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tv   News  RT  September 7, 2020 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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in the headlines this monday lunchtime moscow in berlin trade accusations over the condition of problems of russian opposition activist aleck's in the valley as russia questions why the german side has yet to reveal key information amid those poisoning playing. protests against police brutality in the u.s. show no signs of easing we look at how the unrest is helping bring huge profits to american government factures. dozens of social media accounts from a washington lobbying firm are suspended for attempting to manipulate elections in venezuela bolivia mexico and. $22.00 french schools now already shut down again just one week into the academic year as the country suffers
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another coronavirus. over an afternoon just turned 1 pm the 7th of september here in moscow live from artie's world news h.q. my name is kevin owen well welcome to the program and 1st germany's foreign minister has threatened sanctions on russia if it fails to clarify what's behind the sudden and so far still unexplained illness of prominent opposition activists alexina valmy berlin correspondent peter all of a as the latest. german foreign minister has demanded answers from russia over alexina valley wants those answers in the coming days or you say this talk of sanctions is back on the table he's also hinted at the 1st time certainly the 1st time we've heard from a senior man. of the german cabinet talking about this about the future of the nord
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stream 2 gas pipeline previously darted being put to one side even anglo-american the german chancellor saying that wasn't at risk it does seem like that may be changing now ultimatums do not help anyone move forward but if never explanations follow from russia in the coming days we will have to discuss the response without partners we have high hopes for the russian government to solve this serious crime or the russian foreign ministry say any delays in an investigation down to berlin not giving the information that moscow has been requesting if the german government has since unity it should respond to the request of the russian generals prosecutor's office as soon as possible it was passed along on august 27th it is the german side that really lacks regency we're not sending response really slowing down to varying death to get of process it is called for is that on purpose alexei navalny took ill on a flight from siberia to moscow on august the 22nd his plane how to make an
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emergency landing in the city of 1st received medical treatment doctors there found no traces of any talks ins in his system and they shared that information with physicians here in berlin where he's been receiving treatment for just over 2 weeks however the german doctors and officials here in the german capital haven't being as forthcoming when it comes to sharing information as their russian colleagues we understand numerous requests for information to be shared have gone unanswered and we now know that a russian world health organization expert and renowned pediatrician has got involved appealing to berlin to share this information with russia. the russian national medical chamber has addressed the german medical chamber a similar organization that unites german doctors with the request to create a joint commission to find out whether novell knew he was poisoned or not if it turns out he was. ois in spain will initiate
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a criminal case to date russia does not have such evidence alexina valmy remains in hospital here in berlin doctors say there's no acute risk to his life right now but there is the potential for a long term illness are we keeping an eye on any more information coming out regarding the the status of alexei navalny but also surrounding the diplomatic route that erupting between early in moscow over his illness peter all of a keep an eye on this to the next more than a 1000 people have gathered in rochester new york overnight demanding accountability for the police killing of a black man there the unrest began after video emerged showing police placing a spit owed on down the old prude one officer placed his hands on prudes head while another put his knee on prudes back into a suffocation death which happened in march will now be investigated by a grand jury meantime on saturday the city of portland oregon marked 100
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consecutive days of black lives matter rallies triggered by the death of another black man george floyd. i. 59 arrests that made in that city over the weekend but the protests show no sign of relenting journalist and author daniel is our believes the unrest could well continue into election day and beyond. berkus breaking down we're seeing our street fighting in our street fighting going on growing levels involving both the leftists
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and rightists. as a kind of a slow will things of a war that probably will continue until election day and then no one knows what will happen with the election because american electoral process these are so broken down that it may very well end up in fighting endless lawsuits and determined no one knows meanwhile the state of kentucky hundreds of protesters from rival groups marching through louisville. matter campaign is converging on that city demanding saturday's kentucky derby horse race be canceled it didn't it went ahead the activists were denouncing police violence and demanding justice for the police killing of briana taylor in louisville propylene militia also marched through the city and they were confronted by protesters. among them on top of all this one american company seems to be cashing in on all the unrest leading firearms make a smith and wesson the scene sales job 140 percent this year so 130 $4000000.00
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in extra sales daniel is our again we saw him just now believes the gun boom is symptomatic of the country's political stalemate at the moment. both sides are arming i mean there are guns everywhere when if you go to one of these protests and in places like the met midwest or the west you'll see guns on both sides and it's very dangerous and because people tend to use these weapons and so but the but there's no force capable of stopping this fighting because i'm it seems to have taken a life of its own and it's just part of the whole political structure which is in an excel orating breakdown i mean america is a is a failed state and it's failing effort more rapidly and these these demonstrations these these the street fighting is a symptom of that. but with nationwide unrest against racial injustice likely
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stretching as we heard that maybe into november's election beyond one side note was warning only a biden victory can stop the violence democratic party think tanks insisting anything a win for their man is going to bring more chaos we got more that story ahead. but not before we talked about this more covert i'm afraid to tell you about france now returning covert restrictions after another surge of cases it's 7 regions to its red zone list and 22 schools have been closed just a week after the reopened leaving parents frightened to do bones got the latest for you. this is the 2nd week of school in france and already some of those schools have had to be closed down because of cove it 19 within the institution now last week more than 12000000 people went back to the classrooms and that was with some parents and teachers expressing concern about the transmission rates of the virus
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because they have been really creeping up hearing fronts last week several days there were more than 7000 cases wedged in a 24 hour period 22 schools have been shut in the last week but hundreds and hundreds of classes have also being closed down the education secretary here in france has been outlining when such a decision should be taken. out of the small 12 establishments colleges and schools were closed the main line france considering there are 60000 establishment in the country these numbers remain relatively low in the overseas reunion region we closed down that makes 22 in total function and function well there are now 70 new zones in france that have been declared the red zones this means that they are areas with a high active transmission rate of 1900 it means 28. regions in total are considered rent in the french area and this allows authorities to impose
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extra controls to try to cook the transmission of the virus one of the measures that authorities can take when they're in a red zone is to impose something such as the obligation to wear a face mask here in public such as we have in paris which means every street you're in you have to wear a face mask but there is a backlash against such measures like that anti mask sentiment also being shown elsewhere across europe with protests over the weekend from places such as the u.k. in spain to italy. and use and. it. was. meanwhile here in france there are some calls for
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people to wear face masks specifically from the riders of the tour de france which is making its way through the country at the moment it's beg to its fans who are coming out to the streets to wave them as they passed by to be responsible and to wear masks so it seems there is a huge divide still over the measures that are being used to try and curb 1000 whether that's wearing a mask whether that's a quarantine or whether that's imposing lockdowns local restrictions the methods being used to remain highly contentious. 2 months before the u.s. presidential election even harms the democratic party think tanks are already predicting the consequences if their opponent wins apparently they know that anything other than a joe biden win will lead to violence kill him open report. in november the us
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public will get to vote on who becomes president for the next 4 years and figures from the media and political establishment are now preparing the public for possible outcomes something called the transition integrity project created in 2019 is planning for things that could go wrong during the upcoming vote and subsequent transition of power they've been playing out war games and some rather interesting scenarios have been dreamed up with the exception of the big biden win scenario each fire exercises reach the brink of catastrophe with massive disinform ation campaigns and violence in the streets and a constitutional impasse the transition integrity project is not the only outfits thinking along these lines hark fish an outfit funded by michael bloomberg does work for the democratic national committee as well as pro biden super pacs is planning for hypothetical situations that involve mail and voting confusion when
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every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to that final day which will be some day after election day you will in fact show that what happened on election night was exactly that and the rush it lou played donald trump was in the lead and he fundamentally was not when every ballot gets counted hot fish predicts that such a situation could lead to donald trump refusing to step down and that's rather similar to the transition integrity project are you seeing a pattern here well the new york times certainly has if trump claims a victory that is not rightly his a few munches in the streets will not be an adequate response that may have to be a sustained campaign of civic action as in hong kong and bella ruse to rally the majority that wants to preserve democracy that isolates those who would undo it trump is equated with civil unrest so naturally only biden's. victory can save the
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country from chaos don't buy it and let's not forget another factor being thrown ian allegations of russian interference the allegation is that russia favors trump and denigrates biden so russia must be preemptively punished before the elections even happen to prevent meddling with us to draw upon the conclusion of the intelligence community to identify and target for sanctions all those determined to be responsible for ongoing election interference including any actives within the government of the russian federation and the russian act is determined to be directly responsible and those acting on their behalf providing material financial support for their efforts russia is also accused of spreading rumors about mail in vote in order to undermine the us elections but it's not really russia that's doing that unless of course the kremlin controls american t.v. networks there are cases from just this last spring or were ballots have gone
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missing and turned up after the election so what happens when the post office is doing its absolute best ads are humans fraud violence mail and voting already happening. not speculating now the election is still 2 months away but they are already pairing for how to handle the results. will be the hero and how they will tell you to react they're already setting a climate where there's going to be massive speculation about rigidity of this election they said the exact same thing in 2016 that shrum were is not going to do you could see the election if you loses and then what happened oh the democrats didn't concede hillary didn't concede we don't want to russia gate for 2 years if the democrats lose if joe biden loses in fact i think any supporter be smart to not be in there if they learn a liberal city it's not be there on election night they are going to burn the place to the ground they know they're going to lose and so they're already setting up the game to further damage his presidency and to damage his 2nd term should he win so
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it'll be another scandal it'll be another local i'm absolutely conspiracy theory like russia gate maybe russia gay part to who knows. how to stay with us big live news event would take it so very shortly after the break the long awaited hearing on julian assange and his extradition to the us starts in london the spring going on the way for a couple of hours now all correspondence they will check in with us say it's going as we know is the last i will check it out again. join me every 1st week on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you there.
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is your media a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation in the community. are you going the right way or are you being led. by. what is true what is faith. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or a maid in the shallows. again good afternoon from russia next the extradition hearing of wiki leaks founder julian assange in london has begun it had been postponed for months because the
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coronavirus leaving a son's waiting in jail let's go live to shadid was dashed the she's outside the court should yet when the spoke last check in with you all morning was so noisy could barely hear you speak such was the contingent. 6 a lot of eyes on this is really important. it is absolutely very important for campaigners they say of exceptional case for truth and justice as wiki leaks founder julian assange is here for his hearing proceedings as the united states wants to extradite him there and this will decide whether or not that is his fate now the hearing was supposed to happen much earlier. but you the kind of at 19 it has been pushed back until now now earlier this morning we even saw it you know being taken into court. but we've also seen his father outside the court and indeed some of morris who is joining us on just part of the mother of his 2 children she was pleading for his immediate release as she entered into the court right now
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we're seeing a bit of a lull when it comes to the campaign is here because we are now in the middle of a break during this hearing for seedings but today really opened the new is a chapter in this case a decade long attempt for the united states to try and prosecute due to an assault and what they cool as one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the united states and if found guilty and convicted judas on her face 175 years behind bars as the u.s. has indicted him on 18 counts mostly under the espionage act and so the u.s. want him to face trial for spying and publishing these classified military documents all related to the war in iraq and afghanistan last one conspiracy to help the government computer to then produce and publish these documents but the journey to court had today has been a very tumultuous time for judas and his supporters of course he was going back into the public in april of 29 when he was infamously pulled out of london's
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ecuadorian embassy where he was seeking political asylum he then began to serve a few weeks sentence belmarsh prison for. 2012 of those that sentence has now things still you know so it was in belmarsh prison for now nearly over a year. and that's much to do with his silence his defense in court today that not only is this an obstruction of justice but also his health is really at the crux and core of this case as well because we know that's how it's been deteriorating over the past few years he's been in and out of the medical board belmarsh prison and his. who is would even argue that he's to on well to face trial in the united states we also understand that unison just noir has informed the court that this is the 1st time that they've seen him in the last 6 months we also understand that your innocence has been locked behind a glass box and yet again the last time back in february he was behind
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a glass box he complained that he was nothing more than a spectator at wimbledon and that he couldn't even hear the proceedings on his own case himself on top of that you're innocent just was also contend that the u.s. is seeking to prosecute for political offenses and that for years exempt from extradition according to the u.k. u.s. extradition treaty however prosecutors would argue that there was no political motivation and that he endangered lives by publishing these classified documents now this hearing will go on for a full weeks and it will eventually and decipher whether or not your innocence will be extradited to the united states but campaign is here outside the old bailey they're really here to say that it's not just here to scientists in the dark this morning but also sits the fundamental tenants of the rights of press freedom and indeed the rights of the public to have access to information and they argue that if you're innocent is actually directed to the united states of any silenced him
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but it will gag all the generous and spread fear amongst journalists worldwide as well so for press freedom as well as students are the stakes are incredibly high. the after the move to get any more coming out of there what's going on in. american political activists and also noam chomsky told us he's going to grow and show that it would be deemed illegal these things if the u.k. eventually does send them to the u.s. . it would be a criminal act on the part of the british alderman to exceed 'd to the us to then for extradition of sizes of sense is not sane bail. now if he had good reasons not to because it would have been extradited if he but not paying bill requires a tap on the wrist not torture in a high security prison. up to the point where he's not even
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a leader is allowed to receive books i'm in mass murderers or 'd being treated like in a way beyond the worst decisions criminal ok and if he's extradited it comes up for trial on the us espionage laws which even carry a potential death. it's trial is being troy committed the crime of letting the general population know things that they have a right to know and that powerful states don't want them to know. facebook suspended the accounts of a washington based mole being firm linked to attempted manipulation of elections in venezuela bolivia mexico the us government link company had gained more than half a 1000000 online followers apparently selfcontained has got a story. the misused to be the birds of prey in the streets of russia but nowadays it's trolls the russian internet trolls prussian trolls and u.s.
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investigators believe it was directed from the so-called troll factory a suspected russian internet troll of russian trolls and misinformation effort on the part of russian trolls to look through the trash there what did you find part of styrene. wrappers for some to. really electronic stuff a new report by facebook there reveals the c.n.n. didn't need to send its employees hartwick cross the well to dig for the secrets turns out there are plenty of those right under its nose we removed 55 facebook accounts 42 pages and 33 instagram accounts for violating our policy against foreign interference this network originated in the us and focus primarily on venezuela and also on mexico and bolivia. the digital footprint that back to c.e.o.'s strategies a washington based p.r. firm this unmasked a den of trolls splashed out over 3 and
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a half $1000000.00 on facebook ads a figure the network says stood out for its generosity altogether their accounts amassed over half a 1000000 followers so what exactly was c.n.n.'s telling them. it's january 29th teen nicholas mature has begun his 2nd presidential term critics are calling it actually fortune and an opposition leader why don't has declared himself the legitimate president and who is chairing him on from the sidelines move out of stay with you mr president the time is now to support the venezuelan people to recognize the new democratic government led by interim president gore though joining us in the gallery is the true and legitimate president of venezuela one boy though the one for backup though see it as strategies posing as local political parties sit organizations and media outlets chimes out content praising up why joe and co painting him as the savior leading a furnace way to freedom this kind of content came especially easy to those in our
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start who as a stanford university report into patent your field of veterans of venezuelan politics having previously worked on political campaigns for the opposition oh and by the way x c.l.s. senior advisor mark face was part of a d.c. think tank which last april gov the u.s. and latin american army mad to discuss a military assault on vine its way into. a bit further south see it as is recycling its strategy it's december 29th t. a western back to what it finds out it's a ford in the bolivian elections which saw evo morales as we elected the alter that is later found to be misleading slash false but never mind it does its job but rather than resigned frees the country in the south to janine i'm. proclaims herself president and cheering her on from the sidelines we pledge our support to the believe in people and to the transitional government led by president janine
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and yes as they prepare for these elections we support you need 9 years in bolivia as she works to ensure a peaceful democratic transition through free elections as in venezuela so too in bolivia c.l.s. strategy is doing its thing one of its pages political joke poses as a fact checking operation and at least once smears a true story as fake news on other pages murat is denounced as a mobster a coward not like the st jean and yes but according to c.l.s. all this is very different to foreign interference importantly our past client work in latin america including opposition to oppressive regimes was not conducted on behalf of foreign entities the work was funded and directed by clients inside each country this makes c.l.s. his work very different from the foreign influence activities reported by facebook and any characterization of c.l.s. his work in the 3 countries it is you as foreign is wrong ok fair enough the client
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to come from inside the country but it was not other than the outside act i mean as government who coughed up big bucks to ensure the next elections are on the right way foreign interference a tough market for interpretation when your the one shuffling the cards from falzon zaw miles away. so skip taylor there after this bullets and i can tell you how teams of l.t. bill cohen all social media variously got you covered 247 if you get a 2nd want to check it out today to keep abreast of everything we're talking about for the other for me kevin though in the thank you so watching this program for me in the tape. problem drugs don't always come from unscrupulous dealers but from pharmacies to in every state in the united states we've seen the very sharp increase in the number of people seeking treatment for addiction to prescription opioids it invaded
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america under the banner of medicine persisted with the pain but instead of trying to wean him off though she just goes after dose after dose after dose and really became his drug dealer so who's to blame patients doctors manufacturers all the governments. i mastered hands in this is going on the ground from a country the politicians are telling us is getting back to normal as it like the
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rest of the world braces for a potentially devastating 2nd wave of corona virus this november it's a pandemic that will disproportionately kill the west often society one scholar forecast a global food like pandemic it's one of the causes and this profound effect is mike davis known for his devastating critique of capitalist urban development city of cortes excavating the future of los angeles here he is 15 years ago and why should be we be so worried about it is easy which is infected under $200.00 people killed less than 100 or we live in a world where millions of people die every year from the laryea tuberculosis hiv and the answer of course is the experience of humanity in 24 weeks and 1918 when between 40 and a 100000000 people died of a pandemic influenza this is the greatest mortality of that in human history they have been to some.


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