have been coming here for the past turned a half weeks a little bit exhausted but to all the people here are hopeful that this persistent protest to this peaceful protest percival will help us make some change in the country if you following a channel like nec to for instance a couple of days ago it published a post essentially giving out personal. the tales and linking to social media of some of the young people who showed up at the opposition protest and excuse me of the probably pro-government protests i took to one of the girls and do she
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essentially showed me thousands of messages with obscene language and so on and so forth do you think it was such a good idea for a reliable source of information as you put it to in fact to essentially docks a young girl like 21 go she's 21 years old she in fact had to leave her home she she's scared do you think this is something a reliable source of information should do well i'm opposed to that i don't do that personally. i don't approve of that basically but we should understand that a telegram channel is not a professional media so to say and they are entitled to some mistakes and the does begin in phases but the good they're doing for our country is right now a little bit bigger than the negative impact they might have occasionally they have more than 2000000 followers do you think that they should be held accountable for the mistakes they make i think will give a fair evaluation of their actions after everything is finished but right now it's a little bit of a chaotic time and people shouldn't be judged on minor mistakes when they're good
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they're doing is great or excuse me for a personal question are you married yes i am would you would how would you feel if your wife got more than 4000 messages calling her all sorts of words and wishing death upon her and her family and so on i wouldn't be happy about that obviously but i would be more scared if my wife was put into prison and beaten and harassed and or possibly even raped which is our government doing right now it's much worse than any words that might arrive to her in messages. the british prime minister has joined a growing chorus of international voices demanding an investigation into the alleged poisoning of russian opposition activists that explain a volley before any probe was even have the chance to get started boris yeltsin's already stating as fact the following was the. it targeted. the poisoning of alexander short the world the u.k. stands in solidarity with him and his family we need a full transparent investigation into what happened the perpetrators must be held
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accountable and the u.k. will join international efforts to ensure justice is done boris johnson the british prime minister saying that the u.k. backs an independent investigation into what happened to alexey novelli it would seem he supported in that by the german government there was a press briefing on wednesday here in berlin not a lot mentioned about mr no violence but they did say that they stressed the importance of an investigation taking place over the atlantic in the united states u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o said that he was concerned by reports that it's come out from germany and that stay should they prove accurate the united states supports a full investigation now what we've heard coming out from moscow is to me to the press corps of the kremlin spokesperson saying that moscow also wants to know what happened but the findings of the german clinic alone aren't grounds to launch an
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investigation as far as they're concerned mr peskov also sent out a warning against jumping to conclusions we repeat that we're also interested in finding what's happened to the victim numerous analyses by our doctors have been no help in detecting the substance that causes current state we're not aware of the german medics found a substance numerous wordings about poisoning that are widely used now we treat them with patients but do not agree with such a version at the current stage 1st we should find the poisonous substance as were the statements of discontent they should come officially and not from the mass media or the hospital in skin russia that 1st treated alexei and carried out tests to see if they could find any toxins in his system 1st offered. to share all of their information with the hospital here in berlin they are now calling on the shuttle to a hospital in the german capital to share information with them to try and
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determine exactly what they found in alexina valley system as it stands at the moment though when it comes to the condition of the legs in a vial knee what we know for the latest is that he remains stable but in an induced coma there's been no further updates from medics here in germany we discussed what might be behind the calls for an investigation with 0 political analyst and consultants who run an office. we are in the. politics of geopolitics and therefore the wording selected by different. needs to be weighed. before the background of political intentions or rather the facts and i think we see it here line here that great britain has a certain interest of. damaging the reputation of russia and in this case 2 years ago we have never seem to hear evidence of what was
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alleged in that time the poisoning of well i just see. certain case certain patterns which. fits into the overall framing which has been built concerning russia that it's a cruel regime or which. its opponents or kills its opponents. are saying soon that all too common up next the u.k.'s big annual classical sing along where brits usually belt help 2 of the country's most patriotic songs this year the b.b.c.'s dropped the lyrics sparking a cultural center and colonialism on oh boy next. now a look at the solution take a deep dive into the issues they've been chatting about all year now today we're
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going to be talking with the more also known as an l w breakdown cast and following him on twitter for a long time. you know the great thing about this whole new universe stacy is that people who might not get on get on. and then they rise to the top and suddenly they're like wow these people are awesome and i was. in that camp. in the troubled 19 seventies a group of killers rampage through parts of northern ireland that was coordinated loyalist attacks particularly catholic population and tens of thousands were forced to flee their homes and what was striking to put these attacks was a p.r. you see the police actually took part in the attacks so instead of preventing it they were active participants in the burning of the streets in belfast at the hague
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more than a 100 innocent civilians were. as the review can seniors and we found out more i was surprised about the extent. to which the inclusion was involved in some of those cases the killers would later be named. i think it went to the very very top i think it is. the water where politicians you know on the go ahead. welcome back to the program the human rights groups facebook offer it blocked a 1000000 strong protest in thailand that's critical of the king thought and see mass pro-democracy rallies with some calling for reform of the monarchy facebook says it's been pressured by thai or thirty's with
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a social media giants had no issues about all thirty's being silenced in other countries. takes a closer look. this is an entirely new paradigm where we've been seeing the birth of a new type of censorship customized tailored censorship what you say no longer it no longer matters where your frome. what matters is who you say it against. thailand has a very specific law it's called the less majestic and what it does is criminalize any negative speech towards the king all the queen or the air or the 2nd there and so on so the rule family cannot be criticised by anyone if you beg criticize the queen's dress for example the king's haircut you face 15 years in jail 15 years this now apparently includes international criticism so on facebook for
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example which just banned approved more chrissy group of $1000000.00 people for hurting the king's feelings after careful review facebook has determined that we are compelled to restrict access to content which the thai government has deemed to be illegal $23.00 said. you can't criticize a person because his father gave him a shiny crown and told him he was special having said that there are many many people in thailand who almost worship the rule family which is the right among their fans too in fact that is the u.s. secretary of state you know this is a long shares relationship church a set of 200 years and i know we will remain great and good friends for the next 2 centuries as well we could report mr pompei stark raving duplicity and hypocrisy after all mr pump arrow's happy to cozy up to the saudi king for example it is of
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dictators who regimes that mr pompei will facebook have a problem with it's where those autocrats are from. remember the united states government shouting itself all the server what was happening in hong kong freedom justice liberty they shouted over and over. again their facebook promoted proved a more crecy groups and cracked down band to prove china group's slew of them we costly working to detect and stop this type of activity because we don't want our services to be used to manipulate people the united states and other free nations will continue to protect our peoples from the long arm of beijing's authoritarianism i mentioned earlier customized censorship this is the result censorship tailored to a time and a place no one rule for all so you can fight for freedom so long as you're fighting
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for freedom from someone that the united states doesn't like if you're fighting for freedom from othello's prepared to ruin your and your family's life because you wrote it mean comment about him well you can't do that see he is pump alles pow. and here we are europe's last dictator they call him lucian co same story really a part of the population loves him a part of the population hates him and pump ale has a picture of them hugging each other really does have a collection not one they're still trying to decide by the way washington facebook is this an autocrat who is good for america and should they threw the democracy groups under the bus and label them haters. who is at a disadvantage though his daddy see he didn't give them a crowd and say that it protects against rowdy peasants.
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republican supporters in the us are crying foul of the news networks dropped coverage of an antiwar speech showing the party's ongoing convention senator rand paul took to the stage but key channels switched away. i'm supporting president trump because he believes as i do that a strong. cannot fight endless wars i fear biden will choose war again if you hate war like i hate war if you want to quit sending $50000000000.00 every year to afghanistan to build their roads and bridges instead of building them here at home you need to support president trump on top is c.-span c.n.n. bottom left m.s.n. b c middle left fox right out of the gate c.n.n. cuts rand paul speech entirely out c.n.n. saw rand paul and they were like hell no. rand paul talking about stopping war and
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how donald trump is not initiated any new wars fox news cuts it all out for an interview with john jr we have moved. human labor rights lawyer back when he was war of so intertwined into the existence of the us that you can't talk about peace it did it because there is so much of a consensus in this country about the rightness of of us warfare or the media is very much because he believes in lockstep school with both parties in supporting american intervention abroad and i think it's very much of the d.n.a. of this country and it's very very hard thing to fight against the media might embrace other social justice issues. but the idea of speaking out against u.s. war even when prosecuted by unpopular president like trauma is just
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not acceptable in the united states it is the one saying we're saying. institution the warfare institution the military industrial complex which president eisenhower warned about the 19 fifties and he didn't even see that of it as it existed. debate about britain's colonial past is making headlines again in the u.k. after the b.b.c. confirmed its removing the lyrics to 2 patriotic songs at its flagship classical concert the proms 18th century song rule britannia has been criticized for its links to slavery a land of hope and glory penned all back in $1001.00 plugs the british empire prime minister boris johnson though insists brits shouldn't be ashamed of their history i think it's time we stopped our cringing embarrassment about our history about our traditions and our culture and we stop this. by. nation and witness i want to get that off my chest. b.b.c.
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says the lyrics were dropped because coverage restrictions mean there won't be the usual flag waving live audience to sing along to the songs they've done in previous here is some of the reaction we're been hearing. prince of multicultural country there's anthems written in the. early 18th century critics of britain's imperial past so well and good maybe this reclaiming museums where they rightly belong but i think on a national broadcast we don't want to hear that sort of stuff and certainly that's only my background if you're black or asian or from one of the commonwealth countries then the implication that brits will never be slaves doesn't hold quite true for you and neither your descendants and i think almost everybody in the country likes it and they enjoy this up in the one night a year of the last night of the problems being going on since $8095.00 so that's when the problem started so it's a carnival culture it's
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a part of our heritage and they should state it really is not the place of people who have just started working for the b.b.c. to destroy it they couldn't stop us seeing britain's a multicultural country is not a country. a land of hope and glory how can we pay be patriotic to a country that formally because black pretty citizens as we saw it when ross county we want to have a real debate about the nature of citizenship more than prepared to help it but to try and suggest that this country treats everybody with equality before the laureus complete hogwash in fact we're an unequal society and a deeply racialized society hasn't proven by research time and time again singing songs about touching and then we need to find a new tune and you would signal with them that reflect the modern realities of britain in the 21st century in this country in the united kingdom there is nothing going on it's the same as the east you know it's
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a kingdom it's one of the best places in the world that. black and brown people to live it's not a racist country this now there is systemic racism simply isn't true look like go on i'm a london assembly member you've got i an indian home secretary you've got an indian chancellor of the exchequer yeah no i do that you know it's not all white people to say to black people this is a wonderful country no racism doesn't exist it's a black people to white people actually this is what we think and the well meaning member response of black people when they're surveyed by themselves florrie and others in the post but like much of a movement he's a pretty nice remains a racist country so much like the sort of romantic. drivel that we just said relation to this being some sort of wonderful meritocracy of anti-racism all in the b.b.c. culture reflected changing culture of the times and we see programmes removed from the b.b.c.
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like love thy neighbor and god knows what else and there will be more of that to come up salute the show and this is just another element of thought that was something completely different i would agree with that but we're not talking about that we're talking about last night at the front so yeah look what i did the b.b.c. wants diversity fine they can have diversity but you've got to have tradition in that you've got to simply by british culture not every other culture. and that's what's so wrong about this next one on the ground with but also 1st love always effects the discuss why the world as we know it no longer exists a new crisis of capitalism and what can replace it back in 30 minutes with the latest. join me every foes on the all excitement chill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics school this list i'm showbusiness oh so you.
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know we look at the solutions we look take a deep dive into the issues we've been chatting about all year now today we're going to be talking with the thing what i'm more also known as n l w of the breakdown hot cast and following him on twitter for a long time listen to his krakow so you know the great thing about this whole new universe of media states is that people who might not get on media get on media and then they rise to the top and suddenly they're like wow these people are awesome and i would put and i say neal in that 10.
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i'm after accounting you're watching going underground the team and i will be back with a brand new season starting september the 5th but until then we'll be showing you some of your favorite shows of this past star studded season stay safe. because boris johnson's u.k. government faces questions of pm queues over a misstep after misstep in regards to the launch of a contact tracing strategy that allows westminster to track the movements of millions without any guarantee their data will be deleted once the coronavirus pandemic is over but 1st as it dawns on people around the world the extent to which covert $1000.00 will continue to affect their lives long into the future especially those in the worst hit countries like the u.s. in the u.k. one of the world's most famous philosophers has written what is arguably the 1st philosophical interrogation into what the pandemic is doing to all our lives deals with communism surveillance and state control of our minds and bodies in pandemic
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covert 19 shakes the world he joins me now via skype from the briana thank you so much for coming on i'm going to get to the book right in a moment but they said it could be the 1st stir book on coronavirus i've got to ask you for some practical advice 1st for any of us who are health care workers key workers or workers furloughed at home or billionaires on private islands what films should people be watching right now during this period when there is a lockdown i don't think there is a universal that i just found recently. you can get it legally for free or you would you. know escape any whatever for an hour. or a famous cold war or. talk about a couple of pages. of tricky dollar or where.


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