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tv   Documentary  RT  August 27, 2020 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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it followed a complaint from a family of holiday makers who said they were embarrassed as there were children around. the city hall. would like to specify that there is no municipal order banning this practice on his beaches. women were criticized for what they were wearing on the beach without freedom is a precious asset and it is normal for the administration to admit its mistakes.
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you're watching us internationally that side of things are looking so. i would have . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy going for and let it be an arms race is often very dramatic development only closely i'm
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going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. shows seem wrong. when old rules just don't hold. any you get to shape out these days become educated and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. c. h h. h. h h. h
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h h. don't know your skill lives in. he's 74 years old and a bit of a local celebrity. figure i mean. thank you. for. your more likely to. get. a nice maintains a healthy lifestyle he doesn't smoke or drink his diet is modest and he practices
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yoga he's often compared to social media's dumb signal you know just look. at. the earth. you take your a jewish kitchen. steam stream. is expensive clothes and of course it would be lovely you know full russian pensioners could afford to but sadly they can't. cover more than anybody for the block. water. but you should accept them all so your program for you there but i want you to forfeit tricky. one of the movie you know. sort of.
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what it calls a. few quiet for me if you could let me give you. after a picture of what he says hung appeared in local magazines many thought he lived in a rock mansion. but in reality it's a flat even ordinary krushchev your apartment block the bodies transformed with his own hands and imagination. the school. you go to good. wins trendy clothes has a hipster haircut and goes for a shave he removes his leg hair and polishes his nails. do you want to get your. so it's ok to his. but he's really doesn't look at all like a usual pensioner so some people call him
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a freak. or a freak to critical words as they were darker to sugar. but the question is who's the real freak reach cheerleader seem just such too good to. hear your words or. reassure. but. in fact bodies pushes the boundaries of social norms. you know who should be just curious. if they were issue. but those are good your words and you could if he were a good career biggest. baris is always surrounded by young people. are going to differ would be. if there is no order or going to. a good board noticed your.
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shows how you would agree or any of the order. you bring in my. buddy says best friends are 1015 even 20 years his junior many might not actually think of them as young but the thing is in his social circle the whole meaning of the jews well a little. in the shit that then didn't you go board but you with there. are more than just friends a real community has gathered around buddies a sort of league of classy gentleman and if anyone thinks they're freaks well i'd happily join these freaks when i retire. do you view this by me and. i you know it showed the issue of syria. sure sure. there's a border she knew there were. bodies doesn't like the past 10
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years ago he had an aggressive cancer. popo you. must go to war is meeting you. here if crew. is going you know she could go versed i suppose go. in there is your issue or should it occur which local deliberation lyrics to a daughter but i mean to go to the ocean for you ever go for a go the ocean. would go ready. since then bodies has only been interested in the present living every day in the here and now. he. returning from his personal wonderland has added a little mysticism to buddies his new life. and if.
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we can work. this is a special stone it isn't just links to his star sign his illness is metaphorically confined within at. there's a character in slavic folklore caution by the model who somehow trapped his own death in an exile he could live forever. but he was more of an attack honest a fictitious freak judging by buddies his instagram page he's achieving folklore status as well. but i'm like a shy he does have a lot of friends. lives in. $73.00 he's a year younger than lobbies and also
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a local celebrity. this is a literal machine nameplate beer to. keep my limits so no yes no. where. did he. work nor. would you when there's a really cool. but then you state that would you put out. i'm like oh reese victor isn't a fan of high fashion he remakes his own outfits from clothes bought in 2nd hand shops at home he makes a few more just months and a little ballast money and his new attire is ready. to show you i mean here in the magazine if you're in your 2nd so. what did that really push.
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in young. children it oh yes. we do it america he said you. know you know we'll show tonight ok you may take the ways you don't like you know lead you around pretty strong smokey oh oh. but you won't act of one. for me we. don't. think tommy is reminiscent of the santa dress example in daily life. what a team is anybody is you may be a dick if you know. there's a way but he has to be really you know would walk. away for a minute. internet this glad. it's you if you. just let me see you. knew it in the scope you
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there was no can use. origen you solution that you. victor lives in an old ranch i called house with central heating. every morning ones are chopping firewood. here is this just just because you let it get dry more that. you. know what. you're getting out of what that something has. just there to give them whether. you are. because home is the my house. is reluctant to part with things because he thinks it will only needed one day. even the dozen damone soviet
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encyclopedias in the toilet might come in handy. to my lazy is going to pull them completely yes. given the modern coral stay yeah. i could totally appreciate it would you want us to see you when you see a quarter for a nice meal. inside the house he trends a narrow pass between mountains of stuff for example to go to bed and he has to move from the balance to the table and each morning he moves it all back again so he can have breakfast. as a. daily life and. he's very comfortable just the way it is. every year but she.
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must be defended. and the replica charms to god the window. if you go to the symphony orchestra's warming up any musician is is tuning his or her instrument so you hear this. sounds or noise but it gets a cough any disorganized and then the band the orchestra plays and you get music so what the brain does with the maker you is organized orchestration to use one
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collapses. from outside the house might seem to contain a pensioner but appearances can be deceptive that there. well you. know. what. don't you get there if any particular thing you. victor isn't keen on the soviet era but he's happy to be exploited to statics in his work the freedom to express himself through clothes is very important to tell. us what one of those words missions hero worship is one where there isa what there are nearly are you know you have to me yeah it's usually
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you who do this in the chest you. would do their yoga she cheerios and you're a swear word or. victory used to be the social activities organizer for the cultural center at a factory he's made it his mission to bring the light of culture to the people around him. and of course to lift every man's spirit. in a sense victor's own warrior of light who fights against the darkness he's like a jet i'm knight but instead of a lightsaber he uses his astral light as. a year it's for on. new year's golden we get it set in. the uk to italy here i got by you it's good to move on to the terms of over to mr.
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give me a read only briefly here given that the. little ones had a real fight against the darkness. he encountered a gang of young drunks who branded him a freak and decided to teach him a lesson. technically invicta lost that fight but now he is considered a local celebrity. victim likes being in the media spotlight. he sees it as a recognition that he's on the right track. reassuring. yami he squeezed over. the nice you. know. still. by the early. victories heading into a 2nd hand shop to his new. encounter ducks to greet them in dark language.
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thank you arthur and. overhears for you piece a new approach a mood of the most time with he will be on your bow now showing your brother reggie we don't get rid of the little bit of him during the summer your. idea to keep but . nationally me. to research a 2nd hand shop regular other by often just give him the clothes for free. jack yeah it's a beautiful visitors usually. the but then moved over to the police to take when they get you to the rescue. mission is just a margin of which we were it equal teach. me your drama shows it well you know.
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in the summer victor has a side job as a performer in the park putting on a real street show. hooper joey or do you simply. he'd like to go for an accurate restaurant even if just for an hour each week no one has to hire him they probably think the sky has a cloud so my. radio we're going in we have to do is in year.
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as a true warrior victory seems to set in seems he is winning his battle against the darkness and as for the local restaurants they're missing out on a great opportunity. for
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mr usual. special. needs. kids from. the civil rights. eagle cuz he is an emergency service engineer he works underground cutting off water is an emergency and wielding a jack hammer. his whole life is generally devoted to pounds water supply. because i just door knob night you know.
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but also another life a life of stepping out on the catwalk with cameras flashing. it's hard to believe that the guy from the tunnels is also a fashion designer. by night eager defends his city against water supply failures and by day he says dresses for catwalk shows. hey look it's got its name in it because it was the financial crisis you. want bush mustard. on you got the wall. to come out all you tell you about young bush you're a stinking. careers some which come you may not be colnago felt at least not yet
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but his dress is do find their way to international catwalks and competitions. here and now usually you're going to 3. g. for the us to sign of british then from the from. the but you know. what it will still be. bigger almost leaves the double life of a movie superhero when the term needs protecting he changes into his superhero costume. for almost a. year or 3 for you know mattresses for the rest of the movies so. naturally he's modified his outfit a little. i just can't figure. for commuters. they should also do it in case you just can't see if there isn't
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a serious issue as new you get a cage to fit in with material. this isn't the story of a technician who discovered the talent of the tailoring it was about a tailor who chose to become a technician who. moved here and didn't want to come in this bitch or very him and he went. on your mobile but on a mushroom argument you're. so thick you. know what i was will stretch. is that new. yeah i don't want any of that word and. the problem is that there aren't many people and how could a film addresses from vegas connection. to show for the. i don't know which is the right word for the new poll shows just discuss know what
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you wish. to watch him read district you don't feel good christian. in the destruction. either needed a more reliable source of income but nothing so trying to conceive can. to his mind from creation. yeah. sure you wish. but you teach someone. that you're. this good human you're scarce. he goes watering the agency colleagues only keep on being interviewed they don't think it's very manly. remains his own man they're not willing to discuss high fashion riding in
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a maintenance truck. sometimes a good dozen time to change soon he visits clients in his emergency maintenance unit. who. wants to do this with. what i'm supposed to do. so with. eager lips on the edge between 2 worlds to each other in contempt. to the new. from.
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the just 30. years of the poor people. in small to. medium to. get you in cuba. if. you have a rough. cut of paper this is what it. is. and of course creating these costumes is what makes feel happy and. he's not afraid of an underground plunge if it means holding on to that feeling. of a problem so let's have a group of years of use. i gave. these are the stories of men who can't imagine life without fashion without
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a sense of style without things that might be seen as weakness in this masculine world but they still demonstrate incredible strength of spirit to live as they choose. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only. exist i don't see it. will be successful very. time to sit down and talk. throughout its history jon just with the self-proclaimed islamic state terrorist
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group have recruited up to 30000 foreigners from all over the world to fight for the. sounds of russian citizens left their country to join the terrorists often bringing wives and children with them. and i didn't post on you. and you could no. more knew the. hundreds of children and widows were held captive all disappeared. back in russia those children families wait them search from.
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headline news president putin says he's put a special force on standby to be said to be a ruse if the security. no evidence so far. from peaceful. protests in the us.


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